"Best In the Bigs" Part 2
By: KJ Holland

Ding Dong!

"I'm coming!", Carri yelled as she ran down the stairs

It was 6:30 and Rocky was there to pick her up for the party.

Ding Dong!

Carri yanked the door open. "Did you not hear me the first time?", she asked

"Yes. But I felt like ringing the doorbell a second time. Got a problem with that?", Rocky asked

"Actually, yeah.", she told him

"Too bad.", Rocky said

Carri started to walk out the door and close it behind her.

"You look good tonight.", Rocky complimented her

"I know.", she said, bragging about herself as she walked away from the door

Rocky caught up with her and grabbed her waist from behind.

"Yes?", she asked

"I just managed to say something nice, and you couldn't even say thank you?", he asked

"Nope.", she said then paused, "Actually I could've, but I didn't want to."

"You're not worth the trouble.", Rocky complained

"Then why are you with me?", she asked

"I don't know. Let me think about that one and get back to you.", he teased

By that time they had made their way to the car. Carri got in the passenger side and Rocky in the drivers, and they headed off to the first "official" team function of the year.


Carri and Rocky walked into the door of Mark's house, which was huge! His parents had to have been billionaires or something similar.

"Hey!", Mark yelled from across the room

"Hey!", Rocky yelled back as they met each other half way and exchanged high fives

Mark walked over to Carri.

"I don't believe we've had a chance to properly be introduced. I'm Mark Matthews.", he said extending his hand

Rocky, seeing that Carri was fitting in, left her to hang with some of his boys.

Carri shook his hand. "Carri Hillard."

"Well Carri, let me the first to say congratulations.", he said

"Actually it's more like the... 7th or 8th or something, but still, thanks.", she told him

"For the last few months we prayed for a good pitcher to replace Greg and look what came to us. We are thankful.", Mark informed her

"Once again, I thank you. But I can't do anything without 8 excellent players behind me. And, from what I saw today, you definitely qualify as one of them.", she said, telling him what she thought

"You know, if we keep complimenting each other like this, we'll get along pretty well.", Mark joked

"You know it.", Carri said then she walked away to socialize


"So, who are we going to use as our pawn in my brilliant scheme?", King Mondo asked

"I don't know. But I do have a few prospects.", answered Queen Machina

"Dad, let's attack now.", Prince Sprocket suggested

"No, that would defeat the purpose. We have the rangers totally unaware that I am about to release one of the oldest, simplest, and most deadly creatures of all time. Klank, how close are we?", Mondo asked his number one man

"Well, as soon as the cogs finish installing and reconfigurating the final components, all we will be missing in one thing.", Klank informed him

"And, if things keep going this way, we will be through by tomorrow.", Machina said with glee


Carri introduced herself to everyone on the team. With the exception of Cory, she got mostly warm receptions. She didn't talk to Kevin. Her thoughts on him were probably illegal in 48 states. Carri went to get a soda from the food table. Which happened to be where two of the cheerleaders happened to be.

"Hello.", she greeted them as she grabbed her drink

"Like, hello.", the head cheerleader, Missy Elliot said

"Like, woah, you're a girl.", said Missy's friend Kitty Carlisle

"Like, no duh.", Carri said, making fun of them

"So, like, why are you here?", asked Missy

"Because, like, I'm on the like, baseball team.", she told them

"Like, oh my gosh! Like, totally cool!", exclaimed Kitty

"Like, I know.", she said

"So, like, are all of you alike?", Carri asked referring to their authentic valley girl talk and the way they bounced their blond hair with their hand while making sure it was in place.

"Like no way. There are like, some of us who like, don't have a car.", Missy said

"But like, you all like, talk the same way and act the same way?", said Carri as she mastered the hair thing

"Like, of course. Like, duh.", said Kitty

"Hmm. You are like, the only blonds I've ever met who like, meet the stereotype.", Carri informed them

They stood there for a second before they said, "Like thank you!"

Carri walked away trying hard not to laugh. Who in the world assigned the worlds biggest ditzes to be Angel Grove's cheerleaders.


Time passed by. Eventually it was 9:30, which is when all of the fun stuff started.

"Ok, listen up.", Mark said as he grabbed the microphone from the live band, "In just a few minutes we're going to do everyone's favorite thing, but first here are the cheerleaders to do a handful of everyone's favorite cheers."

