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Who Is He Kissing?
by: Cynthia

Tommy and Kat's lips slowly parted, and she smiled sweetly at him as he bid her farewell. "I'll see you tomorrow," he said, heading back to his truck parked in her parents' driveway. They waved briefly at one another, then as he pulled away, she went inside and shut the door behind her.

Quietly she leaned against the back of it, and wiped away a sudden tear that threatened to fall. She had been able to hold them this time only until she was shut behind the door. She didn't know if it would keep up much longer.

Who is he kissing, is it me?
Or is he makin' love to a fantasy?
Who is he kissing? I wish I knew
What he's thinkin' of when he looks into my eyes?
Who was Tommy thinking about when they kissed? Was it Kim who crossed his mind every time their lips touched? Or some girl from his past? He'd told her that Kim hadn't been his first girlfriend. In fact, she hadn't even been the first to break up with him by a letter. She'd just been the first that he had ever thought he really loved to do that.

Kat had long since sworn to herself she would never do that sort of thing to him. She knew how much it hurt to have someone take your heart and stomp on it until it was flat. It had happened to her too many times back in Australia.

She wanted to know who was going through his mind when they kissed, though. She trusted him, she knew that he cared about her...but was it as a friend or was it forever? Her shoulders shook at the thought of losing him. She just...couldn't...have that happen again. Not after the last time.

Whoa, Who is he kissing, wish I knew
Who is he kissing, me or you?
Who is he kissing, when he looks into my eyes?
Before they had left the country they'd grown up in, Kat had dated a young man from her high school. The two of them had been childhood friends, and she had believed that he would propose to her after they were done with school. Then the biggest bombshell in her life up until that point had dropped.

It had been the night of a dance. A beautiful, frothy, silver-lit affair. Her boyfriend had been with her throughout most of it, then he had mysteriously vanished. She'd been worried...and when she'd went looking for him, she had found him in the put it mildly...of her best friend, also someone she had known since childhood.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I couldn't think about was as if someone twisted a knife in my, that probably would have felt better.

Ever since then, she had been very wary of dating any guy that she had a mutual friend with. Until Tommy and Kim had broken up. She'd only ever thought of him as a friend until then, once Rita's spell on her had faded, but now that they were dating, and she was in love with him...she just didn't know what to think.

Who is he kissing, me or her?
Am I being used, tell me who does he prefer
Me or her?

Does he want some other girl
When he looks my way?
Does he want some other girl
Which role should I play?
Oh, how she wanted to talk to Kim! To find out how she really felt about the Red Ranger. But she never seemed to have the time. She had her duties as a Ranger, she had homework, and she had so much else...

Kat frowned briefly. I have to make the time. I can't go on like this forever. I have to talk to her about Tommy, and I have to talk to Tommy about her. If he really wants her, and she really wants him...then I will let them have each other. She couldn't deny the twist in her heart that was the memory, and the fear, of what could happen again if she didn't do her best to see if they wanted a reconciliation.

But if she didn't...she would never be able to trust Tommy fully. And without that trust, they would never be able to have a full relationship, if there was one. She closed her eyes briefly, then headed for the phone. It wasn't all that late in Florida. And tomorrow...come what may....she would talk with Tommy.

As she began to dial the gymnastics compound, a tear slid down her face, unnoticed. "Hi, Kim?" her voice betrayed nothing. "I think we need to talk."

Whoa, Who is he kissing, wish I knew
Who is he kissing, me or you?
Who is he kissing, when he looks into my eyes?

Who is he kissing? (Who is he kissing?)
Who is he kissing? (Who is he kissing?)