Disclaimer: The characters found in Buffy the Vampire Slayer are property of WB entertainment. I am in no way related to them, I just write for fun.
Authors note: If things seem a little gappy and not as smoothly flowing as my other stories, it's because this story is ment to be an introduction of how Buffy knows the rangers for something bigger to come.

By: KJ Holland

"So, what time tomorrow are you leaving?", asked Willow Rosenberg

"I leave for that little known boring town right after school.", Buffy Summers told her friend as she hopped up onto one of the library tables

"Come on Buffy, I'm sure it will be fun.", Willow said

"Going to Angel Grove and visiting some relatives I've only met one time is not my idea of fun.", Buffy told her

"I had a friend who went to Angel Grove about two or three years ago. He swears he saw a giant gold monkey with wings and a walking skeleton.", Xander Harris told them

"A gold monkey with wings and a walking skeleton? Can you say total psychopath?", Buffy asked

"Walking gold monkeys and skeletons, I find that funny. If there was even such a thing as a gold monkey with wings and walking skeletons, we'd find them right here in Sunnydale. After all, we are on the hell mouth.", Rupert Giles pointed out

"That's right. But since that stuff doesn't exist, we don't have to worry about it.", Buffy said

"Well even though there won't be much action I think you'll enjoy Angel Grove.", Willow assured her

"I hope your right.", Buffy said as the bell rang

"I believe that's your cue to get to class.", Giles told them

"Class. Right. Those rooms with the books and the desks. Gotcha.", Xander said as they all walked out of the room


The brown headed girl was awakened once again by the sound of soft music. She turned around an for the first time she looked at the source of the noise. Seeing three big numbers reading 6:55 she jumped up and ran into the shower.

She was going to be late for school. This wasn't the first time she had overslept, but it was the first time that Kat wasn't home to get her up. Kat had gone with her parents to a family reunion, a reunion which involved her mothers side of the family. Carri didn't care to much to spend her Christmas break with her Aunt's side of the family, so she had decided to spend Christmas alone. Which was ok. Besides, as soon as Mrs. DeSantos had heard about her spending Christmas alone, she invited her to have Christmas dinner at her house. And Carri had graciously accepted.

Kat wasn't the only one of her friends who wasn't in town at the moment. Adam had gone to Colorado to visit some family there.

Carri hopped out of the shower, threw on some clothes, and ran downstairs and out the door, skipping breakfast. Carri ran as fast as she could, but when she got on the main street she realized that she was almost certainly going to be late, so she went ahead and slowed down.

"Now I wish I had gotten around to getting one of those parking stickers.", Carri muttered

As she was walking down the street, a long haired guy in a black jeep pulled up beside her.

"Need a lift?", asked Tommy Oliver

"Thank you Tommy, you're a life saver.", Carri Hillard told him as she hopped in the car

"Did somebody ignore her alarm?", asked Tommy

"Yeah, well, you were here to save my butt, and I owe you one.", Carri told him

"Don't worry about it. Just next time I'm fighting for my life you can save me and we'll call it even."

"No problem. Hey, when are you and David leaving?"

"Right after school."

"Have fun."

"I will. If I can keep my mind off of Angel Grove."

"Why in the world would your mind be on Angel Grove?"

"Well, I was the last one to make plans to leave. I feel like I'm abandoning you and Rocky. I mean, what happens if Mondo attacks full force and I'm not here?"

Carri smiled. "You worry about saving the Earth too much. Which is why you are a great leader. But Tommy, go, have fun. If anything comes up that we can't handle we'll beep you. Besides, that mysterious ranger is around, he'll help us if we need it."

"Fine, I will. But if I get back and Angel Grove's not here, I'm placing full blame on you.", Tommy joked as they pulled into the student parking lot

Carri and Tommy hopped out of the jeep. "If I let Angel Grove burn down, I'll go into hiding before I'd face you."

"Why, do I scare you?", asked Tommy

"Let's see, you've got a black belt, your the leader which means you get all of the cool toys that could fry me in a second... in a word, yes.", she said

"Oh, then I see I'm doing my job.", joked Tommy as they walked into the high school


Night had fallen on Angel Grove, and everybody who was anybody was gathering at the Youth Center. Ernie had managed to get some of the hottest local acts to preform that night and it was supposed to be one of the hottest nights ever there.

