Disclaimer : This story takes place after "Lights, Camera, Death!". Note also that the Shacrom is used in this story. Xena fans should know what I'm talking about, but if you don't, here's an description. The Shacrom is sort of a frisbee of wood. It has a circle in the middle of it, a sharp outer edge, and it's about as big as your hand. That's also where the idea for the Martial Art, Shacrom, came from. Thanks Xena! One more thing, the song "Because You Loved Me" belongs to Celine Dion, "Long December" belongs to the band, Counting Crows, "Don't Speak" belongs to the band, No Doubt, and "How Do I Live" belongs to Leann Rimes. Now read my story! :)

Red and White Engagement
by: WhiteZeo

A November brisk breeze passed the faces of Katherine Hillard {Kat}, Tanya Sloan, and Shannon Kassandra Kaze. The three teenage girls were sitting in the park, after a picnic, watching the guys: Tommy Oliver, Rocky De Santos, and Adam Park, playing football.

Kat was the deepest into the watching, staring straight at Rocky. *His sandy brown hair, his puppy brown eyes, and his sweetness. Ohhhh, he's so fine! Maybe even finer than Tommy. But I'm nothing compared to him. Flat blonde hair, dull blue eyes, and totally boring.*

* * *

While Kat was doing that, Rocky, Adam, and Tommy had started a game of pickle, with the football. Tommy was in the middle and Rocky and Adam were on the outside. *I wonder what she''s thinking about* Rocky wondered in his head. *I mean, Kat is so smart and beautiful, how could I ever stand up to her and tell her how I have felt ever since I laid eyes on her.*

* * *

Going back to the girls, Kat was total zoned out on Rocky. "Hello? Kat? Are you there?" Shannon's voice brought her back out of her deep trance.

"Oh, yeah. I'm here. What's wrong?" Kat answered, ever wanting to go back to boy gazing.

"Have you heard anything we have said in the last five minutes?" Tanya questioned her best friend.

"Ummm....Yeah! You guys were talking about the Winter Dance?" she tried answering.

"Yeah....But Kat," Tanya gestured over towards Rocky, "We know."

"Oh fine, then. Drag it out of me. I like Rocky. I can't help it. He's just so...so...him!" Kat burst.

"Girlfriend, we didn't drag it outa ya. We could see you had 'Rocky on the mind', real bad." Shannon explained, in her words.

The three went back to watching the game. Adam threw the football at Rocky, who was daydreaming, while Tommy was running straight at him. The ball reached Rocky before Tommy did, and nailed him in the side of the head. Rocky just flopped to the ground.

"Ohmigosh!" Kat cried as they ran over to him.

Tommy and Adam were by his side when the girls got there. "Come on, Rocky! Wake up!" Tommy told his friend, as he tried waking him up.

"Tommy, where's that steak I told you to bring?" Shannon asked.

"In the cooler," Tommy told her.

"Steak?" Tanya wondered.

"Yeah, to reduce the swelling on Rocky's head. Do you mind getting it?" Shannon inquired Tanya.

"No. Not at all, girl." Tanya called back to Shannon as she ran over to the cooler.

She went into the cooler and got the red steak. Tanya brought it over with no trouble and handed it over to Kat, who laid it on Rocky's swelling bump on the left side of his head.

After a few minutes, Rocky's eyes opened a little and he wobbly said, "Wow..........I finally got a date with Kat. That was one hell of a kiss!"

Kat blushed a bright pink, just like her shirt, and Tanya and Shannon just giggled to themselves. Tommy and Adam stood over their friend, puzzled. The next thing they heard out of Rocky's mouth was hilarious. "Look! The Power Rangers are flying! Why are the White and Red Zeo Rangers on top of each other?"

Kat, Adam, and Tanya were howling with laughter and Tommy and Shannon were blushing the same color as Tommy's Zeo crystal.

Adam held two fingers in front of Rocky's face, "How many fingers am I holding up?"

"One little, two little, three little Power Rangers...........Five little, eight little, six little Power Rangers," Rocky mumbled off.

"We'd better get him to come back to reality, before he reveals our identities," Shannon strongly suggested.

"I second that," Tanya agreed.

"Geez, he can't even count to ten," Tommy muttered, as Adam and him pulled Rocky up from the grass and carried him over where they were sitting.

They propped him up against the tree and few minutes later, Rocky came back to reality. "Are you okay?" Kat asked with a worried tone.

"Yeah, I got a splitting headache, but other than that I'm fine," Rocky replied, holding his head.

"Do you have any idea what you've said in the last six minutes?" Adam stifled a giggle.

"I guess. I was counting Power Rangers and I saw the Power Rangers flying. The strangest thing, the Red and White Rangers were on top of........," Rocky stopped himself as he saw Tommy and Shannon beet red and the rest of them laughing like hyenas.

"Oh.....I'm really sorry guys. I didn't mean to blurt it out...."

"It's really okay, Rocky. After all I'm looking forward to the next hallucination you had." Shannon smirked at her boyfriend and Tommy nodded.

"Then I saw Kat hovering over me and.......," Rocky suddenly realized what he had said before, "Oh, shit!"

"Go on Rocky. What were you saying?" Tanya teased.

Rocky had frozen stiff, blushing immensely, and so was Kat. Tommy, Tanya, Adam, and Shannon were rolling over in laughter, remembering what Rocky had said.

Once they had control over themselves again, Tommy stood up. "Uhhh.....We'd better get the football, so we can go." Tommy winked at Shannon and she winked back.

The guys walked away from the picnic scene to get the football, while Shannon and Tanya had a 'girl talk' with Kat. "Why don't you tell him how you feel? It obvious he has the same feelings." Tanya asked.

"'Cause he's to good for me. He's so different and I'm so plain! And what if he doesn't feel the same way towards me?" Kat exclaimed, not hearing Tanya's last statement.

Shannon looked at her friend sympathetically and shook her head, "Kat, Tanya just mentioned that he's got the hots for you."


"Anyways, if he didn't like you he wouldn't have mentioned your name in his hallucination. For all we know he could have mentioned Adam or Tommy," Shannon told Kat, assuringly, letting out a small giggle as she imagined what would have happened if Rocky had mentioned their names instead.

* * *

While the girls had their 'girl talk', Tommy and Adam had a 'guy talk' with Rocky. "Eh....Rocko? We know you have feelings for Kat," Tommy told him as gently as he could, not being the most gentle of the tight-knit group.

"Am I that readable? Maybe I should have it tattooed across my head; 'I'm head over heels in love with Katherine Hillard'," Rocky remarked.

"Man, it's not that bad. It's just that you mentioned her in your hallucination," Adam told the Blue Ranger.

"It's just that she's too good for me. To me, she's a beautiful goddess, and I'm just a mere mortal," Rocky described.

"Whoa....Hold your horses, Rocky. DO NOT, say that. Last time I did, Jungle fever struck Shannon, HARD," Tommy held him back, nodding his head towards brunette girl.

"You're kidding?" Adam asked, wide-eyed.

"Nope. Why don't you just ask her to the Winter Dance for now?" Tommy slowly suggested.

"Maybe I will," Rocky told his friends as he picked up the football and headed back towards the girls.

* * *

The guys were walking back as the girls were cleaning up and packing everything.

Rocky approached Kat and asked her, "Can I talk to you, Kat? Alone?"

Kat looked back and Shannon and she told her, "Go ahead. We can hold down the fort."

Rocky walked away from the group and Kat followed. He stopped near a group of trees. "Did you want something, Rocky?" Kat wondered, with the slightest hunch.

Rocky stood silent for a moment, hesitated, then blurted it out, "Do you'd want to go to the Winter Dance with me?"

Kat looked at bit shocked, but answered delightfully, "Of course...I mean, I'd love to!"

* * *
Chapter Sixteen: "Dancing the Night Away"

The Winter Dance was the same night and Kat was extremo happy.

Tanya and Kat were at Shannon's house getting ready for the dance. Shannon was going with Tommy, Tanya was going with Adam, and obviously, Kat was going with Rocky.

They were all hiding from each other in different rooms. Shannon was in her own room, Kat was in Caroline's room, and Tanya was in the guest room.

After hiding for about an hour, they all came out admiring each other's 'look'.

"You look stunning, Kat!" Shannon admired.

Kat wore a silk pink gown that went straight down to her dark pink pumps. The thin spaghetti straps of her gown, crossed at the top of her chest and went around her neck, like a choker. Her blonde hair was up on top of her head in an intricate bun with a simple blue pin holding it all together. Kat's blonde bangs spilled off her head, hanging in an 'authentic' look.

"Tanya, you look great!" Kat complimented her best friend.

Tanya wore a yellow velvet dress. It came down to her mid-thigh, exposing her beautiful legs and her dark yellow pumps. The spaghetti straps that held her dress, crossed at the back and came straight down in the front. Her cocoa colored hair was in an inverted ponytail, held by a dark green music note clip.

"Girl, that dress is bound to get guys flocking towards you!" Tanya teased and complimented Shannon.

Shannon wore a satin white gown. The strapless gown went down to her pearl white pumps. At each side of the gown, at the bottom, were small slits that led up to embroidered red roses. The gown hugged all of her curves, which made it look even better on Shannon. The auburn curls that usually hung over Shannon's shoulders were simply pinned back with a glittering rose pin.

"I still can't believe Kim went to Karther Island last week. I mean, she's gonna miss this dance!" Kat exclaimed, adding eye shadow to her eyelids.

