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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is the second part in my new series "The Purple Sibling Series" and takes place immediately after my fan-fiction "The Rescue." If you didn't read that one first, you're going to be totally lost. Also, when the Psychos grow in my story, they don't turn into monsters but rather stay in their Psycho Ranger forms. This is due to Darkonda's reprogramming of them. Another thing, this part contains a lot of action and not a lot of romance. This is merely to set things up for the next part, which will contain a more balanced mixture of action and romance. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Battle Lines
by DECA367

Darkonda was on a hidden planet in a galaxy far away from Earth. He had hidden the green item from his cave in his pouch and would use it at the first opportunity he could. He was greeted by an army of Piranhatrons and Quantrons, who checked him with a scanner to make sure he wasn't an impostor. As soon as they were satisfied that he wasn't, they let him through to the area where Dark Specter was holding Zordon.

"Hmm, I see Dark Specter is taking no chances with his security measures." Darkonda thought out loud.

"Of course I'm not." Dark Specter growls. "Would you expect anything less from me?"

"I was just making an observation." Darkonda says.

"Now where have you been?" Dark Specter asks. "I sent for you over six days ago!"

"I'm sorry, Grand Monarch." Darkonda says. "But my ship ran into some trouble. The Phantom Ranger attacked me, trying to get information on Zordon. I managed to fire a few shots which disabled his engines but he did considerable more damage to my ship."

"Go on." Dark Specter says.

"Well anyway, the Phantom Ranger managed to heavily damage my ship." Darkonda says. "I managed to escape and hide while the Phantom was trying to fix his engines. I spent the last six days repairing my ship."

"That Phantom Ranger is serious trouble." Dark Specter says. "I'll have to do something about him."

"An excellent idea, but right now I really think we should do something about the situation on Earth. Let's check in to see how the villains are doing." Darkonda says.

"You're right." Dark Specter says as he turns to create a communications signal.

As soon as Dark Specter's back is turned, Darkonda takes out his green crystal. He then fires a ray at Dark Specter and when he is finished, the crystal grows dark.

"Dark Specter, the other villains are incompetent fools and are incapable of destroying the Rangers." Darkonda says. "You will reassign them and give me command of the Dark Fortress. I am your most loyal servant, you can trust me with any assignment. I am above reproach. I cannot do anything wrong."

Dark Specter appears not to notice Darkonda's words as the images of Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, King Mondo, Queen Machina, Prince Gasket, Archerina, and Divatox appear in front of him.

"How goes your attack on the Rangers?" Dark Specter asks.

"Excellent your sire." King Mondo says.

"Yes, we caught the Purple Ranger in a Dark Dimension and forced her to fight an army of monsters until she collapsed." Lord Zedd says. "When we were finished with her, she was completely broken."

"Then that means she is dead now?" Dark Specter asks.

"Well, no." Lord Zedd says. "Not exactly."

"What do you mean not exactly?" Dark Specter asks, annoyed.

"Well we had her injured so badly, that there was little chance of her surviving." Prince Gasket says. "So we decided to send her back to the Rangers where they could see what we had done to her."

"And the Rangers managed to heal her?" Dark Specter asks, more as a statement then as a question.

"Um...well." Lord Zedd stammers. "Yes."

"Idiots. Complete and utter idiots." Dark Specter yells. "Why didn't you just kill her and send her lifeless body back to the Rangers?"

All the villains then look at each other with a stupid look.

Divatox is the first to speak. "It was King Mondo's idea." she says.

"I didn't hear any of you suggesting we kill her and Lord Zedd even agreed with me." King Mondo says.

"Hey, don't blame this on me..." Lord Zedd says. "If I had my way..."

"Quiet all of you!" Dark Specter screams. "This has proven to me that you are incompetent fools and are incapable of destroying the Rangers. I am reassigning all of you, save Elgar and Ecliptor. I am giving my most loyal servant, Darkonda, command of the Dark Fortress. He cannot do anything wrong and will be able to defeat the Rangers with those Psycho Rangers while you will probably find some way to ruin all my plans!"