"Oh wow. Now the party can really start.", said Carri sarcastically

Carri moved to the back of the crowed of ball players where she was quickly joined by one of the rookies.

"They don't have 1 brain cell among them", he said

"So I've noticed.", Carri commented

"You're... wait a sec, don't tell me... Jake Littrell, right?", she asked

"Yup. Taking over at third base for our dear departed friend. Who I never even knew, so it doesn't really matter.", Jake informed her

"I'm in the same position. But I've heard I have big shoes to fill.", she said

"Me too. However, your job will be a little more difficult.", he told her

"Jeeze, thanks.", Carri said

"Although I don't doubt you can do it, and I wish you the best of luck.", Jake said

"You too.", she told him

They both stood there and made rude comments about the cheerleaders, until they shut up. Which didn't happen soon enough.

"That was I close one. I didn't think I'd make it to the end.", Carri said letting out a sigh of relief

"I know. Man do they suck. You and I could do better without even trying.", Jake said

"Tell me about it. Although I don't think the guys would like us much because you wouldn't fair to well in that top and skirt and I prefer to wear clothes.", she informed him

"Seriously!", he exclaimed

Carri was having fun talking to Jake, who seemed like a pretty nice guy. But he's looking at me kind of weird. Maybe I should tell him I have a boyfriend. No, I'm probably reading too much into it. He's just a friend She thought

Jake stared at Carri, looking deep into her eyes, which were some of the most gorgeous brown eyes he had ever seen. And her eyes matched the rest of her, gorgeous. How did I get so lucky? Not only did I make the team, but I get to work every day with her. One of the most good looking girls I have ever seen. I wonder if she has a boyfriend. No, she can't. She would've brought him with her. And the only people I've seen her talk to are ball players. I'll have to ask her out. But she is so gorgeous! What if she rejects me? Jake thought, which went along with Carri's original thoughts

Rocky knew exactly what the next part of the evening was, so he called to Carri to get her to come over to stand by him.

Upon hearing Rocky, Carri excused herself from her conversation with Jake. "I'll talk to you later.", she told him

"Alright.", Jake said, counting the seconds until he saw her again

Carri walked over to Rocky. "What?", she asked

"Just stand here and listen.", said Rocky

Carri shrugged her shoulders and tuned back into Mark.

"....and without further ado, everyone's favorite part of the evening, I want each and every one of you, me and Brad included, to grab one of the members of the team.", Mark said

Rocky grabbed onto Carri's arm.

"Everyone paired up?", Mark asked

"Yup.", was the crowd's response

"Ok then. We'll turn it over to the band leader.", Mark said giving him back the mike as he and Brad Thompkins, their catcher, stepped down

"Alright. We're going to play a slow song. And you get to dance with your partner.", said the band's leader

Everyone moaned and groaned, excluding last years players. They actually enjoyed this part.

"And we get to call the shots.", Joey Smales, the band leader/guitar player said

"Hey DeSantos, from this day forth you suck!", some rookie yelled, angered that he wasn't the one dancing with the only girl eligible

"I knew what was coming!", Rocky yelled back

"Ok, now I want everybody to put your arms around your partner and get in close.", Joey said, pausing to make sure everyone did as they were told, "Now we are going to play a short, 3 minute song as you dance."

The band played the song. Everyone had fun. Of corse, everyone but the seniors left over from last year were imagining it was a cheerleader they were dancing with. Except Jake, who was picturing Carri in his arms.

Eventually the song was over and the guys quickly let go of their partners.

"Not so fast!", Joey yelled. "It's rude to dance with someone without a goodnight kiss. So come on, let's see it. A pec on the cheek, that's all."

Carri and Rocky did it first, and the rest of their teammates reluctantly followed their example.

Mark went back and grabbed the mike again. "Ok, now wasn't that fun! Now, you guys have a half hour before I kick your lazy no good sorry behinds out of my place. Get it? Good.", he said sounding like a drill sargent, "Now, have fun.", he said switching to the sweet trusting tone of voice

Everyone kept on doing what they were doing before. Carri chatted with Rocky and Adam for a few minutes before going to have final words for the night with the rest of her team. Finally it was 10:30. Everyone left slowly, Rocky and Carri being the last ones out of the door, because they were chatting with Mark.


