"Oh Brother" Part 2
By: KJ Holland

"Men. They think they know everything but they don't.", said Carri as she adjusted her backwards turned Astros hat

"Like women know anything. Especially about cards. As you can tell from my number of wins, that's our department.", Tommy told her

"On who's account?", asked Kat

"I think I should be better at this game then all of you.", Alpha told them

"Just because you're a robot and we're not sure when you're lying doesn't mean you'd be better than us.", Billy told him

"Come on, let's not argue about who's better than cards and just play.", Adam said as he finished dealing the cards

"You know, I don't like sitting where Zordon can see my cards. He may cheat for Alpha.", Carri complained


"That's right. Because he know's we would all throw a fit and quit completely and he would just be stuck getting another group of teens to come here and be zeo rangers.", joked Tommy

Here, of course being the Power Chamber, which was where they were holding the card game so that Alpha could be included.

"Ok. I'll go first.", said Kat. "One ace."

"I could... I should... naw. Two two's.", said Carri as she laid her cards down

"One... no two threes.", Tommy said as he laid his cards down

"One four.", Billy lied as he laid his down

"BS!", yelled Carri

"You were never very good at lying.", Tommy informed his friend

"I try.", said Billy as he collected his cards

"I have one five.", Alpha told them as he laid his card down

Adam laid a card down. "Here's my one, single, lonely little six."

"Three sevens.", Kat said as she placed them on the table

"Three? I find that hard to believe. But, because I want to win, I'll keep my mouth shut and put down my one eight.", Carri said

The game went on like this until finally they came up with a winner.

"One two I'm out. I win! Finally!", yelled Carri as she threw her card on the table

"BS!", yelled Tommy

Tommy turned the card over only to see that it was a two. Carri pushed the cards Tommy's way.

"Merry Christmas.", she said

"Finally someone has thrown Tommy from his perch.", said Adam

"I wanted it to be me. Oh well, there's always other days.", Alpha said

"Come on guys. Let's go get something to eat.", suggested Kat

"Sounds like a plan.", said Tommy

"I'm in.", Adam agreed

"Me too.", said Carri

"Well, I might as well come.", Billy said

"Bye Alpha!", said Kat as they teleported out


Ernie approached the table so he could serve the teens.

"What can I get for you?", asked Ernie

"You know, I think all of you should buy me a victory meal.", Tommy told them

"Look here Oliver, I won one too, so unless you want to pay for my meal...", Carri threatened

"Fine. If that's the way it's going to be I'll pay for my own food.", Tommy told her

"That's better. Now, I'll have... a chocolate shake. With sprinkles.", Carri said giving her order

"Some meal. I'll have a burger and fries. With a soda.", Tommy told Ernie

"You know, that shake sounds really good. I think I want one too.", said Kat

"Same as Tommy.", Adam said

"Me too.", agreed Billy

"Alright. I'll be back in a few.", said Ernie as he left

"You know, I think we should play poker next time. I could win some money.", Tommy suggested

"Well, it won't be in the Power Chamber. You know Zordon would be mad if we betted on cards, especially in his presence.", Billy reminded his friend

"We'd have to play somewhere where Zordon would never find us.", said Adam

"Carri's room.", Kat suggested

"I know that's right. I can hardly find anything there and I know it would be impossible to find the five of us there.", joked Carri

"Is it actually safe in there?", asked Tommy

"Um... it hasn't been marked as a safety hazard... yet.", answered Carri

"Well, then we go in there... you know.", said Adam as he went through some of the beginning motions for morphing so he wouldn't have to say it

"I'm not sure that would do any good.", Carri told him

"I don't think Superman could survive in there!", joked Kat

"You know, I'm getting the feeling that it's about time to clean my room.", said Carri

"You think?", asked Tommy

"Here you go.", said Ernie as he arrived with their food

"Thank you.", said Billy as Ernie left

"So, where were we?", asked Tommy as he took a bite out of his burger

"We were dissing my room, but that's gotten old.", Carri told him

"True.", Billy agreed

"So... have you guys heard about the winter ball?", asked Adam

"Nope. How do you know about it? It won't be held until closer to Christmas Break.", Kat asked

"I have my connections.", Adam told them

"He probably slipped into the Power Chamber one night and scanned the planning book at school. That's how he knows.", teased Carri

"I believe we would have noticed if he came in.", Billy told her

"He could have made himself invisible.", joked Carri

Tommy busted out laughing and when Carri saw him laughing she did too.

