Power Rangers Zeo
"Across Alternate Universes"
by: KJ and Emily

Four of the five rangers were sitting in Rocky DeSantos and Tommy Oliver's dorm room watching MTV.

"I love this channel.", Carri Hillard said as she stretched out across the floor

Her cousin, Katherine Hillard, grinned. "Me too. There's so many good videos out there." Katherine was lying on the bed on her stomach beside her boyfriend.

"You don't look at other guys do you?", teased Tommy Oliver

"Of course not.", Kat assured him

"Tommy you know you don't have to worry about them lusting for other guys.", Rocky DeSantos said as he sat down beside Carri with a soda in his hand

"Of course not.", Tommy agreed

"Everyone says these boys are hot.", Kat said as they watched one of the videos

"Quit playin' games. Oh baby baby the love that we had was so strong, don't leave me hanging here forever.", Carri sang as she watched them take their shirts off and dance in the rain. "I can see why.", she giggled

The video ended and Rocky reached for the movie they had rented. "Come on let's put this in."

"I liked the dancing shirtless in the rain.", Carri told him

Rocky looked at Tommy. "Well we can dance shirtless in the rain if that's what you really want."

Tommy laughed. "Come on Rocky it's raining out now.", he said as he pretended to get up

"Tommy!", Kat exclaimed as she giggled. "We know you guys would do it. Now don't be stupid and get yourselves sick."

"We won't. Promise.", Tommy said as he gave her a quick kiss

Rocky hit the play button. No sooner had he done that they got paged.

Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep.

As they all got up, Rocky turned the VCR off, figuring this was going to take a while.

"What is it?", asked Tommy

"Jason is in trouble. You must go help him.", Alpha said

"Got it. It's morphin time!", yelled Tommy





They arrived to find the green ninjetti under attack. An attack which had started out with only a few tengas but had escalated nonstop since then.

"Took you guys long enough.", Jason Lee Scott said

"Sorry bro.", apologized Tommy. Then he and the other three zeo rangers fought the bad guys. A few seconds later the Green Zeo Ranger joined the fight.

"Boy this is fun.", Carri said as she slipped and slid on the wet grass in the pouring rain

Jason kicked a monster then he slid for a moment until he came to a stop. "Sure is.", he agreed

They fought the monsters in the rain, including the one big one as usual. And as usual, they defeated him. This time they used the Zeo Cannon. And in following the pattern, Rita and Zedd made him grow.

"We need Super Zeo Zord power now!", yelled Tommy

The Super Zeo Zords appeared and formed to become one zord. After a few minutes they brought out their saber and brought the monster down.

Afterwards the five morphed rangers landed on the wet soft ground.

"Let's get back before we all get sick.", Kat said

"But with the suits we won't be.", Tommy pointed out

Carri giggled. "Not unless you two take your shirts off and dance in the rain."

"I won't ask.", Jason said. "Besides I've got to get back to my date."

Jason teleported off and the others followed his example, getting back to their usual activities.

"Take the crystal, it's yours. It's your power."

"You have to fight it Kim! Fight the evil!"

"I didn't think you had the guts Oliver." A sharp pain starting in her stomach, then shooting everywhere caused her to fall to the ground. Kanara silently screamed as she felt death upon her. With all of her power, she rose out of the body of the young girl, leaving nothing but Kimberly Harte, dying in her friends arms. Kanara watched in shock as she passed through time, across galaxies, and through alternate universes. Suddenly, blackness came over her as she hit the hard ground. She stood up and looked around her, wincing at the brightness of the lights.

"Where am I?" she asked to herself. She looked around, not recognizing anything around her. She was in a small waiting area. Seeing a newspaper laying on a table in front of her, she ran over and snatched it up.

The Miami Daily? What is going on here? She walked over to the door and, opening it, she walked out of the waiting area. As she crept through a long hallway, she heard voiced in front of her.

"Hey, did you hear that the Power Rangers defeated another monster?" she heard one of the voices say. Her hands clenched into fists as she heard them mention the Power Rangers.

