"A New Ranger" Part 2
By: KJ Holland

"Five bucks says the Dodgers win.", Rocky said as Carri turned on the TV

"You're on.", she agreed, looking to win a little money

Carri put the TV on ESPN, they were being nice enough to show the game that afternoon.

"Darryl blanked LA in the first. Way to go.", Carri said noticing the score

"Big deal. The game just started.", Rocky said in the Dodgers defense

They started listening to the TV. Rocky slid his arm up and put it around Carri's shoulder.

"0-2 pitch to Bagwell. Bases loaded, no out. Nomo in a lot of trouble.", said Harold Reynolds, the ESPN announcer, "Let's see if he has the green light. He does and he swings, line drive center field. Back goes DeShelids, back to the wall, and it's gone. Grand slam Jeff Bagwell."

"Guys, how could you do this to me?", Rocky whined

"Yes! Go Jeff, go Jeff.", chanted Carri


"Top of the ninth, two outs. Billy Wagner is one strike away from striking out the side and winning the game. The pitch. Fouled away.", Harold said

"Come on Billy, you can do it.", Carri said, sitting on the edge of the couch.

At that moment Adam and Tanya came in. Tanya noticed how close Rocky and Carri were.

"Don't they look happy?", Tanya whispered to Adam

"Eric, all you have to do is get on and then let Mike hit you home.", Rocky pleaded joining Carri on the edge of the couch.

"The pitch. Fastball, blew it right by Karros. He had no chance. That will do it from the Astrodome. Astros win it, 8-7", announced Harold

"Man. That was a close one.", Rocky said

"Whatever.", Carri said holding out her hand for the money.

Reluctantly, Rocky paid her. Rocky looked up at the clock.

"It's seven o'clock already? Come on Carri, we'd better get going.", Rocky said pulling Carri up and toward the door.

"So, where you guys headed?", Tanya asked

"To the movies.", Carri told her, "So, you guys have been a lot, what do you recommend?"

"We went and saw Romeo & Juliet yesterday. That was the best.", Adam told them

"Yeah and Leonardo DiCaprio looked good too.", Tanya whispered in Carri's ear and they both laughed

"Well?", Rocky said looking at Carri

"I'm convinced.", Carri said

Tanya laughed.

"Fine then. Romeo & Juliet it is.", Rocky decided, heading toward the door.

They got almost out the door when Rocky stopped and realized they didn't have a way to the movies. Rocky turned around to face Carri.

"Oh man, I never went home to get the car. Now what are we going to do?", Rocky wondered

Adam tossed Rocky his car keys. "Here man, use my car. I'll be here when you get back."

"Thanks, I owe you one.", Rocky told him

"No problem.", Adam said

Carri and Rocky left for the movies.

"They make such a cute couple.", Tanya commented

"They do, don't they." Adam agreed

Adam and Tanya sat down to watch TV.


Tanya, Adam, Kat, and Tommy were all sitting on the couch watching TV when they heard Carri and Rocky approach the door.

Carri opened the door. "I really had fun tonight. We'll have to do it again sometime."

Rocky came in behind her. "Yes, soon.", he agreed

Carri shut the door as she looked over and saw everyone watching TV. "Hey guys.", she greeted them

"Hey.", they all said

Rocky tossed Adam his keys as he put his arm around Carri. "Thanks again Adam. I don't know what we would've done if you hadn't lent me your keys."

"Like I said before, no problem.", Adam said

"To be continued!?!? Come on, I can't wait until next week to see the end!", Tommy yelled

"I guess that's all of you guys cue to leave.", Kat said

"Aw man, do we have to?", Adam said cuddling up to Tanya

Tanya kissed Adam. "Yes."

Adam pouted but got up. "Either of you guys want a ride home?", he asked

"Yeah, sure.", Rocky said

"That would be great.", Tommy told him

"Ok then, let's go.", Adam said sneaking one more kiss with Tanya

Adam and Tommy walked out the door. Rocky kissed Carri before he left. "See ya tomorrow."

"Definitely.", Carri said

The boys left and Carri closed the door behind them. Kat turned off the TV.