"I think it's the best for Kim. She wouldn't want to be at this dance without Jason, and to add to it she got Caroline out of my hair for awhile," Shannon paused, smoothing out her gown and going back into her room, "Don't get me wrong, I love my baby girl and all, but sometimes she can be too much."

"What'd you expect, Shannon. She hasn't seen you for two years," Tanya told her friend, after she finished applying her dark colored lipstick.

"I guess your right. The only time she saw me, was when we'd battle Zesta, ya know," Shannon agreed, coming out of the room with her rouge star earrings.

"Besides, you and Tommy get to spend more time together with her. Geez, was that the first time for you two?" Kat suspiciously asked, snapping her sapphire bracelet onto her wrist.

Shannon smiled a little, as slipped her other earring into her ear, looking in the mirror. "Well, there's a first time for everything."

"Right. So when Caroline gets older and askes you 'bout 'the birds and the bees', you're gonna tell her you did it at fifteen," Tanya teased, putting her emerald necklace around her neck.

Shannon play slapped Tanya in the arm. "Come on. We'd better get going before the guys start to worry," Shannon suggested to the two beautiful girls, shifting the subject.

"Yeah, I don't want to keep Rocky, I mean the guys waiting," Kat stumbled.

"Unuh!" Tanya and Shannon said at the same time, giggling.

* * *

The three girls walked into the auditorium and started to 'oohh' and 'aahh'. The place looked awesome.

Silver stars and glittering snowflakes covered the ceiling, against a snowy blue tarp that was pinned to the ceiling. Small evergreen trees were all over the place, while light blue lighting of the auditorium gave it an airy, wintery look. On the stage, the DJ was bundled up in a parka and the entire stage looked like a igloo. Below the stage, a huge Christmas tree stood, even though it wasn't Christmas yet. Off to one side of the auditorium, was a small photo studio that the gang had signed up to take pictures at.

The three girls walked over to the other side of the auditorium where they had spotted their three, extremely handsome, dates; girls swooning around them.

As soon as the swooning girls saw the guys' dates coming across the room, they split at a moment's notice.

Adam was wearing an emerald green blazer, black tuxedo pants, a white tuxedo shirt, and a black tie. Tanya came up to him and kissed him on the cheek, while Adam slightly blushed.

Rocky wore a navy blue tuxedo jacket, black tuxedo pants, a white tuxedo shirt, and a black tie, almost exactly like Adam. Kat came up to him and kissed him on the cheek, too, though Rocky didn't blush.

Tommy wore a dark red blazer, black tuxedo pants, and a white polo shirt. Shannon approached Tommy, but before she could do anything, Tommy whipped his hand from behind his back and held out a white rose. "A sweet rose, for a sweet lady," Tommy smoothly presented.

Shannon giggled at little and excepted it, humbly. "Thank you, very much, Sir," she came up to him and they, right away and right there, started kissing.

"Excuse me, but the Kissing festival is next week." Rocky pleaded.

The two blushed and they heard, "Hey! DJ here! To start things of we have and unanimous request for the song, 'Because You Loved Me' Celine Dion so kick back or dance to our first song of the night."

The six teenagers got on the dance floor and danced while listening.

For all those times you stood by me,
And for all the truth that you made me see,
For all the joy you brought to my life,
For all the wrong that you made right
For every dream you made come true,
For all the love I found in you,
I'll be forever thankful, baby,
Your the one who helped me up,
Never let me fall,
Your the one who saw me through,
Through it all

You were my strength when I was weak,
You were my voice when I couldn't speak,
You were my eyes when I couldn't see,
You saw the best that was in me

Lifted me up when I couldn't reach,
You gave me faith cause you believed,
I'm everything I am,
Because you loved me

You gave me wings and made me fly,
You touched my hand,
I could touch the sky,
I lost my faith,
You gave it back to me,
You said no star was out of reach

You stood by me and asked the toll,
I had your love,
I had it all,
I'm grateful for each day you gave me

Baby, I don't know that much,
But I know this much is true,
I was blessed because I was loved by you

You were my strength when I was weak,
You were my strength,
You were my voice when I couldn't speak,
You were my eyes when I couldn't see,
You saw the best that was in me

Lifted me up when I couldn't reach,
You gave me faith cause you believed,
I'm everything I am,
Because you loved me

You were always there for me,
The tender wind that carried me,
Light in the dark,
Shining you love into my life

You've been my inspiration,
Through the lies,
You were the truth,
My world is a better place because of you

You were my strength when I was weak,
You were my strength,
You were my voice when I couldn't speak,
When I couldn't speak,
You were my eyes when I couldn't see,
You saw the best that was in me

Lifted me up when I couldn't reach,
You gave me faith cause you believed,
I'm everything I am,
Because you loved me

You were my strength when I was weak,
You were my voice when I couldn't speak,
You were my eyes when I couldn't see,
You saw the best that was in me

Lifted me up when I couldn't reach,
You gave me faith cause you believed,
I'm everything I am,
Because you loved me

I'm everythin' I am,
Because you loved me

The song finished and the DJ announced the next song, "Now get close to your girls, guys. Cause it's gonna be a 'Long December' by the Counting Crows."

The slow paced song started and Shannon commented as she danced in Tommy's arms, "Looks like Kat and Rocky hit it off."

Tommy looked over to the couple, who weren't far away, and saw them embrace in embrace, near the point of kissing. "How 'bout you and me hitting it off, too, Ms. Kaze?" Tommy asked his girlfriend, in his arms.

"I'd like that, Mr. Oliver." Shannon giggled, as his lips touched hers and they kept their steady dancing pace.

Their kiss went into motion, when out of the corner of her eye, Shannon spotted Rocky and Kat's taking shape.

* * *

Later on when the DJ put on "Winter Wonderland" Kat, Rocky, Tanya, Adam, Tommy, and Shannon all met up at the photo studio.

A woman approached them and Shannon told her, "Kaze, six people."

She checked her clipboard of papers and then said, "Go ahead."

The teens walked over to a winter backdrop with three chairs in front of it. They waited a few minutes before someone came to take the picture. A Caucasian girl with blonde hair, wearing a red sequin dress came over. "Hi, I'm Shelly. Sorry, I'm late. I'll be taking the picture," the girl introduced herself.

"No, problem," Adam answered for everyone.

"Okay, now let's set you up," Shelly started to move them around, until she ended up with the perfect pose.

The chairs had been moved out of the picture and everyone was standing up. They had made two rows and the first row was made up of, starting from the right: Shannon, Tanya, and Kat. Behind them, Tommy, Adam, and Rocky made up the second row. Rocky's arms were around Kat's neck and his chin rested on her shoulder. Tommy and Adam did the same to Shannon and Tanya. They stood close together as Shelly ran behind the camera. "Say, snow!" Shelly called from behind the camera.


"CLICK," the camera went. Then a huge flash went off, nearly blinding everyone.

"AHHHH! I'M GOING BLIND!" Rocky cried.

"SHUT UP, ROCKY!" everyone else went.

After everyone regained their sight. Shelly shouted from behind the camera, "Okay! Second one is the informal shot, so do whatever you want!"

They changed their position totally. All three guys picked up their girl in their arms as the girls swung their arms around the guys' necks.

"Say, ski!" Shelly, again, called from behind the camera.


"CLICK," the camera went again with the flash, but they didn't get a reaction from Rocky.

Shannon paid Shelly and asked, "When will the pictures come?"

"Probably in four weeks," she answered as the group walked away.

"Thanks," Tommy and Tanya called back at the same time.

When they got back out on the dance floor, it was the second to last song of the dance. "Shhh..... 'Don't Speak' by No Doubt is next," the DJ announced.
You and me
Used to be together
Everyday together

I really feel
Like I'm losin' my best friend
I can't believe this could be
The end

"You know, Tommy? This song sorta reminds me of us," Shannon told him.

"Really? How?" he wondered.

"Well, in the beginning she says she feels like she's losing her best friend. When I lost you to Angel Grove, that's how I felt," she explained, sorrow in her eyes.

"It's okay. After all we are together now," Tommy comforted, holding her closer than he was before.

"You're right....Ohhh, yes! The song's almost over." Shannon gleefully exclaimed, her bubbly personality coming back, right after sorrow filled her.

"What?!?!" Tommy asked, truly stunned.

"You'll see," Shannon smiled.

The song ended and the DJ said, "Last Dance. Get on the floor of the last time with your lover. We've got a request for the last song, appropriate for it's spot. The song is , 'How Do I Live' by Leann Rimes and it's dedicated to the Homecoming King from the Homecoming Queen. Tommy Oliver and Shannon Kassandra Kaze. Come on up here, you two."

Shannon and Tommy got up on the stage and started to lead the dance to the last song.
How do I,
Get through a night without you,
If I had to live without you,
What kind of life would that be

Oh, I,
I need you in my arms,
Need you to hold,
You're my world, my heart, my soul,
If you ever leave,
Baby, you would take away everythin',
Good in my life

And tell me now,
How do I live without you,
I want to know,
How do I breathe without you,
If you ever go,
How do I ever,
Ever survive

How do I,
How do I,
Oh, how do I live

Without you,
There'd be no sun in my sky,
There would be no love in my life,
There would be no world left for me

And I,
Oh baby, I don't know what I would do,
I'd be lost if I lost you,
If you ever leave,
Baby you would take away everythin',
Real in my life

And tell me now,
How do I live without you,
I want to know,
How do I breathe without you,
If you ever go,
How do I ever,
Ever survive

How do I,
How do I,
Oh, how do I live

Please tell me baby

How do I go on

If you ever leave,
Well baby, you would take away everythin',
Need you and me,
Baby don't you know that you everything,
Good in my life

And tell me now,
How do I live without you,
I want to know,
How do I breathe without you,
If you ever go,
How do I ever,
Ever survive

How do I,
How do I,
Oh, how do I live
How do I live without you,
How do I live without you baby,
How do I live

The song finished and Tommy and Shannon stepped off the stage. They met up with Kat, Adam, Rocky, and Tanya. "Great song, Shannon," Kat complimented.