They're still alive in this world! I wonder what kind of idiots they're fighting against?

"Yeah, I heard. I wonder what it would be like to live there?" another voice asked. Kanara slowly crept along the wall, smiling as she heard the voices fading away.

They must have gone the other way. Good. That way I'll be able to get out of here without the rangers noticing me.

"Didn't Kimberly come from Angel Grove?" the first voice ask. Kanara froze as she heard the Kimberly's name.

Kimberly, she thought. A cold smile spread across her lips. She strained to here what the two people were saying, but they had walked to far away. Kanara looked into a door and saw that it was a giant training center. Her eyes narrowed as she saw a familiar person practicing on the balance beam. There was only one person watching her, her coach.

"Kimberly! Keep your weight shifted on your right foot when you try that!" he yelled out. Kanara rolled her eyes and walked into the room, her high heels causing a loud clomping noise. The coach turned around and froze in shock. As he opened his mouth to say something, Kanara sighed.

"I don't think so, old man." Kanara snarled as she pointed her finger at him. In a flash of purple light, the coach was frozen in a bubble. Kanara turned back to Kimberly, who was frozen in her place.

"What's wrong, Kim? Cat got your tongue?" she mocked. Kimberly jumped off the beam, her mouth dropped open.

"Wh-what is......wh-who are..." Kimberly's sentence trailed off as she gaped at the person who looked exactly like her.

"Maybe you should ask who I was." Kanara said. She walked towards Kim, her eyes boring into Kim's.

"You, you're my TWIN!" exclaimed Kim. She was right. Kanara looked almost exactly like her, except for the fact that she was wearing a leather outfit and her eyes were a light violet.

"Oooo, the airhead actually figured something out!" Kanara exclaimed, pretending to be shocked. Kim glared at her.

"Y'know. This is just taking way too long." Kanara lunged at Kim, knocking both of them to the ground. As Kim struggled to get up, Kanara sat up and punched her in the face, knocking her out.

"Loser!" Kanara sneered as she looked down at the unconscious girl in front of her. Kanara kneeled down and touched Kim's head. In a flash of purple, Kim disappeared. Kanara smiled and closed her eyes. When she opened them, Kanara looked exactly like Kim, down to the smallest detail.

"Now, to pay a visit to the rangers." she said as she walked towards the door to the gym.

"Now don't forget you promised you'd help set up the stage.", Kat said to Jason, Rocky and Carri who were sitting at a table in a coffee shop which was near their dorm rooms

"We won't.", Carri promised. Kat waved and left. "So what should we do today?"

Rocky shrugged. "How about we go into Angel Grove."

"Sure.", Carri replied. Their old hang out spots were only a twenty minute drive from the college.

"I don't see why not.", Jason said

The trio left the coffee shop and headed home. They first went to the Youth Center. Upon entering, they saw the back of a girl sitting at a table and immediately recognized her.

"Kim!", Jason exclaimed

Kanara turned around and gave a half smile. It can't hurt to at least to pretend to be their friends until I learn something useful. "Rocky, Jason, hey.", she smiled as she walked over and hugged the two male rangers

"Am I invisible?", asked Carri with a half smile on her face

"Carri you know good and well that the two of you will spend the next few hours talking so she has to say hello to the two of us first.", Jason explained

Carri rolled her eyes. "He can be such a pain."

Jason gave her a playful shove and she stumbled over into Rocky, who caught her.

"Hey now play nice.", Rocky said

Kanara rolled her eyes while the rangers were too busy playing around to notice. They turned back towards her and she smiled. "Hello Carri.", she said picking up her name from hearing Jason say it

"Hey Kim.", she said as she hugged her friend

"Come on, let's go sit down.", Rocky suggested as he led Carri in the direction of the table Kanara was sitting at. Jason and Kanara were quick to follow.

"Kim it's great to see you in Angel Grove.", Jason said. "But why didn't you let us know you were coming?"

"I wanted it to be a surprise. It's not often I get up here for a visit.", Kanara told him

"Yeah the last time we saw you was...", Rocky let his voice trail off as he remembered what happened. "Well anyway we should so something fun today while you're in town."