"Ok Carri, sit." Carri came over and sat between Kat and Tanya. "Now, tell us everything.", Kat demanded

"Like?", Carri said

"Don't think we didn't see him kiss you a minute ago.", Tanya said

"Ok. We went to the movies together.", Carri told them

"Well, we know that. What do you think of Rocky?", Kat wanted to know

"Rocky? He's great. I really like him.", Carri said getting all dreamy

Tanya and Kat raised their eyebrows then congratulated Carri.

"I knew you and Rocky would end up together. You guys look meant for each other.", Tanya told her

"Yeah. I'm happy for you. I just wish Tommy would ask me out.", Kat said doing some wishful thinking

"Why don't you ask him out?", Carri asked

Kat's face turned red. "No, I can't do that."

Carri and Tanya exchanged looks.

"I'm sure he'll eventually ask you out.", Carri told her

"Yeah, he's just got to work up the courage. Work on the friendship for now.", Tanya agreed

"You're right. Thanks for the advice.", Kat said

"In the words of Adam...", Tanya started

"No problem.", Carri and Tanya said together.

"Come on, let's turn in.", Carri said walking up the stairs

Tanya followed her. "Yeah, the faster you go to sleep, the faster you get to see Rocky.", she joked

Carri playfully hit her on the shoulder when she got upstairs.

"Well you know it's true.", Tanya said

Kat was the last one to go to bed. She was sitting downstairs thinking about Tommy. Maybe, hopefully, her two friends were right.


La de da de da. School. At least I know people there. I am happy. Really. Well, now that the excitement is over school is going back to it's boring old self. Carri was absorbed in her thoughts.


That last bell came in loud and clear. Carri jumped up.

"So, where you guys going?", Tommy asked

They all looked at him like, duh!

"Yeah, I know. Stupid question."

Carri bowed her head and laughed. Kat saw her and couldn't help but laugh. More at the way Carri looked then at Tommy. That created the domino effect. Before they knew it, they were all laughing. When they stopped, Carri kept her head down and walked out the door laughing. Rocky made the crazy sign and Carri elbowed him in the stomach.

"I deserved that didn't I?", Rocky asked

Carri, still laughing, looked up and shook her head yes as she said, "Uh-huh."

They all walked out and to the Youth Center.


"Hey Tanya!", Carri yelled and waved as she walked to her table and sat down. The others quickly followed.

Adam sat down beside Tanya and they kissed.

Rocky put his arm around Carri and leaned in and kissed her. They stayed cuddled until Carri decided to get up and order herself some fries.

"Anybody want anything?", she asked before she left

"Soda.", Rocky said

"Make that one more.", said Kat

"Same here.", agreed Tommy

"Tanya, Adam, you guys want anything?", Carri asked

"Nope, we're fine.", Adam said, answering for the both of them

"Ok. Be right back.", Carri said

"Hey Rocky, are we going to do that little kids karate class next Sunday morning?", Tommy asked

"Yeah. I don't see why not.", Rocky answered

"Do you guys enjoy working with the little kids?", Kat wanted to know

"Yeah. They're great, and eager and willing to learn. Why?", Tommy told her

"Well, I was considering teaching little kids dance. What do you think?", Kat proposed her idea

"Kat, that would be great. I'm sure the little kid's would really enjoy it.", Tanya supported her

"I suppose you're right. Now, are there any volunteers to help me with flyers and things?", Kat asked

"I'd love to help you.", Tommy said

"Is Saturday night ok?", Kat asked

"Perfect.", Tommy said

Carri came back with a tray that had 4 sodas and one basket of chilly cheese fries.

"Oooh, chilly cheese fries. I know you want to share.", Rocky said

"Go ahead, have some. All of you. I doubt I can eat them all anyway.", Carri said

Adam and Rocky took that for dig in, so they did.

