Two Loves
by : KJ Holland

“I think we both saw this coming.”, Mollie Monroe said looking over at her now ex-boyfriend

Chris Black looked away from his once girlfriend and sighed. “You’re right. We haven’t been the same since... well for a while now.”

“So I guess this is goodbye.”, Mollie said

Chris turned to look at her. “Yeah, I guess so.”, he replied. Then he leaned in and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Quietly he left the room and headed outside.

“I guess we weren’t meant to be in the first place.”, Chris said as he walked through the grass in front of the college. The more Chris reflected on their relationship the more he realized how right he was. Sure it was fun while they were in high school. Running around recklessly. Chris laughed. He was still reckless. He went out last Saturday night, on Halloween his favorite holiday, and had some old fashioned fun. Mollie didn’t come, she was afraid he’d get arrested. But he didn’t, and he had a blast running around like he did in high school.

Chris sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. Well his braids. He had it done a while back. And they actually turned out nice. He usually wore them up in some type of holder. Rubber band, or whatever he could find. He wasn’t sure how long he would keep them in, but they were fun for the moment. Chris looked up at the sky. It was a beautiful day. “I wonder if...” Chris stopped as he ran into someone. The papers she was looking at went flying all over the place.

“Oh I’m sorry.”, Chris said bending down. “Here let me help you.”, he offered as he picked up the papers and put them back in her notebook

“Thank you.”, she said standing up

The first thing Chris noticed was her Australian accent. He found it to be pretty. Just like the rest of her. “Chris Black.”, he said extending his hand

“Katherine Hillard.”, the blond replied placing her hand in his. “But everybody calls me Kat.”

They shook hands briefly before letting them drop. “So do you go to school here?”

“Yes, I do.”, replied Kat

“Haven’t seen you before.”, Chris said

“It is a big campus.”, Kat reminded him

“Too big.”, Chris replied. “I should’ve seen you before.”

Kat smiled. “Well we’re seeing each other now aren’t we?”

“Yeah, we are.”, Chris said smiling. “Well how about I walk you to... wherever you were going.”

“To my cousin’s dorm actually. We were going to study.”, Kat told him

“Well then, I’ll walk you there.”, Chris said. Then the two of them walked off together.

Kat was laughing as they made their way to the door of the dorm room. “You can’t be serious!”, she exclaimed

Chris smiled. “Oh but I am.”

“Anyway, this is my stop.”, Kat told him

“That’s too bad.”, Chris said. “Hey I have an idea. How about you come with me to a movie tomorrow. It’ll be fun.”

“Oh... I don’t...”, Kat was getting ready to bring up her boyfriend when Chris interrupted her

“We’ll go as friends.”, Chris said, although he hoped it could amount to more than that

“Sure.”, Kat said. “Sounds like fun.”

Then Chris left and Kat knocked on the door. It swung open and her cousin appeared. “Hello.”, greeted Carri Hillard

“Hey.”, Kat said as she walked in with a grin on her face

Carri noticed Kat’s cheery mood. “And where were you? Wait let me guess, with Tommy.”

“No actually I wasn’t.”, Kat told her

“Oh?”, Carri asked raising an eyebrow

“Do you know Chris Black?”, asked Kat

“I’ve met him before. He was dating Mollie Monroe, and she’s in my history class. They used to meet up after class and she introduced me to him. Why do you want to... wait you were with Chris?”, asked Carri

“Well... yeah.”, Kat admitted. Then she sighed. “He’s cute, and funny, and...” Kat let her voice trail off

“Rewind here.”, Carri said. “Ok first of all have you seen Chris’s hair? But then again you do date Tommy so...”

“There is nothing wrong with Tommy’s hair!”, Kat exclaimed

“Well...”, Carri laughed

“Well you should’ve seen Rocky’s before he got it cut.”, Kat said

Carri quickly changed subjects. “But anyways I don’t even think Chris can wash his hair at least not and get it clean but is he even your type? Besides what about Tommy? Remember him? Your boyfriend?”

“First of all who’s to say what my type is. Besides nice, charming, funny, like Chris.”, Kat started. “And you and I both know that Tommy is still in love with Kim. We can never have a real relationship.”

“Correct me if I’m wrong but you’ve said that you would die to be with Tommy.”, Carri reminded her

“Things change.”, Kat replied. “Chris and I are going to the movies tomorrow night.”

“Um, Kat, remember, group outing, me, you, Rocky, Tommy, Jason and Emily, bowling.”, Carri said

Kat thought for a moment. “Well lie for me.”

“Kat!”, Carri exclaimed. Kat wasn’t one to lie. Not that Carri wouldn’t do it for her, but it was strange hearing this coming from her. “Ok so I have to lie to your current boyfriend because you’re really going out with your new boyfriend instead of coming with us.”

“We’re going as friends.”, Kat told her

“Sure ya are.”, Carri said

“You and Jason go places as just friends!”, Kat exclaimed

“Yeah and I’ve never talked about how cute and charming he is and how I want to date him.”, she pointed out

“Carri please.”, Kat begged. “Just tell him I’m dancing or something.”

Carri sighed. “Of course I will.”, she replied

Kat smiled. “Thank you so much.”, she told her. “Now let’s get down to studying.”

Carri grabbed her notes. “Only if we have to.”, she said as she prepared to learn

After class the next day Kat and Carri went to find the rest of the group, who were wandering around the campus.

