Green With Evil
By: KJ Holland

The evil killed one ranger and headed for the last one.

"Prepare to die.", he said

"Not if I can help it.", Jason told him

Jason engaged in battle with him. He started out with the upper hand, but was brought down. His opponent was much stronger than him.

"You and your friends were no match for me!", the guy yelled as he stood over Jason with a sword pointed towards his chest

Jason looked around and saw all of his dead comrades lying there. "Your brand of evil will never win!"

"It looks like it already has.", he said as he stuck a knife through his chest

Jason was killed instantly, leaving Angel Grove defenseless without the Power Rangers.

* * *

Three weeks later.....

It was a beautiful, sunny day in Angel Grove. The beach was packed, and every available lifeguard was working.

One girl was walking along the beach, absorbed in her own thoughts. She caught the eye of one of the lifeguards and he ran down to meet her and walk with her.

"Hey you.", he said as he walked up behind her

She looked startled as she turned up and saw who it was. "Hey Rocky."

"You looked a million miles away.", Rocky DeSantos told her

"Oh, I was just thinking about things.", Carri Hillard replied

"Like what?", asked Rocky

"Like everything.", she told him

"No details?", he asked

"Not now. Maybe some other time.", she replied

"You make it sound bad.", he said

"Bad? No, it's nothing bad. How about this, when I finish thinking, we'll talk, if you must know what I'm thinking about."

"I get off at five."

"Then we'll talk then."

Rocky stopped her in her walk. "This is where I have to stop. I can't afford to go that far from my water."

"That's ok, I understand.", Carri said as she leaned in and gave him a quick kiss

"I don't have time for this now.", Rocky complained after she gave him his kiss

She looked confused, but quickly got over that when she realized it was the approaching cogs he was talking about.

Rocky and Carri took a defensive stance, and started to get into a fight with the cogs. A few of the cogs threw Carri back, and when she got up she didn't notice the portal opening behind her. Something reached through the portal and grabbed her and started to pull her though. She tried to pull herself out, but there was nothing solid she could grab.

"Rocky!", she yelled

Rocky looked over but there was nothing he could do, he was swarmed with cogs.

* * *

"I had a lot of fun this afternoon.", said Emily

"Me too.", agreed Jason Lee Scott as they walked hand in hand on the sidewalk that went along the beach

"I hope we get to do it again sometime.", Emily said

"Oh we will, I promise. In fact, let's go out again tonight, if you're not busy.", suggested Jason

"Tonight? Ok.", Emily said

Jason leaned in and kissed Emily, but their kiss was interrupted by yelling on the beach. Jason looked up and saw what was going on, then he ran down the beach to help.

"Jason what are you doing?", asked Emily

"Saving my friends.", Jason said

"Be careful!", Emily yelled after him

Jason got to the scene and the first thing he did was try to pull Carri out of the portal. But whatever was pulling her in was too strong, and it ended up pulling them both in. The portal closed just as Rocky managed to break free from the cogs.

"No!", Rocky yelled in disbelief

The cogs looked at each other then they shrugged their shoulders and left.

* * *

Carri and Jason fell out of the portal and onto the ground.

"Jason, you didn't have to try and rescue me.", she said

"What, and let my friend disappear without a trace all alone?", Jason asked

"Thanks Jase.", she said as she stood up

"Where do you think we are?", Jason asked

"It looks like Angel Grove.", she told him

"Not our Angel Grove. This place looks like it has been struggling with some monster attacks.", Jason pointed out

"True. What are those?", Carri asked of the advancing forces

"Puddies.", Jason said

"What?", asked Carri

"I'll explain later. Just fight them.", Jason said. "Let's morph. It's morphin time!"



The two morphed rangers found the puddies easy opponents. When the puddies were destroyed, they were faced with a new opponent.

"Welcome rangers to your first and last battle with me, the Green Ranger.", welcomed the Green Ranger

Jason looked in shock but had no time to react because he and Carri were teleported somewhere.

* * *

Emily's eyes were wide with disbelief as she ran down the beach and towards Rocky, who was already in the center of a forming crowd.

"What happened?", she asked

"I'm not sure. One minute they were standing her and the next they were gone.", Rocky said

Emily started to cry very softly. "We have to get them back."

"I don't know how!", Rocky yelled out of frustration

"Calm down man.", Rocky friend and coworker, Cody Madison said as he broke through the crowd and came to his friend

"I didn't mean to yell. It's just that, well I don't know where they are, and nobody knows where they are or how to find them.", Rocky told him

"I called the police, they'll be here soon. Hopefully they can find them.", Cody told him

"Yeah, sure. Thanks. I've got to go.", Rocky said as he started to leave

"Wait, you can't leave and neither can your friend here. You're both key witnesses.", Cody told him

Rocky nodded his head yes as he saw three of his friends coming his way.

"Hey man, what happened?", Tommy Oliver greeted although he knew good and well what went on

"I was getting ready to go back to my tower when those metal things showed up. We fought, they threw Carri back then something grabbed her and pulled her into a portal. Jason showed up and tried to save her but they both got pulled through.", Rocky explained

"That's horrible!", Carri's cousin Katherine Hillard exclaimed

"I wish I had some clue where the portal led to.", Rocky said

His best friend, Adam Park, came over to whisper something into his ear. "So do we. Zordon said that it couldn't have been Louie Kaboom, that it came from where ever their destination was."

"You mean they're lost?", Rocky whispered, almost yelled

"Don't worry, Billy's on it, we'll find them.", Adam promised

Just then the police pushed through the crowd and started asking Rocky and Emily a million questions.

* * *

"Alpha, Zordon?", Carri asked as she stood there looking at the tube and the robot standing beside it. "This isn't the Power Chamber. But where are we?"

"The Command Center.", Jason told her, "This is the place that we came to before the Power Chamber. But why, or rather how are we at the Command Center."


"What about the rangers on this world?", asked Jason

"The rangers were killed in a battle with the Green Ranger, just like every other ranger Rita has pulled into this dimension from their own.", Alpha told them

"How many of those rangers were zeo rangers?", Carri asked

"You two are the first rangers we have seen that are progressed farther than our own were.", Alpha told her

"Zeo Rangers or not, I turned him good once and I'll do it again.", Jason said confidently


"It's Tommy Oliver.", Jason told him

"How can you be sure?", asked Carri

"I know that voice. And Tommy was Rita's Green Ranger on our world.", Jason said


"My name is Carri.", she told Zordon

"Won't people suspect something if I'm supposed to be dead?", asked Jason

"People think you're on vacation, not dead.", Alpha told him

"Ok. What do we do until then? Sit and wait?", asked Jason

"I'm afraid that is the only thing we can do.", Alpha told him

Just then a alarm went off.


Jason turned around then he turned Carri around, who had no idea where the viewing globe was.