"Hey, I didn't say eat them all. Ok, so did I miss anything while I was gone?", Carri wondered

"I'm going to start teaching little kids dance.", Kat told her

"Oh, that's great. I'm sure there's a lot they can learn from you.", Carri encouraged her new activity

"Hey guys, I've got some great news and I wanted you all to be here when I told it.", Tanya announced

"Ok, shoot.", Adam said

"Ok. Tonight, Ernie is going to run his after hours club. He wants me to sing. He said he's expecting a good crowd tonight and he thinks that they'd like to hear me sing.", Tanya told them of her good fortune

"Tanya, I'm so happy for you. I can't think of anyone in the city of Angel Grove who can sing better than you.", Kat congratulated her

"I don't know your singing, but Kat has and ear for talent and if she gives you her praises, that must make you pretty good.", Carri said

"I know everyone in town will be here once they hear Tanya Sloan is singing tonight.", Rocky said

Tommy smiled. "One day I'll be able to say I knew you when."

"Don't you ever think that if I ever make it to the bigs I will forget you.", Tanya promised

"We'll all be here to support you.", Adam said

"I really enjoy all of you guys support.", Tanya said

"Hey, we believe in you.", Rocky sincerely told her

There was a short silence. Then Adam had an idea. "Hey Rocky, wanna spar?"

"Why not.", Rocky said

Rocky and Adam walked off to go get changed.

Carri finished off her fries as they left. "Next time I say help start to say help yourself, stop me.", Carri pleaded, teasing the boys

"Carri, you wanna go watch them spar?", Tanya asked

"Sure. I'd like to see Rocky kick Adam's butt.", Carri said as she got up

"In his dreams. Adam could beat Rocky with one hand tied behind his back.", Tanya said as she got up and walked over to the mats with Carri

"We shall see.", Carri said


The six teenagers arrived back at the Youth Center soon before Tanya was to sing.

Carri leaned over and whispered in Tanya's ear. "Let's see, the last time we were here, Rocky was busy kicking Adam's butt."

"Lucky shot.", Tanya whispered back before climbing up on stage

The five people remaining went and found a table near the stage.

"This is going to be good.", Adam promised

Tanya's concert lasted an hour. She sang beautifully. She got a standing ovation from everyone in there. Tanya climbed down from the stage and walked over to her friends, who were still standing.

Adam hugged her. "That was great!"


They all sat down. Tanya got busy signing autographs for some of the kids and even some of the teenagers. Two men in black suits came over to her.

"Hello.", one of them said

"Hi.", Tanya greeted them

"My name is Shawn Davis and I represent MCA records." Shawn pulled out a card and handed it to her. "We are prepared to make you an offer that will make that other sorry little record company look bad."

"Well, I don't know.", Tanya said

"Step into my office and we can discuss the fine details.", Shawn said

"I guess it won't hurt.", Tanya said

Tanya got up and went off with the two men. Ernie came over to their table.

"I see Tanya met my friends.", he said

"You set her up?", Adam asked

"Yeah, well...", Ernie said

"Good job.", Adam praised him

Tanya came back to the table a few minutes later. "You guys go on home. This may be awhile."

Everyone agreed and slowly made their way back home. Kat and Carri were sound asleep when Tanya finally came in. They'd just have to wait until morning to find out how it went.


The gang of teenagers had no time during their busy class schedule to talk to Tanya. In fact, Carri was the only one who even saw her before they met at the Youth Center.

Rocky, Carri, Tommy, Kat and Adam all wondered at the Youth Center and sat at the round table with Tanya.

"So, did you sign?", a curious Carri asked

"Nope.", Tanya said

"Did you get a contract?", Adam wanted to no

"Yup.", Tanya answered, "I didn't sign it because I'm not sure if I want to do it. I have the contract right here."

"Well, let us see it.", Kat demanded

Tanya pulled out the contract. "Here you go.", said Tanya as she sat it on the table.

Carri picked it up and started reading it. "Woah. Check this out, and I'm just covering the fine points."

That got everyone's attention. They all listened to her as she spoke.

