Note: * This story is named after the singer, Leann Rimes', song, "How Do I Live". My reason for naming the story after it is that it really works for this story and plus, if any of you remember, "How Do I Live" was Tommy and Shannon's song at the Winter Dance in "Red And White Engagement". Little bit of trivia for ya there, huh? ^_^ Anyhow, the song "My Heart Will Go On", which is used in this story, belongs to Celine Dion. I also borrowed one tiny idea from the Zeo show, "The Puppet Master", which hopefully you'll be able to figure out. By the way, give a big YIPPEE because this is the eleventh story in the Guardian Saga!

How Do I Live?
by: WhiteZeo

Tommy Oliver tossed and turned in his bed, nightmares plaguing his usually peaceful slumber.

"Tommy..............Tommy....................Tommy.................." a voice called out to him.

"What do you want?" Tommy screamed, walking in the darkness, "Where am I?"

"Tommy................Tommy................Tommy................" the voice continued to haunt him.

"ANSWER ME!" he demanded.

Suddenly, in the distance, Shannon appeared, dressed in the white gown she wore to the Winter Dance. "Shannon! By the gods, you're alive?!?!" Tommy cried, running to her.

"Tommy, dear Tommy," Shannon shook her head, a fake smile plastered onto the girl's face, "Don't you know anything? I'm Cindarien, your Cindarien. I'm dead," she gritted through her teeth in anger, "Thanks to you. It's all your fault, if you had stopped me I might not be wandering the lands of the underworld, I might be wandering the lands of the heavens. Maybe I might even be alive."

Tommy stopped in his tracks as he listened to his beloved say such harsh words to him. "I tried. I tried stop you, but you wouldn't let me! We caught up with you one second too late," Tommy turned to the facts and realized, "You're right, Shannon. It IS my fault you're dead. I'm the leader of the rangers. I'M responsible for everyone. I'm responsible for your death."

"To answer your questions from before, Tommy, where are we? Well, this where my sprit resides. My own little home in the underworld," Shannon spun around in a circle, showing off the area, "And your second question, what do I want," the girl laughed, rhythmically, "I want you suffer. I want you to taste what you given me. I want you to experience all the pain I've felt. The anger, the tears, the sorrow, the wounds, everything. Basically," Shannon paused, then yelled, "I WANT YOU TO ROT IN HELL!"

Tommy began to back away from her in fear. "You're not Shannon. You're a demon. A monster," his voice dropped a few octaves with each spoken word.

Shannon began to creep closer towards Tommy, evil shining sinfully bright in her eyes. "You can resist me all you want, Tommy. But you will ALWAYS be my Olive Oil. And you know you CAN'T resist that," she seductively replied.

"Stay away from me.......I'm warning you," Tommy warned, "Stay away," Shannon ignored his warnings, "STAY AWAY!"

Tommy woke up in a sweat.

Sitting up in his bed, Tommy turned on the lamp on the nightstand next to the bed and sighed heavily. "How am I gonna live like this?" he muttered, pushing his long chestnut hair out of his face.

Looking up towards the ceiling, Tommy began to talk out loud, quietly, so Caroline Kaze, his daughter, wouldn't be awoken. "I know it's my fault that you died, Shannon, but everyone's trying to convince me that it wasn't my fault. Maylonus told me if I kept believing you would come back to me. She said we were destined for a great love. I've been believing and nothing has happened. I'm so confused. I need your guidance, I need you," Tommy reached over to the pillow on the other side of the bed, and smelled it, "Mmmm, the sweet smell of your hair still lingers on the pillows. Your kisses still linger on my lips. You linger Caroline," Tommy held the pillow close to his chest and kissed it, as if it were Shannon, "Why can't you just come back to me? Don't linger, just come back............................"

* * *

The next night, Tommy, once again, was plagued by another rash of nightmares.

After waking up from his sleep for the third time, the Red Zeo Ranger decided to not go to sleep.

Instead, he tiptoed into Shannon's study, where she did all her homework, and started looking through the desk drawers to find his diary. Looking through the top desk drawer, Tommy stumbled upon a yellow manila envelope, with his name written across the front in Shannon's handwriting.

Pulling the envelope out of the drawer, he took it back to his bedroom and opened it up.

Dumping the contents onto the bed, a thick book covered in white leather and a business size envelope fell onto the bedspread.

Tommy opened the envelope first and read the letter it contained:

To My Beloved Tommy, Written February 24

If you're reading this, two things must have both happened. I must be dead and you must have been looking for your diary in my desk drawers. By the way, your diary has always been in the nightstand drawer, you probably just forgot, like you always do.

Tommy stopped for a moment to check the nightstand drawer and found his leather bound diary.

I know this must be really difficult for you, me being dead. In fact, this is probably like me talking from the dead, but trust me, it isn't. I know how you're feeling. You've probably been walking around telling yourself, 'It's my fault she's dead.' And probably everyone is telling you that it wasn't your fault. Well, listen to them, Oliver. It wasn't your fault. It was more so mine than yours. How do I know? Because ever since Zesta was destroyed I knew it was going to happen. I knew Divatox and Auora would come back, with Scorpio. Then I would be driven to destroy Divatox and Auora. You know why? Camellia probably told you that I had a deal with the devil, which is exactly what is was. Deal between me and the devil herself. Scorpio.