"I hate spiders.", Carri muttered

"Zordon, what zords do we have here?", asked Jason


"Alright. It's morphin time!", yelled Jason



* * *

The police finally left after what seemed like hours of questioning.

"I'm going to gather my stuff then I'm going to see how Billy is doing.", Rocky told them

"Ok, we'll see you there.", Tommy said as he and Adam walked off

Emily was walking silently down the beach when Kat came up behind her.

"You look like you need a friend.", Kat said

"Thanks.", Emily said. "Why did Jason have to try and play hero? It wasn't his role, it was the role of the power rangers.", she said having trouble trying to get the words out before she started to cry

"Jason is a good friend to all of us, and if he thinks we're in trouble, he'll jump to save us, power rangers or not. That's what makes Jason such a good friend.", Kat told her

"I know. I wish he was here. And now nobody knows where he is and for all we know he's dead!", she exclaimed

"Jason is a survivor. I know he is not dead. Don't even think that.", Kat said

"I'm sure your right.", Emily said. "You know, I need a few minutes to myself, if you don't mind."

"No, not at all.", Kat said as she walked off looking for a safe place to teleport

* * *

"I need Super Zeo Zord power, now!", yelled Carri

"I call upon the power of Pyramidas!", Jason yelled

"Ha! You can't stop me!", yelled Spidertron

"Watch us.", Jason said, "Pyramidas, fire!"

"Super Zeo Zord, fire!", yelled Carri

The combined blast of the Super Zeo Zord and Pyramidas sent the monster packing. Jason and Carri teleported back to the Command Center.

"Zeo Rangers? I didn't know there were any Zeo Rangers. How dare those Zeo Rangers interrupt our fun!", yelled Rita Repulsa as she watched through her telescope

"I don't care who they are, I will still destroy them.", the Green Ranger assured her

"Find out who they are, you know they're looking for you.", Rita ordered

"Yes my queen.", said the Green Ranger

"You're no longer needed today.", Rita told him

"Then I will come see you tomorrow before I destroy the rangers.", said the Green Ranger as he teleported out

"It's funny, he's destroyed more power rangers than any of you could in your wildest dreams.", Rita said

"He may be destroying rangers now, but he will fall and I will be the one hogging all the glory.", Goldar said

"You had better hope he doesn't fall!", Rita said as she went back to watching Earth

* * *

"Do you have anything Billy?", Rocky asked the minute he teleported into the Power Chamber

"I believe they were pulled into another dimension.", Billy Cranston told him. "That's the only logical explanation."

"Can you track them down?", Adam asked

"I might be able to. I can go through the dimensions searching for their energy signatures.", Billy told him

"How long will that take?", asked Tommy

"There are so many alternate dimensions that I can't say exactly how long it will take.", Billy replied

"But you can find them, right?", Kat asked

"It will take time, but yes I can find them.", Billy told her

"Well, no more small talk, get to it.", Rocky said

"You got it.", Billy replied. "In the meantime, I suggest you all go home and get some sleep. It's been a long day, and you'll feel much better in the morning."

Adam, Kat and Tommy teleported out, but Rocky was reluctant to go.

Billy came over and put his arm on Rocky's shoulder. "Go home. I'll contact you the minute I have some news."

Rocky nodded his head and left.

"I have fixed the scanners so that they will search alternated dimensions for Jason and Carri's energy signature.", Alpha said

"Great. Let's get started then.", said Billy

Alpha and Billy got started with the first steps of a long, tedious process.

* * *

"You can sleep on these two cots in here the Command Center.", Alpha said

"Thanks Alpha.", said Carri


"By tomorrow afternoon I plan on proving that Tommy is the Green Ranger.", Jason promised. "All I need to do is see him once. I will never forget the look in his eyes when he was evil."


"We'll prove it, don't worry.", Jason said

"Rangers, I suggest you get some sleep. You have a long day ahead of you.", Alpha said

Jason and Carri laid down on the cots trying to get a good nights sleep.

* * *

Rocky woke up about three in the morning. He was sweating and had been having the same nightmare over and over. He sat up and crossed his legs, then put his head in his hands.

I let Carri down. If I had been able to get her out in the first place, none of this would've happened and she and Jason would both be here right now. It's all my fault. Rocky thought

Rocky got out of bed. He knew that he would be unable to sleep at all that night. He threw on some clothes and went to the Power Chamber.

"Rocky, what are you doing here?", asked Alpha

"I thought I told you to go home and get some sleep. And by the looks of it, you haven't gotten any.", Billy said

"I've been having nightmares. It's all my fault we're in this mess in the first place. I won't be able to rest until they're found.", Rocky told them


"I should've been able to break free, to help them.", Rocky said

"You couldn't. And I don't want to see you go around talking about how this is your fault. Because I know that wherever Jason and Carri are, they aren't blaming you. And if they knew you were here blaming yourself for the whole incident, they would tell you the same thing I'm about to tell you. It's not your fault.", Billy said

"Look, thanks for the talk, but I won't feel any better about anything until their found.", Rocky told him

"I understand. We have gone through only three dimensions, and we haven't had any luck. Searching one dimension is a long process. You have to look at the whole picture, not only Earth.", Billy said

"What can I do to help?", Rocky asked

"If there was anything you could help with to speed up the process, I would let you do something, but there isn't, so why don't you go on home Rocky. At least try to get some sleep.", Billy said

"I'll try. But no promises.", Rocky said as he teleported out

"How far are we on this dimension?", Billy asked as he turned back to his work

"They're not on this Earth. Now we have to search the rest of the galaxy.", Alpha told him

Billy nodded and pressed a few buttons as they continued with their work.

* * *


"Good morning class. We have a new student with us today. I'd like you to meet Carri Hillard.", Mrs. Applebee told them

Carri smiled and then made eye contact with Tommy.

"She comes to us from New York. I'd like for you to make her feel welcome.", Mrs. Applebee said

Mrs. Applebee motioned for Carri to sit down. Carri went over to the seat beside Tommy.

"Do you mind if I sit here?", she asked

"You don't have to ask my permission.", Tommy said in a cold tone, a tone unlike anything she had ever heard from Tommy

Carri spent the class keeping an eye out on Tommy. He was dressed for the part of the green ranger, in a green t-shirt and jeans. He was very focused during the class. But it wasn't on the school work, she could tell that much. She had a feeling it was on how to destroy his latest opponent. And Jason was right, there was a certain look in his eye that she had never seen before. She got a chance to look into his backpack. She thought she saw a gold coin in there, but she couldn't be sure.

As soon as the bell rang for class to be over, Tommy turned to her.

"I noticed you staring at me the whole time. I want an explanation.", Tommy ordered

Carri spoke in a very sexy tone. "I noticed your sexy muscles, your gorgeous eyes, and that hair I would just love to run my fingers through. How about you and I go to this place I've heard about after school, the Youth Center."

