Disclaimer: The Power Rangers, Ninjor, Zedd, Rita, Master Vile, Rito, Goldar, Scorpina, and Katherine Hillard, they all belong to Saban Entertainment. The characters Ricky Summers & Shogunar are my creations.

Note: Iíve changed the timeline a bit. In which Gunter Schmidt never came to Angel Grove, and Kim never left for the Pan Global Games. However, Iíve decided to keep Kat in, since she was a major key player when she was a villain, and when she turned the side of good. Iíve made it that Kat helped get Kimís coin back, helped get Ninjor & the Falcon-Zord back, but never became the Pink Ranger, just a good friend & a trusted ally to the Rangers. Kind of like what Rocky, Aisha, and Adam were before becoming Power Rangers. The following people helped me with these stories: Sandy Riedinger & Aaron Thall. Thanks guys.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Sibling Rivalry Part 2
Written by Robert L. Torres

Inside the technological fortress that is the Command Center, the Rangers materialized. Upon their arrival, Alpha-5, robotic assistant to their mentor, Zordon, greeted them. Their friend & ally, the Master of the Ninjetti Powers, Ninjor, also greeted them. "Greetings Power Friends. We are all glad that you arrived so quickly. We believe we might have another crisis on our hands."


"That explains that thunder storm that happened a few minutes ago." Adam said to the others.


"Well, what exactly did you find that could be so disturbing, Zordon?" Billy asked, adjusting his glasses.

"Aye-yi-yi! This is unbelievable!" Alpha cried out as he worked on the computers to calculate all the data.

"ALL OF YOU, OBSERVE THE VIEWING GLOBE!" Zordon said to the Rangers, as they turned around and looked into the globe.

They saw streams of electrical energy surround the main corridor of the Skull Cruiser, and after a moment or so, an evil being appeared.

"Who is that guy?" Aisha asked.

"That is Shogunar, the Master of the Dark Ninjetti Powers." Ninjor replied.

The Rangers turned around and they all looked at Ninjor with a strange look on their faces. None of them could believe that this Shogunar person was another ninja master that held the key to another side of the Ninjetti power.

"Ninjor, how can this guy be a master of the Ninjetti powers? We thought that you were?" Rocky asked.

Ninjor looked at the Rangers with a disturbed look in his eyes. "I am only the master of the Light Ninjetti powers, while Shogunar is master of the Dark Ninjetti powers. For you see, Shogunar... is my brother."

"What? You mean like that guy we saw in the Viewing Globe is YOUR brother? Oh man, this is really intense." Kim said.

"But Ninjor, if he is your brother," Tommy asked, "How did he get like this?"

Ninjor took a deep breath & looked away from the Rangers, trying to get his thoughts in order before he began telling the story. "It happened many years ago, when the battle between good & evil first began. My brother & I were born to a pair of ninja masters, two of the original keepers of the Ninjetti power. They trained us both as we grew up. During that time, I noticed my brother changing ever so slightly. Once our training was complete, we became the new masters of the Ninjetti. Our parents wanted us to fight against the dark forces in the war. I was willing, but unfortunately my brother wasnít. He felt that the powers he was given and the abilities he possessed should be used to conquer & destroy. So in the years that followed, my brother began distancing himself from our parents, and me. He went into seclusion, and began doing extensive research in trying to discover if there was a dark side to the Ninjetti powers. We tried to talk some sense into him, but he wouldn't listen. Then finally, he emerged from seclusion, proclaiming that he had discovered the dark side to the Ninjetti power. That's when he decided to join the dark side and assist any & all evil forces. It was my duty to use my abilities to bring peace to the universe. Over the following years, I fought my brother in numerous battles, each using the powers we possessed against one another. But each encounter ends up the same, we never seem able to defeat each other, we are too evenly matched. We are the perfect example of how one person can't exist without the other. I'm good, he's evil. Two forces destined to fight each other for all eternity." Ninjor has a sad look in his eyes. Then Tommy put his hand on Ninjor's shoulder, and gave him a smile to let him know that it was all right. Ninjor turned back around and faced the Rangers. "You see, Iíve always loved my brother, we grew up together, we always did things together, we were there for each other. I tried to convince him that following down the path of darkness would only lead to his destruction, but he wouldnít listen. My own brother wouldnít even listen to me. Every time I encountered him, I tried my best to bring him back to the side of goodness, but he always attacked me, and I had no choice but to defend myself. It hurt me very much to have to fight my own brother, a person Iíve loved for many years, and grew up with, and hoped to work alongside with as a fellow Ninjetti master. It still hurts me to this day to have to fight against him. But, I no longer have a choice, it is my duty to battle the forces of darkness, and to uphold the light & purity of the Ninjetti power."