What I really want you to know is that I love you. I love you with all my heart and soul. I would move the stars and skies to be with you. We've known each other since we were little, and we still know each other. More so now than when we were little. We've shared everything: bodies, feelings, thoughts, love, powers, everything you can name, except one thing. Death. Obviously we didn't share it because you're alive reading this letter, and who knows where I am, dead. Death. It gives me the creeps just writing the word. You, of all people, know that I've faced death in the eye, and survived, right? Well, this time it wasn't like that at all. And that's the reason for this letter. The thing I probably treasure the most after you, Caroline, and Camellia, is my diary. And as you've seen, my diary was in the manila envelope with this letter. I want you to have it. I want you to read it, keep it, and cherish it as much as I once did. I started it just after Caroline was born. Ever since I started it, I knew I was going to give it to you if anything were to happen to me. So it's written to you, sort of like letters of the important times I've faced. Some may surprise you, some may scare you, some may even make you laugh. Just keep it near the heart and always remember me.

Forever And Alwayz,
Shannon Kassandra Kaze

Crying silently, Tommy took the white diary into his hands and opened to the first page. Wiping away his tears, he began to read.

Entry #1

Dear Tommy,

I'm at Summer Springs General Hospital while writing this to you. I bet you're wondering, 'What's she doing there?' I'm here because, well, you have a daughter, Tommy. Yes, a daughter. Before you left Summer Springs for Angel Grove, I was pregnant. I told your parents before you left. They agreed with me that it was better that you never found out about it, but later on I tried to tell you and you yelled at me, remember that? They, as in your parents, weren't so much mad, but more disappointed that we did what we did. They said it would be better for you to start a new life in Angel Grove. Make new friends. Forget me. They didn't say that last one and I know they wouldn't, but I just feel like that. I'm going to name her Caroline. The baby, that is. I've always loved that name for some reason. My parents are going to be surprised. They're coming back from their business trip tomorrow. They already know, though, so it won't be too much of a surprise. Well, I'm getting pretty tired now, so I'll write to you later.

Forever And Alwayz,

Entry #2

Dear Tommy,

Oh, god! Please say it's not true! PLEASE! I just found out from the police that on the flight back to Summer Springs, my parents' plane crashed! They can't be dead! They haven't met their grandchild, they haven't said good-bye to me, I didn't get to say good-bye to them! Oh, Tommy! Why can't you be here now? Why can't you come and comfort me like you always do? I don't know how I'm going to survive. I still have to tell Camellia too. This is going to hurt her more than me! I'm sorry, Olive Oil, I'm too upset. I'll write later.

Forever And Alwayz,

Tommy continued to read the thick diary, until he was so tired from crying that he fell asleep, Shannon's diary by his side.

* * *


Tommy woke up to sound of Camellia Kaze, Shannon's sister, yelling through the door and banging on it.

"What do you want, Cam?" Tommy groggily answered, covering his head with his pillow.

Once the banging stopped, Camellia replied, "It's ten-thirty already, and someone out here, wants to talk to her dad."

Tommy smiled slightly as he could hear Caroline whining outside the door.

Climbing out of the bed, he put his red robe on and opened the door a crack, enough for Caroline to wiggle through, into the room.

As Tommy stuck his head out the bedroom door, Camellia looked at him and gasped. "Ohmigod! Tommy," she paused, "with all do respect, you look like crap!"

Tommy shook his head, his eyes still red from crying that night. "Well, let's just say I was having nightmares again."

"About Shannon?" Camellia pried, not meaning to.

"Yeah," Tommy responded, brushing some of his hair out of his face, "Why don't you go over to Liyah's or something. I'm gonna be leaving in awhile, with Caroline, and I don't want you staying alone in the house today," he suggested.

"Sure," Camellia agreed, nodding her head, "I'll go to Liyah's and I'll call here before I come back."

"Thanks," Tommy shut the bedroom door and turned around to see Caroline jumping on the bed, "Hey, you! What are you trying to do here?" Tommy grabbed Caroline off the bed, in a bear hug.

"Hi, hi, Daddy!" Caroline giggled happily.

"Hi, to you too," Tommy sat her down in his lap, "What did you want to talk about, Munchkin?"

Caroline wrinkled her nose when Tommy called her by her nickname. "When is Mommy coming back?" she asked, looking into her father's red eyes.

Closing his eyes for a moment, the words of his daughter stung Tommy's heart like fire. "Mommy's coming home soon," he lied, staring at Caroline, seeing Shannon within the little girl, "She'll be home in time for your birthday."

"Goody!" Caroline cried, clapping her hands together; Her birthday was just two weeks away.

Setting her down onto the ground, Tommy shuffled Caroline towards the door and said, "Why don't you go play with Cam for awhile and then we'll go to the park, okay?"

"Okay!" Caroline zipped out the door and down the hallway.

Closing the door all the way, Tommy sighed and leaned against the door for a moment. Mumbling to himself, Tommy whispered, "I need to talk to someone about this. Someone who'll understand........................."