"But..." Divatox begins.

"Silence!" Dark Specter commands. "The next one of you to say anything will be immediately vaporized."

All the villains then become silent as Dark Specter continues. "Now pack your things, I am sending my ship to come and get you for your reassignments. It will arrive within the next 8 hours. Dark Specter out." he says as he cuts the communications frequency.

Darkonda, who has been watching the conversation chuckles to himself. "Suggestion stones." he laughs quietly. "Works like a dream."

"Darkonda, leave now." Dark Specter says. "My ship is going to the Dark Fortress. You are now in command."

"Why thank you my liege." Darkonda says. "I will not fail you."

"I know you won't." Dark Specter says. "Now get going."

On his way to the ship, Darkonda started laughing evilly. "Phase one of my plan is now complete!" he says. "Soon, my plan will be fulfilled!" he laughs as he boards Dark Specter's ship bound for the Dark Fortress.


Back on the Megaship, Karone still lay in the medical bay hooked up to a monitoring device. Just then Zhane walked in with a bouquet of red roses.

"Hello, beautiful." Zhane says, giving her a quick kiss on the lips. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling fine." Karone says. "Now how long do I have to stay here? I came out of my coma three days ago."

"Don't worry about it." Zhane says. "I checked with Alpha and he says you can leave today."

"That's great!" Karone says.

"But he also said that your body had taken serious wounds." Zhane says. "Even though the power enhances your healing capacity, these wounds will take some time to fully heal. Alpha says you can't do any major physical activity for at least another week."

"Wait, what if there's an attack?" Karone asks.

"Alpha says that you shouldn't morph for another week, as it may cause a recurrence of your injuries." Zhane says.

"But..." Karone says.

"Alpha says no buts." Zhane says. "I don't want to risk any further injury coming to you."

"I know." Karone says. "But being a Ranger means taking risks."

"All right." Zhane says. "How about I make you a deal? You don't morph for the next seven days, unless we are in big trouble and really need you, OK? he asks.

Karone considers this for a moment. "OK." she says. "Anything that will make you happy."

Just then Ashley and Cassie walk in. "Ah, look at the two love-birds." Cassie says.

"Yeah you look so cute." Ashley says.

"Hey, you be quiet." Zhane says. "Or else I'll tell Andros that you asked me about..."

"All right! All right!" Ashley says interrupting Zhane in mid-sentence. "I'll cut it out."

"Asked you about what?" Cassie asks with curiosity.

"None of your business." Ashley replies. "Anyway, we came here to talk to Karone."

"About what?" Karone asks.

"It's girl talk." Cassie says, looking at Zhane.

"OK, I get the message." Zhane says as he hands Karone the roses. "I'll see you later, tonight." he says.

"OK." Karone says. "I'll be looking forward to it."

Zhane then gives her another quick kiss and leaves the medical bay. Karone stares after him blankly with a big smile on her face. Ashley then waves a hand in front of Karone's face to which Karone doesn't even notice.

"Earth to Karone. Earth to Karone." Ashley says. "Come in Karone."

"Ashley, we are not on Earth." DECA says. "We are on a space orbiting the earth."

"DECA, that was a joke." Ashley says.

"I know." DECA says. "But Alpha has been reprogramming me to give me a sense of humor."

"He has?" Cassie asks.

"Yes." DECA says.

"Hmm, I wonder if that's a good or bad thing." Ashley says as she turns back to Karone, who's still in her daydream. "Karone!"

This causes Karone to come out of the daydream and turn to Ashley and Cassie. "Oh Ashley, I didn't see you come in." she says. "What can I do for you?"

"Um, Karone you did see us come in." Ashley says. "Remember."

Karone then thinks for a moment and then replies. "Oh yeah, I did."

"Don't worry about it." Ashley says. "I felt the same way when I first fell in love with Andros, I was totally ecstatic when he asked me out on our first date. I still am. And there was the time Cassie fell in love with the Phantom Ranger."