"Man, we had no idea how serious this was for you Ninjor." Aisha said to him.

"Yeah, I mean having to fight your own flesh & blood. I canít even imagine how that would feel." Rocky said, with a look of shock & disgust on his face.

Just then, a thought struck Billyís mind as he turned to look up at Zordon. "Zordon, I think I know what's happening. Master Vile summoned Shogunar to help Zedd & Rita in their efforts to destroy us."


"That may be Zordon, but we've faced tougher challenges before, and we've always managed to come out on top. I think we're strong enough to handle this, right guys?" Adam asked his fellow Rangers.

"Adam's right, besides we have Ninjor on our side. And you know what they say, 'Good always triumphs over evil'." Aisha said confidently with a smile.

The other Rangers just smiled at each other, and knew that what Aisha said was true. No matter how strong a monster they faced, no matter what the odds of survival or victory were, the Power Rangers never gave up hope and always hung in there.

Back at the Palace, Zedd, Rita, Master Vile, and the other henchmen were gathered around to greet their new visitor, Shogunar. Shogunar shook hands with Goldar, Rito, Lord Zedd, and Rita Repulsa. "It will be a great honor to work with you all. I will do whatever is necessary to assist you in destroying these.... Power Rangers." Shogunar then bowed in respect to his masters.

They all smiled in admiration of Shogunar's ambition. Zedd signaled for the Tengas to bring in the still frozen Ricky Summers. "Shogunar, we wish for you to give this young man the dark Ninjetti powers of the Green Ranger." Zedd requested.

"It will be a great pleasure for me to do so. But, you must understand my lord, that this is a very unique & unusual situation." Shogunar said to them.

"How so?" Rita asked, confused.

"You see Empress Rita, I am only able to train those who are willing to be trained. And it is quite obvious to me, that this young mortal is unwilling to be trained. That is why it is such a unique & unusual situation. Only those people whose hearts are as black as night and their souls are filled with dark emotions can be candidates to receive the powers of the Dark Ninjetti. However," Shogunar began to say as he approached the frozen figure that was Tommyís twin brother. "I do sense great potential for darkness in this young mortal. I sense a deep hatred for an abusive foster father, and I also sense, buried deep in his subconscious, a brief flicker of jealousy directed towards his twin brother. Yes, this is good, very good indeed." He then turned back towards Zedd, Rita, and Vile. "He will do just fine my masters, he will be perfect to become the next Green Ranger."

"Excellent Shogunar, now, we must place a spell on him at once to bring forth his dark side." Lord Zedd announced.

"Wait. If you intend on bringing out Rickyís dark side, then I must insist that this particular situation be dealt with carefully." Shogunar said to all three dark wizards.

"What do you propose we do?" Master Vile asked, wondering what it was that Shogunar had in mind.

"I propose that all three of you," Shogunar said pointing to Master Vile, Zedd & Rita, "combine your magical powers, and direct it towards me. I will then use that combined magic, and channel it towards young Ricky. Once that happens, I shall enter his mind and use my influence to twist & distort his perception of the truth, in order to gain access to his dark side. Once his dark side is brought to the surface, I shall then place within his possession the Dark Ninjetti powers of the Green Ranger." Shogunar explained.

"An excellent proposition Shogunar. With our powers working together, united as one, we shall make him the perfect dark soldier." Master Vile smiled.

"Excellent! Plus, there'll be no way for those pathetic Power Geeks to break this spell! It'll be just too strong for them to break, and when they realize that there is nothing they can do to, itíll be too late!! Hahahahahahahaaaaaa!!!!" Rita cackled in extreme evil joy.

"Now, let's get this show on the road!!" Zedd pronounced to them all. Just then, Zedd, Rita, and Vile stood side-by-side with each other in front of Zeddís throne, with Shogunar a few feet in front of them, and the frozen form of Richard Summers a few feet in front of Shogunar.