* * *

Walking towards the kids' playground in the park, Tommy spotted Kimberly sitting on one of the benches near by. "Oooooo, swings!" Caroline sped off, running towards the swing sets, when she spotted them.

As Tommy took off after her, Kimberly spotted him and started jogging over to the swings, where the Red Ranger had just started pushing his daughter.

"Hey, Tommy!" Kimberly called out to him.

"Hey, Kim," Tommy greeted, as she sat down on the swing next to Caroline's.

"So, what's so urgent?" Kimberly asked, "Is it about Shannon?"

Tommy gave a half-hearted laugh. "It wasn't that urgent."

"You were panting on the phone, Tommy."

"I was chasing Caroline around the house. She had my car keys," Tommy remarked, totally avoiding Kimberly's second question, which Kimberly took note of.

"Tommy," she questioned soothingly, "Does this have anything to do with Shannon?"

Tommy was quiet for a moment, trying to mask his pain. "Thomas Oliver, don't you DARE try to hide your pain. I know you as well as Shannon did. Don't you dare try to hide anything from me," Kimberly scolded Tommy, recognizing the expression on his face.

Tommy smiled sadly. "You are so like Shannon, Kim. That's why I loved you so much," the boy gave a rueful chuckle, "Shannon would never let me get away if I was hiding something from her. She'd rather bite my head off, literally."

Kimberly couldn't help, but let out a small giggle. "She was persistent like that, wasn't she?"

Tommy glanced down at the sand momentarily, as he kept pushing Caroline on the swing. "This has EVERYTHING to do with Shannon," Tommy replied, looking straight into Kimberly's eyes, "I'm still having nightmares about her, even though she's been gone for almost two months now. In each one, wherever we are, she's always taunting me. Telling me that I killed her. That it's my fault she's dead. But, she's right, it is my fault."

"Don't you say that, Tommy," Kimberly told him, "It's not your fault. You've gotta believe that, Tommy. Divatox and Auora are responsible, not you."

"Last night, I couldn't sleep because of the nightmares. So I want into the study and I found an envelope with my name on it. I opened it and there was a letter to me from Shannon. Apparently, she wrote it before she died because she knew Divatox and Auora were coming to Earth. In it, she gave me her diary, which was in the envelope with the letter. She told me to read it and I've read some of it," Tommy looked to Kimberly with pleading eyes, "It's like reliving her life over again, through my eyes. I was crying for, what seemed like, forever," Tommy wiped a stray tear from his eye, "I don't understand it, Kim. I just don't understand it. Why can't I let her go? Why don't I want to let her go?"

"You love her, Tommy. You may have loved me, once upon a time, but you love her," Kimberly answered, "She's given you everything. She's your other, your half. You can't let go," she paused, "Listen, all of us are going to up Angel's Bluff to pay our respects to Shannon tomorrow, since it will be the day of her death. Our own little funeral for her. I think it'd do you some good to come with us. To be with your friends. What do ya say?"

"Why not," Tommy agreed, staring off into the distance.

* * *

Later that rainy night, after Tommy dropped off Caroline at his parents' house, the Red Ranger was driving around on the streets, absently.

"Everyone says she'll live on. Cam said she'll always live in our hearts. Maylonus said she'll always live on as a sprit," Tommy turned his car radio on, as he rambled to himself, "Why can't I believe that?"

Stopping at a stoplight, the DJ's voice on the radio came over, "Hello, Angel Grove! This Tanya Sloan here, wheeling out the songs you want on the 'Hot Nine at Nine'," Tommy laughed to himself; his radio had been tuned to KAGV, the station Tanya, the Yellow Zeo Ranger, had managed to get an internship at recently, "Now by all your phone-in votes from today, the number one song tonight is.................." the stoplight turned green, as she announced it, "Once again, the love theme from the movie, 'Titanic', My Heart Will Go On. Man, you Angel Grovites just LOVE this song!"

Just as the song was about to play, the music stopped. "Sorry, guys. I've just gotta get one word in before the song plays," Tanya apologized over the radio, "Tonight, this eve before death of a truly close friend of mine, I would like to dedicate this song to my friend, Tommy," the Power Ranger leader immediately put the brakes on his jeep, stunned, "If you're listening, which you better be, listen to Celine Dion belt out the lyrics to this song, Tommy. Take the words to your heart and remember we ALL miss her, not just you."

As he let go of the brakes and continued to drive, Tommy took Tanya's advice, listening to Celine Din's voice as she sung the lyrics to ballad.

Every night in my dreams
I see you, I feel you,
That is how I know you go on

Far across the distance
And spaces between us
You have come to show you go on

Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door
And you're here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

Love can touch us one time
And last for a lifetime
And never let go till we're one

Love was when I loved you
One true time I hold to
In my life we'll always go on

Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door
And you're here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

You're here, there's nothing I fear,
And I know that my heart will go on
We'll stay forever this way
You are safe in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

The words brought Tommy to a realization and he now knew it was time to go on. To remember the one he loved, but go on with his life. He knew the reason why he was taunting himself. He kept trying to let go of Shannon, when he really couldn't. The song had explained to him that he didn't have to let go. It told him to never let go, and he absolutely knew he wouldn't.

