Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Copyright @ Saban 1999. SP and Data Rangers Copyright @ Mesh Patel,1999.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy SP
Episode 10 Ė Deadly Races
Episode created by Mesh Patel

Mesh, Kate, and Krista stand outside a huge dome-shaped building in the outskirts of Amarillo, Texas (Meshís hometown).

Mesh: I welcome you to our new zord holding and repairing station.

Kate: Thatís great and all, but why near your home?!

Kate and Krista stare at him(who is obviously nervous).

Mesh: Well, I did invest it and used my parentís acres to place the dome on.

Krista: But I designed it!

Kate: And it was my idea!

Mesh: Okay,okay. I have a way to settle this. We will race our zords inside the racetrack and the winner

will have the dome where they want it.

The other two teenagers gasp.

Kate: And how do you except to move this entire dome?!

Mesh: Donít worry about that now.

The three teenagers run inside the building. Hiding in a nearby bush, Ecliptor smiles at their bickering. Furio arrives behind him.

Furio: Any news?

Ecliptor: Yes, the rangers are fighting over this pathetic building. This might be a good opportunity to

finish them off.

Furio: Yes.

The two guys nod at each other and teleport inside, where two of the teenagers are already in their zords, while the other one was checking her cycle. Furio and Ecliptor surround Krista. She turns around and sees Furio emitting pink clouds. She screams for help, but it was too late. She was sucked into a strange portal. The other two teenagers wonder where Krista went and think about looking for her until Furio pulls a fake voice.

Fake Krista: You guys race without me.

Mesh: Ok, if you say so. Diamond Wheel ready!

Kate: Red Phoenix..online!

The two zords take off. The Diamond Wheel starts off slow while the Phoenix has the air advantage. In the middle of the track, the Diamond Wheel catches up but the Red Phoenix still is a couple yards ahead. The mud trap slows down the Download Wheel, giving the Phoenix more of an edge. Near the finish line, a large ramp lies. Phoenix Data Zord flies over it, while the Wheel reaches the top of the ramp and starts rolling back down. Red Ranger jumps out of the Phoenix after it crosses the line. Diamond Ranger gets mad and exit his Wheel.

Red Ranger: Looks like I win!

Furio and Ecliptor walk behind him.

Furio: No, you lose.

Red Ranger: Furio, what are you doing here?

Furio: Oh, just watching you two race.

Diamond Ranger: Well, now you can leave.

Furio: Iím not leaving until I race you, Diamond Ranger.

Diamond Ranger: And why would I wanna race you?

Furio: Cause if you donít, the yellow Ranger dies.

Rangers: What?!

Furio: If you win, I set her free but if you lose I can take another ranger.

Diamond Ranger: I guess I have no choice.

Red Ranger: But you canít beat him, remember he has the Cheetah zord.

Diamond Ranger: Well, Iím not going to let Krista down.

Furio: Well, you ready or what?

Diamond Ranger: Letís get this over with.

Furio: Data Stone..online!

Furioís pink data morpher appears.

Furio: Data Ranger 3..Pink!

Furio quickly transforms into the Pink Data Ranger and call his Cheetah Zord.

Red Ranger: Good luck.

Mary and Jessica arrive to see two zords preparing to race.

Mary: Whatís going on?

Red Ranger: You two shouldnít be here. If Furio wins, he can capture us all.

Jessica: Say what?

Diamond Ranger: Donít worry, I will not leave that happen.

Diamond Ranger nods as he jumps into his Diamond Wheel. The two zords start at the finish line. Ecliptor gives the signal to start. At first, the two zords were head-to-head. Before the mud trap, the Cheetah zord takes a lead and zooms through it and splashes mud over the Diamond Wheel.

Diamond Ranger: Hey!

Since the Diamond Ranger couldnít see because the mud as covering the entire wheel, he crashed to the edge of the track, while the Cheetah zooms through the track and ramps over the final ramp. Diamond Ranger jumps out of his Wheel and hits the floor with his face.

Diamond Ranger: You cheated!

Pink Ranger: I donít think so.

