Purple Part 3
By: KJ Holland

"Watch this Oliver.", Rocky said as he unleashed something he had been practicing for a while

Rocky knocked Tommy off balance. "Nice moves. Where did you learn them?", he asked

"You want me to tell you? And ruin my advantage?", asked Rocky

"Ok, I see how you're going to be.", Tommy said as he and Rocky both exchanged some punches

Tommy and Rocky went at it for a little longer, only to be interrupted by two of their friends.

"Will one of you hurry up and lose so we can get on the mats?", asked Jason

Rocky and Tommy stopped sparring and looked over at him.

"We were here first. We'll take as long as we want to." Tommy informed him

"Ok, fine, but we don't have all day.", Adam told him

Rocky gave Adam a look. "Don't worry, it won't take all day for one of us to win."

"Me.", Tommy muttered

Rocky heard it and they both started sparring again. They went at it for a few more minutes before Tommy brought Rocky down. After Tommy was done, he extended his hand to help Rocky up.

"You tried.", Tommy said

"There's always next time.", Rocky told him

Jason and Adam jumped onto the mat as soon as the others were off. Tommy and Rocky went over to the counter and sat on the stools, asking Emily for a glass of water. The sat there and chatted, not noticing the girls come in. Kat and Carri walked over and both put their arms around their boyfriends.

"Good morning.", Carri greeted

"Hey.", Rocky said as he she leaned in and gave him a kiss

"What are you girls doing here?", asked Tommy

Kat and Carri each took a seat beside their boyfriends and Alexis sat on the other side of Carri.

"Well, now that Alexis knows all about Emily we figured that it was about time for her to meet her.", Kat told him

"Emily, come here a sec!", Carri yelled across the room

Emily came to see what her friend wanted.

"Hey guys, what's up?", she greeted

"Emily, this is Alexis, the girl Carri told you about and Alexis this is Emily.", Kat said doing the introductions

Emily took the seat beside Alexis.

"Nice to meet you.", Emily said

"Same here.", said Alexis

"Look, Alexis, yesterday I kind of judged you before I met you and I shouldn't have. I also placed a lot of the blame on mine and Jason's argument on you. I'm sure your a really great person and I'd hate to get off on the wrong foot, so I'm sorry about that.", Emily apologized

"Don't worry about it. I understand, I mean people get mad sometimes and take it out on others because that's easier to do.", Alexis said

Emily smiled because she was glad that Alexis had understood.

"Jason told me about the whole rescheduling thing tonight, and I really look forward to getting a chance to talk to you.", Emily said

"Why wait until tonight, we can talk now.", Alexis said

"For a minute yes, but I'm supposed to be working.", Emily told her

Alexis nodded her head as they started to chit chat for the moment.


"Zedd, we have left those power brats alone for three days. Don't you think it's about time we do something?", asked Rita Repulsa

"That yellow ranger was so mad she wanted destroyed the whole team. Too bad humans believe in forgiveness. We could've gotten her to be evil.", Lord Zedd complained

"And how do you suppose we would've done that, asked? Besides have you forgotten about Kat? And Tommy?", Rita asked

"I will never forget about Tommy. He and I have unsettled business.", Goldar growled

"Finster!", yelled Zedd

"Yes your highness?", Finster replied as he walked into the room

"I want a monster to go down and attack the rangers.", Zedd ordered

"Right away.", Finster said as he left

"Hey Ed, I've got nothing to do, can I go with some tengas and attack the rangers while we wait for the monster?", asked Rito Revolto

Zedd's eyes flashed with anger. "How many times do I have to tell you, it's Zedd. Z E D D Zedd! And yes, you can go down, but I expect you to get those rangers so we won't even need to get a monster."

"Ok Ed.", Rito said as he teleported out


Kat, Tommy, Rocky, Carri, Alexis and Emily were still sitting on the stools talking. Adam and Jason finished sparring and they came over to them. Just as they arrived, five of them were quickly called away.

Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep.

The five rangers jumped up and headed off. Alexis' instinct told her to get up, but she stopped herself.

"Where are you guys going?", asked Emily

"To give us some alone time.", Jason told her as he took the seat beside her

"Jase, that's nice of them but I really need to get going.", Emily told him

"Just one kiss?", asked Jason

"One won't hurt.", Emily said as she leaned over to kiss him

Meanwhile, the rangers had fled to their usual corner.