"Thanks," she thanked.

"We'd better get going," Tanya suggested.

"Okay, bye!" Kat waved to her friends as she was about to leave with Tanya.

"Wait!" Rocky called, "Ummmm.......Kat. I was wondering if you wanted to catch a movie tomorrow night?"

"Sure. Tomorrow. Bye, Shannon." Kat waved again, smiling at Shannon as Shannon smiled back.

Tanya and Kat walked out of the auditorium as Adam said, "Yeah, I'd better get going, too. Umm....My mom wants me home by ten."

Rocky whispered, out loud, "But your curfew is...OW!"

Adam stepped on his foot, as he pointed at Tommy and Shannon.

Tommy and Shannon were just staring at each other, intimately. "Ohh....Yeah, we gotta go." Rocky agreed, struck with realization.

They walked out of the auditorium, leaving Tommy and Shannon by themselves. Tommy suddenly pulled Shannon outside. "What are you doing?" she shouted, trying to keep up with Tommy's speed, without tripping.

"Just trust me," Tommy assured her.

"I did once, Thomas Oliver and that's where Caroline came from!" she joked, seriously.

He finally stopped running and made Shannon sit down on a bench, in front of a tree. "You love me, right?"

"Of course, silly! Of course I love you," Shannon told him, looking strangely at the Red Ranger.

"Then," Tommy got on the ground on one knee and took out a small box from his blazer pocket, "Will you marry me?" he finished, opening the black box that held the diamond star shaped ring and slipped it on Shannon's finger, before she said anything. Oh.....But she had mentally whispered to him, *Yes.*

Tommy grabbed her up in his arms and kissed her. They teleported to Shannon's house.

* * *

Jets of red and white set down in Shannon's bedroom. They materialized into Tommy and Shannon, who fell onto the bed.

Tommy was on top of Shannon, who was giggling loudly, as Tommy pounced all over her, like a tiger. Tommy started to nibble on her ear and Shannon started to unbutton Tommy's polo shirt. Tommy moved his lips over to Shannon's and they started to kiss for what would have seemed forever, but was only a half an hour.

After that, Tommy made the move and started to unzip Shannon's dress.......And I'll let you imagine what happens next.

* * *
Chapter Seventeen: "Zeo Ninjas"

"Ding, ding, dong, dong!" the doorbell startled a sleeping Tommy.

He hit the alarm clock. 10:00. "Ding, ding, dong, dong!" the doorbell rang again.

"SHANNON! Get that please!" Tommy bellowed at his new fianc,.

"Got it!" Shannon answered, running past the bedroom with wet hair and in a white bathrobe.

She scrambled, as she opened the door a bit and asked, "Who's there?"

"It's us. Tanya, Kat, Rocky, and Adam," a familiar voice answered through the crack.

"Hold on a minute, Tanya," Shannon responded, recognizing the voice.

She closed the door and shouted, "TOMMY, GET IN THE SHOWER! THE OTHERS ARE HERE!"

She heard a familiar, "Oh...Crap!" as Tommy fell out of the bed and ran into the bathroom.

Shannon ran to her closet and pulled out green jersey and some black jeans, examining them. "Tommy," she yelled into the shower, "Can you still fit into your old clothes?"

"Yeah. Why?" was her answer.

"I'm throwing some clothes into the bathroom. Wear them," she told him.

After, Shannon started rummaging through her clothes and mumbled, "I shoulda done the laundry."

She went over to her chest of drawers and pulled out some black stretch pants and a maroon cardigan. She got them on and ran to the living room. She started picking up the junk and throwing it into Caroline's room. Lastly, Shannon closed all of the room doors and opened the front door to let her friends in. "Come in," she politely said, with a sigh of relief.

They sat down in the living room and Adam asked, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Never been better," was her answer for him.

"Sorry we barged in, but Zordon was calling us, then suddenly our communicators went dead. So we got together. By the way have you seen Tommy? No one was home at his house, so we're just thinking, you know.....You'd know where he was," Kat explained.

"Well.....," Shannon began to reply.

Just then Tommy came into the room with the clothes Shannon threw into the bathroom and wavy, wet hair.

All the rangers gave Shannon and Tommy a 'look', "It's not what it looks like.....Well I guess it is, but....." Tommy tried to explain.

Before he could go on anymore, the four teens that had just come into the house remarked, in unison, "WE DON'T WANNA KNOW!"

They all laughed and then Rocky suddenly noticed what they had been wearing. "FASHION POLICE! FASHION POLICE!" Rocky started to holler, until Shannon slapped him on the back of his head.

Then he sang to a different tune, "OWWWWW!!!!!"

"Rocko, it's a new style, 'In a Rush'." Tommy retorted, "Anyway, what's up," he asked, shifting into leader mode.

They gave him the lowdown and Tommy became curious, "We've got to get to the Power Chamber, but how? The RADBUG is long gone," the Red Zeo Ranger murmured.

"The what?" Tanya asked.

"The RADBUG. It was one of Billy's inventions that got us to the Command Center without teleporting. But it got creamed when the Saber tooth Tiger Zord smashed it," Tommy explained.


After Tommy finished telling his story, Shannon blurted out, "Wait! I can get us there, just make a circle around me."

They made a circle around Shannon, while she focused her energies. Suddenly they vanished into thin air.

* * *

"Iyaiyaiyai! Rangers, we have been trying to contact you for the last twenty minutes!" Alpha Five exclaimed.

"What happened to our communicators, Zordon?" Adam asked.

"A circuit shorted in the communications console," Zordon of Eltar answered.

"Of all the things that could happen in the Power Chamber, you wouldn't expect a circuit to short." Rocky remarked.

"Rangers, we have more disturbing news to be dealt with. Zesta sent us a message earlier through the Viewing Globe," Zordon told the group of teenagers.

They turned to the Viewing Globe and the message began.

Zesta appeared on the globe. "Hello.....Artemis! Did you really think I was stupid enough to fall for your, well done 'act'. I saw what happened last night and don't count on your red and white engagement to last. Now see here, I have captive Selene, Helious, Apollo, Kimberly, and Caroline. You, your fianc,, and those pathetic Zeo Rangers come to my dungeon for them....or else," with that the message ended.

"Did I hear right or are my circuits malfunctioning?" Alpha questioned.

"No, Alpha. It looks as if Shannon tied the knot with someone, but who?" Rocky wondered, being as dense as he is.

"Are you really that blind? Last night? Red and white engagement? Do they even ring a bell?" Tanya sighed inwardly.

There was silence before Adam blurted it out, "Rocky! Tommy is Shannon's fianc,!"

"Thanks lot Adam! Why do you brodcast it again, I don't think the people on Pluto heard you." Tommy urged, sarcastically.


"There are people on Pluto?" Rocky asked, surprised.

All the rangers sighed a heavy sigh and Shannon sweetly told Rocky, sarcastically, "And you know, Rocky, there are people on Mars, too." Then, she slapped Rocky over the head.


"Anyways, we have more important things to talk about, like that Zesta wants us to go to her dungeon." Shannon explained, ignoring Rocky's howl.

"Where is the dungeon?" Kat asked.

"In the Netherlands," Tommy replied.

"We have to teleport outside the underground dungeon and then go to the passage to get in. But there's one thing, Zordon," Shannon directed her herself towards Zordon.

"What is it, Artemis?" Zordon questioned.

Shannon removed the diamond star ring off her ring finger and held it up for Zordon to see. "The Sixth Zeo ring....." Zordon said, awed, "I thought they were certainly lost."

"So did I, but Tommy gave this to me last night and I have the Fifth Zeo ring," Shannon agreed.

"I have a ring like that, too. It's an emerald, sorta square shaped." Tanya realized.

"Me, too. It's a rouge sapphire and it's round as a oval." Rocky said.

"Mine is a yellow opal, made to looks like double bars." Adam told.

"I have a ring with a blue sapphire shaped like a triangle." Kat mentioned.

"Wow. It came out perfectly," Shannon gasped, "Kat you have Rocky's ring, Rocky you have hers. Adam you have Tanya's ring and Tanya you have his. I have Tommy's."

"So what's the big deal about the rings?" Rocky asked.

"Well, the Zeo rings are a symbol of united power. They have a power, but I, being the Zeo Guardian, don't even know what it is," Shannon explained.

"Rangers, maybe you should bring the rings to the Power Chamber so I can scan them for their powers?" Alpha suggested.

"Yeah, but I already have mine," Kat replied.

"So do I," Tanya agreed.

Rocky, Adam, and Shannon teleported out, knowing they didn't have their rings.

Kat and Tanya walked over to Tommy, who was sitting on the steps in front of the display cases, his face in his hands. They both sat on each side of him and Tanya asked the leader, "What's wrong, Tommy?"

"Nothin'." Tommy lied, lifting his face out of his hands.

"Come on, there has to be something wrong. The last time you looked like this was when Shannon made you admit something WAS wrong." Kat urged him to confess.

"You guys are good. Everyone can read me like a book: Shannon, Adam, and even Rocky. Sometimes it scares me," Tommy paused, "The problem is this situation."

"What do you mean?" Tanya wondered, confused.