Ecliptor reveals a pink globe and aims it towards Jessica. Pink clouds emit from it and suck Jessica inside. Red Ranger and Mary run towards Ecliptor, but an invisible wall keeps him guarded.

Red Ranger: Mesh, keep it together!

Diamond Ranger: Iím sorry.

Mary: Data Stone..online!

Her blue morpher appears.

Mary: Data Ranger 4..Blue!

Mary transforms into the Blue Ranger. She presses her attack button on her Data Com and emits massive water at wheel, removing all the mud.

Diamond Ranger: Thanks, Mary. Come on, Furio!

Pink Ranger: Oh Iím ready..to beat you again.

Once again, the two zords start at the line. Ecliptor gives the signal and watches the zords start off. This time, the Cheetah zord moves double the speed of the Diamond Wheel and gains a huge head start. Diamond Ranger, inside his zord, presses numerous buttons while concentrating towards his opponent. The Cheetah slows down to allow the Wheel catch up before the mud trap. When the wheel was directly behind the Cheetah, Pink Ranger steps on the zordís accelerator and quickly moves through the mud.

Diamond Ranger: Diamond Warrior mode!

The other rangers cheer from the ground. The Wheel rapidly transforms into the warrior and avoids the mud splashing and jumps in front of the Cheetah.

Diamond Ranger: Diamond Wheel mode now!

The warrior transforms back into the wheel, but this slows him down and places the Cheetah in the lead. At the ramp, the Cheetah and the Wheel are once again head to head, but the ramp slows the Wheel down while the Cheetah takes its second win.

Pink Ranger: Ok, Ecliptor. Get me the Blue Ranger.

Ecliptor: No Problem.

He aims the Ecliptor at the Blue Ranger, who tries to avoid it, but is sucked in.

Pink Ranger: One more ranger left, Diamond Ranger. You ready to race!

Diamond Ranger: Yes I am.

Red Ranger: Wait! Diamond Ranger, stop!

He jumps from his zord and walks near Red Ranger.

Red Ranger: I have something to tell you.

Diamond Ranger: What?

Red Ranger: I cheated by installing an energy boost chip into my zord.

Diamond Ranger: You did what? Why?

While the two rangers were talking, Ecliptor sets a small trap under the ramp. He moves the ramp over the hole.

Ecliptor: Whether, the Diamond Ranger wins or lose, we will capture both rangers.

Inside the globe, the three rangers scream as they could see Ecliptor setting the trap.

Blue Ranger: We have to get out of here!

Green Ranger: Yea, but how?

Suddenly, a monster appears in front of them.

Blue Ranger: Who are you?

Demon Racer: I am the Demon Racer and you will never escape this portal.

The Demon Racer kicks all three rangers to the ground.

Back in the real world, Red Ranger gives Diamond Ranger a small silver chip.

Red Ranger: Here, I took this out of the Phoenix and give it to you.

Diamond Ranger: Thanks, Kate.

Red Ranger: Now, win our friends back.

Diamond Ranger: Sure.

He jumps back into his zord. This time, Red Ranger gives the signal and starts the race. The two zords are moving at their maximum speed. Cheetah gains a huge speed boost to zoom past the Wheel.

Diamond Ranger: Diamond Wheel..Nitro Mode!
He inserts the chip into a small socket, located directly in front of him. The Diamond Wheel glows cyan and rapidly passes the Cheetah. It moves through the mud and splashes all over the Cheetah. As the race continues, the other 3 rangers try to fight the Demon Racer inside the portal.

Green Ranger: Hey guys, I got it!

Yellow Ranger: What?

Green Ranger: Letís do the storm power!

Blue Ranger: Awesome idea!

Green Ranger: Earth Power..create the large platforms!

She aims her hands to the ground, while sending green beams from her hand to the ground. Three green platforms rise straight up. The globe explodes as the platforms burst up with the rangers on top. Demon Racer appears between the platforms.

Green Ranger: Diamond Ranger! Watch out for the trap near the ramp.

The Cheetah zord trails behind the Diamond Wheel. Diamond Ranger sees the ramp slowly moving.

