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Return of the Black
Part One
By: Emerald J

Divatox laughed as she watched the festivities commencing at the Youth Center. So Adam thinks he's going to get married tomorrow? Not if I have anything to say about it. I will stop that wedding, AND the rangers in one blow! "Now, just how to stop that wedding."

Elgar watched her as he played with his flying fish one second, the next it was gone from his grasp. "Huh?" Looking up, he say his pet in the hands of his Aunt.

"AHA! I got it!"


"It's really very simple, dimwit. What do I ALWAYS use to spoil the rangers' plans?" Then again, I am only using this as a diversion so they won't find out what I am really up to!


"Oh Elgar, sometimes your stupidity amazes me! BUT FOR ONCE YOU GOT IT RIGHT!" Half of it anyway. She couldn't help but laugh as the fish landed with a loud thud on his head. Hard head, no brains. What a combination!

"I did? COOL!" He beamed with pride, being how rarely he actually got anything right at all. His eyes carefully following Divatox as she shook her head and rolled her eyes at him.

"Don't get used to it, it'll never happen again."

"Okay! Want me to go plant it?"

"Not you! I don't trust you! I think I'll deliver it myself!" Will give them a better chance of finding it. The stomping of her boots were heard through out the ship as she looked for the detonator and finally waved to Elgar. "Ciao," and with that was gone.

* * * *

Adam smiled as he watched his two best friends messing around. One was dating his soon to be sister-in-law, and the other was hopelessly in love with someone who didn't even live in the United States anymore. Pity we can't get him to Africa or her back here.

"Hey Adam! You gonna daydream or come over here and eat before Rocky eats it all?" The sound of Billy's voice shock him from his thoughts.

"Okay! I'll come eat!" His smile vanished as Divatox sauntered into the room. "What are you doing here?

"Just giving you a warning. Somewhere hidden in this building is a gift to you. Find it and maybe you'll be at your wedding tomorrow." With that, she vanished.

"Gift?" His eyes widened in fear. "A detonator." Adam quickly activated the emergency switch on his communicator. Thank Billy for putting this on when she couldn't stop the detonator attacks. Makes life a LOT easier.

The Rangers spilt up into teams, Adam and Tommy searched the storage room. Billy and Rocky searched the main Youth Center area with Justin. None of them was having any luck.

"Can we shoot her one of these times? Just get it over with?" Adam took another step, then realized what he just did. Looking over to Tommy, he just smiled and said, "I found the detonator."

Tommy glanced back at his friend. "Great, where is it?"

"Under my foot!"

Tommy quickly called the other Rangers and Alpha in to disarm it. "Yo, this ain't gonna be easy. The main circuit to disarm it, is under Adam's foot."

The worry on Adam's face grew into pure fear. He was just glad he was morphed. What a way to spend your bachelor party, with your foot on a detonator. Celina was probably going to kill him if he even tried to injure himself the night before their wedding. Tommy had tried getting a hold of the girls, but had no luck. There must be too much noise where they were, his answer appeared to be the wrong one when three beams of light appeared. One white, pink, and yellow quickly turned into three Rangers. The white one walked closer to Adam. "Do you know how difficult it is to get away from my Grandmother at a Bridal Shower?" She looks down and notices where Adam's foot is. "How did this happen?"

"Would you believe I stepped on a detonator?"

"Divatox sure has a funny idea of a wedding present!"

Billy quickly joined Alpha trying to disarm it, but was having no luck what so ever. "I hope we don't have to attach this to your foot so you can get married tomorrow!"

"I hope not either. That would kinda make people suspicious of who we are!" Billy quickly worked his magic on Adam's little problem. His eyes grew wide the second he cut one of the green wires. "Shit."

"What do you mean 'Shit'?" Adam and the others looked over at the former Ranger and almost all of them died when he told them that he cut the wrong wire.

* * *

Part Two

"What do you mean you cut the wrong wire?" Celina glared at the young genius.