"One million dollars for a successful record. Up to five million extra if she's really good. If this first record is a success, she gets a 5 record, at least 6.5 million dollar deal. She has to move to New York, but they will pay for the move and a house or apartment of her choice. They will also give her money for food and rent until the CD comes out. Plus, she gets a private tutor to teach her the 12th grade." Carri skimmed on down the page. "This is a no strings attached deal. If something doesn't work out, they will pay for her move back here, or to whatever part of the country she wishes to live in. There's a lot of little stuff, and I do mean a lot, but that's the big stuff."

Everyone's jaw dropped. It was amazing what MCA was willing to pay for a good singer.

"You're going to sign that, right?", Adam said

"I don't know.", Tanya told them

"I always knew you were talented but this... wow.", was all Rocky had to say

"Tanya, this is great. This is the break that everyone looks for.", Kat said

"I say you go for it.", Tommy told her

"I don't know guys. This is great and all, but I have a lot of obligations in Angel Grove that I don't think I could leave.", Tanya said

"Can you seriously say you have something here bigger that this?", Carri asked her friend

Tanya shook her head yes.

"If you mean", Adam started but lowered his voice, "the Rangers, I think you should talk to Zordon before you blow all of this."

"Yeah Tanya, you can't give up your dream for us.", Tommy said

"I don't know. You guys are like family to me.", Tanya softly said

"Just talk to Zordon before you make up your mind.", Kat suggested

"I guess talking won't hurt.", Tanya said

Tanya got up from the table and walked over to a corner, out of sight of everyone but her friends. She reached up and touched a button on her communicator and in a flash she was gone.


"Hey Zordon, Alpha. There's something I need to talk to you about.", Tanya greeted them


"Ok, here it goes." Tanya proceeded to tell him about her record deal and why she really doesn't want to sign it.


Tanya stood there and thought for a minute. A very long minute. After all the weighing of the pros and cons, Tanya had finally come to a decision. "Alpha, call the other Rangers. I have something that I need to tell them.


Beep beep beepbeep beep beep.

The teenagers were still in the Youth Center when Alpha called. Tommy and the Rangers walked over to the side. Tommy answered his communicator.

"What is it Alpha?", Tommy asked

"There is something important that you Rangers should know. Teleport to the Power Chamber immediately.", Alpha ordered

As Rocky headed for the hall with the other rangers he called out to Carri. "We'll be right back."

Carri nodded her head, understanding what was going on. Rocky and the others teleported out.


Tommy was the first to approach Alpha.

"Is it Mondo?", he asked

"No Tommy, Tanya has come to a decision.", Alpha told him

"Whatever you decided, we want you to know we support you.", Adam said holding Tanya's hand

Tanya took a deep breath as she told them. "I have decided," she started before pausing, "to accept the deal. This is to big of an offer to pass up."

"Tanya, that's great!", Adam exclaimed as he gave her a kiss

"Yeah Tanya. Congratulations!" Kat told her friend

"Tanya, this is the best thing that could ever happen to you.", Tommy said

"Affirmative. There is not one person in Angel Grove with a better voice than you.", Billy told her

"Hey, I have to get your autograph so I can say I knew you when.", Rocky said

"Remember, I told you if I make it I'll never forget any of you. Especially you.", she said as she turned toward Adam

One by one all of the Rangers came up to give her a hug of congratulations.

"So, when are you leaving?", Adam asked

"Tomorrow. That means we have one day to find my replacement.", Tanya informed all of them

"I don't think it will take that long.", Kat said

Everyone made eye contact as they shook their head yes.


"Hey Rocky. That was quick.", Carri greeted the returning Rocky. "Where's everyone else?"

"They had something that they had to do with Billy.", Rocky said very quickly. "Carri, do you trust me?", Rocky asked

"Yes.", she answered

"Enough to let me blindfold you and take you somewhere?"

"I suppose."

"Great.", Rocky said as he took out a blindfold.

Rocky tied the blindfold around Carri's eyes and led her out the door. They walked for a while and went to the back of a nearby building. As they were walking, Billy transported them to the Power Chamber.

"Here we are.", Rocky said as he took off the blindfold

Carri realized she had no idea where she was. She looked around and saw a little robot and a head in some sort of glass container. She figured that it was Power Ranger related.

