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Billy's Got a Secret
by: Ricochet

"Hey, Billy."Yelled an energized Tanya Sloan.

"Sup?"Billy quickly closed a small, blue book. Tanya looked closely at the 8 by 12 book. It looked like a sketchpad. "Billy, what's that?"

"Um, nothing."He said shoving it under his arm."Gotta book it, see ya round."

"Billy! What about my algebra tutoring!"Tanya yelled to his back. Billy stopped and spun around.

"Right."He said."Sorry about that. What is it that you're having trouble with?"

"This stuff, Billy."They were there for about half an hour when Billy's communicater chimed. Looking around, he raised it to his face.

"Come in, Alpha."He said.

"Ay yi yi yi yi!"Alpha said."The viewing globe is malfunctioning! I need your help to repair it. Please hurry!"

"I'll be right there."He said. Grabbing his calculator, he bolted, not realizing he had left his book behind.

"Hey."Tanya exclaimed, to no one in particular."Billy left his book. I guess it wouldn't hurt to take a little peek."Opening it to the first page, she let out a gasp. It was a pastel drawing of a meadow, with a unicorn rearing in a patch of clover. Looking in the near photo-quality drawing, she saw Billy's signature."Amazing."She breathed. Turning to the next page, she found a charcoal drawing of his Ninjetti wolfzord. On the next was a watercolour painting of Kat in her MMPR uniform, with her helmet by her side. The next pages consisted of each of the rangers in the same pose. On the last page was a somewhat completed drawing of herself in the Zeo suit with the helmet off. It was only partially coloured in. Then her communicater chimed.

"Tanya."Said Billy's voice,"Come to the Power chamber please."

"Okay,"She said."I'll be right there."

-At the power chamber-

"What is it Billy?"Tanya asked.

"I don't want you to tell anyone what you saw in that book."He said.

"I don't know what you're talking about."She said.

"Tanya, I can see it."He reached out and took it from her.

"I'll swear on one condition."

"What's that?"

"You let me watch you finish the drawing of me."

"That can be arranged."He said."My work here is done anyway. My supplies are back home. C'mon, I only work on these in my room."

-In Billy's room-

"Sorry about the mess."Billy said. Sure enough, his room was covered with empty paint cans, an easel, a drawing table, paintbrushes, crumpled up papers, an over-flowing garbage can, chinsese take out cartons, an old pizza box, root beer cans and bottles, a mini-fridge, schoolbooks, manuals, electronic junk, a TV, a laptop, a stereo, and a large bookcase. Every second row of the bookcase had books in it, the other rows had what Billy called his collections of collections.

"Well, we're gonna have to clean this place up."Said Tanya."C'mon. It won't take that long."Billy groaned.

"Oh, fine."Billy grabbed a white bandana with black lettering from his dresser and tied it on his head, the way Tanya and Adam often did when they worked out."Lets do it."

45 minutes later, Tanya was vacuuming his room.

"All we have to do now is use carpet cleaner and we're all set."

"Carpet cleaner?"Whined Billy. He trudged out of his room and came back with a spray bottle."This crap?"

"Yes, this crap."Tanya squirted it on a pizza stain, a root beer stain, a chinses food stains, several paint stains, smudged charcoal and pastel stains, and a tomato sauce stain. Letting each one sit for 10 minutes, she and Billy then scrubbed the stains out of his light blue carpet with sponges and rags."Finally, it looks like a room."

"Yeah,"Said Billy,"only you can see the room part."Tanya thrust a paint brush at Billy.

"Well? Get painting."Tanya was taken aback as her own face began to take shape under Billy's skillful art talent." Astounding."She breathed.

"Well,"Said Billy, as he set down his fine tipped paintbrush."it's finished."

"Billy, that practically looks like a photo."Tanya exclaimed. Unknown to either of them, 4 pairs of cold, mechanical eyes were watching them.

