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"A New Ranger"
By: KJ Holland

"You haven't changed a thing since I was last here.", said Carri Hillard

"Nope. You used this room all the time when we were younger. The way I saw it, you'd be back.", replied Kat Hillard

"I'm thrilled I get to graduate from Angel Grove High.", Carri said, "Poor Josh. He had to graduate from Westside County High."

"Yeah. Oh well. We're all glad to have you here.", said Kat

"Yup. I'm sure you'll get along with everyone. And it helps that you already know your way around." said Tanya Sloan

"You'd better believe it. Well, I guess I'd better get some sleep. It's already 11:30 and tomorrow's the first day of our senior year.", said Carri

"You're right. ‘Night.", wished Kat

"‘Night", Tanya said

Carri shut the door as Kat and Tanya left. As she crawled into the bed she wondered what her first day back would be like.


Knock knock!

"Come on Carri, we're going to be late!", yelled Kat

"Alright, coming.", replied a grumpy Carri

Carri went downstairs and started out the door. She was going to walk to school with Kat and Tanya.

"Since we don't have any time before school, I'll introduce you to everyone at lunch.", said Kat

"Lunch is bad. I've got to go talk to the principal.", Carri told her "He wants to meet the new Hillard in the school."

"What he wants to do is to make sure it's you and not Josh repeating the 12th grade for the 2nd time.", Kat teased and both she and Carri laughed.

"Ok, I give. Who is this Josh guy you keep talking about?", asked a curious Tanya

"He's my older brother. He is always a pain, and he doesn't even have to try.", Carri told her

"Anyway, how about you meet us at the Youth Center and I'll introduce you there.", suggested Kat

"The Youth Center. Gosh, how long has it been since I was there.", said Carri

"Since the last time Josh kicked you out saying he didn't want to be seen with you in there.", joked Kat

Carri laughed. "True. Anyway, I'll be there. I'm dying to meet your friends.", she told her

"Alright then." said Kat

The girls walked the rest of the way in silence, each deep in their own thoughts.

"Here we are. I'll see you later.", Kat said

"Bye.", said Carri

"Bye.", said Tanya as she waved



Second period already? Carri thought as she skipped off to her next class. She walked into the room with 1 minute before the bell. There was only one seat left, so naturally she sat in it.

She felt a tap on her shoulder, so she turned around. "Yes?"

"Hi, I'm Skull. This is Bulk.", he said pointing to the overweight guy sitting next to him

"Hi.", said Bulk

"And your name would be...", started Skull


"You know, you look awfully familiar.", said Skull

"Is that some sort of pick up line or something?", she asked

"No, I'm serious. Wait a minute, you're Carri Hillard, aren't you?", he said

"Yeah, why?", she wanted to know

"You were in that movie, Bulk don't you remember?"

"Yeah, it was called Revenge."

"How did you guys know that. I was in there long enough to get shot. They didn't even show my face.", she said with a puzzled look on her face

"Well, if you pause the movie in just the right spot, we can see you.", Skull told her "Then all we had to do was look at the credits."

"Hey, don't remind me of that. I hate the movie business. I only did the roll ‘cause my dad wanted me to.", Carri said

"Your dad's that producer guy, Jonathan, right?", asked Skull

"Yes. Now if you don't mind, I'd like to put everything about my dad, New York and the movie business behind me and concentrate on the present and make up for all I've missed out on.", she said

"My deepest apologies. I will never mention it again.", Skull apologized

"Thank you." she said


Across the room, Rocky DeSantos couldn't help but notice the girl that just walked into the room.

"Hey Tommy, do you know her?" he asked his friend

"Nope. She must be new.", Tommy Oliver answered him

"I've got to go meet her." Rocky said


"It will have to wait.", Tommy told him


The morning flew by. Carri was so happy to be back in Angel Grove, she wasn't really paying attention to anything else. At the end of gym, she walked with Kat to their 5th period language class together.

"I hate this.", Carri started, "Two seats left and at other sides of the room."