“Hey guys!”, Carri called to them

She was greeted by a chorus of hellos as the guys ran over to greet them. “So how did the test go?”, asked Tommy Oliver

“I’ll have to say it went pretty well.”, Kat told him

“I agree.”, Carri said

“That’s no surprise. You guys studied practically all night.”, Rocky DeSantos pointed out

“Well now that it’s Friday and studying is temporarily done, let’s go have some fun.”, suggested Jason Lee Scott

“Fun?”, questioned Carri. “I’m all for that.”

“Going bowling. We haven’t done that in a while. I’m sure it’ll be a blast.”, Tommy said smiling at Kat

“Oh, of course.”, Kat replied even though she knew she wouldn’t be there

“Come on, let’s go out to get something to eat.”, suggested Jason

“Sounds good.”, Rocky said and everyone else agreed

“Lead the way.”, Carri said to Jason, then they all left campus

The group and ended up in Rocky and Tommy’s dorm room, after hanging out all afternoon.

“Hey what time is it?”, asked Jason

Rocky looked over at the clock. “Six.”, he replied

“Six?”, Kat repeated. “I’ve got to go... um... freshen up for later. I want to look my best.”

Tommy smiled. “Kat you look fine.”

“Thank you.”, she replied. “But I am wearing a skirt and I don’t think I can bowl in that.”

“I have to go to. I’m going to pick up Emily a little earlier, so we can have a little alone time first.”, Jason said

“Well maybe we should just break up the party for now.”, Carri suggested

“Are you going to leave too?”, asked Rocky

“I did have something else to do.”, she told him

“In that case I guess we’ll all just meet back up at the bowling alley.”, Tommy said

“Sounds good. See you guys then.”, Carri said. Then she gave Rocky a kiss and waved goodbye to the others.

Tommy gave Kat a kiss as she got up. “Bye guys.”, Kat said. Then she waved and quickly left the dorm. She walked to her own dorm room to get changed. She felt like skipping as she walked.

She went into her dorm room and noticed that her roommate, Crystal, wasn’t around. She let out a sigh of relief. Crystal would never let her hear the end of it if she even thought she knew what was going on.

Quickly she went over to her closet and opened it, then began the search for something to wear. “So much pink!”, she exclaimed. Kat hadn’t really noticed it before, but almost everything she owned was pink. She laughed. “Oh well he’ll just have to get used to it.”

Kat stopped a moment to think about what she had just said. Does she want to be with Chris? After all she was still with Tommy, but she was going out with Chris. As friends though, only friends. She quickly took a shower then got dressed. At seven o’clock the doorbell rang. Kat went to answer it. “Hello?”, she said opening the door

“Hello there. Ready to go?”, asked Chris

“Sure am.”, Kat said. Then she shut and locked the door, leaving for the night.

The rest of the gang arrived in the bowling alley later that night. They were all sitting down getting their shoes on, and Tommy was looking around for someone. “Where’s Kat?”, he asked

“Didn’t she call you?”, asked Carri. Tommy shook his head no. “She said she was... unless she told me to tell you guys.”

“Tell us what?”, asked Rocky

“Oh that she’s not going to be able to make it.”, Carri replied

“She’s not?”, asked Tommy with a frown on his face. “Why not?”

“When she got back the dance studio called her. One of her students had been selected to go preform for something important tomorrow and she begged Kat to help her out tonight. So Kat agreed. She said to tell you guys hi and that she’s sorry but she’ll talk to you tomorrow.”, Carri lied. She then made a mental note to tell Kat her story later.

Tommy sighed. “Well I’m happy for her student. But it’s too bad that Kat couldn’t be here.”

“Well we’ll just have to have another group outing in the future to make up for it.”, Emily said

“Come on guys.”, Jason said as he finished tying his shoelace. “Let’s get started.”

Then they put their names into the computer and the game began.

Mollie joined three of her friends that day on a girls day out. They had just come from shopping and were heading to a movie.

“I haven’t had this much fun in a while!”, exclaimed Nikkie Strong, Mollie’s best friend

“Me neither.”, Mollie agreed. They walked along the sidewalk, gossiping about various things. Mollie glanced around her, and her eye caught two people walking towards an ice cream shop together. Mollie stopped suddenly.

“Mollie what’s wrong?”, asked Nikkie. Then her glance followed Mollie’s. “Oh. But I thought you and Chris were...”

“We are through.”, Mollie told her. “It... it just hurts to see him with someone else. And so soon.”

“Wasn’t it you who said the two of you were through long before this?”, asked Nikkie

“I did.”, Mollie admitted. “But...”

“What is it?”, asked Grace Rogers

Mollie looked at the blond he was with. She laughed at something he said as they walked into the ice cream place. “We are over. But we used to have something. And now he’s with someone new.”, she said sighing. She felt a little jealous towards the blond girl, even though she and Chris were broken up. She would always have something special with Chris, even though they weren’t meant to be.

“Come on Mollie.”, Nikkie said tugging on her shirt sleeve. “The movie starts in fifteen minutes.”

“I’m coming.”, Mollie said as she walked off, glancing back at the ice cream shop one more time.

“There’s something we could use to our advantage.”, Lord Zedd said as he spied on Kat from the Lunar Palace

“What’s going on Zedd?”, asked his wife, Rita Repulsa

“Looks like the pink ranger has a new enemy.”, Zedd told her

“So?”, questioned Rita

“Let’s get her to kill Kat!”, exclaimed Rito Revolto

“And how do you plan on doing that?”, asked Zedd

“Well I believe if you just give her a sword and...”, Rito started

“Silence you idiot!”, exclaimed Zedd. “We are going to make this girl Mollie into a monster. And have her kidnap Kat’s new love interest. The rangers will do anything to ensure a human’s life isn’t harmed. And we can use this human against the pink ranger.”

