Power Rangers Lost Galaxy SP
Episode 7 Ė A Ranger For A Book
Part 2
Episode Written by Mary

It had been 15 hours since the transmission ended and still none of the rangers knew what they were going to do about their current situation. Both teams decided to go to the Terra Venture Park to clear their heads and form a plan.

"Guys, what are we gonna do?" asked Kate as she paced back and forth.

"I donít know, but we gotta think of something, and fast. The sunís setting." Jessica said.

"Whereís Krista? I thought sheíd be back by now." Maya said looking around.

"Iíll check and see," Mesh said and tapped his communicator, "Krista, have you found anything yet?"

A few moments passed, then Kristaís voice was heard over the communicator, "Well, Iíve taken the exact route Mary probably wouldíve taken going to the mall, but nothingís turned up yet."

Kai sighed and leaned back against a tree. Then he realized something, "Hey wait guys. Wasnít Mary wearing her back pack when she left?"

Jessica thought back, and remembered, "Yeah! She was! She was wearing her blue back pack with the Book of Data in it......."

Everyone looked at her.

"Wait a minute.... She had the Book of Data with her?" asked Leo.

"Yeah, she always keeps it with her, along with her data stone." Jessica explained. Then realized what they were all looking worried about, "Oh no..... if nothing turns up where Furio kidnapped her, then that means...."

"He has her data stone, and the Book of Data." Damon finished sadly.

Kendrix stepped forward, "Wait guys. Furio demanded all of your stones plus the Book of Data. He must not have it yet."

"So that means, Maryís backpack must be around here somewhere!" Jessica finished hopefully.

Mesh tapped on his communicator again, "Krista, double check the route to the mall. Maryís backpack has got to be around there somewhere. And we need to find it before someone else does."

"Ok, Iíll check again, but thereís nothing on the ground." Krista replied.

Kai suddenly remembered something else, "Wasnít Mary running a little late?"

Jessica thought for a minute, "Well, yeah. But what does that have to do with anything?"

"Well, when your late you try and get to the point your going to the fastest way possible." Kai explained.

"So she mustíve taken a short cut!" Kate said hopefully, "Thatís why we havenít found anything yet!"

"What short cuts could she have taken?" asked Mesh.

Kate thought for a minute, then replied, "Well, there is an alley that leads straight to the back of the mall."

"Krista, try looking around the alley behind the mall. We think she may have taken a short cut." Mesh said into his communicator.

Krista turned the corner and looked down the long, eerie, alley. It was wet, cold, and damp.

"Ewww, this is gross." She commented and slowly started walking towards the middle, where she saw something that looked familiar.

"Hmmm... What have we got here?" she whispered to herself as she approached the object.

She slowly turned it over and noticed it was a blue backpack. She saw a tag attached to the zipper handle, and read it.

"Property of Mary, Donít even think about opening this." she said out loud and laughed at the comment on her bag, then pushed a button on her communicator, "Guys! I found her backpack!"

There was some static, then Kate replied, "Great! Is the data stone and the Book of Data in there?"

"I donít know let me check," she said into her communicator. Then she opened the bag and saw a blue book, and a small blue stone at the bottom along with some other books.

"Yeah! Theyíre both in here!" Krista assured everyone.

"Great. Bring it to the park." Kateís voice said over the communicator.

"All right, Iím on my way." Krista said, and took off running towards the park, with the backpack in her hands.

Meanwhile on Furioís shuttle.........

"Furio! It is almost time!" Ecliptor said as he picked up his sword.

"Excellent." Furio replied and walked over towards Mary, who was still tied up and gagged in a chair, "Well Data Blue. Looks like weíre taking a trip. But donít worry, youíll be coming back!"

Mary tried to talk but the gag choked her too much.

Furio untied her feet from around the chair, but then tied her feet together; "Iíll have to leave the ropes on. We wouldnít want you to get away now would we?"

Furio yells, "RITO!!!!!"

Rito comes running into the room, "Quit yelling at me like Iím some sort of servant!"

"Shut up you over grown skeleton and get the hostage ready to go to Terra Venture!" Furio yelled at him.