Lord Zedd then raised his staff in Shogunarís direction. "I, Lord Zedd, Emperor Of Evil, and loving husband to Rita Repulsa, hereby say the following words: May darkness corrupt the light that lies within your soul, and may that darkness give you strength & pleasures you have never experienced before!" His staff began to glow with intense magical energies.

Rita stepped forward, and raised her magic wand in Shogunarís direction also. "I, Rita Repulsa, Empress Of Evil, daughter of Master Vile and loyal wife to Lord Zedd, hereby say the following words: On your journey to the dark side, may you gain all the aspects of being evil!! And let these aspects show you the true nature of what it is to be evil!" Just as Zedd's staff did, Rita's magical wand began to glow with evil energy.

Finally, Master Vile stepped forward and slowed raised his magical scepter in Shogunarís direction. "I, the great & powerful Master Vile, Ruler Of The M-51 Galaxy and father to Rita Repulsa, Rito Revolto, and father-in-law to Lord Zedd, hereby say these words: May our combined energies give you powers & wisdom to guide you in your destiny as the Prince Of Darkness. And may you live forever, so that you may continue to use that power and wisdom to carry out great evil deeds!!"

At that moment, the multi-colored streams of electrical, magical energies from all three staffs lashed out, and hit Shogunar in the center of his back. After about a moment or two passed, Shogunarís body began to glow with crimson energy. He slowly stretched his arms out in front of him, pointed his hands at the Rickyís frozen form, and unleashed a powerful stream of multi-colored energy at Tommyís twin brother.

"I, Shogunar, Master of the Dark Ninjetti, along with the forces of darkness, call out to you Richard Summers. We call out to your dark side, to the darkness that lies deep within your soul, the dark side that knows the truth. The dark emotions within you that resent your foster father for abusing you and the jealousy you feel because your brother grew up in a stable home, while you grew up in a broken environment. Unleash your rage Ricky, and you shall be rewarded with great strength & power! Unleash the darkness from within your heart, and you shall become the new Green Ranger!" Shogunar proclaimed as the stream of multi-colored energy suddenly changed to just one color, that being a blast of dark green energy.

Just at that moment, Rickyís frozen form began to glow with an aura of fiery, green energy. Shogunar lowered his arms, as he & the rest of the occupants in the room watched on in awe & amazement as the fiery aura around Rickyís body began to grow brighter & hotter. It eventually became so bright, that Zedd, Rita, Master Vile, Shogunar, Goldar, Rito, Squatt, and Baboo had to raise their hands in order to shield their eyes.

A minute or so passed, and the green glow became dimmer & dimmer, until finally it disappeared altogether. The occupants within the Chamber of Commands each lowered their hands, and were startled to see Ricky Summers standing before them, unfrozen, with his hands on his hips, and wearing a Ninjetti uniformÖ a dark green Ninjetti uniform. Ricky pulled back the hood of his Ninjetti outfit, letting his new long, dark green hair shine, and then pulled down the mask that covered up the bottom half of his face to reveal a wicked & evil smile. "Honey, I'm home." Ricky said as he slowly let out an evil chuckle, which erupted into a maniacal laugh.

All the occupants of the room joined together in the laughter as their laughs echoed endlessly into the halls of the Chamber of Commands, throughout the entire palace, and even in the soundless void of space.

Ricky looked down at his Ninjetti uniform and smiled in approval, he then approached his evil masters, and Goldar & Rito with an evil grin on his face. "Well, this certainly is an interesting predicament. Who wouldíve thought that I could go from being an average teenager, to being a warrior of the dark forces, I must say that I am truly honored." Ricky said to them with a touch of humility.

"As we are equally honored to have you serve the dark forces young Richard." Lord Zedd said to him.

"You will indeed make a fine successor to the Green Ranger power, Richard Summers. I have every confidence that you will use the power that I have placed in your possession to the fullest. And I shall continue to train you, and help you become stronger, and experience more power than you ever dreamed possible." Shogunar said to his young protégé.

Ricky looked at his mentor & teacher, and smiled. "I like the sound of that. Anything that can get me closer to exacting my revenge on my pathetic twin brother, and that can help me destroy the rest of those Power Rangers, is just fine by me. You know, he had it easy, he's got great parents, great friends, a girlfriend that adores him, and I ain't got shit! The parents I got stuck with weren't exactly Ward & June Cleaver. My Mom was okay; she at least gave a damn about me. But not my old man. He was nothing but a fucking pathetic drunk. He got his jollies by beating the shit outta me. That's why I decided to come here, to find my brother, and kill him."