"Ok, I'll admit. That was a little far fetched.", Carri said

"How would I make myself invisible in the first place?", Adam wanted to know

"The little green men did it.", suggested Kat

That caused another laughing spell, and this time it was all five of them.

"Ok, what's so funny?", asked Rocky as he and Josh approached the table

"If we told you, you'd probably send us all to the mental hospital.", Billy told him

"That I can believe.", Rocky said

Kat looked in deep thought for a few moments. "On the next episode of X-Files...", was all she had to say to get them started again

"Ok! Let's just leave it at connections.", Adam said

"You're right. But don't think I won't be coming up with all sorts of interesting ideas.", Carri warned

"I know you will.", Adam told her

Rocky and Josh both pulled up chairs on either side of Carri.

"Look at that.", Josh said as he yanked Carri's hat off

"Hey! Give that back!", exclaimed Carri

"You know, I've been meaning to do that all afternoon. But I figured she'd try and kill me. Better you than me.", said Tommy

"I think I'll just dispose of this...", started Josh as he got up to walk to the trash can

Carri jumped up and got a hand on her hat. "Um, no. I don't think so.", she said as she yanked it out of his hands

"Josh, you're so mean!", Kat told him

"I'm supposed to be.", Josh replied

"You should've jumped up and grabbed the hat for me.", Carri told Rocky

"Why? I want to burn it.", Rocky said

"That's it.", said Carri as she got up, grabbed her shake and her chair, and went to sit between Billy and Adam

"We're neutral. You're safe over here.", Billy told her

"Thank you.", said Carri

"So, what did you guys do all afternoon?", asked Rocky

"We were all playing cards with Al.... Al.", Adam told him being careful not to let "Alpha" slip out

"It sure took you long enough to spit that out.", Josh told him

"Um.. I couldn't remember if it was just Al or not.", Adam said trying to cover it up

Josh just shrugged his shoulders.

"So where were you?", Kat asked the two

"Manny's Arcade.", Josh told them

"Speaking of the arcade, you guys should play him in ice hockey.", Rocky told his friends

"Sounds like a challenge. Name the time and place, and I'll be there.", said Tommy

"Ok. I'll do that.", Josh told him. "You know, I think we played everything but the Pachinko Machine."

"Can't imagine why.", said Billy

"What a waste of money.", commented Carri

"And that hat wasn't?", questioned Rocky

"How come when I really need something to throw at someone, I don't have anything?", asked Carri

"That's a good thing for me.", Rocky told her

"You know, this has been a pretty calm...", Tommy started but was interrupted

Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep.

"I just had to open my mouth.", Tommy said

"Come on.", said Adam as he got up

"Where are we going?", asked Josh

"We? There is no we. All six of us are going to talk about something very important. We'll be back.", said Carri as she and the others walked to a secure spot in the Youth Center

"What is it?", asked Tommy

"King Mondo has sent the cogs to the beach to stir up some trouble.", Alpha told them

"I think we should crash their party.", said Tommy as the others nodded their heads in agreement

"I'll talk to you guys later.", said Billy as he teleported off

"Right. It's morphin time!", yelled Tommy







Ten minutes later, the power rangers were still gone and Josh was still sitting at the table all alone.

"Sheesh, they must be talking about the history of the world in there. I wish they'd hurry up.", muttered Josh

Only seconds after Josh's complaint, the rangers showed up.

"Where were you!", he exclaimed

"Like I told you, we were talking about stuff.", Carri reinformed him

"Like what?", he asked

"Like none of your business.", she told him

"I can't believe you won't tell me.", Josh said

"This is something that goes way back. You'd have a better chance of keeping your insanity if you were to drop it.", Tommy said coming to his friends rescue

"Fine. We'll forget about it.", said Josh

All the rangers sat down in their same seats.

"So, what's everyone doing tomorrow.", asked Kat

"Ask me that tomorrow morning.", Adam told her

"I'm with Adam. I'm not one to plan ahead.", agreed Tommy

"Well, I could take a wild guess at what I'll be doing. But it could benefit the world, so I like it.", Billy told her

"Sounds like you think very highly of whatever it is you do.", Josh told him

Billy felt like hitting himself once he realized Josh was indeed still sitting there. At least he hadn't said what he almost did which would have given their identity away.

