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In The Eyes Of The Betrayer
Chapter Fifty-Four: "Affairs Of The Heart"
by WhiteZeo

"Are you sure you need all this stuff, Sweetcheeks?" Tommy Oliver questioned his fiancée, Shannon Kassandra Kaze, as he pulled a gigantic white suitcase out from the bedroom.

Walking out of the nursery with her finger to her lips, the brunette quietly whispered, "Yeah. By the way, keep it down. I just got the twins to sleep, finally, and since Caroline is taking a nap too, this house has got to be pin-drop silent."

Tommy nodded his head and asked again, this time telepathically, *Sweetcheeks, I'm taking half this amount of stuff to KO-35. Can't you do the same?*

*Sorry* Shannon pecked him on the cheek *But no can do. Besides that's only ONE of the suitcases that I'm taking.*

As she went into the bedroom to pull the other suitcase out, the Red Ranger mentally muttered *I'm just glad we're getting TELEPORTED to KO-35.*

*Oh, shut up, Tommy* she barked, then questioned *Did you get Caroline's stuffed animals from your parents' house, Oliver? She was asking about them before she fell asleep.*

Coming out of the bedroom pulling a large white suitcase, he grunted *I thought you supposed to get them. I told you I couldn't get them yesterday cause I had to go run the thousands of last minute errands you wanted me to go do.*

*Couldn't you have added making a five minute stop to your parents' house to the list?* Shannon insisted telepathically.

*Five minutes, Sweetcheeks?* Tommy scoffed *You've gotta be kidding. Caroline has so many stuffed animals that they cover the whole carpet in my old room. Where'd you get so many of them anyway?*

*Most of them were gifts from right after Caroline was born. Some were sorry gifts from when my parents died* the Zeo Guardian explained sorrowfully *Hey! Don't change the subject! Why don't you hurry and go get them right now? I obviously can't leave the house.*

"Oh, okay," he whispered, stomping towards the front door.

* * *

"Tamara?" Camellia Kaze called to her best friend, Tamara Oliver.

"Yeah, Cam?" Tamara replied, plopping down onto her bed that Camellia was now sitting on, "What's up?"

Camellia fell backwards onto her back and giggled. "Nothing much. I just can't believe it. I mean, me and you are going to be sisters in less than seven days, after my sister and your brother get married, finally!"

Tamara nodded her head. "I know just how ya feel! This is so total cool! First off, the thirteen of us are going off to a far away planet for a week. Then, Tommy and Shannon are gonna get married. THEN, the best part, we're gonna meet the new Astro Rangers!"

"What I really wanna find out about is my ancestors, my heritage. Ya know, get a feeling for the past, so I can at least understand the present," Camellia shared, standing up from the bed and looking at herself in the mirror.

"That'd be like major cool!" the Turbo Guardian agreed, watching the Yellow Turbo Ranger begin to French braid her short hair, "Some times I wonder what Syryn was like. Was he the leader or was he brains behind the Turbo Rangers? I've got so many questions that I wanna get answered when we arrive!"

Camellia took her yellow scrunchie off her wrist and tied off her small braid. "I think I already know a lot about Artemis. Lady Dimitria is always telling me how Shannon and Artemis are so much alike, both in looks and personality," Camellia explained, fixing the last touches of her hair, "I wouldn't be surprised if I saw a statue of Shannon standing in Artemis' name," she scoffed, jealousy slightly lining her voice.

Tamara turned her head to her best friend. "Is that jealousy I'm sensing, oh, Great Yellow One?" she teased.

Camellia jerked her head back and laughed loudly. "Jealous, me?" she pointed at herself, "And of my sister? Whatever, Tam. You're just reading into my compliment about my sister way too deep. Anyways, what does she have that would make me be jealous?"

"Uhhhhh, lemme think here. What does Shannon have that you would want? Hmmmmm, that's a hard one," the Black Turbo Ranger pretended to ponder, "She has Tommy. And I do remember a ten year old Camellia who had a major crush on my brother."

"Uhhhhh, like I've been over Tommy ever since you two moved to Angel Grove," the other girl pointed out, "Besides, the major word in your statement was, had. Not has."

A light went off in Tamara's head as she remembered something. "Oh yeah! Now you have the hots for Ryan................."

At the mention of their friend, Ryan Park's, name, Camellia threw a pillow at Tamara.

Tamara fell back onto the bed and cried, "What did I do?"

* * *

"Are you three sure Auora permitted you to leave the Earth?" a black clad figure questioned, as he piloted his space fighter.

Over the red comm that was on his dash, a scoff was heard from another one of the fighter pilots. "One would get the impression, Phantom, that you don't want our help?" the arrogant voice of Perish, one of the entities of death, spoke, "Why are you so worried? Do you think Auora will hurt you for taking us away on a mission to destroy RANGERS?"

"Shut up, you arrogant son of a bitch," the 'black' man snarled over the comm, "Why the hell would I be worried about that little princess of evil? I am just surprised that you taking orders from HER. I thought the 'Entities Of Death And Destruction' were so much better than that. At least that is what the myths say," he added a hint of unsureness to his tone.

"That's right in both ways. We are everything the myths portray us as," Annihilation's mysterious and hypnotic voice yapped, "But also it is true you are not worried or scared by our mistress."

The entity left a gap of silence before she continued, "You are scared of Dark Specter, are you not, Phantom?" she declared, her sexy voice questioning, "See, you don't want him to find out that you, a ranger, the PHANTOM Ranger, have been getting your freak on with his eldest daughter."

"Keep your mouth shut, you daughter of a bastard!" he hissed, "I mean it....."

"Oooo! Oooo! I hit Phantom's sensitive spot!" Annihilation squealed, then quieted down to whisper, "You owe me tonight, Demise."

"Very well," Demise's voice smiled over the speaker, "I will enjoy it very much, dear Annihilation."

A girlish giggle came from the female entity. "Of course you will. You always do."

"Could we stop talking about all your sex lives here for a moment," Perish barked over the comm, sounding quite depressed.

The Phantom Ranger couldn't help but laugh and make a comment. "What is wrong, Perish? Is Divatox not giving you enough every night? Or is it that she is getting all old and crummy after a thousand years on the plate?"

He heard Perish's loud growl and the other two entities laughter over the speaker. "Actually it's because Divatox got thrown into the bilge for trying to stop Scorpio from acquiring the second half of the Crystal Of Blight," Annihilation explained through her fits of giggles.

"So Perish isn't getting ANYTHING on these lonely nights," Demise finished.

"Scorpio tried to acquire the other half of the Crystal Of Blight?" the ranger pondered, "Where did she find it?"

"It was right under the fucking bitch's nose," Perish told, causing a small growl to arise from the Phantom Ranger's throat, "She found it inside the Angel Grove Museum, believe it or not. She sent Scorpina to steal it."

His mind was racing. *Did you find it, love? Did you get it to your father in time?* "Did she take it to her father?"

"No," Annihilation replied, "She said something about waiting for her brother so that 'the two eldest children of the Great Monarch can receive his power and praise of her success together.'"

Perish spat out the next words as if they didn't have taste. "She has too much respect for the old ways I say. All of you do," the blue haired entity began to list off over the comm, "You always talk 'straight', no contractions or slang words; You always respect your elders and your masters and mistresses with so much of that dignity and respect bullshit; And you all try taking out the Power Rangers when you all know you can't."

"Why don't you just start anew, and forget all of your past failures?" Annihilation questioned the Phantom over the comm, "Maybe plunder the universe, conquer worlds, and things of the such."

"We conquer worlds," the man defended the old ways.

"Yeah, but to only expand already vast empires," Demise pointed out, "Why not just do it for fun? It's the most thrilling thing you could ever do!"

Phantom smiled under his black helmet. "You would know, the three of you. You kill just to stay alive yourselves. You three are parasites; Little parasite bugs splattered onto the windshield of the universe. That is what the old ways would call you."


* * *

Liyah Hillard sat on top of a grassy hill in Angel Grove Park, that looked over the lake, in deep thought.

*I'm so frustrated!* Liyah screamed to herself, *After what happened on the quest for the Great Power, I don't think I'll ever be able to look at Tommy in the same light. I feel so bad about what we did, even if we don't know about the half of what we did. Especially since I'm five years younger than him. FIVE! By the gods, please don't punish us for our grave sin.*

Even though as much as she tried to shove it to the back of her mind, the night the Red Turbo Ranger spent with the Red Zeo Ranger was unbearably clear and memorable.


"Oh, god!" Liyah cried backing away from the hideous monsters, "Stay away from me!"

She glanced Tommy's way and saw the ranger pull himself up from the ground. Shaking off his pain, he ran towards her as the two boulder creatures approached her; the Turbo Ranger squirming on the brown floor in obvious pain and fright. "Hang on, Liyah!" she called to her.

"I don't know how long I can!" she screamed back, scooting herself quickly away from the gargoyles.

Using his Zeo Power of Speed, Tommy quickly made his way over to the monsters and stopped in front of them, blocking their path to Liyah. "You can't get to her without dealing with me, boulder boys," he snapped, anger suddenly flooding him; Instinct driving his adrenaline, the teenager drew his hands in front of himself and cried, "Tiger Bomb!"

An apparition of a tiger made of fire jumped from Tommy's hands and made contact with the gargoyles, disintegrating them. "You okay, Liyah?" the Zeo Ranger kneeled next to Liyah's side and helped her sit up against the rock wall.

Liyah winced, as she answered, "No, I think I broke my right leg when he threw me into the wall," she gritted, then cocked her head at Tommy, "Where'd you learn the fire tiger trick?"

"Let's just say that now I know what Dulcea was talking about when she said, 'unforeseen powers'. Here," he placed his hands on her shin and calf, and the Turbo Ranger's leg began to glow with an eerie red light, "This should heal it. Yet another one of my many powers," Tommy teased, as he removed his hands and the glow faded away.

Slowly standing up, she tried walking on the leg. "Yeah, that did it," she smiled towards her savior, who had been standing there watching her experiment with her newly healed leg, "Thanks, Tommy. I wonder if I can do that?"

"You probably can. All of us probably can," he returned the smile, as he began to pick up the sticks of firewood that one of the gargoyles had spread all over, "We'd better start setting up camp. Just hopefully nothing else will jump out and attack us."

Liyah walked over, bent over, and began to help the other ranger pick up the sticks. "Hopefully," she agreed, placing the sticks in a neat pile.

Suddenly, as she sat down, Liyah's eyes met Tommy's, and for moment they shared a rather intimate gaze, but Tommy broke it off as he turned his glance to the pile of sticks.

Liyah frowned to herself. *What was that all about?*

"We'd better start the fire," Tommy rapidly swerved away from what had just happened.


Tommy placed his gloved hands above the sticks and Liyah placed her bare hands above the pile of sticks. The two began to concentrate and immediately after, the sticks combusted into flames of orange and red. "Wow!" Liyah jumped a bit.

"Yeah, wow," he looked at her fondly and smiled lovingly.

The Red Ninjetti glanced up at the Red Ninja and found her heart softening at the sight of him; Something was happening to the both of them, something strange.

"Kaia," Tommy's lips called to Liyah from across the heated fire.

"Yes, Syryn," Liyah replied him, her eyes, which had now turned from blue to green oddly, scanned over his muscular body.

"Love me."


Tommy pounced on Liyah from over the fire and enveloped her in his arms, kissing her erotically. "I've forgotten how much I love the way your lips kiss me, Syryn," Liyah murmured, moving her lips away from Tommy's for just a moment.

Tommy smiled crookedly, leaning in for another kiss. "Have you really, Kaia? Let me remind you some more," he kissed her once again.


Liyah stood up, fighting off the tears that came to her eyes when she thought about what they did that night. "Things will never be the same between us four," Liyah spoke out loud, "Tommy, Shannon, Justin, and I. I love you, Justin. I'm just sorry I had to betray you this way. The way which I lost three things I cherished most: two of my friends and you............................"

* * *

"Adam?" Katherine Hillard {Kat} called out, as she opened the back door to the Park household, "Are you here, Adam?"

Kat walked through the kitchen and into living room looking for her ranger teammate, Adam Park. "Adam?" she called in her thick Australian accent.

Suddenly a pair of hands came over her eyes and a voice questioned, "Guess who?"