"Look, there's a table over here.", Rocky DeSantos said as he led his girlfriend though the door and across the room

The two sat at a table across from each other.

"This place looks so much better at night, and with tables over there instead of the sparring mat.", Carri commented

"Hey, what's wrong with the sparring mat?", asked Rocky

"It's a waste of time and space having the mat here. I mean, who actually uses it?", joked Carri

"Good point. I've never seen anybody actually spar on it. Especially not me, Tommy and Adam.", Rocky said

"Oh, never you, Tommy and Adam.", Carri joked

Carri looked up and saw someone she had never seen before enter the Youth Center and take a seat at an empty table, with her back to Carri.

"You know, this band has got potential.", Rocky said

"Uh huh.", Carri said not really paying him attention but trying to figure out who the new girl was

"However they are not as good as some of the other acts to have preformed in here, such as Tanya.", Rocky added

"Right.", Carri agreed with whatever he had said

"Ok, I give. Where are you?", he asked waving a hand in her face

"Huh? Oh yeah, I was trying to figure out who that was.", Carri said pointing in the girls direction

Rocky turned to stare, but Carri hit him. "Don't stare, that's rude."

"But isn't that what you're doing?", asked Rocky

"I'm not staring with the intent of staring. So, what's the scoop on her?"

"Why would I know?"

"Come on, you must have heard something from those jock friends of yours."

"First of all their not exactly my friends, more like casual acquaintances. And secondly, have you ever heard them talk about girls? To most of them, girls don't have names. It's usually something like, "the new girl with the nice legs." And to answer your question, I have no idea who she is.", Rocky finished

"She must be vacationing. I doubt she knows anybody here. Come on, let's go introduce ourselves.", Carri said as she got up and pulled Rocky up

Carri walked up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder. She must have shocked her, because she turned around and took a defensive stance, but quickly let her guard down once she saw there was no need for it.

"Hi, I'm Carri Hillard and this is my boyfriend Rocky DeSantos. We noticed you sitting all alone and we figured we'd introduce ourselves.", Carri said

"Glad to meet you. I'm Buffy Summers.", Buffy told them. "Would you like to join me?"

Carri sat down beside her and Rocky took a seat next to Carri.

"So, you must be new here.", Carri said

"Actually I'm hear visiting my relatives. My older relatives. You guys are the only ones here I've met under, I'd say 30.", Buffy told them

"We are both 18 to be exact. We're seniors at Angel Grove High.", Rocky told her

"I'm a sophomore at Sunnydale High.", Buffy said

"I've heard about Sunnydale. Is it as boring as people say it is?", asked Carri

Buffy thought about all the vampires and other creatures of the un-dead she and her friends have encountered. "I would have to say so. What about Angel Grove?"

Carri and Rocky both thought about the Machine Empire and then Rocky's thoughts drifted as far back as the days when Lord Zedd reigned supreme.

"Nothing much ever happens in Angel Grove.", Rocky told her

The three started talking about random things until Carri thought she heard something metallic.

"Did you guys hear that?", she asked

"What?", asked Rocky

"I thought I heard some sort of sound, maybe like gears or something. I guess not.", she told them

Rocky knew what she thought she heard and he decided he had better keep an ear out. Only moments later, the sound repeated itself. And it was quickly followed by the sound of a woman screaming.

All three teens turned to look once the scream was heard. But they let out a sigh of relief once they realized that the scream came from a woman after Bulk and Skull dropped something on her big toe, and that the metal noise was a children's toy that a few of the teens were playing with. Bulk and Skull got done apologizing and then they saw Rocky and Carri's table and made their way there.

"Please be going somewhere else.", Carri muttered as she turned around

A few seconds later, Bulk and Skull appeared at their table.

"Hi guys, how's it going?", asked Skull

"Bulk, Skull, what a delightful surprise.", Carri said as she turned back to her conversation with Buffy

"Aren't you going to introduce us to your friend?", Bulk wanted to know

"Buffy, meet Bulk and Skull. Guys, this is Buffy Summers.", Rocky said

"Nice to meet you.", Bulk said

"Same here.", said Buffy as she went back to her conversation

Bulk and Skull stood over the table for a while, just standing there not saying a word.