"I could see Billy saving the world. He's a genius.", complemented Kat

"Thank you.", said Billy

"So, are you coming back over here?", Rocky asked Carri

"I'm very happy between Billy and Adam.", she replied

Rocky got up out of his seat. "Want to go for a walk?"

"As long as you leave my hat alone.", Carri told him

Rocky threw his hands up in the air as to tell her he would.

"See you.", Carri said as she and Rocky walked out arm in arm

"A whole lot quieter with her gone, don't you think?", asked Josh after Rocky and Carri had left the Youth Center

"A little. But wait until I leave.", Tommy told him

"I know you don't talk as much as she does.", Josh said

"No, he's just louder.", Adam told him

"So, who's coming to tonight's recital?", asked Kat

"When and where is it?", Billy wanted to know

"The recital hall. Seven o'clock.", Kat told them

"I'll be there. I'd like to see how you were able to shape up those kids.", Adam decided

"Are you dancing?", asked Tommy

"I am only in two pieces.", Kat informed him

"Unless I find myself needed, I'll come.", Billy said

"I can't think of anything better to do. I think it will be cute.", said Tommy

Kat turned to her cousin. "Coming?"

"I have a date with the TV and the next playoff game.", he informed her

"Well, at least my five friends will be there.", Kat said

"So Rocky and Carri are coming?", questioned Adam

"Yes. They just don't know that yet.", Kat told him

"Very sneaky. I like it.", Tommy said

"Thank you.", Kat said then she was deep in thought for a few seconds. "You know, we have to get together. As a group. We haven't done that in so long, unless you count the Youth Center, which I don't. We need to have a group outing."

"I agree. But what? There's nothing exciting to do.", agreed Tommy

"How about a movie? As a group. Then we can go to the cafe that's up by the theater. Then maybe we can play some ball or something.", suggested Adam

"I like that. We'll make it a group afternoon.", Billy said

"What day?", asked Kat

"I'm free tomorrow afternoon.", said Tommy

"Me too.", agreed Adam

"Same here.", Billy said

"Then it's settled. We'll go to a movie at three and take it from there.", said Kat, "I'll talk to Carri and Rocky later and make sure they can come too."

"Have fun.", wished Josh

The guys looked at each other. For a moment they had forgotten about their present company.

"Um... you could come too I guess.", offered Kat

Josh smiled. "What, are you kidding? Me impose on all your fun? You guys go ahead. Do something."

"Glad you think that way.", Kat told him

"Well, what now?", asked Tommy

"Hit the mats?", Adam suggested

"Let's go.", said Tommy as he and Adam hopped up

"Since Rocky isn't here to make a fair two on two, I suppose I shall go.", Billy told the two remaining at the table

"Bye Billy.", Kat waved as he walked away

"Should we go?", asked Josh

"Come on.", Kat said as she got up with Josh and went home


Rocky and Carri's walk led them to the beach. They walked along near the shoreline, Rocky with his arm around Carri.

"Well, we've managed to avoid it this long, but, how did it go?", asked Carri

"It went... well. I think we got along fairly nicely. But I won't swear by it. You'd have to ask him to be certain.", Rocky told her

"Knowing him you and I would have never walked out together if he hated you.", she told him

"You can dislike a person without hating them.", Rocky pointed out

"True. But that's not his style. But I am going to talk to him about it. And I'm sure it will be good. Which is good. I told you the two of you would get along.", Carri said

"So we haven't killed each other. That's always a good sign.", said Rocky

"Right. So, what did you talk about?", asked Carri

"The Dodgers. The arcade games. We mentioned you.", Rocky told her

"You didn't play him in ice hockey, did you?", asked Carri

"As a matter of fact, I did.", he told her

"I'm so sorry.", she apologized, "How bad was it?"

"Bad. Very bad.", he informed her

"Ah. Sounds bad. But believe me, I know how it feels. When he needed someone to practice on, or usually it was just beat so bad it wasn't even funny, it was me."

"This time it was me. You should have told me he was a champion in ice hockey."

"How was I supposed to know you went there? Unless of course you did something stupid like leave where to go up to him."

"I did something stupid."