Cassie then begins to get a far-away look in her eyes. "Phantom." she says with loneliness. "I wonder what he's doing right now."

"Cassie don't you start too." Ashley says.

"Huh?" Cassie asks, coming to attention. "Oh yeah, right."

"Anyway the reason we came to talk to you was that Alpha said you can leave the medical bay now." Ashley says. "We wanted to take you down to earth and hit the mall."

"Oh." Karone says. "That would be great! I remember you were planning to do that with me a few days ago before my kidnapping."

"Well then, let's go." Cassie says.

"Wait a minute." Karone says. "I don't have anything to wear except this medical gown. My uniform was destroyed in the fight and I couldn't wear that to earth anyway."

"Don't worry about it." Cassie says. "We had Alpha make you a new uniform that we put in your new quarters. There's also one of Ashley's outfits in there, that she's lending you for today."

"Thank you Ashley." Karone says.

"Don't mention it." Ashley says. "We're about the same size anyway. Now let's get to Earth and have some fun."

"Right." Karone says happily.


Back on the Dark Fortress all of the villains were prepared to leave the Dark Fortress.

"I still don't understand why I have to leave the Dark Fortress." Divatox complains. "I wasn't the one to let Karone go."

"Oh shut up." Lord Zedd says. "If you want to challenge Dark Specter then go right ahead. It will be your funeral."

Divatox opens her mouth to say something but at the last second closes it. She watches as Dark Specter's ship approaches.

"Well this is it." King Mondo says. "At least on my next assignment I won't have to work with all of you."

"I can assure you Mondo, the feeling is mutual." Lord Zedd says.

"OK, let's get going." Rita says. "I'm starting to get a headache."

"Bye Elgar." Divatox says. "Remember if you ever need another job, my door is always open."

"Why thank you." Elgar says. "Do you really mean it?"

"No, but I promised Momma D after your mother was destroyed." Divatox says.

The villain gallery is then teleported onboard Dark Specter's ship as Darkonda appears on the bridge of the Dark Fortress.

"Ah, the Dark Fortress." Darkonda says. "Finally, Dark Specter put a real warrior in charge of running this place."

Ecliptor wanted to destroy Darkonda where he stood for what he has done to himself and Astronema but the implants ensuring loyalty to Dark Specter prevented him from doing so. Instead the mechanical brainwashing responded. "Hello Darkonda, how may I serve you master?" he asks.

Darkonda then walked over to Ecliptor. "Ah, I see the new programming is working perfectly." he laughs. "But I know that inside of you, lies someone who would never harm your precious princess Astronema. Or should we call her Karone now? I know you can hear me and that you are fighting to regain control of your body but you can't. You can only listen to me and have your anger grow. Well what I am about to tell you will be worse then if I did destroy you myself."

Inside the real Ecliptor listened to Darkonda's speech. And as much as it pained him to admit it, every single word he said was true, he wanted to destroy Darkonda but couldn't due to the programming. He was also very worried about the last part of his speech about the fate that Darkonda had in store for him.

The cyborg-Ecliptor just responded. "I am at your command."

"Good, because this is my plan." Darkonda laughs. "You are going to kill Karone with your own hands."

Inside the real Ecliptor was torn with grief, anger, and a strong desire to destroy Darkonda. But he couldn't do anything about it as the cyborg-Ecliptor eagerly accepted the command.

"Good." Darkonda says. "Oh and by the way, once Karone is dead, I'm going to reprogram your implants so that it replays the memory of you killing Karone until you die from grief and guilt."

Inside Ecliptor was angrier at Darkonda then he had ever been at anybody in his entire life. And he knew there was nothing he could do about it, which made him even angrier.


Meanwhile back on Earth, Professor Phenomenus was working on a new device to find aliens. As always, his two assistants, Bulk and Skull, were at his side. The Professor was working on a high-tech device that looked like it was a camera with propellers on it, along with some other devices attached to it. After a few adjustments with a screwdriver, he put the device down and turned to his assistants.

