Legal Disclaimer: Yes, another Life and Death, isn't it fun? :) You know who the Rangers really belong to, I just snuck them away for a few moments. . .hehehehehe ;)

Golden Jealousy
by: Cynthia

It was a day in Angel Grove like any other. The sun had risen into a sky of cerulean blue, touched by a few purest white clouds that only served to enhance it's beauty. People had risen, went to school or work, heard about the latest battle the Power Rangers Zeo had went through with Mondo's latest, went home, and thought nothing of it. The lives of the great events of good and evil seldom touched people personally, even here in Angel Grove.

Except for a few. Except for one who was running through Angel Grove Park, trying not to hear the soft voice behind her, calling out to her. Jealousy, anger, and rage burned in her heart, far more than she had ever imagined possible. She'd seen the results of a jealousy spell once, but right now, she didn't care. All she wanted was just to get her hands wrapped around the throat of the Pink Zeo Ranger and squeeze. . ..

You know better than that, Trini, the voice wasn't familiar to her, though the echoing hollow quality it had was. It was the voice of the dead, the way they sounded when they spoke. She glanced up, expecting to see either Tommy or Kim there, the two dead Rangers frequently made visits to the world of the living to guide their companions still. She'd been talking with Kim's ghost before the Cogs had attacked, and she had wound up running, just wanting to get away from it all.

She didn't expect to see who she did. Her predecessor, Trey of Triforia, the Gold Ranger who had given her his powers before dying. Her eyes widened a little. "I. . .um, what are you doing here?"

Helping you, my successor, Trey gestured briefly for them to walk together, and Trini had always found it hard to say no to the dead. You don't really want to hurt Kat, do you? Think honestly on this before you answer.

Trini, who had opened her mouth to spit out a heated affirmative, shut it just as fast. There was something about him that made her want to listen and think some. The past and present Gold Rangers walked in silence for a few moments, while Trini did her best to put her thoughts together correctly this time. Being with Trey seemed to calm her mind to the point she could actually think, instead of being blinded by pure rage and hate.

"No," she answered finally. "No, I don't. It hurts to think of her with Billy, but I don't want to hurt her."

Good, Trey smiled faintly. And are you so certain that it does hurt for her and Billy to be together? Remember, think logically. Science might be Billy's strongpoint, but logic and calm and reason are yours, remember.

Trini again was silent. She hadn't thought much the last few hours, she realized. She'd just been reacting, and badly at that. If she hadn't been so eager to get to herself and gloom over what she'd lost. ..what I never had, she realized even as the thought passed her mind. Putting aside all thoughts of jealousy aside, she replayed in her mind's eye the scene in the Youth Center, when she had seen Billy and Kat touching hands. This time, the rushing burst of jealousy she'd half been expecting didn't come.

"I'm not jealous," she whispered, half in awe. "I thought I was. . .but. .."

But you aren't.

"Why did I think I was then?" she asked, looking to Trey for anything that might be an answer. The ghostly Ranger shook his head, placing a spectral hand on one shoulder.

That is for you to answer, Trini. I have done all I can for now. You are not like the other Rangers, even as I was not. When you need me, you have but to call, and I will be here. We are one, Gold Ranger. We are one.

And then he was gone.

* * *

"Trini!" Rocky called out, looking from side to side for her. She'd vanished rather adroitly into the underbrush of the park when he'd tried to talk to her, and he was starting to worry about her. If Mondo attacked again when we couldn't get to her. ..

He shoved that sort of thought away from his head; all he had to do was find her, she was going to be fine. If she wasn't. . .I just thought I wasn't going to think about that, he reminded himself. And I'm not.

"Trini!" he tried not to shout, he didn't want to attract attention, at least not hers. There were people everywhere in the park today it seemed, but none of them were wearing yellow and black or had cascades of long, straight black hair. He bit his lip, looking even up and down for her, just on the off chance she might for some unknown reason be up in a tree.

A soft step alerted him to the presence of another being. Something he wasn't aware of told him who it was. "Hi, Trini," he said quietly, turning around and looking directly into her eyes.

"Hi, Rocky," she was just the tiniest bit distracted it seemed, not quite certain what was going on with her mind and heart. She hadn't felt this nervous or upset since she was . ..well, she'd never felt like that before! Her mind and heart were in a turmoil the likes of which she'd never even conceived before.

Oh, God, she's gorgeous, Rocky thought to himself, staring at her without trying to. How could I ever think she'd like me? Even if she isn't in love with Billy, she'll probably fall all over some guy here in Angel Grove now that she's back. She and Adam have a lot in common, I bet once they realize that. ..

Surprisingly, or perhaps not, Trini's thoughts ran in vaguely similiar directions. Why didn't I notice how cute he is? Well, I haven't exactly had time to get to know him really well. He didn't hang out with me, Jason, and Zack too much after he and his friends learned the Rangers' identities, and it wasn't long after that before we were in Switzerland. And now we're teammates, but the only person I really know on the team is Billy. I wonder if Rocky is dating anyone. . .

"Are you okay?" Rocky grasped for words to use. "I saw you running off after that fight with Mondo's goons, and I was. . .sort of worried about you."

She smiled faintly. "That's sweet. Yes, I'm fine. I just needed to think for a while. I . . .was talking to Kim," she bit her lip, wondering suddenly why she'd said that. He's going to think I'm nuts. ..

"I saw Tommy," the Blue Zeo Ranger said almost casually. "Talked to him for a few minutes. It's kind of nice having them around. . .still."

She nodded. "Kim and I were friends for so many years," the Gold Ranger sighed. "I guess there really are some friendships that last even beyond death itself."

"And ours with them is one of them," Rocky murmured. Ask her to do SOMETHING, or you'll lose your chance forever, idiot! a small voice seemed to scream in the back of his mind. He grasped at the first thing that came to his head. "Hey, I was wondering, would you like to go out to the movies with me?"

Trini almost quite literally did a doubletake. Am I wrong or did Rocky just ask me out? "Ummm. ..," she thought for a few moments, then smiled. "I'd love to."

* * *

The next few weeks sped by in a glorious haze for both the Gold and Blue Rangers. They were together almost constantly, and within the first five minutes of their first date together, Trini had forgotten totally that she had ever been jealous of Kat or thought she was in love with Billy.

She was head over heels in love with Rocky.