As Carri spoke she made sure to make the sexist movements she could and she all but threw herself at Tommy. Apparently this pleased Tommy.

"If you want to get with me, you'll meet me in front of the school after the bell rings. Then you and I can go to the Youth Center.", Tommy said

"See you then.", said Carri as she walked out

* * *

As soon as the last bell rang, Carri met Tommy in front of the school and they went to the Youth Center together.

They walked in arm in arm, Carri looking sexy and Tommy looking like a gang leader. The first person they ran into was Jason.

"Well look who it is. I thought you were out of town.", Tommy greeted him

"I came back a lot sooner than expected.", Jason said

"That's nice. Where are your friends?", Tommy asked

"Still gone.", Jason said

Tommy smiled as he and Carri walked away. He had already put two and two together. One of the new rangers was black, and now there's a Jason look alike in town who happens to be wearing black. Now all he needed to do was figure out who the yellow ranger was.

The sat down on some stools and Tommy ordered them sodas.

"So Tommy, you look like you do a lot of fighting.", Carri said

"I do.", he replied

"Are you into karate?", she asked

"Whatever it takes to get the opponent down.", Tommy told her

Tommy looked out the window and saw something.

"I have to go.", Tommy said as he got up and quickly walked away

Once Tommy was out of sight, Carri walked over to Jason.

"I think he's our guy.", Carri said

"I know he's our guy. It's the look in his eyes, the way he talks, the way he acts, it all makes sense. It's Tommy alright.", Jason said

"Well, come on, let's go tell Zordon.", Carri said as Jason got up and they walked towards their usual teleporting spot

* * *

Ding dong!

Mrs. DeSantos opened the door. Usually Rocky did it, but he had locked himself up in his room the moment he got home.

"Hi, I'm special agent Fox Mulder and this is my partner agent Dana Scully. We were wondering if we could ask Rocky a few questions.", Mulder said

"Rocky, venga aqui!", Mrs. DeSantos yelled up the stairs

"Uno momento.", Rocky yelled back

"No uno momento, ahorra.", Mrs. DeSantos said in an angered tone

Rocky came down the stairs. "This had better be important."

"These two FBI agents want to talk to you.", Mrs. DeSantos said

Mulder and Scully walked into the room and Mrs. DeSantos shut the door behind them. Then they joined Rocky on the couch.

"Rocky, we have a hard time believing your story. You say your two friends were sucked into a portal.", Scully said

"I said that because that's what happened. Emily saw it too, and who knows how many people on the beach did.", Rocky said

"Do you know why they were sucked into a portal?", asked Mulder

"No, I don't.", Rocky answered

"Do you think it could have anything to do with the aliens you were supposedly fighting before the portal was opened?", asked Mulder

"It might have something to do with the grey things I was fighting.", Rocky told him

"Do you think they were abducted by aliens?", Mulder asked

"Something like that.", replied Rocky

"You don't sound too sure of yourself.", Mulder said

"I'm not sure if it had something to do with the grey things I was fighting or not. And as for being abducted, it's always a possibility.", Rocky told them

"Are you trying to tell us that there are aliens in Angel Grove?", Scully asked

"For the past four years. Why else do you think the Power Rangers would be here.", Rocky told her

"So for the past four years there have been aliens living in Angel Grove.", Mulder said

"Not in Angel Grove, not on Earth either.", Rocky told him

Scully laughed. "I find it hard to believe that there are aliens living in Angel Grove."

Rocky was getting frustrated. "You are the FBI, and you're telling me that you haven't heard about the aliens in Angel Grove and about the Power Rangers? Get your facts straight, then come back and talk to me."

And with that Rocky ran up to his room and slammed the door.

Mrs. DeSantos was just walking into the room when Rocky left. "I apologize for my son's behavior. A lot has happened in the past few days."

"We understand.", Scully said as she and Mulder walked out the door

"Somebody needs to get that kid some professional help.", Mulder said as they walked to the car

Scully opened the car door. "So I'm not the only one who doesn't believe his Power Rangers and aliens story?"

Mulder and Scully got into the car. "This time I'm with you."

Then the two FBI agents drove off to continue their investigation.

* * *

"YOU ARE SURE IT'S TOMMY?", Zordon asked

"Positive. All I needed was one chat with him. And Carri says she saw what looked like a gold coin in his backpack, and there's only one thing that could be.", Jason said


Just then the alarm went off.

"Ai ai ai. The Green Ranger, along with some puddies, are leading an attack on Angel Grove.", Alpha said

"Carri, you take the puddies, I'll take care of Tommy.", Jason said

"Right.", agreed Carri

"It's morphin time!", Jason yelled



* * *

"Anything yet?", asked Adam as he and Tommy teleported into the Power Chamber

"No. This is taking longer than expected.", Billy told them

Kat teleported in next, followed by Rocky.

"I hope we hurry up and find them soon. This is turning out to be one big media event.", Kat said. "Every tabloid in America keeps coming over asking what I think happened and wanting to take one of our pictures that has Carri and Jason in it. And my favorite thing is when they ask questions like do you think the boyfriend is involved, or do you think the boyfriend is an alien."

"Well at least you don't have the worlds dumbest FBI agents bugging you.", Rocky said. "They have never heard of the Power Rangers and they think I'm lying about the whole thing."

Tommy laughed. "You would think with all the stuff they have access to they would've at least heard of the Power Rangers."

"It sounds like the sooner we get them back the better.", Adam commented

"I just hope they're alright. I'll never forgive myself if something happens to them.", Rocky said

"I know they're fine. Don't think negative.", Adam said

"Yeah and if..", Kat started but was interrupted by an alarm

"Louie Kaboom has sent a monster to destroy Angel Grove. You must teleport immediately.", Alpha told them

"Right. It's morphin time!", yelled Tommy





* * *

"Hello Tommy.", Jason said greeting the Green Ranger

"Very good Jason. You figured me out. The Jason of this world had much more time than you and he never figured it out.", Tommy congratulated

"And you know who I am.", Jason pointed out

"Come on, I saw you in the Youth Center. Now I just need to figure out who your yellow friend is.", said Tommy

"That's our little secret.", Jason told him

And with that the two engaged in battle. Jason and Tommy were evenly matched. Only Jason had a little more power than Tommy, giving him the slight edge.

"I'm impressed. The Jason I knew wasn't a match for me, but you are.", Tommy said

"Tommy I don't want to be fighting you.", Jason told him

"Looks like you have no choice.", said Tommy

"Tommy I know you're good. Rita turned you evil. You have to fight Rita's spell.", Jason said

"I'm evil because I like it.", Tommy told him before he kicked him knocking him down

Jason was down on the ground when he saw Tommy decide to go after Carri, who was still fighting the dozens of Puddies.