“We can con Kat into becoming evil and working for us again!”, exclaimed Rita

Zedd laughed. “Yes. Once we have the pink zeo ranger on our side, the possibilities are endless!”

“What kind of monster are we going to make her into?”, questioned Goldar

“Hm...”, Zedd thought for a moment. “Finster! Find a monster we could make a jealous human into.”

“Yes Lord Zedd. Right away.”, Finster said as he hurried off

“Tomorrow we put our plan into action!”, Lord Zedd exclaimed

Rita laughed. “Poor kitty is going to regret switching sides on me.”

Kat sat across from Chris at a table. She had a milkshake and he was eating a chocolate ice cream cone.

“I had a lot of fun tonight.”, Kat told him

Chris swallowed a piece of his cone. “Me too. I hope we can do it again sometime.”

“I’d like that.”, Kat told him. She would go with him as just friends... but she wanted more. Kat sighed.

“What’s wrong?”, asked Chris

“Wrong?”, repeated Kat. “Oh nothing’s wrong.”, she lied. She was realizing how she had just blown Tommy off. And Carri was right, she used to want to be with Tommy more than anything. But sitting there across from Chris made her forget about Tommy. Kat knew she needed to sort things out.

“Come on, let’s go.”, Chris said finishing the last of his cone. He took her hand and they walked out of the ice cream place hand in hand. “What do you want to do?”

Kat looked at her watch, which read 11:00. “I don’t know... I really need to be getting back to my room. It’s getting late and I have a class to teach at eight tomorrow morning.”

“To the dorm it is then.”, Chris said as they headed in that direction. “What kind of classes do you teach?”

“I teach dance. At the Angel Grove Youth Center.”, Kat told him

“Angel Grove Youth Center?”, repeated Chris. “Where’s that?”

“It’s about twenty minutes away. Which means I have to leave at around 7:15 to get there in time to set up.”, Kat informed him

“Maybe I should go check it out.”, Chris said

“No!”, Kat exclaimed really quickly. Rocky, Jason and Tommy usually came down Saturday mornings to spar. “I mean, the kids don’t like people watching them while they practice. They’re kind of nervous about that.”

“Closed practices huh?”, Chris asked

“Most of the time.”, Kat replied

“Well that’s ok. I can always just come down another time. When you have an open practice.”, Chris suggested

Kat smiled. “I’d like that.”, she told him. Of course she has to break up with Tommy first, if that’s really want she wants to do. She wasn’t completely sure at the moment.

“So, what are you up to tomorrow night?”, asked Chris

“Tomorrow night?”, Kat repeated. She thought for a moment. She actually had plans with Tommy. She could break them, but it might be a good chance to talk to Tommy, and maybe end it. “I have plans tomorrow night.” Kat noticed the sad expression on Chris’s face. “But I’m free Sunday, if you want to do something then.”

Chris’s frown turned into a smile as he replied. “Great. Then it’s set, we’re going to do something Sunday.”

“And what might that be?”, asked Kat

Chris made a face. “I don’t quite know. We can figure it out later.”

“Alright.”, Kat replied. The duo continued to walk back to Kat’s dorm. When they finally made it to her door, they stopped to say their goodbyes.

“I’m glad we went out tonight.”, Chris told her

“Yes.”, Kat agreed as she started to open the door. “It was a lot of fun.”

Kat and Chris stared at each other for a moment, then Chris leaned in and gave her a quick kiss. “Goodnight.”, Chris said leaving

Kat walked into her dorm feeling like she was walking on air. Chris had kissed her. Sure it wasn’t a deep passionate kiss but it was a kiss. Crystal Burgess, her roommate, walked out of the bathroom and saw Kat standing there with a smile on her face. “So what did you and Tommy do this time?”, asked Crystal

“What?”, Kat asked snapping back into reality. “Oh nothing.”

“Nothing?”, Crystal questioned raising an eyebrow. “Then who are you cheating on Tommy with that made you this happy?”

“I wouldn’t cheat on Tommy.”, Kat told her. This wasn’t cheating, was it? They went out as friends. However friends don’t kiss each other. “I have a class to teach in the morning, so I had better get to sleep. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

“Ok, fine, but I still want to know what happened tonight.”, Crystal said as Kat walked over to her bed

Kat sighed as she flopped on her bed. She wasn’t quite sure what was going to happen. She was torn between Tommy and Chris. She still loved Tommy, but Chris... at the thought of him she smiled. Maybe she should break up with Tommy. Maybe they were never meant to be.

The next morning Finster walked into the throne room and approached Zedd with his idea. “My lord, I believe I have a monster that would be worthy of your plan.”

“What is it?”, asked Zedd

“A green eyed dragon.”, replied Finster

“Green eyed dragon?”, questioned Zedd

“Yes.”, Finster said. “That brings out the worst of human jealousy.”

“Well then. A green eyed dragon it is.”, Zedd said then he walked towards the balcony, scanning Angel Grove for Mollie. Once he saw her he aimed his staff at her, and she was turned into a dragon, and her eyes were glowing green.

“How may I serve you Lord Zedd?”, asked Mollie, or Dragoneyes as she was now to be known.

“Go and capture the new love interest of the pink ranger.”, Zedd demanded

“It would be my pleasure.”, Dragoneyes said. Then Zedd ended the communications with her. Dragoneyes walked through the streets yelling at all the innocent people she saw. She walked into Chris’s favorite hang out spot and saw him sitting with a group of his friends. “You’re coming with me!”, exclaimed Dragoneyes as she pointed at Chris

“Um.... no.”, Chris said as he got up and tried to run

“But don’t you like dragons?”, asked Dragoneyes

“Yeah but not dragon monsters.”, Chris told her. Then he tried to escape with all his friends. Dragoneyes threw his friends aside and grabbed him before he could get away. “Where are you talking me?”