The Pink Ranger reached up, removed the hands from her eyes and turned around to come face to face with Adam. "I guess the handsome Green Zeo Ranger," Kat murmured under her breath, kissing him on the lips passionately.

"Mmmmmmm," Adam moaned, moving his lips away from Kat's, "If that's the award I get, I should do that often."

She pulled his hands and made the Green Ranger sit down on the sofa. "So did you just go to see Tanya?" Kat asked, no evidence of bitterness or jealousy in her voice, just curiosity.

"No. She wanted to meet over at her place to say good-bye before we left for KO-35, but I insisted on her saying good-bye at the Power Chamber instead. After all," Adam moved closer to the blonde sitting next to him, "I wanted to get in some private time with you before we left."

Kat played her fingers across his chest. "You're so sweet, Adam," she kissed him lightly, "But do you really believe we can keep this up forever? We're just lucky it's summer vacation. If we were in school, the gang would know right away."

"Yeah, I know. I even think Tanya knows something's up, but she just doesn't know what," he forced himself to admit, then revealed his boyish smile that Katherine loved, "But ever since the kiss at the Monolith on Phaedos, I've been head over heels in love you, Ms. Hillard."

"Me, too," Kat shared a smile with the boy, "But love Rocky, too."

"And I love Tanya, also," Adam agreed, then chuckled, "But that's kinda corny. We've developed a love square, sort of."

Kat nodded her head. "We sure have. All just because of small kiss."

"A small kiss?" he queried, his voice filled with skepticism, "You packed a major wallop with that thing."

Kat cocked her head. "Really," she moved in closer on Adam, "Lemme show you again."

The Pink Ranger's lips touched the Green Ranger's and they began to kiss erotically.

* * *

Chapter Fifty-Five: "Trickery"

On the Cindarien colony, KO-35, preparations were underway for the wedding of the millennia between Tommy and Shannon, who respectively were known as Syryn and Artemis to all Cindariens.

Spearheading the occasion was, of course, Lady Dimitria, but on the other hand, the five Astro Rangers had no hand in it what so ever. They were more nervous about the arrival of Artemis and the other Cindarien Earth Rangers.

The five Astro Rangers were wandering absently around the Gardens Of The Man Of The Green, nervously mumbling about what impression they would try to show Shannon when she and the others arrived. "We have to look like experts, like we know what we are doing," a brown haired boy, with streaks of bleached blonde running through his hair, told the other four.

"Good one, Andros," a blonde haired girl, with brown streaks running through her hair, replied, "I, Carone, do so swear to try to make the best impression I can on my sister without looking like an idiot."

"Too late," another boy, dressed in a silver and blue uniform, remarked.

"Oh, shut up, Davius," a red head came to Carone's defense, "What are you going to do to impress Artemis and the others, huh?"

Davius, the Blue Astro Ranger, shook his head. "I will do nothing, Jenna. I will just act like my normal self and if they cannot accept me the way I am, then it is their loss," he shrugged off.

"You mean, it is their GAIN," the Black Astro Ranger piped up, pushing his cropped black hair which many people praised him to be exactly like the Man Of The Earth's, out of his face, "Personally, I do not even know what Andros was thinking when he choose you to be the Blue Astro Ranger."

"I was drunk, Troy. That is how it happened," Andros, the Red Astro Ranger, teased.

Davius mocked grinned at them all. "Ha, ha, ha. So funny."

"Very funny," Jenna agreed, as the group laughed again yet to interrupted by a summoning tone.

As all of them immediately became silent, Andros flicked his wrist, which revealed his Astro morpher. Pressing a button on the device, he spoke, "We read you, D.E.C.A."

A computerized female voice responded to Andros. "Andros, the MegaShip's long range sensors have detected four unidentified ships, heading towards KO-35 at hyper rush five."

"We are on it, D.E.C.A," Andros terminated his connection.

"It is probably Astronema," Davius reasoned, looking to his leader, "She must have heard that Artemis' wedding and coronation were to happen of KO-35 and decided to crash the party."

"I doubt it. D.E.C.A said the ships were unidentified, which means she does not know the origin of ships. We have encountered too many of Astronema's ships," Carone disagreed, nodding her head in the negative.

Andros smiled casually as Davius eyed his twin sister warily; The two were never 'the best of friends', but then again wasn't that the way him and Jenna acted towards each other before they revealed their true feelings? That was something the Red Ranger would have to think about at a later time. "It does not matter right now WHO the ships belongs to. I say we check it out; Astronema is not the only person out in the universe," the Astro Ranger told the two, "Just let me tell Mother where we will be and we can go."

Telepathically, Andros called out *Mother?*

She didn't reply so he tried again, much louder this time *MOTHER?*

*Hey, keep it down, Andros. Your projecting that message so loud, I can hear it* another voice snapped in his mind.

*Sorry, Troy* the natural brunette apologized mentally.

A feminine voice entered his mind *You called for me, Andros?*

*Mother, yes I did. The five of us are leaving for the Astro Megaship. D.E.C.A has detected four unidentified ships* he explained quickly.

*Very well* she acknowledged *But be back in time to welcome Artemis and the others!*

*Yes, Mother* Andros grinned as he 'spoke' the words.

Breaking his telepathic link, Andros nodded to the others, "Let's go."

The five all touched their Astro morphers on their wrists and disappeared within a shower of multi-colored lights.

* * *

"D.E.C.A, bring up a visual on unidentified ships," Andros ordered as he walked onto the bridge of the Astro MegaShip, the four other Astro Rangers following him.

"Bringing up a visual now," the computer complied, as a picture of four sleek, narrow fighter crafts with large rounded noses appeared on the main screen.

"What are those...Things?" Troy questioned, from his post.

Andros looked over to his fiancée. "Jenna? Do they look familiar?"

The Pink Ranger turned around and nodded her head. "They are Kelyian War Fighters," the red head's bright green eyes took on a worried gaze, "But this is not right. Why would Kelyian fighters be coming our way? The war has been over for at least fifty years. Unless......................." her voice trailed off.

"Unless what?" Carone prodded, as she sat next to Jenna.

The other girl bit her lip. "Unless Dark Specter has conquered Kelyi and has given the ships out for long range conquering," Jenna tinkered around with her theory.

"Is it possible, Davius?" Andros asked the Blue Ranger.

Davius played around with his controls on his console and looked at the results. "It is possible, but why would he be going after KO-35? There are so many other more important planets in this sector, like Eltar. I doubt we are getting the whole picture of things here."

"We probably are not," Troy agreed

"D.E.C.A, take us out of here, hyper rush three," Andros nodded his head at the two rangers, "Carone, set intercept course with the Kelyian fighters. I want to find out just what is going on before we go back home."

The blonde's hands moved swiftly across the console as she set the course. "Intercept course set. Time to intercept with Kelyian fighters is ten minutes and twelve seconds," D.E.C.A announced throughout the ship.

"Good," Andros nodded his head at the announcement, "Time to find out what is going on here...."

* * *

"Phantom," Demise reported over the comm, "My sensors are picking up the Astro MegaShip on an intercept course with us."

"Ahhh," he cocked his head, "The Astro Rangers. They must have detected us on their long range sensors."

"Turn off life support in your fighters, entities, and then anchor your fighters to mine," the Phantom Ranger ordered, "I have an idea that just might work on these newbie rangers................."

* * *

Andros store straight into front of him at the screen as the four Kelyian war fighters came into clear view. "We are being hailed by one of the fighters, Andros," Carone alerted from her brother from her station.

"Put it on screen," the Red Astro Ranger ordered.

As soon as the words left his lips, a picture of a black helmeted head appeared on the screen. "State you identity," Andros commanded the figure.

"I am one of the royal guards from Eltar. I am taking these war fighters back to Kelyi. We were repairing them on Eltar," the Phantom Ranger lied on the screen.

"Very well," the leader of the Astro Rangers nodded his head, "Can you please hold on for a moment?"

"Of course."

He turned to Carone and whispered, "Shut down audio."

"Audio terminated," D.E.C.A announced.

"Davius, Jenna," Andros called out, "Can you confirm his story?"

The Blue Astro Ranger looked up from his console. "It would take me more than an hour to confirm his story. I would have to get in touch Eltarian Intelligence and with Zordon on Earth," he paused, "We just do not have the time. The Earth Rangers are due to arrive on KO-35 in the next ten minutes."

Jenna turned around to look at Andros who was standing directly behind her. "I say we trust him, Andros. There is no life support in the other three fighters and the fighters are anchored to his. He's obviously towing them," Andros gave her a look that told her that he was still wary, "And it also makes perfect sense that he would be plotting a course towards KO-35. The Alpha-Desdi system, where Kelyi is located, is just three light years away from KO-35."

Silence plagued the MegaShip's bridge for awhile, until D.E.C.A decided to put her two cents in. "It would be most logical to let them go, Andros. The Earth Rangers are due to arrive on KO-35 within the next eight minutes and twenty-six seconds."

"Alright," Andros finally gave in, "Turn on audio, Carone."

"Audio activated," D.E.C.A informed after Carone turned it on.

"You are free to go," Andros notified the person he thought was part of the Eltarian Royal Guard, "But if we do not receive word from you once you have passed our system, we will take the matter up with Eltarian Intelligence. Understood?"

The Phantom Ranger nodded his head. "Understood. Kelyi fighter out," his figure disappeared from the screen and the fighters appeared in his place, moving around the Astro MegaShip.

"Okay, Carone," he called to his twin sister, "Take us home, hyper rush two."

Carone set the navigational coordinates and D.E.C.A announced once again, "Course set for KO-35, hyper rush two."

* * *

"So when are we going to meet these Astro Rangers, Mother?" Shannon questioned Lady Dimitria as they walked down a path in the Gardens Of The Man Of The Green; Her and the other rangers had arrived earlier than scheduled due to Zordon's insisting and also Lady Dimitria's.

Lady Dimitria let out a small chuckle as she carried a squirming Makala in her arms. "Oh, they left just about thirty minutes ago. Some unidentified ships to go chase after. At least it is not Astronema and one of her threats."

Shannon nodded her in agreement, shifting Sean in her arms. "Thank the gods to that," turning her head back at little, she called, "Tommy, can you carry all that stuff?"

Lagging behind them was Tommy, trying to carry all the luggage that Shannon had brought with her, and Caroline, trying to help Tommy carry all the luggage. "Oh, yeah, Shannon. I may be Cindarien, but I'm not Superman," he told, sarcastically, "I can barely pull one of these freaking things and you expect me to pull two?" the ranger paused and added quickly, "At least Caroline's tryin' to help me!"

"Me help, Daddy! Me help!" the little girl cried; She was practically hugging one of the suitcases and trying to pull it with all the brute strength she had in her.

"Well, go get Adam, Zack, or Billy to try and help you," the guardian called back, then turned to talk to Lady Dimitria again, but was interrupted.

"Mother!" a voice called out to Lady Dimitria, from down the path they were on.

The two stopped walking and moment later, five uniform clad people rounded one of the corners, running as fast as there feet would carry them. "Andros! Carone!" Shannon's mother called back as the five came closer and closer until they were panting in front of the two.

"We came, as soon, as we, could," Carone explained to her mother, as her chest heaved up and down.

"No need to explain, Carone," the wise woman hushed her, then turned to Shannon, "Shannon, these are the Astro Rangers," she motioned to the one clad in red and silver, "This is Andros, the Red Astro Ranger."

Andros bowed his head slightly in the White Zeo Ranger's direction. "This is Troy, the Black Astro Ranger," Lady Dimitria motioned towards the young man in black and silver.

Troy also bowed his head in respect for the guardian. "This is Davius, the Blue Astro Ranger," she motioned towards the ranger outfitted in blue and silver.

Davius bowed his head, like the two latter. "This is Carone, the Yellow Astro Ranger," she motioned to the blonde in yellow.

Carone dipped her head slightly. "And lastly, is Jenna, the Pink Astro Ranger," Lady Dimitria finished her introduction showing off the red head donning pink.

The blue-eyed brunette directed a glance towards Andros and Carone, who were standing side by side. "Mother?" she questioned them, puzzled.

"Yes," Andros replied, "Lady Dimitria is our mother. Did you not know that?"

Suddenly Shannon's tanned face turned pale. "Tommy?" she asked.

