"Vampires, Part 2"
By: KJ Holland

"Hey. Now we're just waiting on Billy.", Rocky said as Buffy and Carri approached

"He'll be here any minute.", Carri said

"How far away is he?", asked Buffy

"He's pretty close.", Rocky told her

Billy appeared from around the side of the movie theater. "Hey guys."

"Billy, this is Buffy Summers, Buffy I'd like you to meet Billy Cranston.", Rocky said doing the introductions

"Nice to meet you.", Billy Cranston said as he extended his hand

"Same here. So what movie do we want to see?", asked Buffy

"Let's find out what's playing.", Billy said as they walked up to the ticket window for an afternoon at the movies


It was later that night and Carri was walking across the park, coming from watching Rocky's siblings while he worked at some late night pool party and his mom was at work.

She had never been afraid to walk alone at night, especially not in Angel Grove. She grew up there, she knew the people there. But this night was different, the whole time she was walking she felt something was wrong. She heard voices coming from across the park. She turned to look and she saw five guys playing football. Once one of them missed and the ball landed right at her feet.

"Sorry.", the guy said as he stepped in front of her to get the ball

"That's ok.", she said as she tried to get past him

But he wouldn't let her go by.

"Do you mind moving?", asked Carri

"Actually, yes I do. My friends and I have been watching you for the past few minutes and we've decided that we want you.", he said as his friends came to join him

"Sorry, but I'm taken.", she said as she tried to push past him

He stuck his arm out to stop her. He was much stronger than she had expected. "I'm going to do something to you that you'll never get from your boyfriend."

She looked at him and saw his face change. He and his friends weren't human, unfortunately for her they were vampires.

Carri kicked the one that was holding her and he threw her across the lawn. She looked up and stared at the four of them. Which was a problem, considering that there were supposed to be five there.

The four tried to attack her. She heard the fifth one come up behind her, but she couldn't turn to face him because the other four would have her easily. To her surprise she could hear a sixth vampire, but this one didn't come after her, he went after the vampire behind her.

This left her facing four of them. Who were all stronger than her. Just when she thought things couldn't get any worse a whole opened up and cogs appeared.

"Shit.", she muttered

But the cogs were having a hard time seeing her because it was so dark. She hoped that she could get rid of the vampires before they saw her.

The vampires threw her up against a tree. The one who she spoke with lifted her up against the tree by her neck.

"Nobody kicks me and gets away with it.", he said

"I suggest you leave her alone.", threatened the Gold Ranger

"Who, or what are you?", he asked

The Gold Ranger didn't respond, he kicked three of the vampires and stabbed the one holding Carri with a tree branch.

Carri rubbed her neck. "So you're a slayer to huh?"

The Gold Ranger didn't answer her, instead he rushed over to the cogs leaving Carri to deal with the vampires. She tore off some branches from the tree to take care of the vampires. As she dealt with them she saw, out of the corner of her eye, the Gold Ranger hold up his staff and rush towards the cogs. She finished the vampires and looked up in time to see the cogs destroyed.

"Hey, thank you!", she yelled but her voice trailed off on the you because he had already left

The other guy who helped her with one of the vampires was trying to leave as well. He had made it to the street and was walking on the sidewalk.

"He may have gotten away, but you aren't.", Carri said as she ran to catch up with him

She walked down the sidewalk, in the direction of her house, with him.

"You saved my life. Thank you.", she said

"It was nothing.", he told her

"The least I could do is get you something to eat.", Carri said

"No thanks.", he replied

"I guess vampires don't eat human food.", she commented

The man laughed. "Vampire? Where on Earth did you get that idea?"

"Come on, I heard you growl like a vampire when you attacked the other one."

"Look lady, you've had a rough night, you need to get some rest.", he said. "Me. A vampire." He laughed to himself.

Carri shook her head. "A good vampire. You must be Angel."

The man stopped dead in his tracks.

Carri turned to him. "Carri Hillard. I met Buffy last night at the Youth Center."

"So you're a friend of Buffy's?", Angel asked as they started to walk again

"Since last night."

"What did she do, come right out and tell you?"

"We had an encounter with some of your kind last night. She told me all about you this morning."

There was a moment of silence.

"So, what are you doing in Angel Grove?", asked Carri

"I knew that the master sent vampires after Buffy. I wanted to warn her. Do you know where Buffy is staying?", asked Angel

"If you want to come back to my house, I'll call her and get her over. If she's not asleep."

"That would be good.", Angel said

Angel and Carri walked the rest of the way in silence. Carri opened the door and went for the phone.