“You’ll see.”, Dragoneyes said. Then she took him to one of Zedd’s dark dimensions.

In the Youth Center, Tommy was watching as his two friends Jason and Rocky sparred against each other. He also glanced over at Kat occasionally, who was teaching one of her classes. As he watched the dancers, he heard his two friends getting louder. “Come on guys, keep it up.”

Jason tried to kick Rocky, but Rocky ducked. Then Rocky threw a punch at Jason, which he blocked then immediately threw a punch back which Rocky blocked. After a while Rocky caught Jason off guard and beat him for the first time in a while.

Rocky extended his hand to Jason. “That was quite a work out.”

Taking his hand, Jason stood back up. “Yeah but it was a lot of fun.” Rocky nodded and the two of them went for their bottled waters.

“You guys looked great out there.”, Tommy told them

“Thanks bro.”, Jason said

“Are you sure you’re talking about us?”, Rocky asked pointing to Kat and her students

“Well they look great too.”, Tommy said

“Come on guys, you ready to go?”asked Jason. They were going to the beach. Jason wanted to see Emily, who was working at the beach club, and Tommy was going to come with him. Rocky had to work.

Rocky looked at his watch. “Yup. I’ve got to be at work soon.”

“You know, maybe I won’t go.”, Tommy said watching Kat. “I want to talk to her.”

“That’s cool bro.”, Jason said as he gathered his things

“Yeah. We’ll talk to you later.”, Rocky said putting his bag over his shoulder

“Bye guys.”, Tommy said as they walked out the door

Jason and Rocky walked outside and started heading down the street. “It’s such a nice day out here today.”, Jason commented

“That sucks.”, Rocky said. “I’m going to be busy today.”

Jason laughed. “Sorry Rocko, but the rest of us are going to have fun today.”

“Yeah and...”, Rocky started

“Welcome to your nightmare.”, said Dragoneyes as she appeared in front of the two

The two immediately dropped their bags and jumped into fighting stance. Unfortunately they couldn’t morph because there were still people in the area.

“You’ve picked the wrong people to mess with.”, Rocky told Dragoneyes

Dragoneyes laughed. “Quite the opposite. How would you two like to come with me?”, she asked figuring capturing a few male rangers couldn’t hurt

“That’s not on our agenda for today.”, Jason told her

“How much fun is a day without unplanned events?”, asked Dragoneyes

Rocky looked at Jason. “I don’t know about you, but I like boring.”

“Me too.”, Jason said. “And that means we have to take her down.”

Looking around they saw everyone had finally fled the area. “Let’s do it! It’s morphin time!”, yelled Rocky

Back in the Youth Center, Kat finished up her class. “Alright everyone, that’s all for today.”

The children walked off to their parents and Tommy walked over to Kat. “You do a great job with those kids.”, Tommy told her

Kat blushed. “Thank you.”, she replied

“So, how did it go last night?”, asked Tommy

“Last night?”, she questioned

“Yeah, with that last minute help for your dancer.”, Tommy reminded her

“Oh that.”, Kat said then she smiled. “Well, um...”

Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep.

“Aw man. Looks like we’ll have to talk about this later.”, Tommy said as they walked off to their usual spot. “Go ahead.”

“Jason and Rocky need your help.”, Alpha’s voice came through

“Got it. It’s morphin time!”, yelled Tommy



The pink and red zeo rangers appeared on the scene just in time to see Dragoneyes shoot several powerful green beams from her eyes at their two friends, then attack the two with a burst of red energy, which appeared to be drawn from fire. Rocky and Jason powered down when they hit the ground, and Dragoneyes went after them.

“Stay away from them!”, yelled Tommy as he went to attack along with Kat

But before they could get to Dragoneyes and the two rangers, Dragoneyes grabbed the groggy rangers and disappeared.

“No!”, Kat exclaimed as they were gone

“Come on Kat, let’s get back to the Power Chamber.”, Tommy said then the two teleported off

“Zordon that monster has Rocky and Jason!”, Kat exclaimed

“Aye ai ai! Rangers, according to our scanner Dragoneyes has another human in the same dark dimension that she took Rocky and Jason to.”, Alpha told them

“Who?”, asked Tommy, “And where is it?”

“I can’t be sure.”, Alpha replied. “I need more time to scan the area to figure it out.”

A yellow streak of light appeared followed by Carri. “Sorry, I was having trouble getting away.”, she apologized walking over to the two rangers and Alpha. “What did I miss?”

Tommy turned to her. “Zedd’s new monster, Dragoneyes, has captured Rocky, Jason and a civilian and taken them to one of Zedd’s dark dimensions.”

“This is not good.”, she pointed out the obvious. “So what are we going to do?”

“Well as soon as I get a lock on the others one of you may be able to slip into the dark dimension and rescue them.”, Alpha said

Then the alarm went off. “RANGERS DRAGONEYES IS IN THE PARK AND LOOKING FOR YOU.”, Zordon informed them

“Got it.”, Tommy said. “Back to action!”


Tommy and Kat put their helmets back on and went into battle.

“Ah more rangers for me to take!”, exclaimed Dragoneyes. “And look pinky joined the crowd.”

“What do you want with us?”, asked Kat

“Rita and Zedd want you.”, Dragoneyes told Kat. “As for your friends... they’re mine to kill.”

Tommy laughed. “I don’t think so.”, he said. Then he attacked Dragoneyes and she fired beams at him from her eyes, sending him flying back into a tree.