"Aha! It is finished!" the Professor announced triumphantly.

"Great." Bulk says. "But what does it do?" he asks.

"It is a space alien detector and recorder." Professor Phenomenus says. "It will detect alien life-forms and then record their activities."

"Excellent." Bulk and Skull say in unison.

"Now let's go to the van." Professor Phenomenus says. "We're going to catch us some aliens."


Elsewhere in the city, Ashley, Cassie, and Karone were walking throughout the mall. Each of them were carrying several bags and stopped at the food court for a rest. After the three each got some food to eat, they found an empty table and sat down.

"Man, this shopping trip has been fun." Cassie says. "Look at all this stuff."

"Yeah, and look at Karone she got more then both of us combined." Ashley says.

"Hey don't blame me." Karone says. "You guys already have stuff back on the ship, everything that I own is in these bags with the exception of a few items Andros and Zhane gave me."

"True." Ashley admits and then checks her watch. "Oh no!"

"What is it, Ashley?" Karone asks.

"It's 6:30." Ashley says. "We've been here for over six and a half hours."

"I didn't realize it was that late." Cassie says, taking a bite of some of her food. "But I sure do feel tired."

"Me too." Karone says. "I wonder if Alpha would consider this trip strenuous exercise." she jokes.

"I don't know." Ashley says, laughing. "But if he does, we can tell him our watches are broken."

Just then Darkonda and the five Psycho Rangers appeared at the other end of the food court.

"Nobody move." Darkonda says. "You are now my prisoners."

Everybody ignored Darkonda's words and ran in a flood of panic. In the confusion, someone ran into Darkonda, causing Darkonda and himself to crash into the Psycho Rangers, sending them all falling to the ground. This provided opportunity for everyone else to escape and the three female Rangers to duck into a corner which was out of view from everyone.

"OK, Let's Rocket!" Karone says pulling out her morpher. She is about to enter the morphing code when Ashley stops her.

"Karone, Alpha said no morphing for the next seven days." Ashley says. "You go back to the ship and get the guys. We'll morph and hold off the Darkonda and the Psychos."

"But..." Karone starts to protest but then remembers her promise to Zhane. "Right." she says as she hits the teleportation button on her communicator.

Ashley and Cassie then look each other and give each other a nod.

"Let's Rocket!" Cassie says as the two summon their morphers.

A second later, the Pink and Yellow Rangers stand in their uniforms, ready for action. The two rush out on the scene to see Darkonda pointing his sword at the cowering person who ran into him.

"You have ruined my plans." Darkonda says. "And for that you will now die."

Just as Darkonda is about to strike the civilian with his sword, the Pink and Yellow Rangers leap onto the scene. The two hit Darkonda with the Satellite Stunner and the Star Slinger. This causes Darkonda to fall back a little. The two then hit Darkonda with powerful punches which causes him to fall to the ground while the two Rangers land in front of the civilian.

The Pink Ranger walks over to him and helps him up. "Are you OK?" she asks.

"I'm fine." he replies.

"Good, now get out of here." the Pink Ranger says.

"Right." he says as he turns and runs towards the exit.

Darkonda then turned to the Psycho Rangers. "Destroy those two Rangers." he ordered. "I have more important matters to tend to."

"Right." Psycho Red says.

The Psycho Rangers then walk towards the two Rangers.

"Give it up." Psycho Black says.

"Yes your powers are useless against us." Psycho Blue says.

"Besides, no weak woman can defeat me." Psycho Red laughs.

"Weak woman?" Psycho Yellow asks. "What do you mean women are weak?"

"Oh come on, everyone knows that women are weaker then men." Psycho Red says.

"Oh yeah, I bet that I could take you on." Psycho Pink says.

"Don't make me laugh." Psycho Red says. "Everyone knows that I'm the most powerful Psycho Ranger."

"You? The most powerful Psycho Ranger?" Psycho Black asks. "I think not, I'm the most powerful."