"Yeah, Sweetcheeks?" Tommy came and stood right next to his fiancée.

"Hold Sean for me," the White Ranger gave the baby to Tommy, then fainted.

* * *

"Adam? It's me, Kat," Kat knocked on the door to the room Adam was staying in.

Almost immediately, the door flew open and revealed Adam standing there, without a shirt. "Hi, Kat," he greeted, acting normally in case someone was watching them.

"Do you mind if I come in? I need to tell you something in private," the Zeo Ranger said loudly, just as Billy Cranston walked by her and down the long hallway.

The Green Ranger smiled quaintly. "Of course," he moved out of the doorway and let her inside the room.

Shutting the door behind himself quickly, Adam enveloped Kat with his arms and kissed her amorously. "What was it you wanted to tell me?" he asked, as their lips parted momentarily.

"Oh, nothing important," Kat replied, as the fell onto the bed in the room.

"Are you sure?" Adam queried, as he began to unbutton Kat's pink dress for her.

The ranger nodded her head, as she strategically placed small kisses up and down the boy's neck. "Positive," Katherine whispered, just as someone knocked on the door.

"Oh, crap!" Adam pushed Kat off him and sat up in a panic, "Kat, you gotta hide!"

"Where?!?!" the Australian squealed quietly, as she stood up from the bed and began looking frantically for a hiding place.

Another loud knock came to the door, as the two rangers ran around the room like frightened mice. "Just get under the bed!" the Korean directed, pointing under the bed ruffles.

"But I'm too tall!" she insisted, grabbing her shoes from the floor.

"Who cares!" Adam yapped, pushing Kat towards the bed, "If anyone finds out and tells Tanya and Rocky, you won't even be able to reach the consoles in the Power Chamber by the time they're through with us!"

"Oh, okay," Kat growled lightly, crawling under the low bed.

"I'm coming. Hold on," he grabbed his sweatshirt, put it on, and opened the door, "Yes?"

A little boy was standing in the doorway, staring at Adam. "Oh, wrong room. I am sorry," the boy apologized, then ran off down the hallway.

Once the kid ran off, Adam slammed the door shut in frustration. "You can come out, Kat," he grumbled to her, removing his sweatshirt, "It was just a little kid who was at the wrong door."

"We freaked out for that?!?!" Kat cried, crawling out form under the bed on her stomach, "You've gotta be kidding."

The teenage boy nodded his head. "We have a serious problem, Kat," Adam confessed, helping Kat off the floor, "And there's only one way to solve it."

The Pink Ranger's face turned serious, as the Green Ranger's hands wrapped around her waist in an intimate hug of condolence. "You're right," she placed her hands over his, acknowledging the hug, "That only way is to admit our love to everyone..........................."

Chapter Fifty-Six: "A Learning Experience"

"Wow," Camellia awed, looking up at the large building, "It's beautiful."

"Yeah, it is," Tamara smiled in agreement, "But I still can't believe that they actually have a museum about all the of the original Morphing Masters and Turbo Rangers."

Camellia and Tamara stood in front of the Museum of Cindarien Honor. After packing away all their belongings in their rooms, the two friends had asked a street vendor where the museum was and he had directed them to where they were now standing.

The building itself was sight to behold. The whole museum was constructed of glass; So when the light from the bright sun played on the clear material, it illuminated the whole structure with an almost heavenly glow. "Come on," Tamara grabbed her best friend's arm and dragged her up the steps, "We didn't just come here to stand and gawk at the museum. We came here to find our heritage."

"Right," Camellia removed herself from the grip of her best friend, as they entered the building, "Come on! Let's go find a map and get going!"

The two spotted a desk that had a sign above it that read, 'Information', in English surprisingly, and headed towards it. When they reached it, they noticed a young woman behind it typing away at what looked like a computer, but the object was more compact and smaller. "Excuse me?" Tamara politely asked over the counter of the desk.

"Yes," the raven haired woman looked up momentarily, then did a double take at the two thirteen year-olds, "Oh! You must be Liya and Aynia from Earth. How may I help you?"

Tamara, looking quite skeptical, replied, "Ummmm, we need a map to find our way through the museum. Do you have one by any chance?"

"Of course," the woman handed the two a pair of pamphlets, "These have everything you will need to know about the museum to get around."

"Thank you," Camellia bade as she headed away from the desk with the Black Turbo Ranger.

Once they were out of earshot and heading down the stairs that lead to the bottom level, Tamara whispered, "That was too weird! How did she know us? And why'd she call us Liya and Aynia?"

"Don't you remember?" the Yellow Turbo Ranger told, then remembered herself, "Oh, yeah. You don't have Syryn's memories. Tommy does."

The other girl nodded. "Yeah. You'd better remember," she yapped quietly as they strode onto the first floor, which was actually pretty empty, "Woah. Where'd everybody go?"

"You probably scared them off," her companion snickered, then pointed over to one side, "Hey, look!"

Pulling Tamara along, Camellia high-tailed it for the exhibit. "Look!" she pointed at the large painting of woman in White Zeo Ranger armor hanging on the wall next to the exhibit, "It's Artemis!"

"Cool," Tommy's sister marveled at the picture for a moment, "They used to wear REAL armor back in the day!"

"Hey, look," Camellia motioned towards a button on the display, "Wonder what this does?"

"Then let's find out," Tamara pressed the button and a male voice came out of the speaker next to it.

"Welcome to the exhibit dedicated to the Zeo Guardian and leader of the Morphing Masters, Artemis," the voice greeted warmly, "Artemis was the middle daughter of Relias, of the house of Tharsia. At a very young age, her parents were killed in a raid by Zesta, Evil Enchantress Of Eltar. Her two sisters, Dulcea and Aynia, and herself were sent to live with their grandmother, Lilaza. As time progressed and she became older, Artemis trained to become a Grand Enchantress, something she had wished for since she was child."

There was a slight pause, before the voice continued, entrancing the two young girls with it's story, "When she was no older than the young age of seventeen, she excepted into the Royal House Of Secee as their Grand Enchantress, but she turned away from their exception. For she had a much greater destiny that was being offered to her by the wise and kind Zordon of Eltar."

"Four years later, after much training with Zordon, Artemis was given the White Zeo Crystal by her mentor. She became the great Zeo Guardian, with her lover, Syryn the Turbo Guardian, by her side. As she lead the team of six Morphing Masters, they fought back against Zesta, Auora, and Divatox for many years," the voice once again paused.

"But, as always, something so great does not last forever. Due to Syryn and his betrayal of Artemis' love, after five years of warding away the Evils Of Eltar, Artemis stepped down from her perch as leader of the Morphing Masters. A few days after her decision, the Morphing Masters were disband by Zordon," as the voice was silent, Camellia wiped at tear that had escaped from her eyes; She hadn't realized just how much Artemis had gone through.

"After the Morphing Masters were disbanded, instead of continuing on with the fight against the Evils Of Eltar, Artemis took the Zeo Crystal and moved from her home planet, Cindaria, to the Cindarien colony, Earth; Hoping to start a new peaceful life, without Syryn. Unfortunately at the beginning, it was rather hard for her; But as time wore down the scars in her heart, Artemis was able marry and create a family line. A family line which now possesses the universal task of protecting the great Zeo Crystal."

As the voice finished it's telling of the life story of Artemis, Tamara turned her head away in shame. "I can't believe I'm related to a two-timer," she spat, walking away from the display with Camellia, "Man, if I were Artemis, I woulda hurt Syryn bad."

"I don't think she was like that, Tam," Camellia grinned, as they walked towards the next exhibit, "I think she was better than that. That's why she let him go. Let him go realize what he had actually done. What he had lost."

"Speak of the devil," Tamara muttered, looking at the painting that hung in the next exhibit, "One minute we're talking about the guy and the next we're at his exhibit," she pointed at the button on the display, "Why don't'cha push it, Cam? Let's see how it was like in Syryn's life."

The Yellow Ranger pushed the button and a voice, this time female, started up, "Welcome to the exhibit dedicated to the Turbo Guardian, Syryn," the voice greeted sweetly, "Syryn was the oldest child of Nioceles, of the house of Wyleas. Syryn grew up on a farm and was a dreamer. When Syryn was at the young age of seventeen, his family was slaughtered in a raid by Zesta, Evil Enchantress of Eltar while he was off in the city of Tyira."

"Zordon Of Eltar came to Syryn after the young man had buried his family. Just like Artemis, when he saw Zordon, he immediately knew that what the wise and kind man was offering him was his destiny."

The voice paused for a small moment. "Four years later, after his great training with Zordon, Syryn was given the Black Bolt Turbo Powers by his mentor. With those powers he became the Turbo Guardian, with his lover, Artemis the Zeo Guardian, leading him into many fierce battles against Zesta, Auora, and Divatox for many long years."

"But even so noble a man who held such a great woman's love, could not resist temptation. At the battle of Carius, was where Syryn first met his lover's long time friend, Kaia. 'She was a woman worth fighting for,' is a statement quoted from Syryn himself. Syryn fell in love Kaia, knowing it but not wanting to admit it. What he did not realize was that Artemis did know he was falling in love with her most trusted friend. Syryn was never confronted by Artemis about his betraying ways; But when she stepped down from her perch as leader of the Morphing Masters, it became quite obvious to Syryn that she did not want to love him anymore," the voice was quiet for a second.

"The Morphing Masters were disband by Zordon four days later after Artemis' announcement. After they were disbanded, Syryn kept up the fight against the Evils Of Eltar. He appointed his own team of Turbo Rangers using the Turbo powers that he guarded. Of his choices, Syryn appointed Kaia, of all people, the leader of the Turbo Rangers; He did not wish to be leader, he claimed it would bring back too many memories of his true love."

"Two years after Syryn formed his team of Turbo Rangers, which included Artemis' younger sister, Aynia, Kaia lead them into battle on the mythical island, Muiranthias; From which the other six rangers never returned, but Syryn did. When he returned to Cindaria, he was not honored for his battles, yet he was labeled as a coward; Leading children into a battle they could not fight and leaving them to die. After his return, his whereabouts became unknown, but there is substantial evidence he created a family line," the voice finished.

"Wow," Tamara awed.

"That certainly isn't the Syryn I remember," Camellia turned to Tamara, as they walked away from the exhibit, "Aynia and the others died on Muiranthias due to choice. They all decided to sacrifice themselves to save Syryn in order to keep the Turbo Powers and the Turbo Guardian alive."

"Come on, let's go over here," The Black Turbo Ranger pulled her best friend towards a hall on the other side of the museum, "The map says that this hall is the Gallery Of Honor. It has pictures of all of the Morphing Masters and Turbo Rangers."

Walking into the gallery, the two could only gawk at the marvelous pictures and sculptures. "Look at this one," Camellia pointed at a group painting of the Morphing Masters in morphed form, "Artemis, Syryn, Apollo, Selene, Helious, and," she stopped in mid-sentence, staring at the sixth Morphing Master, costumed in the Green Dragon Ranger armor, "Who's that?"

Kneeling down to examine the plaque below the large painting, Tamara read, "This is a picture of the six Morphing Masters. The Zeo Guardian, Artemis; The Turbo Guardian, Syryn; The Element Guardian, Apollo; The Katherian Guardian, Selene; The Incarsus Guardian, Helious; and the Grid Guardian, Calypso."

"The Grid Guardian?" the successor of Aynia frowned, "Never heard of her. And I don't have any memories of her."

"Oh, come on. We'll figure it out later," Tamara grabbed Camellia's arm and dragged her away from the painting to another one, "Wow! Is that Artemis?"

Turning her attention from the other painting, to the one her friend was looking at, Camellia's jaw dropped. "They look like Shannon," she murmured.

The Yellow Ranger was staring at two framed paintings hanging side by side on the wall, both of the same woman. In the first picture, the woman was standing under a tree, wearing a white dress that resembled a wedding gown. Her long brunette hair was twisted into a bun atop her head, allowing only a few stray locks to hang along the side of her rather tan face. Smiling blissfully and her blue eyes shining bright, the painting captured the happiness that was obviously expressed at the posing.

The second picture was completely different. The woman was standing in a meadow, donning the White Zeo Ranger armor. Her curly hair flowed freely in the air, as she ran a gloved hand through the thick mass of brown. Under her other arm, was her white star helmet and at her feet there was the Zeo Crystal glowing brightly. Once again, she was smiling, but it didn't seem to contain the happiness that the last picture had.