Kat and Carri grabbed their zeo swords and jumped over Dragoneyes, slashing at her as they flipped. Dragoneyes turned around and focused on them. “Pink ranger you’ve met your match. I’ll destroy you for what you’ve done.”, she paused for a second. “But Lord Zedd wants you, so I’ll have just as much fun killing your yellow friend.”

“Ya know if I didn’t know any better, I’d say she has something personal against us.”, Carri said

“Against me you mean.”, Kat pointed out

“I hate both of you.”, Dragoneyes said. Although she hated Kat more, now that she was a monster she wasn’t fond of Carri either.

“Zeo two power kick!”, Carri yelled jumping up and hitting Dragoneyes. “I’ve had enough talk, let’s hurry up and take her down.”

“I’m not the one going down!”, she yelled firing beams at them

Tommy let out a battle cry as he used his zeo weapon, his sword, to attack Dragoneyes from behind.

“Annoying pest, I thought I got rid of you.”, Dragoneyes said looking at Tommy

“You can’t get rid of me that easily.”, Tommy said triumphantly

“We’ll see about that.”, Dragoneyes told him. Then she hit him with a red blast more powerful than the one she hit Rocky and Jason with.

“Argh!”, Tommy exclaimed as he flew through the air. He hit the ground hard and was powered down and knocked unconscious.

“Tommy!”, Kat yelled holding a hand to him

“Now that he’s out of my hair.”, Dragoneyes said turning back to the two female rangers

Carri and Kat looked at Tommy, who was several feet behind Dragoneyes. Then they glanced at each other. Quicky they both grabbed their swords and flipped over Dragoneyes to get to Tommy. However the monster wasn’t going to make it easy for them. Dragoneyes fired beams at them while they were in mid air. They both fell to the ground and rolled back. When they stopped, they were a few feet away from Tommy.

“Let’s get out of here.”, Kat said grabbing Tommy and teleporting out

“Right behind you.”, Carri said as she followed

Dragoneyes appeared back in the cave and she looked at the boys, who were all chained to the wall. “Your friends weren’t very fun. They left before I could kill them. But the red one... I did get him pretty good. He’ll be out of it for a while now.”

“What are you doing?”, asked Jason

“Isn’t it obvious?”, asked Dragoneyes. “Destroying you.”

“How many monsters say that.”, Rocky rolled his eyes

Dragoneyes ignored his comment.

“Why do you want to destroy us?”, asked Chris. He was extremely confused, he had no clue why a monster would want him or the two guys that were in the room with him.

Looking first at Chris, then at Jason and Rocky, Dragoneyes replied. “Maybe I won’t destroy the three of you. You can keep me company.”

Jason made a face. “You’ve got another thing coming if you think we’re staying here to keep you company.”

Dragoneyes walked over to Rocky and Jason. She first put a hand on Rocky’s face then on Jason’s. “You two will do quite nicely.”, she commented. Then she walked over to Chris.

“Warped.”, Rocky whispered to Jason. “Do they make psych hospitals for monsters?”

Jason started to laugh but he quickly hushed himself when Dragoneyes turned around and glared at him. “Do you think I’m funny?”

“Just crazy.”, Jason replied

“Maybe I will just kill all of you!”, yelled Dragoneyes. “Saving you for last.”, she said directing that towards Chris

“I don’t understand.”, Chris told the monster

“You can watch them all die.”, Dragoneyes replied. “Jason, Rocky, Tommy, Carri and Kat.”

Chris gasped when she said Kat’s name. “Leave Kat alone!”, he yelled

Rocky and Jason exchanged confused glances. Why would Chris be so protective of Kat?

“How come I’m getting the feeling Kat wasn’t with a student last night?”, Jason whispered to Rocky

“I don’t know but I’m getting that feeling too.”, Rocky replied

“Let us go please.”, Chris begged for his life

“That’s not going to happen.”, Dragoneyes told him. Then she walked off.

Tommy was lying on a medical bed, and Alpha was checking him out. “He should be alright rangers, but he may be out for a while.”, Alpha informed them

“What about the other dimension? Have you found it?”, asked Carri

Alpha walked over to one of the consoles and pushed a few buttons. A visual of the dimension appeared on the screen. Dragoneyes was walking around and Rocky, Jason and Chris were chained up.

Kat’s eyes got wide. “Chris.”, she whispered

Carri noticed Kat was in shock. It was then she decided she would be the one to go in after the others. It wasn’t such a good idea for Kat to go after them with Chris being in there. “Alright Alpha now that we know the situation, can we get in?”, she asked

Alpha teleported something into the room. “This is Billy’s invention. It will allow you to travel to another dimension.”

“Great. Tell me how to set it up and I’ll go in after them.”, Carri told the little robot

“But...”, Kat started to protest Carri’s going. After all she did want to go get Chris. But maybe it was for the better Carri went. “I’ll help you set it up. And I’ll stay behind in case Dragoneyes attacks again.”

“I’m the only one who knows how to set it up.”, Billy Cranston said as he appeared in the Power Chamber

“Billy!”, Carri exclaimed as she and Kat went to give him a hug

“Alpha sent a message to me and explained the situation. I was more than happy to come help.”, Billy told them

“Thanks Billy.’, Kat said

“I’ll take Carri and get her into the dimension. Kat, why don’t you stay here to keep an eye on Tommy and watch for any attacks.”, Billy suggested

“Alright.”, Kat said nodding

Billy grabbed one of the pieces that made up his dimensional traveling device while Carri picked up the other one. Then they teleported down to the surface.

“Alright this one goes here.”, Billy said setting his piece down. Then he took the one from Carri. “And this goes over here.”, he told her. Then he started to adjust things on the device. “Now remember the portal won’t stay open for long. You have to go in and quickly get them out.”