* * *

After hours of driving around and Tanya's heartfelt dedication on the radio, Tommy finally returned to a dark house, no Shannon waiting for him.

Walking into the living room, he turned on the lights and saw the answering machine blinking. Taking his jacket off, he played the message, "Hey, Tommy. It's Cam. I'm gonna spend the night at Liyah's. I figured you'd want to be home alone for awhile. See ya."

"Cam, you read my mind," Tommy chuckled, as he went into his bedroom to read more of Shannon's diary.

* * *

A flash of white light streaked across the wet skies above Angel Grove and landed in the park.

When the light faded away, it revealed a woman with brunette shoulder length hair dressed in a white gown, on the ground. "Ugh," the brunette pulled herself up from the ground, the rain soaking her gown to her skin, "Where am I?"

Not recognizing any of the sights around her and not being able to see anything clearly due to the heavy downpour, the girl began to walk absently in the cold rain, not knowing where she was headed.

* * *

"Tell me about it," Auora agreed, sitting on top of a pile of gold, "I've counted this gold TEN times!"

Divatox laughed suddenly. "Ya know what, Auora? I'm actually starting to regret we killed Artemis! Its gotten so boring now, since all the rangers are in mourning."

"You regret it, too?" Auora also started laughing.

"Silly, huh?"

"You got that right!"

Divatox's eyes glanced back at view finder for a moment to see the white light streak the sky. "What the hell?" Divatox muttered, her attention caught.

"What? What do ya see?" Auora jumped off the pile of gold and stood next to her sister.

"Hold on a second, Auora!" Divatox pushed Auora away, as she watched the girl emerge from the light, "Ohmigod!"


"Artemis is alive......................................"

* * *

Chapter Forty-Five: "Amnesia"

"I can't go on like this," the girl groaned, her hands on her hips supporting her 'large' load, "I've gotta find something that looks familiar."

She walked a few more steps, looked around herself at the houses, and muttered, "But nothing looks familiar. I don't even know who I am."

Suddenly, five piranhatrons appeared around the girl. "What the hell?!?!" she cried, her sopping wet hair falling into her face.

Quickly pushing the hair out of her face, she watched as the piranhatrons circled her once, then started to attack the her.

A quick flash of a white helmet with a star on it appeared in her memory and disappeared quickly, as she began to defend herself.

Movements coming to her like second nature, she managed to swiftly take all five piranhatrons out of commission without hurting herself in the process. "Where did that all come from?" she mumbled to herself, watching the piranhatrons wither in pain on the wet ground, "Oh well. I don't really care right now. I just need to rest," she rubbed her stomach, which was quite large, "Carrying this baby around isn't helping me at all either."

Looking around her once again, she saw only one of the houses with a light shining from inside a window.

Walking towards the blue house, she hoped that there was help waiting.

* * *

As Tommy read Shannon's diary, laying on top of the bed, the doorbell rang unexpectedly. "Ding, ding, dong, dong!"

Placing the book down, he jogged out of the bedroom and down the hallway, towards the front door. "Who would be coming over here tonight. Especially when it's raining," Tommy wondered, as he looked through the peephole and almost fainted.

He saw a woman, soaked to the bare bone, in a white gown. But that's not what scared him. What scared him was the woman was a dead ringer for Shannon.

She had the same innocent blue eyes, the same brunette hair, though this girl's was shorter, and she carried a look on her face which was the same scared and frightened one Shannon would wear when she was afraid of something or someone.

Quickly unlocking the door, he opened and asked her, "Are you alright, Miss?"

The girl shook her head. "No, I'm not," she replied, shivering violently.

"Come in, please," Tommy urged, helping the girl inside, "You shouldn't be out there."

The girl stepped into the house and looked around, instantly recognizing something about the house. *This all seems familiar somehow.* she thought.

Suddenly she had another flash of memory. This time it was of a family. A little girl, somewhere around the age of three, and her young father and mother, all appearing to look happy.

Taking a glance at Tommy, she recognized him as the young father in her memory flash. "Excuse me for intruding, but," she paused, "Do you have any children......."

"Tommy," Tommy filled in for her, "Tommy Oliver. And yes, I have a three year old daughter," Tommy stared at her in puzzlement, "Why do you ask........"

This time it was time for the girl to fill in, but she didn't actually fill her name in. "Oh, I'm sorry," she shook her head, trying to remember at least her name, "But I don't know my name. I don't really know who I am. I can't remember anything. And I asked because, well, you seemed like a person who had children," she fibbed, hugging herself for warmth.

"Here," Tommy lead the girl to the bathroom, "Why don't you take a shower and I'll give you some clothes to wear. You look like you could use a good hot shower after standing out there in the rain."

"Thanks," she nodded in appreciation, as she shut the bathroom door, "Thank you so much."

"Don't mention it," Tommy responded, walking away from the bathroom into his bedroom quickly.

Shutting the door, leaned against it, and sighed. "I can't believe this," he muttered, "Just as I've started to cope with Shannon's death, this had to happen. This girl, whose a dead ringer for Shannon, has lost her memory AND is obviously pregnant," Tommy paused, "If I didn't know better, I'd say she WAS Shannon."

