Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Copyright @ Saban 1999. SP and Data Rangers Copyright @ Mesh Patel,1999.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy SP
Episode 3 Ė Peace Breaks on Earth
Episode created by Mesh Patel

Furio, with the support of some Sting Wingers, pilot the mini-shuttle towards the planet Earth.

Furio: Since those teenagers are from the planet Earth, we must go there and find the data stones. But first I am going to need some help. Data Stone, send your powers to my Sting Wingers.

The pink data stone shimmers a bright color, sending thin lines towards the 2 minions, changing them into three old enemies of the power rangers.

Ecliptor: Where am I?

Rito: Man, I got a headache.

Furio: You two are going to work for me to get the data stones.

Ecliptor: I work for nobody.

Furio: Not even to destroy the Power Rangers.

Rito: Well, Iím in.

Ecliptor: Like I said before, I work for nobody except my sweet Astronema, but she is...

Furio: Well I have no choice but to destroy you then.

Furio raises his Wind Saber and sends Wind energy towards Ecliptor, who is stunned by blast.

Furio: Wind energy..bind!

The blast turns into a ring surrounding Ecliptor and slowly closing in on him.

Ecliptor: Stop!

Furio: Are you in or not?

Ecliptor: Fine, I shall join you. I have a score to settle with the rangers anyway.

Furio: Ok, set a course for Earth.

On Terra Venture, the galaxy rangers give a tour to the new data teenagers. Kendrix and Kai are showing Mary around the GSA Control Tower. Maya shows Krista the forest domes. Leo and Kate talk a walk through the streets. And finally Damon and Alpha show Jessica and Mesh around the Astro Megaship.

Damon: Here is the bridge of the Astro Megaship, where we can control the navigations and communications.

Jessica: After watching the show a long time, this is a great honor to be standing here. Damon, can you teach me how to fly this.

Damon: Sure, but it will take some time since the Astro Megaship needs some serious help.

Suddenly, the universal alarm makes a high note heard by everyone on the Astro Megaship. Mesh and Alpha run to the control panel while Damon and Jessica view the scanner.

Alpha: It is coming from the planet Earth.

Damon: Itís Furio attacking the Earth!

Jessica: And isnít that Rito and Ecliptor? But how can that be possible?

Mesh: Furio must have used the Data stones to revive them.

Jessica: Alpha, contact the other rangers here.

Within minutes, the other data and galaxy ranger arrive to the Astro Megaship, eager to discover the new threat on Earth.

Krista: But how do we get to Earth?

Mesh: Alpha and I have just completed the Data Coms, our teleporters and communicators. I have programmed the 2gb access through the Coms to allow us to also contact the Astro Megaship through DECAís homing signal.

Mesh hands the Data Coms to the other data rangers.

Mesh: Press the red button to communicate, the blue button to teleport, the green button for an enhanced energy blast, and the yellow button..well I am still working on that programming.

Kate: Ok, letís go.

Mary: Can you guys come with us?

Leo: No, according to the code of privacy we canít fight in your galaxy. Donít worry, you can do it.

Kai: And take care of the Book of Data.

The galaxy rangers wave to the data rangers.

Data Teenagers: Data Stones..Online!

The five transmorphers appear.

Jessica: Data Ranger 1..Green!

Jessica presses the button on her morpher to release the stone. She transforms into the Green Data Ranger.

Krista: Data Ranger 2..Yellow!

Krista presses the button on her morpher to release the stone. She transforms into the Yellow Data Ranger.

Mary: Data Ranger 4..Blue!

Mary presses the button on her morpher to release the stone. She transforms into the Blue Data Ranger.

Kate: Data Ranger 5..Red!

Kate presses the button on her morpher to release the stone. She transforms into the Red Data Ranger.

Mesh: Data Ranger 6..DIAMOND!
Meshís stone rises into the air and into him, transforming him into the Diamond Data Ranger.

Diamond Ranger(Mesh): Data Com..teleport!

The rangers press the blue button on their individual Data Coms to start their way back to Earth.

Alpha: Good luck rangers.

After a brief travel, the data rangers arrive in Amarillo, Texas (the home city of Mesh and the location of the 2 gigabyte original signal). Furio and his 3 minions are destroying numerous buildings and creating a massive panic. The rangerís arrival halt the enemies plan.

Data Rangers: Power Rangers SP!

A small kid hiding in the bushes smiles.

Small Kid: Wow! The Power Rangers are real!

Furio: So, you finally got here.

Green Ranger: Yea, and now itís time for you to leave.

Furio: Sure I will leave, after you give the Data Stones.

Yellow Ranger: Youíre gonna leave..without the stones.

Furio: We shall see. Data Stone Online!

Furio raises his pink data morpher and transforms into the dark Pink Ranger.

Ecliptor and Rito gasp as they see Furio as the Pink Ranger!

