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You Already Know
by: Cynthia

Trini Kwan had loved Billy Cranston since the day she had met him. It had been a silent love, with too much shyness on both sides for it to blossom into anything like a true romance. She had wanted to tell him so many different things before she had left, but it just hadn't worked out like that.

Maybe I should tell him, she thought, turning the pages of her diary. Maybe I should let him know how I feel. Slowly she shook her head. He already knew. He apparently didn't care, though. Oh, don't fool yourself. Of course he cares. You just don't want to say anything and neither does he. You don't want to ruin your friendship if things don't work out.

Those were the same old lines she'd used on herself a thousand times over the last few years. They had been able to keep herself from embarrassing herself when they were Rangers together, and after she'd come to Switzerland, it had been those beliefs which made her certain she could survive without him.

Slowly she picked up her pen and started another entry. Dear Diary. Another day here in Geneva. Another boring day here in Geneva, I should say. We talked a lot. Made some agreements. It would be nice if those things actually could be enforced in the world, but we all know better. This is just like a big game, play-acting. We pretend as if what we're doing is going to actually make a difference. The teenagers here are just that...teenagers. Sure, they're all smart. We all are. But what most of the people here are interested in is just having a good time and maybe doing some homework.

The former Yellow Ranger sighed, peering down at the white paper and black words. So stark, so cold. Stifled almost. That was how she felt. Geneva had none of the life to it that Angel Grove had. Her hometown might've been monster-infested the last few years, but it had lived and breathed the way no one else had. Everyone there was different, everyone got along most of the time (even Bulk and Skull had their good times), and everyone was united against the forces of evil.

In Switzerland, they didn't even believe the forces of evil existed. The Power Rangers weren't heroes...they were mockeries. No one even considered the fact they existed. Everyone believed they were just made up for the television. She, Zack, and Jason had been hard-pressed not to reveal their former secret, just to get people to take them seriously. Even the people who had been in Angel Grove and had seen the monsters weren't taken seriously if they said they were real. She'd even heard Tamara, the girl Billy had seen so taken with, say that it had just been a movie set up, that Goldar and all the rest had just been people in suits. Whether the Israeli girl believed that or not, Trini didn't know. But she knew that those were no suits.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sudden jangling of the telephone. Slowly she reached across, expecting to hear from Zack. He and a small group of other delegates had went out earlier in the week to visit small towns in the neighborhood. He had called every night just to say hi; ever since Jason had left three months earlier they had drawn tighter together.

"Hi, Trini here," she said, closing the diary. "What's up, Zack?"

"Uh, Trini, this is Kim," the familiar voice of her best friend came through the device. "Have you heard?"

Something about the way Kim said that made Trini sit up suddenly, an icy fear clamping at her heart. "Heard? Heard what?"

"Billy's gone." Trini went so absolutely white she felt like a photo negative for a moment. "He moved to Aquitar. He's in love with someone there."

Trini trembled. She remembered hearing about the Aquitian Rangers from Tommy, on one of his periodic phone calls to talk with them all. He kept in touch with every last one of his old friends, even Kim, refusing to let them slip away just because a few thousand miles separated them. "He...what?"

"He's living there now, Trini. Jason thought you'd probably hear it best from me." Kim's voice was trembling, and Trini clenched her fists. "There have been some other things happening to. Rita and Zedd are back...."

Trini didn't hear anything else of Kim's explanation and update on current Angel Grove events. The only thing that kept echoing over and over in her mind was Billy's gone. He moved to Aquitar. She did something she had almost never done just then. She interrupted Kimberly. "Kim, where are you? Are you in Florida?"

"No, I'm not," the former Pink Ranger's voice was startled. "I'm in Angel Grove; I came back to spend a little time with the guys before the Pan-Globals."

Trini nodded, standing up and starting to look for her luggage. "Think you can talk Zordon into giving me a lift home? I've been here too long."