"This. Will Zesta be mocking me and Shannon, left and right? It gets on one's nerves after awhile. I mean she's almost using our relationship against us and Caroline, for that matter. It makes me so frustrated!" Tommy explained, expressing how he felt.

Tanya and Kat took glances at each other. "Whoa, Tommy. Calm down. Zesta just has a sick mind. I mean, this never happened with Rita, Zedd, or King Mondo." Kat comforted.

"I guess you're right," Tommy sighed, "Thanks for listening."

"Anytime," Tanya responded.

Just then, Rocky, Shannon, and Adam teleported in with their rings. Rocky and Kat exchanged rings as Adam and Tanya did the same. Shannon gave Tommy his ring.

All of a sudden when each ranger had their Zeo ring, they all began to glow a shimmering white, red, green, blue, yellow, or pink, according to which ranger, in their hands. "What's happening?" Adam wondered, bewildered, as the shimmering glow started to engulf each ranger.

The glow swallowed up each ranger and when it faded away, the six teenagers were an amazing sight to behold. The rings that used to be in the rangers' hands were now on their index fingers, but that wasn't the only change.

Each ranger, instead of their normal clothes, donned Ninja garbs that looked somewhat like the Ninjetti ones.

Kat's was pink (duh), outlined in silver. On her headband, instead of a golden diamond, she had a silver oval. On her chest was a silver oval, the size of the oval on her ranger helmet. On Kat's shoulders, in silver, was the roman numeral for number one. Her boots were completely white, for the exception of silver racing stripes on the sides of them. Kat's arm guards were white, with one silver oval on each of her wrists.

Tanya's was yellow, the suit outlined in silver. On her headband, instead of a golden diamond, she had the symbol of balance, in silver. On Tanya's chest was a silver balance symbol, the size of the balance symbol on her ranger helmet. On her shoulders, in silver, was the roman numeral for number two. Tanya's boots were completely white, for the exception of silver racing stripes on the sides of them. Her arm guards were white, with two silver balance symbols at her wrists.

Rocky's was blue, outlined in silver. On his headband, instead of a golden diamond, Rocky had a silver triangle. On his chest was a silver triangle, the size of the triangle on his ranger helmet. On his shoulders, in silver, was the roman numeral for the number three. Rocky's boots were completely white, for the exception of silver racing stripes on the sides of them. His arm guards were white, with three silver triangles, going around his wrists.

Adam's was green, with silver outlining his Ninja getup. On his headband, instead of a golden diamond, he had a silver square. On his chest was a silver square, the size of the square on Adam's ranger helmet. On his shoulders, in silver, was the roman numeral for the number four. His boots were completely white, for the exception of silver racing stripes on the sides of them. Adam's arm guards were white, with four silver squares, that went around his wrists.

Now Tommy and Shannon's Ninja suits were different. Tommy's was red, outlined in gold. On his headband, instead of a golden diamond, Tommy had a gold star. On his chest was a gold star, the size of the star on his ranger helmet. On Tommy's shoulders, in gold, was the roman numeral for number five. His boots were completely white, for the exception of gold racing stripes on the sides of them. His arm guards were white, with one gold star on each of his wrists.

Shannon's was white, outlined in gold. On her headband, instead of a golden diamond, Shannon had a gold star. On her chest was a gold star, the size of the star on her ranger helmet. On her shoulders, in gold, was the roman numeral for the number six. Shannon's boots were completely black, unlike the others, for the exception of gold racing stripes on the sides of them. Her arm guards were black, with two golden stars on her wrists.

"This is just like when we had our Ninjetti powers!" Rocky cried, the six rangers examined themselves.

Shannon's face lit up suddenly, as if she was brought to realization on something. "Zeo Powers!" she blurted out.

"What?" Kat asked the girl dressed in white.

"The Zeo Powers. I thought they were just legend, but they're real!" Shannon gleefully exclaimed, like a six year old, "See, along with the Zeo Ninja costumes, garbs, clothes, suits, whatever ya wanna call'em, come the Zeo Powers. Watch. Tommy, run from here to the other side of the Power Chamber as fast as you can," Shannon instructed her fianc,.

Tommy did as she said and when he did, he ran as fast as the wind. "WHOA! That was fast!" Tommy excitedly declared, as he struggled to stop.

"Tommy has the Zeo Power of Speed. I have the Zeo Power of Flight. Kat you hold the Zeo Power of Invisibility. Tanya you control the Zeo Power of Multiplicity. Adam you wield the Zeo Power of The Laser Touch and Rocky you have the most different one of the powers. You are the Zeo Power Shifter. You can use any of the Zeo Powers. It's your choice." Shannon clarified.

"Cool! So you mean if I thought hard enough," Kat disappeared, "I could go invisible."

Tanya, Adam, Shannon, Rocky, and Tommy tried to hold their laughing at bay, but did a poor job. "What? What's so funny, guys? Come on!" Kat pleaded from her invisible form, not knowing it.

"Uh.....Kat. I think you just thought hard enough," Adam pointed out.

A few seconds later Kat came back into view. "I guess my powers do work," Kat sheepishly admitted.

"Maybe....Just maybe I could make myself multiply," Tanya wondered to herself and out loud.

About a minute later, Tanya spilt into three other Tanya's, making four, including the original. "These powers are getting a little too weird for me," Rocky confessed, his eyes wide.

"Even for the guy who thinks Doritos and peanut butter are good together?" Tanya teased, as she merged back into one.

"Hey! Maybe if you tried them you'd think they were good too!" Rocky defended himself.

"Thank you telling me that, Tanya...Rocky. Now, if you don't mind I'm gonna hurl right now," Shannon was turning pale.

Shannon teleported out to somewhere, leaving the five behind. "Thank you so much, Rocky and Tanya! Just what we need right now: A sick guardian," Tommy snapped at the Yellow and Blue Rangers.


The Rangers waited awhile before the familiar white streak set down in the chamber. "You feelin' any better, Shannon?" Kat asked the White Ranger.

"Other than feelin' a little woozy, yes," she answered, walking back to the group.

"So, how are we gonna get to the dungeon?" Adam finally asked.

"We gotta power up first. Ready, people?" Shannon questioned the group.

"I think the question is: Is your stomach ready?" Tommy, being cautious, inquired.

"Yeah. I can handle it. Zeo Ninja, White Star!" Shannon shouted, crossing her arms across her chest and whipping them back down to her sides.

"Zeo Ninja, Star!" Tommy shouted, doing the same motions as Shannon.

"Zeo Ninja, Square!" Adam shouted.

"Zeo Ninja, Triangle!" Rocky shouted.

"Zeo Ninja, Balance!" Tanya shouted.

"Zeo Ninja, Oval!" Kat shouted.

They all powered up, doing the same hand motions. "Alpha, teleport the rangers outside the city Groningen, Netherlands," Zordon directed.

"Right away, Zordon," Alpha rushed to the teleportation console and fed in the coordinates.

Soon enough, the six Zeo Ninjas turned into six different color streaks and left the Power Chamber. "May the Power protect you," Zordon hoped as they left.

* * *
Chapter Eighteen: "Zeo Spirits"

The Six Zeo Ninjas teleported right into a pasture of cows. "Alpha really knows how to pick'em," Tanya began to walked through the cows.

"Great! The cows are being herded this way by someone," Rocky pointed out and then they saw the farmer, "Run! Hurry!"

The Ninjas started to run away from the cows.

They ran until they reached a boulder and ducked down behind it. "Are you sure that was a farmer?" Kat asked Rocky.

"Positive. " Rocky assured her.

Suddenly Shannon smacked him in the arm. "That wasn't a farmer. It was a cog."

Rocky took a second look and saw a silver cog, using a spear, to herd the cows. "I could swear there was a farmer herding those cows, not a cog," Rocky mumbled.

"Excuse me," a mechanical voice went behind the Ninjas.

They all snapped around and saw, at least, a two dozen cogs. "Okay, people! Let's turn these cogs into scrap metal!" Tommy called to the others.

The Zeo Ninjas went at the cogs easily. Tommy sped around in a circle and herded a couple of cogs into it. He stopped, threw a butterfly kick at them, and took them all out. Tanya split herself up into four and took them out with ease. Kat used her invisibility to sneak up on cogs and Shannon did the same with her flight ability. Adam used his laser touch when he was dramatically outnumbered and destroyed them. Rocky mixed it up. He used Tommy's speed with Tanya's multiplicity or use Kat's invisibility with Adam's laser touch.

Finally, all the cogs were strewn all over the ground, parts all over. "Looks as if Zesta knows we're here," Tommy sarcastically spat.

"You think?" Tanya retorted.

"Come on. We have a long walk ahead of us if we want to get to the dungeon before dark." Shannon interrupted the bickering.

They started to walking through the meadow, Shannon leading.

* * *

About two hours later the Ninjas came to a thickly wooded forest. They started to walk through it when an eagle swooped down at Adam. "CAWWWW!" the eagle cried and grabbed Adam's hood, then flew away.

"Come back!" Adam shouted at the eagle as he watched it's silhouette fly away in the sunset.

"Um, Adam, hate to tell you, but eagles don't understand English," Rocky joked.

"Funny," Adam shot back, "What are we gonna to do?"

"We have to keep moving, it's almost dark. We'll see the eagle again," Shannon urged.

They were about to go on when they were confronted by the eagle, but not only the eagle.

A platypus, lion, rhinoceros, tiger, and panda helped blocked the path in front of the six Ninjas with the eagle. Everyone looked totally surprised by the actions of the animals. "What is going on?" Kat, bewilderedly, wondered.