"So, where is here?", Carri asked

"Here is the Power Chamber.", Rocky told her

"Carri, this is Alpha.", Kat said pointing to the robot

"Hi.", Carri said

"Nice to meet you.", Alpha said shyly

"And this, is Zordon. He's the head of things around here.", Kat said pointing at Zordon

"Hello.", Carri greeted him


Carri turned to face Tanya.

"Carri, I've decided to accept the record deal.", Tanya told her

"That's great!", she exclaimed running up to give Tanya a hug

"This means, that I can't be a Power Ranger any more.", Tanya started, "And I want you to take my place on the team."

"Me?", Carri said, not quite so sure she understood what she heard

"You are going to be the next yellow ranger.", Tanya told her

"Why me?" Carri wanted to know

"Because you are skilled enough to be able to preform the duties of a Power Ranger. You also have the heart of one.", Tanya seriously told her new friend

"Wow, I don't know what to say.", Carri said, still trying to take it all in

"Say you'll do it.", Tanya said

"Yes, of course.", Carri said after sorting out the situation


Tanya shook her head in agreement.


"I promise.", Carri agreed to his terms

Billy walked over to the spot that held all five power crystals. He grabbed the one that had belonged to Tanya for so long and he handed it to her. Tanya held up the power crystal in one hand. Carri reached up with one hand and grabbed the power crystal. Suddenly, the room was engulfed in a bright yellow light. When the light died down, the others saw Carri dressed in her Ranger suit. Carri then powered down and gave Billy back the crystal.

"Here.", Tanya said handing her the communicator she had used for so long. "I hope this comes in handy for you just as it did for me."

Carri took off the communicator and placed it on her wrist. "Thank you.", was all she could manage to say

The festivities were interrupted by a loud siren.

"Ay yi yi!", said Alpha

Billy rushed over to see what was the matter.

"Looks like Cogs and one big ugly monster.", Billy said

"We're on it.", Tommy said

For the first time in ages Tanya stood there and watched the show instead of be a part of it.

"It's morphin time!", Tommy yelled






And just like that, the Power Rangers were gone and off to their first mission with a new friend.


"That was great. I think a gal could get used to this gig.", Carri said after returning from their conquest

The rest of them laughed.

"Well, we hope you will be a part of this gig for a while.", Rocky told her

"I intend on being", Carri said

"Hey, where did Tanya go?", Adam asked

"She returned to her house to put her things together.", Billy said

"I think I should go talk to her.", Adam said as he teleported out

"Talk. I'm sure that's all he has on his mind.", Carri muttered

Rocky snickered, the he said, "Come on, let's go to my house. Ten minutes from now the 2nd game in the series starts."

"Ten bucks on the Astros.", Carri said

"Over confidence. That'll kill you.", Rocky said then added, "Ten on L.A."

"I'm with you all the way man. Put my ten on L.A.", Tommy said

"Carri, I hate to tell you, but I don't know to much about Houston, so my 10 is on L.A. too.", Kat put Carri down

"We shall see.", Carri responded to all of the Anti-Astros

"Billy, you coming?", Rocky asked

"Yes. I think that my money will go on the Dodgers too. The statistics have them ending up on top.", Billy said

Carri shrugged her shoulders as they teleported to Rocky's house.


"Forty dollars. Never underestimate the power of the Killer B's.", Carri triumphantly announced

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Biggio and Bagwell got lucky. Back to back of Worell. How many times can you say that.", Rocky complained

"Luck had nothing to do with it.", Carri cheerfully said as she collected her money

"They were only down by one. A comeback was possible.", Kat said

"Kat, that didn't help our side any.", Tommy teased

"Yeah Kat that didn't help your side any. It helped mine. Thank you.", Carri said

"Anytime.", Kat sarcastically said

"Well, I suppose this is the part of the night where we all break up and think twice about betting against the Astros. But of corse, then we realize there's know way on the planet the Astros can sweep the Dodgers.", Rocky said

"Whatever. If you want to give me more money...", Carri started then let her voice trail off

"Oh if that's the way it's going to be. My house, 7 tomorrow night. Anyone else who wants to place their 10 on LA is welcome to come and win their money back.", Rocky challenged Carri

