Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Copyright @ Saban 1999. SP and Data Rangers Copyright @ Mesh Patel,1999.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy SP
Episode 4 Ė Larger Data
Episode created by Mesh Patel

On Terra Venture, Jessica and Damon talk and work on the new data galaxy cycles inside a small garage.

Jessica: Almost finished.

Damon: These are going to be awesome!

Jessica: Maybe we can upgrade your Galaxy Cycles.

Damon: No, our cycles are the bomb!

Jessica: Well, thatís true.

She smiles at him, while knowing that the new Data Cycles have an enhanced engine design.

Damon: Now, the final part of the clutch will allow you to insert your stones into allow them to travel much faster.

Jessica: But why did we make a pink cycle when we know that Furio has the powers.

Damon: Donít worry, Iím sure you guys will find a way to steal his stone.

Jessica: I hope so. Ok, the final cycle is complete.

After hearing that, Furio(who was hiding behind the garage) sends a small explosion to knock down the wall and send the two teenagers to the ground. After the smoke cleared up, Jessica coughs and barely sees Furio riding off with the pink cycle. Damon helps Jessica up.

Jessica: No! Furio stole the pink cycle.

Damon: Thatís not good.

Jessica: Damon, can you contact my friends while I go after Furio.

Damon: Are you sure that safe?

Jessica: I donít care, I have to go.

Damon: Fine, be careful.

Jessica jumps on her Green Data Cycle and waves to Damon. As she revs up her cycle, she touches grabs her stone.

Jessica: Data Stone..Online!

She transforms into Green Data Ranger and rides the cycle out of garage. The green ranger follows Furio, but canít catch up.

Green Ranger: Give me the cycle.

Furio pulls a rapid u-turn and goes towards Green Ranger.

Furio: You want the cycle back. Well, here you go.

He continues to move towards her and hoping that she will move out of the way. Green Ranger gets nervous and skids off her bike. Furio circles her, while hitting her with his sword.

Green Ranger: Stop it!

He continues to hit her until four colorful blasts hit him from behind. The four data rangers arrive, riding their cycles. Furio rides away. Red Ranger gets off her cycle and helps Green Ranger up.

Red Ranger: Are you all right?

Green Ranger: Yes, thank you.

Blue Ranger: Talk later, we gotta go get that cycle back.

Red and Green Data Rangers return to their cycles and continue to find Furio.

Meanwhile on Furioís shuttle, Ecliptor and Rito watch the race. Rito sits while eating his popcorn, while Ecliptor sharpens his blade. On the monitor, Rito sees Furio transforming into the pink ranger.

Rito: Thatís the signal, buddy.

Ecliptor: Those rangers wonít know what hit them.

Ecliptor teleports out of the shuttle and lands on Terra Venture. He drinks the green potion and becomes a large Ecliptor. He shoots eye blasts towards the rangers and knock them off their cycles. Pink Ranger stands in front of Ecliptorís foot to remain secure.

Pink Ranger: Perfect. Theyíre off guard. Nowís its time to destroy the rangers of both worlds.

Ecliptor: Excellent.

Ecliptor rapidly swings his swords and begins destroying the buildings. The data rangers gasp as they struggle to get up.

Diamond Ranger: Oh no!

Yellow Ranger: What do we do now?

Ecliptor sees the rangers and becomes to step on them. The rangers dive out of the way to avoid the first step, but Ecliptor continues his attempt. Suddenly, the five Galactabeasts arrive to blast Ecliptor away from the data rangers, who cheer.

Blue Ranger: Thanks guys!

Pink Galaxy Ranger: No problem.

Red Galaxy Ranger: Zords transform now!

The galactabeasts change into the armored Galaxy zords. The galaxy rangers move into their zords and insert their transdaggers.

Green Galaxy Ranger: Galaxy Megazord transform!

Blue Gorilla zord becomes the legs and feet. Wildcat and Wolf zords become the arms. Lion Galaxy zord becomes the chest and head. The final Condor zord transforms into the wings.

Galaxy Rangers: Galaxy Megazord!

Ecliptor gets mad and starts to attack the Galaxy Megazord, who stands in parry stance.

Ecliptor: If I can destroy the Delta Megazord, surely you shouldnít be hard to take down.

Blue Galaxy Ranger: Weíll see about that

Yellow Galaxy Ranger: Galaxy Megazord Saber!

The Megazord slices Ecliptor repeatedly but all attempts are block. Ecliptor slams the Megazord and send it to the ground. The data rangers watch and get prepared to dash Ecliptor with their cycles until Blue Data Ranger hears a high pitch from the Book of Data.