"And you will have your chance very soon my boy. Trust me." Master Vile told Ricky.

"I canít wait to get my hands on him, and beat the life right out of his body." Ricky said with a menacing tone to his voice, as he pounded his right fist into the palm of his left hand. "As for the rest of them, they wonít know what hit them."

"You know Goldie, this guy is kinda cool. It's gonna be awesome to have this guy on our team, don't you think?" Rito whispered to his friend.

"He sure has a lot of spirit in him, I like that in a warrior. Fighting side-by-side with him will be a most... memorable experience." Goldar replied.

Zedd looked at his wife, and caressed her cheek. "What say you my darling, shall we present our newest warrior with his gifts, or should we prolong the inevitable?" Zedd asked.

Rita looked on at the new Green Ranger and couldnít help holding back tears of evil joy. "No, we shouldn't prolong it any longer sweety. Let's give our beloved son his presents." Rita said to Zedd, with an arm around her husbandís waist as they both looked on and saw the person that could very well bring an end to the Power Rangers once & for all.

Zedd nodded in agreement as both he & Rita stepped towards Ricky. "We're all very proud of you my son. And now, Green Ranger, step forward." Zedd said to Ricky. He then kneeled down in front of both Rita & Zedd, as Zedd placed his staff on Ricky's shoulder. "You, Ricky are now the new Prince of Darkness, you will be at my side as this family takes over the Earth, and then the galaxy. Not only that, you are now the heir to my throne."

Ricky looked up, and smiled at Lord Zedd. "It is an honor I accept with open arms, my lord. I swear, on the power of darkness, that I will do my best to make you proud & not to let any of you down. Now that I have the power of the Green Ranger, the Power Rangers won't stand a chance."

At that moment Master Vile and Shogunar came to Zedd & Ritaís side. "Rise Green Ranger, extend your hand to the sky and accept the recreated Sword of Darkness." Master Vile said as Ricky rose his hand to the air, and Vile aimed his staff at Ricky, and shot out magical energy at his hand. And suddenly, the once destroyed Sword of Darkness now appeared in Rickyís hand.

Ricky slowly lowered his hand with his new Sword of Darkness, admired the deadly craftsmanship of the sword itself, and smiled a cruel smile in approval. "Thank you Master Vile! Thank you all very much! Soon, I shall have my revenge on my brother & the Power Rangers will be destroyed! And then, the universe will be ours! Hahahahahahahahahahaaaaa!!!!!!" He laughed as green electrical energy shot out from the sword in all directions. The others let out laughs of evil joy, as they released colorful streams of magical energy in all directions of the Chamber of Commands.

Lord Zedd & Rita stepped forward. "But the best is still yet to come my son." Rita replied. "You see the Prince of Darkness needs a queen to rule by his side, a warrior queen in fact. Ricky, I present to you, your new queen... SCORPINA!!!!!!!"

With that, a large set of iron doors opened, and fog rolled out onto the floor as a familiar woman stepped out of the darkness & the fog. She possessed a slim, athletic, but shapely figure, long black hair, fair skin, Asian features, and wore a yellow & black leotard. She also wore a small golden helmet on her head, golden boots, a golden piece of armor that covered her entire left arm, and a silver chestplate. She also carried a large curved sword with her. When she saw Ricky, she smiled seductively. Scorpina had been given permission to explore the galaxy, to plunder & pillage, to kill & enjoy the thrill of conquest in other parts of the cosmos for quite some time. Just recently, she had been summoned back to the palace and was informed on the current situation. Suffice it to say Scorpina embraced the opportunity with open arms. As she looked Tommyís twin over, she had to admit to herself that the resemblance between Ricky & Tommy was unbelievable. However, she personally thought that Ricky looked a lot more handsome than his brother did.

Ricky looked at Scorpina and was at a lost for words, her beauty simply exuded strength & evil cruelty. Ricky loved it, and being that she was to be his queen and fight by his side, that made things even better. He walked over to Scorpina, and walked around her, admiring her beauty. "Well, well, well, arenít you the prettiest thing I've seen this side of the galaxy."

"You flatter me so, my prince. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Scorpina, your new queen." She extended her hand to him.

"Scorpina, such a lovely name, for such a lovely warrior." Ricky placed his sword on the ground as he took her hand, and kissed it softly. "You & I together will be an unstoppable team, my darling. All who cross our paths shall be crushed beneath our feet." Ricky said to her as he held her hand and pulled her close to his body.

