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Author's Note: This is the very first fanfic written for Lightspeed Rescue on the 'net, as far as I'm concerned. Those written before the premiere really don't count. I wrote this on Saturday February 12, 2000, finished at just past 10 am. The day the first episode aired. I did it, memememmemeemme!! I'm taking a bit of a liberty with a few things in here, consider it author's license. :) I also hereby declare my slightly offended status of the use of the word 'warlock', since that word means traitor, not male witch. Trust me, I'm a witch, I know these things.

Rescue Dawning
by: Cynthia

It had begun. After five thousand years of waiting, they were finally released, and the nervous tension that each generation of his family had lived under since the Warlock had sealed the demons away was over with. William Mitchell sighed deeply, staring down at the folders before him. His daughter's was right there on top. She had been surprised to find out that she was the fifth Ranger, but really, she shouldn't have been. It was a family trait, after all.

I don't know if you could call it a trait when only one member of the family has been a Ranger. The Commander chuckled just a little to himself. His cousin Billy Cranston had spent most of his life not knowing the family secret: and keeping one of his own. Only since his return to Earth had he learned the truth, and after that, there had been no turning back for any of them. Together the cousins had developed the Lightspeed Rescue powers, and several other nasty little surprises that Diabolico was going to find out in the future.

Commander Mitchell paged slowly through the other folders. Dana, Joel, Carter, Chad, and Kelsey. The newest generation of Power Rangers. I hope Billy was right about them. He seemed to be so far, they had performed very well in the first attack. What worried him the most was the fact that none of them knew each other; five extremely different individuals brought together in a time of crisis. They're either going to bond and become the best of friends....or kill each other.

"Hey, Will!" he turned to see his cousin on a communications screen in the corner. Billy had chosen not to remain in Mariner Bay; he was living in Angel Grove with his wife Kim and their recently born offspring. He kept in touch, however. "I hear on the news that it happened."

Mitchell nodded quietly. "We managed to pull the team together in time. Dana was a little shocked to find out she was the Pink Ranger."

"That's usual for Pink Rangers," Billy nodded, then winced as a hand came from beyond the screen to whack him against the back of his head. "Sorry, dear."

"Are you going to come next month for Dana's birthday?" Mitchell asked, chuckling quietly. It had been a long time since he had seen his cousins up close and personal, and he really missed them. Besides, he had the idea that Billy was going to want to see the new group in person.

Billy shrugged a little. "I think we can make it. Little Trini should meet her cousins anyway. Who knows, she could grow up to be a Ranger herself one day."

After a little more small talk, the communication was cut off, and Mitchell leaned back to close his eyes. He wasn't certain if he were up to mentoring a team of Rangers, but he really had no options in this matter. It was the family legacy, the family duty, and he had no intentions of shirking. I should talk to Dana some. Let her know about her favorite cousin. There was still so much his daughter didn't know about their family.

How they were the direct descendants of he who had trapped those evil spirits in the tomb. How that mage had bound each of his descendants with a spell that would enable them to know when, or if, their enemies were released. How in each generation, one had been born who had the destiny to be the one who was to fight them, should that release occur in their time. He had been the one for his generation, training from the moment of his birth to fight and to lead others. If the release had occurred twenty years earlier, then he would have been the one to fight, with or without powers.

Though just how we would've fought, I have no idea. What any of us would have done if Billy hadn't come along, I don't know.

There was a lot of work ahead of them all, he knew. The team had to learn to work together, they had to develop a camaraderie equal to that of all the other Ranger teams, or they wouldn't survive. He had no idea just what their enemies had in store for them. He knew who they were, what they were, and what they were going to have to do to stop them. What he didn't know was just what they were going to do. Did Diablico know just who it was the Lightspeed Rangers were? Or had they managed to at least keep that from him? It was a given that he knew they existed, but if they could keep the team's identities from him, then that would be a weapon no other Ranger team has had.

We had already planned for them not to bother with secret identities. Billy was right, it would've caused far too much trouble for them to have to rush off and hide every time they needed to morph. With the advice of an ex-Ranger, even if he himself was the only who knew just what Billy had been, Mitchell was convinced that this team of Lightspeed Rangers was going to be one of the best yet.

He rose quietly to check on five monitors, one of which was tuned to each of the Rangers. They were all by themselves right now, probably thinking over what had happened to them. He wasn't surprised; it was the most logical thing to do, plus it was what he himself was doing. The villains were probably doing the same thing, along with blaming each other for the failure of the attack and plotting wildly for something else that would fail.

Mitchell watched for a few moments. Chad was investigating the quarters he had been given, and looking rather pleased with them. Joel was regaling some of the staff with a recount of their battle, highly edited in the Green Ranger's favor, of course. Carter was simply sitting on the bed in his own quarters, his eyes strangely distant. Mitchell nodded; he had been the first of them to see one of the monsters up close and that had probably shocked him. It had taken on the form of fire, something he fought on a regular basis, and he had taken a few serious hits in the fight too. Mitchell trusted that he would be all right, however.

Kelsey was staring out the window of her room, watching the fish go by. She didn't appear to be as comfortable here as she might have been, but that was to be expected as well, she was an outdoor person, not an underwater one. She would get used to it. Dana was going over charts and things in her own room, and glancing from time to time to the morpher on her wrist.

Then it happened. Almost as one, the five of them left whatever it was they were doing, and headed to the communal room they had been provided, one that was in between all their rooms. Mitchell touched a button lightly, providing himself with an audio of what they were saying.

"So, if we're going to be fighting together, I think we should know each other better," Carter's voice came through clearly. Whatever his thoughts had been before, they apparently weren't bothering him now. "I'm Carter Grayson."

"Chad Lee."

"Joel Rawlings."

"Kelsey Winslow."

"Dana Mitchell."

The commander turned off the audio as the introductions ceased and smiled. Yes, the new generation had dawned, and things were going to be just fine.