Disclaimer: The Power Rangers, Ninjor, Zedd, Rita, Master Vile, Rito, Goldar, Scorpina, and Katherine Hillard, they all belong to Saban Entertainment. The characters Ricky Summers & Shogunar are my creations.

Note: I've changed the timeline a bit. In which Gunter Schmidt never came to Angel Grove, and Kim never left for the Pan Global Games. However, I've decided to keep Kat in, since she was a major key player when she was a villain, and when she turned the side of good. I've made it that Kat helped get Kim's coin back, helped get Ninjor & the Falcon-Zord back, but never became the Pink Ranger, just a good friend & a trusted ally to the Rangers. Kind of like what Rocky, Aisha, and Adam were before becoming Power Rangers. The following people helped me with these stories: Sandy Riedinger & Aaron Thall. Thanks guys.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Sibling Rivalry Part 1
Written by Robert L. Torres

Our story begins in the Youth Center of Angel Grove. Inside this popular teenage hangout, numerous teenagers are exercising with some equipment, others are playing video games, and other teenagers are just hanging out with friends.

One teenager in particular is sitting alone at a table near the Juice Bar. He has olive-colored skin, hazel eyes, long brown hair in a ponytail, white & black plaid shirt, and black pants on. Little did anyone know that this 17-year-old was Tommy Oliver, the White Ranger, and leader of the Power Rangers. He sat at the table, sipping his fruit shake, his mind concentrating on other matters.

"Penny for your thoughts." Said a sweet & familiar voice. Tommy looked up and saw into the beautiful face of his girlfriend, Kimberly Harte, otherwise known as the Pink Ranger. She had on a beautiful pink dress and a pair of spandex pink shorts underneath. Her light brown hair put up in a small ponytail.

"Oh, hi Kim. Have a seat, please." Tommy gestured to the seat across from him. Kimberly sat down, with a large grin on her face.

"What's up, you look distracted. What's on your mind?" Kim asked innocently.

Tommy looked into Kimberly's eyes, and he felt that if he had to tell someone, it might as well be the woman he loves. "Well, first off, it's no secret to anyone that I was adopted right?" He asked matter-of-factly to Kim. Kimberly nodded in response, her face showing concern & seriousness.

Tommy then pulled out of his pocket an envelope. "Well, the other day I got this letter from some guy named Rick Summers. When I open the envelope, I pulled out the letter and this." He hands Kimberly a small photograph, and the first reaction on her face is shock & disbelief.

"Tommy.... this is YOU!" Kimberly exclaimed, holding up the picture. The small photo had someone on there that looked amazingly like... Tommy, only he was wearing a green T-shirt, and a pair of black pants, leaning up against a tree outside in the daytime.

"That's what I thought at first. But look on the back." Kim turned the photo over, and read what was on the back. It said, 'Feels like looking at yourself doesn't it? Signed, Ricky Summers.' "Evidently, this guys claims that he's my twin brother."

Kim had a look of surprise on her face when Tommy had told her this. She knew for a fact that Tommy was adopted, but no one, not even Tommy, knew whether he had any blood brothers or sisters. "Wow! That's great! Are you sure that this guy is for real?"

"He's for real. Somehow, he managed to get my phone number and he called me up the other day. I talked with him for two hours, and his voice sounded just like mine. He was adopted just like me. Apparently when our parents died, we got separated at birth. I never even knew he existed, but he knew about me though. He said that his adopted parents told him that he had a blood brother that he got separated from when he was born. He began looking for me, and it took him a couple of months until he finally tracked me down. He's moving here to Angel Grove from Florida to stay with me and my family."

"When do you expect him to arrive?" Kim asked.

"He said he'd be coming today, but I'm not sure what time though." Tommy replied.

"Wow! That's really awesome, I can't believe that you actually have a long lost twin brother. I can't wait to meet him, well, that is, if you don't mind that I wait with you?" Kimberly asked innocently with a smile on her face.

Tommy smiled back, leaned over the table and kissed her on the lips.

"Does that answer your question?" Asked Tommy to his girlfriend. Kimberly could only just smile back at him.