"Yes, and together my darling prince, we shall light the dark cosmos with the fires of destruction, and drench entire planets in the blood of their inhabitants. And, we shall place upon the walls of this palace the heads of each member of the Power Rangers! Oh, it shall be a glorious sight, my prince." Scorpina replied, lightly caressing one side of Rickyís face with the claws of her gauntlet covered hand.

"Oh yes, yes indeed." Ricky replied as he caressed Scorpinaís face with his free hand.

"Now that the two of you have gotten well acquainted, we must now begin preparations for introducing our new Green Ranger to the Power Rangers. Don't you agree, daddy meanest?"

Master Vile stepped forward. "Of course, the combined forces of myself, you my darling daughter, and Zedd, along with Shogunar, the new Prince of Darkness, and Scorpina, those pathetic teenagers won't stand a chance." At that moment, everyone in the room let out laughs of evil glee throughout the Chamber of Command.

Meanwhile in the Command Center, the Rangers & Ninjor were still working on trying to discover what it was that Zedd, Rita, Master Vile, and Shogunar could possibly be planning. The Rangers, still in civilian clothing were all pacing around in circles with Ninjor, while Billy worked with Alpha calculating all possible scenarios for what the mentioned villains might have in store.

"Ninjor, you said that Shogunar is the master of the evil Ninjetti powers, right?" Tommy asked.

"Yes." Ninjor replied.

"Well, how are the Dark Ninjetti powers different than the powers you gave us?" Kimberly asked.

"The light Ninjetti powers that I bestowed upon you when I gave you your new Power Coins, are based on the animal spirits that you are born with. In addition, the basis of using the power to fight against evil, relies on you calling upon the strength and wisdom of your respective animal guide. The Dark Ninjetti powers that my brother discovered, and ultimately mastered, work differently. They work differently in the sense that there are no animal spirits involved, only raw emotions. Dark emotions are the basis of gaining the Dark Ninjetti power, by unleashing a personís anger, rage, hatred, greed, and lust. Basically, everything that goes against the purity of the Light Ninjetti powers." Ninjor explained as he spat out that last part, as it was obvious that it disgusted him to even think about it.

"Is it possible that Shogunar may try to recruit teenagers to become evil Ninja Rangers?" Tommy asked.

"It is possible, my brother has trained others in the evil ways of the Ninjetti before. And it is probably the reason why Master Vile summoned Shogunar here in the first place." Ninjor replied.

"Oh man, more evil Rangers. All these evil duplicates are giving me a headache. I think I've had my share of evil Power Rangers if you don't mind." Kimberly said.

"Guys... I think I have an idea, but it's probably stupid." Adam said nervously and without much confidence.

"Come on Adam, just tell us. We need to calculate & anticipate any & all possible plans that the gang on the moon might come up with." Rocky said to his friend.

"All right, I was thinking, maybe, just maybe, that Shogunar has come here to test out his evil powers not only on Ninjor but on us as well. I mean, he must have heard about us, and that Ninjor trained us in the ways of Ninjetti. Maybe he came here not only to fight his brother, but to fight us, to see if we can stand up against his power." Adam explained.

Billy turned around from the computer console. "Adam, that's one plan that I haven't thought of, I'll input that scenario into the computer along with the other scenarios already inputted." Billy gave Adam a smile of reassurance, and turned back to work on the computers.

Adam released a sigh of relief at knowing that he did something to help out. Ninjor approached Adam, and placed his hand on his shoulder. "Adam, you've got a lot of wisdom trapped within you. You are truly wise beyond your years, you just don't know it yet."

"Thanks Ninjor." Adam replied with a smile.

Just then the Command Center's attack alarm began to sound off, the Rangers & Ninjor looked around in confusion. "Whatís going on Zordon?" Aisha asked.

"EVERYONE, LOOK INTO THE VIEWING GLOBE!!" Zordon ordered everyone.

The Rangers & Ninjor looked into the images that began to form within the Viewing Globe. They saw Angel Grove Park, and saw that an army of Tenga warriors was chasing out many innocent civilians. Then, after the coast was absolutely clear, Shogunar, Goldar, Rito, and Scorpina appeared, holding a beat up human, wrapped in chains. Then, Rito placed the battered human up against a nearby tree. Goldar pulled his head up, and Tommy immediately saw who it was. "Guys, its Ricky, my brother."