Carri giggled. "Shop.", she suggested

"He said fun.", Jason pointed out. "And shopping is not our idea of fun."

"The fair is it town isn't it?", asked Rocky

Jason nodded. "That's right."

"Let's go.", suggested Rocky

"Sounds like fun.", Kanara said, although she didn't mean it one bit

The foursome walked out of the Youth Center and elected to walk down to the fair grounds, it wasn't too far. They got there and spent several hours doing everything they could find to do. Riding all the rides, looking at everything, just having fun. Well it was fun for the rangers.

Jason checked his watch. "Guys we had better get out of here."

"Yeah. I'd hate for Kat to be mad at us.", Rocky agreed

At the mention of Kat's name Kanara got interested in the conversation.

"Being Kat's cousin, I think I know her pretty well. So I'll have to say that I don't think she could ever get too mad at us if we, say, skipped.", Carri said

"Come on we're not going to do that.", Jason told her

Carri made a face. "I know that I was just making a point." Then she put her arm around Rocky as they started to head off. "Call me Kim. We can all get together sometime.", she said as they were leaving

"Believe me rangers we'll definitely get together.", Kanara said once they were out of earshot. Then she left the park after she saw the others were gone. "So Carri is Kat's cousin..." An evil smile crept across Kanara's face as she headed off to come up with a plan.

"And you would not BELIEVE how surprised we were to see Kim in the Youth Center!" Carri exclaimed as she sat on the bed Kat's dorm, telling Kat about her day. Kat sat next to her, shock written on her face.

"Kim's back in town? But the games are only a couple weeks away!" Kat said. "Isn't this a really crucial training time?" Carri shrugged her shoulders.

"Who knows? All I know is that-" Carri's sentence was cut off as the phone rang. Both of the girls jumped up in surprise. Carri immediately pounced on the phone.

"Hello? Oh, hi Rocky. What's up?...Not much here either!.....You want to meet at the beach?......Yeah, I can be there right away!....See you in a couple minutes!" As Carri hung up the phone, she stood up and walked over to the door.

"Where are you going?" asked Kat. Carri turned to her, a wolfish smile on her face.

"Rocky wants to meet me at the beach ASAP. He says he was something important to tell me!" she said. Kat smiled and shooed Carri away. Carri left, closing the door quietly behind her. Kat shook her head and walked over to their desk and sat down. She sighed as she pulled out her notes for class.

"Oh, I wish that I didn't have this essay due tomorrow! Even though it's not bad, it's not my best work!" She sighed again and took out a sheet of paper. As she was halfway done with the final copy, someone knocked at the door. Kat stood up and walked over.

"Rocky, what are you doing here! Carri left twenty minutes ago to meet you at the beach!" Kat exclaimed. Rocky looked at her in confusion.

"What? Why did she go to the beach?" he asked. Kat's eyes grew round as she looked up at him in growing horror.

"Didn't you call a little while ago telling her you wanted to meet her at the beach?" she whispered. When he shook his head, Kat covered her mouth with her hand, her face paling. She turned to Rocky, who was looking at her with a concerned expression on his face.

"Rocky, about a half an hour ago, someone called Carri and told her to meet you at the beach. They must have sounded like you because that's who she thought it was." Rocky's own face drained of it's color as it dawned on his that Carri was in trouble.

"That means-" Rocky whispered, his sentence trailing off. Kat nodded.

"That someone is going to meet Carri at the beach and it's not going to be pretty." Kat and Rocky both turned to each other for a second, then both ran out the door, praying that they weren't too late.

I wonder what Rocky wants to tell me? He sounded really excited on the phone, like he could wait for something. Carri thought as she parked her car. She practically jumped out of the car, looking for Rocky. A frown crossed her face as she looked around, not seeing anyone.

"Where is he?" she asked out loud. "Why would he just call me and then stand me up?"

"Maybe because he didn't call you." Carri turned around quickly as she heard a familiar voice behind her. A smile crossed her face as she saw Kanara, or as she thought, Kim standing behind her. She ran over to Kanara and hugged her. When Kanara didn't return the hug, Carri pulled away in concern.