“Got it. No stopping and chatting.”, Carri said.

Billy adjusted a few things and the portal opened. However a small hand full of tengas showed up to cause trouble.

“You can’t save your friends.”, one of them squawked

“We don’t have time for this.”, Carri muttered

“Ninja ranger power!”, yelled Billy. Then he transformed into the Blue Wolf Ninjetti.

“But how....”, Carri was confused seeing him holding Ninjetti powers

“Something I did on Aquitar. I went to Phaedos not long after you did, and, well here I am.”, Billy told her. “Now get out of here.”

“Right.”, Carri agreed jumping through the portal

She appeared in Zedd’s dark dimension and hid out of everyone’s view for the moment. Looking around, she saw Dragoneyes yelling something then disappearing.

“This ought to be easy.”, Carri said seeing her friends left out in the open

But a group of Tengas appeared in front of the three boys. “Oh yellow ranger! Come out come out wherever you are!”, taunted a Tenga

“Ninja ranger power!”, she yelled. Then she appeared in front of them. “You want me, you got me.”

Kat saw Billy get attacked on the viewing globe. She started to go help him when the alarm went off.

“Aye ai ai! Dragoneyes is attacking people in the park!”, exclaimed Alpha

“I have to stop her.”, Kat said. “It’s morphin time!”


Kat appeared in the park face to face with Dragoneyes. “Leave them alone.”, she ordered

“Of course.”, Dragoneyes said. “Since it’s you I want.”

“If you want to fight me, I’m right here.”, Kat told her

Dragoneyes laughed. “This is better than I could’ve ever planned it. I captured two rangers, knocked one unconscious and the others are busy with Tengas. It will just be me and you, no backup, no other rangers.” Then she fired at Kat.

Kat jumped out of the way and pulled out her Zeo Pistol, then fired back. She did no damage to Dragoneyes, only angered her.

“Kitty are you getting angry?”, asked Dragoneyes. Then she fired a blast at her just as powerful as the one she had fired at Tommy earlier.

Kat managed to stay out of the way of the powerful part of the shot but she couldn’t get out of the way of it all. She fell to the ground and grabbed her arm in pain.

“Now your mine.” Dragoneyes laughed running towards her

“It’s time for a gold rush!”, Trey yelled as he hit Dragoneyes in the back

“Argh!”, she screamed in pain falling to her knees

Trey ran to Kat’s side. “Are you alright?”, he asked helping her up

“I’ll be fine, thanks.”, Kat said

“Let’s finish her off.”, Trey said

Kat nodded. “We need the Zeo Cannon now!”

The Zeo Cannon appeared in the hands of Kat and Trey. They fired at her and she was brought down. However Zedd and Rita never accept defeat that easily, and they made Dragoneyes grow.

“I need Super Zeo Zord power now!”, yelled Kat. She jumped into her Super Zeo Zord and started another battle with Dragoneyes.

“Face it kitty, you can’t destroy me.”, Dragoneyes told her. She lifted her hand into the air and a sword fell into it. “A gift from Rita and Zedd. Do you like it?”, she asked as she used it to slash the zord

Kat tried to come up with a quick counter attack. However she was having trouble keeping up with Dragoneyes and her new, more powerful sword.

“Need a hand?”, asked Tommy as he arrived with the Red Battlezord

“Tommy! You’re alright!”, exclaimed Kat

“And here to bring her down for good.”, Tommy said pointing at Dragoneyes

“I’d think twice red ranger before I made threats I couldn’t follow through on.”, Dragon eyes said. Tommy started to fire at her but then she used her sword’s power to slash at him then knock him off balance. The Battlezord fell over, knocking into Kat’s Super Zeo Zord and taking them both down.

Trey watched the zords crash and Tommy and Kat fall helplessly to the ground. He looked up at Dragoneyes. “Now you have me to deal with. I call upon the power of Pyramidas!” The large pyramid shaped zord came out of hiding and Trey jumped into it. “Let’s see how you like this.”, he said pressing a button. Pyramidas fired, and finally brought Dragoneyes down.

“I’m going to go check on the others.”, Kat told Tommy after they saw Dragoneyes fall. She walked off. When she was out of sight of anybody, she powered down and headed for the place where the dimensional teleporting device was.

Leaping out of Pyramidas, Trey appeared on the ground beside Tommy. “Thanks man.”, Tommy greeted

“Anytime.”, Trey said

Behind them came a soft moan. They turned around and saw a college aged girl at the place Dragoneyes once stood, trying to get back on her feet.

“Was she....”

Trey interrupted the red ranger. “Yes she was. My sensors picked up something human about the monster, but I didn’t know what it was.”

Both rangers ran to her side. “Here let me help.”, Tommy said helping her up

“Who are you?”, Mollie asked. “And what happened to me?”

“We’re the power rangers.”, Tommy informed her

“Well duh.”, Mollie said

Trey ignored her response and answered her second question. “You were under the control of evil. But you’re alright now.”

Tommy looked at the Gold Ranger. “Can you help her? I’m going to make sure the others got back alright.”

“Alright.”, Trey agreed then he teleported himself and Mollie back into town

While all the action was going on, Carri was fighting tengas in the dark dimension.

“Stupid birds.”, she said flinging them out of the way. “Can’t let me do this the easy way. Gotta interrupt me.”