"Have a seat.", she said as she dialed the number

"Hello?", asked a voice on the other end

"Is Buffy there?", she asked

"Hold on.", he said as he went to get her

"Hello?", Buffy asked

"Hi, it's Carri. There's something that's kind of important I need to tell you and I was hoping you could come by my house for a few minutes."

"Yeah, sure, I'll be right there.", she said

"Ok, bye."

"Bye.", said Buffy as she hung up the phone

"She's on her way.", Carri told Angel

"Good.", Angel said

Carri walked over to take a seat next to Angel just as the doorbell rang.

"That was quick.", Angel said

She got right back up to get it. "Hey. What are you doing here?"

"I was in the shower and when I got out Jessie told me that I must've had my watch alarm set funny because it went off a million times. And as soon as I found out what happened I rushed right over. Are you ok?", Rocky asked as he put his hands on her shoulders

"Yes, I'm fine. The Gold Ranger showed up.", she told him

"I still want to know who he is. Who's that?", Rocky asked in a confused, angry, jealous tone

"Rocky, meet Angel. Angel this is Rocky.", Carri said

"Nice to meet you.", Angel said

Rocky walked in and closed the door. "Excuse us for a second.", he said as he dragged Carri into the kitchen

"Do you mind explaining?", Rocky asked

"Not at all. Angel is a vampire.", she told him

"You invited a blood sucking vampire into your house!", Rocky exclaimed

"Calm down! He's a good vampire."

"How do you know that?"

"Buffy told me all about him. She likes him, and he likes her."

"She dates a vampire?"

"No, she likes a vampire. Isn't that kinda odd, a vampire and a slayer in love?"

"Kinda odd? Try very odd."

"Can we go back out there?"

"Sure.", Rocky said as they walked back into the living room

The doorbell rang again, and this time it was Buffy.

"What's so important?", Buffy asked as she walked into the door. "Angel."

Angel stood up. "Buffy, hi."

"What are you doing here?", Buffy asked

"I heard that the master was sending his forces after you, and I wanted to come and warn you.", Angel told her

"So I've noticed. How did you end up here?", asked Buffy

"You're friend was attacked by vampires. I helped her out of a jam.", Angel told her. "Well, me and some stranger dressed in black spandex."

"Black spandex? That went out a long time ago.", Buffy said

"Well whoever it was kicked some serious butt, despite the spandex.", Angel said

"Where are you staying?", Buffy asked

"Underground. It's not as nice as my place in Sunnydale, but it's out of the sunlight and that's the most important thing.", Angel told her

Buffy and Angel hadn't noticed it, but as they were talking the were moving closer and closer to each other.

"So..", Buffy said when she realized they had been right on top of each other

Angel walked away before he got the urge to kiss Buffy. "So, are you having fun in Angel Grove?"

"As much fun as I can have. Although I've enjoyed hanging out with people close to my age.", Buffy told him

Angel looked up at the mention of people her age. He had forgotten that Carri and Rocky were still there. But they hadn't been paying much attention to Angel and Buffy. They were standing in the corner of the room having their own conversation.

"It's better than hanging out with someone two hundred years older than you.", Angel said

"Actually I was hinting towards my older relatives, not the two hundred who looks twenty year old.", Buffy told him

"Well... I'm here if you need me. I don't think that the master has anything too intense planned, but who knows. Since Giles is back in Sunnydale he may try and send something after you that you haven't seen before.", Angel said

"The master can bring it on, I'd like to see him throw a monster at me. We'll surprise him by destroying it.", Buffy said

"At the first sign of a monster I think Buffy would be the one in for a surprise.", Rocky whispered to Carri

"I had better get going.", Angel said

"And since the vampires have temporarily transferred to Angel Grove, I should go on patrol.", Buffy said

"Bye. Talk to you later.", Carri said as they left closing the door behind them

"I had better go too, since nobody even saw me leave. I'd hate to have to explain to my mom how I went from my room to a place called the Power Chamber to your house without even moving.", Rocky said

"Ok, see you later.", Carri said

Rocky pressed a button and he teleported out, leaving Carri home alone.


"So this is where you guys hang out during the day.", Buffy said as she walked into the Youth Center, which had the sparring mat back in place

"And that's what we do all day.", Carri said gesturing to Billy and Rocky who were sparring

Buffy sat down at the table across from Carri.