"Zedd & Rita mustíve captured Ricky, in order to lure you into a trap." Billy surmised.

"And theyíve got Goldar, Rito, Scorpina, and Ninjorís brother guarding him. Guys, we gotta get to him." Kimberly suggested.

"But Billy said that it might be a trap." Adam protested.

"Guys, that's my brother out there. I don't care if it's a trap or not, we gotta go save him. But first, we gotta deal with those Tengas, afterwards we'll take care of those four and rescue my brother. Well, it looks we're going into Ninjetti Mode guys. You ready Ninjor?" Tommy asked.

"Ready when you are Tommy." Ninjor reassured the White Ranger.

"Good luck everybody. And be careful." Alpha said to them.

"Okay guys, letís do it. NINJA RANGER POWER, NOW!!" Tommy signaled, as the Rangers traced a circle in the air with their hands, while leaving a trail of colored energy behind. Each of the Rangers thrust their hands out in front, much as they do when holding their morphers, and in flashes of multi-colored light, they were dressed in their Ninjetti uniforms. Our heroes were then immediately transported to Angel Grove Park.

Upon their arrival, the Rangers & Ninjor, each went into an impressive and intimidating fighting stance. A moment later, in unison, they flipped into battle. Tommy attacked first; jumping over a Tenga and kicking it in the back while Kimberly faded into the ground and came up directly UNDER a Tenga. Needless to say, the end result hurt the bird creature a lot more than the Pink Ninjetti Ranger.

Adam grabbed two Tengas and spun them around like two humanoid tops, until he drilled them both into the ground, where he left them up to their necks in the dirt. "It's a dirty job, and I'm glad to have a hand in it!"

Aisha was a little more wary of the Tengas. She knew that their powers had been increased recently, so she took no chances. Instead of being fancy, she merely flashed back and forth at lightning speed, striking three Tengas over and over again until they could no longer stand, much less fight. When she was done, she just looked at the fallen Tengas and shook her head in disappointment.

Rocky, however, waded in with merry abandon, taking great joy in leaping on one of the Tengas and, with the use of his Ninjetti powers, plucking it bald. "HEY BIRDBRAIN! Feel a draft down there?" Then he leapt off, kicking it in the head at the same time.

Kim struck one Tenga in the shoulder, but the creature grabbed her. A second one came in and hit her hard, hoping to knock her down. Unfortunately, only her Ninjetti uniform landed on the ground. The Tengas looked at each other with puzzled expressions. As they noticed a shadow looming over them, they looked up and saw the Pink Ninjetti Ranger, grown to gigantic proportions. "Pollyís gonna get pulverized!" Kim shouted to the two Tengas, as she reached down and crushed them in the palm of her hand.

Ninjor lashed out with his katana placed firmly in both hands, striking Tengas left and right. Feathered body parts flew in all directions, none on their own power. "Now you face Ninjor, defender of the Ninjetti Powers, and none shall stand in my way, fiends! Take THAT!" Ninjor shouted at his foes as he used his katana blade and sliced a Tenga in half.

Tommy performed a tornado kick to the beak of one Tenga soldier, throwing it off balance long enough for him to hit it with a Ninjetti fireblast. The bird went flying backwards, where it slammed into a tree headfirst, and fell to the ground. Needless to say, it remained there on the ground. "You mess with my brother, and now youíre messing with me! KI-YA!!!" Tommy shouted as he leapt forward, delivering a devastating split kick to both Tengas, and broke their necks in the process. Both Tengas landed hard so hard onto the ground, that they exploded. Tommy noted that he wished he could beat Zedd and Master Vile so easily. But for the moment, these monsters would more than suffice. Without further pause, Tommy turned, grabbed another Tenga, and sent a surge of energy through it, electrocuting the powerful birdlike creature. ĎThese freaks are going to pay for what they did to my brother. This isnít just business as usual, now it was personal.í Tommy thought to himself as he watched the Tenga become nothing more than pile of ashes.

Kim and Aisha were teaming up on three Tengas now, bashing the monsters' heads together with enough force to break their beaks. Adam & Billy created Ninjetti powered tornadoes that caused a few of the Tenga soldiers to be thrown to various parts of the park, as if they were nothing more than rag dolls. Rocky focused his mental energies, reached out with his mind, and took control of several of the Tengas. Once he accomplished this, he turned the Tengas against each other. Suffice it to say, the feathers were flying.