"We're here.", Tommy said into the communicator

"Rito and some tengas are terrorizing Angel Grove. You must teleport there immediately.", Alpha told them

"Got it. It's morphin time!", yelled Tommy







"Long time no see. This had better be important.", Rocky greeted him

"It is. I'm going to destroy you, I think that's important.", Rito said

"I seriously doubt that.", Tommy said as the rangers jumped into another tenga fight

As usual, the rangers were winning the tenga fight. Rito had stepped aside for the moment, he was enjoying watching. In fact, he was enjoying it so much he took a few seconds and left for popcorn. He was standing there eating it when Rocky came over and kicked it out of his hands.

"Hey, that cost me a lot of money!", Rito exclaimed

"Ha! You know you stole it.", Rocky said

"So! Maybe I did! What's it to you anyway! And... hey, that hurt!", Rito yelled as Rocky kicked him in the stomach

"Maybe if you wouldn't run your mouth so much, things like that wouldn't happen.", Rocky told him

Rito came charging at Rocky with his sword and Rocky called on his Zeo Sword. They both fought alone for a while, then Tommy left the others, who had the fight well under control, and came over and joined in with his Zeo Weapon.

"Now there's two of us you have to deal with.", Tommy announced

"And you have to deal with him.", Rito said as he pointed to the monster that had just teleported onto the scene

"We'll take him.", Carri said as she motioned for Adam to join her

"I think I can handle the rest of these.", Kat said as she finished off the three or four tengas that were left

Kat quickly was done with the tengas and went to join Adam and Carri with their fight against the monster.

"You're not is tough as you think you are.", Adam told him

"Oh yeah? Watch this.", the monster said as he hurled something at them

The rangers jumped out of the way and whatever it was headed straight for Rito.

"You idiot! I'm on your side!", Rito yelled, "Some people just don't know much."

"Oh, like you?", asked Rocky as he and Tommy both kicked him in the head

Rito fell backwards and hit the ground. "I see stars. This must not be good. See ya.", he said as he left

Tommy and Rocky went over to join the monster fight.

"Now that Rito's gone, we're here to help.", Tommy told them

"Alright. Let's hurry up and finish him.", Adam said

"You'll never stop me!", yelled the monster

"What we want to do?", asked Rocky

"Let's use the Zeo Cannon.", suggested Kat

"Your Zeo Cannon doesn't scare me!", bellowed the monster

"We'll see about that.", Tommy said as he called for the Zeo Cannon


"Rito, you big idiot! You worthless piece of...", Zedd was in the middle of chewing his brother in law out when Rita stopped him

"Hey Zedd, they used the Zeo Cannon. I think our monster needs some help.", Rita told him

Zedd left Rito and went over to Rita. "You're lucky this time.", he said as he clashed staffs with Rita

"Make our monster grow!", they yelled


"And you think that'll stop us?", asked Carri

"We need Super Zeo Zord power, now!", yelled Tommy

The five Super Zeo Zords came out, the rangers jumped into them, then they combined into one.

"Alright, now you are going down.", Adam told the monster

"Am not.", the monster said in a childish tone

Rocky shrugged his shoulders. "Ok, fine, have it your way."

"Let's introduce it to the Zeo Saber.", Tommy said

"Right.", agreed the others

The five rangers called for the Zeo Saber then used it on the monster.

"Hey no fair!", the monster yelled as he went down

"Come on, let's get back to the Youth Center.", Kat said as they all nodded their heads yes and teleported out


"Well?", Jason asked as they approached him and Alexis

"Easy. You know, I'm ready to start asking for a challenge.", Tommy told him

"You don't really want to ask for one, then they might come through.", Rocky pointed out

"True.", Adam agreed

"So, we have a few hours to kill before we have anything planned, anybody got anything to do in mind?", asked Alexis

"I've promised Cody I'd work for him from one to four.", Rocky told them

"Why don't we go shopping?", Kat suggested

"That sounds like fun.", Alexis said as she hopped up

"Spending spree!", Carri exclaimed

"Something I'll skip.", Jason said

"Me too.", Adam agreed

"And what do you know, I don't think I'm going either.", Tommy told them

"So, are you a heavy or light shopper?", questioned Carri

"Light. Why?", asked Alexis

"I think I'm going to have to go to Florida and shop with Kim. She's the only person I know who keeps up with me in that category.", Carri said

Kat gave her a look. "We like keeping our money."