"She is Shannon," a voice whispered.

The boy turned quickly to his right and saw Lady Dimitria standing near the bedroom window, covered in an unusual colored robe, for her at least; black. "She is Shannon," she repeated, her blue eyes meeting Tommy's, "Shannon is alive."

"You lie, my lady?" Tommy walked over to his fiancÚ's mother.

Lady Dimitria smiled smally. *He has become accustomed to Cindarien customs so quickly.* "No I do not, Tommy," Lady Dimitria shook her head, "That woman is Shannon. Her hair may be shorter, but that is Shannon."

"How can you be so sure, my lady?"

"I am her mother, Tommy. Can I be any more sure?"

"But why doesn't she remember anything?" Tommy questioned, collapsing on the bed.

"That is of the gods wishes. Which one though, I have no true idea."

"May I take her to the Power Chamber?"

The wise woman nodded. "I want the Shannon we remember back more than anything, and just as much as you do, Tommy. Help her remember," with her words, Lady Dimitria disappeared within an aura of white.

"I promise," Tommy whispered, standing up form the bed.

* * *

Ten minutes later, the amnesiac Shannon came out of the bathroom dressed in a loose fitting white dress that Tommy had obviously left for her to wear.

Wandering her way into the living room, she found Tommy sitting on the edge of the sofa, looking as if he was anxiously waiting for her. "If I didn't know better, one would think you were waiting for me.....Tommy?" she asked confused, flashing him her sweet smile.

"Yeah, it's Tommy. I actually WAS waiting for you," Tommy returned the smile whole heartedly; he couldn't believe the all the goodness the gods were giving him by returning his only true love to her home.

Shannon gave him a strange look. "Why would you be waiting on little old me? I'm just a girl who you found on your doorstep," the brunette frowned, placing her hands on her hips.

"Oh, you're way more than that to me," the boy whispered to himself, then replied, "I want to take you somewhere. Somewhere special," Tommy paused, "You may remember it........Because I know you."

"Really?" Shannon gleefully cried, glad to know someone knew who she was, "Who am I?"

Tommy stood up and took her hand into his. "Just come with me. We're gonna go meet some of our friends, then I'll tell you everything."

"Do I know them?"

"You should," he looked into her sky blue eyes briefly, before teleporting the two to the Power Chamber within their respective colored lights.

* * *

As the two materialized in the Power Chamber, Shannon looked around herself stunned. *How did we get here?* she thought, also trying to identify the people around her at the same time.

"Hey, guys," she heard Tommy greet as she store at the others who were around her, gawking at her for a reason, she didn't know.

There were nineteen of them, if she counted her cards right, and she kept looking them over and over, but still couldn't identify them with anyone.

Just as sudden as the surprise overwhelmed the crowd that was around her, a little girl, the same one from her flashback as she could identify, came running at her top speed and grabbed her by the legs. "MOMMY!!!!!!" she cried, squeezing Shannon's legs tightly.

"Tommy, help," she mumbled, as Tommy tore the little girl away from Shannon's legs.

Carrying Caroline on one hip, the Red Ranger gazed at his stunned friends and spoke, "Guys, I know you all are in major shock, but this really IS Shannon," he motioned towards Shannon.

"Is that my name?" Shannon queried, curious as any small child.

Tommy nodded his head. "What do you mean, 'Is that my name', Shannon?" Kimberly questioned her best friend, speaking up after her silence.

"Kimberly," Zordon of Eltar spoke from his warp, "Artemis has amnesia."

Shannon turned around to look at the giant head. "Who are you? Who is Artemis? Where are we? What is amnesia?" Shannon asked the questions speedily, then pointed at Kimberly, "And who is she?"

"Oh, god. You've got to be kidding, Tommy," Liyah muttered, staring at Shannon in utmost shock.

"No lies here, Liyah. Dimitria came to me and told me herself. She wants us to try and help Shannon get her memories back," Tommy looked over at the blonde Red Turbo Ranger, "She wants Shannon back as much as I do."

"Would somebody please answer my questions before I insane from confusion," Shannon politely asked, interrupting the two leaders.

Tommy nodded his head slowly. "You are Artemis, Shannon," he paused, as she glanced at him confused, "You're a Power Ranger. The White Zeo Guardian Ranger. I'm the Red Zeo Ranger and your fiancÚ,"

"What is a Power Ranger?" Shannon cocked her head, confused beyond all measures.

* * *

Until midnight, the nineteen rangers, Zordon, and Alpha Five all told Shannon about her 'interesting' past. "I still can't remember anything," Shannon yawned, "The only thing I really DO recognize is Tommy and Caroline," she gazed over at the little girl, who now laid asleep on one of the diagnostic tables with a blanket over her.

"Rangers," Zordon called, as the rangers looked to their mentor, "I believe it is getting late. You all should get some rest. We will try to help Artemis tomorrow."

"Right, Zordon," Liyah, Jason, and Tommy said in unison.

Everyone teleported out of the Power Chamber, leaving Tommy, Shannon, and Caroline alone. "Artemis, if you don't mind, I would like to run some tests on you and your baby," Zordon told, "We have no way of telling what your 'trip' has done to you unless we run these tests."