Ninjor slowly approached the remaining Tengas, as he did so his hands began to glow with an electric blue light. "Send a message to your masters. Tell them that my comrades and I shall purge their evil from the universe, no matter what they throw in our path!" With that, Ninjor unleashed the energy blast, simultaneously frying the monsters and teleporting them back to the Lunar Palace.

After a few minutes passed, the Tengas saw that they were no match for the Rangers... this time. "Ninjetti Rangers, power down!" Tommy shouted as the Rangers grabbed the fronts of their Ninjetti uniforms, pulled them off and returned to their normal, civilian clothing.

When the Tengas took off, Goldar, Scorpina, Shogunar and Rito stepped forward, each ready to fight the Rangers & Ninjor. "You may have been able to defeat the Tengas, but you still have the four of us to deal with." Goldar said to them.

"Goldar, Scorpina, Rito, you three fight the Rangers, let me handle my brother Ninjor." Shogunar ordered his comrades.

The three of them each nodded their agreement as they pulled out their swords, and prepared themselves for the fight. They were all eager to fulfill the plan that was orchestrated by their masters.

"Alright guys, let's do it. ITíS MORPHINí TIME!!!" The Rangers pulled out their morphers and activated them one by one.

"WHITE RANGER POWER!!" Tommy shouted.

"BLACK RANGER POWER!!" Adam shouted.

"PINK RANGER POWER!!" Kimberly shouted.

"BLUE RANGER POWER!!" Billy shouted.

"YELLOW RANGER POWER!!" Aisha shouted.

"RED RANGER POWER!!" Rocky shouted.

In multi-colored bursts of light, these ordinary teenagers went under their metamorphosis, and became the Power Rangers, defenders of the Earth. Each one of them went into a fighting pose, including Ninjor, ready for the coming battle. "Alright guys, let's go to work, charge!" Tommy shouted as the Rangers & the Ninjetti master charged toward the bad guys. The battle ensued and became extremely intense as the Rangers & Ninjor exchanged attacks with Scorpina, Goldar, Rito, and Shogunar. The battle was in such chaos it was difficult to tell who was fighting whom at one single moment. The fight raged on for about a few minutes, when one of the Rangers managed to escape the battle. That Ranger happened to be Tommy, the White Ranger, and he was making his way toward the tree where his brother was chained up. "Hey guys, I'm goiní after my brother!!" Tommy shouted to his companions in battle. He arrived at the tree and began inspecting the chains that held Ricky at bay. "Donít worry broí, I'm gonna get you outta here. Just hold on, okay?" Tommy assured his brother as he got ready to break his brother free. The White Ranger pulled out his magical talking saber, Saba, and sliced the chains in half. Ricky stumbled onto the ground, and Tommy lifted his brother up. "It's gonna be okay Ricky, just hang on, I'll get you to safety."

At that moment, Ricky snapped his head up to look at his brother, with an evil grin on his face. "Oh, donít worry about getting me to safety, bro. Worry about getting yourself & your friends to safety!" He then pushed his brother out of his way, slowly stood up while his brother watched, dazed & confused. Ricky then let out a very evil & maniacal laugh as his entire body became engulfed in a burst of intense, fiery green flames.

Soon, the flames died down & Ricky stood there, dressed in the once lost uniform of the Green Ranger, and holding the Sword of Darkness in his hand. He walked over to his comrades, and took his place next to his bride-to-be Scorpina. Tommy just sat there, his face turning into a shocked expression under his helmet.

"Ricky, what's happened to you? What's going on?" Tommy asked as Ninjor & the other Rangers came up behind Tommy.

"Isnít it obvious yet broí? I am the new Green Ranger, and Iíve come to destroy you & the other Power Rangers. And when Iím done, Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa and Master Vile will take over the world. So prepare to face your destruction!!" Ricky shouted as he raised his sword to the air, and green lightning struck it to energize it.

It looks very bad for our heroes. Now the enemy has a new addition to their team, and it's Tommy's very own brother. And to make matters worse, he's become what Tommy once was, the evil Green Ranger. Can our heroes stand up to this new evil force? Or does it mean the end for the Rangers & the world? You really wanna know, well, find out in the next installment of the Sibling Rivalry Saga.

To be continued...