She threw two of them in Rocky and Jason’s direction. The boys lifted their feet up and kicked the tengas, sending them flying backwards. “Thanks.”, Carri said. “Pretty good work for the hostages.” she added when she saw Chris look at them in amazement

Quickly she finished off the rest of the tengas, then she untied the boys. “Thank you so much. I thought that monster was going to get us.”, Chris said thanking her

Carri smiled. “Just doing my job.” Then she led them through the dimension and to the portal, which was thankfully still open.

As the others came through, Billy finished with the last tenga and they flew back to Zedd. “You’re back.”, he greeted

Rocky and Jason recognized the voice behind the blue ninjetti and they turned to look at each other, both in shock.

“Katherine!”, Chris yelled as she jogged towards them

Kat walked over and gave him a hug. “What happened?”, she asked him

“This horrible monster captured me.”, Chris explained. “And she threatened to kill you.”

“I had a monster chase me. But I was saved by the Gold Ranger.”, Kat told him

“That’s good. Because I’d really miss you if something were to have happened.”, Chris replied

Kat nodded. “Me too.”

They looked into each others eyes for a moment. Then Chris leaned in and gave Kat a kiss.

The other rangers stood there wide eyed as they kissed. “Some friend.”, mumbled Carri

A flash of red light appeared on the scene. The red ranger was only there for a few seconds before he quickly left.

“Shit.”, muttered Jason. “He’s got to be torn up right now.”

“Student. Sure.”, Rocky said in a low voice

Chris and Kat broke apart. They didn’t even notice the evil glares that the four standing there were giving them. They were just happy to be together. And Kat had finally made her choice.

“We have to be getting back.”, Billy said going to pick up one piece of the device and Carri the other.

“Thanks for saving us.”, Jason said as they teleported off

“Isn’t this cool. We got to meet the yellow and blue rangers.”, Chris said

“Ninjetti.”, Rocky corrected in a voice so low only Jason heard

“Yeah. It was pretty neat.”, Kat said. Then she let him put her hand in his as they walked off. Once they were completely out of sight, Rocky and Jason teleported to the Power Chamber.

“I can’t believe it.”, Tommy said. “I thought.... I thought she loved me.”

Carri put her hand on his shoulder. “Maybe it wasn’t meant to be.”

“I.... I don’t know. I have to think.”, Tommy said. Then he teleported out just as Jason and Rocky teleported in.

“Where’s Tommy?”, asked Jason

“You just missed him.”, Billy replied

“I need to find him and talk to him.”, Jason said

“Give him a few minutes alone. He needs it.”, Carri told him

Rocky looked at her. “Did you lie for Kat?”, he asked

“Well”, Carri started. She saw the look that the male rangers were giving her. She sighed. “Kat promised that they were only going out as friends. I didn’t know she was going to make out with him or whatever. At least not ‘till she talked to Tommy.”

“It’s ok. We know you wouldn’t try and wreck their relationship.”, Jason told her

“I’m surprised Kat did that.”, Rocky said

Billy nodded. “This isn’t like her at all.”

“That’s what I said when she first told me about Chris and how they were going out as friends. But she seemed different. It’s something about being with Chris.”, Carri replied

“Does Chris even know about Tommy?”, asked Jason

Carri shook her head no. “Not unless she just told him.”

They were all silent for a moment. They looked at each other. After a few seconds Rocky spoke up and switched topics. “So anyway, Billy, you’re a ninjetti again huh?”

Billy smiled. “Yes, thanks to something I did while I was on Aquitar. Dulcea said I could have them back.”

“That’s great. And you’re blue again.”, Rocky pointed out

“Yes I am.”, Billy replied

“So everyone who gets their ninjetti powers back gets their old ninjetti color right?”, asked Jason

“All the old ninjettis are to receive their old colors.”, Billy answered

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but what about Aisha? I thought she was the yellow ninjetti.”, Jason questioned

“She was.”, Billy said. “But, well when she went to Africa it was almost as though her entire life changed. Everyone still has the memories of her being the yellow ninjetti but it was like she was never her to be the yellow ninjetti.”

“But I’m the yellow ninjetti.”, Carri pointed out. “And I wasn’t the yellow ninjetti before.”

“With Aisha gone it’s more like that spot was never filled before.”, Billy explained

“That explains it.”, Jason said

“Well I need to get back.”, Billy told them. “I’m glad I could help you.”

Carri gave Billy a hug. “Thanks, we really needed you.”

The two guys both shook Billy’s hand. “Yeah we couldn’t have done it without you.”, Rocky told him and Jason agreed

Billy smiled as he left the room, heading back to Aquitar.

Jason spoke after Billy had left. “I think I’ve given Tommy time. I’m going to go talk to him.”

Rocky and Carri nodded as Jason teleported out.

Kat and Chris were walking along the beach hand in hand when they saw Mollie walking towards them.

Chris smiled at her. “Hello Mollie.”

Mollie smiled back. “Hey Chris. So.... this is your new girlfriend?”

“Mollie, meet Kat.”, Chris introduced them. “And Kat, this is my ex-girlfriend Mollie.”

“Nice to meet you.”, Kat said extending her hand

After she paused to think about it, Molle did take Kat’s hand and shook it. “Mind if I join you on your walk?”, she asked

“Not at all.”, Chris said

“Thanks.”, Mollie replied as she joined them

Kat couldn’t help but think about how awkward this was, hanging out with Chris’s ex-girlfriend. Of corse he was going to have to hang out with her ex-boyfriend.... who she hasn’t even broken up with yet. Kat sighed.

“What’s wrong?”, asked Chris

“Hmm?”, Kat asked. “Oh nothing really.”

“You sure?”, Chris replied. “Because that was more than a ‘nothing’s wrong’ sigh.”

Kat squeezed his hand. “Positive.”