"Look out!", Jason yelled

Carri turned around in time to see Tommy charging at her. She jumped out of his path and right into that of some Puddies, who she quicky took care of. As she was taking care of the Puddies, Jason jumped up to take on Tommy.

"You had an easy shot at me yet you went after her.", Jason said

"Would you not suffer more if I killed her first and you watched?", asked Tommy, and he could almost feel Jason getting angry as he spoke, "That way you will know you are a failure."

"You will not kill her or me Tommy, so give it up.", Jason said

Tommy laughed. "I'm not giving anything up. But soon I'll make you wish I did."

"I wouldn't count on it.", Jason told him

He and Tommy started to fight again but this time were interrupted by Goldar.

"What are you doing here?", hissed Tommy

"I am here to help you defeat the power rangers.", Goldar said gesturing to Jason, who was watching the event and Carri who was still fighting

"I believe I have this situation under control.", Tommy told him

"You could always use help from me.", Goldar said

"I don't think so.", argued Tommy

As the arguing was going on Jason went and helped Carri defeat the rest of the Puddies. Then the two of them teleported out.

* * *

"That was an easy monster.", Tommy said once the rangers had teleported back into the Power Chamber

"Yeah it was.", agreed Kat

"Let's hope Louie Kaboom doesn't think there's anything strange about Jason and Carri missing.", Billy said

"That would take half a brain which is just something he doesn't have.", Adam pointed out

"So, any luck yet?", asked Rocky

"Nope. I've gone through seven dimensions.", Billy told him

Rocky's expression dropped.

Tommy put a hand on Rocky shoulder. "Don't worry man. They'll be found. After all, we've got Billy on it."

Rocky smiled.

"Now don't let that smile leave your face again.", Adam ordered

"What will you do if I do?", asked Rocky

Adam looked thoughtful. "Let me think on that and get back to you."

"Hey Rocky, want to go spar?", asked Tommy

"I don't know...", Rocky let his voice trail off

"Don't tell me you're actually going to turn me down.", Tommy said in shock

"This sounds like a challenge, you're on.", Rocky said not wanting to avoid a challenge

"Come on then.", Tommy said

And in a flash of light, they were both gone.

"We might as well join them.", Kat said

"Right. Besides, there's not much we can do here." Adam agreed

Then the two of them teleported out leaving Billy and Alpha to their work.

* * *

Tommy and Goldar teleported back to the Lunar Base after ten minutes of arguing.

"GOLDAR!", Rita yelled at the top of her lungs

"Yes your highness.", replied Goldar

"What do think your doing? Tommy had it under control! And you ruined it all!", she yelled

"I'm sorry."

"Sorry isn't good enough! Oh... I'm getting a headache!", Rita said as she stormed off

"Now look what you've done.", said Tommy

Goldar just growled at Tommy as he was leaving.

"At least we're in good with Rita.", commented Babboo

"Yeah. Unlike other people around here.", agreed Squat

"Are you saying something?", asked Goldar as he waved around his sword

"Uh, no, of course not.", Babboo said as he and Squat ran off

* * *


"No, he's not, I was trying to be easy on him. I don't want to hurt him, just get him away from Rita and her spell.", Jason said

"But how do we do that?", asked Carri

"The Sword of Darkness. I have a strong reason to believe that it's what's keeping Tommy under Rita's spell.", Jason said

"But how can you be sure? Tommy hasn't even used the Sword of Darkness.", Alpha said

"That's because he has had no reason to. But I'm going to give him a reason.", Jason promised


"I know Zordon, I won't.", Jason assured him

Carri reached into her pocket and pulled something out. "Oh, I almost forgot. Tommy gave this to me telling me to meet him somewhere at eight."

"Now that we know who he is for sure, why hang around him?", asked Jason

"Well, for starters if all the sudden I stop hanging around him and start hanging around you I think it would be like saying I'm the yellow ranger. And secondly I'm hoping maybe I can find some clue on how to free him from the spell.", Carri said

"I don't think I have to say this, but be careful.", Jason warned

"I will.", she promised as she teleported out

"Do you think it's a good idea for her to be around Tommy?", asked Jason


"You really think that someone good could help him? Because on my world nobody could break him from the spell, it was the destruction of the Sword of Darkness.", Jason said

"Even though almost everything on your world has been true here too that doesn't mean that this Tommy can't be brought back by good and good alone.", Alpha told him

"Maybe you're right. But until we know something for sure I'd prefer to stick with what I know.", Jason said


The three had then run out of conversation so Jason left the main area of the Command Center and went to a place where he could practice some moves until he was ready to go to sleep.

* * *

Tommy and Rocky stayed at the Youth Center until nine o'clock. Adam and Kat left earlier, each having other things to do.

"You guys look so focused back here and I know you probably both need a good center of focus now if anytime, in fact with what's happened we all do, but I'm closing and I'm going to have to kick you out.", Ernie told them

"Ok Ernie.", Tommy said

The two walked off of the mat and went to grab their things.

"Thanks Tommy. I need that.", Rocky said

"Anytime. I'm sure you'd do the same thing for me. Only next time you want to shift your energy from worrying to sparring, I'll let Adam volunteer to be the victim.", joked Tommy as he rubbed his shoulder

"What is the all mighty Rocky DeSantos too much for ya?", Rocky asked

"Now you just took that one step to far. Next time we go at it, I'm going to have to kill you.", joked Tommy

"We'll just see about that.", Rocky said

Tommy smiled as he and Rocky finished throwing their things in their bags and headed out the door and home for the night.

* * *

"So, what's the plan for today?", asked Jason as he and Carri walked towards the school from their teleportation spot

"You and I need to keep away from each other.", Carri told him

"Why's that?", he wanted to know

"Because it went over really well last night. And I'm gaining Tommy's trust. You know if he see's me with you it won't take him too long to put it together.", she explained

"Do you think you're doing anything for Tommy?"

"You mean as far as bringing his good side out?"

Jason nodded his head yes.

Carri sighed. "I don't know. I sure hope so."

"Well, we might as well split now since we don't know where Tommy is.", said Jason as they got closer to the school

Carri nodded her head in agreement as the two went their separate ways. But what they didn't know was that the whole time there was a figure following them, better known to them as Tommy.

* * *

"Rocky, what are you doing here?", Billy asked his friend who was skipping class

"I'm not doing a very good job concentrating, and it's useless for me to be there.", Rocky told him

"Come on man, don't let your grades slip over this.", Billy said

"You make this sound like no big deal. Two of our teammates are who knows where and we can't find them."

"Back up. We can find them. It's just going to take time."