Shannon nodded; She had become familiar with her many names now. "Sure, Zordon."

"Would you please follow me, Artemis," Alpha Five requested, as Shannon followed her to the second diagnostic table.

"Lie down, please," Shannon did as Alpha said.

Once she laid down, the little robot went over to a near console and began running the tests.

"Tommy?" Shannon asked.

"Yes," Tommy responded, as he made his way next to Shannon's side.

Shannon glanced at him, as he took her hand in his. "Tell me more about myself," she paused, "I know about all the things that have happened to me; Now I just wanna know what I am like."

Tommy store into his lover's eyes for a moment, seeing all the innocence within them. "Well, you are tender and understanding, yet stubborn and sarcastic. You always get down to the point, unless the matter of the situation is delicate. Even though, you are gentle, sweet and caring. You are a loving mother and sister to Caroline and Camellia. You are always patient with me. You are the other half of my soul," Tommy's voice dropped a couple of notches, "You love me in a way I don't think I can ever replace. You are everything I look for in a woman," he caressed Shannon's cheek with his hand.

Moving her hand on top of Tommy's, she took his hand and kissed it gently. "I think I remember that part," she grinned, as Tommy chuckled.

"I think you do."

"Tell me more about you," Shannon requested, running her fingers along Tommy's hand that she held.

Tommy shrugged. "I wouldn't no how to tell you about me, even if you HADN'T lost memory," he explained, "Tell me about myself."

"Okay," Shannon had gotten the drift of his game, "Well, I think you're very impatient and forgetful; You look like that type," she gazed into his eyes for a moment, "And just by looking into your eyes I can see you love me more than words can say and that you would move the heavens to be with me," the girl paused, "You are strong-willed and dedicated to your family and your friends. You would never leave them hanging on a thread. You are subtle, but very passionate and that's probably one of the reasons why I am pregnant again," she giggled, patting her stomach.

Shannon was about to say more when Alpha cried, "Iyaiyaiyaiyaiyaiyaiyai!"

"Shhhhh! Alpha," Tommy motioned towards the sleeping Caroline.

"Oops," Alpha hit his head.

Tommy and Shannon looked up at the Eltarien. "What's wrong, Zordon?" Shannon questioned.

Zordon was silent for a moment as he received the data from the tests. "Just as I suspected," he turned to Tommy and Shannon, "When Artemis first came to you this night, Tommy, did you notice that she her stomach was much larger than before she 'died', so to speak?"

"Of course," Tommy answered, "I just assumed since she was gone for two months, she was now five months into her pregnancy. So obviously the baby had grown and so had she."

"If it was only that simple, Tommy," Zordon sighed, "Although your theory was somewhat correct, that is not what happened. When Artemis 'died' she was three months pregnant. Now the tests are reading that she is now eight months pregnant, not five," he paused, "Somehow during those two months she was gone, her pregnancy was sped up, so to speak, by three months."

"So Shannon's now due in June?" Tommy queried.

"Exactly," Alpha replied.

"Wonderful," the Red Zeo Ranger sighed exasperatedly.

* * *

Chapter Forty-Six: "Divine's Target"

"I'm so tired, Auora," Divatox whined, her nappy purple hair falling in her face, "Why can't we just sleep?"

The villianess looked over to her younger sister and believed what Divatox was saying. She was a mess, even for a failing villain; But Auora wasn't about to give up even if it was morning,. "NO! Absolutely not, Diva-girl. Not until we figure out how in hell Artemis is alive," the older beauty ran her hand through her short green hair in aggravation, as she paced up and down the main room.

Even since late last night, when the two had seen Shannon alive, they had been awake. Most of the time Auora had to keep Divatox awake, but they both stayed up the whole night trying to figure out why Shannon was dead for two months, then suddenly alive. "Can you not just except that she is alive, Auora?" a third voice asked.

The two women snapped around to see another woman standing before them. "Lady Of The Moon," the sisters gasped in unison and kneeled down in front of the goddess.

"Yes, it is me," Lady Of The Moon giggled out girlishly, motioning for the two to stand up.

Divatox gawked at Lady Of The Moon. "You are more beautiful than I last remember, Lady Moon," the harlot praised, using the shortened version of the dark goddess' name.

"Yes, I am," Lady Of The Moon glanced down at her long, shimmering, slinky silver gown with her cold gray eyes. Her long jet black hair, which when let down reached to her the small of her back, was rolled up into an intricate bun atop her head held together by a silver pin. As her eyes moved to Auora again, her ruby lips captured a smirk, which was not unusual for the immortal. "You think you failed me, do you not, Auora?" she questioned.

"Yes, Lady Moon," Auora replied.

Lady Of The Moon chuckled quietly. "You did not. You gave me a sacrifice worth a thousand lifetimes and it was taken away from me, true," the woman paused, "But, my sister, Lady Of The Sun, took it away from me. She realized that Artemis was brought to the underworld for a crime she was wrongly done. So, she gave Artemis her life back, again," she growled, the bitterness and hate she held for her sister evident.

"Again, Lady Moon?" Auora questioned, not fully understanding.