"No, I'm the most powerful." Psycho Blue says.

"Oh, come on. Everyone knows Yellow is the most powerful." Psycho Yellow says. "I could defeat all three of you without even trying."

"Ha, that is the most pathetic line I've ever heard." Psycho Pink says. "I am the quickest, therefore I could destroy you before you even saw me coming."

"Yeah, right." Psycho Red says sarcastically. "I could destroy you before you even attempted to move and even if you did, you're too weak to do any serious damage. After all I'm leader."

"Wait a second, who appointed you leader?" Psycho Black asks. "I should be the leader."

"No I should." Psycho Blue says.

"Um, excuse me." the Pink Ranger says.

"Not now Pink Ranger." Psycho Red says.

"Now where were we?" Psycho Black asks.

"I think Psycho Yellow was just about to say she should be leader." the Yellow Ranger says.

"Right." Psycho Yellow says. "I should be the leader."

"No I should!" Psycho Pink says.

"I'm red and therefore I'm the leader." Psycho Red says.

"Who cares what color you are?" Psycho Blue says. "The strongest should be the leader and that's me."

"I still say I'm the strongest." Psycho Yellow says.

"And I still say that no woman cannot possibly defeat me." Psycho Red says.

"Oh yeah." Psycho Yellow says. "Well you want to try?"

"Sure." Psycho Red says. "And then I'll take on anyone else who thinks they should be leader."

The five Psychos were so busy fighting among themselves, they didn't see the Red, Silver, Black, and Blue Rangers arrive on the scene. The four Rangers immediately went over to the other two.

"Can you use our help?" the Red Ranger asks.

"No, not really." the Yellow Ranger says.

"What do you mean?" the Black Ranger asks.

"Look for yourselves." the Pink Ranger says.

All the Rangers then look to see the Red and Yellow Psycho Rangers fighting each other. The two each manage to get in some good hits and damage one other until an image of Darkonda appears above them. The two Psychos then stop fighting each other and look up along with everyone else.

"What are you doing?" Darkonda asks. "You're supposed to be fighting the Rangers not fighting each other."

"But he said women were weak and I wasn't fit to be leader." Psycho Yellow says.

"I'm the leader, Darkonda." Psycho Red says. "And I was just pointing out that women are weak and could not defeat men."

Darkonda then sighed. "Psychos, Red is your leader and that's that." he says. "And as for you, Psycho Red, do not underestimate the strength of the female Rangers especially the Purple one. It may lead to your demise. The rest of this will be settled at a later time. Now get those Rangers or else I'll vaporize all of you."

"Yes, Darkonda." Psycho Red says while the other four merely nodded.

"Good." Darkonda says. "Oh and by the way, I have a special surprise for the Silver Ranger." he laughs.

Just then the Lizzinator appeared in front of the Psychos.

"I hope you enjoy playing with him, especially after he nearly killed your pretty girlfriend." Darkonda laughs. "The next time we have her, we won't let her go alive." he says as his image disappears.

"Psycho Rangers charge!" Psycho Red commands.

Each Psycho Ranger then attacks their respective counterpart while the Lizzinator faced off with the Silver Ranger.

Psycho Red attacks the Red Ranger with his Psycho Sword. The Red Ranger pulls out his Spiral Saber to counter but Psycho Red kicks it away from him before he can use it. This move surprises the Red Ranger which allows Psycho Red to gain the upper hand. The Psycho Ranger repeatedly strikes the Red Ranger's uniform which causes it to explode with sparks. Psycho Red then grabbed the Ranger's head and put him in a choke-hold while shooting evil energy at him.

Meanwhile Psycho Black was attacking the Black Ranger with his Psycho Weapon. The Black Ranger was countering with his own weapon. The two fought with extreme accuracy and no one had the upper hand. Psycho Black decided to change this by firing a blinding flash at the Black Ranger's eyes. This caused the Black Ranger to fall back. Psycho Black then started to hit the Black Ranger with a large amount of energy.