"Giles and I do that sometimes. Only Giles doesn't fight back.", Buffy told her

"You can't come in here at all without seeing Rocky, Tommy, Adam and sometimes Billy on that mat.", said Carri

"Who's Adam and Tommy?", asked Buffy

"They're two more of our friends. You could meet them, but they're out of town."

"That's too bad. I'll probably meet them someday." Buffy said. "So, what do the girls do around here?"

"At times like these Kat and I usually watch the guys.", Carri told here

"Well then, let's not change the usual. Come on.", Buffy said as she got up and headed towards the mats

Carri quickly followed her over there, which is where they stayed for most of the day.


"Well, this has been an interesting day.", Buffy said as she walked with Carri and Rocky through the park

"More like boring.", Carri corrected her

After the boys were done in the Youth Center, and Rocky and Billy had taken a shower, they walked down to the beach and walked along the coastline. By the time they were done with that, it was 6:00 so they had all gone to get something to eat. Rocky and Carri were walking Buffy home, Billy had left for "work".

"It's been a boring last few days.", Rocky commented

"Boring? I just introduced you to the world of vampires and you call that boring?", Buffy asked

"With the exception of that of course.", Rocky told her

"Of course. Wait until we see a monster. If we see a monster. I hope we don't see a monster. That will be excitement.", said Buffy

"I hope we don't see a monster. I don't want to deal with a monster.", Carri said

"Yeah I know, vamps are one thing but if you were to ever deal with a monster, that's something totally different.", Buffy told her

"Let's not talk about monsters.", Rocky said

"Right. Not my favorite topic of conversation either.", Buffy said

"So did you see anything interesting last night?", asked Carri

"When I was patrolling? Not besides your usual vamp here and there.", Buffy told her

"Why don't we come with you tonight.", Rocky suggested

"I don't think so. Way to dangerous.", Buffy said

"We'll be careful.", Carri promised her

"I don't think so.", Buffy said

Rocky and Carri decided not to push it, but show up anyway. Besides, they had made it to Buffy's temporary house.

"Well, I'll talk to you guys later.", Buffy said as she walked inside

"Bye.", Carri said as she and Rocky walked off


Buffy was walking around outside when she heard a noise. She grabbed her stake and turned around, ready to stab the vampire. Only it wasn't a vampire, it was Rocky.

"What are you guys doing here? I thought I said you couldn't come.", Buffy said

"No, when we asked if we could come you said I don't think so.", Carri corrected

"Well, you're here now.", Buffy said

"If things get too intense, we'll leave.", Rocky promised her

"I wonder where Angel is. This is usually about the time he likes to sneak up on me.", Buffy said

"I'm sure he'll be here. If he was out walking around like he was last night, he should be here any minute now.", Carri told her

"Well, we'll...", Rocky started but got cut off

"Shh! Alright, show yourself.", Buffy said as she turned around

But what appeared wasn't exactly what she expected on seeing.

"I am Vampiro, and I am here to destroy the world.", he announced

"Oh brother.", Carri muttered

"This is a little late. And it's not really creative.", Rocky commented

Buffy took a few steps towards him. "A vampire monster. Well, I guess I'll have to slay you too. Get out of here."

"Buffy, that's not...", Carri started

"Now!", she yelled

Vampiro lifted his arms up and started shooting beams out of his eyes. All three teens jumped for cover.

"Ok, so now we all run.", Buffy said as she got up and took off

Carri and Rocky started out behind her, but then they fell back and faced the monster.

"She's not the one you want.", Carri said

"You're right. It's the power rangers.", Vampiro agreed

"Well, here we are.", Rocky told him

"Not for long.", Vampiro said as a group of cogs came down and attacked them before they had a chance to morph


Buffy started running but quickly realized that they weren't behind her.

"Don't tell me they're trying to play hero.", she muttered as she turned and ran back in their direction

But when she got there, she was in for a surprise. She saw them fighting some silver things. She stood behind a tree for a while, just trying to take in what was happening.

Rocky threw the last of the cogs off of him. "Ok, let's do it. It's morphin time!"



"What a nice little trick.", Vampiro commented

"Here's another one. Zeo two, power weapon!"

"Zeo three, power weapon!"

At their command, their power weapons appeared in their hands and they attacked the monster. But Vampiro threw them off of him, and when they hit the ground they were surrounded by cogs.

"I suggest you leave the rangers alone.", said the Gold Ranger as he attacked the cogs, leaving the other two free to fight the monster

"Let's try this again.", Rocky said as he and Carri grabbed their zeo weapons and attacked the monster

They knocked the monster off balance with a quick attack. As soon as he got back up, they took their Zeo Laser Pistols and fired.