"What are you saying?"

"Oh nothing.", Carri teased as she broke away from Rocky's arm

"Come on, tell me.", Rocky asked

Carri turned around and walked backwards in front of him.

"Uh uh.", she said as she shook her head no

Rocky started to run to grab her and she turned around and ran to try to avoid him. Finally Rocky caught up to her and he tackled her, both of them falling to the sand. A big wave washed over them leaving them wet, but happy.


"How long is it going to be before they start.", complained Carri

"I don't know. I find myself asking the same question.", said Adam

"They have to prepare for the recital. Things like this take time.", explained Billy

"If you say so.", said Rocky

"Come on guys, this will be worth it when they come out.", said Tommy

"Probably. But they're still taking to long.", Carri complained

Suddenly the lights dimmed and the curtains were raised. The ballet troupe was standing there and they begun to dance when soft music begin to play.

The audience sat there and watched the dancers dance to a selection of songs for about an hour and a half. Finally, the lights came on and dancers of all ages came out to take a bow, with Kat and her little kid group leading the pack. The audience stood up and cheered.

"Way to go!", yelled Tommy

The whole audience was filled with cheers like that for all of the dancers. Finally the place quieted down and the dancers went of stage.

"Come on, let's go see Kat.", said Tommy as they all climbed out of their seats and joined the stream of parents anxious to see their children

As the parents and children met the parents gave the children hugs and kisses, and lots of words of praise. Some of the children even got roses. Eventually, they had made it past their parents and the children and found Kat.

"Sorry Kat, but we didn't bring any flowers.", apologized Tommy

"In fact we didn't bring you any expensive gifts. Just some words of praise.", Billy informed her

Kat smiled. "I didn't expect you too."

"That's a relief.", said Carri

"Well, I'll have to say you did an excellent job with them.", congratulated Rocky

"Now I'm going to continue to work with them and in January I am taking over the next class. Plus maybe some more.", Kat told them

"Wow. That's a lot of work.", said Adam

"I know. But I want to do it and I love the kids, so it's worth it.", Kat said

"You're good. And I know the kids love you.", said Tommy as a group of her students came over to give her a hug

"I suppose it was worth the wait.", Carri told Kat. "But, I waited so long, I'm ready to go home. Are you coming?"

"I think I'm going to stick around for a while, if you don't mind.", Kat said

"Since Carri is looking to get out of here, I'll stay and take you home.", offered Tommy

"Thanks Tommy, but, like Carri, I drove my car here. Why she wanted to know if I was coming I don't know.", Kat told him

"Can I not ask?", Carri wanted to know

"No.", Rocky replied

"Fine then. See you guys later.", said Carri as she turned to walk away

"I'm leaving too. Bye.", Rocky said as he went to catch up with Carri

"Same here. See you.", said Adam as he left with Rocky and Carri

"I need to go.", said Billy as he headed somewhere to teleport

"Looks like it's just you and me.", said Tommy

"Do you want to help me clean up?", asked Kat

"Clean up?", questioned Tommy

"You know, move the props, sweep, organize the music.", Kat told him

"Sure. I'd be glad to help.", said Tommy

"Right this way.", Kat said as she led Tommy off to start the clean up


"It's eleven o'clock, when is she getting up?", Josh asked Kat

"You know her. Stay up all hours and sleep in until the afternoon.", Kat replied

"Afternoon?", Josh questioned

"Well, mid to late morning.", said Kat

Carri bounced down the stairs a few seconds later.

"Good morning.", she greeted

"I have never known anybody to sleep as late as you.", commented Josh

"What can I say. One picks something they're good at and stick with it. In my case it's sleeping.", joked Carri

"Funny, and I thought it was baseball.", Josh said

"So, are you ready for this afternoon?", asked Kat

"Yep. What time does the movie start?", Carri questioned

"At three. And we're meeting in front of the theater by two forty-five.", Kat told her

Carri turned to look at the clock, which read 11:40. "That means I have three hours to do whatever."

"You're coming with me.", Josh demanded

"May I ask why?", asked Carri

"We need to have a classic older brother to younger sister chat.", Josh told her

"Joy Ren.", Carri replied

"Come on, let's go for a walk.", said Josh as he headed towards the door and Carri followed

Carri and Josh went in the direction of the park, and it only took them a few minutes to get there.