Blue Ranger: Book of Data, can you help us?

Book of Data: Helpers of massive size and strengths will arrive when combining great speed with the powers of your stones.

Blue Ranger: Excuse me.

The book returns no remark. The other rangers peer at Blue Ranger and remain confused.

Green Ranger: Thereís no time for that. Damon and I added a special energy boost compartment in these cycles. Just insert your stones into the cycles and we should be able to go fast enough to make Ecliptor off his guard.

The data rangers, yet again, jump back on their cycles and insert their stones.

Green Ranger: Data Stone 1..Green!

Yellow Ranger: Data Stone 2..Yellow!

Blue Ranger: Data Stone 4..Blue!

Red Ranger: Data Ranger 5..Red!

Diamond Ranger: Data Ranger 6..Diamond!

The data cycles begin to glow their respected colors and travel towards Ecliptor! The lights around the cycle create clouds surrounding them. While four of the rangers think that the cycles are breaking, Blue Ranger finally understands the phenomena.

Blue Ranger: Data zords..Transform now!

The other rangersí eyes open widely as the cycles rapidly transform into five large zords, surrounding Ecliptor. The galaxy rangers stand up(from inside their Galaxy Megazord) and cheer at amazement.

Ecliptor: What is this?!

Green Ranger: Green Elephant Data Zord!

The green elephant, resembles the first Mastadon zord, raises its trunk and hits the ground with one of its feet.

Yellow Ranger: Yellow Bull Data Zord!

The yellow bull, resembles the green zeo bull zord, blows smoke from its nose.

Blue Ranger: Blue Whale Data Zord!

The blue whale lies on the ground and wags its large tail.

Red Ranger: Red Phoenix Data Zord!

The red phoenix flies around Ecliptor while flapping its beautiful fiery wings.

Diamond Ranger: Diamond Wheel Data Zord!

A large shiny wheel, resembles the Warrior Wheel, spins around the other zords.

While everyone are astonished by the new zords, a large pink zord appears.

Pink Ranger: You foolish ranger, Pink Cheetah Data Zord!

The pink cheetah zords protects Ecliptor and move the other zords from their surrounding stance.

Ecliptor: Furio, we should leave now. We are greatly outnumbered.

Pink Ranger: Then leave, I can handle them.

Ecliptor raises his blade into the air and disappears. The pink cheetah stands alone against the five new zords and a Galaxy Megazord, lying.

Green Ranger: Looks like your boy split.

Pink Ranger: I can defeat you without him.

Four data zords surround the pink cheetah while Diamond Wheel has other plans.

Diamond Ranger: What does this lever do?

He looks at a lever, with a label of Warrior underneath it.

Diamond Ranger: Oh I see, Diamond Wheel..Warrior Mode!

He pulls the lever and watches the circular wheel change into an awesome diamond warrior.

Red Ranger: Cool! Can we form the Data Megazord?

Yellow Ranger: No, we donít have the pink zord!

Green Ranger: Thatís okay, weíll give him a KO. Elephant Earth Power!

The elephant zords shoots large boulders from his trunk and hits the cheetah.

Pink Ranger: What a punch! Cheetah Wind Power!

The cheetah blows extreme winds at the zords.

Red Ranger: Hey Mary, wanna team up?

Diamond Ranger: Letís go.

As the red phoenix zords flies over the Diamond Warrior, a purple shining ray soars through them and combine them into one battlezord with wings. The Red and Diamond Rangers sit in its cockpit.

Blue Ranger: That is the Diamond Data Battlezord!

Diamond Ranger: Cool!

Red Ranger: Battlezord fire!

The Data Battlezord hovers into the air and aims its arms towards the Pink Cheetah. The other rangers watch the new battlezord send diamond and fire shots at Pink Cheetah. Pink Ranger, having problems controlling it, looks at the rangers and sighs.

Pink Ranger: So, youíve gotten stronger. But I will return and next time, I will win.

The pink cheetah data zord disappears in the same way that Ecliptor escaped.

Green Ranger: Donít you know that Cheetahs never win!

The Diamond Data Battlezord gives a hand to the Galaxy Megazord.

The ten rangers dive from their zords and look from below.

Yellow Galaxy Ranger: Now the forces of evil have to match double the fire power.

Yellow Data Ranger: But we will never be full power until pink joins our side.

Blue Ranger de-morphs and holds the data book.

Mary: Kristaís right, isnít she?

Book of Data: That is correct. The data rangers will never be one until they have chosen to be on one side.

The rangers continue to look at their zords, while Mary holds the book close to her.