"Don't worry, it didn't lead to anything important. If it did, you wouldn't be yelling at me!" Billy proceeded to cut the little green wire next to the black one he cut. How fitting. The two wires I cut are Adam's former and current uniform colours. "Got it. Lift your foot off the detonator, slowly."

The others watched as he lifted his foot off the device and all breathed a breath of relief when the detonator didn't blow up. None of them were happy to hear the six tone beeping of their communicators as they chimed. Tommy looked over at Celina as she bent over the garbage can and threw up. "Guess she's not ready for this."

Adam looked at his proud bride to be curiously. "Celina, honey. Why don't you stay behind for this one."

"I'm fine. Honest. Just nerves with the wedding and all."

"Okay. Let's get back to action!"

As the group of six Rangers vanished a woman, who looked like an angel, appeared in front of Billy.

"It is time for you to fulfill your destiny young Black Ranger."

* * *

Divatox growled as she watched yet another one of her many monsters be defeated. "I have to get rid of those Rangers, but how?"

"Why don't you call Scepter?"

"Dark Scepter or the Scepter that works for Master Ternos?"

"The one working for Master Ternos."

"Sounds wonderful! I think I shall." Divatox quickly looked his number up in her Sub-Directory and dialed it up.

"Hello, this Scepter's answering machine. I'm out torturing prisoners, but WILL be back shortly. Either hang on or leave a message. It's up to you."

"Great. I got his ANSWERING MACHINE." Divatox waited for the beep, then growled when all that came was the screaming of tortured prisoners. Never did like that version of screams…but Scepter can make them do all KINDS of screams. "Scepter, Dee here. Give me a call, I have a job that MIGHT keep your boss alive. Two of the Chosen Ones have been chosen…"

"Divatox? Is that you?"

"Who else would be calling you from Earth?"

"Good point. What's the job?"

"Destroy all the Rangers. Then we'll both be happy!"

"One condition."

"What's that?" This was starting to scare Divatox, he had never put a price on the jobs he did for her.

"If I win, you will serve Master Ternos. I am talking full serving wench costume and some heavy bedroom duties."

WHAT? He wants me to be his concubine? SHISH! I'd better do it or Master Ternos DIES! "Fine, I'll do it."

"Good, see you in one standard week."

Divatox hung up the phone, letting her head fall into her hands. "What did I just agree to?"

* * *

"I'm not the Black Ranger. That use to be Adam's color."

"Now it is yours."

Billy looked upon this angel like creature and smiled. Something about her seemed so familiar. "Who are you?"

She smiled at him and his innocence:

"I am she who walks in the dark. I am she who walks in the light. I protect those who can't protect, I protect those who can… I am the spirit of your world, I am the matriarch of the universe. I am Celestia, Guardian of Freedom!"

"Oh, and now I am the new Black Ranger? Am I one of the Chosen ones? Like Celina?"

"Yes. There is one more. One that is a Ranger now, but soon will be the Chosen Ones' leader. He will be the Mystic Ranger. You, Black Ranger, will command the Shadow Striker Zord. Be careful young Ranger. For the prophecy must come to pass." With that the spector vanished, leaving Billy being morphed into the Black Turbo Ranger.

"Woah. Who would have thought. Me the Black Turbo Ranger." Billy's mind didn't give him much time to think as he teleported himself to the Power Chamber to talk to Dimitria. He was a little shocked to see the other Rangers already there. "I thought you guys had a battle of some kind to fight?"

"We did," the Green Ranger informed him. "Um, Billy? Is that you?" Adam and the others had recognized his voice, even through the voice shifter that was in all Ranger Powers.

"Looks like I'm the second of the Chosen Ones. Someone named Celestia gave me my powers and said that soon the Mystic Ranger, the third and leader of the Chosen Rangers, would be chosen. From one of the already Rangers."

"One of us?" Tommy looked at the others. I wonder which of us it's going to be.

