My first story in the 'Compass' series is pretty out there, so here is a brief summary on how they got together, history on the powers, statistics of the characters, etc. etc. As you read the history you will discover I am basically spinning a classic fairy tale...clich‚ after clich‚ after clich‚.

Stress Explanation
By: Ricochet

The whole shenanigan started when an unknown projectile shot through the atmosphere and crash landed in, surprise surprise, Angel Grove. Billy was the only one not infused with Zeo power, so he was the only one who could check it out. While he was there, he got checked out by both Aurora and Star. They each found a pendant with a letter on it. The letters were N, E, S, and W. Another guy met up with them after they had found 3 pendants, total. He had found the last one and that's when a gigantic stone wheel rose up from the ground with a space in it for each pendant so it would form compass points. After they had each placed their pendant in its respective place, it began to turn and a beautiful woman in a classic sort of Tinkerbell outfit appeared to tell them the history of the power.

10 000 years ago there was a man who was Billy's ancestor and was wanted by all the women. All women but the one HE wanted. He tried to win her affection, but nothing worked. Finally he just decided he was going to come out and tell her how he felt, and not depend on chivalry to make her fall for him. But, as usual, there was an evil, yet beautiful, young witch that decided she was going to make sure he never got there, but, in fact, made it to her bedroom. She was, of course, turned down by the young man. She grew restless and decided if she couldn't have him, no one would. She proceeded to turn him into the North wind, and the young woman was turned into the Western wind out of spite. The young woman was Aurora's ancestor. The young man's best friend, Joe's ancestor, was also turned into a wind when he tried to save his ill-fated friend. He became the East wind. And Star's ancestor, the young woman's best friend who tried to assist Joe, was turned into the South wind. But the evil witch's good sister found out about her sisters plans and did her best to thwart them. All that was left for her to do was to use a very special crystal to create the Compass powers using the power in the wind. The power comes partly from birthright, but only if the person is truly deserving.

The woman, now known as Andlomine, asked if they wanted the power. They all agreed. They were also given a power to use unshifted.


Billy Cranston

Rank: Team leader

Power: Northern winds change

Attack: Northern light energy charge

External attack: can run at speeds up to 90 k/hr

You should already know what HE looks like.

Aurora Mackenzie

Rank: 2nd in command

Power: Western winds change

Attack: Western mustangs (the horse)charge

External attack: has the ability to fly

Hair/eyes: Brown and green

Height: 5'7

Other: Slender, athletic, outgoing, tough, brave and very pretty

Joseph (Joe) Harlequim

Rank: 3rd in command

Power: Eastern winds change

Attack: Eastern colour wheel turn

External power: can produce a heat bomb

Hair/eyes: Black/hazel

Height: 5'6

Other: self conscience about his height, muscular, similar to Rocky

Star Jayman

Rank: Last chance

Power: Southern winds change

Attack: Southern diamond daggers fly

External power: can produce a cold bomb

Hair/eyes: Strawberry blond and blue

Height: 5'2

Other: very bubbly and positive, outgoing, pleasant, slender, a dancer