-On the moon-

"So Billy likes to paint."Said Machina, as she fanned herself."I've always wanted my own personal artist."

"Then you shall have one."Mondo exclaimed."Cogs! Go to earth and don't bother coming back until you have that maddlesome ex power punk with you."With a wirring of gears, the small band of unintelligent robots teleported to the park, where Billy and Tanya were walking.

-In the park(Duh!)-

"I can't believe you never told us you could draw like that!"Tanya exclaimed.

"I never thought it was that big of a deal."Billy shrugged."Besides, when were you ever there to listen to me, anyway?"

"That big of a deal?"Tanya squealed."You could make DaVinci hang his head in shame! Wait, what do you mean, never there to listen?"

"Exactly what I said. You guy's were never there."

"Billy, I'm sorry. I had no idea, I.look, I've always had a great deal of respect for you, Billy."Tanya turned to face Billy"If I had any idea we were treating you so badly, I would have done something about it. Come to think about it, I never thanked you for getting me that gig at Ernie's after hours!

"Well, I would have done that for anybody, so don't feel so special."He snapped.

"Billy, don't try and shut me out."Tanya said, soothingly."That'll only make me more determined to find out why you're so cold to me."

"Sorry to interupt this tender scene."Came a metallic voice."but I have orders from the machine king to bring him to the queen."

"Why would Machina want me?"Billy yelled. He never got an answer, and Tanya soon learned why no one ever got Billy mad. Even without his powers, he easily took out half the cogs before Tanya snapped out of her trance and came to help. Billy then faced off against the leader of the cogs.

"Surrender human."The robot ordered.

"Not on your mechanical hide."Billy shot back. Just then, the rest of the rangers teleported in, distracting Billy enough to leave an opening for the cog to land a few punches. But while Billy was fighting the cog, the book he had so many drawings in began to fall out from under his arm. With one fateful kick, the cog dislodged the book, and sent it flying into the lake, where the pages floated out across the water, Billy's face took on a new look, a look of pure hatred. Turning sharply, he looked at the cog."Do you realize what you have just done?"He snarled.

"Ohhhh, did I ruin your pretty pictures."The advanced cog with a major attitude problem made motions of wiping away tears. Billy began to get madder. Suddenly, before the cog had a chance to react, the cog's stomach, face, and head began hitting Billy's lightning fast hands and feet. Finally, the cog dropped to it's knees, as Billy came around behind it. Grabbing hold of the robots head, he said these words.

"Ohhhhh, did I ruin your hopes of pleasing your master."Taking a firm hold of the robot's head, he jerked his arms sharply, then tossed the head aside. He then walked over to where Tanya was kneeling over the pictures she had fished out of the lake.

"Billy, I'm sorry."She placed a hand on his shoulder."I'm sure we can save a few.

"No, we can't."He said. He stood up and walked back to the cog. Kicking the head another forty feet, he walked off.

-In Billy's room-

In a yellow streak of light, Tanya teleported into Billy's room, to find him sitting on his bed, listning to the BackStreet Boys song, `Get Down', from the first Canadian release.

"Billy, I am so sorry."

"No, ya' know. Don't be. I don't want your pity."He turned around."What happened happened. Now just leave me alone!"

"I can't do that, Billy."She responded.

"Why not?"

"Because that's not what friends do."She walked over to Billy's stereo and put in the Canadian second release, then turned the CD to `As Long As You Love Me'. She then took Billy's hand and pulled him off the couch."May I have this dance?"

"Why?"Billy asked, confused.

"Because I think you need it, plus, I love this song."

"Well, if you insist."

"I do."So they danced, the danced until the song was over, and until the CD was over. They danced to no music. They danced for three hours, looking into each other's eyes. They never kissed, but Billy got a well needed escape from the world, and Tanya saw that. She hoped Billy might open up to her someday, but she knew that would take time. And eventually, he might tell her why he was so cold, and let her in his heart. All she had to do, was wait.