"Time? How mu...", Rocky stopped when he saw the flash of red light appear in the Power Chamber

"I see I'm not the only one.", Tommy said

"You too? Look guys, go back to class.", Billy said

"It's no use. I didn't learn anything yesterday.", Tommy told him

Billy sighed. "I give up. You two are stubborn, there's no way I'm going to get you to leave. Come on, I'll find something for you to do."

Rocky and Tommy followed Billy, who found something for them to do to help out with.

* * *

"Come on. You're going to eat with me.", Tommy said as he dragged Carri across campus

They walked into the cafeteria and they saw Jason sitting at a table and eating.

"You again.", Tommy greeted him

"What a warm greeting.", Jason said

"Nothing less for you.", Tommy told him

"So who's the slut?", Jason asked of Carri, who was hanging all over Tommy

Tommy just smiled. "Jason, this is Carri."

"Nice to meet you.", Jason said

"Yeah, whatever. Come on Tommy, let's go.", Carri said

"I'll see you later.", Tommy said emphasizing the "you". Then he gave Jason a look and the two walked away.

"You'll be seeing me until this fight is finished.", Jason said to Tommy as he walked away

"Fight, what fight?", asked Carri who was playing innocent

"Nothing for you to worry about.", Tommy told her

"Your the only one who needs to worry.", muttered Jason as they all got on with their lunch

* * *

"Thirteen worlds and still nothing.", Rocky said slamming his fist down out of frustration

"Rocky we all feel your frustration, but taking it out on the equipment isn't helping any.", Tommy pointed out

"I know, but I need something to take it out on.", Rocky said

The alarm went of, and the viewing globe displayed a monster.

"There you go Rocky, have at it. I'll try to get the others out of class to assist you as soon as possible.", Billy said

"We're on our way. It's morphin time!", Tommy yelled



"Two rangers? Only two rangers?", the monster asked

"I wouldn't be saying that if I was you.", Tommy warned

"Oh yeah? And why's that?", the monster asked

The two rangers ran at him full force. The monster managed to stay standing the whole time. The two rangers quickly decided that they were done playing around, and that they had more important things to do, so they got right down to business.

"Zeo three, power weapon!", Rocky yelled

"Zeo five, power weapon!", yelled Tommy

Rocky and Tommy both attacked the monster using their power weapons. He fell over, but staggered up again.

"Let's show him something else. Zeo cannon, power up!", Tommy yelled

The zeo cannon appeared in the hands of the two rangers.

"Zeo cannon, fire!", they both yelled

The blast of the cannon knocked the monster clear off his feet. But in a few moments he was city wrecking size.

"Don't they ever just give up?", Rocky asked

"I'm beginning to think not.", Tommy replied, "We need Super Zeo Zord power, now!"

With that command the two Super Zeo Zords appeared and the blue and red rangers jumped into them.

"Ha, your zords don't scare me.", said the monster

"We'll see about that.", Rocky said

"Zeo five, fire!", Tommy yelled

"Zeo three, fire!", yelled Rocky

The monster came down once again, but for good this time. The rangers then teleported back to the Power Chamber.

"Feeling better Rocky?", Billy asked

"You mean now that I've gotten a chance to beat up on a bad guy? Yeah, a little bit.", Rocky answered

"That's better. Now come on, we've got lot's of work to do. And I have a feeling we're getting close.", Billy told him

Then the three of them went back to work, searching and hoping.

* * *

After school Jason and Carri met up, a long way from the school.

"You look way out there.", Jason said as he and Carri started walking together

"I was just thinking about things.", she told him

"Like what? Home?", Jason asked

"No, like about Tommy. Part of me feels bad about doing this to him, pretending to be his girl and acting like I'm all hot for him. After all, he does look like the Tommy we know. But then I look in his eyes, and what I see scares me."

"I know. That's what our Tommy looked like when he was the evil green ranger. You can look into his eyes, but you see nothing. It's like he's not even there."

The two reached a safe spot to teleport.

"Come on, we'll talk more later.", Jason said

Then they pressed the buttons on their communicators which allowed them to go back to the Command Center.

"Rangers, I'm glad you're back.", Alpha said

"Why, what's happened?", asked Jason

"Jason, it appears you were right. We have found the Sword of Darkness.", Alpha told them

"Good. Tell me where it is and I'll go destroy it.", Jason said

"It is in the middle of the Lunar Palace and is heavily guarded.", Alpha told him

"Well then, we'll have to kick Tommy's butt and give him a reason to use that sword.", Carri said

"No, there's no time for that. I have to go to the Lunar Palace and destroy it.", Jason said


"This is my call and I'm going.", Jason told him

"Ai ai ai! Jason, if you go in there, you will almost surely be killed.", Alpha told him

"That's a risk I have to take.", Jason said

"No! We're going to do this my way. All it will take is one win against Tommy before Rita let's him use the sword.", Carri told him

"I'm not going to sit around and wait!", Jason yelled

"Dammit Jason I am not going to sit around while one of my best friends goes on a suicide mission! Please do it this way, for me. And if not for me, do it for Emily.", Carri begged

At the mention of Emily's name Jason was silent.

"Ok, I'll wait for a while.", he compromised

"Thank you.", Carri said

There was a brief moment of silence, before Carri decided to leave.

"I'm going to get some fresh air. Do you want to come?", she asked Jason

"Yeah, sure. Fresh air sounds good.", Jason told her

With that the two left the Command Center for a while.

* * *

Kat and Adam had been sitting in the Youth Center ever since school let out, waiting for Tommy and Rocky.

"I wonder where they are. I haven't seen either one of them all day.", Adam said

"I hope they're alright.", said Kat

"I mean, it's not like them to skip school.", Adam pointed out

"True. But they're probably worried, frustrated, stressed.", Kat told him

"And you're not?", Adam asked

"Not as much as them."

"Are you sure? Your best friend who also happens to be your cousin is missing and you can honestly say you're holding up alright?"

"I... I...", Kat started before a tear started to roll down her face, "I'm trying so hard not to let it get to me. I mean, it's gotten to Rocky enough for all of us. I'm just trying to be strong."

Adam slid around the table and put an arm around his friend. "You don't always have to be strong. It's ok to cry. In fact, crying sometimes makes you feel better."

Kat held back tears to the best of her ability, but still some managed to fall, until she saw Tommy and Rocky come in.

"Where have you guys been all day!", she exclaimed suddenly perking up

"Helping with the search.", Tommy told her

"Any luck?", asked Adam

The two boys shook their heads no.

"Well, I have a feeling it will be soon.", Adam said

"I hope so.", said Rocky

"Want to spar?", asked Adam

Tommy and Rocky looked at each other.

"Of course we do.", Tommy said

So Kat watched as the boys went at it, doing the only thing that kept their minds off of everything.

* * *

Carri yawned. It was 11:00 and she was ready to go to bed.