"Oh well. You want the back or the front?", Kat asked

"Back. You're the one who gets along with teachers the best."

"Thanks.", Kat said sarcastically

Carri went to the back seat, just two rows away from Rocky.


"Hey Rocky, what are you looking at?" asked his best friend, Adam Park

"Her.", said Rocky as he pointed to Carri

Tommy looked up and saw it was the same girl from history.

"Oh. You going to talk to her?", Adam wondered

"During lunch.", Rocky told him



Rocky walked out of the classroom and headed to the lunchroom. He looked all over for the girl, but didn't see her anywhere. He wondered over to where Adam was sitting, looking rather depressed.

"Come on, let's go. We don't have all that much time if we want to finish that program.", Rocky said

"Struck out, didn't you?", Adam said smiling

"No. I can't find her.", Rocky complained

"Oh. Well, you'll eventually talk to her."

"Yeah, you're right." Rocky said

"Come on. Let's head to the computer lab.", Adam said hopping out of his seat


Carri went through lunch and math, still in the same good mood, even though those two weirdos sat next to her again. What were their names? Oh yeah. Bulk and Skull. Anyway. As she walked into chemistry class, she saw Kat. She went over and nabbed the seat next to her.

"Hey.", said Carri

"Hello." replied Kat

"Front row?"

"Only seats I could get. I would've grabbed some by my friends, but there was no room."

"It's ok. I'll meet them soon enough. I just have to get through chem class."

"Oh, you'll like chemistry. Mrs. Applebee is really nice."

"You've had her?"

"Math last year. She teaches 2 subjects, and has a degree in three."



"Hey, isn't that the girl over there that's talking to Kat?", Tommy said as he tapped Rocky on the shoulder and pointed at her

"Yeah, that's her.", Rocky said smiling

"Why don't you get the 411 from Kat after class.", Tommy suggested

"Oh, believe me, I will.", Rocky said



"I'm going to go talk to Mrs. Applebee. I'll see you at the Youth Center." Kat told Carri

"Ok.", Carri agreed


"Are we going to the Youth Center?", asked Rocky

"You got anywhere else to go?", Tommy asked

"You're right. We can go in just one second. I have to talk to Kat now.", Rocky said

Rocky waited until the room cleared and the 2 boys were left in the room with Kat and the teacher. Rocky walked up to Kat while Tommy stayed a few steps back.

"Hey Kat, I've got something I need to talk to you about.", Rocky said

"Not now. I have to talk to Mrs. Applebee. I'll talk to you at the Youth Center.", Kat told him. "It can wait, can't it?"

"Yeah. I guess so." a saddened Rocky said. "Come on Tommy, let's go find Adam." he said quickly brightening up


It didn't take Carri very long to get to the Youth Center. She could never forget where that place was. She walked in and over to Ernie to grab a soda.

"Hey Ernie. Let me have a soda.", she told him

Ernie turned around. "Do I know... Little Carri Hillard?"

"Well, I'm not so little anymore.", she said

"I can see that." Ernie said as he was getting the soda. "So, what brings you here?"

"I figured I could attempt a little history until Kat got here. Then I was going to meet her friends."

Ernie chuckled. "Really though."

"Well, I flew in from New York and I'm going to stay with Kat here in Angel Grove. That way I can graduate from Angel Grove High like I've always wanted." she explained

"Well, that's great news. I hope to see you here often.", Ernie said

"You can count on it." Carri told him as she grabbed her soda and walked away

Carri went to the first open table she saw. She took a sip of her soda, then pulled out her history book. Ug, history. Ok, let's see here. She started to scan the page. Too many big words. Ok, stumper. Carri struggled to get through page 1. It seemed like forever before she ever saw page 2.


Rocky, Adam and Tommy all came into the door at once.

"One at a time next time?" suggested Tommy and the 3 boys laughed

They all grabbed a table, two down for Carri. Rocky looked up and saw her.