"You guys, if you're going to stand there and look like idiots all night, would you mind leaving?", asked Rocky

"Fine. If you don't feel graced by our presence, we'll go.", Skull said as they left

"Finally.", Carri said once they were out of earshot

"What's wrong with them? They seem a little clumsy, but other than that they seem like nice people.", Buffy wanted to know

"Key words, seem like. I'll give them credit, for the most part they're acting normal tonight. But they do have their moments. In fact, they have more moments in a day than the average human gets in one lifetime.", Rocky told her

"I'll take your word for it.", Buff said as they once again tried to get back to their conversation

But only moments later a scream was heard, and this one was for real.

Buffy, Rocky and Carri jumped up and headed to the source of the scream. When they got there they found a girl standing over her friend's dead body.

"What happened?", Buffy asked

"I don't know. She was dancing with this guy and that was the last time I saw her alive.", the girl told her

Buffy turned the body over and found two bite marks at the neck.

"Can I not go anywhere without you people following me?", Buffy muttered

Ernie walked over to the body. "I'll call the police.", he said as he walked over to the phone

Buffy looked up and turned around in time to see another girl about to get her neck bitten.

Buffy did a cartwheel over one of the tables and kicked the vampire away from the girl.

"Did I interrupt your snack?", Buffy asked

"You, her, it doesn't matter to me.", the vampire answered

"You really think you're going to bite me?", Buffy asked

The vampire smiled as he fought Buffy. He was definitely no match for her though. She broke apart one of the wooden stools and stabbed him in the heart.

"Anybody else?", Buffy asked

As soon as the words left her mouth several other vampires showed their faces.

"Figures. Everybody get out of here now!", Buffy yelled

Rocky and Carri helped all of the innocent people get out of the Youth Center then came back to Buffy's side.

"What are you doing here, I said leave!", she yelled

"Us leave you here with these? I don't think so. We're not going without you.", Carri told her

"Look, that's a nice gesture but these aren't your usual kill somebody crooks. These are vampires.", Buffy said as she stabbed one of them in the heart

"As in suck your blood Dracula vampires?", asked Rocky

"Those are the ones.", Buffy said as she ran into battle

As soon as Buffy had taken up her time with the vampires, the ones that weren't dealing with her came after Rocky and Carri in hopes of a quick snack.

"Oh no you don't.", Rocky said as he kicked one of them away

"Wooden stake through the heart, right?", Carri asked

"Sounds good.", Rocky said as they were forced to split because of an incoming vampire

Carri went one way and got chased by a vampire. As she was running, she was tripped by another vampire. She fell right in front of a wooden chair. She broke it over the head of the advancing vampire, then used one of the chair legs to stab a vampire in the heart. She looked in shock when it disappeared into dust. She quickly got over it in time to stab the other vampire.

Rocky was fighting the vampires, using some slick karate moves on them. After he kicked one vampire away he found some pieces of wood in the floor and grabbed them.

"Who's up for a fight?", asked Rocky

Two vampires came at him and he put the stakes to use. Then he turned to some more vampires who were heading his way.

"All I asked is that I get one week's worth of peace. That meant away from you. But no, you had to follow me.", Buffy said as she kicked the crap out of a vampire

One of them tried to sneak up behind her but she killed him.

"Don't you people know by now that I'm not going to let you sneak up behind me like that?", she asked

The three fought several vampires. About a dozen or more of the people in the Youth Center that night were one of the un-dead.

The vampires were agitated that they hadn't eaten yet and one of them decided he didn't want to play around anymore. He approached Carri and knocked her in the air across the room. She tried to land standing up, but her left foot landed on something and she twisted it as she tripped and fell backwards into a table, leaving her on the floor a little dazed.

"Now it's dinner time.", said the vampire as he walked Carri's way

He got on top of her, and she didn't have a chance because she was to dazed to notice him until he was right on top of her.

"This is what you get for trying to act like the slayer.", he said as he leaned in to bite her neck

All of the sudden somebody's foot got in between the vampire and Carri's neck and kicked him off of her.

"No dinner for you.", Buffy said as she killed him

The other vampires looked up and saw that they went from a dozen to 4. They quickly escaped to save themselves.