Carri just shrugged her shoulders as the three of them took off.

After they left, Rocky headed for the door. "I'm off to work. Talk to you later."

"Bye Rocky.", Tommy called behind him

"What do we want to do?", Jason asked after they left

Adam and Tommy glanced over at the mats.

"Sure, why not.", Jason said

"Don't you guys ever get board of that?", asked Emily as she went behind the counter

"Board? Of sparring? Never.", Jason told her

"You need lives.", Emily told them

Jason looked shocked. "Who, us?"

"I don't see any other three guys who don't do anything all day.", Emily said as she came out from behind the counter with sodas in her hands

"Don't do anything?", Tommy questioned

"Why don't you go outside, play ball, do something besides hang around here.", Emily said

"Then I couldn't watch you.", Jason told her

Emily smiled. "In that case, spar all you want."

The three boys laughed as they headed over to the mats, where they would stay for the next hour or so before leaving for the basketball court with some of their other friends.


"You guys wanted to go to the bowling alley?", Kat questioned as the group of eight headed in

"Why not. Besides, it just opened and we figured because was something we have never done that we might as well do it.", Tommy told her

"I hope I'm not the only one who's going to make a complete and total fool out of myself tonight.", Alexis said

The other three girls exchanged looks. "I don't see that as a problem.", Carri told her

Jason turned to Rocky and Adam. "You two take care of the pizza, Tommy and I will grab two lanes."

"Gotcha.", Rocky said as he and Adam headed back to the food counter

"We are going to suck.", Emily said to the girls

"Ding ding ding.", Carri agreed

"Do I get a prize for being right?", asked Emily

"You get to be in the negatives like the rest of us.", Alexis told her

"Negatives? Is that even possible?", asked Kat

"With me it is.", said Alexis

Jason and Tommy came back with shoes in their hands.

"Get yours at the counter.", Tommy told them

The girls looked at the shoes, which were obviously not a pair because one shoe was two colors and the other shoe was a different two colors.

"Fashionable.", commented Carri

Adam and Rocky came up to the group.

"Dinner will be served in thirty to forty five minutes.", Adam told them

"Great. Grab some shoes, let's get going.", Jason said

After everybody grabbed their shoes, they went to the two lanes that the boys had gotten.

"How do we want to split up?", asked Alexis

"How about girls against boys?", suggested Rocky

"I really don't see that happening.", Kat told him

"Why not?", asked Tommy

"Our zeros across the board to your decent scores, I think not.", Emily said

"Ok, fine. How about me, Emily, Alexis and Adam against the rest of you.", Jason suggested

"Sounds fair.", Carri said

Jason and his team took the left lane while the other four took the right. As soon as they had their shoes on, they went ball hunting. The boys went straight for the heaver balls, while the girls went for the lightest ones.

"No fair, our hands can't fit in the six or eight pounders!", exclaimed Alexis

"Six, eight, ten, doesn't really matter we are still going to suck.", Carri reminded them as they picked up their ten pound balls

Everybody walked back to their lanes. Rocky sat down and put everyone's names in for both sides.

"Tommy and Jason, you're first.", Rocky told them

"Watch this.", Tommy said as he went before Jason

Tommy's ball knocked over nine pins, leaving him only one for the spare.

"Not bad. But I can do better.", Jason told him

Jason only managed to knock over eight, but it didn't matter since both of them got spares.

Rocky and Adam were the next two from their teams to go, and just like their predecessors they came up with spares of their own. Then both teams had come to the girls. Carri and Emily were the two who were up, with Carri going first.

"Ok guys, don't laugh.", Carri ordered

Carri threw the ball and it started out in the middle, but it slowly moved its way over to the gutter.

"No, don't stay...ug!", Carri ended by stomping her foot down and a buzzer was heard, causing her to jump back

"What was that?", she asked

"You stepped over the line.", Rocky told her

"Which means?", she asked

"Foul.", Jason filled in

"That's not a foul. A true foul is when the ball... oh never mind. I can already tell my bowling skills suck.", Carri said as she headed back to her seat

Emily got up to take her turn. She threw the ball and it went straight for the gutter.