"Look, there she is.", whispered Rocky

"Where?" said Adam as he turned to stare

"Don't stare!", Rocky ordered at he hit his friend

"Why don't you go talk to her?", wondered Tommy

"I don't know....", Rocky started

"Rocky DeSantos, it's not like you to get shy.", Adam said

"You're right. I'll go over there.", Rocky said, very determined

Just then, Tanya and Kat came over.

"Hey guys!", they both said together

"Hello." they said at once

"Guys, remember I told you that my cousin might be coming down?", Kat asked

"Yeah.", said Tommy

"Well, she's here, and I'd like for you to meet her.", Kat said

"Um, can I do this at another time. I've got something I've got to do.", Rocky asked

"Come on Rocky, it'll only take a minute.", Kat pleaded

"Is she nearby?", Rocky wanted to know

"Yes.", Kat said

"Oh, alright.", Rocky gave in

Kat dragged the boys up and took them over to Carri's table.

"You guys, this is my cousin, Carri.", Kat introduced them

"Hi.", Carri said

"Um, hi. I'm Rocky, and this is Adam and Tommy."

"Nice to meet you."

"She's your cousin?", Rocky whispered to Kat

Kat nodded her head yes.

"Well, you guys can sit down you know.", Carri said

Rocky casually rushed to the seat on Carri's left. Beside Rocky was Adam, then Tanya, Tommy, and to Carri's left, Kat.

"History. Yuck.", said Tommy noticing the open book

"Tell me about it. I can barley get through one page, let alone a whole chapter.", Carri complained

"So, you guys don't even look related.", Rocky said still amazed that this girl was Kat's cousin

"I've got two brunettes for parents. What can I say. She has a blond mother.", Carri explained

"So your fathers are related?", Tommy asked

"Yup. Brothers.", answered Kat

"So, how long are you going to be here for?", Rocky wanted to know

"Well, I'm registered in Angel Grove High, so I guess that means I have to stay at least through my senior year.", Carri told him

"You going home after that?", Rocky asked

"Don't know.", Carri said

"That's an awesome jersey. Where did you get it?", Adam asked, noticing the MTV Rock ‘N' Jock jersey she was wearing

"That's a long story. Let me give you the short end of it. My dad got a couple of free tickets to the 6th Rock ‘N' Jock. He gave them to me and my boyfriend. They were pretty close seats too. Anyway, after the game I went over to the Homeboys side and decided I wanted to jump the fence to meet Dan Cortese." Carri started with her long story

"What about security?", Tanya wanted to know

"That's exactly what David said. They were too busy with Pamela Anderson to even know I was there. So I jumped over and introduced myself to Dan. He almost called security, but he stopped when he recognized the name. He was like, "Your dad produced my last movie." Hey, sometimes it's good to get recognized. Although only 3 people have ever even known the name. And hopefully that will be all.", she continued on with the story

"Your dad's a producer?", Adam said with a shocked look on his face

"Yeah. It sucks. It's what took me away from Angel Grove. I like it here. Ok, back to Dan. I told him how much I love his work and how I thought he was pretty good. So he's like, "You really like my work?" Of corse I told him yes. So, to show how cool he thought I was, he took off his jersey and signed it. Then he proceeded to give it to me.", Carri finished

"I'd say that's pretty lucky. I'd love to wear one of those jerseys. Naturally, I'd be playing to get one. Right field.", Rocky said

"I'll be right there with you buddy. I'll be the only Rock ‘N' Jock player to hit for the cycle and get two extra homers.", Adam let everyone know of his future accomplishments

"You two have pretty high hopes.", Tanya said

"We can't help it. We're just good.", Adam said, teasing his girlfriend

"So I guess one day I'll be slipping by security to ask for you guy's autographs.", Carri said

"Nope. You guys won't need to ask. We'll let you in. That way you can tell the press you never though we would make it.", Rocky teased

"You guys will make it. You just have to keep the faith.", Kat said

"See, she believes in us.", Adam said

Bulk and Skull came into the Youth Center and they noticed Carri sitting with some of their least favorite people.