Meanwhile in the palace on the Moon, Lord Zedd was watching what was transpiring on Earth with his super vision. While his wife, Rita Repulsa looked on with her Repulsascope. "So, that pathetic White Ranger is going to have a reunion with his long lost brother. How touching."

"You know Zeddy, I have an idea that may just help us defeat the Power Rangers." Rita said happily.

"Where have I heard that before?" Said sarcastically by a seven-foot tall, snake-skinned, muscular creature wearing a black robe. This man was Master Vile, father to Rita Repulsa and Rito Revolto, and now father-in-law to Lord Zedd. "You two have said over & over how you had a sure fire way of defeating the Power Rangers. But it's always the same thing, you end up losing."

"Will you just shut-up & listen for once Vile? Besides, I happen to have the same idea in mind. Let's explain it to daddy, my little beetle blossom." Zedd said referring to Rita.

"Well dad, it's like this. You see, since Tommy's brother is coming to town. Zeddy & I thought it would be a great idea to capture Ricky, and turn him into one of us." Rita began to explain.

"We'll cast an evil spell over him, turning him against his brother, and making him loyal to us. But not only that, we'll give him the powers of the evil Green Ranger." Zedd finished.

"Sounds interesting, but there's just one problem. The powers of the Green Ranger are gone... forever. How can you possibly make the White Ranger's brother into the Green Ranger without the Green Ranger powers?" Master Vile asked impatiently.

"Well, that's where you come in dad! I mean, with your vast knowledge of evil powers, there must be someone that can give Ricky the powers of the Green Ranger." Rita replied.

Master Vile began thinking for a moment, and finally he said, "I know of the perfect person to do the job. His name is.... Shogunar!" As he said his name, a clap of thunder & a bolt of lightning erupted outside the palace.

Zedd immediately recognized the name Master Vile had spoken. "Yes, I've heard of Shogunar. His exploits are practically legendary throughout the cosmos. If I'm not mistaken, he's another Keeper of the Ninjetti powers, am I right?"

"Not only that, but Shogunar is Ninjor's brother. Both brothers learned the ways of Ninjetti, and mastered its power. However, Shogunar took it to the next level. He discovered that even beneath the peaceful serenity of the Ninjetti powers, there lied its dark side. He tapped into that dark side, and mastered it. Since then, Shogunar has dedicated his existence to using the powers of the Ninja to serve the dark forces. He lives in a temple on the planet WuShu, in the Shaolin Galaxy. For thousands of years he has trained many powerful warriors in the ways of the Dark Ninjetti, but he has never actually taken a protégée, someone to study under him. He has been waiting for the perfect time to find such a student, and I believe that this Ricky fellow may just be what Shogunar has been looking for. Once we capture Ricky, I shall summon Shogunar from his temple, and bring him here."

"Once Shogunar is here, and after we place Ricky under our evil control..." Rita said anxiously.

"Then it will be the end of the Power Rangers!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!" Lord Zedd finished as all three villains laughed in pure evil delight.

"Goldar, Rito!!" Zedd shouted.

Just then, a six-foot, gold-armored gorilla with large wings on his back & a six-foot, skeletal, yet muscular, soldier entered the Chamber of Commands. The gorilla was Goldar, Zedd & Rita's most prized warrior, and the skeletal soldier was Rita's brother, Rito Revolto.

"You summoned us master?" Goldar asked.

"You called Ed?" Rito asked, once again not remembering Zedd's name, and calling him Ed.

Zedd & Rita explained to them about Tommy's twin brother Ricky, and about their plan to use Ricky as their weapon to destroy the Power Rangers. "Now don't screw up you two!" Rita told them.

"We won't sis, come on Goldie." Rito replied as they both vanished into thin air.