Psycho Blue didn't even give the Blue Ranger a chance to defend himself as he immediately went into a fast spin and hit the Blue Ranger with his weapon over and over again until the Blue Ranger fell down in an explosion of sparks.

The Pink Ranger tried using her Satellite Stunner to attack Psycho Pink but when the energy rays hit her, they didn't even scratch her and she just laughed. Psycho Pink then drew out her own weapon and fired it at the Pink Ranger. This caused yet another Ranger to fall to the ground.

The Yellow Ranger immediately leapt forward and hit Psycho Yellow with her Blade Arm attack. This caught Psycho Yellow off-guard for a second and caused her to fall back. She quickly regained her stance and fired a ray of energy at the Yellow Ranger. She then leaped forward and hit her with a powerful punch which caused the Yellow Ranger to fall back into the wall.

While all this was going on Lizzinator faced off against the Silver Ranger.

"Ah, Silver Ranger at last we meet." Lizzinator says. "I do hope your precious Purple Ranger is feeling better. She didn't look so well the last time we saw one another. When I'm finished with you, I think that I'll finish the job I started." the monster laughs.

This causes the Silver Ranger to become extremely angry. "Oh yeah? I'll make you pay for what you did to her!" he screams angrily as he summons his Super Silverizer and leaps towards the monster.

Unfortunately for him, Lizzinator planned to make him angry so he wouldn't think clearly. As the Ranger rushed towards, Lizzinator took out a big boulder from behind him and through it at the Ranger which caused him to fall to the ground. Lizzinator then picked up the Silver Ranger and threw him half-way across the corridor right into the movie theater. The Silver Ranger got up and rushed towards the monster again but Lizzinator countered by throwing two more boulders at him. This caused him to fall to the ground again. The Ranger then got up again.

"Ha!" Lizzinator laughs. "It's time for a repeat performance of what I did to the Purple Ranger."

Back on the Megaship, Karone and Alpha were watching the fight on the viewscreen. Karone saw that the fight with the Psycho Rangers wasn't going well and that Lizzinator was playing off the Silver Ranger's anger.

"I have to do something!" Karone shouts in frustration.

"No, you can't morph." Alpha says. "It's too dangerous, you need time for your body to heal."

"Alpha, what good would it do for my body to heal if all my friends die?" Karone asks. "Being a Power Ranger means taking risks and I can't let my teammates suffer because my body isn't fully healed."

Alpha begins to protest but realizes Karone is right. "Aye-yi-yi. All right Karone you can go but please be careful."

"Don't worry I will." Karone says. "Let's Rocket!"

A second later the Purple Ranger appears in the mall where the Lizzinator monster is still throwing boulders at the Silver Ranger. The Silver Ranger has calmed down a little and is now using his Super Silverizer to break the boulders into pieces before they hit him. But at the rate the monster is throwing the boulders, the Silver Ranger doesn't have a chance to go on the offensive. The Purple Ranger immediately leaps into the action and hits Lizzinator with her staff. The Silver Ranger immediately runs over to her.

"Karone, what are you doing here?" the Silver Ranger asks. "I thought I told you it was too dangerous for you to morph for the next week."

"You did but you also said I could come if the Rangers were in serious danger, which you were." the Purple Ranger says and then turns to the other Rangers. "Aim for the Psychos' eyes with your weapons. That's their weak spot."

"Right!" Red Ranger says as he manages to break free of Psycho Red's choke-hold. He then summons his battlizer and gives a power punch to the Psycho's eyes. This causes the monster to fall to the ground with smoke coming from his body.

"I'll be back!" Psycho Red says as he disappears.

The Purple and Silver Rangers cheer this until Lizzinator came at them again.

"Ah so the Purple traitor returns." Lizzinator says. "This time I'll finish the job I started."

"Yeah, right." Purple Ranger says. "Last time you faced me, I was already weakened from previous fights. Now, I'm at full power."

"Yeah and now you have to deal with two Rangers." Silver Ranger says.