"Hey Carri. Why don't you come join us for a soda.", Skull offered

"No thanks guys.", Carri turned them down

"Come on, join us. You're new here, and we'd hate to have you hanging out with the wrong crowd." Bulk leaned in closer to Carri "They're the school losers."

"Ah. Losers you say.", Carri said

"Yup.", said Bulk. Skull just stood there smiling and nodding his head.

Carri turned to Kat. "Kat we're cousins, I thought you told me everything. You never told me you guys were the school losers."

"Cousins?", said Bulk

"Yeah. Did you think the last name thing was just a coincidence?", Carri asked

"Actually, yeah.", Bulk said

Skull tried to defend himself. "Hey, the whole loser thing was Bulk's idea. I had nothing to do with it."

"Whatever.", Carri said

"No seriously...", Skull started at it again but Rocky cut him off

"Guys, just give it a rest, ok.", Rocky said

The two boys put there heads down as they turned around and walked away. Carri's table burst out laughing.

Rocky looked at the clock on the wall. "Oh gosh, look what time it is. I've gotta go or I'll be late for work!", Rocky exclaimed

"You know what, I think I'll head on out of here too. I've got a lot of stuff I need to do.", Carri said

"Hey, we're going in the same direction. Let me walk you halfway there.", Rocky asked

"Ok." Carri said as she put her history book in her backpack and threw it on her shoulder.

Carri and Rocky went out the door together and in the direction of Carri's house. There was a brief silence before either one of them could think of anything to say.

"Well, that really is cool that you got that from Dan. I bet your boyfriend was happy.", Rocky said

"More like surprised. He didn't think I was going to get anywhere but to the police station.", Carri told him

"I guess he was upset when you left."

"Yeah. But I broke it off, so hopefully he's ready to move on now."

"You guys broke up? That's to bad."

"Not really, I had been meaning to do it for a long time. The problem was, my parents loved him, and I really needed to have the right excuse to break it off."

"So, you're parents liked him. Big deal. I'm sure you'll find another guy that they approve of."

"I hope so. They've gotten picky since my dad started making a lot of money."

"That's understandable."

There was another long silence as they approached the part of Angel Grove Park that's close to her house.

Carri decided she wanted to know about Rocky. "So Rocky, now that you know about me, tell me a little bit about you."

"Well, let's see. I was born and...", he started. Carri shook her head and laughed. "Seriously though, well let's see. Where to start. Ok." Rocky proceeded to tell her about him.


Meanwhile, King Mondo was starting to get some pretty good ideas.

"Klank, I want to know who that girl is standing with the blue ranger.", Mondo ordered

"Your highness, that is the pink rangers cousin.", Klank told him

"I have an idea.", King Mondo said

"Nothing self-destructive I hope.", said Mondo's wife, Queen Machina

"Of corse not. We're going to kidnap the rangers new friend. Then those pesky little brats will give us anything we want.", Mondo let them in on the plan

"Yeah. We can demand all sorts of things once we have her.", said the couples son, Prince Sprocket

"Klank, send in the Cogs!", King Mondo ordered

"Yes your highness.", Klank said as he rushed to carry out Mondo's order


"So where do you work Rocky?", Carri asked

"I'm a lifeguard at the beach.", Rocky said

"That must be fun.", Carri said

"Yeah, it is.", he replied

The two new friends were taking a short cut through the park to get to Carri's house when out of nowhere at least a dozen Cogs appeared.

"Oh no. Quick, get out of here!", Rocky yelled

Carri turned around and got ready to run when she saw a lot more Cogs on the other side. "Easier said than done. Looks like we're surrounded."

Rocky was worried. He needed to morph, but he knew he couldn't do it in front of Carri. Hopefully, the others would find out what's going on and get there soon.

Surprisingly, Carri wasn't to worried. She thought, Kat warned me about this. Oh well. Then she turned to the Cogs. Very bravely she said, "Ok, we can do this the hard way or the easy way. Personally, I prefer the easy way, you know you leave and we forget this ever happened."

The Cogs didn't move.

"Ok, I can see how this is going." Carri threw down her backpack and was prepared to fight.