Ecliptor: Youíre the pink ranger!
Pink Ranger: Yes, I have one of the data stones that made me this ranger.

Rito: Wow, now we can finally defeat them with one of their own.

Blue Ranger: Weíll see about that.

Red Ranger: Enough talking.

Pink Ranger: Guys, divide and conquer.

Ecliptor: Excellent plan.

Rito and Ecliptor separate away from Pink Ranger and head in different areas of Amarillo.

The data rangers look at each other and run towards their enemies. The blue and red rangers fight Ecliptor. The green and yellow rangers face Rito and finally the Diamond Ranger goes after the Pink Ranger.

Inside the park, Ecliptor prepares to fight the Red and Blue Data Rangers. Ecliptor sends an energy blast from his sword towards the two rangers. Blue Ranger is hit while Red Ranger dives out of the way. Red Ranger helps Blue Ranger up.

Red Ranger: You okay?

Blue Ranger: Yes, thanks.

Blue Ranger flips over Ecliptor and sweeps him to the ground. Red Ranger grabs his legs and throws him into a tree.

Ecliptor: Youíll have to do more than that just to stop me.

The two rangers stand in front of Ecliptor and laugh.

Blue Ranger: No we donít. You arenít as strong as we thought.

Ecliptor: Thatís why you rangers are always foolish, you are never ready to face a better opponent.

He stands up and grabs each ranger, while they are off guard, and slowly squeezes them. Red Ranger tries to kick him, but all attempts fail. Blue Ranger looks down at her Data Com.

Blue Ranger: One chance left, press the green button on her Data Com.

Red Ranger: yes, I remember.

Ecliptor: What are you two babbling at?

Red Ranger: Aries Fire Power!

She presses the green button and begins harnessing fire power.

Blue Ranger: Aquarius Water Power!

As the Red Ranger, she presses the green button and collects the water power.

Both: Energy blasts..combine!
Small particles of water and fire powers combine into a large ball, colored half blue and half red, that floats over Ecliptor. The two rangers kick Ecliptor in the knees and escape his arms. The large ball soars into Ecliptor and sends a large hit to him. He struggles to stand while the two rangers stand, staring at him/

Ecliptor: You may defeated him once, but we shall cross paths again.

He disappears and leaves the rangers cheering.

At the Power Plant, Rito has equipped a gun on his right hand. He sends multiple shots to the Yellow and Green Ranger. The two rangers try to evade but the rapid firing leaves them laying on the ground wounded.

Yellow Ranger: Jessica, its time to use our Data Coms.

Green Ranger: I agree.

Rito stops fire and walks slowly towards them.

The two rangers stand up and press the green buttons.

Yellow Ranger: Taurus Thunder Power!

Thunder and lightning surround and keep Rito on his toes.

Green Ranger: Gemini Earth Power!

Large rocks float from the ground and fly towards Rito.

Both: Energy blasts..combine!

The lightning strikes the rocks and create a large green and yellow ball that goes through Rito, who becomes badly injured.

Rito: Blast you rangers.

As Ecliptor, Rito disappears with a bitter defeat in his mind.

Outside the television broadcast studio, the Diamond and Pink Ranger have their deadly sword fights with their elemental sabers.

Pink Ranger: You will regret that you ever faced me.

Diamond Ranger: We shall see.

Diamond Ranger does a backflip while kicking Pink Ranger in the stomach. When he lands on his feet, he raises his Data Com in the air and presses the green button.

Diamond Ranger: Diamond Delta Power!

He stands, with his eyes closed and arms raised in the air. Large light particles gather from the air and surround Diamond Rangerís hand. He lowers his arms down and aims towards Pink Rangers. Three diamond blasts emerge from his hands and soar towards Pink Ranger, who blocks the attack.

Diamond Ranger: Diamond Light Saber!
He harnesses light energy and creates a white saber. Pink Ranger sees the attempt and creates the wind saber.

Diamond Ranger: Diamond Saber..Energized

He charges the saber and send light beams at Pink Ranger and breaks the recent-created Wind Saber. The other five rangers arrive and surround Pink Ranger.

Green Ranger: We scared away your buddies, Furio!
Red Ranger: And now, youíre next!

Pink Ranger: I shall get you another time. Those stones will be mine.

Pink Ranger teleports away. The five data ranger look around, making sure no one is present, and rapidly de-morph.

Mesh: Itís good to be home again.

Krista: Yea, but now we have more problems.

Jessica: Furio will continue to attack our planet until he gets what he wants.

Mary: And with the help of Rito and Ecliptor, we will need some help.

Kate: Well, at least our dreams have come true. We are the Power Rangers of this galaxy. And no matter what happens, we will continue working together.

The teenagers nod and teleport back home, where they can update their websites about the new data rangers and their previous quests.