"At least yours stayed on the lane for a good amount of time.", Emily told her as she went to sit down

Kat and Alexis got up but were stopped by Tommy and Jason.

"What?", asked Kat

"They get one more shot.", Tommy told her

"We do? Won't the computer just put up our zeros and get it over with?", asked Emily

"You have to earn them.", Jason informed her

Carri and Emily got up once again to take another shot at it.

"Here goes nothing.", Carri said as once again she threw the ball down the lane, and once again she it found the gutter

Carri came back to sit down.

"Carri, stick to baseball.", Adam said

"You don't have to tell me twice.", she replied

Emily went up and threw the ball, watched it go into the gutter.

"Yes! I am living up to my true abilities.", Emily exclaimed as she went back to sit down

Kat and Alexis finally got to take their turns.

"Come on Kat, show them how much better you are.", encouraged Tommy

"I'll try.", Kat said

Kat went first, and her ball went down riding beside the gutter the whole time. Before falling over, it hit one of the back pins.

"I hit a pin! I don't believe it!", she exclaimed

"Way to go Kat.", congratulated Alexis, "Now watch me suck."

Alexis threw the ball and got the same result as Emily and Carri.

"You can't say I didn't try.", Alexis said

Kat retrieved her ball and went back for a second try at it. This time she knocked over the other opposite pin.

"Two pins! I'm on a roll!", she exclaimed

"Kat, I hate to be the one to break this to you but it's probably best if you hear it from me. The point of bowling is to knock over all ten pins.", Tommy told her

"That's the way you bowl. With my skills, the point is to knock over a pin per frame.", Kat informed him

Kat sat down as Alexis got up and took her turn. Alexis was able to knock over an end pin.

"Well what do you know.", Alexis said as she sat down

Everyone kept on going in the same order until their first game was over. About as soon as the game ended, their pizza was ready and the boys went to get it and the drinks. They all sat back down at one of the tables, taking a break for dinner.

Emily and Carri, who were sitting by each other, looked up and just shook their heads at the scores. The team scores were about even thanks to the boys, but the girls scores were not. Kat ended up with 50, Alexis with 46, and then Carri and Emily tied with a score of 12.

"We suck.", Carri said

"Completely and totally.", Emily agreed

"You know I could teach you the form.", Rocky suggested

"And I'll teach you.", Jason said to Emily

"Like that will help.", said Carri

"She has a point.", Adam said

"I can't believe I did so well.", Alexis said

"Me neither. I was expecting to be down with Emily and Carri.", agreed Kat

"And then the boys had their scores in the low to mid hundreds.", Alexis said

"How did you guys get so good at bowling?", asked Emily

"We're guys. We can do anything.", Tommy bragged

"Very funny.", said Carri

"No, Tommy's right, it's this whole guy thing.", Rocky told her

"That and we went out and practiced this morning.", added Jason

"Practice. Something we needed desperately.", Emily pointed out

"Come on, as soon as we get back to bowling, me and Jason will help you two out.", Rocky assured them

"Rocky man, you guys can't work miracles.", Adam told him

"And that's exactly what we need.", Emily said

They quickly finished eating, and got back to the bowling. The bowled two more games before they were finished. Kat and Alexis' scores made it into the 80's, while, with the help of their boyfriends, Emily and Carri were able to slowly creep into the 30's.

"Well, you've made progress. I'm impressed.", Rocky said of Carri's last score, a 38

"I'll have to say the same about you.", Jason said about Emily's 35

"This was definitely a new experience.", said Alexis

"Yes, throwing a ball and trying to knock over all ten pins is a new thing for me too.", agreed Kat

"So, what do you guys want to do now?", asked Tommy as they headed up to pay for the bowling

"There's some ice hockey tables in the game room. I'm going back there if anybody wants to join me.", Carri said

"How good are you?", asked Rocky

"I'm not bad. But I'm not half as good as some other people I know. Actually as one other person I know.", Carri told him

Rocky knew exactly who she was talking about. "Me neither. So we're an even match. Count me in."

"What do you say?", asked Tommy

"Why not. But I'm warning you, I'm haven't played in a long time.", Kat said

Tommy smiled. "Me neither. But that's ok, because that just makes us even."

"Are you guys going to join us?", asked Kat

The remaining four looked at each other.