Rocky stood there in amazement, but not for too long. Before he had a chance to react to what he saw, Cogs came flying at him.

Carri and Rocky both fought the Cogs. Carri was amazed at how stupid these cogs were. I mean, every idiot knows that you're not going to just stand there and let two Cogs come at you from both sides. It's only natural to move out of the way.

The Cogs kept trying to come up and grab Carri from behind while she was fighting one of them. It never seemed to work. Between her fighting skills and Rocky watching her back, the Cogs never had a chance.

The Cogs, seeing that their mission was failing, departed.

"Where did you learn to fight like that?", Rocky said, stunned by the skills she showed

"Remember, I lived in New York. Can't go anywhere and feel safe without some skills.", she told him

"Oh.", was all Rocky could manage to say


"I can't believe this. She defeated the Cogs like she was one of the rangers!", Mondo roared

"But, sire, she's not one of them. You should send in a monster after her. She'd never be able to defeat one of your monsters.", Klank suggested

"Silence! I need time to think!", Mondo yelled "I've got it. Next chance I have, I'll send in a monster. She won't stand a chance."

"Great idea dad.", said Sprocket

"Yes your highness. You come up with some of the best ideas.", Klank said, angry that he didn't listen to him


Rocky and Carri approached the corner where they were going to have to go their separate ways.

"Look, about what happened back there...", Rocky started before Carri cut him off

"Hey, don't worry about it. I'm ok, you're ok, there's nothing more to it.", Carri said

"I guess you're right. I'll see you in the morning then."

"Alright, see ya." Carri said as she headed to her house and Rocky headed for work


It was about 10:00 PM when Carri was sitting downstairs watching TV. Tanya came in after being at the movies with Adam.

"Hey.", said Carri

"Hey." Tanya said as she walked over to the couch

"Did you have fun?", Carri asked

"Yeah.", Tanya said. She came up behind Carri and put her hands on the back of the couch. Then she leaned in toward Carri. "What I want to know is, did you?"


"You know, walking home with Rocky. I mean, you do know he has a huge crush on you."

"It's obvious. I noticed he was staring at me every time I looked up during class."

"Well, what did you guys talk about?"

"It was a friendly chat about different things. Can you guess what the first thing he brought up was?"



"I knew it." Tanya laughed as she turned around and walked upstairs. "I'm turning in. We'll chat more tomorrow."


As Tanya was walking upstairs, Kat came downstairs, fresh from having to take a shower.

"Hey Kat.", Carri greeted her

"Hey.", Kat said as she walked over and sat beside Carri

"I have got to tell you what happened to me."

"I'm all ears."

Carri filled her cousin in on everything that happened in the park.

"Wow. I hate to say I told you so, but...", Kat started

"I know, I know. At least you did warn me about what being here was like. I would've been freaked out if you hadn't.", Carri said

"You know I wouldn't have told you if I didn't spill everything when I was under Rita's spell.", Kat said

"I know, and I'm thankful for Rita. If it weren't for her, you might not be a ranger, and I wouldn't know the biggest secret of my best friends life.", Carri said

"True. It's getting late. Maybe we should go to bed now."

"You're right."

Both girls walked upstairs and into their rooms, each in their own little worlds.


Kat, Carri, and Tanya arrived at school just as the minute bell rang. The three hurried to class, not really wanting to spend the period in lockout. Not to fun.

First period was a breeze. Carri stayed alert and awake and actually enjoyed class. When the bell rang, Carri hurried to get to class, not really wanting to be by Bulk and Skull again. Of corse, being on the other side of the building doesn't help. When she walked into the room, she noticed that it was already pretty full.

Rocky noticed Carri come in. He lifted up his hand and motioned for her to come over to the seat he had saved for her. Of corse, Carri went. Rocky & Tommy or Bulk & Skull? Hmm. Tough one.

Carri slipped into the seat beside Rocky. "Thanks guys.", she said

"Hey no problem. Anything for a friend.", Rocky said

"I think she would have rather sat with her fan club.", Tommy teased, pointing to Bulk and Skull

Carri playfully hit Tommy on the shoulder just as the bell rang.