Rito pushed Mary forward, "Walk slave!"

She tried yelling at him, but all that came out was gagging noises.

"Speak up girl, I canít hear you!" Rito yelled.

More muffled words came out of Mary, but Rito still couldnít understand, so he took off the gag around her mouth.


Rito nodded his head, "Thatís what I thought you said." Then he put the gag back on her.

Furio and Ecliptor walked over to the both of them.

"Itís show time." Furio said with and evil grin on his face.

Krista had arrived with Maryís backpack, and now they were still trying to figure out what to do....

"Ok, well... now we need a plan on how to get Mary back." Jessica said.

Kai leaned back on the tree thinking, and then something caught his eye. "Is that the Book of Data?" he asked pointing to the blue book that Mesh was holding.

"Yeah." replied Mesh; he handed the book over to Kai.

"Wow, this book looks exactly like a cooking book of mine." Kai said, then opened it, and saw a bunch of weird symbols, "Wow, she can read this?"

Kate jerked her head to look at Kai, "Wait. That book looks exactly like a cook book you have??"

"Yeah, me and Mary were using it yesterday morning." Said Kai, still looking through the book.

Kate stood up, "I just got a brilliant idea!"

Everyone looked over at her confused.

Just then all the Galaxy Rangers communicators beeped.

"What is it Alpha?" asked Leo into his communicator.

"Ay yi yi yi yi! Rangers, Scorpius just sent a group of sting wingers with a monster to the Terra Venture Mall! Its terrorizing innocent people!" Alphaís voice replied.

Leo said into his communicator, "Ok Alpha, Weíre on our way."

He turned to the rest of the group, "Looks like we gotta go."

All the Galaxy Rangers walked over to each other.

"Good luck guys. I know you can do it." Maya said.

Leo looks at the other Galaxy Rangers, "You ready guys?"

They all nodded yes, then said in unison, "Go Galactic!"

A bright light flashed, then they all appeared in their Ranger uniforms and teleported away.

Krista turned her attention back to Kate, "Kate you were about to tell us about your idea."

Kate jumped up, "Ok, Kai said he had a book that looks exactly like the book of data. We can use that as a decoy so Furio thinks weíre actually giving him the Book of Data!"

Jessica jumped up next to her, "Thatís a great idea! But... what are we gonna do about the Data stones? I mean, heís expecting everything."

Krista thought for a minute then said excitingly, "Wait! Mary and me were working on something with Kendrix in the biology lab. We found these crystals that can be dyed into any color. Theyíll look exactly like ours!"

"This is perfect! We better get everything together though. The sun has almost set!" Mesh said and they all ran towards the Biology lab.

Furio, Rito, Ecliptor, and Mary waited in a dark cave.

"GRRR What is taking those rangers so long??" growled Furio impatiently.

"Have patience. Theyíll be here soon." Ecliptor assured.

Furio walked over to Mary, "They better, or we may just destroy her right now."

Just then the Data Rangers ran into the cave.

"Donít even think about that Furio!" yelled Kate.

They all said at once, "Data Stones, Online!"

"Data Ranger 1, Green!" Jessica yells and turns into the Green Data Ranger.

"Data Ranger 2, Yellow!" Krista yells and turns into the Yellow Data Ranger.

"Data Ranger 5, Red!" Kate yells and turns into the Red Data Ranger.

"Data Ranger 6, Diamond!" Mesh yells and turns into the Diamond Data Ranger.

"You shouldnít have messed with our friend Furio! Now youíve got us to deal with!" Jessica yelled angrily.

"Ha Ha! I think I can handle you puny rangers! Data Stone Online!" he yelled, "Data Ranger 3, Pink!" and with a flash of light, he turned into the Pink Data Ranger.

"Now, give me what I want, and Iíll give you your little friend back." Furio snarled.

"If you want them your gonna have to fight for them Furio!" Mesh yelled at him.

"Fine by me rangers! Sting Wingers!" he yelled and 6 sting wingers appeared, "Attack!"

The group of sting wingers ran over and started fighting with the rangers.