"The plaque says they are both of Artemis," Tamara informed her stunned friend.

"Lady Dimitria wasn't kidding when she said Shannon and Artemis looked alike," Camellia touched the first picture, still a little cynical.

The two best friends stood in front of the pictures for a moment in silence, before a voice crept up on them. "Kinda spooky, isn't it?"

"What?" Camellia spun around and ran straight into a green-clad chest, "Ow."

Ryan chuckled, as he removed Camellia from his chest. "Sorry, Cam," he sheepishly grinned, as a bright red began to rise from her cheeks, "Call it pay back for laughing at me when I ran into the light pole."

"Sure," she squeaked out, suddenly finding the pattern of the floor very fascinating.

"So, you guys checkin' out the museum, too," Justin Stewart queried, looking to Tamara.

"Yeah," Tamara smiled at him, winking her eye, "We were just lookin' at these pictures. It's kinda creepy that Artemis looked exactly like Shannon."

Justin nodded his head in agreement. "I know what'cha mean. I actually thought that it was a picture of Shannon," as he spoke, he motioned to Camellia and Ryan, who were avoiding eye contact at all costs.

"Justin," Tamara paused, thinking up a lie, "I just realized I need to go find Tommy. I need something from him. Could you come with me?"

"Sure," Justin managed to stifle a laugh, "You don't mind if I go with Tam, do ya Ryan?"

Ryan shook his head viciously. "Naw, it's okay, Jay. Go ahead and go with her," the Green Ranger gave his okay.

"How 'bout you, Cam? Do ya mind?" Tamara asked her best friend since pre-school.

Camellia shot a short dirty look at Tamara; She knew exactly what her friend and Justin were planning. "Sure, go right on ahead, Tam," she half growled, half sung.

"Okay, great!" Tamara and Justin began to walk off, "Bye!"

Once they were out of sight, Camellia looked at Ryan and mumbled, "So whadda we do?"

"Have you been to the exhibits about the Turbo Rangers?" he inquired shyly.

The brunette shook her head slowly. "Me and Tam only went to the Morphing Masters exhibits so far," Camellia answered.

"Then, come with me!" Ryan took a hold of the girl's hand without a thought and started running down the hall.

* * *

"So do ya think they figured it out by now?" the Blue Turbo Ranger looked at the Black Turbo Ranger as they exited the museum.

Tamara let out small laugh. "Cam knows alright. She gave me her 'I'm-gonna-kill-you-and-I-don't-care-how-long-it-takes' look when I asked her if she minded," she paused, "But Ryan......Well, let's just say sometimes that boy can be as dense as my brother."

"Surprise, surprise," Justin grinned, as they began walking on the paved road towards where they were staying, "Like I didn't know that."

As the two teens kept walking, silence suddenly descended. "Justin, you okay?" his girl companion questioned.

"Yeah. I'm fine," he looked at her and saw her staring at him with a determined look, "Okay. I'm not fine. Happy?"

Tamara nodded her head at Justin. "No. What is bothering you? You haven't been much of your happy-go-lucky self ever since we came back from Phaedos and everyone knows it. What crawled up your spandex died over there?"

Justin let out a rueful chuckle. "I guess you could say I'm worried about Liyah."

"Liyah, of all people?"

"Yeah, of all people. Ever since we returned from Phaedos, she's been kinda......Distant. Even when I asked her to go see 'Armageddon' with me, she turned it down flat."

Tamara gasped. "Liyah, turning down an action flick? Now, that just ain't right!"

"I know. I think she's mad at me for some reason," Justin bit his lip in thought, "She won't even talk to me. And when I try asking Katherine what's wrong with her, she's always telling me she has to go see Adam or Rocky."

"For once, I actually agree with you, Jay," Tamara cracked a small smile, "Kat's got a serious problem. She thinks we don't see her cheating on Rocko with Adam; But lemme be the first to tell her, us kids ain't blind!"

"Yeah," Justin kicked a pebble out of his way, "I just wish I knew what was wrong with Liyah."

Camellia's best friend slung an arm around Justin's shoulders. "Don't worry, Justin. I'm sure she'll come around......Hopefully.................................."

* * *

"Hey, look!" Camellia pointed at a picture of Aynia, as they explored the Turbo Rangers' exhibits, "I look just like her!"

Ryan smiled as he joined her. "Yeah. Except you're much prettier," the Green Turbo Ranger replied, causing Camellia to blush once again.

"Oh, shut up, Ryan!" she murmured softly, smacking him in the arm.

"Come here! You've gotta see this!" Adam's little brother took Camellia's hand once again, and pulled her over to another exhibit.

"Look at this picture," he pointed at the portrait hanging in the exhibit.

"Wow," Camellia awed, looking at the picture of a young man and woman arm in arm, "That picture looks like me and............You."

"I know. It kinda jumped out at me too," Ryan smiled sweetly, "Relyn and Aynia were best friends back in the day. It makes sense too, cause I have memories of Aynia a lot."

"Me too," Camellia got caught up in the moment, then corrected herself, "Not Aynia, but Relyn, I mean. He's in a lot of Aynia's memories too."

Ryan looked at the girl. "You think it's an omen?"

What?" she queried, "That we saw this picture?"

"No," he paused, moving closer to Camellia, "That we have memories about each other."

The Turbo Ranger's heart began to beat harder as she moved closer to Ryan also. "Maybe," she whispered to him.

"I say, yes," Ryan mumbled back, as he slowly took Camellia's chin into his hand and kissed her sweetly.

* * *

Chapter Fifty-Seven: "Minor Setbacks"

Tommy stood in the doorway that lead to the room where his two youngest children were sleeping.

Quietly watching them as they slept peacefully, the ranger mentally scolded himself. *How could I? I am so damn stupid! What was I thinking, sleeping with Liyah! I wish I knew exactly what happened that night. Who knows what we could have done?* the Red Ranger's hand clenched into a fist, as he wanted to pound something *I can't believe I betrayed Shannon so badly. I mean I was out sleeping with Liyah, while she was giving birth to my children. I am such a damn fool!*

Suddenly, he felt something clinging onto his leg, as a pair of arms slipped around his neck. "You already awake, Sweetcheeks?" Tommy questioned softly, without even turning around; He already knew it was Shannon.

"Uh-huh," Shannon nuzzled Tommy's neck with her nose, "The static cling on your leg woke me up; She was jumping up and down on the bed."

He glanced down to see Caroline standing there, her arms wrapped tightly around his leg. "Are you okay, though? You took the news of Andros and Carone being related to you pretty hard."

"Oh, yeah. I just looked at it this way," Shannon paused to explain, "I figure they're older than me; At least twenty years old, ya know. They probably knew about me being their sister, before I did. Mother didn't tell me about them because, at first, I didn't even know she was my mother. Then when she was ready to tell me, she didn't want to because they were rangers and I'd eventually find out."

"It makes some sense," Tommy acknowledged partly, earning himself a hit in the arm, "Okay, okay. It makes perfect sense."

"Oliver," the White Ranger paused, as she placed a tender kiss on his neck, "Are you feeling okay? I'm sensing you're worried about something. Is it about the wedding?"

Shannon's fiancé nodded. "Partly. What are we gonna do anyway?"

"Well, usually it's a private thing when someone gets married because, well, you have sex. But Mother is willing it to do it both ways. We just have to promise to have sex sometime this week," she told him.

"How do people tell if someone's married or not?" Tommy queried.

"Usually the girl ends up pregnant," Shannon answered, "Isn't that obvious?"

Tommy cracked a smiled. "Well, yeah. But then doesn't that already make us married?"

The Zeo Guardian nodded her head. "Sort of. But, I insisted we get married the Earth way. I don't want to get pregnant again."

"Are you sure?" the Zeo Ranger questioned loudly.

"Oh, shut up," his lover barked back, as the twins woke up from their sleep and started wailing loudly.

Once the crying began, Caroline let go of Tommy's leg and zipped out of the room. "Tommy," Shannon sighed in an exasperated tone at the man.

"I'm sorry," he apologized, backing slowly out of the room.

"You'd better be," the brunette scowled, giving him a glare as she headed towards the wailing babies.

* * *

"Phantom," Demise's voice rang clearly over the comm, "We are approaching KO-35's third moon."

The Phantom Ranger nodded his head in his fighter. "Very well. Take orbit around the moon. The gravitational pull of the moon will mask our presence from the Astro MegaShip's scanners," he commanded, dropping his own fighter into orbit around the 'silver' moon.

One by one, entities followed him and fell into orbit. "Now what, Phantom? I don't think we came all this way to orbit around a moon," Perish queried, sarcastically.

"Go down to KO-35 and disguise yourself among the Cindariens. I will send my signal when I have returned," the evil ranger explained to the three.

"But where are you going?" Annihilation's voice wavered slightly with curiosity.

"Where else, Annihilation," the Phantom Ranger paused, a grin forming under his helmet, "I'm going to Scorpio.............."

* * *

"Mother, may I ask why you did not tell Artemis?" Andros chased Lady Dimitria up the steps that lead to Cythera's parliament building.

Lady Dimitria stopped for a moment to let her only son catch up with her. "Andros, I do not have the time for this. I must see Governor Trynim immediately," she sternly told him and continued her ascent, "I suggest you join Jenna and Carone and meet the other Cindarien Earth Rangers."

"But why must you see Governor Trynim," Andros didn't back down as he followed her through the wooden double doors and down the long hall, "We have no business with Orianz. Cythera has more than enough dilithium crystals for the Astro MegaShip to run on."

"It does not have to do with Orianz or dilithium crystals," she knocked on a door with gold plaque that read, 'Trynim', "It has something to do with those Kelyian war fighters you came across this morning. I suppose you could come and help me explain it to the Governor, if you wish."

"Of course, Mother. Anything to get you to tell me the answer to my question," the Red Astro Ranger nodded his head, as she gave him a strong glare.

The door opened and Lady Dimitria and Andros both stepped inside. "Ah, Lady Dimitria, Andros. A pleasure to see you both," a middle-aged man greeted them both from behind a onyx black desk covered in paperwork, "Please have a seat."

"Governor Trynim," Lady Dimitria smiled, as Andros and her both bowed their heads slightly.

"What is it you have come to me for, my lady?" the governor leaned forward in his chair, his hands on the desk, clasped.

Lady Dimitria and Andros sat down in the chairs. "Well, today my son and his Astro Rangers intercepted four Kelyian war fighters heading towards KO-35. They spoke with a armor clad man who told them he was part of the Eltarien Royal Guard and was taking the four fighters to Kelyi after they had been repaired on Eltar."

"I see," Trynim glanced Andros' way momentarily, running a hand through his graying black hair.

"Although the story seemed logical in all ways, the description of the man's armor they gave me, leads me to believe that the man they talked with was actually the Phantom," Lady Dimitria explained.

The man's green eyes went wide. "The Phantom? As in the Phantom Ranger?" he replied skeptically.

The woman nodded her head. "The Phantom Ranger?" Andros queried, quite confused.

Governor Trynim, who had began to work furiously at a miniature computer like the one from the museum, answered, "The Phantom Ranger," he turned the small computer around to face Andros, showing the brown-haired boy a picture, "is, or should I say, was, the man who caused the War of Betrayal."

Andros bit his lip, as he recognized the picture on the screen. "The microputer's screen in distorted, but I still recognize him," he looked at his mother, then Trynim, "That is the man I spoke with."

Governor Trynim looked him in the eyes. "Andros, this is extremely important," the older man paused, "Where was the Phantom headed?"

"He said Kelyi, but he was on route towards KO-35," he told slowly.

"Oh my," Lady Dimitria gasped.

The governor nodded his head in agreement as store down at his hands. "My lady, I am truly sorry, but we must postpone Artemis and Syryn's wedding and coronation until this problem has been dealt with. And if possible, my lady, please request the help of the rangers of Earth that are here. I am quite sure they will be much help to us," Trynim spoke to the respected Cindarien without looking up.

"Of course, Governor Trynim. The rangers of Earth will be absolutely willing to help, I guarantee," the brunette responded.

"Andros, you and your Astro Rangers are to be on twenty-four hour watch for those four Kelyi war fighters. If you see them, capture them. If necessary, shoot to kill."