"I have no idea," Shannon blurted out quickly.

*You do not think before you speak, Artemis.* a voice told Shannon in her head.

*Who's there?*

*Do not be afraid, Artemis. It is I, the panda. Your Zeo Sprit, Kylara.*

"You okay, Shannon?" Tanya asked, noticing her friend closing her eyes.

"Yeah. I guess I was just hallucinating. I thought that panda," Shannon pointed at the panda, "was in my head."

"You sure you're okay, Shannon?" Rocky questioned, "Because that's way past hallucinating."

Shannon opened her mouth, but nothing came out because she and the others watched the panda change into a human form. "Young rhinoceros, Artemis was not hallucinating. I am Kylara, Zeo Sprit of the Wild White Panda." Kylara told Rocky.

Everyone's jaw dropped opened, as they stared at Kylara. She had short brunette hair, hazel eyes, and wore a gauzy white gown.

She stepped aside and the rhinoceros stepped up and became human. "I am Sharena, Zeo Sprit of the Bold Blue Rhinoceros," Sharena took her finger and shut Rocky's mouth, "Please do not doubt my sister or Artemis."

Sharena had flowing blonde hair, with brown eyes, and wore a gauzy blue gown.

She moved and the tiger changed into a human with braided brunette hair, doe brown eyes, and sharp hawk-like features, almost looking like Tommy. She, too, wore a red gauzy gown. "I am Maylonus, Zeo Sprit of the Sly Red Tiger."

Maylonus took her place next to Sharena and the platypus took a human form. She had wavy blonde hair and blue eyes to match. She wore a pink gauzy gown. "I am Delenus, Zeo Sprit of the Nimble Pink Platypus."

Delenus stood next to Kylara and the eagle, with Adam's hood in it's beak, flew to his shoulder. It dropped the green hood in Adam's hands and flew back to the ground. It changed into a female. "I am Selenious, Zeo Sprit of the Wise Green Eagle."

Selenious had short jet black hair and green eyes. She wore a green gauzy gown.

Selenious took her place next to Maylonus and lastly the lion turned into a human. "I am Yolana, Zeo Sprit of the Couragous Yellow Lion."

Yolana had cocoa colored skin that blended in with brown eyes and black hair. She, also, wore a yellow gauzy gown.

"What do you want from us?" Tommy said roughly, not meaning to.

"No need to be rough, young tiger," Kylara told, "We are here to warn you of the Rules Of Power."

"What 'Rules Of Power'? I've been in the dungeon before and I don't remember any rules," Shannon pressed.

"That is because you did not possess the Zeo Powers before, but after you have gone into the dungeon once, you will not have to follow the rules anymore," Sharena explained.

"First rule, DO NOT use your powers in the dungeon," Delenus began.

"Second rule, DO NOT go anywhere alone," Maylonus finished.

"What kinda rules are those?'" Rocky criticized.

"Ones you listen to, young rhinoceros," Yolana shot back.

"Excuse me, Yolana, Delenus, Sharena, Kylara, Maylonus, and Selenious," Tommy got the sprits attention, "Could please stop calling us: young whatever? It sorta gets to ya after awhile."

"Certainly," Delenus agreed for all the sprits.

"By the way, I'm Tommy," Tommy pointed to Rocky and Kat, "That's Rocky and Katherine," he motioned towards Adam and Tanya, "Adam and Tanya, and you know Shannon already."

"Shannon?" Kylara asked.

"Yeah," Shannon spoke up, "That's my human name, Kylara, only the Zeo Rangers call me that. To everyone else, I'm Artemis."

"Very well, Artemis," Kylara agreed, "Please, stay at the temple for the night. You will not reach the dungeon before dusk," she pointed to the sky, which was already dim.

"What temple?" Tanya and Kat wondered at the same time.

"That one, "Maylonus pushed a branch or two from a tree behind her and pointed at the ruins of a temple

"Thank you for the offer. We will take you up on it," Shannon spoke for everyone.

The six Ninjas followed their Zeo Sprits towards the temple ruins. Rocky, who walked beside Kat, said to her, "Looks like we won't be going to the movies tonight......."

* * *

"I'm sorry, but all we can offer you is a dinner and three cots to sleep in," Yolana told the six as they reached the ruins.

"That's more than enough. We can share cots," Shannon acknowledged.

"What temple is this anyway?" Adam wondered, as they walked up the stairs in front of the temple.

"It was used as a sanctuary for the Lady of the Sun," Selenious answered her 'human'.

"Lady of the who?" Rocky repeated, as he drooled at the chipped and cracked statues of beautiful women.

Kat shoved him in the gut, as Shannon replied, "Lady of the Sun. She is the Cindarien goddess of goodness and light."

"Correct," Kylara agreed.

"Are these statues modeled after her?" Tanya asked.

"Yes, they are. This temple is centuries old. Cindariens used to inhabit Earth before humans did. That is why all the Morphing Masters are all of Cindarien descent." Sharena explained.

"What's for dinner?" Rocky questioned the sprits, rubbing his hands together.

"Wild turkey," Maylonus answered.

Delenus looked at Rocky, like he was crazy. "Katherine," she called her 'human'.

"Yeah, Delenus?" Kat responded.

"Does your boyfriend act like this all the time around food?" Delenus inquired.

Kat smiled and blushed slightly, while Shannon and Tanya giggled quietly to themselves. "Pretty much, Delenus. Pretty much........."

* * *

After dinner the sprits went off to do their 'stuff' and Kat, Rocky, Tanya, and Adam went exploring, while Shannon was doing something, and Tommy sat at the foot of the temple, looking up at the stars.

*So many things, so little time.* Tommy thought to himself.

A white blob sat next to him and he recognized the blob as Shannon. She leaned on him and put her head on his shoulder. "What'd you looking at?" she asked.

"Nothing really, just thinking," he replied.

Shannon shivered and Tommy brought her closer to himself. "Thinking about us. Caroline. The rangers." Tommy spilled to his fianc,.

"What about us?" Shannon wondered, looking up at Tommy's face.

"How we've known each other for so many years and never thought we'd be defending the Earth from evil space aliens.......And that you half alien yourself," Tommy joked.

"Hey!" Shannon playfully hit his chest.

"Sorry!" Tommy apologized, "But really, if we went to a fortune teller when we were ten, which we shoulda done, and she told us our futures held this, woulda ya believe it?"

"Nah........." Shannon agreed, sleepily.

Suddenly their communicators went off. "Y'ello." Tommy answered.

"Time to go to bed, Honeymooners," a familiar voice told them over the communicator.

As Tommy listened, he realized who it was after he heard laughing in the background. "Go to bed, Rocky!" he shouted into the communicator and turned it off.

Tommy looked at his half asleep fianc,. "Come on. Rocky's right. We'd better go to bed if we want to get to the dungeon early."

He got no response.


Tommy looked down at her and she was asleep. He picked her up and carried her back to the temple.

* * *

"Don't they look peaceful?" the lion told the tiger.

"Yes, but they must be awoken," the tiger notified.

It was morning and the Zeo Ninjas were still sleep. Tanya and Adam were in one cot, holding each other in their arms. Kat and Rocky were in another cot, looking like if they made another move they'd kiss. Shannon and Tommy were in the last cot, Shannon snuggled into Tommy's chest, looking extremely pale and weak.

"Ready?" the tiger asked the lion.

"Yes," the lion responded.


The sound filled the whole room and startled the Ninjas. Adam and Tanya fell out of their cot, Rocky and Kat kissed on accident, and Shannon shoved Tommy out of the cot, onto the floor, then fell asleep again.

"Way to go Rocky!" Tommy teased from his spot on the floor, looking at Kat and Rocky.

Rocky moved his lips away from Kat's. "Shut up, Tommy!" he threw a small pebble at his leader, "Look at you! Shannon shoved you out of the cot!"

Adam, Tanya, Kat, and Rocky laughed. Tommy gave a playful mean look at Tanya and Adam. "Hey! At least I didn't fall out of the cot all by myself!" Tommy directed his voice at the couple.

"ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" the lion roared again, as the two cats changed to humans.

The second time around no one was stunned, except Shannon. She fell out of the cot and right on top of Tommy. "UGH!" Tommy grunted, which made Rocky, Adam, Kat, Tanya, and even Yolana and Maylonus laugh.

"Tommy......." Shannon weakly whispered, as her eyes finally opened.

"What, Sweetcheeks?" Tommy soothingly asked, finally noticing how pale and weak Shannon looked.

"I don't feel so good," she tried sitting up, but ended up leaning against Tommy.

"You don't look so good either," Adam commented, the laughing dying down right away when they saw the condition Shannon was in.

"Yolana, what's wrong with Shannon?" Tanya questioned her sprit, as the four Zeo Ninjas came up to the two.

Maylonus and Yolana walked to the group. "I do not know. I will go get Kylara." Yolana answered.

Maylonus and Yolana left to get Kylara, leaving the six alone. "How do ya feel, Shannon?" Kat asked her friend.

"Weak and really sleepy," Shannon weakly replied Kat.

"How are we supposed to get to Zesta's dungeon if you're so weak? I mean we don't even know the way." Rocky wondered.

"I'm not that weak, Rocky," Shannon strongly told.

Just then, the other sprits walked in. Kylara took one look at Shannon and knew exactly what was wrong, but she wasn't the one to interfere with the wishes of the gods, so she kept quiet. "You must go to Zesta's dungeon to figure out what is wrong with Artemis," Kylara half truthed.

"Then let's go," Shannon weakly urged.

"Are you sure Shannon?" Tommy persisted.