"What do you mean? What's wrong Kim?" Carri asked. Carri looked into Kanara's eyes and was shocked to see that they were full of burning hatred. As she took a step back, Kanara grabbed her by her arm, hard enough for Carri to cry out.

"Why are you doing this. That hurts!" Carri cried out as she tried unsuccessfully to pull away from Kanara. Kanara gave her a cold smile.

"That's the point, Carri," Kanara sneered, dragging out Carri's name. Carri felt a knot forming in her stomach as she realized something wasn't right.

"Kim, this isn't funny," she said, her voice wavering. Kanara looked at Carri, enjoying the pain she saw in her eyes.

"It's not suppose to be." As Kanara began to drag Carri along the beach, Carri took a deep breath and kicked Kanara in the shin. She yelped in pain, and in the process, released Carri. Carri leapt back, watching Kanara warily.

"Kim, we can help you! Whatever Rita and Zedd did-" Carri stopped talking as she saw Kanara roll her eyes.

"Those losers? They're they ones that you're fighting? I don't think so. They can barely defeat you, much rather put a decent spell over someone." Kanara took a step forward. "No, what I have is much more powerful than both of them combined!" She leapt at Carri, knocking both of them to the ground. Carri kicked Kanara off her and took a step backwards.

"Kim, please! I don't want to hurt you!" Carri pleaded. Kanara stood up, the smile back on her face. The smile that sent chills down Carri's spine. The smile...of pure evil.

"It's not I that is going to be getting hurt!" Kanara sneered. Carri watched in shock as Kanara was enveloped in a flash of purple. When the flash disappeared, Kanara was dressed in black leather pants and a purple halter top. Her hair was flowing across her shoulder and it had purple streaks in it. But that thing that chilled Carri was Kanara's eyes. They were cold lavender eyes, that showed nothing but hatred and evil.

"Your not the person that I know." Carri realized. Kanara smiled.

"You finally realized it! Boy, you rangers are just as slow as the ones I destroyed." Kanara said. "No, I'm not anywhere close to the weakling you're thinking of. Kimberly is, detained for the time " A slow smile spread across Carri's face.

"Good. That means I don't have to worry about hurting you! ZEO RANGER II, YE-" Before she could finish, Kanara jumped into a tornado kick, hitting Carri in the face and knocking her down. Carri's zeo crystal went flying off, out of both of their reaches. As Kanara brought out her leg to kick Carri in the side, Carri rolled away. She stood up and got into a defensive stance, ready for anything that Kanara was going to throw at her. Kanara came at Carri again, with a series of punches and kicks. Carri blocked them all, but couldn't get enough time for an offensive. Suddenly, without warning, Kanara pulled out a knife and slashed at Carri. Carri cried out as it broke the skin on her arm, deep enough to draw blood. Kanara smiled evilly as the blood dripped down her arm and onto the sand. As Carri hesitated, Kanara grabbed her by her hurt arm, causing Carri's eyes to well up with tears. Kanara pulled Carri against her chest and put the knife up to Carri's throat.

"I could kill you right now, if I wanted to." Kanara hissed. "But I won't. My plan depends on you being safe. Or, at least alive." With that, the two of them disappeared in a flash of purple light. No sooner had they disappeared, when another car pulled up at the beach, parking besides Carri's car.

"That's her car!" exclaimed Kat as she and Rocky jumped out of his car. As they looked around, they noticed the keys laying on the seat of the car. As Kat began to search the car for anything else, Rocky noticed something glinting in the moonlight. He walked over to it and gasped in shock. Kat ran over to him.

"What's wrong Rocky?" she asked, breathless. He reached down and picked up Carri's Zeo crystal. Kat's face turned even paler as she realized that it was.

"It's Carri's!" she cried out. Rocky nodded wordlessly, and the two of them started back towards his car. Suddenly, Kat noticed something on the beach that made her heart stop.