* * *
Moments after hanging up, Trini started to throw things into her suitcase. The minute she'd heard what Kim had to say, she'd known that she'd accomplished everything she'd come to Switzerland to do. Now she had to go somewhere else. Shyness hadn't done anything but send her off somewhere to be miserable for the last few years. She'd lost him, but she didn't have to mourn alone. She would be with her friends, with those others who had known him. Maybe she'd find someone else...but she truly doubted it.

She picked up the yellow communicator that she had kept all this time safe, and as it beeped softly, took a long breath. "Yes, Zordon?" she asked quietly. She had left a message with their floor supervisor, telling her to tell Zack that she was going home and 'Z' was going to be helping her. She'd told them she already had a way home, and had carried just the same simple pair of suitcases out that she had hauled in here years earlier. Now, in an alley not that far from the building she'd spent such dull times in, she listened to a voice she hadn't heard in too long.

"Are you ready, Trini?" the voice of her guide and mentor filled her ears, and she couldn't help but feel a sense of homecoming.

"Yes. Bring me home."

White light filled her vision moments later and she felt herself moving across a vast distance. The memories of all the times she had been teleported somewhere alongside the other Rangers filled her mind, and she could just barely prevent herself from weeping with joy. Though she might not still be a Ranger with powers, she knew that she was still a Ranger in her heart, and in the hearts of her friends.

The light faded from around her, and she found herself in a room she didn't recognize. The voice of Alpha's familiar 'Ay-yi-yi' and Zordon's deep rumble of, "Welcome home, Trini," told her more than anything else could have, however, that she was where she belonged. She turned to say hello, spying a small group just out of the corner of her eye. Those must be the Zeo Rangers. She recognized Tommy at once, of course, and Kim was with them too, as was Jason. Vaguely she remembered three of them as Rocky, Adam, and Aisha. Must be more ex-Rangers visiting, she thought, recalling that there were only six Zeo Rangers, and that Aisha, Jason, and Kim weren't any of them.

"Trini, it's good to see you!" Jason cried out, rushing over to her. "We've missed you!"

She smiled, opening her mouth, when something flashed across her eyes like a web of golden fire. She saw a woman standing before her, gowned in white and with a veil across the lower half of her face. Words echoed in her mind.

Go to Aquitar, Trini. Save Billy. His life is in danger. An old foe poses as a new love. But be careful. Only the power within you can help, but it is one you have never known before. Find it and you will be able to help him. Be well and be strong, my daughter.

Then the vision faded, and Trini found herself staring into Jason's worried dark eyes. "Trini? Trini, are you all right?"

"Y..yes...." she stammered just a little, trying to shake the power of what she'd seen away and failing. "I...I think...I think I just saw something...something very strange."

Zordon tilted his head towards them. "What have you seen, Trini?" he appeared to already know, and wanted her to speak the words.

Slowly she took a breath. "I saw...a woman in white." She relayed what had been said, and Zordon frowned briefly.

"It has been some time since I have seen Dimitria," he said. "Her words can always be trusted, Trini. If she has said Billy is in danger, then he is. You must go to Aquitar and discover what this danger is."

The ex-Ranger took a deep breath. She'd only meant to come home to be with her other friends during this time, and to perhaps learn where her place in a world without Billy might be. If he had truly wanted to be on Aquitar, then she would never have said anything to him about how she felt. But if he were in danger....she would rush to his side as she always had. I'll do what I have to do. I'll save him...and I'll do what I should have done. I'll tell him what he already knows.

"I'm ready."

I could tell you how much I love you
I could tell you how much I care
I could tell you how the thought of you
Sets my dreams aglow
But you already Know

You already Know how much I love you
You already Know
You already Know how much I love you
You already Know

I've never said that if you left me
My heart would be broken
But I'm certain that you know
Without a word being spoken
That You already Know

You already Know how much I love you
You already Know
You already Know how much I love you
You already Know
You already Know how much I love you
You already Know