"I'll be there.", Carri said, her competitive spirit showing

"I might make it.", Tommy said and Kat shook her head in agreement

"Well, I have to return to the Power Chamber. I'll talk to you guys tomorrow. Goodnight.", Billy said as he teleported out

" ‘Night Billy.", They all said

"Well, I might as well give everyone a ride home.", Rocky said as he went and grabbed his keys

"Ew, what if I don't want to ride with you?", teased Carri

"Well then I guess you have a problem.", responded Rocky as he dragged her out the door

Carri squirmed and tried to get away, but she eventually did the smart thing and let herself get dragged by Rocky. Kat and Tommy followed them out the door. They all got into the car, Carri and Rocky in the front and Kat and Tommy in the back.

Carri put on her seatbelt. "I have to be here with my abusive boyfriend.", she teased as she stuck out her tongue and gagged.

Kat laughed. Tommy playfully rolled his eyes.

"What makes you think I didn't see that Mr. Oliver?", asked Carri

"See what?", Tommy wanted to know although he knew what she was talking about

"Uh-huh. I see.", Carri said

Rocky started the car and went in the direction of Kat & Carri's place.

"You girls are getting dropped off first so I don't have to deal with you anymore.", Rocky joked

Carri snuffled. "You hurt my feelings.", she complained

"Aw, I'm sorry.", Rocky said as he took one arm off the wheel and half hugged her. "Feel better?"

"Much better.", Carri said, "Anyway. So how's life?"

"With King Mondo, it's as exiting as it can be.", Tommy answered her question

"Seriously though.", Kat agreed

Rocky pulled into Kat & Carri's driveway. "This is your stop."

"Thanks for the ride home.", Carri said

"Hey, no problem.", Rocky said as he leaned over and gave Carri a goodnight kiss.

" ‘Night Rocky & Tommy.", Carri said

" ‘Night Tommy & Rocky.", said Kat

" ‘Night girls.", they both said

As Carri got out of the front, Tommy got out of the back and came and sat in the front with Rocky. The boys watched to make sure that the girls got in safely.

As Rocky head toward Tommy's house, Tommy asked him a question.

"You really like Carri, don't you?", Tommy asked

"Yes. I know we've only been going out for a few days, but she's one of those people who, well, you feel like you've known them all your life. You know what I'm saying?", Rocky asked, wondering if his point was getting across

"Yeah. She just says what she's thinking, she doesn't care she doesn't know us that well. Well, she doesn't know me that well.", Tommy said

"Well... she and I have had lot's of chances to talk. She seems so... I don't know... what's the word I'm looking for?", Rocky said, actually being at a loss of words

"Great?", Tommy filled in

"Yeah. You seem to know what I'm talking about.", Rocky told him

"Well, you know, I'm just talented." Tommy joked. The truth is, I felt the same way about Kim, and now about Kat, as Rocky feels about Carri. The only problem is, I'm to nervous to tell her how I feel, or to let anyone else know for that matter.


The next day they all went to school as usual. However, today was more boring than the rest of the week had been. The excitement of being back had worn off, and so had the thrill of meeting and being with new people. Well, except for Rocky. Besides him, the only still interesting thing to Carri was being the new Yellow Ranger.

Eventually, the boring day was over. As usual, the gang was going to meet at the Youth Center. Well, except for Tanya. She was still packing for her 5 p.m. flight. But that was ok, the gang had to quickly set up the Youth Center for a surprise party to be held at 3. (School let out at 2:25)

"Ok guys, this has to be very special.", Adam ordered

Rocky looked down at him from the ladder he was standing on to do the decorations. "We know how important Tanya is to you. She's a good friend to all of us. Her going away party will be awesome."

Carri and Kat wondered in. Carri had a cake in her hand. "Check this out." Carri presented the boys with the cake.

"You got the good-bye cake?", Adam asked

"No, it's a cake I'm going to take the Astrodome tonight after the sweep.", Carri said sarcastically. "Of corse it's for Tanya."