"So, how's my star pitcher doing tonight?", Mr. Brown asked his son as soon as he walked through the door

"Dad, I'm not the star pitcher.", Kevin informed him

"You're not?!?! Well, tell me the name of the boy who did better than you. Do I know him? It wasn't Cory was it? Because you pitch ten times better than him.", Mr. Brown said letting his anger show

"Carri Hillard.", Kevin muttered

"What? Did you say Carri?", Mr. Brown asked

"Yes sir.", Kevin said

"Carri! That's a woosie name! What man in their right mind would name their son...", Mr. Brown's voice trailed off as he noticed Kevin staring at his feet. "It's not a guy is it?"

Kevin shook his head no.

"I can't believe you lost to a girl! How dare you! You can't be my son. You had a promising career! She's screwing you up! I'll tell you what. You are going to go out there next week and show him that you are much better that any girl! You understand me?", Mr. Brown asked after going off on his son

Kevin nodded his head yes as he ran upstairs to his room. He slammed the door and started throwing things around, cursing and screaming about how and who he lost his starting position to.


Carri woke up around 11:30 Sunday morning. She sat up and stretched, and her left arm went over her head. Her right arm only made it about halfway. Then she let it drop, partly because it pulled itself back and partly because it hurt. I guess being out of the game for so long that coming and pitching for a half hour or so wasn't such a hot idea. Carri thought

Carri hopped out of bed and wondered over to her bathroom. She had been so tired the night before she plopped into bed the minute she got home and never gave a shower a thought.

After her shower she got dressed, grabbed her gym bag and went downstairs, her arm still sore. So she took to Tylenol and went to see where Kat had wondered off to. They were supposed to have a girls afternoon. An hour or so shopping, and hour or so at the gym, that sort of thing.

Carri walked over to the bottom of the stairs. "Kat!", she yelled

Kat opened her door and came down. "Sleeping beauty has risen."

"And she still hasn't seen her prince.", Carri joked

"Are you ready to go?", Kat asked

"Got my gym bag in one had and my credit card in the other. So, yes.", Carri said

"Alrighty then.", said Kat as the two walked out of the door and headed for their first stop, the mall


Carri and Kat walked into the local gym after 3 hours worth of shopping. Carri went straight for some light weights.

"Trying to build up arm muscle?", Kat asked

"Not as much muscle as endurance. You have no idea what my poor arm is going through. I think it's about to fall off.", Carri joked

"Not a good thing. But it serves you right. You think you can jump right back into a routine. Speaking of a routine, when are your practices?", Kat asked

"Mondays and Wednesdays from the last week in September, this week, all the way through the first week in November. Then batting and pitching practice is optional. But trust me, I will be working out at least once a week between November and February. I'd hate for this to happen twice.", said Carri motioning toward her sore arm

"Sounds like fun. Darn that, I don't get to be involved.", Kat said sarcastically

"Oh hush!"

Kat went and jumped onto the first open treadmill. Carri stayed and worked her arm muscles for a while before joining Kat.


"So dad, when do we hit them with our plan?", Prince Sprocket asked

"Soon son. We've got to attack when they least expect it.", Mondo answered

"But dad, we haven't attacked for days!", Sprocket exclaimed

"I know. We'll attack them for two days with cogs, so they'll be totally confused. And, on Wednesday, during the rangers ball practice is when we send in my latest creation.", Mondo explained


At 6:50 am Monday morning Carri came downstairs and met Kat at the door, ready to walk to school.

"I'm impressed.", said Kat

"Me too.", Carri admitted

"Are you ready to go?", Kat asked

"You betcha.", Carri responded

"Alright then.", Kat said as the duo left, locking the door behind them


Carri waltzed into the halls of Angel Grove High. As usual, she went to her locker along with Kat, who was the only other ranger with a locker near hers. But unlike every other day, there was a guy waiting at her locker. And it wasn't Rocky.

"Hello.", Carri said, greeting Jake

"Hi.", he greeted her back

"How are you?", she asked as she fooled with the lock on her locker

"Fine. How was your Sunday?", he asked

"Eh. Went shopping. Went to the gym. Nothing important.", Carri informed him as her locker opened

"You're just mad that they had to order those shoes to get your size.", Kat butted in

"That's because I am the world's most impatient person.", Carri replied

"I know.", Kat said, "You're also the most lazy, procrastinating, loud.."