Lady Of The Moon nodded her head. "Yes, again," she repeated, "About the time Artemis and Syryn engaged, as they do on Earth, Zesta prayed to me, offering me her undivided allegiance if I killed Artemis for her. I answered her prayers by poisoning the wild turkey Artemis ate on her 'trek' to Zesta's dungeon. She died, but my sister realized Artemis' death was not natural and was done by my hand. She revived some of the wench's memories and sent her back into the world of the living, making it seem like wild magic had devoured her and turned her ill," the divine woman explained.

Divatox cocked her head strangely. "But you came to us because of what, Lady Moon?"

"Just to warn you," she grinned, her gray heartless eyes shining.

Auora returned the smile. She knew the goddess all too well. "No you didn't, Lady Moon. You came to get vengeance on Artemis," Auora corrected, uncovering the immortal's real reason.

"Very good, Auora," Lady Of The Moon complimented, "You have discovered my hidden agenda. Yes, I have come to kill Artemis on my own terms. When she does not remember who the hell she is and what power she harnesses within herself..................................."

* * *

"So how long has it been since Angel Grove has been attacked?" Shannon questioned, as she walked through the park with Tommy, Jason, and Kimberly; Caroline walking with them also, holding onto Kimberly's hand.

Jason watched, as a couple of little kids ran past them. "Two months too long. If I didn't know any better, I'd say Divatox and Auora weren't attacking because we were in mourning during the time," he scoffed, not believing his own words.

"They're probably just coming up with another 'brilliant' plan to destroy us and conquer the world," Kimberly muttered, as she soaked up the warm sun beating down on her skin.

"They must already know you're alive, Shannon," Tommy informed his fiancÚ, "Their minds are probably racing to figure out how you are alive."

The girl in white grinned. "Have we always been this......close," she questioned out of the blue.

"What do ya mean, Shannon?" Kimberly looked to her, not quite understanding her best friend's question.

"Well.........." before Shannon could finish, Caroline started tugging on Kimberly's arm and crying over and over, "Lady Moon!"

The four stopped walking and Tommy kneeled down to his daughter's height. "What's wrong, Caroline?"

"LADY MOON!" she cried, trying to make him understand.

"Lady Moon? Who's that?" Jason wondered out loud, puzzled.

Tommy thought for a moment, before a light bulb went on in his head. "Lady Moon!" he realized, "She's taking about Lady Of The Moon, the Cindarien goddess of the moon and darkness, as well as evil."

Caroline stopped screaming and started nodding her head vigorously. "Where did you see her, Munchkin?" Tommy questioned, yet again.

Caroline pointed over to where a bunch of kids were surrounding a beautiful woman with long jet black hair; the kids jumping up and down and screaming as if they wanted something from her.

"Come on," Tommy commanded, "Let's go see what she wants with those kids."

The group, following Tommy, started towards the divine woman.

* * *

Out of the corner of her eye, Lady Of The Moon saw the five coming her way, Tommy leading them. *Ahhhhh,* she thought *Syryn has seen me. Now he is bringing his friends and Artemis as well to me. How wonderful my plans seem to work! Now for part two of my glorious plan!*

"Calm down, children!" she shouted at the mass of kids surrounding her, immediately making them stop screaming and jumping, "I will give you what you soon as you serve the goddess of the darkness!"

Throwing her hands above herself and the children, black shimmers of magic fell from the beauty's hands and onto the children's heads. "You are now mine," she cackled loudly, as she watched the warm eyes of all the children around her turn a hypnotizing black.

* * *

"Sh......I mean, man!" Tommy held his tongue, remembering Caroline was with them.

"What are we gonna do?" Shannon asked Tommy, eyeing Lady Of The Moon.

Tommy turned to her. "Whoa, Shannon. I know you wanna help. It's natural. But I don't want ya goin' into battles without no recollection of even BEING a ranger, if you know what I mean," he kissed her sweetly on the cheek, "Me, Kim, and Jason can handle this."

"Okay," the guardian backed down easily, she wasn't in the mood to argue right then.

"Good," the Red Zeo Ranger turned to his two friends, "Ready?"

"As we'll ever be," Kimberly replied.

"It's morphin' time," Tommy cried out, "Zeo Ranger V, Red!"

"Element Ranger, Flame!" Jason shouted.

"Element Ranger, Sound!" Kimberly shouted.

The three morphed and ran towards Lady Of The Moon, leaving Shannon and Caroline behind. "Mommy?" Caroline looked up at her pregnant mother.

"Yeah, Caroline?" the White Zeo Ranger responded, meeting the her gaze.

"I'm scared," she whimpered, grabbing Shannon's leg and hugging it protectively.

Shannon stroked Caroline's hair, trying to comfort the small child. "So am I," she whispered to herself.

* * *

"What are you doing with those children, Lady Moon?" Tommy barked, as they approached Lady Of The Moon.

The goddess smirked. "So you recognized me, did you not, Syryn?" she paused, as the confused rangers store at her, "Very well. Children, attack the rangers!"

The children that has surrounded the divine woman, suddenly turned around; their faces expressionless. "Attack the rangers, attack the rangers, attack the rangers, attack the rangers," the kids moaned, moving slowly towards the teens as Lady Of the Moon disappeared within a flash of silver light.