Diamond Ranger: Warrior Mode now!

The zord converts into its warrior stage and jumps over the ramp. Pink Ranger, distracted by the formation, runs into the trap. Diamond Warrior crosses the line and wins! Ecliptor knows that Furio is mad, so he retreats. Pink Ranger jumps out and heads towards Red Ranger.

Pink Ranger: I will finish one of you off!

Red Ranger: Come on!

As Pink Ranger is about to land and kick the Red Ranger, her hand glows red and creates the Fire Saber.

Red Ranger: Fire Saber!

She energizes her saber and blasts Pink Ranger back. He lands on the ground hurt and morphed back to his normal form.

Furio: I hate you Red Ranger.

Red Ranger: Well, the feeling is mutual.

Furio escapes, leaving the rangers to finish off the Demon Racer.

Blue Ranger: Water Power..create rain clouds.

Blue Data Ranger spins around and sends blue rays all around her, changing the white clouds into massive rain clouds. Large amounts of rain pour down.

Yellow Ranger: Thunder Power..finish off the thunderstorm!

She raises her hands and sends yellow beams into the clouds, causing a great amount of electricity. Rangers: Data Storm..Full Power!

The rangers jump from their platform and transform into three colored balls. As they descend,. The three balls turn into a rainbow-colored thunderbolt that strikes Demon Racer. The rangers return to their normal self as Demon Racer begins to explode. He quickly drinks the green potion and grows.

Diamond Ranger: Call your zords now!

Blue, Yellow, Green Rangers: Data cycles arrive!

The three cycles move closer to the rangers, who rapidly insert their stones.

Blue, Yellow, Green Rangers: Data zords transform now!

The three cycles transform into their zord form and move closer to the Diamond Warrior.

Diamond Ranger: Diamond Data Megazord..

Blue, Green and Yellow Rangers: online and transform!

The three rangers insert their transdaggers into their dagger circle(located in the cockpit of the zords). The yellow bull stands on two feet and become the legs of the Megazord. The green elephantís body grows smaller as its arms move into its body and its legs become the arms of the Megazord. The Diamond Warrior inserts its legs into the yellow bull and connects its hands into the elephant combined arms. The blue whaleís head becomes the head of the Megazord while the rest of the blue zord becomes the rear protection of the Megazord. A beautiful rainbow ray circles the zords and transform it into the Diamond Data Megazord. The Diamond and the three other rangers sit inside the large cockpit.

Green Ranger: Elephant Earth Power!

She holds her hands at the green data transdagger and harnesses Earth Power into it.

Yellow Ranger: Bull Lightning Power!

She holds her hands at the yellow data transdagger and harnesses Lightning Power into it.

Blue Ranger: Whale Water Power!

She holds her hands at the blue data transdagger and harnesses Water Power into it.

Diamond Ranger: Diamond Wheel..FIRE!

Colored rays emit from the zords (blue from the helmet, green from the arms, and yellow from the legs) and emerge into the chest (the diamond wheel). After a matter of seconds, the diamond wheel glows a bright cyan color. The diamond warrior rapidly turns into its wheel shape, leaving the helmet, arms, and legs floating in the air. The wheel, with the collected energy, soars and goes through the Demon Racer. Suddenly, the Demon Racer explodes, while the Diamond Wheel returns back into its Megazord position, with the floating zord parts connected. The rangers, while powering down, exit their zords and stand next to Red Ranger, who also powers down.

Kate: Great job, guys!

Krista: You too with Furio!

Kate: So, itís a good thing that the dome was here or we couldnít call our zords.

Mesh: What are you saying, Kate?

Kate: I think that we should leave the dome here.

Mesh smiles and hugs Kate.

Mesh: Thanks Kate.

The other three girls stare at Mesh, while giggling. He turns around, confused.

Mesh: What?

Mary: Itís funny that you are the only guy ranger.

Mesh: I guess Iím just lucky to be working with a team full of girls.

Jessica: Maybe youíll get lucky and a guy will get the Pink Data Stone back.

Mesh laughs with them.