"Alright class, I want you to pay a lot of attention today. We're going over very important stuff.", their teacher said

Carri leaned back in her chair. Was this going to be a long period.



End of fourth period. At last. As if the morning wasn't going slow enough. Let's go to language. Yay! Carri and Kat met up again to walk to class.

"So, how's your day been?", Kat asked

"Not counting the boring factor, great. Your friends are pretty terrific. I sat with a few of them in second period.", Carri answered

"That's great!", she exclaimed, "I'm glad you guys are getting along."

Carri and Kat walked into class and grabbed the seats beside Rocky, Adam and Tommy.

"Hey guys!", Carri greeted them

"Hi.", said the boys at the same time

"Are you ready for the wonderful world of language?", Kat teased

"Oh yes, I've been waiting for this moment all day.", Carri said sarcastically and caused the boys to laugh


"Shhh!", Carri joked putting her finger on her mouth, trying to get the boys, who were still chuckling, to shut up.

"Our first and main unit of this year will be one on William Shakespear. We will go over his Hamlet, A Midsummer Night's Dream and Caesar, and then go in depth with Macbeth. We will proceed this by preforming Macbeth in class, and quite possibly we will preform everyone's favorite, Romeo & Juliet.", said their english teacher, Mrs. Fleet

"Romeo, Romeo, where for art tho Romeo?", Rocky joked

The class cracked up. Not really at what Rocky said, but at how he said it. Even Mrs. Fleet had to smile.

"Ok guys, let's start out with a little bit of history about Shakespear himself.", Mrs. Fleet said

Mrs. Fleet went on about Shakespear and his life. Not like they hadn't all heard it since 8th grade. I guess it never hurts to hear something again. Finally, the bell rang.


Everyone jumped up.

"Hey guys, what are your plans for lunch?", Rocky asked

"Me and Kat have got to work on something for math class tomorrow.", Adam informed his friend

"Tommy?", Rocky questioned

"Busy.", he replied

"Well in that case, Carri, would you like to join me for lunch?", Rocky asked

"It would be my honor.", Carri said

Rocky held out his arm. Carri linked her arm in his and out the door they went.

"We could've done this at the library later today.", Kat said

"I know. I was just trying to get Carri and Rocky a little alone time. You have no idea what kind of a crush he has on that girl. Just don't tell him I told you that. Come on guys, Tanya is going to meet us in the library.", explained Adam


After lunch, Carri and Rocky walked to their next classes together.

"So Rocky, where exactly is your next class?", Carri wondered, "I mean, I don't want you walking out of your way to take me to class."

Rocky pointed to the class diagonally away from her math room. "Right there.", he said "Hey, after class me and Adam will meet you in front of this room. Then we can walk to chem class together."

"Ok.", Carri agreed as she waved good-bye and walked into math.

"See ya.", Rocky said as he waved back


Carri went into her math class. She sat down and only a few seconds later, her "fan club" had managed to find the empty seats next to her. Thankfully, math class went by pretty quickly.

When the bell rang, Carri got out as quickly as she could. Skull watched her go the whole way. Carri stood outside the door and Bulk & Skull were quick to stand beside her. Rocky and Adam took to long to get there.

"Hey guys!", she yelled noticing them and walking in there direction

"Hey!", Rocky yelled and Adam waved

Carri got there and she noticed that Bulk and Skull seemed to stay 2 feet away from her at all times. They were to obvious. In a real low voice she said to Rocky and Adam, "My quote fan club has resorted to stalking."

Rocky laughed and Adam just stood there with a blank look on his face. "See what happened is this morning both me and Tommy and Bulk & Skull saved her a seat. When she came to sit with us Tommy said something referring to them as her fan club.", Rocky whispered into Adam's ear

"Oh, gotcha.", said Adam

Carri and Rocky walked into class and went over and sat with Tommy and Kat while Adam went on to history. Bulk and Skull came in and sat behind them.