Carri cut her off. "The point has been gotten."

"Just trying to enforce it."

Jake stared from Carri to Kat, trying to get Carri to introduce him. She finally caught on.

"Kat, this is one of my teammates, Jake Littrell. Jake, this is my cousin Kat Hillard.", she said

"Nice to meet you.", he said

"Nice to meet you too.", said Kat

Carri slammed her locker.

"I don't think you're parents heard that!", Kat exclaimed

"Do you want me to try it again?", Carri asked

Kat gave her a look.

Carri shrugged. "Just a question."

"So, I'm heading across campus. Are you coming?", Kat asked

"I don't have anything better to do.", Carri said

"What's across campus?", Jake asked

"Some friends of ours.", Carri told him

"Oh.", was all Jake had to say. "Look, I've got some work I have to do. Do you mind if I leave you guys?"

"No, not at all.", Carri said

"Good. Do you think I could see you later?", he asked

"Come find me at lunch. We can chat then.", Carri let him know

"Ok.", said Jake as he turned around and left

"Come on, let's go find your man.", Carri said as she and Kat walked in the other direction

"He's not my man.", Kat said

"Not yet.", Carri told her


Jake walked away and felt like hitting himself. I had the perfect opportunity! She was standing there, all alone, and I couldn't manage to ask her out. I am such an idiot! I have to ask her to the movies on Friday. I'm not going to be shy about this. But I still think she'll reject me. She's so beautiful! Jake thought.


By lunch time Carri was bursting with energy. She ran into the lunchroom, followed by her friends.

"I would be walking with you, but I don't want anybody to associate us.", Rocky told her

"I'm glad I'm not the only one!", Tommy exclaimed

"That makes two of us.", said Adam

"Make that three.", said Kat

"You all suck. You're just jealous you don't have half my energy.", she said

Rocky rolled his eyes.

"Why don't you two girls go sit somewhere. We'll get lunch today.", said Tommy

"Hey, no fair sticking me with crazy girl!", teased Kat

"No comment.", said Carri

The guys left for the line and the girls went to grab a round table. Not but a few seconds after they sat down, Jake joined them.

"Hello.", greeted Kat and Carri

"Hi. Well, here I am.", Jake said, almost hitting himself after realizing how stupid he sounded

"I'm here too. But I don't want to be. I'd rather be at home, in bed, asleep. But I don't have much of a choice.", Carri complained

"Don't mind her. We've all come to the conclusion she's on something.", Kat told Jake

Carri stuck her tongue out.

"I don't think she's on something. She's just overly energetic.", Jake said sucking up to her

There was a few seconds of awkward silence then the boys came back with lunch.

"Pizza for everyone, and just grab a soda.", said Rocky as he and Tommy each put one of their slices of pizza and two sodas on the table

"I wasn't that hungry anyway.", Carri kidded with Rocky

"If that's not enough, I could consider sharing.", said Rocky as he sat down his 2 slices

"That's ok.", Carri said as she started eating

"Hey.", Adam said when he noticed Jake at their table

"Hello.", said Rocky

"Hi.", Jake greeted his buddies

Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep.

"Ug!", Kat exclaimed a little too loudly

"Could you excuse us?", Carri asked

"What was that?", Jake wanted to know

"Um, it was my pager. Must be important. We'll be right back.", said Rocky making it up as he spoke

"Ok.", said Jake obviously believing it

The rangers got up and walked outside, then quickly into an empty classroom.

"What is it Zordon?", asked Tommy


"We're on it.", said Tommy, then he looked around to make sure they were absolutely, positively, 100 percent alone. When he was sure there was nobody around, he yelled quietly, "It's morphin time!"







The rangers returned to the cafeteria about a minute before the bell.

"No time to sit and eat. Guess we have to take lunch to class.", said Adam

"Sorry we took so long. I guess...", Carri was interrupted by the bell, "we'll see you at practice."

Everybody grabbed their pizza and left. Jake got up and walked away.

The page must have been important for them to have been gone that long. Oh well. As Carri said, I'll see her at practice Jake thought as he left.


"Alright, listen up!", Coach Anderson yelled

Everyone gathered around him and paid attention.