"She's turned them into zombies!" the Sound Ranger cried, backing away from the children.

"And we can't attack them, they'll get hurt," the Flame Ranger piped up.

Tommy shook his head. "We're in a big pile of shit................................."

* * *

Shannon watched as the Red, Flame, and Sound Rangers backed away from the hypnotized children. *Damn! I wish there was something I could do!* Shannon mentally shouted to herself.

"Oh, Artemis.................." an airy, English accented voice sung.

The girl snapped her head away from the fight to see Lady Of The Moon now standing in front of her. "What do you want?" she barked, distancing herself from the goddess.

"What an odd question?" Lady Of The Moon spoke, "Well, there is the fact that I could want your child, Caroline," she eyed Caroline maliciously, as the little girl hid behind her powerful mother, "but that is not what I am here for today. Today, I feel like capturing a morphing master. The Zeo Guardian specifically."

"Zeo who?" Shannon was confused; the rangers hadn't really been clear when they told her about of ALL her identities.

The older woman grinned devilishly. "What ironic complication! You do not know all of your identities," she giggled. *How easy this will definitely be.*

"What do you mean, you witch?"

"Me, a witch?" the goddess placed her plan into action, as she began to spin a lie, "What do you mean? I am Lady Of The Moon, ruler of the underworld and sprits."

"You? From what I heard and seen with my ears and eyes, you're the goddess of evil."

The female divinity shook her head sadly, faking it. "I am sorry about the children, but they were needed to keep the others busy for some time while I talk to you, the spell I used will fade soon. And Syryn probably told you by ear that I am the evil god. Well, I am afraid that I am not, Artemis. It is time for you to pass over to the underworld."

"Me?" Shannon was baffled beyond all measures, "But, I just died."

"No, you did not," Lady Of The Moon lied; if she was Pinohcnio her nose would reach the lake by now, "Your friends lied to you. Your lover lied to you. They removed your memory, Artemis. So you would believe that you were what they told you. But you are not. You ARE a dead woman."

Shannon didn't believe it, but then again she did believe it too. She didn't know WHAT to believe. *Believe in us, Artemis* two voices in unison echoed through her mind, being so loud, they knocked Shannon to unconsciousness.

Just as the voices called out to her, an aura of black and gold appeared behind Lady Of The Moon and revealed a man and a woman. The woman looked identical to Lady Of The Moon, except where silver touched the evil goddess' body, gold touched hers. The man, on the other hand, was dressed in roman looking armor, which was completely black. His cropped black hair (think of Carlos) flew in the light spring breeze as his dark brown eyes fell upon the 'silver' goddess. "You are imitating me, are you, my sister?" the man questioned, as Lady Moon store wide eyed at the new arrivals.

"Of, of, of course, my Lord of The Earth," she bowed quickly, "Why would I do such a thing," she protested in her defense.

The other woman, standing along side Lord Of The Earth, chuckled. "Yes, why would you do such a thing, my sister?" she mocked, "Maybe you want revenge on Artemis and me, for freeing from her untimely and incorrect deaths?"

"Lady Of The Sun," Lady Of The Moon once again bowed quickly, "You weave too many lies. Maybe that is why you are the goddess of deceit......."

Taking her remark as an insult, Lady Of The Sun retorted her sister, "Me?" she pointed to herself, "The goddess of deceit and lies? Never," she paused, turning to the Lord Of The Earth, "Take her back to our sanctuary, my brother. She does not deserve to walk among these upright mortals."

"With pleasure, my sister. With pleasure," he responded, grabbing the other evil goddess by the arm and disappearing with her within silver and black auras.

As soon as they left, the light goddess kneeled down to where Shannon had been knocked unconscious. "Artemis," she whispered quietly, trying to awaken the guardian.

"Lady Sun......................" Caroline awed, finally speaking up after seeing the divine woman.

"Yes, it is me, Caroline," Lady Of The Sun smiled, "Now. I want this to be our little secret okay, Caroline? Your Mommy, Daddy, and their friends, will not remember a thing from today, but you will. So let's be quiet," she placed her finger to her lips, as Caroline mimicked her and did the same.

"Okay," the child agreed, then asked innocently, "Will Mommy remember me?"

"Of course," waving her hands in front of herself, Lady Of The Moon whispered, "May my spell be removed, let Artemis remember the truth," she paused, before she chanted once more, "Light so bright, light the way, to another path, to another day."

Suddenly a golden flash of light blinded the little girl's vision temporarily, but when it cleared, everything was different. They were still in the park, but instead of Jason, Tommy, and Kimberly being morphed and running away from zombie children, while Caroline and Shannon just watched, Caroline was now getting a piggyback ride from Jason as Tommy chased after the two in a game of tag. At a bench near by, Kimberly and Shannon now sat, watching the three play and chatting up a storm.

Once again, it was a peaceful day, but only Caroline knew the truth to it all.

Will what Caroline now know come in handy? When will Shannon have the baby? What about Divatox and Auora, what's up their sleeves this time around? Find out in "Great Expectations"

The End... for now