Shannon looked at him, determination in her eyes, "Look, Tommy. I'm not a charity case, so let's just get moving. We need to get Apollo, Selene, Helious, Kimberly and Caroline out of there, before Zesta decides something stupid."

Tommy just kept his mouth shut and nodded. He stood up and helped Shannon up from the ground.

They all started walking, Shannon struggling, towards the forest again, to Zesta's dungeon.

* * *
Chapter Nineteen: "Taking Away"

Two hours later, the Zeo Ninjas reached a huge black wall, standing out in the middle of nowhere.

"What's this?" Tanya wondered, while she ran her hand across it.

"This is the entrance to the dungeon," Shannon weakly told, then whispered, "Lady of the Moon."

Soon as Shannon whispered the password, the ground opened under the Ninjas and the fell at least one hundred feet.

All six hit the cement ground with a 'thud'. "OWW! My butt's gonna be sore for a week!" Rocky cried, pulling himself from the ground.

"Just think how I feel, Rocky," Shannon snapped, Tommy helping her up.

The six of them stood at an intersection of three different tunnels. "Looks like Zesta's done some remodeling just for us," Shannon scoffed, examining the tunnels.

*Correct, Artemis.* Zesta's voice echoed in Shannon's head.

"Get out, bitch!" Shannon weakly screamed.

"Who are you talkin' to Shannon?" Adam asked the White Ranger.

"To me, of course," Zesta's voice echoed through the intersection, "Come to me.........If you dare!"

Zesta's rhythmical laugh echoed through the dungeon and then silence came upon the group. After five minutes, Tommy finally spoke up, "Okay. We've gotta find everyone, so we split up. Kat, Rocky, you two take the left tunnel. Adam, Tanya, take the middle and me and Shannon will take the right."

"Right!" everyone agreed.

Rocky went into the left one, Kat following him. Tanya walked into the middle one with Adam by her side. Tommy slowly walked into the right tunnel, supporting Shannon as she walked ever so slowly.

* * *

"It sure is creepy in here," Tanya commented.

"You can say that again," Adam agreed.

The tunnel Adam and Tanya went down had an eerie blue light, illuminating the narrow and twisted tunnel.

They walked about a half mile and the two came to a dead end. "Oh, joy. A dead end. Now what do we do?" Tanya wondered, out loud.

Just as she did, a secret passage opened in front of them and twenty cogs came out of it. "Me and my big mouth." Tanya bit her lip.

"Just fight!" Adam shouted at her, while ten cogs tackled him.

"ADAM!" she cried, but soon was tackled by the cogs.

"Think, we, can, use, our, powers?" Adam hollered at his girlfriend, kicking a few cogs of himself.

"Nope.........................We can't disobey the Rules of Power!" Tanya was fighting off five cogs' grip on her arms and hands.

Their efforts just wasted their energy because eventually the cogs captured them and pulled them into the secret passage.

* * *

Rocky walked slowly down the left tunnel, Kat right behind him.

The tunnel was exactly the same as the one Adam and Tanya had been in.

"What was that?" Rocky jerked around and all he saw was Kat.

"What was what?" Kat inquired.

"I coulda sworn I heard cogs," Rocky mumbled to himself, still unsure.

They headed down the tunnel more and saw about one dozen cogs, hovering in the tunnel, almost waiting for the two. "Looks, like you were right," Kat admitted to Rocky, as the two hid behind a turn in the tunnel.

"When haven't I?" Rocky smugly asked.

Kat opened her mouth, but Rocky interrupted, "Don't answer that."

"Hey, where'd they go?" Kat wondered out loud, noticing that the cogs had disappeared from their spot.

Rocky and Kat crept closer to the spot, until somebody tapped Rocky on the shoulder. "Wha...." Rocky stopped, as he saw the one dozen cogs from before.

"Get them!" a cog ordered in a mechanical voice.

The cogs tackled Rocky and Kat to the ground before they could run. "UGH!"

"We need our powers!" Kat shrieked, throwing two cogs off her arms.

"We can't..." Rocky was thrown into the wall and knocked unconscious.

"ROCKY!" Kat screamed, watching him fall to the floor, into a lump.

Kat tried to break free of five cogs' grip, but she couldn't and was dragged down the tunnel, squirming. The other cogs dragged Rocky's body down the tunnel into the blue eerieness.

* * *

Tommy and Shannon walked slowly down the well lit and wide tunnel. "Tommy, it's getting harder to walking," Shannon complained, trying not to be a pain.

Tommy looked her up and down. Shannon's sky blue eyes were a dull blue and her face looked more pale than ever. "Here," Tommy reached out for her waist, "lean on me."

Shannon took his offer and leaned into his grip. They walked farther down the tunnel in silence.

Suddenly, Shannon's legs gave out This story takes place after "Lights, Camera, Death!". Note also that the Shacrom is used in this story. Xena fans should know what I'm tal

Shannon took her time thinking it over and answered, "No, I'm not, Oliver. I don't what's wrong. I need to rest or sleep or somethin'."

Tommy's deep brown eyes met Shannon's dull blue ones, with sympathy. "I'm really sorry, Sweetcheeks, but we can't stop. We gotta keep going."

Shannon nodded her head, knowingly. "It's okay. Finding the others is first priority."

They walked a few yards more, until they came up to a cell like cage. The couple stopped to see if anything was in it and a familiar voice came from the inside of it, "Artemis! Tommy!"

"Selene?" Shannon managed to ask.

"Yes!" Selene's familiar face appeared behind the cell bars.

Tommy helped Shannon sit on the ground, as he went up to the cage. "You okay, Selene?"

"Yeah, but what about Artemis?" Selene was looking behind Tommy.

Tommy turned around and saw Shannon unconscious on the ground. He ran up to her and tried waking her up. "Shannon? Shannon? Shannon! Wake up!" but Shannon remained unconscious.

Tommy turned back to Selene and explained, "She's been like this ever since we woke up at the Lady Of the Sun temple."

"The one in the forest?" Selene asked, her eyes full of concern for Shannon.

"Yes," Tommy answered, his voice shaking, "Now how am I supposed to get you out of there?"

"The cog that put me in here hid the key behind that," she pointed to a brick on the wall with a cat's eye symbol on it, "brick."

Tommy pulled the brick out of the wall and stuck his hand into the hole. He felt around for a key and his hand stumbled upon one. Tommy pulled the key out of the hole and placed the brick back in it's place. "Is this it?" Tommy held up the key for Selene to see.

"Yeah, that's it."

Tommy walked up to the cell and stuck the key in the key hole. He turned the key and the door popped open. Selene right away got out of the cage and ran to Shannon's side. Tommy dropped down next to Selene as he watched her take Shannon's pulse again. She looked to Tommy with watery, hazel eyes. "We're losing her."

Tommy gripped Shannon's hand and held it tight, kissing it softly. Shannon's eyes fluttered open. "Tommy?" she said softly.

"Shh, shhhh. We'll get you to Caroline and she'll heal you," Tommy's eyes were welling up with tears, as he gripped her hand, even harder.

"No, no. It's too late for that," Shannon's other hand weakly rose and touched Tommy's cheek, wiping away a stray tear, "I love you Thomas Oliver with all my heart and soul, and I will continue to love you forever. Tell everyone I'll miss them and take care of Caroline for me. Lastly, as my death wish, kick Zesta's butt!" Shannon whispered, but the last three words came out strong.

With that, Shannon Kassandra Kaze's blue eyes rolled up into her head and she died.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" Tommy's pain echoed through the dungeon, as he cried freely, looking at his fianc,'s dead body.

* * *

"Ahhhh, the beautiful sound of pain," Zesta sighed, as the echo went through her throne room.

The brick room was covered in treasures, nets, and signs of death. Off to the right, Zesta sat in her golden throne. Next to it, Caroline was in a cage, crying, and above it was a huge black carving of a cat's eye on the brick wall.

"Now let's see if Tommy will come to me....................."

* * *

Tommy's face rose from looking at Shannon's body, to looking at Selene. "This can't be possible, can it? Why did she die? Why?" Tommy's face looked frantic, as he yearned for an answer.

"Tommy..........," Selene looked at him, feeling sorrow fill her, "You must be strong. I cannot rescue everyone on my own. Fulfill Artemis' death wish for her, kick Zesta's butt," Selene smiled a small smile, as she repeated Shannon's last words, "Think of Caroline and how Artemis told you to take care of her for herself. Please pull yourself together, everyone is depending on you."

Tommy looked at the Silver Kartherian Ranger with admiration. "You were her good friend, but instead of mourning over your own loss, you're supporting me."

"Of course, Tommy. I know that's what Artemis would want me to be doing right now. I take support from her sprit, the sprit that will look upon and love you forever, Tommy."

Tommy hugged Selene. "I see why you and her were friends. Selene, you are a true friend."

"And as you, Tommy. And as you."

Tommy sat back against the wall and looked at Shannon's body again. "Ya know, Selene? Two nights ago, we were dancing the night away, no care in the world at all, never expecting death to come so soon for one of us."

"Death comes when it is ones time to leave us and live among the sprits of the dead. We will never be able to predict when it's hand will come to any of us."

"Well, I know I can predict someone's death," Tommy stood up from the ground.

"Who's?" Selene wondered, as she stood up with him.


Selene looked at him and saw determination in his eyes. "The throne room is this way," Selene directed, walking down the tunnel.

As she walked down, she knew Tommy wasn't following her, so she turned around. He was kneeling next to Shannon's dead body.

*I will be with you soon, Olive Oil.* a female voice echoed through his mind.