Buffy extended her hand to Carri. "Are you ok?", she asked as she pulled her up

"My ankle's throbbing, I could use an aspirin, but yes I am. And thank you for saving my life.", Carri said

"No problem. Come here, sit, let me take a look at that foot.", Buffy said as she led Carri to a chair

"It's nothing, really.", she told her as Rocky came over and sat in the seat to her right

"I'll be the judge of that.", said Buffy as she took her left shoe off and put her foot in a chair. "Look at this, how badly it's swollen. I'll bet it's broken. Let me get you some ice.", she said as she left for the kitchen

"Are you ok?", Rocky asked when she left

"Except for the ankle. But as soon as that ranger healing kicks in, I'll be fine.", Carri told him

"She's right, it's probably broken, which means it will take a little longer to heal.", Rocky said

"Maybe I'll just call Mondo up and ask him to attack, that way I can morph and speed up the healing process.", Carri said

"Give him a few minutes. Then he'll send down a monster with a corny name that has something to do with the events of the past few minutes. Like Stake Man or something.", Rocky said

Carri laughed. "He certainly is good at that."

"But he's not the king of it. That award goes to me.", Rocky was going to say Lord Zedd and Rita but Buffy had come back into the room with ice

"This looks less swollen than it was a few minutes ago.", she said as she shrugged her shoulders and put the ice on it

"I doubt it.", Carri lied

Buffy stood in front of the two of them. "This is just great. The first two potential friends I've made in Angel Grove and the vampires just scared them away."

"Actually no. But we do need an explanation.", Rocky said

"Ok, here it is. This may sound a little strange to you, but here it goes. I'm the slayer.", Buffy started

"What's that?", asked Carri

"This is Giles favorite part. I'm the one girl in all the world that can fight the vampires and all the stuff of that nature.", she told them

"Who's Giles?", asked Carri

"He's my watcher. He keeps an eye on me, trains me, and helps me with all the suff I don't know.", Buffy told her

"Ok, fine, but why are the vampires here?", asked Rocky

"They must have followed me. It's not surprising really, the master wants to give me a hard time and how better to do it than to ruin my vacation.", Buffy said

"The master is who?", asked Rocky

"The head of all the vampires. He's currently trapped, but he's trying to escape.", Buffy informed them

The three stayed silent for a while, not exactly knowing what to say.

"Ok, so if you never want to see my face again I'll understand.", Buffy said to break the silence

"You saved my life. Why would I never want to see your face again?", asked Carri

"So you don't mind the other identity slayer part?", asked Buffy

Carri and Rocky looked at each other, thinking about the Power Rangers.

"Not at all.", Rocky told her

"In fact, to show you it doesn't bother us we'd like you to join us and a friend of ours at the movies, three o'clock tomorrow.", Carri said

"Sounds good. One problem. Where is the movie theater?", asked Buffy

"You know it would be easier for me to tell you how to get to my house then we'll go to the movies from there.", Carri said

"Alright.", Buffy said and Carri proceed to give her directions

Ernie entered the Youth Center with two police officers.

"What happened here?", asked Ernie

"There were several guys and we tried to stop them, but we ended up getting thrown around.", Rocky lied. "Don't worry about it though, we'll clean up."

"Thanks guys. And you didn't have to try to stop them, you could've ended up dead like that girl over there.", Ernie said

"Well, the thought never crossed our minds, we just wanted to get the creeps who did this.", Buffy said

"I don't believe I've ever seen you around here before.", Ernie said

"Buffy Summers. I live in Sunnydale.", Buffy said introducing herself

"Nice to meet you.", Ernie said

Rocky got up and helped Carri up. "Enough talk. Come on guys, let's start cleaning."

"Wait a second, you can't walk around on that foot.", Buffy said

"Don't worry about it, I'll be fine.", Carri assured her

"No, maybe you should leave.", Rocky said as he pointed to his communicator

Carri got the hint. "Oh, yeah, right, I'll see you guys later.", she said as she put on her shoe

"You're not walking home, are you?", asked Buffy

"Rocky drove me here, so yes I am. But it's not far, trust me.", Carri said

Carri limped out of the Youth Center. Rocky was the only one to see the faint flash of yellow light outside one of the side windows.

"She needs to see a doctor.", Buffy said as she started to straighten up

Rocky picked up one of the tables. "Don't worry about her."