"I can't believe Tommy hasn't attacked us today.", Jason said

"Today's not over for another hour.", Carri pointed out

"You don't think he'd attack this late?", asked Jason

"Who knows. He might do it just to make us mad.", she said

"I wouldn't doubt it.", said Jason just as the alarm went off. "And what do you know, he did."

"Only Tommy has appeared to fight you.", Alpha told them

"Got it. It's morphing time!", yelled Jason



"Jason, Carri, glad to see you.", Tommy greeted

"How did you...", Carri started but Tommy cut her off

"Never mind the how. Just know that I did.", Tommy said

"Let's quit the small talk and get to it.", Jason said

"Fine, if that's the way you want it.", said Tommy

Tommy attacked both Jason and Carri.

They tried to bring him down without hurting him, but with no luck

"Tommy, this is for your own good.", Carri muttered

"What are you going to do?" asked Jason

"This. Zeo two, power kick!", she yelled

Carri's power kick knocked Tommy flat on his back.

"I'll get you for that.", Tommy threatened

"Not now you won't.", Jason said, hitting Tommy and knocking him over the moment he got back up

"You're right. But I'll be back. You can count on that. And I'll destroy you and your pathetic little Command Center too.", Tommy promised as he left

"Come on Jase, let's go get some sleep.", Carri said

Jason nodded his head yes and the two teleported back to the Command Center.

* * *

Jason awoke to find himself somewhere else, away from the Command Center. At first he was unsure of where he was, but as he got a good look around he realized that he was in Rita's Dark Dimension.

"What am I doing here?", he asked aloud

"You have been brought here to fight me.", said a voice

Jason thought he recognized the voice, and as he turned around he realized he was right because it was none other than the Green Ranger standing there.

"How long do you think it will be before my friends find me and rescue me?", asked Jason

The Green Ranger laughed. "Your friends? Would you like to see your friends?"

Tommy turned and made a motion with his hands, and all of the sudden some sort of screen appeared which allowed Jason to see into the Command Center.

What Jason saw was nothing like he had ever seen, and something he wished he didn't have to be a witness to. The first thing he saw was the two cots in the middle of the Command Center. His was empty, like it should've been, the other Carri was in with her eyes shut. But she was not sleeping, she was dead. The Green Ranger had gone in and killed her, suck a knife through her heart and left it there. Then he saw the control panels. They had all been yanked out, with wires everywhere. Then he got a glimpse of Alpha. The back of Alpha had been ripped out, and the wires were all cut. The last thing he saw was Zordon, or the tube which should've held Zordon. It had been crushed and the Green Ranger had fixed it so Zordon was lost forever.

"What have you done!", yelled Jason as he turned to look at the Green Ranger

"Oh, that's not the best part of it. Watch this.", Tommy said

Jason saw Tommy pull out the Dragon Dagger, then he heard a familiar tune which he had heard many times before in his days as the Red Ranger.

"What do you think you're doing?", asked Jason

"This.", Tommy said as he pointed to the screen again

Jason turned back and this time he saw the exterior of the Command Center. Then he saw the DragonZord come up, and with several might wacks of the DragonZord's tail, the Command Center was destroyed.

"No!", Jason yelled

"It is too late for them Jason. Now you must fight me.", Tommy said

"I will never fight you.", Jason told him

"Go ahead Gold Ranger, morph, at least give yourself a small chance against me.", said Tommy

Jason turned to face Tommy, but refused to morph.

"Fine then, have it your way.", Tommy said as he charged towards Jason

Jason just barley managed to get out of Tommy's way. "I'd better morph. It's morphin time!"


"Now we are even.", Tommy said as he charged once more

Tommy and Jason engaged in a powerful fist fight, that Tommy seemed to be winning. He threw Jason back once and Jason hit the wall hard. Tommy got ready to run at him and kill him.

"I will not let you do this! It's time for a Gold Rush!", Jason yelled as he grabbed the Gold Power Staff and ran towards Tommy

The Gold Rush hit Tommy like a ton of bricks. A jolt of electricity shot up his body. He shook for a few seconds then fell to the ground, un morphed. Jason powered down and ran to his side. He got on his knees and held Tommy's head in his hands. When he saw Tommy, he saw a longer haired version of him than the one that was the Green Ranger. Also, this Tommy was not wearing green, instead he was wearing a red shirt.

"You killed me bro.", Tommy said right before his eyes shut and he passed away

"What have I done? This can't be happening! No!", Jason yelled at the top of his lungs

Jason let the no drag out and the longer it dragged out the lower his voice got, until finally...

Jason woke up in a cold sweat. He looked over to see Carri asleep on the cot beside him. He stood up and saw that Zordon's tube was empty, but that was expected, he was asleep. The Command Center's controls were in one piece. And Alpha was in the corner sleeping, with a cute little night cap on. Jason walked over to one of the panels and pressed a button, and bottled water appeared.

Jason drank the water as he tried to make sense out of his dream. He was almost afraid to go back to sleep, although he knew his dream would not come true because the Tommy he knew was at home. After he finished with his water, he did finally manage to get back to sleep, but the dream he had haunted him all through the night.

* * *

Carri woke up and stretched, then she looked over at Jason.

"Somebody didn't get much sleep last night.", she commented

"I had a bad dream.", he told her

"About what?"

"Take a guess.", Jason said

Carri frowned. "All I know is the sooner we help this world and get home, the better."

"I agree. You know, I don't see the need in us going to school today. We only went yesterday to keep Tommy on his feet, and he knows all now."

"I want to go. I don't want to sit around the Command Center all day waiting for Tommy to attack. It will drive me crazy."

Jason sighed. "Well I guess if you're going I'll go too."

"Alrighty then. See you later guys."

Then Jason and Carri teleported out.

* * *

"Thanks for your help Katherine.", Billy said, "But you should've gotten sleep last night. You've got bags under your eyes."

"I know Billy, but I figured it would be more productive for me to be here than at home trying to sleep.", Kat told him

"I guess you're right.", Billy said

"See you later."

Just as Kat teleported out, Rocky and Tommy teleported in.

"Again?", Billy asked

"What can we say, we feel useful here.", Rocky said

"You know, you're missing a lot of school for this.", Billy pointed out

"And Jason and Carri aren't?", asked Tommy

"Point gotten. I have this feeling that today will be the day.", Billy told them

Rocky crossed his fingers. "I hope so."

"We all do.", Tommy agreed

* * *

"Well, look who we have here.", Tommy said as he walked pass Jason and Carri's lunch table

"Hello Tommy.", Jason said

"You're not hanging all over me today. I wonder why that could be.", Tommy said to Carri

"Hmm I wonder.", Carri said

"That's ok. You'll pay for not hanging around me.", Tommy warned her

Jason just smiled. "You're going to fall, and you're going to fall hard and you're going to fall fast. And I will be right there to make sure it happens."