“Well I - oof!”, Mollie exclaimed as she fell to the ground. Turning around she saw a guy bent over next to her, picking up a football.

“‘Ello.”, he said in a heavy British accent. “Sorry about that.”, he said extending a hand to help her up

Mollie smiled at him. “That’s ok.”

“Abs.”, Steven “Abs” Insco said extending his hand to her

“Strange name.”, she told him. “Mollie.”, she said taking his hand

Abs grinned and put his hand on his chest. “Well, it’s nice to meet you Mollie.” he said then he threw the football down the line to his friend jogging over to the side to play catch some more

“So where were we?”, asked Mollie

“I believe you were getting ready to say something.”, Chris told her

Mollie thought for a moment. “Oh I was going to say - oof!”, she exclaimed falling to the ground once again

“Terrible sorry.”, Abs said extending his hand down to her, helping her up again. “See my friend down there? He can’t throw. He just likes to pretend. Pretty good at it too, he’s got this whole leader attitude about it, makes him look like he knows what he’s doing.”

“That’s alright.”, Mollie accepted his second apology

“That’s Mike. Say hello Mike.”, Abs pointed to his friend

Mike Corbett smiled and waved in their direction.

“Pretty nice guy. He goes to college with me. He wants to go into space one day. Or join the military. Whichever.”, Abs said. “Me, I don’t know what I want to do with my life yet. Have fun for now. What about you, what are you doing?”

“You go to the college? Me too. Haven’t chosen my major yet.”, Mollie replied

“Sounds like me.”, Abs said smiling. “So anyway, I was wondering if you’d like to have dinner with me tonight.”

Mollie blinked. She didn’t expect that. But after a few seconds she smiled. “Sure I’d love to go.”

“Good. Glad to hear it.”, Abs said. Then he put the football in her hands. “Can you throw it?”

Mike motioned with his hands for her to throw it his way. She smiled as she flung it down at him. Not very pretty, but it got to him.

“Not bad. Want to play catch with us?”, Abs asked. Then he glanced at Chris and Kat. “Unless of course you’re busy.”

Mollie gave Chris a look that said “I’m going to no matter what you think”. Chris smiled. “Talk to you later Mollie.”, he said taking Kat’s hand and led her off

They talked for a while before Chris glanced down at his watch. “I promised some of my friends I’d meet them later this afternoon.”

“That’s fine.”, Kat said giving him a kiss in the cheek. “I have something I need to do anyway.”

“Alright. I’ll call you.”, Chris said. He smiled at her as he walked off. Then Kat went to find Tommy.

“Tommy!”, Jason called out to his best friend

Tommy stopped pounding the punching bag and looked up at him. “What?”, he snapped

“Bro you need someone to talk to.”, Jason told him

“No I don’t.”, Tommy said slamming the bag harder than he had before

Jason grabbed the bag. Tommy glanced up at him. “Did you know?”

“Nobody knew she was dating him.”, Jason said. “Kat surprised us with that kiss as much as she did you.”

Tommy sat in the floor. “Why? Why would Kat do this to me? I thought.... I thought we had something.”

Jason sat down beside him. “I don’t know why she would do that. But Tommy you deserve better than that. What about Kim?”

“What about Kim? She’s in Florida. And who’s to say she still even cares about me at all. Maybe she found someone else too.”, Tommy said

“You don’t know that.”, Jason told him. “I’m sure she still loves you.”

Sighing, Tommy leaned back and used his arms to prop himself up. “What’s wrong with me? I can’t keep a girlfriend. First Kim, now Kat.”

Jason smiled. “Well maybe you’re just dating the wrong sex. It might just be girls. You should try....”, he was laughing as he spoke

But Tommy never let Jason finish his sentence as he shoved him over. “Don’t even say it bro.”

Jason jumped up. “Hey you want a piece of me?”, he joked

Tommy laughed as he stood up and faced him. “You’re on.”, he said. Then they started to spar.

The guys were having a lot of fun, something that Tommy needed. At a pause Jason looked up and saw Kat heading their way. Jason pointed at her. “Hey bro, I’ll talk to you later.”

Tommy turned around and saw her coming. He whipped the sweat off his forehead then pushed away the stray pieces of his hair. “Hello Katherine.”

“Tommy.... I need to talk to you.”, she told him

Turning his back, Tommy answered. “There’s not much to say.”

Kat walked to his side. “I have a lot to say.”

“What?”, snapped Tommy

Kat looked down at the ground. She knew she was responsible for all of Tommy’s pain. “I didn’t mean to hurt you Tommy.”

“They why did you?”, he asked

“Because.... well I don’t even know why I did what I did. I met Chris and it was like sparks went flying. And we went out as friends but it came to more than that.”, Kat told him. “Besides you never loved me anyway, you always have had Kim.”

“Kat that’s not true! I do love you! At least I did until I saw you kissing Chris. That broke my heart into a million pieces.”, Tommy told her

“Like mine didn’t break when I saw you kiss Kim in Florida.”, Kat snapped

“I never meant for that to happen Kat.”, Tommy told her

“And I never meant for this to happen. But it did.”, Kat replied. “And unlike Florida, I don’t want to make up and get past this. I want.... I want to date Chris.”

After a few moments of silence Tommy spoke. “So this is it huh?”

“Tommy you will always hold a special place in my heart. But.... but I fell for Chris. I’m sorry, and I’ll understand if you never want to see me again.”, Kat apologized

Tommy looked at her, and pulled her into a hug. “We’ll always be friends.”

“Friends.”, Kat whispered back returning his hug

The two broke apart. Kat smiled at her ex-boyfriend, then she slowly turned and walked away, ending their nine month relationship.

The End