"Rocky, what's that?" she asked, afraid of the answer. The two of them bent down and looked at the red marks in the sand in horror.

"It's, it's.......blood." Kat looked at him in utter horror. Without another word, they two of them stood up and ran towards the car. As he started the engine, he handed the crystal to Kat. She watched as it sparkled in the moonlight, wishing it could tell her what had happened to Carri.

Streaks of pink and blue light came into the Power Chamber, causing the robot to stir. "Aye ai ai! Intruder alert! Intruder alert!", yelled Alpha as he all the sudden started running around the Power Chamber

Rocky stopped him. "Relax Alpha, it's only us."

"Rangers what are you doing in here?", asked Alpha

"It's Carri. She's missing.", Kat said

"ARE YOU SURE?", asked Zordon

Rocky held up Carri's part of the crystal. "We found it on the beach."


Flashes of red and green light came into the Power Chamber, followed by Tommy and Jason.

"What's wrong?", Tommy asked

"Yes rangers tell us what happened.", Alpha said

Kat started it. "It all started a little while ago. Carri got a phone call from Rocky telling her to meet him down at the beach, so she left to go find him."

"About a half an hour later, I showed up looking for her and that's when we realized something was wrong.", Rocky continued

Kat kept the story going. "So we went down to the beach to find her. When we got there we found her empty car but she was nowhere to be seen."

"That's when I found this.", Rocky said holding up the crystal

"And then I noticed", Kat paused, "Not to far from the crystal there was fresh blood on the beach."

"Oh my God.", Jason whispered

"Do you have any idea...", Tommy started but Rocky and Kat shook their heads no

"Zordon what are we going to do?", asked Kat


"I want to know who did this.", Rocky said. "And when I find them....", his voice trailed off

"As good of an idea this would be, I don't think it's something Rita and Zedd did. It's not their style.", Jason pointed out. "Besides either they would've left an obvious clue or we would've heard their demands by now."

Tommy nodded his head in agreement. "But if it's not them, who does it leave?"

"Maybe Archerina and Gasket.", suggested Kat. "They could be back in town."

"I don't know.", Tommy said. "You would think this was something we would've picked up on earlier."

"So we've ruled out Zedd and Rita. And pretty much ruled out Gasket and Archerina.", Rocky pointed out. "Could it be Callisto?"

"Now that's a good possibility.", Jason said. "She's psycho. She'll do anything to get her point across."

"If it's her we have to find Carri fast because she'll kill her without hesitating.", Tommy said

"That's if she's not already dead.", Kat said in a soft voice

Rocky shook his head no. "Don't think like that Kat."

"I can't help it.", Kat said. "I know what Callisto is capable of. I spent time with her and her army once, remember."

Tommy put an arm around her and hugged her. "Don't worry Kat. Everything will work out I promise."

"There's got to be some way to find her.", Jason said as he started thinking. "But without her having the crystal...."

Rocky cut him off. "Crystals, that's it. The necklace she wears that held the power, and the quest. Maybe we can find her from the necklace, or the ninjetti powers... damn I can't remember did she have it on today?"

Kat thought for a moment. "Yes, I believe she did."

"Alpha do you know how to find her from that?", asked Rocky

"I can try.", Alpha said

"What about Billy.", said Tommy

"Yeah, he could have access to more than we do.", Jason explained

"I'll contact him.", Alpha said

"Now that we've got a plan, where do we start?", asked Rocky as the search began

Not too far off, a flash of purple light lit up a deep cave. Kanara appeared with the knife still up at Carri's throat. Suddenly, with a quick movement, Carri knocked the knife away from her neck and elbowed Kanara in the stomach, causing Kanara to stumble back. Before Kanara had a chance to recover, Carri swept her feet out from under her. With inhuman speed, Kanara jumped up and kicked Carri in the chest. Carri stumbled back, but didn't fall. As the two circled each other, Kanara backflipped back, her feet hitting Carri under the chin. Grabbing her fallen knife, Kanara reached into the cage next to her and grabbed a semi-conscious girl.

