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Tomorrow Is My Wedding Day
by: Cynthia

It was spring again. The horrors of the war were finally over with. Everything that had happened was being written into the history books. And those history books were going to be a lot thicker in the years to come, as Earth was integrated in the union of civilized planets. Some thought it was too soon, but as new technologies and new ways of thinking began to come to the planet, the human race began to make a quantum leap forward, abandoning their old ways of thinking and reaching for the stars.

What most of them didn't know was that the stars had already reached them. Five years earlier, when Rita Replusa had been released from her dumpster, the fate of Earth had been sealed. Now, as she prepared for the most momentous day of her life, she didn't regret a thing she had done, good or evil.

I do regret Zordon's death, though. The silvery needle flickered as she wove it in and out of the fabric. After the war had ended, she and Zedd had made some fairly momentous decisions. Among them was the decision to come to Earth. Not to conquer. Not to try and make anyone afraid of them. But to make up for everything they had done. To try and help make things right again. Their magic was gone, burned away in the cleansing light of love, but neither cared. What they had always wanted, deep inside, wasn't power, but peace. A peace they finally had.

And now that all was over with, it was time for another day. A new day. A new beginning. A new life.

A new wedding day.

Get the satin for your gown
Raise the hem, and take it down
Tomorrow is my Wedding Day

Though she and Zedd had been married for years, it hadn't been because of love. It had been for power. Even when the love potion had worn off, they had remained together. They had grown comfortable together, and in some small ways they had loved each other. That small love was nothing compared to how they felt now, though. When Zordon's wave had whipped through them, they had both been given a new lease on life. Her nagging complaining heart had been wiped clean, his monstrous, repulsive form had been morphed into one more suitable for him. Oh, he wasn't a magnificently built warrior like his best man was, but he was handsome to her.

Slowly she put the last stitch in and put the needle down. "Done?" the soft voice came from one side and she smiled over at one of her former servants.

"Yes. That was the last stitch. How about you girls?" she was going to be having two bridesmaids and a matron of honor, and they were all going to be making their own gowns for it. It felt good to do something humble like that, and she liked this white satin dream much better than the old outfit she had worn to her first wedding day.

"Kim's almost done with hers," the blue-eyed Katherine Oliver motioned across the room. She rechecked the last stitches on her own gown; she had never been that good at sewing, but at least this dress had come out properly. They had designed it to hide her slowly burgeoning stomach. "I just finished up mine too."

All the former Rangers had easily accepted the now ex-villains into their lives and hearts. Dimitria had told them of how each had somehow been tricked into becoming evil so long ago, and now with Zordon's passing, they were as they had once been-though somewhat older. Tommy and Kat had been among the first to forgive them; they knew well what it was to be made evil against one's own will.

And now, Rita and Zedd were going to be remarried. Every former Ranger was taking part in it, plus a few extra friends. Dimitria was going to perform the ceremony. Tommy was to be Zedd's best man, with Jason, Rocky, and Billy as groomsman. Katherine, who had married Tommy just a year earlier, was matron of honor. Kimberly Cranston and Trini DeSantos were the bridesmaids. Ernie, who had bought the Youth Center back from Jerome Stone, was going to be catering the entire deal. Justin Stewart would be ringbearer, while Zack and Tanya Taylor would be handling the music. Adam and Elizabeth Park and Jason and Emily Scott had provided the location; the two couples lived in the same house and had helped decorate it for the occasion.

All the rest of those who had participated in Earth's defense over the years would be guests. These included Aisha Campbell, who had come into contact with Carlos after the huge celebration to honor the return of the Rangers to Earth. Despite a slight age difference, the two had hit it off at once, and would be attending together, as would T.J. and another reformed villainess, Scorpina, now once again bearing the name of Sabrina. Other couples including Andros and Ashley, Cassie and the Phantom Ranger (who had been waiting for her when she returned home}, and Zhane and Karone were literally inseparable.

It was going to be the event of the season.

Somethin' borrowed, somethin' new
Somethin' big is comin' through
Down the aisle I'm headin'
Tomorrow is my Wedding

Let the church bells ring
I've got my guy and he's got the ring
Down the aisle I'm heading
Tomorrow is my Wedding

Zedd, or Darien Zeddin as he now called himself, fidgeted as he adjusted his tie. He felt as if he were about to crawl out of his skin with nervousness.

"Good thing you let me handle the shaving," Tommy said quietly. "Your hands don't look steady enough to be wielding anything sharp."

Zedd glanced down at his hands and blushed to see them literally shaking. "I think you're right. Were any of you this nervous?"

After leaving the Rangers, almost every last one of them had plunged into marriage after at least a year. Some had waited longer, and some relationships had broken up, such as Adam and Tanya's. But by now, almost all of them were either married or in a loving relationship with someone. Tommy smiled. "Ask Jason. He was my best man back then."

"You almost cut your own throat, too," the former leader of the Rangers chuckled. "It's a guy sort of thing. We all were like that."

Zedd smiled, checking over the preparations one last time. The food was ready for the reception afterwards; the guests were all ready. Everything was in preparation. He had never felt so happy in his life. In any life.

"You love Rita, don't you?" it was Rocky asking it, and Zedd at once nodded.

"More than I ever dreamed it was possible to love anyone before," he replied softly. "I never thought I could be so happy. I thought..." a chuckle sounded. "I thought I would have to conquer the universe to be that happy. And here I am with just a house and a wife to be that I love with all my soul...and I'm content."

Tommy smiled at him. "That's all you really need. That's all anyone needs. And I'm glad you're going to get it."

"So am I, Tommy. So am I." The two of them smiled at each other softly. It was good to be friends. Though Zedd was much older than Tommy, the two of them had formed a mutual bond born from the fact they had both been evil by force.

A tap came on the door and Jerome Stone looked in. "Are you ready? It's time for the rehearsal."

Zedd took a breath. "I'm ready."

Somethin' borrowed, somethin' new
Somethin' big is comin' through
Down the aisle I'm headin'
Tomorrow is my Wedding

Rita smoothed the satin that billowed around her and took a long breath. Tomorrow was the real thing, but today was the first dress rehearsal, and everything was in place as if they were actually going to do it. She smiled at her new friends and took a long breath.

Tomorrow is my wedding. For real. As the music began to play, a hush fell over the crowd. It was time.

Somethin' borrowed, somethin' blue
Somethin' big is comin' through
Down the aisle I'm headin'
Tomorrow is my Wedding.