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Timeline Note: Early Zeo, before the Gold Ranger.

Up at the Moon
by: Cynthia

I look up at the moon a lot when they're asleep. I wonder where Rita and Zedd are. Where did they go when the Machine Empire attacked? Are they all right? Did ...did they even make it? Then I remember...whatever else they may be, those two are survivors. Rita survived in a dumpster all those thousands of years waiting to be released by mortal hands, and Zedd survived the accident that made him into the monster that he is. They'll live, somehow. Knowing Rita, she probably whined for Dad the minute she heard Mondo and Machina were coming. They're probably all safe in the palace back home, drinking Edenoi wine and not even concerned about Goldar and me.

Not that I'm all that surprised over that. Goldar would be, to think someone cares about him. He doesn't remember anything at all. But I do. I remember everything. The implosion ripped his memory from him, but it gave me back things I never even knew I had. I remember how I was the finest of Master Vile's children, a master warrior that could defeat anyone who came against me, and learned in more tongues than even now I can remember. Then an accident in battle, some spell gone wrong by one of the mages under my command, turned me from what I was...into what I am. My mind blocked out all my memories of the time before the accident when it happened, and I had to relearn everything. The fighting skills were not a problem, but since my body was so utterly destroyed, I became a mockery of what I had been physically. It shattered my mind in some ways, resulting not just in the amnesia, but in a horrible joke of a personality.

When we blew up the Command Center, I got it all back. Not just my old skills, but my old self. The minute I saw Goldar, and realized that he didn't know what was going on, and that Rita and Zedd had abandoned us, I knew what to do. Pretend I was just like him, without a memory, and hope for the best. I didn't have the power to teleport right then; all my powers had been strained to the ultimate by the blast. I was going to have to rest and recover, then maybe I could fix his mind, and we could either find my family, or somewhere where we could be two warriors together.

Things didn't work out quite like that, however. We ran into Bulk and Skull, and somehow out of all that we decided to work for them as butlers, and in return they would give us food and shelter. It was more for Goldar than anything else I agreed, he wouldn't have lasted ten minutes without his sword and Zedd to back him up, neither of which he had anymore. But it didn't take all that long for me to realize I like it here. Bulk and Skull aren't the cleverest people to ever exist, but they aren't cruel, by any means. We don't get sent out to attack and get the daylights beaten out of us on a regular basis. We're at peace, something that hasn't happened in eons. And I like it.

Goldar does too, if he'd just admit it to himself. Sometime I see his hands twitching, and I know that a part of him realizes that he's a warrior. I don't think I want him to remember that just yet, though. A little more peace never hurt anyone. A little time to rest and think things through. Time we never had when we lived on the moon.

I stare up there a lot. It used to be my home. It used to be where I belonged. Where I belong now, I don't know. I know I miss Rita. As much as she abused me, she was and is my sister, and I love her. Somewhere inside, she loves me too. It's just not possible for her to show it anymore. I miss her, but I don't know if I belong with her. If they ever came back, though, Goldar and I would probably join them again. Some things you can't escape from.

When I look at the moon, I see my past. I see where I came from, at least for a short while. I see things that I've done and things I might do again in the future. I see no regrets. I am what I am. Yes, I am evil. But I am not a fool. Not anymore. I might play the fool to keep those who must feel secure in their superiority off their guard, but I am not one. I don't really know what I will do with my mind now that I have it back. I feel the urge to feed it, to read and catch up on all the things that I have missed in the last several thousand years. Perhaps I can sneak off to the public library one day and at least do some research into what Earth has been up to.

That's my future, though. That's something for some day when I have nothing else to do. For tonight, I just want to be alone with my memories. Goldar is asleep inside the shed. Bulk and Skull are in their homes, deep in the bonds of slumber as well. I don't know where Rita and Zedd are.

Humans wish on the stars...but my ancestors wished on the moon. It watched over us by day and by night, and many of us settle on the moons of planets we wish to conquer. It makes us feel more at home, more like our own gods. As the moon rises and bathes me in it's crystal lunar light, I make a wish.

"I wish to go home...and tell my sister..that I love her."