"I want the position players to spend the first half of practice at the cages. Pitchers and catchers, you're on the field. After an hour, we'll switch. That way everyone gets time somewhere.", he told them

"Yes sir.", was the response he got

Carri walked over and stepped onto the mound. Following her closely was Kevin.

"What do you think you're doing?", he asked

"Practicing.", she told him

"I think I go first.", he said

"No, she goes first. She's our starter, so she goes first like she would in a game.", Coach Anderson corrected Kevin

Kevin walked toward the dugout and slammed his glove against the wall. Coach gave him the dirtiest look.

"Come on Carri, let's see your stuff.", Coach said

Carri got the sign and threw one right down the middle. Then she did it again, and again. And every time the pitch went about where she wanted it to. There was a ball here and there, other than that, she was flawless.

"I hate her! Why can't she just screw up like the rest of us!", Kevin complained from the dugout

"Come on man, let it drop. What can we do?", Cory asked

"We could kill her.", Kevin said out of anger

"Go home. Get some sleep. Think about it. She is pretty good. We could use the extra arm.", Cory told him

Kevin was getting ready to yell at him when the coach called for him.

"Time for your 20 minute practice!", he yelled. "Carri, go ahead and head toward the cage. We're done here.", Coach Anderson said as she was walking away

Carri went into the dugout and put her glove down. She looked for her bat, but someone had already taken it to the cages.

On her way out, Cory grabbed her by the arm and stopped her.

"Hey Carri.", he said

"What?", she asked

"Nice job.", he said as he let her go

"Thanks.", she replied as she walked away


Practice went by quickly. Carri got a few good swings in at the cage while the rest of the team practiced fielding. After practice, everyone changed and came back onto the field so they could cut through to get to their cars, or in some cases walk, and go home.

Carri met up with Adam and Rocky when she got on the field. She hadn't had a chance to talk to them since school ended. Besides that, they were her ride home.

"So, how did you do?", Rocky asked

"Eh. Pretty good. Although I know I will get better. At least, I hope I will.", she told him

"Well, if you're not in top shape now then I can't wait to see you when you are!", Adam exclaimed

Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep.

"Not again!", Carri yelled

Carri, Rocky and Adam walked off to a place where they couldn't be seen just as Jake walked onto the field. I wonder where they went? That's ok. I'll just talk to her tomorrow. And the next day, and the next. And hopefully many days after that Jake thought.


"What is it Alpha?", Tommy asked fresh off finishing up chemistry problems with Kat

"There are cogs in the park.", Alpha informed them

"Right. We're on it.", Tommy said "It's morphin time!"




"What's wrong Alpha?", Rocky asked after he and his teammates got to a person free spot

"There are more cogs in the park. Tommy and Kat are there. You need to join them now.", said Alpha

"We're on our way.", Rocky told him. "It's morphin time!"





Rocky, Carri and Adam got to the park right after Kat and Tommy.

"We're here.", said Rocky

"Alright. Let's give the cogs a warm welcome.", Tommy said

"Right.", said the other 4 in unison

The cogs and the rangers engaged in a long, tiresome battle. After a good 20 minute fight, the cogs quit.

"Twice in one day. They must just be doing this to aggravate us!", exclaimed Carri

"All I know is I'm going home and getting some sleep.", said Kat

"Join the club.", Rocky said

"Alright, you three get your stuff and come back to Kat's house. We'll talk then.", Tommy suggested

The others nodded their head in agreement. And with that, they teleported back to wherever they were.


Carri opened the door and threw her stuff onto the floor. She was quickly followed by Rocky and Adam.

"So, what do you think?", Rocky asked

"I don't know. We talked to Zordon and he said this may be an attempt to tire us. This could also be an attempt to divert us, or catch us off guard.", Tommy repeated what Zordon had said

"How about pissing us off?", Carri suggested as she walked out of the kitchen with drinks on a tray

"Thanks.", said Tommy taking one of the 5 drinks from her tray, "I don't think making us mad is a motive. Although, it's a good idea but I think this time the cogs are to keep us on our toes."