"Surprise surprise.", Carri muttered

"What?", Rocky asked as he turned around a saw what she had already seen. "Oh"

The bell rang and Mrs. Applebee's class got under way. Mrs. Applebee seemed like a good teacher. Her class was the fastest one of the day. Before anyone knew it, the bell had rung.

"Who's off to the Youth Center?", Tommy asked

"I'm there.", said Carri

"Me too.", said Rocky

"I guess Adam and I can show up for a minute before we have to go back to work.", Kat said

"Oh, Tanya wanted me to tell you she was heading over later too.", Carri let them know

"Ok then, let's go.", Tommy said, walking out the door


They arrived at the Youth Center shortly after Tanya.

"Hey guys, what took you so long?", Tanya teased

"Well, the thought of seeing you when we got here slowed us down.", Adam teased his girlfriend before he sat down beside her and kissed her

The others sat down around the table and started up a conversation. They talked for a half hour before someone Carri hadn't seen before came in and started talking to Tommy.

"Hey Tommy, you ready to do some sparring?", asked a long time friend of the group, Billy Cranston. "Remember, you've got to teach me that new move."

"Yeah, Billy.", Tommy said as he noticed that Carri had a blank look on her face. "Oh Billy, this is Kat's cousin, Carri. Carri, this is a good friend of ours, Billy Cranston."

"Pleasure to meet you.", Billy said extending his hand

Carri shook his hand. "Nice to meet you too."

Kat looked up at the clock. "Oh my gosh, look what time it is. Come on Adam, we were only going to stay for ten minutes."

Kat dragged Adam up and out the door. "Bye!", he yelled

Tommy and Billy went over to the mats to spar a little and work on a new move.

"Well, I have to go talk with Ernie, I'll see you guys later.", Tanya said

"Well, it looks like there's nothing more to do around here.", Carri said "I suppose I'll just go home and check out the afternoon games."

"Games? As in baseball games?", Rocky asked


"Mind if I join you? I'm a big baseball fan."

"No, not at all.", Carri said as she and Rocky stood up. "Let's go."

The two walked out the door and headed down toward Carri's house.

"So, who's your favorite?", Rocky asked

"Favorite...", Carri prompted him


"Houston Astros rock and Atlanta is pretty cool. However, they can't hold a candle to my 'Stros. Yours?"

"Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Mets are my two favorite, but I like the Dodgers more. Ok, favorite player?"

"Players. Billy Wagner and Alex Rodriguez."

Mike Piazza. No contest.", Rocky confidently told her

"He's ok.", Carri kidded

"Carri, I've been wondering, would you like to go to a movie with me tonight?", Rocky asked

"Are you asking me out on a date?", she wondered

"Well, yes."

"I'd love to go."

"Does 7:00 sound ok?"

"That's fine."

"Alrighty then, it's set.", Rocky said as he put his arm around her shoulder.

The two started walking through Angel Grove park when the Cogs showed up.

"Looks like the welcome wagon's back.", Carri muttered

The newest couple in Angel Grove started to fight the bad guys. They were winning when all of the sudden the most ugly thing Carri had ever seen came out of the sky.

"I am Terminator, and I am here to put and end to this.", he introduced himself

"You aren't putting an end to anything.", Rocky said, not so sure if that was true or not since he didn't know how long he could hold out without morphing.

Carri sensed the doubt in his voice. "Go ahead and morph.", she told him

"But how...", Rocky started but was cut off

"I'll tell you later.", Carri said, "Just do it."

Carri went up to try to fight this thing by herself to give Rocky time to morph. He was a lot stronger that the Cogs.

"It's morphin time!", Rocky yelled, "ZEO RANGER III, BLUE!"

The Terminator had grabbed Carri. "Let her go!", Rocky yelled

"Highly unlikely.", he said


Beep beep beepbeep beep beep.

Tommy, Billy and Tanya went to a little corner of the Youth Center.

"What is it Alpha?", Tommy asked

"Rocky and Carri are under attack in the park. You must join them immediately.", Alpha ordered

"We're on it Alpha.", Tommy said as Billy teleported back to the Power Chamber.