"Yes, Governor," Andros brushed his hair out of his face.

"I will contact Zordon of Eltar as soon as I can," Trynim was about to continue, but was interrupted by Lady Dimitria.

"If you do not mind, Governor, I would like to contact Zordon myself, with the help of my daughter," she proposed, "I may be able to get through to him quicker."

Trynim nodded his head. "Very well," Andros and his mother stood up and headed towards the door, "Thank you for letting me know of this event, Lady Dimitria. A thousand thanks to the both of you."

"You are welcome," Andros called back as he left the office.

Closing the door behind her, Dimitria turned to her son. "Do not ask me to answer you question, Andros. Because I will not until I know the Phantom Ranger is not beckoning KO-35."

The Red Ranger couldn't help but chuckle, as the two walked down the long hall. "I was not even thinking of asking, Mother. I was not even thinking of asking....................."

* * *

"Do you see any of them, Jenna?" Carone questioned her best friend and fellow ranger.

Jenna nodded her head, as she shielded her eyes from the sun. "No, do you?"

The blonde shook her head. "They must be all back at the guest house," she concluded, walking through the large crowds in the market.

Jenna followed the Yellow Ranger, until she got side tracked by a street vendor who was selling beautiful dresses. "Carone, look here!" she called out.

"What?" Carone was immediately by her side.

The red head held up a simple, and short, fuchsia dress made of silk to her body. "What do you think? Would Andros approve?" she grinned, as Andros' twin gave her a quizzical look.

"Jenna, are we speaking of the same person? I do not know about you, but I am talking about Andros, my twin. The one who is so conservative that he makes you wear long skirts whenever we wear civilian clothes," Carone shook her head, "I think he would have a fit if he saw you in that dress."

As Jenna frowned and put the dress down on the table, another voice joined in on their conversation, "I couldn't help but overhear your conversation and I think you would look fabulous in that dress."

The two looked across the table and saw two men standing across from them on the other side of the table. One was blue-eyed and blonde, wearing a white T-shirt and jeans. The other one was brown-eyed and black-haired, wearing a green T-shirt and black jean shorts; The one in white had spoken.

"Thanks," Jenna grinned, blushing a bright pink, "You two must be some of the Earth Rangers. I am Jenna and this is," she grabbed her friend, and jerked Carone over to her side, "Carone. I am the Pink Astro Ranger and Carone is the Yellow Astro Ranger."

*Carone! This guy is so fine!!* Jenna mentally spoke to Carone.

*Jenna! I would keep my mouth shut if I were you. You are engaged! You have no right to be looking at other men, but my brother!* Carone telepathically yelled at her.

"Oh," the one in white smiled at Jenna, "You're the Astro Rangers we've been hearing about. I'm Billy, the Light Element Ranger."

"And I'm Zack," the one in green introduced himself, "The Nature Element Ranger."

*Oh my, Zack is god-like fine!* Carone telepathically exclaimed, eyeing Zack Taylor.

*Look who is drooling now!* the red head scolded *You have got a boy toy already. Davius. Now wipe that spit off of your chin!*

*Shut up!* the other girl snapped.

"You know Artemis then?" the blonde piped up, questioning the both of them.

"Yeah," Zack answered, "How'd you know we were from Earth?"

Jenna answered his question. "We knew because you speak in contractions," the two looked at her strangely, "Cindariens do not speak in contractions. We all honor the old ways."

Just as Billy was about to speak up, Andros came running towards the two girls and crashed in Jenna. "Andros!" she cried, watching him as he panted heavily from his running, "What has happened?"

"We, have, to, get to, the, MegaShip, emergency," Andros was interrupted by sister.

"Catch your breath first!" Carone yapped at him.

The Red Astro Ranger took his sister's advice and stopped for a moment to catch his breath, then began again. "We have got to get to the MegaShip. The Astro Rangers have been posted on twenty-four hour surveillance."

"Why?" Jenna insisted; She was actually enjoying herself for once at the market.

"Long story, Jenna. But put short, remember the Kelyian war fighters we encountered earlier?" Andros asked.

"Yes," Carone replied.

"That guard was not who he said he was," he told, his voice monotone, "Now, come on."

"What about us?" Zack chimed; Him and Billy had been standing there listening.

Andros took look at them, and scoffed, "And who are you?"

"Andros," Jenna slapped her fiancé in the arm hard, "Do not go disrespecting them like that. They are two of the rangers from Earth, you ninny!"

"Sorry about that," Andros told quickly, fending off embarrassment, "I am Andros, the Red Astro Ranger and leader of the Astro Rangers. All of the rangers of Earth are to report to my sister right away," he pulled Carone and Jenna away from the table, "We must go now. See you soon!"

Billy walked away from the table and yelled out, "YOU'RE SISTER?"

"ARTEMIS!" Billy heard Andros yell back.

"Shannon's his sister?" Zack queried rhetorically, as he stood next to the Light Ranger.

"We'll ask later," the blonde began to navigate through the crowd and his African-American friend followed, "First, we've gotta get to Shannon!"

* * *

"Scorpio?" the Phantom Ranger called as he materialized in her chamber on Divatox's Subcraft.

"Who is there?" the villianess snapped, emerging from the adjoining room in her red robe.

"No need to fret, love. It is just me," the Phantom stepped into the light to let her see him.

"Love!" the woman squealed running into his arms, "I have not heard from you in some time. Is everything alright?"

Phantom nodded his head. "Of course. I was just busy acquiring the Kelyian war fighters I needed and getting the help of the Entities of Death," he explained, looking into Scorpio's burning red eyes.

"That is where they went off to!" Scorpio exclaimed, the explained, "I have been looking for those three. I wanted to attack Angel Grove; They are practically defenseless right now and when the other six rangers leave for KO-35 later on this week, the Earth will be completely defenseless!"

The evil ranger couldn't help but laugh. "You are eager as ever, are you not?"

"Of course," the red head laid her hand against his helmet, "You must be eager when you are a villain."

"Ah, that reminds me," he paused, "The entities say you have retrieved the other half of the Crystal of Blight."

Scorpio nodded her head. "Alas, that is the truth. Scorpina faired well in her burglary attempt. But I figured that if you are already placing your brilliant plan into motion, why should I interfere if succeeds."

"And if it does not, my love? What then?"

"I have total faith in you, my Phantom," his lover assured him, "And if you do not succeed, I will still love you. It will just be a minor setback in our plans."

"Very well," the Phantom Ranger brushed her cheek lightly with his gloved hand, "I must go now."

Scorpio removed herself from his arms. "Good-bye, my love."

"As to you, sweet one," the Phantom faded out of the chamber.

Chapter Fifty-Eight: "Evasive Maneuvers"

"........Okay, what's one plus one?" Tommy asked Caroline, as they waited for Shannon.

The little girl held her ten fingers in front of her and counted them. "One," she touched her thumb, "another one," she touched her index finger, "One, two!" Caroline recounted her two fingers, "It's two!"

"Smart," the ranger clapped his hands, "Now, what's........." he was cut off by the knocking of the door.

"Can I open it?" Tommy's oldest daughter asked him, her brown eyes pleading.

"Okay," the Zeo Ranger reluctantly said, as he watched her hop off the bed and run towards the door.

Caroline, who was standing on her toes to reach the doorknob, grabbed it in her little hand and turned the metal knob towards her right slowly. Once the door opened, the four-year-old rushed to the doorway to greet Zack and Billy, who were standing in the hall. "Hi, hi!" she sung to the two.

"Well, hello!" Billy greeted, opening the door all the way and scooping Caroline's up into his arms, carrying her inside the room.

"Hey, Tommy," Zack greeted his leader as he shut the door behind himself.

"Hey, guys," Tommy returned, "Why are you two here?"

Billy set Caroline on the ground and told, "Well, we were just at the market and we met up with some of the Astro Rangers: Jenna, Andros, and Carone."

He nodded his head, as Caroline hopped into his lap. "Yeah. The Pink, Red, and Yellow Astro Rangers."

"Right," Zack picked up the explanation, "Andros told us........." once again the Nature Ranger was cut off by a knock at the door.

"I'll get it," the Light Ranger informed the two guys, since he was closest to the door.

He opened the door and immediately bowed his head, "My lady."

Lady Dimitria walked into the room and Tommy and Zack also bowed their heads. "My lady."

"Hmm, I did not expect such a reception, but it will do," she smiled, "Where is Shannon, Tommy?"

"She's....." he was cut off by Shannon.

"I'm right here," the White Zeo Ranger came out of the other room and closed the door behind her, "What do you need, Mother?"

"Your help, more or less," everyone gave her an odd look.

Lady Dimitria explained everything to them about the Phantom Ranger.

"So basically you want us to go and find this Phantom Ranger guy, then either capture him or destroy him?" Zack echoed Lady Dimitria's explanation in his own words.

"Exactly," she nodded her head, "So will you help?"

The White Zeo Ranger, Nature Element Ranger, and Light Element Ranger were all silent for a moment as they looked to Tommy, who was deep in thought, for an answer.

Lifting his head from his hands, the Red Zeo Ranger asked, "What do we do first?"

* * *

"Scanning region now," Davius reported, at he stood at his post on the Astro MegaShip bridge.

"Good," Andros acknowledged, and twisted around to look at Troy, "How are we doing on those sensor sweeps, Troy?"

Troy looked up form the console he was working at. "The sweeps are working seventy-five percent maximum," the Black Astro Ranger frowned, "I think I could get it working up at eighty-five percent maximum, but I would have to use up half of our dilithium crystals supply."

"Do it," Andros ordered him, "Astronema is not the brightest star in the universe, but she knew exactly where to hit and hurt us in the last battle," he looked to Carone, "How are you doing with tracing their ion trails, Carone?"

Carone glanced up at the Red Ranger for a moment. "I got a lock, but it is not one of the best ones. It will take me some time to track the fighters," she declared, and then went back to her work.

"Andros," he looked up from watching Carone, to see Jenna standing right next to him, "I was wondering if I could talk to you alone. I mean, I do not have anything to do since I man the weapons console."

"Jenna," Andros sighed, placing a hand on her arm, "This is not the time. We are working with a big situation here and it needs to be dealt with right away," he explained, hoping she would understand.

Instead of complying with him, Jenna burst into tears right on the spot. "You always say, 'this is not the time'! You always put your duty as a ranger in front of me! When is it going to be MY time, Andros? If you are going to put me behind everything else, then I do not want to marry you! Never ever!" the red head stomped of the bridge, leaving Andros speechless.

Troy, Davius, and Carone were staring at their leader. "What?" the brunette growled at the three.

"Jenna is right, Andros," Troy told his best friend, "You DO put your duty as a ranger in front of her."

"That is nonsense!" he shot back, "I care for Jenna just as much as I care for my duties as a ranger!"

"Just as much?" Davius echoed him, "Only 'just as much'? She should be your top priority."

Carone nodded her head in agreement. "Yeah, Andros. You saw what happened when Artemis fainted. Syryn was right at her side, coaxing her out of her unconscious state," the blonde pointed out.

"I would do that for Jenna," he insisted.

"Then tell her that," Troy chimed, as the three rangers pointed towards the doors that lead out of the bridge.

Andros looked at the three of them. "Alright, but somebody better have something of those war fighters when I come back."


The man laughed as he exited the bridge. "Just joking."

* * *

"That was so fun!" Camellia grinned, as she walked out of the museum an hour later, arm in arm with Ryan.

"Yeah!" Ryan agreed, then chuckled, "I especially loved your reaction when you found out that almost everyone in the museum was staring at us when we kissed. What a one in a million look!"

The brunette slapped Ryan in the arm. "Shut up! That was supposed to be a private moment!" she insisted, jumping off the bottom stair.

"Oh, come on, Cam! We were kissing in a public place! Do you really think we'd get the privacy that you wanted?"

The Yellow Turbo Ranger shrugged. "Maybe," she frowned.

"Uh-huh. And I'm geek," he scoffed.

She gave him a startled look. "You just found out?" the girl ducked a swing from the Green Turbo Ranger, just as their communicators went off.

Ryan activated his and held it up to his mouth. "Ryan here."

"Ryan, this is Tommy. Can you teleport to my room? We're having a meeting in here."