Tommy did nothing but stare a cold, hard stare as he walked away.

"So do you think he's getting it?", asked Carri

"I know he is. We showed him something yesterday.", Jason said

"What, that we can kick him around pretty good?", asked Carri

"Exactly. That's what Rita wanted to see."

"I hope you're right."

"Me? Wrong? Never happens."

"Maybe if you were Billy."

Jason put his head down. "Now you've gone and hurt my feelings."

Carri put an arm around her friend's shoulder. "I didn't mean to."

Jason looked up and laughed. Then Carri laughed as well, and she took her arm off of his shoulder.

"Come on Jase, let's go.", she said

"Right. We're done here.", Jason agreed

The two got up and left the cafeteria.

* * *

"Hello Rita. As soon as school is out I will attack and destroy those rangers.", Tommy promised

"You got shoved around pretty good last night.", Rita pointed out

"I won't let it happen again.", Tommy promised

"Just in case, here.", Rita said giving him the Sword of Darkness. "Use this and finish off those rangers."

"Yes Rita.", Tommy said as he left for the park

* * *

"I got it!", Billy exclaimed

"You got it? You mean it, it? Their location it?", asked Rocky

"Yes, and I'm bringing them up on the viewing globe now.", Billy told him

The two male rangers turned to look. A smile came across their faces as they saw that they were ok and walking through the park.

"The others should be out of school as well. I'll contact them.", Billy said

A few moments later, the other two rangers showed up.

"You've found them! Can we get to them?", asked Kat

"It's going to take a little while to get everything up and running, but yes you can.", Billy told her

"That's great.", Adam said

"For now, you can keep an eye on them through the Viewing Globe.", Billy said

Kat and Adam turned around just in time to see the look on Tommy's face. As he watched what was going on a look of horror came across his face.

Tommy saw himself in green approach Jason and Carri. Then he and Jason started circling each other, apparently having a fight. Tommy walked by Carri and issued a cheap shot, and she flew backwards and landed flat on her back. Then as Jason started to charge towards him, he kicked him in the stomach and knocked the wind out of him.

Tommy's eyes grew wide when after Jason and Carri were down, Tommy pulled out a coin and morphed into the green ranger, then attacked the two defenseless rangers.

* * *

Jason looked up in time to see the Green Ranger charging his defenseless friend.

"Watch out!", he yelled

Carri, who was still on the ground, moved just in time to avoid being stabbed by the Sword of Darkness, but not in time to avoid the blade.

"Shit!", she exclaimed when she sat up and realized he had cut her

Then Tommy came at her again, but this time Jason jumped on him keeping him from getting a chance to do anything.

"I will not let you do this!", Jason yelled

"You can't stop me.", Tommy said

Jason walked over and helped Carri up.

"Let's finish this. It's morphin time!", Jason yelled

But Tommy interrupted the morphin sequence.

"Do you honestly think I'd let you morph?", Tommy asked

"I'll distract him, you morph, then we'll switch.", Jason said to Carri

Carri nodded her head yes and Jason went after Tommy.

"You are coming to stop me like that?", Tommy asked

"It won't be to hard.", Jason told him

Tommy just laughed an evil laugh as he ran at Jason. The only thing Jason was really able to do was to jump out of the way. He was afraid to get into a full fledged fight because Tommy was right, fighting un-morphed was stupid.

"I come running at you and you move?", questioned Tommy

Then Tommy ran at him again, this time Jason stayed for the fight. He saw Tommy coming, aiming the Sword of Darkness at him, but before Tommy could get too close a white boot kicked his hand.

"Your turn.", Carri said as she went to try to hold Tommy off

"It's morphin time! GOLD RANGER POWER!"

Jason quickly returned to Carri's side.

"This is the end of the line Tommy.", Jason told him

"Maybe for you.", Tommy replied

Then Tommy ran at the two and fought them both at the same time. Then he threw them both back. They were fighting weakly because they didn't want to hurt Tommy.

"We've got to knock the sword away from him.", Jason said to Carri

"Why?", asked Carri

"If you can do it, I'll show you.", said Jason

"Got it.", said Carri

Carri pulled out her Zeo Pistol and fired it at Tommy's hand. This caused him to drop the sword. Tommy went to pick it up, but he quickly backed off when Jason ran at him, yelling something about a Gold Rush.

As soon as the Gold Power Staff made contact with the Sword of Darkness, it destroyed it. Tommy collapsed to the ground.

"Is it over?", asked Carri

"Not yet rangers.", said a voice from behind

Jason and Carri turned around to see Goldar, some puddies, and a monster standing there.

"Then we'll end it.", Jason said

The two rangers went into action as they fought the puddies, who made an easy opponent. Then both Goldar and the monster attacked them.

At one point Goldar backed off leaving them with only the monster to fight with. Just when they though they were winning, Goldar ran to attack them. To their surprise, a green figure appeared in front of Goldar.

"You made a big mistake, messing with me.", Tommy said

"Rita is not finished with you yet.", Goldar told him

"Oh yes she is.", Tommy said as he and Goldar started to fight

All three rangers were winning their fights. Jason and Carri were doing so well that Rita had to make the monster grow.

"I need Super Zeo Zord power, now!", yelled Carri

"I'm going to help Tommy.", Jason told her

"Got it. I think I can handle him.", Carri said

"Two rangers?", asked Goldar

"That's right, now you have to deal with both of us.", Jason said

"Not at this time I don't.", Goldar said before he left

"Now I have one last thing to take care of.", Tommy said as he pulled out the Dragon Dagger

Jason knew what was next. He heard a tune, and when he looked up he saw the DragonZord coming to lend Carri a hand. The two quickly brought the monster down and then the rangers all teleported back to the Command Center.

Tommy took his helmet off and looked down at the floor in shame.

"I killed them. All of them. Jason, Billy, Kim, Trini, Zack, their doubles, some people I didn't know, and I tried to kill you two.", Tommy said


"Does that even matter? They still all died by my hands.", Tommy pointed out


All the rangers powered down. Then Tommy laid his power coin on the table.

"WHAT IS THIS FOR?", asked Zordon

"I'm not going to use it.", Tommy told him


"Me? Really? I guess I'll do it.", Tommy replied

Just then a portal opened up and four figures stepped through it.

"Ai ai ai! Intruder alert!", Alpha exclaimed

"Before you blow a fuse, I'd like you to meet the rest of the Zeo team.", Carri said

"You found us?", Jason asked

"Billy was on it the minute you left.", Tommy told him

"I'm so glad to see you.", Rocky said as he walked over and gave Carri a hug

"I'm glad to see you too.", said Carri

"The Command Center. How long has it been since we've been here?", asked Adam

"A long time.", Kat said

"WELCOME ZEO RANGERS.", Zordon greeted

"So Zordon, now that things are straightened out, who will be the power ranger team?", asked Jason


"Well I'm the green ranger.", Tommy told them

The red ranger Tommy walked over to his double. "Can I see your coin?", he asked

Tommy gave it to him.

