Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Copyright @ Saban 1999. SP and Data Rangers Copyright @ Mesh Patel,1999.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy SP
Episode 9 Ė Water, Water Nowhere
Episode created by Mesh Patel

A summer heat has begun in May. People of Earth buy numerous things to cool them down, from utilities like fans to food like ice cream and of course water. Even our heroes decide to take a day off. Mary, Jessica, and Krista decide that they want to go swimming today. On the other hand, Mesh and Kate went to Terra Venture to find a more pleasant weather awaiting them. Furio plans to use this opportunity to his advantage.

Furio: The rangers are separated. We must attack now!

He turns around and sees Rito, on a lounge chair, drinking a beverage. Furio walks towards him and lifts the chair. Rito falls to the ground.

Rito: Well, excuse you!

Furio: You idiot! Help me think of a plan!

Rito: Letís see..oh I got it! I remember Zedd calling the Hydro Hog for help. Man, he was strong! He

devoured all of the Earthís water untilÖ

Furio: Until what?!

Rito: Those blasted Alien rangers defeated him.

Furio: Brilliant! I will use the Pink Data Stone to bring the Hydro Hog here. Iím glad I thought of it!

Rito sighs as he watches Furio raise his stone in the air.

Furio: Hydro Hog of Aquatar..arrive!

The stone glows and release dark purple smoke clouds. The smoke clears up and reveals the Hydro Hog.

Hydro Hog: Why have you summoned me?

Furio: How would you like to destroy the rangers while drinking all the water on Earth.

Hydro Hog: Been there, done that!

Furio: But this time, you will only face 3 rangers, who wonít know what hit them.

Hydro Hog: Well, why didnít you say so in the first place?

He disappears and heads towards the planet Earth.

At the public swimming pool, Mary, Krista, and Jessica get ready to swim. Krista and Jessica jump inside the pool, while Mary shows off by doing a perfect dive into the pool. The other two stare and splash water at her.

Krista: Show off!

She smiles.

Jessica: Seriously, it was an awesome dive!

Mary: Well, of course it was. I am the ranger of water, you know.

Krista: The water if perfectly cold, especially during this heat wave.

After an hour of swimming and water racing, Jessica feels thirsty. She steps out of the pool and goes to the snack bar.

Jessica: 3 ice cold waters, please.

Snack Bar Worker: Sure, 3 waters coming up.

The worker nods as he turns on the water faucet. Jessica watches as no water comes out from the faucet. She sighs as she changes the order to 3 cokes.

Jessica(thinking): Thatís odd. I guess they didnít pay their water bill.
Her attention is caught when a news update is heard from a nearby radio.

"A monster is rampaging around the city, draining water from everywhere! Where are the Power Rangers?!"

Jessica gasps as he runs to tell her friends. The worker remains confused as he brings the drinks and sees no one! Just as Jessica arrives closer the pool, the Hydro Hog enters the scene. The other two girls raise their fist and then see Jessica.

Jessica: Hey guys! We better stop him before he drains all of the water.

Mary: Gotta morph!

Krista: No, too many people!

Jessica: Mary, Krista..dive underwater.

The three girls dive underwater. Hydro Hog sucks all of the water out of the pool, leaving the swimmers in great panic with the 3 rangers(morphed) in the center of the pool.

Girls: Power Rangers SP!

Hydro Hog: So, the rangers reveal themselves. This should be a piece of cake!

Blue Ranger: We will see.

On Terra Venture, Mesh sites outside the Astro Megaship port, while Kate was inside talking with Leo. Suddenly, three Sting Wingers arrive to pester Mesh, who gets scared and screams for help.

Mesh: Kate! Winger Alert!

Kate: Iím coming.

She runs out of the Megaship and blocks a Sting Wingerís punch to Mesh.

Mesh: Thanks.

Kate: No Prob.

Both: Data Stones..Online!

The two teenagers morph into the Diamond and Red Ranger. Diamond Ranger does a front flip followed by a sidekick, hitting a Sting Winger. Red Ranger moves between the other two Sting Wingers, who dash closer to her. She jumps up and watches the two wingers run into each other. Diamond Ranger grabs and throws his Sting Winger an top of the others.

Back on Earth, the three data rangers use repeated punches and kicks, but all attempts are blocked. Hydro Hog takes a small black hammer from his pouch and throws it at the rangers. Blue ranger dives to avoid the attack, while the other 2 rangers are knocked to the ground. As Blue Ranger helps them up, Hydro Hog rapidly escapes, leaving the rangers baffled.