"I know, that's why I had Finster make me this super-strength potion." Lizzinator laughs as he pulls out a vile. "It will give me 10 times my normal strength." he says as he drinks the potion down."

While this was going on, the other Rangers had summoned their weapons and managed to hit the remaining Psycho Rangers in the eyes with them. This caused the Psycho Rangers to fall down, with smoke rising from their chests.

"This isn't over Rangers!" Psycho Black says. "We'll be back and next time you won't defeat us so easily." he says as the four disappear with a rippling effect.

All seven Rangers then turn to face Lizzinator. They all summon their weapons and charge the monster but he runs towards the exit before they can strike him. The Rangers run after him and catch up to him when he stops in a parking lot.

"What's the matter?" Red Ranger asks. "Chicken?"

"No, I just wanted to take the fight outside so there would be more room to trample you!" Lizzinator says. "Now prepare to die."

Lizzinator then picks up a car and throws it at the Rangers with no sign of struggle at all. The Rangers barely manage to get out of the car's path in time.

The Rangers all roll on the ground and as soon as the car lands they quickly get back on their feet. They notice Lizzinator preparing to grab another car.

"All right everyone, time to summon our weapons." Red Ranger says.

"Right." the other Rangers agree.

"I'll distract him with my weapon while you get yours set up." Silver Ranger says. "Super Silverizer!"

The Silver Ranger then leaps into the air and slices his weapon through Lizzinator's chest and lands behinds him. This causes the monster to stumble away from the car. His distraction lasts only a second and he quickly moves back towards the car.

"Quadro-Blaster Online!" Black Ranger says as he and the other 'Earth' Rangers combine their weapons to form the weapon.

"Spiral Saber ready!" Red Ranger says as he pulls out his weapon in its' blaster mode.

"Purple Power Staff!" Purple Ranger says as she pulls out her staff and aims it at the monster.

"Fire!" all the Rangers say at once.

All three weapons fire a massive beam of energy hitting the monster at once. This causes Lizzinator to fall down and explode. But before the Rangers can even say anything about his defeat, a green laser beam appears from the clouds at the spot where Lizzinator exploded.

"Sattellasers." the Purple Ranger says.

The Silver Ranger runs back to the others as Lizzinator is brought back to life and grows to giant size.

"Time for the zords." Red Ranger says.

"Andros, I have a suggestion." Purple Ranger says.

"What is it, Karone?" Andros asks.

"Well since you have the Mega V ships and the remote control system on the Astro Megazord is not as accurate as having an actual pilot, I thought I could pilot the Astro Megazord while you're piloting the Mega Voyager." Purple Ranger says.

"That's a great idea!" Red Ranger says as he raises his arm to speak into his communicator. "Alpha, can you reprogram the Astro Megazord so Karone can summon it?"

"Already done." Alpha says.

"Great!" Red Ranger says. "Now we can..."

Before he gets a chance to finish his sentence, the Lizzinator walks towards the Rangers and nearly stomps. The Rangers manage to roll out of the way just in time and summon their zords.

"Mega V ships on-line." Red Ranger says.

"Mega Winger!" Silver Ranger shouts.

"Astro Megazord, now." Purple Ranger commands.

A second later, the Mega V hanger on Jupiter's moon opens up and all six ships are launched. The six Rangers teleport inside their respective cockpits and head for Earth.

While this was going on, the Purple Ranger teleported into the Mega Shuttle control room. She landed in the main control chair and looked around at all the controls. She let the Power tell her how to operate the zord and began the usual transformation process for the Astro Megazord. As soon as the transformation is complete, she summons the shield and pilots it down to Earth, where it is joined by the six Mega-V ships.

Lizzinator immediately charges the Astro Megazord. He lifts it up and then, having his already considerable strength enhanced by the strength potion, lives the Megazord up and throws it into the air, halfway across town into the Pacific Ocean. The zord then sinks with a thud.