* * *

Part 3

Three hours later, Tommy groaned as the was thrown into the tree by Scepter, literally. "Um, could someone PLEASE get me out of here?" It was with all his willpower not to go and retire right there on the spot. This was going to be the hardest battle in the history of the Rangers.

"Oh you Rangers are nothing but COWARDS! You will NEVER win against me or Master Ternos. Especially YOU!" Scepter's claw sword swung around and pointed directly at Celina's stomach. "I should just kill you right here and now for all you will do if I let you live!"

"Somehow, I doubt that's going to happen. You will never defeat the Chosen Ones! I swear this upon Celestia's oath!" The Rangers and their foe looked over to see the Black Chose Turbo Ranger standing there. His turbo armor was the darkest of blacks, and almost sparkled in the setting sun. "You have two choices. Leave now or die!"

"And just who are you suppose to be? The infamous Mystic Ranger?"

"Nope. Just the Black Storm Turbo Ranger, one of the Chosen Ones." Billy sprang into action, knocking Scepter's sword out of his hand. "Time to meet your match," was all he had time to say as a torpedo shot out of nowhere, exploding at Scepter's feet and throwing up a large cloud of dust. When he could be seen again, he towered over the Angel Grove skyscrapers, fifty feet of attitude and nothing more...but what an attitude!

"Shit." Was all any of the Rangers could say before calling their Zords.

"Look like we get to test ours out now." Celina commented to Billy, before calling out, "White Hummer Turbo Zord! POWER UP!"

Billy smiled. "Just like old times. Black Storm Turbo Zord! POWER UP!" The two friends stared as the two cars pulled up besides them, both standing almost 30 to 40 feet in the air.

"Remind me not to run anyone over in that thing. That could REALLY hurt." Celina commented as she jumped up and into the cockpit of her Zord. "Hey Adam! This is really fun. What do you say we smash this Scepter guy?"

"Sounds great honey!" With that the Rangers joined their Turbo Zords and the battle begun…

* * *

Divatox paced around her bridge, her mind for once not on the wealth she was wandering through or how much she hated the Rangers. Her mind was the ensuing battle, which she was actually too scared to watch through her periscope. "He had better win!" The fact that he showed up two hours after the call was shocking to say the least, but that he went straight into battle was even more shocking. Master Ternos must really want me by his side. I'm honored, but almost revolted. He is so perverted. He wins…I'm stuck. He loses…I am FREE! Funny. I wonder if this is anything like how the Rangers feel sometimes? If I win, they're stuck with me as the ruler of Earth. If I lose, then they're free.

"Um…Auntie D?"

"What is it, Elgar?" she snapped, jerking her head to one side to glare at him. She hated being interrupted when she was thinking. "This had BETTER be good. You are disturbing my thinking!"

"Scepter just lost his head!"

"WHAT? That's not possible!" Divatox stormed over and pushed the egg-shaped-head creature away from her periscope. Gazing upon the battle scene she saw it. Scepter's remains were nothing but smoking charcoal. "Great. I'm free and the Rangers live." though I could do without the Rangers living part. Oh, well, nothing's perfect. Except me.

"I wouldn't count myself on the free part yet." The strong masculine voice rang from behind her. She twirled around to see what could only be described as a god in human form. It was all she could do to keep breathing at the sight of him.

"Master Ternos? Is…that you?"

"Indeed it is," he uttered as his hand ran off her shoulder and down her arm. "Darnacsia," was all he had to say for her clothing to change into what could only be characterize as a Serving Wench's costume from the Renaissance Time. Her eyes blazed suddenly.

"What are you doing?" Divatox was outraged as the two men he had brought with him came up and started to chain her hands behind her back. Snapping her teeth at Ternos fiercely as his hands started to become too friendly with her person, she hissed, "The deal was if he won you got me…nothing ELSE!"

"He died, and you are in for PUNISHMENT for that!" The two vanished quickly in a pale purple mist that filled almost the entire room. Elgar, Rygog, and Porto glanced at each other in confusion.

"Um…Rygog, where did Auntie D go?"