"So, I suppose this is about yesterday.", Carri said

"Yes it is.", agreed Josh

"Let me have it straight up.", Carri demanded

"Sounds good. Rocky seems like a pretty nice guy. And, unlike David and some of the others, I don't mind if you date him. In fact, we get a long so well I'd say go for it.", Josh told her

"Well, now that I have the all mighty Josh's permission, I will continue to date Rocky.", Carri said. "Not like your permission has ever mattered before though."

"I know. But usually I end up saying I told you so. Like with David...", Josh started

"Let's stay far away from that.", Carri interrupted

"I think you did good this time.", Josh told her

"Now, do I get to judge your new girlfriend?", asked Carri

"Dream on. Who I date is my business.", Josh said

"May I ask what is the difference between you and me?", Carri asked

"I am the older brother here and besides if my girlfriend turns out wrong it's a whole lot easier for me to get out of that relationship than you with a guy. I have to be the one to protect you.", Josh told her

"Whatever.", Carri said

As they walked peacefully through the park a group of cogs jumped in front of them trying to ruin their afternoon.

"Get out of here!", Carri yelled to her brother

"And leave you to fight... whatever these are? No way!", Josh said not moving an inch

"Josh, you... never mind...", Carri let her voice trail off because it wasn't worth it. She knew how stubborn he was.

Not wasting any time, the cogs came at them full force. Carri fought them as usual, and did good considering she was not morphed. Josh had a few problems, he was trying to fight them like he was back in New York.

"Man, these guys are tough! Are you ok?", Josh yelled over the cogs

Carri ducked the attack from an oncoming cog. "Just fine."

Carri managed to slip through some of the cogs and ran right into a monster.

"I'm back!", he announced

"You again? Didn't we beat you once already?", asked Carri

"Yes that's right, it's Leaky Faucet, here once again.", said Leaky Faucet

"Come over here and fight me!", Josh yelled to the monster but was jumped on by a mound of cogs

Carri turned around just in time to see Josh be taken away by the cogs.

"Leave him alone!", she ordered

"Let's see here... no.", replied Leaky Faucet

"Alright, you asked for it. It's morphin time!", she yelled


"You think one little power ranger is going to stop me?", questioned Leaky Faucet

"No, but five will.", Tommy told him as the rest of the rangers appeared out of nowhere

"Five, one, what's the difference?", asked Leaky Faucet

"The difference is, five of us will crush one of you.", Rocky announced

"Maybe some other time. I have some damage to do. See you later.", Leaky Faucet said chickening out of the fight and leaving for some destructive work

"What happened?", asked Adam

"The cogs came and attacked me and Josh and then there was the monster...", Carri's explanation got interrupted

"Where's Josh?", asked Kat

"The cogs, they took him somewhere.", explained Carri

"Come on, let's get back to the Power Chamber and see if Zordon knows anything.", said Tommy as they teleported out


"Good news, I have found your brother.", Billy greeted the rangers

"You did? Where is he?", asked Carri

"It appears he is in some sort of, well, hollowed out rock which is protected by a force field.", Billy told her

"How do we get him out?", asked Rocky

"Actually it seems fairly easy. I believe that it will only take one ranger. If you ride your Zeo Jet Cycle in, you can ride right up to the mouth because the cave is underground. Then, using this", Billy paused to bring out a new toy, "you can slip down into the rock and back up, get Josh, get out of the force field then teleport him to safety. The only problem is how many cogs await you."

"What's that?", asked Kat

Billy pressed a button on the contraption, which was only about 5 inches long, and a hook came out of it followed by some rope. Billy stopped it before the rope shot out to far.

"Good for going up and down.", Billy told them

"Sounds good. When do I leave?", asked Carri

"You're not going, I am.", Tommy told her

"He's my brother and I already let him down once. Because I couldn't morph I let the cogs take him to that place in the first place.", said Carri


Suddenly the alarm went off and the rangers turned around to see Leaky Faucet having his fun at the main source for all of Angel Grove's water.

Tommy turned to Carri. "You go with them, I'll save your brother."

Carri nodded her head yes.

"It's back to action!", yelled the temporary leader, Rocky as the four rangers teleported out

Tommy took the rope from Billy and put it in his belt.

"Good luck.", wished Alpha as Tommy left.