"Sure," he replied the voice, "Ryan out."

"Let's go," Camellia touched her communicator and the two flew away in flashes of green and yellow.

* * *

The green and yellow lights descended into the now quiet, but crowded room of eleven. "Are we the last ones here?" Camellia blushed, looking around herself.

"Uh, is it that obvious, Camellia?" Shannon snapped at her younger sister.

*Something big is up. Shannon just called me Camellia* she thought, taking a seat between Kerry Taylor and Sheryl Stewart.

"Now that everyone's here," the guardian eyed Ryan and Camellia once more, "I can start explaining why we've got an emergency meeting."

The brunette continued to explain their situation with the Phantom Ranger.

"You mean, no more vacation?" Kerry whined, just for the heck of pissing Shannon off; Which she, Tamara, and Sheryl did very well.

"Yes," Shannon yapped, "I wouldn't be whining about losing your vacation, Kerry. My wedding got postponed too."

"Oh, but we don't care about that," Tamara snickered, as objects from all around the room got thrown in her direction.

"Just shut up, Tamara," Liyah snapped at the White Turbo Ranger.

Ignoring the last comment from Tamara, Shannon continued, "This is the way we're gonna split things up. Me, Tommy, Kat, Adam, and Zack are gonna stay down here on KO-35. We're gonna be looking down here for the Phantom," she turned her gaze to Billy, "Billy, you are goin' aboard the Astro Rangers' Astro MegaShip to help out in their search. Work overtime on their sensors, please. You have the best chance in finding those Kelyian war fighters with Astro MegaShip's sensors."

"Right," the Light Ranger nodded his head.

"Turbos, excluding Sheryl, are with us. You guys get to go in your zords and search out in the desert for the Phantom," Shannon looked Liyah's way and got a nod from Red Turbo Ranger.

The White Zeo Ranger looked to Sheryl, "Sheryl, you're by yourself. I want you to take Sky Blazer and start searching for those war fighters in the sky."

"On it," the White Turbo Ranger agreed.

"Great," Tommy took over, "Now, let's get to work. It's almost sunset, so let's get moving!"

* * *

Andros jogged down the gray corridor of the Astro MegaShip, towards Jenna's chamber. "I am so stupid," he muttered to himself, slowing down to a walk as he approached the chamber doors, "I should have known she was going to blow up in my face like that."

Pressing a button on the side to the metal door, he indicated his presence to his fiancé. "Go away, Andros," the Red Astro Ranger heard Jenna's weak voice, then gagging after it.

"I will, once I know you are alright," he told, his voice filled with concern as he listened to more gagging on the other side of the door, "Are you?"

His answer was more gagging. "D.E.C.A," he ordered the ship's computer, "Open the doors to Chamber Five."

Immediately the doors hissed open. "Chamber Five's doors are open," the feminine voice announced.

"Jenna?" Andros stepped into the chamber and looked around, but saw no sign of the red head.

"I am in here," her whispered voice replied from the conjoining room.

Racing into the next room, he found the Pink Astro Ranger leaning against the wall, bent over her sink; The sink filled with the regurgitated contents of her stomach for last twenty-four hours. "Jenna," the brunette was by her side in the blink of an eye and helping the girl over to her bed, "Are you okay?"

"Just fine. Thank you very much, Andros," she snapped harshly, as she laid down onto bed.

Kneeling down next to the bed, Andros began explain, "Look, I know I have not been the best fiancé in the world this last month, but ever since we got back from Kyora, I felt I should start acting like a real leader to this team," he continued before Jenna could fudge a word in, "I mean, if I had not been so involved with you, we would not have been trapped on that jungle of a planet for a week; Not that I regret our time there. So please understand, Jenna. I am truly sorry. My big ego has been getting in the way for quite awhile."

Jenna slowly sat up on the bed and patted a spot on the bed next to her. "Sit down, Andros," she told, a smile forming on her lips.

Andros obeyed and sat down next to her. "What makes you think we needed a REAL leader? We have the best leader any of us could ask for," she lifted his chin up so that he was looking at her and not the gray carpet that had been amusing him, "You, Andros. And do not go saying that you have not been the best fiancé in the last month, because you have. I know blown up in your face more than five times this week alone and you have understood. And you do not ask me any questions when I eat concoctions stranger than Thylian mushrooms."

"I assumed you were experimenting," he chuckled, remembering all the times that Jenna asked the food replicators to make her the strangest delicacies he had ever heard of.

"I was, sort of," her voice became soft.

"Jenna," he whispered, placing his arm around her shoulders and pulling her body closer to his, "What is wrong?"

Jenna bit her lip, trying to decide if she should tell him or not; If her assumptions were right, a lot of things would instantly change in their relationship. "I am pregnant," the Astro Ranger blurted out.

"What?!?!" Andros immediately jumped from the bed into a standing position, "How? I thought we were waiting until our duty as Astro Rangers was over with!"

"You are not happy?" tears began to form in Jenna's eyes as she went into one of her mood swings.

Andros kicked himself mentally. "Of course I'm happy," he sat down again and hugged his new wife, "But when did this happen and where are your spots?"

"It happened when we were on Kyora, remember?" her voice was muffled, while her face remained snuggled against Andros' chest, "And the spots are on the back of my neck."

Checking if she was right, the Red Ranger lifted Jenna's fiery red hair away from her neck and saw little round tan spots all over the Pink Ranger's neck. "Oh, Jenna," his eyes became watery and he placed his head on top of hers, "Why did you not tell me earlier?"

Just as she was about to answer him, Carone's voice came over the ship wide communications system, "Andros, Billy, the Element Ranger we met in the market, has arrived. He is here on the bridge. You might want to come down here. We have found something."

Taking Jenna's hand, he stood up from her bed. "Come on. We have to go," Shannon's brother pulled his wife out of her chamber.

Jenna nodded her head mutely, as they began to walk down the corridor and towards the bridge of the ship.

* * *

"Wow," Sheryl awed as she climbed into Sky Blazer's cockpit, "This sunset is amazing."

"Yes, it is impressive," her zord agreed with her, "But I think the one on Cindaria is much more beautiful."

"You think everything is better on Cindaria," the brunette yapped, staring up at the three moons that hung in the rouge sky while the door above her head closed down, "Besides, you have to admit, the three moons are major cool."

As she strapped herself into the pilot seat, Sheryl listened to her white jet snort, "Well, I guess you're right about that."

"I'm always right, Sky Blazer. What makes you doubt that?" Sheryl replied, as the jet took off from the ground and into the sky.

While her pilot placed her hands onto the console, fiddling around with the sensors, Sky Blazer told, "I'm not going to answer that. I will hurt your feelings if I did."

"How are you gonna hurt my feelings?" the Turbo Ranger questioned.

"Trust me, if I told you, you would hate me, Sheryl," she stated, then shouted suddenly, "Torpedo, eleven o'clock!"

Snapping her head to her left, Sheryl saw the large warhead heading her way. "Ohmigod! Get us out of here, Sky Blazer! Evasive maneuvers!"

Before Sky Blazer had a chance to move, the torpedo flew under the belly of the zord and blew up. "Ugh!" Sheryl gripped the arms of her chair as consoles began to blow up around her.

"Losing.......Main..............Power............" Sky Blazer's voice crackled in the cockpit, as the White Turbo Ranger felt the white jet go into a nose dive.

"Sky Blazer?" she called to her zord frantically, trying to pull up the plane "Sky Blazer! Can you hear me?"

Sheryl's reply was the main console in front of her exploding in her face; Knocking her unconscious as the plane spiraled down towards the nearing ground. The Guardian Saga In The Eyes The Betrayer Chapter Fifty-Nine: "The Truth Always Finds A Way" Written By: WhiteZeo

"Anyone see anything?" Ryan groaned from inside of Desert Thunder.

"Nope," Camellia replied.

"Nothing," Liyah added.

"Nada," Justin chimed.

"Zilch," Kerry responded.

"Zero," Tamara reported.

"I'm sorry I asked," he commented, "Why did Shannon tell us to come out here anyway? I mean, there's nothing but dry dust out here."

"She probably wanted us out of her hair," Kerry answered, "You know Shannon. She never did like the idea of us being rangers."

"But she's coming to terms with it," Justin pointed out, "That's better than just all out hating us."

Listening to the conversation take place around her, Liyah just sat in Red Lighting staring at the controls and screens. "Liyah," Red Lighting queried, "What's wrong with ya, girl? You haven't been yourself lately."

"I'd rather not talk about it, Red," Liyah sulked, while keeping her eyes glued to the console in front of her.

"Come on, Liyah. Talk to me," her zord pushed, "If it helps, I'll turn off all communications coming from here."

The Turbo Ranger sighed, giving in; She was just too depressed to argue. "Go ahead."

"Done," the race car said a moment later, "Now, spills your guts, Liyah. No one can hear, but me."

"I cheated on Justin," the blonde blurted out, "I slept with Tommy when we were on Phaedos."

There was an eerie silence until Red Lighting broke it. "That's a heavy charge. Why would YOU sleep with the Red Zeo Ranger? I just can't picture it, Liyah. It's not you," she paused, "It's more Kaia's style."

"Kaia," the girl questioned, "What does this have to do with my ancestor?"

"Liyah, haven't you visited the museum about the Morphing Masters and Turbo Rangers in Cythera yet?"

"No," she bit her lip, "Why?"

"Back in hay day, when Morphing Masters still existed, Artemis and Syryn were lovers and Kaia was Artemis' most trusted friend."

"Yeah. I remember that."

"But do you remember the heated nights Kaia and Syryn would spend when Artemis was away, Liyah? Kaia betrayed her friend and with her betrayal came the fall of the Morphing Masters. Artemis knew what was going on between Kaia and Syryn, but did not say anything. Instead, she withdrew as the leader of the Morphing Masters. When Zordon learned of what caused her to do so, he disband the Morphing Masters all together."

Liyah nodded her head as she remembered. "Then Artemis left Syryn without a word and he came running to me. Kaia. And I comforted him with my love."

"Exactly," Red Lighting agreed.

"It's like we're reliving those moments all over again," Liyah awed, realizing what she hadn't before, "Wait! Do you know if Syryn and Kaia had sex the first time they spent a 'heated night' together, Red?"

Her zord gasped at the thought. "I'm pretty sure they just kissed a lot, Liyah. Nothing more," she told her driver slowly.

"Thanks the gods!" Liyah screamed, just as she began to hear a beeping sound, "What's that sound, Red?"

"It's an emergency distress call..............From Sky Blazer!"

* * *

Minutes later, after Liyah told the other five Turbo Rangers about the emergency distress call, the six Turbo cars arrived on the scene of Sky Blazer's fiery wreckage.

The first one to reach the site, Justin ran over to the twisted metal that was the White Turbo Ranger's zord and started to pull the cockpit door open. "Sheryl! Sheryl! Sheryl!" he cried at the top of his lungs for his sister.

With the help of Ryan and Kerry, Justin managed to pull of the cockpit door and climb into the cockpit itself.

As Justin worked frantically to free his twin from the damaged cockpit, Liyah called Shannon on her communicator. "Shannon," she spoke into her communicator, while sweat beaded down her forehead in the excruciating heat of the desert, "Shannon, come in."

"Shannon here, Liyah," the White Zeo Ranger's voice answered her after a moment.

"Shannon, the six of us are here in the desert and we got a emergency distress call from Sky Blazer. We're at the crash site right now, trying to free Sheryl from the remains of Sky Blazer. I think you and the others should get down here," Liyah explained quickly, as she heard a loud crash from behind her and Justin's wails of happiness.

"Alright, we'll be there as soon as possible. Shannon out."

Dropping her wrist, the blonde turned her gaze on the wreckage once again as Dune Star watered down what was left of the fire. *Oh, Lady Of The Sun, please say he found her* she prayed mentally.

As if reading the Red Turbo Ranger's thoughts, Tamara called out, "Jay, did ya find her yet?"

"Yeah, but she's in bad shape and out cold," Justin's dirt covered face peeked out from the cockpit and glanced at his girlfriend, "Did you call the others, Liyah?"

"Yes, I did," she swallowed hard, trying to avoid blurting out what she wanted to so badly.

Just then, four lights of green, pink, red, and white appeared and materialized into Adam, Kat, Tommy, and Shannon.