"I hate getting other people involved in what I do. They always end up getting hurt.", Buffy said

"We knew the risks when we stayed.", Rocky told her

"That's what Xander and Willow said when we first met, that they knew the risks. I almost got them killed.", Buffy replied

"It takes a little more than that to bring us down.", said Rocky

Buffy smiled. "I'm sure you wouldn't be able to handle half of the monsters we faced."

Rocky couldn't help but laugh.

"What was that for?", asked Buffy

"Just the thought of monsters in Sunnydale.", Rocky told her not Angel Grovethought

"Yeah, I know. They seem to follow me everywhere, so they're here now.", Buffy warned him

"Well, I'll be on the look out for monsters.", Rocky said least, Zordon and Alpha willthought

"Well, that's enough on that. Now you know every little thing about my life. Well, almost everything. And I know little about you.", Buffy said

"There's not much to know.", Rocky told her

"All I know is your a senior at Angel Grove High and you have a girlfriend named Carri. You know my deepest secret.", Buffy said

If only you knew about Angel Grove, about the Power Rangers and Mondo. "Let's see, I live with my mom and my six younger siblings."

"Six! I have none, I can't imagine one, let alone six."

"Well, they can be a handful sometimes, but you get used to it."

"I guess you would have to."

"Excuse me, but do you mind answering a few questions?", asked one police officer

The two stopped the cleaning process to answer what turned out to be several questions. Then they finished cleaning and chatting, and headed home for the night.


Carri hit the connect button just as she heard the doorbell ring. She left the computer in her room and walked downstairs to see who it was.

"Hi. I know, it's eleven o'clock, but I just had to get out of that house.", Buffy said

"That's alright, come on in.", Carri said as she opened the door a little wider

"I hope I didn't interrupt you.", Buffy said

"No, I was just going on to check my mail.", Carri told her

"Oh, ok."

"Come on upstairs, it'll only take a few minutes."

Buffy followed Carri up to her room.

"You seem to be walking on your ankle better."

"Yeah, it wasn't as bad as it looked."

"It looked broken. In fact, I've never seen a normal foot look like that."

"When I woke up this morning, it was a lot better."

Buffy made a funny face. "Oh, ok."

Carri sat down in front of the computer and was met with an IM.

"Good morning.", it said

"Dodgers3. Who's that?", asked Buffy

"Rocky.", she told her as she typed in a response

"And you're name is what?", asked Buffy


"What's with the numbers?"

"Since the names everyone wanted were taken, we used them and added a number."

Carri left out the part about the Zeo Rangers and that's why she and her four friends chose the numbers they did.

"So I'm guessing you paid Billy a visit last night.", Rocky typed

"Billy? Who is that and what does he have to do with anything?", asked Buffy

"He's a friend. And I went to see him because he wasn't feeling well and he couldn't join us last night. It was a friendly visit.", she said making sure to type to Rocky about Buffy being there

"Four messages. More than I get.", Buffy commented as Carri went to open her mail

"What's this about?", Carri wondered as she opened her newest one from Blue

"I hope you're feeling better. And I think the name would've been something like Twisted or Breaker in honor of you ankle. In fact, I'm surprised we didn't see one with that name. He's slipping on us. Billy.", read the letter

"What's that all about?", asked Buffy

Carri smiled as she hit the reply button. "He's just joking around."

"He sounds crazy. But if you know what he's talking about, then that's good. I think. Unless you're crazy too.", Buffy said

"Not last time I checked.", Carri said as she finished with her e-mail

"That's good.", Buffy said

Carri said her good-byes to Rocky and she logged off. Then she and Buffy headed downstairs.

"So, you must meet some interesting characters in your line of work.", Carri said as the two sat down on the couch

"Yes. There's one who sticks out. He's my love interest. His name is Angel and he's a, get this, good vampire."

"Good vampire? I didn't know they existed."

"Angel is the one and only. He's two hundred years older than me but I have a thing for him, and he has a thing for me."

"How old does he look?"

"Early twenties."

"I'm guessing he's hot."


"I'll have to come to Sunnydale some day and meet this guy."

"One night actually."

"True. So, tell me all there is to know about Angel."

"All there is to know? Ok, this may take a while."

Buffy and Carri settled into a conversation, which started out to be about Angel but shifted to include all sorts of things, and lasted most of the early afternoon.