Rocky snickered as he climbed down from his ladder. "Let me see."

Tommy came from decorating the other side of the room to get a look at this cake.

"Oooh, that's nice.", Adam said

"Kat figured out what to say and me myself and I designed it. However, I did not decorate or bake it. Trust me, I am not nearly that skilled.", Carri told them

"Good job. And I'm glad you didn't bake it. We just wanted to say good-by for now, not for ever.", Rocky joked

"That looks really nice. Now, if you girls wouldn't mind helping us out with the decorations...", Tommy let his voice trail off

"Not a problem.", Kat said

"Ok then. We could use you over here.", Tommy said pointing in a non-decorated area


They spent the next 20 minutes decorating the Youth Center. Finally, they were finished.

Carri used Ernie's phone to dial her house.

"Hello?", Tanya asked

"Tanya, it's me, Carri. You need to get down to the Youth Center right now. It's Adam. He's been hurt.", Carri lied

"Oh no! I'll be right there.", said a concerned Tanya

Tanya and Carri both hung up the phone.

"Ok guys, she fell for it.", Carri announced

"I knew she would. Anyone would drop everything for me.", Adam said

"Hit the lights.", Rocky ordered

Ernie turned off the lights and everyone hid somewhere. It only took Tanya a few minutes to get there. She rushed through the door.

"Adam?", she asked, then waited for someone to answer

All of the sudden the lights came on and all at once, what sounded like a million voices yelled, "SURPRISE!"

"You mean, this was all a trick to get me here?", Tanya asked

"It worked didn't it?", Adam wanted to know

"Well, yeah.", Tanya paused to get a good look at the Youth Center. "This place looks great."

"Thank you. The decorating is courtesy of me, Adam and Tommy.", Rocky informed her

Carri grabbed Tanya by the arm and dragged her to her cake. "Look at this."

"Oh you guys, you didn't have to do this.", Tanya said with tears forming in her eyes

"Yes we did.", Adam said as he leaned over and kissed her

"Come on, let's cut the cake.", Rocky said

"Is all you think about food?", Carri asked

"Food, sports, and you. That'd about cover it.", Rocky said

"Well, as long as I'm in there.", Carri told him

Everyone laughed and Tanya started to cut the cake.


The party flew by quickly. Eventually, it was 3:45.

Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep.

"Oh man, can't we just have one afternoon of peace?", Tommy asked to no one in particular

"We'll be right back.", Adam said as he and the other Rangers walked off

"What is it Alpha?", Tommy asked, although he was pretty sure of the answer

"King Mondo has sent Led Head to Angel Grove Park. You must go there immediately.", Alpha told them

Billy quickly teleported to the Power Chamber. Tommy looked around to make sure all eyes were still on Tanya.

"You got it. Its morphin time!", Tommy yelled






And just like that the Power Rangers were gone and off to save the world again


"We need Zeo Zord power, now!", yelled Tommy

All of the Zeo Zords came out and the Rangers jumped into their right Zords. Tommy brought them all together, in hopes for a quick defeat and a quick return to the party.

The Zeo Zord fought with Led Head. Led Head had the Zord down, but Tommy pulled out a new toy Billy gave him.

The Rangers stood the Zord back up again. This new "toy" was a new weapon. It surprised Led Head, and the Rangers brought him down.


"That took longer than expected.", Adam apologized when they got back to the Youth Center

"That's ok.", Tanya accepted his apology. "Well, it's time for me to go."

Ernie came over and gave Tanya a big hug. "We'll miss you around here."

"I'll miss you too.", she told Ernie. "Thank you for this opportunity."

"Anytime.", Ernie said

"Well, I guess we'd better go. We're all seeing you off you know.", Adam said

"I figured as much.", Tanya said

"I'm not going to the airport. I have some work at um... home.", Billy said, embarrassed that he couldn't think of anything better.

"Well Billy, I won't keep you.", Tanya said. Then she walked over and hugged him. "Thanks. You made my job easier."

"Hey, that's what I'm here for.", Billy told her. "Good-bye Tanya."

