Power Rangers 2089
Part 4
by Andrew Nelson

[See Part 1 for Disclaimer]

The shock waves pounded at his body. As he was sent back to Earth, his vulnerable body protected by his power armour, he had little control over where he was to land. All he could do was aim for the ocean.

"Look, Amby!"

Amber cringed. She hated that name. "What is it now?" she said, sitting up off her beach towel, her sunglasses falling down her nose.

Her little sister Kelly was frantically pointing up at the sky. "Up there! Look!" Amber noticed everyone else was looking, so she strained and looked up.

"What the-?" A streak of gold light was zooming towards the ground. As it hit the water, large waves crashed up on the beach, soaking Amber and Julie and just about every- one who had come for a day of R 'n R.

Amber stood up and pushed her wet hair back from her face. Nearby she could her a man cursing - the water had short circuited his new electric ball paddles - but she paid him no attention. There had to be something out there.

"Amby! There's a _man_ out there!" exclaimed Kelly. She was right. Out at sea the sun was reflecting off a struggling person.

"Kelly, wait here," Amber said, removing her t-shirt and revealing a yellow swimsuit..

She began to run out into the water and swim towards the stranger. The swimming was difficult as the sea was still unsettled after the man's collision with it. Amber couldn't help wonder how high the person had fallen from. Shouldn't he be dead?

As Amber got closer, she could see the stranger more clearly. He was dressed in black with gold around his shoulder. Could he have been space-skimming?

When she finally reached the stranger, fatigue began to get to her. Her vision became blurry, and her legs felt like stones. "Just...hold on," she managed to say. "Stay... stay..."

The initial impact had left him slightly dissoriented. It took him a few minutes to remember what had happened, and where he was.

The Power Staff was still in his hand - good. But there was something else. A voice. There was a girl! What was she doing here?

"Just...hold on," she said. She was struggling. "Stay...stay..." She passed out.

"Great." He quickly placed the staff on his belt and secured the girl. He reached his hand down to his belt, and in a flash of gold light, was teleported upward.

Kelly looked out at the crashing waves. Where was Amber?

"Amber!" she yelled out to the sea. "Amber where are you!?" She was old enough to know that things didn't just disappear.

Several others were looking for her. Kelly simply sat down on her towel and waited, certain that Amber would return.

But then suddenly she felt a warmth engulf her. All her surroundings flashed white. And then she blacked out.

He landed and immediatly dropped to his knees, securing the girl. The younger one laid on the floor nearby - safely unconcious. But the older was hurt.

"Alpha!" he called, getting to his feet. A nearby door slid open and a small robot hobbled in, it's arms waving frantically.

"Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi!" it whinned.

"Don't worry, Alpha. Just get two beds. The younger one is fine. But this one needs help."

"Understood." Alpha moved over to a control panel, punched some buttons, and two beds materialized. The girls were then teleported on top of them.

The Gold Ranger stood overtop of the older. "Stand back Alpha - you don't want to get water on you." As Alpha kept his distance, the ranger waved his right hand over the girl's chest. A soft glow illuminated over the girl, who began to cough up water.

"Where...where am I...?" she managed to say. "Kelly?"

The feeling was wonderful at first, but then she found herself to be uncomfortable, and she began to cough. She was coughing up water. Water? She tried to piece together what had happened. Stranger in black. Trying to save him. Then nothing. Was she dead? No, not dead. Hard to see.

"Where...where am I...?" she said, her throat hurting. Kelly. Where was Kelly? "Kelly?"

A soft voice came. "She's fine. You're fine. Now sleep."

"She is safely asleep," he told the robot. The Gold Ranger took a step forward, but then fumbled and fell to one knee. His power armour began to phase in and out as gold energy swirled around him.

"Billy!" the robot cried and scurried over. The power suit had stablelized. Alpha helped the Gold Ranger remove his helmet.

"Billy," Alpha said, looking into the ranger's face. "Oh, my." Billy Cranston, Gold Ranger, collapsed to the floor. Alpha did his best to brace him. The robot looked back to an empty cylinder that stood large behind him.

"Oh Zordon," Alpha said. "How I wish you were here..."