"I just hope they don't keep this up for much longer. I hate having to deal with them all day.", complained Kat

"I don't know. I'm split on this. I'll bet they have some twisted ulterior motives.", Adam said

"All I know is there were 2 attacks in one day, and we haven't seen a monster yet.", Rocky pointed out

"Rocky's right. That may mean one is on it's way. Which is what I'm afraid of. Remember that junk they took from the junkyard?", Tommy asked

"What about it?", asked Adam

"Well, Billy thinks that Mondo has some new monster that could devastate us if they use what they've got wisely. Which, because it's Mondo, wisely is probably how they used it.", Tommy told them

"What should we do?", asked Kat

"I think we should just keep fighting cogs until we know more.", suggested Rocky

"Right.", Tommy agreed

And with that the Rangers broke up their meeting. Kat and Carri went to shower and the boys went home.


Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep.

Carri, Rocky and Tommy heard their communicator go off at the end of second period.

They rushed to the end of the hallway and went into a janitor's closet.

"What?", Tommy whispered

"More cogs in the park. You need to get there immediately.", Alpha informed them

"Right. It's morphin time!", Tommy whispered/yelled




Tommy, Rocky and Carri joined Kat and Adam at the cog scene. They spent about ten or fifteen minutes fighting the cogs. Then they went back to school, each one of them having to make up an excuse for being late to class.


"Anymore cog fights and I swear I'm going to scream. Or maybe teleport to Mondo's house and kill him. Dead.", Carri whined as she and Rocky walked to her house

"I donno if I'd let you do that by yourself. The others might get jealous.", Rocky told her

"Grr. Anyway, time to watch the Astros beat the Cardinals.", Carri said as they stepped onto her street

"You'd better hope so. Because if they loose, they're out of the playoffs.", Rocky informed her

"Don't talk about that. You'll send them bad vibes.", Carri told him

"If you say so.", said Rocky

Rocky and Carri walked up her driveway and she opened the door so they could get in.


Tommy, Kat and Adam were chilling at the Youth Center. They were enjoying their afternoon, talking and getting ready to spar. At least Adam and Tommy were.

"Adam, Tommy is going to kill you. Don't even try.", Kat told Adam

"Kat! Don't be a pessimist!", Adam yelled

"She's not being a pessimist. She's telling you the truth.", said Tommy

"Thank you for your defense.", Kat said

"Anytime.", Tommy told her

"Come on Tommy, you know you have no chance.", Adam boasted

"HA!" Tommy yelled

The boys jumped onto the mat and got ready to spar.

"Come on Tommy!", yelled Kat

"Hey!", exclaimed Adam

"Yay Adam.", she said

"Thanks for the enthusiasm.", Adam said sarcastically

"No problem.", said Kat


"AHHH! NO!", Carri yelled, "Rocky cover my eyes." Rocky did as he was told. "No, don't." He took his hand off. "Wait! No, never mind. Bil-ly!"

"Ouch. Another one. I'm sorry. Um.... well.... look on the bright side. Only down by seven. And once he gets this last out, the next three batters are Biggio, Bagwell, and Bell.", Rocky said trying to comfort her

"Seven runs up already. And only one out.", complained Carri as she covered her own eyes for a second

Rocky was sitting on the far left of the couch. Carri was sitting on the couch with her feet up on the right side arm and her head leaning against Rocky's shoulder as she watched her team fall.

"NOT AGAIN!", she yelled as she covered her eyes

"Wait! Look! Strike three. Down goes Pagnozzi. One last chance for you.", Rocky told her

Carri uncovered her eyes. "Woo-hoo! Only down by 8. We have a slight chance in hell.", Carri said

"Well... you could might possibly maybe get in..", Rocky said

Carri rolled her eyes.

"Oh. Ok. Let's just watch.", said Rocky. "Look, Biggio's on base."

"Cooladge. Oh oh oh! Look! Bagwell hit the ball! First and third! Wow!", exclaimed Carri

"See. I told you that you guys had a chance.", Rocky said

"Wait! Bell hit the ball! And it's going really far! Keep going... HOME RUN!", yelled Carri as she pumped her fist.

"Only down by five.", Rocky said

"Yeah. But think of who's coming up next.", Carri said

"You guys tried.", Rocky said in a supportive tone of voice

Carri watched the end of the game. The next three batters were easy outs for Eckersly.

"Hmm. Well, we tried.", Carri said calmly before she started yelling, "You big dummies! I can't believe you let them beat you! The Cardinals for crying out loud!"