Tommy and Tanya backed up more to make sure no one could see them.

"It's morphin time!", Tommy yelled




"Ok, so are we sure this is how we want it?", Kat asked Adam. They were in the Angel Grove library doing their math.

Adam nodded his head yes.

Beep beep beepbeep beep beep.

Adam and Kat walked over to a never used part of the library.

"We're here Alpha."

Alpha explained the situation.

"You got it. It's morphin time!", yelled Adam




The others quickly joined Carri and Rocky in the park.

"We're here for you man.", Tommy said

"Yeah!", agreed Tanya

"Oh how sweet. Let me introduce myself. I am the Terminator, and I am here to take your friend away.", the big monster said

"Oh no you don't!", yelled Kat, "ZEO I, POWER KICK!"

Kat spun around and kicked the Terminator so hard that he flung Carri out of his arms and toward Rocky.

Rocky ran over to help her up. "Are you ok?" he asked

Carri nodded her head yes. Rocky, who had been holding on to her arm, let go. Carri ran and ducked behind a tree.

"You haven't won yet!", Terminator roared

All of the rangers had gathered together in front of the monster.

"Well, we're a lot closer than you are.", Tommy threatened him

The rangers got into an awful fight with Terminator. End the end they all pulled out their pistols and got him down.

Carri thought the fight was over until she looked up and saw something, (Klank), on the hill.

"Looks like Terminator could use our help.", Klank said

"Alrighty then.", said his little buddy Orbus.

Orbus then put his head, arms, and legs inside him. Klank pulled out some sort of cord from him and threw him in circles over his head.

"Around and around and away we go.", Klank said, throwing Orbus at Terminator

"Here you go.", said Orbus, filling Terminator with something

Suddenly, Terminator grew to an enormous height.

"Ha. You tiny rangers can't stop me now!", He yelled

"We'll see about that.", said Rocky

"We need Zeo Zord power now!", yelled Tommy

All of the rangers jumped into their respective zords and Tommy brought them all together. Terminator wasn't good enough to compete with the Mega Zeo Zord. He went down in a matter of seconds.


"Won't we ever be able to defeat those rangers!", roared King Mondo

"In time dear.", Queen Machina said

"Klank!", yelled Mondo

"Yes your highness?", Klank arrived

"This is all your fault. It was your idea to bring in a monster."

"I am so sorry sire.", Klank apologized


Four out of the five rangers were getting ready to leave.

"Wait, before you go, I think we need to talk. Go ahead and de-morph, or whatever you do.", Carri said

Only Rocky and Kat powered down.

"It's ok guys, she knows.", Kat said

The others reluctantly powered down.

"How...", Tommy started but was cut off by Kat

"I told her."

"Katherine, you do know that what you did is in direct violation of Zordon's orders.", Tommy said

"Wait, don't get mad at her.", Carri started, "It wasn't her fault. She told me everything before she became a power ranger, when she was under Rita's spell. Then she really had no choice but to keep me up to date."

"I never would've told her if it weren't for the spell I was under.", Kat said defending herself

"Well, I suppose it's acceptable. I mean, after all, Rita was a pretty powerful woman.", Adam said, thinking out loud for the most part

"Adam's right, as long as...", Tommy started

"I didn't tell anyone?", Carri finished as Tommy shook his head yes. "Don't worry. I would never do that. Your secret's safe with me."

"Well, now that's over with, we've got some things we must attend to.", Kat said looking around at everyone. They all seemed to have a look of trust in their eyes, trust for Carri and trust for Kat.

"You're right.", Adam said as he and Kat teleported out of there

Tommy and Tanya waved bye and left.

"Well, since that's over with, I think we have a Dodgers-Astros game starting in a few minutes.", Rocky said

"What are you waiting for, come on.", Carri said walking away

Rocky caught up with her and re-put his arm around her.

"Piazza.", Rocky said

"Wagner.", Carri replied







They both laughed as they made their way to Carri's house.