2 came after Krista, but she kicked them both in the chest and knocked them to the ground.

Jessica drew out her Thunder Data Saber and sent the sting winger in front of her flying into the wall of the cave. She looked over to Mary, who was being guarded by Ecliptor and Rito.

Jessica looked over to Mesh, "Mesh!"

He looked over at her and she motioned her head towards Mary.

"Letís go!" she said and they both ran towards Rito and Ecliptor.

Rito and Ecliptor stepped forward tapping their swords on their hands.

"If you want her. Youíll have to go through us." Ecliptor snarled.

"If you say so." Jessica said then grabbed Ecliptor and flipped him onto the ground.

Mesh and Rito started fighting, and Kate ran over to Mary.

"Hey! Glad to see us?" Kate asked her and laughed.

Mary nodded then tried to talk but choked.

"Hold on a sec." Kate said then cut off the ropes that held her hands and legs together.

Mary quickly got the gag off of her mouth, "Oh my gosh I thought Iíd never get that thing off!"

They both looked over to Furio, who had knocked Krista to the ground.

"Hereís your stone, we could use some help!" Kate said handing Mary her stone.

"Thanks! Data Stone, Online!" Mary yelled, "Data Ranger 4, Blue!" a bright blue light consumed her, then changed her into the Blue Data Ranger.

Mary held out her hand, "Water Data Saber!"

She ran over to Furio and struck him in the back, sending him to the ground.

She then ran over and helped Krista up, "You okay?"

"Yeah thanks! Letís take this clown!" said Krista.

"You said it!" Mary said and as soon as Furio got up, they kicked him in the stomach at the same time and sent him flying against the wall.

Mesh and Jessica drove Rito and Ecliptor over to Furio, now the rangers had them cornered.

"Why donít you just give up Furio?" Kate asked angrily.

Furio saw something blue on the ground beside him and snatched it up, "Ha Ha Ha! You foolish rangers! I have the Book of Data now! And thereís nothing you can do about it!" he turned to Rito and Ecliptor, "Itís time for us to go now, we have one thing that we came for! Till we meet again power brats."

Then Furio, Rito, and Ecliptor vanished.

"Oh no!" Mary yelled, "They got the Book of Data!"

"No they didnít! That was just a decoy." Jessica explained. She walked behind a big rock and pulled the Book of Data from behind it. "Hereís the real Book of Data." She said and handed it to Mary.

Mary took it eagerly and opened it, "Wow, I didnít think Iíd ever see you again!"

The book replied, "You have proven yourself worthy."

Mary looked confused, "Worthy? How?"

"You never gave up. You always knew your friends would be there for you." The book said.

"How.... how do you know all this stuff?? Is that in the book??!!" she asked still confused.

"All the answers lie in the stars." Was the only reason the book gave her.

"I should probably tell you that Iím not very good with riddles." Mary said and smiled, but there was no reply, so she closed it and looked up at everyone.

They just stared at her.

She just shrugged, "I was just talking to the book."

Even though they were wearing helmets, she could just imagine the weird look they were giving her.

Jessica walked over to her and put her arm around her neck, "Youíre lucky we know you!"

Mary gave her a confused look and everyone laughed.

"So you glad to be back?" asked Kai as he cleaned up the kitchen in his quarters.

"You have no idea how glad!" she laughed.

"We missed you! We didnít have anyone to burn Ė" Jessica started but Krista elbowed her in the stomach, "I mean cook our food!"

"Speaking of burn... I mean cooking. How are the Rice Crispy Treats coming along?" asked Kai as he picked up a glass dish.

Mary said happily, "I did exactly what you told me to do! I put them in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes, oh, they should be done!"

Kai dropped the dish and looked at her, "You...... You put them in the oven??!!"

Mary smiled and nodded, "Yep! Just like you told me to!"

Kai put his hands on his face, "They donít need to be cooked! Only cookies need to go in the oven!" he ran over to the oven, which had smoke coming out of the door openings.

Mary shrugged, "Oh no! My cookies!"

Jessica and Krista looked at each other then burst into laughter.

The End