Legal Disclaimer: The Rangers are Saban's.

Author's Note: This was written so no one would think that I'd totally lost my mind with regards to Tommy and his love life. I think he and Kat are great together. My belief, no one else need agree.

Timeline: After C2D.

Choices of the Heart
by: Cynthia

It was the most beautiful wedding that any of them had ever seen, despite their youth. Kimberly practically glowed in her wedding gown, and David Trueheart had never looked more handsome. The two of them gazed at each other with a love that made Tommy Oliver's heart thud with joy. The happiest day of his life, up until that moment, was the day that his older brother had told him that he was going to propose to his girlfriend, Kimberly Hart.

Some might have had problems with the fact that their brother was about to marry their ex-girlfriend, but Tommy had long since gotten over his relationship with the beautiful gymnast. In fact, he had been the one who had introduced the two of them to each other when Kim had returned to Angel Grove, just after all that mess with the island of Murianthus. She had heard of his brother from Kat, and wanted to meet the person who looked so much like the man she had once loved.

Tommy had literally heard the click when the two had saw each other for the first time. He had worried that Kim might be subconsciously associating his brother with him, since they did look a lot alike, but after watching them for a few weeks, he'd realized that Kim was reacting to David as David, not as him, and his heart was eased.

Standing next to his brother, Tommy didn't let his eyes lift for a moment from the parade preparing to go down the corridor. First came the bridesmaids, Trini, Aisha, and Tanya. With them would be going the groom's attendants, Rocky, Billy, and Adam, all people that David had gotten to know during his time of being one of the Rangers' friends. Then the maid of honor, Kat, came, and Tommy, as best man, escorted her down the aisle to where they both stood.

The rest of the ceremony was more or less a blur to the former Ranger. The only thing actually visible to him was the face of Katherine as she stood on the other side of the aisle. I love her. The emotion and the statement were clear and powerful in his mind. I will always love her.

A thousand memories boiled through his mind, from the day he had first met Kat right up until that very morning. It didn't matter that she had been in England the last few years. He knew she hadn't found someone else; she wouldn't have kissed him the way she had when they were reunited if she had. Of course, the fact that she'd told him I love you not thirty seconds before the wedding had begun was also somewhat of a tipoff. He hoped that what he was planning on asking her afterwards would work out the way he wanted it to. His very soul felt on fire as the happy couple said "I do", and were pronounced man and wife by the officiating minister.

Soon they were at the reception, and as the toasts were being drunk, Tommy decided it was time. He touched Kat gently on one shoulder, and reveled in how she lit up when she saw who was there. "Hey, Tommy! Did you want something?"

"Yeah. Can we talk for a few minutes?" he indicated just outside the Youth Center, which had been the communal choice for the reception. Ernie and Lt. Stone were now in partnership in it's running, and things were absolutely wonderful there.

Kat nodded and the two of them headed outside. She had changed into a regular outfit out of her maid of honor gown, but she still looked like a vision to him.

"A beautiful wedding, wasn't it?" he asked, trying to come at what he was saying obliquely.

"Kim has never looked better," Kat sighed happily. She had been so glad that her friend had found the man she wanted...and was now so hopeful that she would one day be going through the same experience.

Tommy nodded. "I think they're going to be very happy together. I'm glad for them."

Other topics passed their lips over the next few minutes, but none of them were what either really wanted to talk about. Finally, as things fell silent, Tommy looked at her. "I love you, Kat," he said quietly.

"I love you too, Tommy." She smiled at him, and he reached out to take her hand.

"I was born loving you," he told her, then pulled something small out of one of his pockets. She watched in shock as he dropped to one knee, holding the box up and lifting the lid to reveal a diamond ring. "Katherine Hillard, I love you, and will until the very universe explodes. Will you marry me?"

She stared at him for a moment, then an answer boiled up out of her that had been waiting to be spoken for longer than she could remember. "Yes!"

* * *
It was a wedding that would be remembered for a very very long time. Three months had passed since Tommy had proposed. Everything had gone off perfectly. Couples from all over the world had converged on this union. The reformed Rita and Zedd, along with their two year old offspring, were there. He played happily with the twin son and daughter of Ashley and Andros Hammond, and the son of Zhane and Karone. Cassie and Darien, the Phantom Ranger, also had one child, a year old, and a second one was on the way. David and Kim had recently announced that Kim was pregnant, and Trini had just given birth to the first child of Rocky DeSantos. Jason and Emily's three daughters were watching some of the older kids, while Zack and Tanya's latest son was showing how much of his singing and dancing talent he had inherited from both of them. In another set of seats, Billy and Aisha were talking quietly as things were prepared. They had no children as yet, but the rumors were that it wasn't for lack of trying.

As Kat had been maid of honor, now Kimberly was matron of honor at her friend's wedding, with Jason as best man. David hadn't minded one bit, knowing that his brother had known the other young man much longer. He was happy keeping an eye on the children as a whole.

Tommy was almost shaking with joy as the triumphal music played, and Kat appeared in the doorway. His heart sang, his very soul full. Just the way she was looking at him made him realize that she was truly his ultimate soulmate. He mouthed the words slowly I love you, and Kat smiled softly, mouthing them right back.

Slowly the two of them took their place in front of the one who would be uniting them in marriage: Dimitria. Both would have loved for Zordon to do this, but that wasn't possible. Instead, the one who had watched two generations of Rangers would unite them.

"We are here to unite this long-sought couple in marriage. Tommy, Katherine, are you ready?" the Inquirian said softly. The two of them glanced at one another with identical soft smiles.

It had been a long road for them. Each had risen from darkness to the light. Tommy had earned his position as the leader of the Rangers, and Kat had earned her place among them. When Kim had broken up with him, Kat had done everything in her power to heal his wounded soul. The two of them had slowly grown into love together, understanding each other's inner shadows, and growing through a thousand shared experiences and dangers. When they had given their places on the Ranger team to T.J. and Cassie, they had been able to finally explore a full relationship with one another, without the annoyance of having to call dates off because of having to go into battle.

Each had fallen more and more in love with one another, until they had at last come together. Tommy and Kat glanced back to Dimitria.

"We're ready."