"What happened?" Tommy cried, as his eyes immediately fell upon the sight of the crash, "Where's Sheryl?"

"In here," the Blue Turbo Ranger called out from his vantage point in the wreckage, "I think we're gonna have to do a long distance teleport to the Power Chamber. She's got several cracked ribs and broken bones. Not to mention she has minor internal bleeding."

Shannon's bright blue eyes turned ice blue at the words of the younger ranger. "Set it up, Justin. Call Zordon. I want all the Turbo Rangers going back to Earth with Sher also," she ordered. *I will find out who did this to ya, Sheryl* she swore mentally.

Walking away from the zord and towards her fiancé, who was talking with Liyah, the guardian accidentally picked up bits of a conversation she was never supposed to hear.

"No, Liyah!" the Zeo Ranger yelled quietly, "I won't tell Shannon! I won't!"

"But, Tommy," the Turbo Ranger's voice pleaded, "I can't keep this charade up forever! It's getting to the point where Justin knows something is up!"

Shannon then heard a deep growl, which she assumed came from Tommy. "No means no, Liyah!" he yapped, "We swore on it remember? Ninja and Ninjetti's word."

Lowering her voice even lower, Liyah whispered, "But don't you think we would have woken up without any clothes on, IF, and that's a big 'if', we had slept together! Common sense, Tommy! Common sense!"

Right then, was when the brunette chose to draw the line. "You two slept together?!?!?!" she screamed at the two, jumping into their conversation.

The next thing she heard was a chorus of, "What?!?!" from the other rangers working on the long distance teleportation project.

Glancing at Tommy's face, Shannon saw he looked like he was a little kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. On the opposite end, looking to Liyah, she looked rather relieved. If Shannon could look at herself she knew what her face looked like; Angry, and not because she had been betrayed, but more so because Tommy didn't come clean with the truth earlier.

"It wasn't my fault," Tommy immediately defended himself.

"Uh-huh, I can believe that," the White Ranger growled.

"But he's right, Shannon!" Liyah interrupted, "It wasn't our fault! Besides we didn't even sleep together," she was silent for a moment, "We just kissed a lot."

Kat shook her head at her sister. "You are sick, Liyah," she scolded.

"I wouldn't be talking, Katherine!" the younger girl yapped back, "You're the one who has been cheating on Rocky with Adam for the past month!"

"What?!?!" Shannon and Tommy stopped arguing among themselves and looked to Kat and Adam, who were blushing.

There was a long period of silence, until Justin's dirt and tear streaked face peeked out from the cockpit and announced coldly, "Everything's been set up, Shannon. We're ready to teleport whenever you want us to."

"Teleport right now, Justin," Shannon's voice was half calm and half furious, "Go right now, Justin."

Without another word, a rainbow of lights flew way from the desert leaving only Kat, Adam, Tommy, and Shannon alone.

"You guys got some explaining to do," the Red Ranger declared.

As they teleported away, Shannon thought to herself *Yeah. They do and so do you, Tommy Oliver.............*

* * *

"What did you find?" Andros asked, as he walked onto the bridge of the MegaShip.

"This," Troy reported, as the view screen showed one of the four Kelyi fighters, "It is orbiting the planet."

Twisting around in her seat, Carone looked to her brother and added, "We detected a torpedo launch from it about two minutes ago."

"Where was it headed?" the Red Astro Ranger queried, his eyes glued to the view screen.

"Sensors picked up an explosion over the Alkerian Desert," Davius explained, "I do not think that anything was hit."

The brunette with blonde streaks running through his hair, spun around and glanced at the Blue Ranger. "What do you mean, 'I think'?"

Just then, Billy chose to speak up. "I got the sensors working on full capacity, but they're mainly concentrated on space. The readings above the planet are a little distorted, so we don't have a real clear reading."

Nodding his head, Andros ordered, "Hail the lone fighter, Carone."

A second later, the Phantom Ranger appeared on the screen. "Leave this system right now, Phantom," the leader of the Astro Rangers barked at the picture.

"So, now you know who I am," he laughed, "Too bad it will not help you. Entities, attack!"

"Entities?" Billy queried the evil ranger on the screen, "You brought the entities with you?"

As if to confirm his words, red, black, and blue auras rose from the floor of the bridge and revealed Annihilation, Demise, and Perish. "Long time, no see, Light Ranger!" Annihilation yapped, immediately pouncing on the stunned Element.

While the female entity had her fun, Demise and Perish eyed the other five rangers with hungry eyes. "Which ones should we feast on first?" Perish eyed Carone with his black 'eyes'.

"Whatever," Demise dismissed as he approached Jenna, "Personally, I don't really care."

"I do not think so," Andros snapped, flicking his wrist, "Let's rocket!"

The five Astro Rangers morphed quickly. "Now what do ya think!" Davius barked at Demise.

The head entity threw his head back and let out an banshee scream that brought the five to their knees. "That is what I think," he sneered, kicking the Blue Astro Ranger in the stomach with his black boot.

"Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh........" he moaned, sagging down to the floor.

"DAVIUS!" Carone cried out, jumping up from her position and knocking Demise down to the floor, "You JERK! You BASTARD! You SON OF A BITCH! You............."

Before the Yellow Astro Ranger could voice some more of her opinions, Perish shoved his translucent hand into her back and pulled it out quickly; Causing the ranger to go unconscious.

Lifting the woman off of his body and rolling her to the side, Demise grunted, "It was about time, Perish!"

"Excuse me for enjoying the moment," he sarcastically spat back.

Standing up, Demise scanned the MegaShip bridge quickly.

In one corner, Annihilation was choking Billy and at the front of the room, where he stood, lay the two unconscious Astro Rangers, but that was it. Grabbing the blue-haired entity by the collar of his bodysuit, the other male entity yelled quietly, "Where are the other three Astro Rangers?!?!"

* * *

Andros, Jenna, and Troy all sighed in relief as they watched Perish and Demise run off of the ship's bridge and into the corridor. *Thank the gods for blessing us with telepathy and telekinesis* Jenna mentally thanked.

*Thank the gods* Troy agreed telepathically.

*We can thank the gods later* the last Astro Ranger interrupted *First we get off of the ceiling and help Billy.*

*Right* the two replied in unison.

Slowly and silently, the three descended from their 'perch' and landed on the floor. *Jenna, are you ready?* Andros questioned the Pink Astro Ranger.

*Satellite Stunner, at the ready* she reported.

*Good* he acknowledged. "Hey, you!"

Just as he had hoped, Annihilation turned her attention from choking the Light Ranger to the three spandex clad warriors. "What do you want?" she hissed, dropping Billy from her grasp and examining the Red Ranger from head to toe, "Forget what you want," the red head licked her lips while contemplating how could good Andros would taste, "This is all about what I want.........."

Before Annihilation could say anything, the natural brunette yelled, "NOW!"

"Satellite Stunner!" Jenna called, whipping a miniature pick satellite weapon from behind her back and targeting the entity, "Fire!"

Pink ripples of energy began to emanate from the Pink Ranger's weapon and hit the female entity square in the chest. "Ugh!" she grunted, falling to the ground, "Next time, Astro Rangers!"

With her fighting words, Annihilation disappeared into a mist of red.

Rushing over to Billy, the three helped him stand up form the ground. "Are you okay, Billy?" Troy asked the blonde.

"Yeah," he nodded his head slowly, "I really hate that bitch."

The trio of Astros couldn't help but laugh at the remark.

* * *

"So you have fought against these entities before?" Andros inquired the Element Ranger ten minutes later, as they walked down the gray corridors of the Astro MegaShip.

"Yeah," the morphed Billy answered, "They're hard to beat when they work together, but if there are only two of them or even one and you know how to hit one of their nerves, it's quite easy to take them out."

"Really, Billy?" a voice called out from behind the four.

They all spun around to see the other two entities standing behind them; Perish had been the one to speak. "Yeah, really," he replied, folding his arms across his chest, "Annihilation was really easy to take out," he paused, adding a lot of bravado to his voice, "Yup. We won't EVER hear from her again."

Almost immediately after the words left the Original Blue Ranger's lips, Demise disappeared in an aura of black. "Dammit, Demise!" Perish cursed, watching the other entity go, "Wait for me!" the blue-clad followed his leader in an aura of blue.

Turning to the other three Astro Rangers, he chuckled, "See, wasn't that easy?"

* * *

"FOOLS!" the Phantom Ranger cried, "Why did you leave the MegaShip?"

"The Light Ranger told us Annihilation was dead and Demise ran," Perish spat, as the four Kelyi war fighters raced back towards Earth at top speed; The journey to Earth taking at least threee days at top speed.

"Shut up, Perish!" Annihilation barked from her fighter, "You didn't help any, if not at all, when we were on the ship!"

"As they say on Earth, Annihilation, 'Them fighting words'," Perish growled harshly, then added, "Then again, why are you defending a loser like Demise!"

Suddenly, the last entity jumped into the argument. "Dare you call me a loser, Perish!" he snapped, "Look who's talking! The entity who couldn't score with another entity, so he had to turn to humanoids!"

Before anybody could say anything else, the Phantom silenced all the voices. "QUIET!" he paused, as silence descended, "Now, I do not care who did what, but you three ruined a perfectly good plan! As far as I know, I will NEVER EVER work with you entities again!"

* * *

Chapter Sixty: "Can You Forgive Me?"

Three days later, after everything settled down, Shannon was still in shrouded in the muck of her mind.

She didn't understand so many of the reasons for the revelations she had been told in the amount of twenty-four hours. The only thing she seemed to understand was her feelings that she was fighting off; Hurt, anguish, and most of all, betrayal.

So that's why she walked into the Shrine of the Lady Of Clarity. The White Zeo Ranger badly needed the goddess' guidance that she thought no one else could give her. "Hello?" the brunette called out, her voice bouncing off of the walls and echoing.

No one answering her call, she shrugged to herself and proceeded to walk down the hall.

Once she reached the prayer chamber, the Zeo Guardian quickly removed her shoes and grabbed a holy cloak off of the rack along the wall next to the door. Wrapping herself in the white cloak, she continued into the room.

Coming to the painting of the beautiful goddess, she awed for a moment. Lady Of Clarity was covered on a flowing gown of white; The purest and most sacred color to Cindariens. Her hair, which was also the purest color of white, flowed past her shoulders, melting in with her gown. Her eyes were a clear blue, understanding shining in them.

In front of the painting was a table where there were several unlit and lit candles. Taking one of the lit candles into her hands, she kneeled down onto her knees. "Lady Of Clarity," Shannon began to pray, her head down and her face looking at the candle's small flame, "I pray to you for the gifts of intelligence and cognition to fully understand the reasons behind the many revelations that have been revealed in my presence.

"My husband of four years, Syryn, has been rather loyal to me every step of the way," she began to explain, "But now, once again, I have learned that he has betrayed me. Worse yet, with Kaia, again. I do not understand why he would do this because I have never neglected him or rejected his love before. Why has he executed this horrible crime?

"Then, I learn that Katherine and Adam, two noble Cindarien souls, have betrayed THEIR lovers for each other. Why is that? Why did I not see the signs before it was too late?"

"Lastly, I learned that the Phantom Ranger, once a noble servant to the side of light and goodness, defected to the side of darkness and evil seven-five years ago causing the bloody 'War Of Betrayal'. Why is that? Why does betrayal appear to the left of me and to the right of me, my goddess?"

Finishing of her request and prayer, she added, "Also if it is not a hassle, Lady Clarity, I seek to understand Scorpio. Some times I believe she embodies the devil itself, while at other times I believe she could change to the side of light and goodness if she was given the chance. Why is that? Why is she so?"

Once she finished, the Zeo Ranger immediately blew out her candle and whispered, "Servant to the side of goodness and light forever more, Artemis."

Setting down the candle back down on the table, another voice whispered, "You have come for clarity also?"

Pulling the cloak tightly around her shoulders, Shannon stood up and turned around to face Dulcea. "Dulcea," a smile found its way onto her lips, "What are you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same, now can I, dear Artemis?" Dulcea queried, mimicking the girl's smile.

"I needed to understand some of the reasons for some of the things that have been going on lately," she explained, her smile changing to a frown.

"Meaning, why did Syryn betray you again? Correct?" the warrior half asked, half stated.