"Make one move, and she won't live to see the end of the day," threatened Kanara. Carri froze as she saw Kimberly with a knife to her throat. Kanara smiled as she saw the look of fear is Carri's eyes.

"Go in that cage over there," instructed Kanara. Carri slowly walked over to the cage, not taking her eyes off of Kim and Kanara. As soon as she stepped in the cage, Kanara pushed Kim into Carri, causing them both to fall down. She slammed the door shut and locked it, before either of them could make a move to get up.

"Let us out of here!" Carri demanded. Kanara shook her head, a cruel smile on her face.

"You aren't the one giving orders," Kanara sneered. "And I'd be careful what you say, 'cause before you know it, your COUSIN will be nothing but a fading memory!" Carri felt fear rising up, but she quickly shook it off.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Carri asked. Kanara turned to her, her eyes flashing with anger.

"Why?! WHY?! Because if something happens to you, it will kill Kat. If you're hurt, Kat will feel the pain!" Leaning closer to the cage, she whispered, "And I want her to feel the pain." Kanara turned around to leave.

"Why do you want to hurt Kat?" she asked. Kanara turned around, and before Carri could move, Kanara was back by the cage, her hand around Carri's throat.

"Because I HATE Kat! Everything that happened to me is her fault!" Throwing Carri to the ground, Kanara turned around, her eyes flashing a deep purple. "After I left for the Games, she took away EVERYTHING from me! My powers, my friends, my spot on the team, even my boyfriend! And she doesn't deserve to live. Not after what she did."

"But I, YOU went to the Games on your own free will! You gave her your powers!" exclaimed Kim. Kanara stalked over and glared at Kim.

"That didn't give her the right to take my life away from me. Besides, Kim. With Kat out of the way, you can have Tommy back. You know he wants you."

"You'll never win! The Power Rangers will save us!" Carri yelled out. Kanara turned to her and rolled her eyes.

"The Power Rangers will save us!" Kanara mocked. "Pu-lease! The rangers don't even know where you are, much less who caught you. Besides, if a something, oh, say a monster, attacked downtown Angel Grove, then they would have to do that before looking for you." Kanara said.

"Besides, they would need a yellow ranger, not wouldn't they? And since no one else is around to accept the powers, Kimberly might have to step in." Kanara said, smiling as Carri's face turned white. If she get's the Zeo Power-

"But Zordon will realize your evil! You won't be able to accept the Zeo powers." Carri said smugly. Kanara raised an eyebrow at her, then closed her eyes. Kim and Carri looked at each other, trying to figure out what she was doing. Suddenly, a loud roar was heard. Carri looked at Kanara in alarm.

"It's done. An evil monster is attacking downtown Angel Grove, and the rangers are gonna need a yellow rangers. Ta-ta for now!" With that, Kanara disappeared in a streak of purple light. Carri turned to Kim, her face pale.

"If she gets a hold of the Zeo Crystal, there might not be any stopping her!"

"Rangers I have contacted Billy and he is sending me something to use in the search as we speak.", Alpha told them

"I hope he hurries.", Kat said

Suddenly the alarms went off. "There is a monster attacking downtown Angel Grove!", exclaimed Alpha

"We've got to take care of that.", Tommy said and the others nodded. "It's morphin time!"





The rangers quickly appeared on the scene.

"Only four rangers?", the monster asked

"It doesn't make a difference. We'll still destroy you.", Rocky informed the monster

"We'll see about that.", the monster laughed

All four rangers called for their weapons and attacked. However they didn't do as well as they had hoped for. The monster blasted the rangers sending them a good way back.

"That's it! We need the zeo cannon now!", Tommy yelled. Only nothing happened.

"What's wrong?", asked Jason

"We must need five powered rangers and since the yellow crystal is inactive...", Tommy's voice trailed off

"Aw too bad. Looks like the little rangers can't do much damage without their friend.", the monster taunted

Kanara approached the scene, and was spotted by the monster.

"Poor little girl. In the wrong place at the wrong time.", the monster ran for her

"Kim!", exclaimed Tommy as he and the others realized who she was. Tommy ran for her and pushed her out of the way and took the monsters attack, then he hit the ground.