"One... two... three... four... Four seconds, they're getting slower.", Rocky said as Orbus came out of nowhere to make the monster grow. "We need Zeo Zord Power, now!"

Alpha was able to pilot the green and pink zeo zords, so Rocky and Carri could use theirs.

"Ha, without your leader you can't combine. I will crush you like bugs!", Vampiro said as he laughed

Vampiro's fire power had grown a lot when Orbus brought him back. He fired from his eyes and the zords got knocked around.

"We need to form the MegaZord.", Rocky said

"I agree, but we'll just have to deal with what we've got.", Carri said

Carri pressed a few buttons in her zord, firing back at Vampiro. He immediately returned the fire, knocking around the zords some more.

Suddenly the sound of a bird was heard flying above them.

"Word has it you could use a hand.", Tommy said

"You've saved my butt. That's twice in one week.", Carri told him

"I know. And now you really owe me big time.", Tommy said

"No more small talk, let's do it.", said Rocky

"Right.", Tommy said as they begun formation of the Zeo MegaZord

"Now you've made my job easier. I have one zord to fire at instead of five.", Vampiro said as he opened fire

"We have some new firepower of our own. Zeo Saber, power up.", said Tommy

They used the Zeo Saber to try and take down Vampiro, but he got back up.

"Ha, it will take more than that to bring me down.", Vampiro said

"How about this? Let's form the Ultra Zord.", said the Gold Ranger as he and Pyramidas came up behind the rangers

"You got it.", said Tommy

The rangers quickly formed the Zeo Ultra Zord, then they fired it. This brought Vampiro down for good.

"Now we've got to go find Buffy.", Rocky said when he and Carri had powered down and were back on the ground

"I'm right here.", Buffy said as she came out from behind the tree

"So... how much of that did you see?", asked Carri

"Try all of it.", Buffy told them

"I guess we owe you and explanation.", Rocky said

"I'd say so. I told you about my being a slayer, and you didn't tell me this?", Buffy asked

"Let me ask you a question. What happens if you were to post in the paper that you were the slayer?", asked Carri

"I'd get yelled at by Giles.", answered Buffy

"But you wouldn't be replaced?", Rocky asked

"I'm the only slayer on Earth, so no, I couldn't be.", Buffy told him

"Nobody is supposed to know the identity of the Power Rangers. If we tell who we are, Zordon can and will replace us.", Carri told her

"And we've had 12 different rangers filling five or six spots. But nobody left because they gave away our identity. It was for other things.", Rocky told her

"Wait a sec here, who's Zordon?", asked Buffy

"He's our mentor. He chose the rangers. He helps us and guides us, with the assistance of Alpha 5, who is a robot.", Rocky told her

"And Billy hangs out in the Power Chamber, the place where Alpha and Zordon are, to assist them. He used to be a ranger. The real reason I went to see Billy the other night was so he could heal my ankle for me. It was already starting to heal, with the ranger healing powers we have, but he just helped it along.", Carri told her

"Wow. This is a lot.", Buffy said

"I hope you don't hate us.", said Carri

"No, I don't, I understand why you didn't tell me.", Buffy said. "So, tell me about your monsters."

"Well, they all come from King Mondo and Queen Machina. They usually get sent down with a group of cogs, who we beat. Then we beat the monster and Klank and Orbus make him grow. Then we call on our zords and beat him for good. And this cycle goes on and on and on and, well you get the point.", Rocky told her

"Yeah, I do. You know, I want to finish patrolling by myself tonight, if you don't mind. Unless of course you need to keep patrolling for those monsters.", Buffy said

"Nope. That's what these are for. The alarm goes off and Alpha tells us to teleport to the monster through the communicators. And we go, anytime, day or night.", Carri said

"So your's is more than just a night job. Fun. Well, I'll talk to you guys later.", Buffy said as she walked off

Rocky and Carri left her to patrol by herself for the rest of the night while they each went home.


Buffy and Carri were walking around town the next day, talking about boys and dating.

"I don't see how you can find time to date. My job is a night job and I have no dating time.", Buffy said

"It helps that we don't have to patrol. And we don't get attacked every day. That was our first attack since mid last week.", Carri told her

"Well, at least your with Rocky, who knows. I try and date guys who don't know, and that never really works that well.", Buffy said

"We have trouble dating people outside of our little group too. Tommy and Adam have both had successful relationships. Adam's is with Tanya, the girl before me. And Tommy dated one of us a long time ago, I'm not really sure what her name was."