Back on Earth, a Greyhound bus, filled with various passengers of different ages & nationalities, traveled down the California highway heading towards the city of Angel Grove. One of the various passengers was a young teenager around the age of seventeen. He wore a short sleeved plaid green shirt with a dark green shirt underneath, dark green pants and a green bandanna on his head. This particular teenager has olive-colored skin, hazel eyes, and long brown hair in a ponytail, making him closely resemble Tommy Oliver. The reason behind this is because he is Richard Summers, Tommy's long-lost twin brother. Ricky looked out the window and watched the various cars drive down the highway. His eyes then went from the cars on the highway to the buildings as the bus approached the city of Angel Grove. 'Man, it kinda looks like Miami now that I think about it. Only Miami is not really known for earthquakes, it's known for the hurricanes. Plus that bastard foster father can't touch me now that I'm out here. No more arguments, no more yelling, no more fights, no more beatings, no more being scared to even breathe without getting hit. This is my chance to start over, to really have a chance to live my life without being afraid. And even if I do get scared, I'll have my brother by my side to help me. Brother. I still can't believe that I actually have a twin brother. Man, there are so many things I want to ask him and so many things that I want to tell him too. I wonder if he trains in the martial arts like me? I wonder what kind of music he likes, if he's into rap & hip-hop like me? I wonder if he's had better luck in finding a girlfriend than I have? I wonder what type of life he's had growing up, if he was lucky enough to grow up in a decent, stabile environment, with loving parents. I really hope so, it's bad enough that I had to go through absolute hell growing up, but it would be so unfair for my own brother to have to go through the same thing. One of the things I'll have to talk to him about once I'm settled in is what I went through growing up in Florida. Maybe, with his help, I'll be able to somehow let go of the past and look forward to the future. God, I really hope so.' Ricky thought to himself as the bus continued it's long drive through the city of Angel Grove.

After about an hour or so, the bus finally arrived at its destination, a bus station just a few blocks away from the Youth Center. Ricky, along with a few others, got up from their seats, and left the bus. Ricky retrieved his luggage from a compartment on the side of the bus, and headed for the Youth Center by way of the park. He walked through the park, and took a moment to look around at his new surroundings. 'Man, this place is beautiful. I wonder what else this town has to offer? Oh man, I can't wait for Tommy to show me around. I mean, not only is this where my twin brother lives, but this is where the Power Rangers fight against evil space monsters. This is so fucking cool!!' The two of them never grew up together, but Ricky felt a sort of connection with his brother. Tommy was his flesh & blood, and he felt deep within his heart that Tommy was very excited to meet Ricky. Ricky continued walking, carrying only one luggage bag. That is until he saw two flashes of light explode a few steps ahead of him and saw a six foot, gold-armored gorilla with large wings on his back walks in. Beside him is a six foot, skeletal, but muscular army soldier.

"Hey Goldie, this must be the guy Ed told us to kidnap! He looks just like Tommy!" The skeleton said to his gold friend.

"Of course he is you bone head!" The one called Goldie said to his bone headed friend.

"Oh man, this is really weird. I don't know who you guys are, but if you think you're gonna take me prisoner, then you've got another thing coming." Ricky said to his would-be-kidnappers as he dropped his luggage, and got into an impressive looking fighting stance.

"TENGAS!!! Attack!" The skeleton soldier shouted, and at that moment three Tenga Warriors appeared. Both Goldar & Rito had wanted more than just the three that were provided. But Zedd, Rita and Master Vile each felt that three Tenga Warriors were more than adequate to take on one measly human. They also felt that ever since Master Vile gave the Tengas some special food to increase their strength, that three was really overkill when playing what amounted to softball with a normal human.