Yellow Ranger: Where did he go?

Green Ranger: He must be searching for more water.

Blue Ranger: There is a lake nearby, we gotta hurry.

The three rangers press the teleport button on their Data Com and teleport to the lake. By the time they get there, the lake is tapped completely dry.

Green Ranger: Oh no! Weíre too late.

The Book of Data appears in the front of Blue Ranger and glows brightly. Blue Ranger opens the book and sees an image of three colored stones forming a triangle.

Blue Ranger: What is this mean?

Book of Data: Your opponent is nearing the completion of his mission. You and the other rangers, with you, must unleash the storm power.

Blue Ranger: Storm Power? I donít understand.

Book of Data: Use the elemental powers in your stones to form the essentials parts of a storm: water, lightning, and earth.

Blue Ranger: Ok, I understand.

She looks at the Green and Yellow Ranger, who are staring at her strangely.

Blue Ranger: We gave to create our own water source to return the Earthís water.

Green Ranger: Letís go then.

The three rangers form a triangle.

Green Ranger: Earth Power..create a large platform!

She aims her hands to the ground, while sending green beams from her hand to the ground. Three green platforms rise straight up to the clouds. The rangers appear to be on top of the platforms, in the formation of a triangle.

Blue Ranger: Water Power..create rain clouds.

Blue Data Ranger spins around and sends blue rays all around her, changing the white clouds into massive rain clouds. Large amounts of rain pour from the clouds and onto the dry ground.

Yellow Ranger: Thunder Power..finish off the thunderstorm!

She raises her hands and sends yellow beams into the clouds, causing a great amount of electricity. Numerous thunderbolts strike the ground with more raining pouring hard. The citizens are outside, smiling and enjoy the water. On the other hand, the Hydro Hogs hog grows ferious. He runs between the triange-formation and tries to knock it down. The rangers have a better plan.

Rangers: Data Storm..Full Power!

The rangers jump from their platform and transform into three colored balls. As they descend,. The three balls turn into a rainbow-colored thunderbolt that strikes Hydro Hog. The rangers return to their normal self as Hydro Hog begins to explode. He quickly drinks the green potion and grows. The three rangers gasp.

Hydro Hog: Now I can drink more water!

Rangers: Data Cycles..arrive!

The three rangers stand, waiting for their vehicles. After a moment, the Hydro Hog laughs as the rangersí zords havenít arrived.

Book of Data: The Data Cycles are at a great distance.

Blue Ranger: So, what do we do?

As Hydro Hog is about to step on them, the Phoenix Data Zord arrived, holding the yellow Data Cycle. The Phoenix knocks Hydro Hog to the ground and drops the cycle next to rangers.

Red Ranger: Sorry that Iím late. Mesh and I had a Winger problem at Terra Venture.

Green Ranger: Glad youíre true!

Blue Ranger: Krista go, take him down.

Yellow Ranger nods as she jumps onto her cycle.

Yellow Ranger: Data Zord..transform now!

She inserts her stone and her cycle transforms into the mighty Bull Data Zord.

Red Ranger: Battlezord..link up!

The bull stands on two feet and the Phoenix arrives behind it. An orange light streams down and combines the two zords into the Thunder Battlezord, a yellow warrior with red arms and red wings. The bullís mouth open to reveal the battlezordís head.

Red/Yellow Rangers: Thunder Battlezord!

Hydro Hog: What is this?

Hydro Hog punches the Battlezord in the chest. The two rangers, inside the zord, struggle to remain in their seats. He follows up with a water shot from his mouth. The battlezord counterattacks with two kicks and a punch, making him very weak.

Yellow Ranger: Thunder Rush!

The battlezord harnesses fire and thunder power. It rapidly rushes towards at Hydro Hog. The zords suddenly separate and the Phoenix soars through the Hydro Hog. While Hydro Hog is exploding, the zords link back into the battlezord. The other rangers cheer from below. Red and Yellow Rangers jump out of their zord.

Red Ranger: Rangers power down!

The Power Rangers de-morph into their normal selves.

Kate: Well, Iím going home now.

Mary: See you later, Kate. How about the rest of you?

Kate leaves while the other three teenagers sit on the ground.

Krista: Do you wanna go back swimming?

Mary: No, I think Iíve had enough water for today.

Jessica smiles.

Jessica: And this is coming from the "water ranger".

Krista and Jessica laugh for awhile and give their water friend a hug.