Kanara jumped up and ran towards him. "Tommy are you ok?"

Rocky, Jason and Kat pulled out their blasters and knocked the monster back as they crowded around Tommy, who was slowly getting up.

"Kim get out of here!", ordered Jason

Tommy looked like he was about to agree, but then he changed his mind. "Wait a sec, she can use the power from the yellow crystal." Tommy raised his communicator to his mouth. "Alpha teleport the yellow crystal here." "Right Tommy.", Alpha said. A few seconds later the yellow crystal appeared in his hands. "Care to join us?", Tommy asked holding the crystal out to Kim

Kanara smiled as she took it. "I'd love to. It's morphin time!"


"Oooo five rangers. Whatcha gonna do now?", asked the monster

"Kick your butt.", Kanara said as she attacked

Kanara helped the rangers fight for a while. Once again, the monster was doing better than them.

"We need the zeo cannon now!", yelled Tommy. This time the zeo cannon appeared in their hands, and they fired it bringing the monster down. Then four of the rangers teleported to the Power Chamber.

"Where's Kim?", asked Jason

Looking at the screen, they saw her still in Angel Grove. "I'll go talk to her.", Tommy volunteered as he teleported back down. "Why didn't you teleport back with us?"

"I tried.", Kanara said. "But I couldn't."

"That's strange.", said Tommy. "Supposedly only evil people can't teleport in."

Kanara laughed. "Well what do you know."

Tommy looked confused. He wasn't sure what Kim was talking about. "Kim what's going on?", he asked

"Thanks for the powers.", Kanara said. "But now I do have to go."

Then Kanara vanished leaving Tommy confused. "I have a bad feeling about this.", Tommy said as he teleported back to the Power Chamber

As Tommy appeared in the Power Chamber, he saw that the others were crowded around one of the console. As he walked over to them, Rocky turned around in excitement.

"Tommy, I was right! We where able to find Carri because of the power of her necklace! We'll find the results of where she is in a couple of minutes!" Rocky exclaimed. The rangers were too busy looking for Carri, that they didn't even notice the worried expression on Tommy's face. Suddenly, Kat jumped up in relief.

"We found her!" she shouted. Tommy walked forward to look at the screen. Sure enough, a yellow light was blinking on it. As the other rangers turned away, Tommy noticed a pink light start blinking.

"What in the.." he whispered. As he realized what it was, he gasped in shock. The others looked at him, confused expressions on his face.

"Tommy, what's wrong?" Kat asked. Wordlessly, he pointed to the screen. The rangers looked at it in bewilderment as they too saw the pink light. "What is that?"

"It's Kim's necklace." Tommy said. The others looked at him, he took a deep breathe. "When Kim wasn't able to come back to the Power Chamber, I went back to talk to her."

"We know. How come she didn't come back?" Jason asked. Tommy shrugged.

"I don't know! She said she couldn't! Then she thanked me for the powers and disappeared." he explained. Kat put her hand over her mouth, fear passing through her.

"Kim has to be under a spell!" she whispered. She turned to the others. "We have to go get Carri. If Kim is under a spell, then there's no telling what will happen to her!" Tommy turned to the rangers.

"Ready guys? It's morphin time!"





"Look what I got, Carri!" taunted Kanara as she appeared in the cave. Carri and Kim gasped in horror as Kanara held up the yellow zeo chard. "And you won't BELIEVE how easy it was. Guess they don't need you anymore!"

"The rangers will get that back! No matter how hard they try, you psycho!" yelled Carri, getting upset. Kanara smirked at her and walked over to the cage both of them were being held in.

"The name's Kanara, and the rangers will never get this beauty back!"

"Drop the crystal!" A voice from behind Kanara yelled. Kanara turned around with little surprise and saw the rangers standing behind her. She looked at them in disdain.

"Do you think that I would give up power like this? I think not!" she yelled back. The rangers took a cautious step forward, being as careful as possible. Kanara glared at them, her patience running out. "Don't test me, rangers. I will hurt her if I have to. Well, even if I DON'T have to, but that's besides the point."