Billy went off outside, and Tanya looked until she saw a faint white mark going through the sky.

"I guess I have to go now.", Tanya said, tears beginning to form in her eyes

Tanya put her arm around Adam as she walked out of the Youth Center for one last time.


Adam, Tanya and Kat piled into one car while Rocky, Carri and Tommy piled into another. They were all on their way to Angel Grove International Airport.

"Well, we're here.", Adam let Tanya know

"Let me get my stuff.", Tanya said

"No, let me. You go join the others.", Adam insisted

"But there's a lot of stuff.", Tanya told him

"I'll help.", Kat offered

"See. Between the two of us, we can get your stuff.", Adam said

"Ok.", Tanya gave in as she headed toward her friends

"How did you sucker Adam and Kat into carrying your bags?", Carri asked

"They offered.", Tanya told her

"Woah, Adam's being a real gentleman. I must live up to his standards.", Rocky said, then stopped to think for a minute. "Then again..."

"Are you saying that if that was me, you wouldn't be doing the same thing?", Carri questioned

"Of corse I would.", Rocky told her

"That's what I though.", Carri said

Adam and Kat collected the last of the bags and made their way towards everyone else.

"Having fun?", Tommy asked

Adam rolled his eyes. "Not really. What have you got in here?"

"Everything.", Tanya said

"Go fig.", said Adam

Tanya had her friends drag her bags to the luggage check in area. She got the tags put on her bags and the people took them to her plane.

"Oh darn, I don't have to carry them the rest of the way.", Adam said

"Adam, I know how much you'll miss that joy.", Tanya joked

"Oh yes.", Adam said as they made their way into the airport.

"So, where's your gate?", Kat asked

"C 11.", Tanya informed her

"Well, let's head in that direction.", Tommy said

Adam put his arm around Tanya as they walked the brief walk to the gate.

"C 11. Here we are.", Carri announced

"Now boarding the 5 o'clock flight to New York.", said one of the employees

"Well, I guess this is good-bye.", Tommy said

"For now.", said Tanya

Her friends had grouped around her in a semi-circle, going Tommy, Rocky, Carri, Kat and Adam. Tanya walked up to Tommy first and hugged him.

"I'm going to miss you.", Tanya said

"You were a great part of our team. It's going to take some getting used to not seeing you as #2.", Tommy said

Tanya walked over and hugged Rocky next. "Well Rocky, you sure have made my stay in Angel Grove fun. I'm going to miss your obnoxious jokes."

"I'm not sure if I should take that as a complement or not.", Rocky joked. "We'll miss you around here, you know."

Tanya walked next to Carri. Even though they didn't know each other as well as they thought would, they hugged.

"I'm glad I stayed around long enough to meet you.", Tanya started. "Now, you take care of the team and," she leaned over and whispered in her ear, "help keep Adam in check."

"You know I will. On both accounts. But you know I'm going to enjoy the second thing more.", Carri said as she glanced at Adam

Tanya laughed as she moved over to Kat.

"Thank you. For everything. You have done more for me than anyone.", Tanya told her

Kat hugged her friend. "I enjoyed having you live with my family. I'm going to miss our late night chats, and most of all, just you being there."

They hugged one more time before Tanya moved over to her boyfriend.

"We're going to make this long distance thing work. I know it.", Tanya said

"I'll write, and call, and I'll come visit whenever I get a chance.", Adam promised

Adam and Tanya hugged and then they kissed. Adam just stood there holding Tanya in his arms.

"Final boarding call for the 5 o'clock flight to New York.", the employee said

Tanya and Adam got together for one last kiss before Tanya had to leave.

"Good-bye guys!", she yelled as she walked to the plane

"Bye Tanya!", they yelled back, then at once they said, "Good luck!"

Tanya took one last look at her friends as she walked to the plane. They were all waving. Tommy and Kat were sneaking glances at each other, neither one of them knowing how the other one felt. Rocky had his arms around Carri, and they looked so in love. And then there was Adam. Poor Adam. He looked so heartbroken. Tanya handed the lady her ticket. Then she boarded her plane, thinking about her friends every step of the way.

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