*I wish I could believe that, Sweetcheeks, but it's the near impossible.* Tommy thought to himself, as he stood up and started walking down the tunnel.

* * *
Chapter Twenty: "The Thin Line Between Life And Death"

Ten minutes later, Selene and Tommy arrived at a huge black door with a key hole that fit the key Tommy had. "This key works for all the doors, huh?" Tommy asked Selene.


Tommy inserted the key into the key hole and turned it. The huge doors made a creaking noise, as they opened by themselves. In front of the two was nothing, but an oblivious darkness. "Should we go in?" Tommy wondered.

"There's nothing else we can do," Selene responded.

The two walked into the darkness and suddenly the light was shone on them. Four different cogs had started four different fires to light up the room.

Right away, five cogs grabbed Selene. Tommy snapped around to see them dragging her into another cage.

Tommy looked up at Zesta in her throne. "Give me back Caroline and the others!" he demanded.

"Do you know how long I've been waiting for you? A damn, long time! So I don't think you're gonna get them now." Zesta yelled back at Tommy.

Ignoring Zesta's words, Tommy began to charge at her, exactly what she was expecting. Zesta, tactfully, waved her hand and a goldish black light shot out of the cat's eye above her head, nailing Tommy. He was blasted back into the middle of the room, where he hit something hard and fell to the ground. Tommy, bewildered, looked behind him and saw nothing. "Oh, I see you've found my invisible shield," Zesta yawned, unimpressed, and pointed her finger towards the middle of the room.

There, in the middle of the room, a brick fence shaped as a circle appeared. Within the brick fence was a pit of lava and hanging above the lava on a rope were seven teenagers.

"TOMMY!" a hard, familiar, Australian accent cried out to him from above.

Tommy looked above him and hollered, "Kat?"

This time a chorus of voices cried, "TOMMY!"

As Tommy got a better look at the seven, he recognized them as Helious, Apollo, Kimberly, Kat, Adam, Rocky, and Tanya. "You guys okay up there?" Tommy questioned, while he stood up and dusted himself off.

"Uh, yeah, but then there's the exception of that we're gonna be FRIED!" Rocky answered Tommy.

"Very good description, Blue Ranger," Zesta complimented, as she rudely butted into the conversation, "But how are you going to save them, Tommy? I happen to know Artemis was the only ranger of flight and if you do try to save them, you can say good-bye to your precious Caroline. What will it be Tommy? Your friends' lives or your daughter's?"

Tommy gazed at Zesta. He was amazed that Zesta would and could go as far as to kill her own granddaughter. *Gotta think this one over. Either Zesta's bluffing, or she's gone cukoo.*

Five minutes later, Tommy was still thinking and Zesta was growing impatient. "ENOUGH! If you take this long to decide, I will decide for you! You ALL will perish!"

Three cogs approached Tommy and grabbed him by the arms, confining him. "Let me go!"

"Ohhh, Trini....," Zesta's musical voice hummed.

A yellow streak of light appeared in front of Zesta's throne and materialized into Trini. Trini bowed down in front of Zesta, wearing a Ninja garb of pure yellow. In one gloved hand she held a circular object, that looked like a frisbee. "You called, my queen?"

"Yes, Trini. Destroy him with the Shacrom," Zesta coldly spoke, pointing at Tommy.

"As you wish, my queen," Trini held the Shacrom like a frisbee and got ready to throw it at Tommy, "I will enjoy this immensely."

As a last plea for help, Tommy cried at Trini, "Please Trini! Help me! Fight the evil!"

"Evil is like evil does." :)

Trini flung the Shacrom at Tommy at a blinding speed. The Red Zeo Ninja expected the worst.

As the Shacrom closed in on Tommy, a white blob of something flew past Tommy, disabling the cogs holding him and grabbing the Shacrom in the process. "What.....What happened?" Zesta shakily stuttered.

"I'm what happened, Mother!" a voice shouted from on top of the cage Selene was being held in.

Tommy and Zesta's heads spun around towards the voice. A girl with flowing brown curls of hair and blue eyes stood looking down at the two in a white Zeo Ninja garb. "SHANNON?!?!?" Tommy cried, taken by ultimate surprise.

"ARTEMIS?!?!" Zesta cried, in surprise and fright.

"Oh, yes, Zesta. Did you really think that Trini could control the Shacrom as well as I could? In. Your. Dreams," Shannon mocked her mother.

She jumped down from the cage and landed next to Tommy. She moved his hood away from his cheek and kissed him lightly. "Hello."

Tommy was still trying to take in that Shannon was alive. "How the hell are you alive?!?!" Tommy softly shouted.

"I told you I was gonna be with you soon. What, did you assume that it was just a wish?" Shannon whispered back.

Tommy opened his mouth, but never got to answer the question because Zesta interrupted him, "Ohhhhh, how precious. The lovebirds are back together..................YUCK! This time you are going to stay dead, Artemis," Zesta barked at the two, shaking her finger at Shannon.

"You wish, Zesta. If I didn't stay dead the first time, how can you be sure I will the second time around?" Shannon yapped back.

"So I was right. Zesta DID try to kill you!" Tommy looked at Zesta with evil eyes.

"You are correct, Tommy. But since I can couldn't kill Artemis, I might try my hand at you," Zesta hissed at him.

"Over my dead body, Zesta!" Shannon defended Tommy, standing in front of him.

"That can be arranged, Artemis. Trini....KILL HER!" Zesta ordered Trini.

Trini charged at Shannon and Shannon charged at her. Trini hurled a roundhouse at her and Shannon avoided it with a back handspring. Shannon brought a jump-spinning heel kick out on Trini and whipped her face, but Trini wasn't stunned. Trini was about to send an upper cut at Shannon, but she stopped it and somersaulted Trini onto the cold floor. Still, Trini wouldn't give up. She got up from the hard ground and faked a tornado kick. Instead she, once again, propelled an upper cut at the other girl. Shannon, being distracted by the fake tornado kick, didn't react until it was too late. Trini nailed her right on the jaw and Shannon fell to the ground with a bleeding lip.

Tommy ran to her and helped her up. Shannon snagged the Shacrom off the ground and brought it up. Just when she was about to throw the Shacrom at Zesta, she felt the sensation of a teleport and accidentally let go of the Shacrom, the weapon falling to the floor. Tommy, Shannon, Caroline, Selene, Tanya, Kimberly, Adam, Rocky, Helious, Apollo, and Kat were all teleported out of the throne room.

* * *

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! WE'RE GONNA BE FRIED CHICKEN!!!" Rocky screamed at the top of his lungs, as the eleven teleported into the Power Chamber.

Everyone stared at him, screaming on the ground, as they covered their ears from the, let's just say, unpleasant sound.

After awhile, Rocky noticed his surroundings. "Oh. I guess I'm not fried chicken," Rocky sheepishly admitted.

Apollo and Helious helped him up off the ground. "Why did you teleport us out of the dungeon, Zordon?" Shannon asked, hands on her hips, "I was THIS," she held her forefinger and thumb close to each other, "close to destroying her."

"Artemis, I did no such thing. I am as surprised as you are," Zordon replied.

"Then who teleported us out of there?" Kimberly asked curiously.

All of a sudden, flashes and flickers of red, white, green, pink, yellow, and blue filled the Power Chamber, revealing the Zeo Sprits. "We teleported you out of there, Artemis," Kylara told Shannon.

"Kylara, Maylonus, Selenious, Sharena, Yolana, Delenus! Why?" Shannon was ticked off.

"You really didn't expect us to let you destroy Zesta, did you?" Sharena questioned her.

"You mean if I got the chance I woulda destroyed her?!?!" she asked eagerly.

All the Sprits nodded their heads. "AWWWWWWWW!" Shannon whined.

"You would expect more from a respected guardian," Kylara mumbled, "It is not your destiny to destroy Zesta, Artemis."

"Whose is it then?" Tommy inquired.

"It is yours, young tiger," Kylara bit her lip, "I mean, Tommy."

"What?!?!?!" Tommy yelled, startled.

"Yes, Tommy. It IS your destiny," Maylonus repeated for her sister, "Good bye, Rangers. We have already told you far too much," she bid them and the six sprits left in their respective flashes.

"Who, were, they?" Kimberly asked, bewildered.

"Our Zeo Sprits," Tanya answered.

"Changing the subject," Selene looked at Shannon, "How in Lady Of the Sun's name are you alive?!?!?!"

"What do ya mean? Haven't you always been alive?" Adam wondered.

Shannon picked up Caroline from the ground and carried her on her hip, as she began to explain to everyone, "I'll explain from the beginning. When we went down the tunnels I was getting weaker and weaker. We found Selene trapped in a cell and Tommy laid me down on the ground so he could help Selene. What we both didn't know was that was the last time I would ever stand. As Tommy freed Selene I fought a losing battle, I was dying. He freed Selene, exchanged last words with me, and I died. But that's where everything got confusing of me. My soul was turned into a sprit and I my sprit was taken to a place all to familiar, painfully familiar; Summer Springs," Shannon held Caroline closer, while she continued, "I was in the driveway of my old house. As I looked around, I saw two kids roughhousing in the yard. When I got a closer look I noticed that it was me and Tommy, around the age of ten," Shannon smiled, remembering, "I was the tomboy of the neighborhood, and the name suited me to a T because I hung out with Tommy," she looked over at her fianc,, "He was my best friend."