Ricky eyed each of the birdmen carefully. They were big, they were ugly, they were strong, and they pretty much outnumbered him. It was quite obvious that he wasn't going to beat them with brawn alone. What the situation called for was a healthy dose of strategy. The first Tenga lunged itself at Ricky, cawing up a storm as it glided toward Tommy's twin at high speeds. When it was close enough, Ricky quickly grabbed his bag from the ground and leapt up. As he came down behind the creature, he twisted around so he could see it again, and aimed so the strap of his bag would loop around the bird's neck. He landed feet first and yanked on his bag. The Tenga had let out a choked gasp as it suddenly found itself off-balance. Furious by the human's actions toward their comrade, the other two Tengas charged towards the young man together. Moving quickly, he spun the bag by it's straps to make a makeshift garrote around the first Tenga's neck, then swung the monster around, just in time to smack the other two Tengas in their beaks with the first one's birdlike feet. They both fell backwards, and landed onto the hard ground. The first Tenga nearly joined his brothers on the ground. But Ricky, still holding onto his bag tightly, pulled on it, thus yanking the bird back onto its feet. The next five seconds for the creature were a mixture of pain and embarrassment as Ricky delivered a rapid and relentless series of blows to its face. After the five seconds had passed, he stopped suddenly. He then loosened his bag's hold on the birdman's neck and asked with a confident smile, "Had enough?"

"Uh huh..." said the Tenga Warrior in a cowardly, submissive tone.

"TOO BAD!" Before the Tenga could have a chance to react, Ricky had let go of his bag and boxed the Tenga's ears. He then backflipped, kicking the creature in the directly in the chest. As Ricky somersaulted, he grabbed his bag, thus pulling it off of the creature before it hit the ground, and thus eliminating it from the fight. Satisfied, Ricky leaned up against a nearby lamppost.

The other two Tengas had gotten back up & patted the dirt & dust off of their feathers. Afterwards, they both turned to look at the White Ranger's brother and they were mad as hell. The second Tenga took to the air and charged at him. Instead of running, Ricky just stood there & watched as it barreled towards him. It came closer... Ricky still didn't move a muscle. It rocketed towards him, but he still didn't move. 20 feet... 10 feet... 5 feet... and then, without warning, Ricky ducked. As he did so, the shocked Tenga warrior slammed headfirst right into the iron lamppost at top speed. The lamppost broke, falling over and sparking, while the Tenga slumped to the ground. 'Two down, one to go. But the question is, where exactly is it?' He turned quickly, but didn't see the final Tenga warrior anywhere in sight. It was quiet, too quiet for Ricky's taste. Suddenly, the Tenga appeared right behind Ricky, and grabbed the unsuspecting teen, wrapping both arms around Ricky's midsection. Reacting instantly, Ricky elbowed the creature in the ribs and stomped on its foot at the same time. Surprised more than injured, the Tenga let go. As he rolled to safety, the creature lunged, and he barely leapt to safety. This was beginning to become tiresome for Ricky. He smelled something burning, so he turned his head and saw the exposed wires from the lamppost still sparking with electricity. Just then, an idea popped into Ricky's mind as he saw his only chance to end the fight. The Tenga ran towards him. He'd only get one chance at this, so he had to make it work. When it was half a second from stepping on him, he grabbed a still sparking wire and slammed it into the Tenga's foot. It shrieked in pain as the high voltage electricity coursed through its body, burning & sizzling both the Tenga's internal organs, and its outer body. The smell reminded Ricky of barbecue chicken, and it made him a bit hungry. A few moments passed & the powerful Tenga Warrior slumped to the ground, smoldering slightly, smoke emanating from his body.

Ricky got up & wiped off the dust from his pants, and then bent down to pick up his luggage, not realizing that he should've been watching his back. Goldar & Rito snuck up behind Ricky and quickly grabbed him by the arms. The young teenager struggled to break free, but his efforts were in vain. A few moments later, all three of them vanished into thin air. As they teleported, all Ricky could think about was that he would never get a chance to meet his brother.

Meanwhile, back at the palace of Lord Zedd & Rita Repulsa. The lovely couple stood beside Master Vile as Goldar & Rito returned to the palace with Tommy's twin brother, Ricky.

"Hey Ed, sis, pop, we got 'em just like you asked!" Rito shouted proudly as they dumped Ricky at the feet of the three evil beings.

"Well Goldar, you and that pathetic bag of bones Rito actually did something right. If you keep this up, I may not get mad at you for screwing up ever again." Zedd said to Goldar.

"Well son, I am very proud of you for not screwing up." Vile told his son Rito with a smile on his face.

"Aww shucks pop." Rito replied, and if he had any skin, his face would have blushed.