"I don't know what to tell you. The only comfort that I can offer is that the Dodgers are going to the playoffs.", teased Rocky

Carri sat up then turned around and hit him. "Stop gloating!", she exclaimed

Rocky and Carri were messing around, kind of "fighting", having fun before they heard the sound that always ruins their fun.

Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep.

"Aw man!", exclaimed Carri

"What is it?", Rocky asked answering his communicator

"Rangers, it is more cogs in the park. Please teleport immediately.", said Alpha

"We're on it.", said Rocky as he and Carri reluctantly got up

"It's morphin time!", yelled Rocky




"Come on Adam. You guys have been at this for a while now. You've already lost five times!", exclaimed Kat

"I'm not quitting until I win.", Adam informed her

"Man I don't have all night! Give up! You can't beat me, I'm the sparring champ! I've only lost.... a few times.", Tommy said

"But I'm not included. I won't rest until I make you look bad.", said Adam

"Boys! Adam! You do know that this will take an eternity and we don't have that much longer until closing time.", informed Kat

"All I need is one more chance.", said Adam confidently

Tommy just stood there with a "when pigs fly" look on his face.

"Alright man. One more time.", Tommy said

"I've got the edge. I've worn you out.", Adam said

"Please. Don't you think I've heard that one before?", asked Tommy

"And Tommy has always one.", Kat told Adam

"How come I get the feeling that you're not cheering for me?", joked Adam

"Hmm. I wonder.", said Kat

"Kat wouldn't cheer for you! That would be like... cheering for the Cubs to beat the Braves for the NLCS.", Tommy said

"Hey, it could happen.", said Adam

"Always the optimist.", Tommy joked

"Come on guys, let's get this thing started so Tommy can win and we can go somewhere else.", begged Kat

"Ok. One last thing. Tommy, don't you dare let me win.", Adam told him.

Tommy snickered. "Yeah right. And let you think you can beat me?"

"Ah-hem.", said Kat

"Right.", Tommy said

The boys got the fight going. They were doing pretty well. Adam looked like he had a shot. Tommy was tiring. But he was winning. Adam just had to take advantage of some of Tommy's weak spots. If he could find one. Just as Adam thought he could get the edge, he heard a sound that would temporarily put this fight on hold.

Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep.

"Aw man. I'll just finish you off later Oliver.", said Adam

"Whatever. I was winning.", boasted Tommy as he and Adam stepped off the mat and headed off with Kat

"I don't think so!", exclaimed Adam

"I do.", said Kat

"But...", started Adam but he was interrupted when Tommy answered his communicator

"We're here Alpha.", he said

"Sorry to interrupt, but there are more cogs in the park. Rocky and Carri are already there.", Alpha informed them

"Man. Ok Alpha, we're coming.", said Tommy, then he looked around the room, "It's morphin time!"





Carri crawled into bed that night with everything in her body aching. She had just got finished with an extra long 30 minute cog fight. Plus the other two fights from earlier and you can't forget about baseball. All that combined made her want to crawl into a hole and die. All she wanted to do was sleep.


Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep.

Carri rolled over and hit the alarm.

Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep.

Carri hit the alarm again.

Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep.

The third time her communicator went off she realized what it was. She sat up and answered it after she glanced at the clock and saw that it was 2 a.m.

"What?", Carri asked rather rudely

"Ai ai ai! I'm sorry for contacting you, but it's an emergency.", said Alpha

"I'm sorry Alpha. I was asleep and whatever Mondo is doing I don't appreciate him doing it at two in the morning.", she apologized

"That's ok. Mondo has sent more cogs to two different locations in Angel Grove. I am sending three of you to one spot, and two of you to the other. I am sending you along with Rocky and Adam into the city.", said Adam

"Got it.", said Carri as she stood up

"It's morphin time!", she yelled as loud as she could so she wouldn't wake her aunt and uncle


Carri returned home and looked at the clock. Three a.m. Carri didn't have enough energy to get under the covers. She collapsed on top of the bed and didn't move until her alarm went off the next morning.


"Wake up!", yelled the teacher as he came and wacked Carri, Rocky and Tommy on the head

"Sorry.", they all mumbled

The cog fights had drained the rangers of any energy or pep. All they wanted to do was sleep.


The rangers left the class and headed for third period. The rest of the day they were all getting yelled at for dozing off.