Then Tommy took it, set it on a control panel, pressed a few buttons and it was gone.

"What did you do!", exclaimed Tommy

"The Green Ranger powers would've brought you nothing but trouble.", Tommy told him


"Me? The team leader? I guess I'll do it.", Tommy said

"So what happened to the other rangers?", asked Adam

"The original rangers? While I was evil, I killed them. And many more rangers as well. That's why your friends were brought here, for me to kill.", explained Tommy

"I know a certain three Stone Canyon residents that can be rangers. Rocky DeSantos, Adam Park, and Aisha Campbell.", Tommy said

"Teleporting now.", Alpha said

Then Rocky, Adam and Aisha appeared in the Command Center. They looked in shock upon seeing Zordon, Alpha, another Rocky and Adam, and two Tommy's.

"What's going on here?", asked Aisha


"Well, I'm in Australia, so that counts me out.", Kat said

"And Tanya is in Africa.", Adam pointed out

"Which leaves me, in New York.", Carri said

"New York is closer, and I'm sure once things get settled you'll be able to stay here with somebody.", Jason said

"True. Ok then, Alpha teleport my double from New York.", Carri said

A few seconds later Carri appeared, and was as shocked as the other three.


"You mean this is where the Power Rangers are?", asked Rocky

"Were. Well unless you count us, but we're Power Rangers from another dimension.", Kat said

"Another dimension? That explains why I'm looking at myself.", Carri said


"Us? Be power rangers? How cool!", exclaimed Aisha


"I'm in.", Rocky said

"Me too.", agreed Aisha

"I've got nothing better to do.", Carri said

"Sure, why not.", said Adam

Alpha pressed a button and the Power Coins appeared.

"Take these rangers. Once you have obtained the ultimate power you will morph with them.", Alpha said

"Ultimate power?", questioned Tommy


"We're ready.", Tommy said

Alpha then teleported the new ranger team to Phaedos, leaving only the Zeo rangers.


"Anytime.", Carri told him

"Someone needed to stop Tommy and Rita, and I'm glad that the someone could be us.", Jason said

Another portal opened behind the rangers.

"This is our way home.", Tommy said

Adam was first to jump through the portal, followed by Kat, then Tommy. Jason and Carri stayed back a moment to say their good-bye's and Rocky was waiting for them.

"Bye Alpha, Zordon. This sure was a new experience.", Carri said

"And one I had to re-live. But it's all over with now. Good-bye Zordon and Alpha.", Jason said

Then Carri and Rocky jumped through the portal, and Jason followed, leaving that world behind forever.

* * *

"Welcome back guys.", Billy greeted

"Thank you Billy.", said Carri

"I was just doing my job.", Billy told her

"You're pretty good at your job.", Jason said

"Well guys, it's good to have you back.", Adam told them

"Yeah, we were all worried about you.", Kat said. "Especially Emily."

"Speaking of Emily, I need to go find her.", Jason said

"And I want to go home, go sleep in my own bed.", said Carri

"Do you mind if I go with you?", asked Rocky

"No, not at all.", Carri said

"Come on then, if we're going home, let's head on out.", Kat said

"I guess we'll leave and go spar are something.", said Adam

Everyone said their good-byes as they left the Power Chamber.

* * *

Kat, Rocky and Carri walked into the Hillard's house and were swamped with tabloid and other media personnel.

"Where were you?", one asked

"What did you think of the aliens?", asked another

The questions kept coming like that for a few moments.

"Get out!", Carri yelled, "Everybody get out!"

The reporters were so in shock that they quickly fled.

"And stay out!", she added. "Now how did they get in here?"

"I don't know. I didn't let them in. I'll bet they broke in.", Kat said

"They're tabloids. Anything to get their story.", Rocky said

"Well next time they stop in, I'll give them a story. They're going to find out who the yellow ranger is. However they won't live long enough to write it.", said Carri

Rocky and Kat both smiled.

"Kat, can you give us a moment alone?", Rocky asked

"Sure. I'll talk to you later.", Kat said as she went upstairs

Rocky went over and put his arms around Carri, and she put's her's around him.

"What a last few days I had.", Carri told him

"You tangled with the Green Ranger.", Rocky pointed out

"And lived.", she added

"I noticed. You took quite a beating back there. Are you ok?", he asked

"I'm fine. Nothing a little morphing didn't fix."

"There's a job bonus for you."


Rocky kissed her on the forehead.

"Was there a reason for that?", Carri asked

Rocky smiled as he shook his head no. Then he held her tighter.

Carri looked up into Rocky's eyes, then she kissed him, and he kissed her back, then he pulled her a little closer, and they kissed again and again, then they stopped.

"Come on, let's go out.", Rocky said

Carri nodded her head yes and the two left.

* * *

Jason walked to the beach club and approached Ernie.

"Hey Ernie, have you seen Emily?", he asked

"Jason, your back!", Ernie exclaimed, "What happened?"

"All I can say is thank God for the power rangers.", Jason told him

"What would Angel Grove do without the power rangers?", asked Ernie

"I would hate to find out.", Jason said. "Anyway, where's Emily?"

Ernie pointed down the beach a little. "She got off work and went down there to be alone."

"Thanks.", Jason said

Jason jogged down the beach and called out Emily's name. She looked up and into his eyes.

"Jason!", she exclaimed as she whipped the tears from her eyes and went to greet him

The two ran down the beach to meet each other, and they ran right into each others arms.

"You're alright! I was so worried. I thought you were hurt, or dying or dead, and..", but Emily stopped when Jason put a finger over her mouth

"But I'm here now, and that's what counts.", Jason told her

"So what was it like where you were?", asked Emily

"Evil ruled supreme. There was nobody there to stop it. All I can say is I'm glad the power rangers followed us, or we would've been doomed."

"If I ever see the power rangers, I'll be sure to thank them for saving your life."

"Let's not talk about the power rangers anymore.", Jason said

"What do you want to talk about?", asked Emily

"Absolutely nothing.", Jason said as he leaned in and kissed her

As they broke from their kiss Emily hit him.

"What was that for?", Jason asked

"Don't you ever do that to me again!", she exclaimed as she started to cry. "I love you so much and I thought you were dead."

Jason whipped the tears away from her eyes. "I'm so sorry. But I couldn't let my anything happen to my friends."

Emily sniffled. "You care so much about others. That's one of the many reasons why I love you."

"I love you too.", Jason said as he kissed her again

Then the kissing continued for what felt like a short while to them but in reality was almost ten minutes. Then the two walked down the beach together, absorbing the beauty of the moment.

* * *
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The End... for now