"No, I don't think so.", said Jason

"Ok, we'll talk to you later.", Tommy said as the four of them finished paying and headed off

"It's still early, do you want to go somewhere else?", asked Alexis

"Sure. Where do you want to go?", asked Adam

"I don't care.", Emily said

"Me neither.", agreed Alexis

"How about we go see what's going on at Ernie's and then we'll take it from there.", suggested Jason

"Ok, sounds good.", Adam said

The girls nodded their heads in agreement as the four headed off to the parking lot.


Kat, Carri, Rocky, Tommy and Jason were all sitting in their last class of the day, chemistry, along with Alexis, who was tagging along with Kat that day with permission from Mr. Caplan.

"Now class, before you leave you can come up and get your tests from Friday. I am pleased to say that the majority of you did well.", Mrs. Appleby said as she held up the tests and then set them down at the table


"Time to go see how we did.", Jason said as the five of them headed to get their tests

When they got up there the whole class was standing around trying to get their test scores. Carri was the first one to grab her paper, and she was quickly followed by the others.

Carri's jaw dropped as she saw her grade. "Is this my real grade?", she asked Mrs. Appleby

Mrs. Appleby just smiled and nodded her head yes.

"What is it?", asked Kat

"An A, a 93.", she said proudly

"Nice. But one more point lower and it would've been a 92, and a B.", Tommy pointed out

"Yes but an A sounds so much nicer than a B.", Carri said as she smiled over her first A all year. Not that her grades were bad in there, she usually scored in the 80's, but she could never manage an A.

The gang of six walked out of the classroom, meeting Adam as they stepped out.

"Ok, tell me, how much more do I know about acids and bases than the rest of you.", demanded Carri

"Not much. 90.", Jason told her

"82.", Tommy said

Rocky, who was walking behind her along with Adam, handed her his paper.

"80, not bad.", Carri said as she gave it back

"86.", Kat told them

"I beat half of you with my 88.", Adam announced proudly

"Well, I'm happy, this secures my B.", Carri said

"Mine too.", agreed Kat

"I'll probably end up with a high B.", Jason said

"A C for me.", Rocky said

"I believe I may be with you on that one. But then again, I could have a B.", Tommy said thoughtfully

"I have a B in physics, if anybody cares.", Alexis said

"Physics, not my science field. Although Billy was good at it, and he said if I ever wanted to take it he'd help me. But then again I wouldn't have understood him.", Jason said

"So, who's going with me to the airport?", asked Alexis

"I'd love to, but I have a meeting of the Senior Prom Committee that I have to be at in... five minutes. I've got to go, I'll see you guys later.", Kat said

"Well, it was nice meeting you.", Alexis said

"Same here. I'm glad you stayed at our house. If you're ever in town again, don't forget to stop by.", Kat said as she gave her new friend a hug

"See you later Kat.", Tommy said

Kat walked over to Tommy and gave him a quick kiss before leaving.

"See ya.", she said as she walked off

"I think that the rest of us are coming.", Adam said

"Everyone but Emily. She says to tell you she'd love to come, but she's going to be working this afternoon.", Jason told her

"That's fine. Tell her I said bye though.", Alexis ordered

"No problem.", agreed Jason

"Well, we had better head to the airport, the flight leaves in a little more than an hour, and I have to return my rental car.", Alexis said

The others nodded their heads in agreement as they headed off to their cars.


"Well, thanks Carri for letting me stay at your place for a few days.", Alexis said as they stood in the airport

"No problem. Anytime.", she told her

"And boys, it was great to see you again. You guys pretty much the same as I remember you. And that's good, you're a great group, stay that way.", Alexis said as she gave them all hugs

"Last call for flight 401 to Philadelphia.", said a voice

"That's me. Bye guys.", she said as she waved and walked off

"Bye!", yelled the chorus of voices behind her

Alexis went up and gave the lady her ticket, then she boarded the plane and took a seat.

Well, I finally made it back to Angel Grove. And I tied up all my lose ends, with the Power Rangers, with Jason. Now maybe I can date a guy without wondering about Jason. One day I'll tell him how I felt, but no time soon. And I made three new friends in Angel Grove, and that's always a plus. All in all, I'd say the trip was a success. And now it's time to get back to Phillie, with Denise, and Jonny, back to helping out and doing what I do best.

Alexis smiled as she closed her eyes to try to sneak in a nap before she got back to Phillie as the plane took off.