Ricky looked up at the three faces of evil standing before him in the forms of Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, and Master Vile. He was a little scared, angry and a little confused at what was going on. 'All I wanted was to meet my brother, why is this happening to me? I swear these... freaks, are really gonna get it.'

Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, and Master Vile each stepped towards Ricky. Lord Zedd spoke first, with his Z-Staff in his left hand. "Welcome to your new home Richard Summers! First, allow us to introduce ourselves. I am Lord Zedd, the Emperor of Evil."

"I'm Rita Repulsa, Empress of Evil, and the beloved wife of Lord Zedd."

"And I'm Master Vile, the Ultimate Master of All Evil. You already know my son Rito Revolto & his friend Goldar."

"Hey, I really don't care who or what you guys are, okay? And what do you mean 'new home,' my new home is with my brother in Angel Grove. And to tell you the truth, this... place isn't exactly my idea of 'home sweet home'. Now, what do you guys want from me?"

Zedd stepped forward to Ricky. "You, my son, have been chosen to become the Green Ranger, and the new Prince of Darkness. You will shall become our instrument of evil, and you will help us destroy your brother and the Power Rangers!"

"You want me to help you guys kill my brother & destroy the Power Rangers. Well, it's pretty obvious why you want to destroy the Rangers; you are the guys that are trying to take over the world or something. I mean, I understand that much, but what does my brother have to do with this?" Ricky asked a little confused.

This time Rita stepped forward, with a huge grin on her face. "Well, if you don't know, we might as well tell you. Your brother is a Power Ranger, in fact he's the White Ranger."

Ricky's brown eyes became wide, with surprise & shock. 'Holy shit! This is so unreal! My own brother is a Power Ranger? Man, I can't believe it; my brother is fighting the good fight against these guys. Wow, that is so cool!' Ricky thought about it for a brief moment, and he felt kinda proud to know that his brother was a Power Ranger. 'Wait a minute... these guys still want me to kill Tommy, my own brother, my own flesh & blood. Oh God, I think I'm gonna be sick. I don't wanna fight him, and I sure as hell don't wanna kill him. He's my brother for God's sake!' Needless to say, Ricky was utterly horrified at the very thought of being forced to fight his own brother. Even though he still didn't get the chance to know Tommy well, what Ricky did know was that he wasn't going to kill him. "Look, I am not going to become you're puppet in some plan to kill my brother. I just came here to Angel Grove to be with my brother; a person I didn't even know existed until just a few months ago. I came here to be reunited with him, and I am not gonna let you fucking freakazoids force me to kill my own flesh & blood! You can take your Green Ranger powers, and shove it right up your ass!!" At that moment, Ricky just turned and walked away from the three of them.

As Ricky began to walk away from them, Zedd, Rita and Master Vile each pointed their magical wands at Ricky. At that moment, they released a combined blast of magical energy that froze Ricky in place. Goldar, Rito, Squatt and Baboo just watched in awe & amazement at how the three evil forces worked together in stopping Tommy's defiant brother.

Master Vile looked at Ricky with a sense of approvement. "I have to say Zedd, you & Rita chose well. I sense that this mortal has an incredible fighting spirit, and he has a tremendous amount of hidden anger & hatred directed towards his foster father for the way he treated him. And hidden deep in his soul, I sense the briefest flicker of jealousy & animosity towards his twin brother. I believe that with the proper techniques, the right persuasion, and the right amount of magic, that this young man will succeed where the previous Green Rangers failed. I am proud of you both. Now that we have Tommy's brother, I must return to my ship in order to gather my strength & summon Shogunar. I shall return, make sure he doesn't go anywhere." With that, energy snakes enveloped his body, and Master Vile vanished back to his Skull Cruiser.

Meanwhile, at the Youth Center, Tommy & Kimberly were still inside. Only this time, they were joined by the rest of the Power Ranger team: Billy Cranston (Blue Ranger), Aisha Campbell (Yellow Ranger), Adam Park (Black Ranger), and Rocky DeSantos (Red Ranger). Billy was wearing a blue & white plaid shirt with black jeans. Aisha wore a yellow belly shirt along with a pair of blue overalls. Adam had on a black & white striped shirt, a black bandanna on his head, and a pair of black shorts. Rocky wore a red zipper down jacket, with a white shirt underneath, and a pair of bright red sweat pants. Each one gathers around the table to be with their friends.