* * *

Celina awoke with the birds. Everything was perfect. The sun was shinning. The clouds were no where in sight. Adam laid peacefully next to Celina, sound asleep. The breeze through the opened window brought in the fresh aroma of the salt sea air. "Nothing, not even Divatox, could ruin today."

Making her way to the bathroom, she smiled inwardly. I can't believe how much my life has turned around these last two years. I am off alcohol, I am a Power Ranger, and I'm marrying the man I said I would marry the day I met him. She glanced at the long black bag on the door which contained her wedding dress. Words failed to expound upon it's beauty. "Today has got to be the happiest day of my life." Her mind totally forgot about her duties as a Chosen Ranger, or of the prophecy of the Rangers spilt blood as the phone rang. "Probably Adam's parents."

"Hello! This is the soon to be Mrs. Park. May I help you?"

"This is Doctor Randal. I need to give you your test results, Celina."

"That was quick. So tell me, why have I been so sick resently?"

Doctor Randal smiled. This was the best part of his job. "You are pregnant," and with that simple phrase, dead silence rang on the phone. "Celina? Are you there?"

"Huh? Oh yeah. I'm here. Look, can I call you when I get back to set up my next appointment, I sorta have a wedding to get to."

"Okay. Congratulations!"

I'm pregnant. This is not what I expected to hear today. I won't tell Adam. Not yet anyway. Maybe after the big battle…but not until. Celina smiled as she showered and went to the church to get ready for the days festivities…

* * *

Adam stood at the alter, his palms sweating. Never in his 19 years of life had he been this nervous then right now. Here he was, marrying the most perfect woman in history. Not only was this happening, but that morning Billy and Tessa had announced their wedding that morning to be two months after Adam and Celina's. Of course, unlike Celina and Adam, the two were only inviting immediate family and holding it at the Youth Center. His heart nearly stopped as the wedding march filled the huge church and the wedding party started down the aisle. A flush ran over his body as Celina stepped out into the main aisle of the church. Is that the dress she kept under lock and key? Can't say I blame her, it's gorgeous.

As Celina stepped next to Adam, her father kissed her lightly on the cheek and gave her hand to Adam. The two smiled at each other, not only with their mouths but with their whole beings…and if hair could smile…it would have.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join Adam and Celina in holy matramony. They have decided to write their own ceremony and vows. In love, two people fullfill their lives together as one. Today, we gather to see the joining of two such people. Their lives were not full until they say each other again after the seperation of an ocean made. Now, Adam, do you take Celina to be your wife? To have and to hold? In sickness and in health? For better or for worse?"

"I do."

"The ring and your vow to Celina."

Adam took the ring from Billy's hand and smiled as he glided it onto her finger. A perfect fit. "This ring is but a small symbol of my love for you. Nothing in this universe could ever separate our souls, or us from the life that lay ahead of us. You are the most perfect woman to enter my life. I love you Celina, and am proud to be your husband."

"Celina, do you take Adam to be your husband? To have and to hold? In sickness and in health? For better or for worse?"

"I do." Celina took the ring out of Tessa's hand and placed it on Adam's finger. Geez, I hope I don't screw this up! "Adam, the day I first met you, I knew I was going to marry you. Now that the day is here, I can't believe it. My dreams are starting to come true, and it's all thanks to you. I am marrying the man I love more then anything. I have the dream life right now and I pray nothing will make it end. You are my soul Adam Park. Forever and an eternity." Their eyes locked and the smile on Adam's face grew even bigger as the words sank down into his own soul.

"If there is anyone who sees why these two should not be married, speek now or forever hold your peace." The bride and groom looked around the chapel, thankful that no one spoke a word. "Then by the power pocessed in my by the city of Angel Grove, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride"

Adam smiled. Gladly! Their mouths met a moment later, love seeping from their very essence of life. This was a day that no one would forget. Ever!

"Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mr. and Mrs. Adam Park."

The End

Stay tuned for Mistic Warrior

(Sometime in the future…I hope!!!!)