Disclaimer: Saban owns all characters except for Green Ranger Fiona McDaniels, who's mine, and based on myself in regard to her crush on Zhane(*grin*). This fic totally ignores the whole thing when Karone gets grabbed by Ecliptor again (in Dark Specter's Revenge, part 1) and Zhane comes back a bit earlier than on the show. Anyway hope it's not too cheesy!

Power Rangers in Space
The Return
by Kate Yancey

Fiona McDaniels, in her gray flightsuit and green shirt, stared at the console in front of her, her blue eyes slightly unfocused and a small smile crossing her face. It had been a week since Zhane, Silver Ranger and Fiona's biggest crush yet, had stayed behind to help the refugees from KO-35. She blinked back sudden tears as she remembered the conversation:

"Hey Fiona?" Zhane looked around the outcropping of rock in the cave at the pretty Green Ranger. Fiona looked up and smiled, her heartrate skyrocketing like it did every time she saw him. "Hi Zhane," she said quietly as the gorgeous blonde Ranger sat down next to her.

"Fiona...you're the first person I decided to tell about this...I figured if you heard it from me it'd be a little easier for you to take..." "What is it Zhane?" Fiona asked. Zhane looked away for a second then looked back. "I'm staying."

"You're staying?" Fiona asked, her eyes filling up with tears. "Why?" Zhane sighed and said, "The rebels need my help." He reached over and wiped a stray tear from Fiona's cheek and said, "You know what?" "What?" Fiona sniffled, wiping her eyes. Zhane smiled and said, "I know you're in love with me, but..."

"You just want to be friends, don't you?" Fiona said. Zhane nodded and Fiona growled, "Damn you Astronema."

"Hey it's not just her fault," Zhane said as Fiona finally burst into tears.

Fiona didn't answer, standing up and teleporting out of the cave in a streak of green light.

She wasn't even there when the others said goodbye.

"Fiona?" The quiet voice broke through her thoughts, and made her look up.

Standing behind her was Blue Ranger TJ Dawson. "Hey TJ," she said quietly.

"Hey have I got a surprise for you," TJ said. "It's in the docking bay, c'mon..." He grabbed Fiona by the arm and pulling her off the bridge.

"What?" Fiona said, as TJ pulled her into the docking bay. she looked up and felt her heart almost stop beating for two seconds. "Zhane?" she gasped.

"Hey Fiona," the Silver Ranger said, nearly getting knocked over when Fiona practically threw herself into his arms.

"I missed you," she whispered, fighting back tears. Zhane hugged her back and said, "I missed you too, squirt."

"I told you never to call me that!" Fiona cried, standing back and giving Zhane a mock-angry glare. Zhane chuckled and said "Hey just 'cause you're the shortest Ranger on the team so far..."

Fiona, at 5 feet tall, grabbed the digimorpher out of Zhane's flightjacket pocket and whacked him with it. "Don't go there, Silver boy!" "Sorry," Zhane muttered. which elicited a giggle from the pretty Green Ranger, as she tucked a loose strand of dark brown hair behind her ear.

Meanwhile, Dark Specter was fuming.

"I WILL get Astronema back, and maybe take that Green Ranger with her!" he said. "And I know exactly how to do it too...I'll make Karone and Fiona fight for the Silver Ranger...their jealousy will be the end of both of them!" He chuckled and went back to plotting the Rangers' demise.

To be Continued...of course *grin*