"Hi guys, whatcha doing?" Aisha asked with a smile.

"Oh nothing, I just found Tommy sitting here waiting for his long-lost brother to show up." Kimberly replied.

"A long lost brother, how interesting. You are quite fortunate Tommy, I myself wish I had a brother, I'm an only child in my family." Billy said to his Power Ranger leader.

"I'm the oldest of five children, I've got two younger brothers & two younger sisters, but unfortunately, no twin brother." Rocky said to them.

"Most of us here do have brothers & sisters, just no twins. So, this Ricky guy, is he really your twin? I mean, like identical?" Adam asked with a hint of curiosity in his voice.

"He says he looks like me, he even sent me his picture. I'm supposed to meet him today. But he still hasn't shown up yet." Tommy glanced at Kimberly, then looked up at the others with a worried look on his face. "Guys, I gotta bad feeling about this."

The rest of the team looked at each other, and then looked at their leader. They were not only worried about Tommy's brother, but about Tommy himself. They were worried about what Tommy might do if something has happened to his brother.

Meanwhile, on a planet in a distant galaxy, deep within an ancient temple, a mysterious figure concealed in a large hooded cloak knelt in front an altar. The altar was decorated with burning candles & the skulls of various alien races. This mysterious cloaked figure seemed to be in some deep prayer or meditation, when all of a sudden a clap of thunder brought the dark figure out of his concentration and looked around the temple. He slowly stood up, extended his arms and slowly moved his hands through the space around him, as though trying to get a sense of what brought about the thunderclap. After a few moments passed, he stopped as if he found what he was looking for. Then as if sensing that something eventful was about to take place, the mysterious figure said only two words, "It's time." At that moment, the dark stranger grabbed the front of his cloak, and threw it off of his body. But before his identity could be revealed, the mysterious figure vanished just as the hooded cloak hit the floor.

Back at Vile's Skull Cruiser, the 9-foot tall master of evil began to build up incredible strength in his magical energies and began to cast his spell to summon Shogunar. "And so, I call upon to power of the Seven Moons Of Guntre', I hereby summon the wisdom of the most evil warriors of the last ten millennia, and summon the greatest evil warrior of all time! Come forth.... SHOGUNAR!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" Bursts of multi-colored lighting flashed across space, and even across the Earth's surface. And then, in a bolt of red lightning, a single warrior appears. This warrior resembled his brother Ninjor, but his robotic body is black, red, and gold. Shogunar has an 'S' on his chest, and his robotic body armor looked more fearsome, more deadly than his brother's. And his head takes on a more evil & terrifying robotic visage than Ninjor's. He kneeled before Master Vile, to show his respect.

"You have summoned me, oh great Master Vile. What is thy bidding?" Shogunar asks in a deep, raspy, ominous voice.

"Shogunar, not only have I need of your assistance, but my daughter, and my son-in-law have need of your services. Please, come with me." In a blink of an eye, they vanish from the Skull Cruiser back to the palace.

Meanwhile, back at the Youth Center, the Youth Center and the Earth itself is rocked by a sudden appearance of an unusual lightning storm. The lights in the Youth Center began flickering on & off as the people ran out frantically, screaming, and running into each other. Our heroes got up from the table, and looked around as the lights finally went out in the Youth Center. All they saw were flashes of multi-colored lightning from outside illuminating the Youth Center with an eerie glow. It was at this moment that the communicators on each of the Rangers' wrists went off. Since no one was around to see the Rangers, they had nothing to worry about.

"Zordon, we read you!" Tommy shouted into the communicator over the loud thunder claps from the unusual storm.


"We're on our way! Come on guys, we gotta get to the Command Center, and see exactly what's going on!" Tommy said to his friends. They each touched a button on their communicators, and in six flashes of rainbow colored light, they vanished.