Tears began to form in her eyes, but she wiped them away and kept going, "Anyway, I'm getting side tracked. After I watched that for awhile, a golden shimmer of light engulfed me and I found myself at the Olivers' old house in Summer Springs. I saw myself, at fifteen, eerily looking like Kim, banging on Tommy's bedroom door, tears running down my face. I heard Tommy's voice from inside of the room, yell, 'GO AWAY! WE CAN'T DO THIS! IT'S OVER!'," this time Shannon was really crying, "I saw my younger self run outta there like she had been told the world was gonna end the next day. Few minutes later, Tommy's younger self came out of the room and checked the hallway for my younger self. As soon as he didn't, he went into the basement and started punching the shit out of a punching bag, yelling out obscenities as he did. I never heard him yell so many at once time. Well, the light came again and it engulfed me. Then I found myself back in my body, saving Tommy from the Shacrom's deadly edge," she finished.

"I hated that day, and I still hate it. I was so pigheaded. I thought because I was moving we couldn't be together. I guess I was wrong," Tommy stared down at his feet, looking guilty.

Shannon walked over to him, "That was the first time I tried to tell you about Caroline, too. It hella scared me when you yelled at me like that, I couldn't bare it. Crap, I still wouldn't be able to take it today."

"Man, that was a deep, deep, DEEP, experience," Kimberly gasped.

"Tell me about. It was like seeing a dream, then a nightmare," Shannon agreed with her best friend, "Anyone got the time?"

Kat checked her watch. "4:00 PM."

Shannon nodded her head, like it didn't matter, but Tommy cried, "DAMN! We have a class, Shannon!"

"Oh, man! I totally forgot!" Shannon realized and powered down, "Zeo Ninja, White Star, discharge!"

Her Zeo Ninja garb disappeared, revealing the clothes she had been wearing two days before.

"Zeo Ninja, Star, discharge!" Tommy shouted.

"Zeo Ninja, Square, discharge!" Adam shouted.

"Zeo Ninja, Triangle, discharge!" Rocky shouted.

"Zeo Ninja, Balance, discharge!" Tanya shouted.

"Zeo Ninja, Oval, discharge!' Kat shouted.

Just before Kimberly, Kat, Rocky, Adam, Tanya, Tommy, and Shannon teleported out, Shannon mentioned to the three guardians, "Guys, I'm really sorry, but we gotta go!"

"We understand. Now go!" Helious urged them.

The gang tried to teleport again, but this time Zordon stopped them. "Artemis, may I suggest leaving Caroline here, so we may check her for any spells or injuries?"

Shannon looked up at her mentor. "Please do, Zordon. I don't want Zesta using Caorline against me."

Shannon gave Caroline to Selene and the seven of them teleported to the Youth Center.

* * *
Chapter Twenty-One: "The Baptism"

About a half an hour later, Shannon and Tommy finished teaching their Shacrom class and the rest of the gang were sitting in their regular booth. "Man! I am so hungry," Rocky exclaimed, after swallowing a mouthful of hamburger.

"So are the votes in? Are you and Kat an official couple?" Kimberly asked, drinking some of her smoothe.

Kat and Rocky both blushed. "I'll take that as a yes," Kimberly smiled at the new couple.

Just then, a guy that looked almost exactly like Tommy walked into the Juice Bar and towards the rangers. Adam was the first one to notice. "Hi, David!" Adam saw David glancing at Kimberly, "Oh. This is Kim. She's one of the new rangers," Kimberly's eyes almost popped out of her head when she heard Adam tell the guy who looked almost exactly like Tommy, "Kim, this is David, Tommy's brother. Anyway, what are you doing here?"

"Hello, Kim," David and Kimberly shook hands, once Kimberly's eyeballs were back in their sockets, "I was supposed to meet Tommy here today. Have you guys seen him around?" David replied.

Rocky turned his body towards a couple of stacked mats near the Juice Bar, in a corner. "David," Rocky got Tommy's brother's attention," See those mats over there?"

"Yeah." David replied, seeing the blue mats and bits of white and red.

"Okay. See the red, that's Tommy. Now see the white, that's Shannon," Rocky pointed out.

"Who?" David questioned.

"Just watch," Rocky responded.

He walked towards the mats and stopped when he could see who was behind it.

David, Kimberly, Tanya, Adam, and Kat watched.

"Shannon there are people here, ya know?" the five heard Rocky's voice.

Suddenly, Shannon came out from behind the mats and started to pelt Rocky with a black tank top. "Do you know what 'privacy' means?!?!" Shannon barked at him.

Shannon kept pelting him with the top, until Tommy's hands grabbed her wrists. "You can stop now, Sweetcheeks. Before you kill my shirt."

"Fine, then," Shannon kissed Tommy, as Rocky suffered and watched.

"Man, Shannon! You don't know when to stop, do you ?" Rocky pushed.

Shannon lifted up her right leg and kicked Rocky in the butt, as she kept kissing Tommy.

"Hello, you two.," Rocky finally got their attention, "You're on Candid Camera!"

Rocky pointed to the group watching and Shannon and Tommy were extremely mad. Shannon whapped him and Tommy wanted to do more, but Shannon held him back and whispered in his ear, "Who's the other guy with everyone else?"

Tommy looked over again and saw David with the group. "That's my brother, David......Oh, man! I was supposed to meet him today."

"I didn't know you had a brother, I thought you were adopted like me," Shannon looked at him curiously.

"Long story," he replied.

Tommy put his shirt on and walked towards the group, that Rocky had returned to, with Shannon. "I'm really sorry, David, but we had some business to take care of," Tommy explained to his brother, winking his eye.

Shannon hit him on the arm. "What are you talking about, Tommy?"

"He knows, Shannon," Tommy responded, "By the way, David, this my fianc,, Shannon, Shannon, this is my brother, David," he introduced the two to each other.

"Hi," Shannon warmly greeted, then excused herself, whispering, "Uh...I'll be right back. Alpha and Zordon should be finished with the tests."

The brunette began to walk away, but she turned around, "Kat, keep your boyfriend under control, please. He needs to learn what 'privacy' means," she shot the last remark at Rocky.

As Shannon started to walk away again, Rocky yelled back at her, "Hey, I can't help it if you and Tommy don't know what 'public' means."

Ignoring the comment, Shannon walked out the door and into the hallway. Once she was out of sight, David wondered, "Your fianc,?!?!"

"Yeah, we got engaged two days ago, plus, she's the White Ranger," Tommy explained.

"Wow, I was wondering who she was. I mean she knew you were the Power Rangers, and that sorta startled me," David responded.

The seven teenagers sat down at the booth and a few minutes later, Shannon came back into the gym with Caroline. "Whose that with Shannon?" David asked, totally oblivious to the fact that was his brother's daughter.

"That's Caroline....." but before Tommy could finished, Caroline ran up into Tommy's lap.

"Hi, hi!" she happily greeted, hugging Tommy.

"Looks like she'd rather be with you than me right now," Shannon teased, approaching the seven, "I'm gonna spar for awhile, so do ya mind watching her, Tommy," Shannon asked, sweetly.

"I can handle it. What do you think I am an irresponsible parent?" Tommy prompted.

Shannon pretended to ponder and then answered, just kidding around, "Yes, I do."

"She's," David pointed at Caroline, "your daughter?!?!"

"Yeah." Tommy answered.

"A lot of stuff has been going on since I've last been here, huh?" David wondered.

"You could say that," Tanya answered.

Tommy drank some water and began to explain to David what had been happening in the last month, "Here, I'll explain..........................................."

* * *

Zesta was in one of her secret rooms in the dungeon, standing next to a covered object, on a scared table. Surrounding her were many black candles, lit.

Trini walked over to her, while taking off her blood stained, yellow glove. "Here you are my queen," Trini said, handing Zesta the glove.

"Very well done, Trini. AISHA!" she praised and summoned.

"Yes, my queen," Aisha answered the call, walking into the room.

"Here," she told, tossing the bloody glove into her hands, "Remove some of that blood and plant it on our Moon Clone."

"Right away, my queen," Aisha replied.

She removed the cover on the object and revealed a face. A face that looked exactly like Shannon's. Aisha planted a speck of blood from the glove, onto the face's lips. "It is done, my queen," Aisha informed.

"Very well. Stand Back," Zesta ordered and the two stepped away from the body.

"Yastuz, alaraml, camilen, mensuz, basit," Zesta chanted, "Give life to my Moon Clone!"

A black mist descended upon the body and it shot up from the table. "Ahhhhhh......" Zack marveled, as he watched, walking into the room with Jason.

The black mist receded and the Moon Clone stood in front of Zesta, bowing her head. "I am at your service, my queen," she said, in Shannon's voice.

"Tell me, Moon Clone. What is your name?" Zesta questioned.

"My name is Shannon Kassandra Kaze a.k.a. Artemis," the Moon Clone answered the question, "I am commonly known as the White Zeo Ranger."

"And who are your friends?" Zesta inquired her.

"My friends are Kimberly Anne Hart, the Purple Kartherian Ranger, Tanya Sloan, the Yellow Zeo Ranger, Katherine Hillard, the Pink Zeo Ranger, Selene, the Silver Kartherian Ranger, Apollo, the Orange Life Element Ranger, Helious, the Purple Incarsus Ranger, Rocky De Santos, the Blue Zeo Ranger, and Adam Park, the Green Zeo Ranger," the Moon Clone replied.

"Your fianc,?" Zesta pressed on.

"Tommy Oliver, the Red Zeo Ranger."

"Your plan is in full swing, my queen," Jason told Zesta, "And the Power Rangers don't even know it........................"

What plan is Jason talking about? Will Tommy and Shannon's engagement hold true? What does the Moon Clone have to do with all this? Find out in, "Challenges Of Love".