The ranger nodded her head solemnly, as she felt her pain rising within her until she just couldn't hold it back anymore. "Oh, Dulcea," she broke down and began sobbing uncontrollably, "Why did he do it? I hurt so much! I don't even know if I love him anymore!"

"Hush, my sister," Dulcea gathered the broken girl into her arms and rocked her back and forth, "Do not say such words! You do love him! It is just the memories," she laid her head on top of her brown hair, "It is hard to battle memories. Memories that do not even belong him. You must learn to forgive and forget. Just like he did for you when you betrayed him. When you do, you will see in the eyes of the betrayer the love that was meant for you. "

The two women stood like that, Shannon being comforted by her ancestor's older, wiser, and loving sister.

* * *

Liyah walked towards the sand playground in Angel Grove Park, where she was supposed to meet Justin.

As she neared it, she saw the her boyfriend sitting on the jungle gym in the sand, exactly where they had first kissed. He had a sad, solemn expression on his face as he waited for her.

Mustering up enough strength, Liyah belted out happily, "Hey, Justin!"

All she got was a cold, "Hi."

Climbing up where he was sitting, she sat down next to him and asked sweetly, "What's wrong, Justin?"

Justin lifted his head from his hands and gave the blonde a cold glare. "What's wrong, Liyah?" he laughed bitterly, "What's wrong? YOU TELL ME WHAT'S WRONG?!?!?!"

The Red Ranger jerked back suddenly as the boy vented his anger on her. Never once, had she ever heard Justin yell at her in the two years she had known him. "It's over, Liyah," she heard him mutter, while fighting back her own tears.

"What?" Liyah looked at him, her vision blurred, "You're kidding, right? Ha ha. Funny, Justin. Very funny," the girl laughed through her tears.

He grabbed her shoulders and shook her out of her daze. "I'm not kidding, Liyah. It's over. Finished. The end. Kaput. Dead," Justin growled in her face, tears threatening to spill over from his eyes.

Wiping her tears away, the Australian native looked away for a moment, mumbling, "Why?"

"What do you think, Liyah?" the Blue Turbo Ranger queried sharply, "You think I'm gonna forgive you the same simple way that Shannon will eventually forgive Tommy? Or Tanya will Adam and Rocky will Kat? I think not," he paused, as he jumped off the jungle gym and into the sand, "Their love is meant to be. For a time, I thought ours was, too. But I guess I was wrong. Even after everything we've gone through, it ends at this."

As he began to run away, Liyah screamed out to him, pain filling her beautiful, "I LOVE YOU, JUSTIN!!"

Watching him run farther away, she heard him answer, "Bullshit, Liyah. Your love is bullshit to me now.........................."

* * *

"Go away!" Katherine yelled, as someone knocked on her room door loudly.

Returning her bury her face into the wet pillow laying on the bed, a strong and demanding voice commanded, "You will open this door right now, Katherine Hillard!"

"NO!" she yapped back at the voice.

"Then you leave me no choice," the voice replied.

A moment later, a blue flash of light materialized in her guest room, revealing Rocky DeSantos. "You've been running away from me long enough, Kat. It ends here," he told her, moving towards the bed.

Instantly, she jumped from the bed and sprinted for the door, but her boyfriend caught her by the wrists, preventing her from fleeing. "Let me go, Rock," the Pink Ranger pleaded, tears streaming down her face yet again, "Just let me go."

Hoping he would, she was surprised when a, "No," was barked in her face by Rocky, "I won't let go and I won't leave you alone until you tell me WHY you're running away from me and WHY Shannon called me here."

"I can't tell you," she struggled in his grip, "Now, please leave me be, Rocky. You know I love you."

Rocky nodded his head in the negative. "You can't tell me that the reason you're running away from me is because you and Adam were cheating on me and Tanya? And then you can't tell me that the reason Shannon called me here was so that YOU could tell me instead of making her the carrier of the news?"

Kat immediately stopped struggling and collapsed to the ground, into another storm of tears. "I didn't mean to, Rocky," she explained through her sobs, "It was all a mistake; A BIG mistake. I really love you, no lies. I never loved Tommy the way I love you."

Her last sentence hitting home in his heart, the Zeo Ranger sat down on the floor and cradled Kat in his arms. "I still love you, Kat, even though I don't understand why. I should be mad right now, but I can't think of anything but loving you," he lifted her head up, so that her red eyes were looking into his brown ones, "If you're pleading for the words, Kat, here they are: I forgive you. I'll always forgive you, because I'll always love you."

Leaning down, Rocky's lips met Kat's in a warm and intimate kiss.

* * *

"You failed, my love," Scorpio stated the obvious as the evil ranger walked into her chamber.

"I did, did I not, Scorpio," he removed his helmet and threw it to the floor with a thud, "Those incompetent entities. I swear I will never ask them to work with me ever again."

Stopping his musing, Scorpio placed her lips against his in a passionate kiss. "Do not worry, my Phantom," she placed her hand on his cheek, "You failed, but that is more than alright."

"My failing is alright with you?" he queried.

Scorpio shook her head. "You see, I have received word Auora that dear Brother Vile and dear Sister Electra are on their way to Earth with their lovely children," she grinned devilishly, "Hopefully with their strengthened help, we will be able to destroy those wretched rangers once and for all.............."

* * *

Tanya Sloan stood there, staring at Adam as he admitted to what she fretted the most: Him and her best friend cheating on Rocky and her. "I'm sorry, Tanya," Adam reached out and took her hand into his, "I am so sorry."

Holding back her emotions, she grabbed a chair and sat down, while she whispered, "I should be crying, ya know, Adam?" the Yellow Ranger removed her hand from Adam's grip gently, "But it just doesn't seem appropriate and I don't think it'd do me any good.

"And as much as I love you, Adam Park, I had trust for you. Trust that I thought you wouldn't betray," she clasped her hands and placed them in her lap, "But yet you did. Now what do I do?"

"Forgive me?" the Green Zeo Ranger shrugged innocently, while praying in his mind.

Tanya shook her head. "Forgive?" she let out a rueful chuckle, "How can you forgive one you don't trust, Adam? Do you know how?"

He was silent.

"Because if you did know, I would forgive you right away," she locked her gaze on him, "I want to forgive you, Adam. But you have to earn it, just like you're gonna earn my trust again."

Looking down at her hand, she store at the Zeo ring that sat there. "See this," she fisted her hand and shook it at Adam, "This ring represents united power as well as united love," a sigh escaped the ranger's lips, "You know. I know. There's no use hiding it. We're meant to be, Adam. The first time I met you, I felt it."

Standing up from her chair, she sat down next her boyfriend on his bed and whispered, "I'll always love you. Nothing's gonna change that."

"I hope so," he replied, pulling her into a hug.

* * *

"Perfect," Tommy told himself, as he stood in the middle of the room, "Just perfect."

With a little help from Kimberly Anne Hart, who had come from Earth at Tommy's begging, the Red Ranger had managed to 'spruce' up the room as part of his 'Please Forgive Me, Shannon' campaign.

With the windows closed and the lights off, he had placed many lit candles about the room. Red rose petals were littered all over the floor and a large vase of red and white roses sat on the dresser next to the CD player Kimberly had brought for him. In addition, he had gotten Kimberly to bring him some of his old clothes from his White Ranger days, and was wearing that instead of his usual red attire.

As if on cue, the door knob turned and Shannon opened the door. "Tom..................." she stopped herself short as she looked at the room, then looked at Tommy.

"Hello," he greeted her with a kiss on the cheek.

"What are you doing, Tommy?" she inquired, while closing the door behind her, "And what are you wearing?"

He frowned, pulling gently at his white T-shirt. "You don't like it?

"No, no," she clarified, while examining his clothes, "I like it. It's just really.........different."

There was silence between the two, until the both of them couldn't stand it and blurted in unison, "I'm sorry."

Looking at each other for a moment, they laughed. "I'm sorry," Tommy repeated again, taking Shannon's hand into his, "I shouldn't have betrayed you the way I did. It's just that you were so happy after Sean and 'Kala were born; I didn't want to spoil your moment. I just didn't want to tell you," he paused, "I didn't want to hurt you."

"But you ended up hurting me anyway, didn't you?" she questioned rhetorically, as she gnawed on her bottom lip, "If you just told me right away, it would've been better. We wouldn't be in this situation."

"Very true," he agreed, then added, "Dance with me."

"What?" a smile tugged at White Ranger's lips, as Tommy quickly turned the CD player.

"Please," he asked again, returning to her.

"Oh, okay," she gave in easily, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Very well," her fiancé chimed, encircling his arms around her, still, small waist, "How come after having three children, you're still that skinny little girl I remember meeting when I was three years old?"

"It's in the genes," she smirked, swaying to the music, "Now shut up and dance."

With her words, Tommy shut his mouth and began to move to the meaningful ballad.

I could stay awake just to hear you breathing
Watch you smile while you are sleeping
While you're far away dreaming
I could spend my life in this sweet surrender
I could stay lost in this moment forever
Every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure

Don't want to close my eyes
I don't want to fall asleep
Cause I'd miss you baby
And I don't want to miss a thing
Cause even when I dream of you
The sweetest dream will never do
I'd still miss you baby
And I don't want to miss a thing

Lying close to you feeling your heart beating
And I'm wondering what you're dreaming
Wondering if it's me you're seeing
Then I kiss your eyes
And thank God we're together
I just want to stay with you in this moment forever
Forever and ever

Don't want to close my eyes
I don't want to fall asleep
Cause I'd miss you baby
And I don't want to miss a thing
Cause even when I dream of you
The sweetest dream will never do
I'd still miss you baby
And I don't want to miss a thing

I don't want to miss one smile
I don't want to miss one kiss
I just want to be with you
Right here with you, just like this
I just want to hold you close
Feel your heart so close to mine
And just stay here in this moment
For all the rest of time

Don't want to close my eyes
I don't want to fall asleep
Cause I'd miss you baby
And I don't want to miss a thing
Cause even when I dream of you
The sweetest dream will never do
I'd still miss you baby
And I don't want to miss a thing

Don't want to close my eyes
I don't want to fall asleep
Cause I'd miss you baby
And I don't want to miss a thing
Cause even when I dream of you
The sweetest dream will never do
I'd still miss you baby
And I don't want to miss a thing

Don't want to close my eyes
I don't want to fall asleep
I don't want to miss a thing

* * *

"You look beautiful, Artemis," Dulcea admired, standing next to Shannon as she looked at herself in the mirror.

The brunette glanced at the blonde for a moment, then at her reflection in the mirror. "Yeah, I guess I do," she agreed, smoothing out the full white tulle skirt she wore.

"You know, Dulcea," she continued to speak, as Dulcea helped her place the veil on her head, "I never thanked you for..........Well, being there for me two days ago."

"No need to thank me, Artemis," Dulcea smiled, "You are my sister's ancestor. My sister, in way, lives within you. You are my sister. And when my sister is in pain, I am always there for her."

"Thank you, Dulcea," she hugged the fully dressed master warrior, as a knock came to the room's door.

Opening a crack, Kimberly crept into the room in a simple yet elegant violet dress that cut off a little before her knees. "You ready to go, Shannon?" she asked her best friend.

The White Zeo Ranger sighed wistfully. "As I'll ever be, Kim. As I'll ever be."

"Come on, let's go then," the Sound Ranger opened the door all the way and Shannon made her way towards the door.

Stopping for a moment, the bride turned to look back at her ancestor's sister. "Aren't you coming, Dulcea?"

"I as much I would, I must go, Artemis," Dulcea began to fade away into a white aura, "Be well, my dear sister," her words echoed for a moment as she disappeared from sight totally.

"I will, sister," she whispered, then spun around, "Let's get going, Kim. Before Tommy gets antsy at the altar."

The two girls laughed together, as Shannon mentally thought *Finally, after so long of wanting this, it's actually happening!*

*Finally, Sweetcheeks* Tommy's telepathic voice agreed with her, as Shannon made her way to the aisle that would lead her to marriage to the man she knew she loved, absolutely no doubts.

The End... for now

Will the rangers see the Phantom Ranger again? Will Sheryl be alright? What will happen to Liyah and Justin? Will Tommy and Shannon's marriage FINALLY last? Find out in, "Imminent Departure."