"Kim, we can help you! If you just-"

"Kim? You actually think that SHE would be able to pull anything like this?" Kanara asked. "Do you think she would actually have enough power?" Stepping away from the cage, the rangers looked in shock as they saw Kimberly in the cage.

"If Kim is in there, then.....who are YOU?" Kat asked fearfully. Kanara glared at them, a smirk slowly crossing her face.

"I...am your worst nightmare." With that, she lunged at the rangers, knocking all of them down with a tornado kick. As they stood up, a group of putties appeared around them. But these putties were different. Instead of being light gray, they were a deep shade of purple. Each of their fingers were purple claws.

"This is going to be tough guys!" Kat screamed. As they putties attacked each of the rangers, Kanara saw her chance. Jumping into the group, she knocked all of the putties away from Kat and faced her. As they two circled each other, Kat looked at her with a calm disposition.

"You look so calm, Kittie." Kanara taunted. Kat looked at her, trying to keep her fear hidden.

"I'm not afraid of you." Kat whispered, more to herself than to Kanara. Kanara glared at her, an evil smile crossing her face.

"Well, little kitty-kat, you should be!" With that, Kanara kicked Kat in the stomach, knocking the wind out of her. Kat quickly got up and defended everything that Kanara threw at her. Suddenly, to Kat's surprise, Kanara did a backflip, hitting Kat right under her chin. Kat's neck snapped back and she fell to the ground. As Kanara neared the fallen girl, she shook her head sadly.

"I thought it would be harder to take you down. Guess I was wrong." Kanara pulled out her knife and advanced on Kat. Meanwhile, on the other side of the cave, Tommy turned towards Kat, only to see her on the ground. Time seemed to go in slow motion as he pushed the putties aside and leapt over them. With a burst of adrenaline, he charged into Kanara, knocking her down. None of them noticed the yellow zeo chard that skipped across the ground, out of everyone's reach. Kanara looked at Tommy, hatred burning in her eyes. She grabbed his neck and lifted him in the air. Her hand gripped tighter around his neck as he struggled to get free.

"This is the end for you, Oliver. You might have been able to kill me once, but this time I will have the honor!"

"You'll...never....win," Tommy choked out. Kanara glared at him, a mocking smile on her face.

"I already did," she whispered. A smile crossed Tommy's face as he smiled at her.

"Wrong." Kanara barely had any time to act as she was hit in the side with an energy blast. Both Tommy and Kanara fell to the ground. As Kanara struggled to get up, the rangers surrounded her, power blasters out. Kanara glared up at them.

"This isn't over, rangers!" Kanara hissed as she stood up.

"Actually, it is." The rangers turned around, and with no time to register what was happening, energy bolt after energy bolt was shot.

Kanara screamed in pain as they hit her dead on. She fell to the ground and looked up at the person shooting at her, her vision begining to blur.

"Bi-" she started before a flash of purple washed over her and she disappeared. The rangers looked at Carri and Kim in surprise, both of them having blasters in their hand. Kat looked over at Kim, a crooked smile on her face.

"So Kim, ready to go back to the games?" Kim smiled, the tension in the room dissolving.

"Yeah, I'm ready. I'm gonna need the practice!" As the rangers got ready to telelport, Carri hit herself on the forehead. Running over to the opposite side of the cave, she picked up the yellow zeo chard.

"I can't forget this, now can I?"

Kanara watched as time passed her yet again, sending her back to where she had come. As the world came into view, a smile crossed her face.

I'm home, she thought. But suddenly, a searing pain passed through her. No! This can't be happening! I just got away from this. Looking above her, her eyes narrowed as she saw Tommy Oliver's face above her.

"I didn't think you had the guts, Oliver," she spat out as she fell to the ground. She vainly tried to get out of the body of the dying girl, but to no avail. She was weak as it was, and with this extra pain, she couldn't get away this time. As darkness came over her vision, one final thought passed through her dying mind.

You won, rangers. But too bad you can't save your friend.

The End