"If were going by people who know, my choices of dates include Giles, Xander and Angel. Let's see, Giles' idea of a good time includes sitting around and reading books all day, Xander isn't my type and besides, my best friend Willow has a crush on him, which leaves Angel. And he's a vampire. Need I say more."

"Yes but you know you'd date Angel."


Carri gave Buffy a look.

"Oh alright, we all know I'd date Angel if given the chance.", Buffy admitted. "Even though he's a vampire who's two hundred years older than me."

"Why don't you?", asked Carri

"I don't know. I mean, I know he wants to, and I know I want to, but we just don't."

"I think I could see why."

"Enough talk about Angel."

"Ok. So what do you want to do today?"

"Actually I wanted to check out that power place of yours."

"You mean the Power Chamber? I don't know..."

"Come on. I'm a heroine too. It won't hurt anything."

Carri looked in thought for a moment. "All right, come on."

"Where are we going?", asked Buffy

"Behind the boxes in the alleyway.", Carri told her

"We're doing that for?"

"You'll see."

Carri and Buffy were completely out of site.

"You may want to grab my arm.", Carri said

"Why?", asked Buffy

"You'll get left behind if you don't."

Buffy grabbed Carri's arm and Carri pressed a button on the communicator.

"Ai ai ai! Intruder alert!", Alpha yelled

"Alpha, chill. She's with me.", Carri said


"She's not one of us, but she knows about us.", Carri said

"I'm Buffy Summers, I'm the slayer.", Buffy introduced herself


"What's a slayer?", asked Billy

"I'm the only one in the world who can kill the vampires and stop the master.", Buffy said


"How do you know of the master?", asked Buffy


"How come you never told us this?", asked Billy

"That's not what's in Giles' books.", Buffy said


"This is some really cool stuff you've got here.", Buffy said looking around

Carri looked up from her talk with Alpha. She hadn't really paid any attention to the talk about the master, it didn't interest her.

"Yeah, it is. I can work some of it. But if you really want to know how all of it works, talk to Billy. He's our resident genius. I don't know what we'd do without him.", Carri said

Billy smiled. "Fall to Mondo and Machina."

"Well, I would have you show me what this stuff does, but I wouldn't be able to remember it, or understand it.", Buffy said

Buffy walked around the Power Chamber, looking at everything and trying to take in what she saw. "What's this?", she asked

"Those are the outfits that we wore before we became the Zeo Rangers.", Billy explained

"And this spandex actually protects you?", Buffy asked

"Better than anything else on the planet.", Billy told her

"If I wasn't seeing this with my own two eyes, I wouldn't believe it.", Buffy said

"I first found out about it all while I was in New York. This was some of the most unbelievable stuff I had ever heard of.", Carri said

As Buffy looked around, Billy suddenly remembered something he wanted to tell the rangers, or at least the two female ones.

"After what happened yesterday with Vampiro, I thought I should give yours and Kat's zords more fire power. So I worked on it all morning and with a few adjustments you have some more weapons and your old ones have more fire power.", Billy told Carri

"Really? That will be a lot of help especially when there's only one or two of us and we can't form the MegaZord.", Carri said

"Precisely.", Billy agreed

Buffy was walking around the Power Chamber, and stopped right in front of the alarm, then the alarm went off and Buffy jumped back in shock.

"The cogs are attacking people in the park.", Alpha said

"They need lives.", said Carri

"But until they get them somebody has to protect the Earth.", Billy said

"Right. It's morphin time. ZEO RANGER II, YELLOW!"

"So this is how you watch the fights?", Buffy asked as she turned to face the viewing globe

"Yes. It's much more practical than being there.", Billy told her

"Maybe I should get Giles one of these.", Buffy said as she watched the Blue Ranger appear on the scene, "Then again the whole technology aspect would be way over his head."

"The technology the viewing globe involves is fairly simple.", Billy said

"Compared to what?", asked Buffy

"The rest of the equipment in the Power Chamber.", Billy replied

Buffy made a face. "Gee, that helps."

A flash of yellow light appeared before them.

"That was quick.", Billy commented

"They gave up.", Carri told him. "Are you ready to go?"

"Yeah. I think I've seen enough technology to last a lifetime.", Buffy said

"See you later.", Carri said as she and Buffy teleported out

They emerged from the same alleyway they went into.

"So, where to?", asked Buffy

"There's a sale at the mall.", Carri told her

"What are we waiting for, let's go.", Buffy said

And the two headed off to the mall, putting everything about rangering and slaying behind them for the afternoon.