"I hope this thing can operate under water." Purple Ranger says as she turns to the thruster controls.

Meanwhile the other Rangers see this and Red Ranger becomes concerned.

"Zhane, go and check on the status of the Astro Megazord. Cassie, Ashley, and Carlos circle Lizzinator and hit him with your lasers. Then TJ will hit him in the chest with his force, then I'll come in to weaken him."

"Right." the six Rangers agree.

The Mega Winger then flies over to the area where the Astro Megazord landed. The Silver Ranger switches the viewscreen to see under the water where he sees the Astro Megazord slowly get up and fire its' thrusters. When it comes up from under the water, it is heading straight for the Mega Winger. The Silver Ranger quickly activates his thrusters, which allow him to barely avoid being hit by the zord.

Inside the Astro Megazord, the Purple Ranger sees what happens and is petrified. She quickly opens up a communications channel to the Mega Winger. "Zhane, are you OK?" she asks concerned.

"Sure, I'm fine." Silver Ranger says. "It was my fault anyway, I shouldn't have parked my ship straight above the spot you crashed."

"It's OK." Purple Ranger says. "Right now we have to help the others defeat Lizzinator." she says as she uses the thrusters to take the Megazord back to the site of the battle.

"Right." Silver Ranger says as he follows the Astro Megazord back to the battle scene.

When they arrive, they find Andros' plan in full effect. Mega Vs 2, 4, and 5 are firing their lasers at Lizzinator and circling him so fast that the monster can't do anything to them. After the monster is weakened by the laser fire, Mega V-3 comes over him and hits him in the chest. This causes Lizzinator to fall to the ground. Lizzinator quickly gets back up and uses his super-strength to lift an abandoned sky-scrapper straight out of the ground. He then swings it like a bat, causing the four Mega Vs 2-5 to go flying in different directions around the city.

Red Ranger sees this and then fires his rockets at the monster, which causes him to drop the building. "Guys are you all right?"

All of the other six Rangers, one by one, answer their comrade's inquiry and confirm that they are indeed OK.

"Good. Now we need more fire power." Red Ranger says. "Zhane, Karone, can you hold off the monster while we form the Mega Voyager?"

"Sure thing, Andros." Silver Ranger replies.

"You got it." Purple Ranger says.

The five Mega V ships then left the Earth's atmosphere while the other two zords, approached Lizzinator. The Mega Winger zoomed towards the monster with its guns firing at him. This causes Lizzinator to fall to the ground. He quickly gets back up and rushes towards the Astro Megazord.

"Not this time." the Purple Ranger says. "Astro Megazord Whip!" she commands.

The Saber then appears in her hand and a long beam of energy came out of it hitting Lizzinator. This causes the monster to be thrown in the air and land in a building.

"Good move, Karone." the Silver Ranger says. "Transforming to battle mode."

The Mega Winger then lands on the ground and transforms from its' ship mode to the Megazord mode. The Mega Voyager lands next to it, with its' rocket in hand.

"Hey guys, we're here." Red Ranger says. "Time to finish this."

"Right." Silver Ranger says. "Initiating wing transfer." he says as he presses a button.

The wings on the Mega Winger then detaches and reattaches itself onto the Mega Voyager. The Mega Voyager then takes to the skies and flies directly towards Lizzinator.

"Mega V-3 Missile Mode!" Red Ranger says.

The missile then fires and hits Lizzinator causing him to explode in a flame of sparks. The Winged Mega Voyager then lands next to the Mega Winger and Astro Megazord as the three stand triumphantly over the battle site.


The next afternoon, all the Rangers gather at the Surf Spot for a day of relaxing. Adelle notices them and walks over to them.

"Hey guys, I haven't seen you in a long time." Adelle says. "Except for Cassie, TJ, and Carlos at the dance the other night. So where have you been hiding and who are you two new friends?" she asks turning to Zhane and Karone.

"We've been doing some traveling over the summer." TJ says. "We've been a lot of different places and seen some amazing sights. Every once in a while, we took a break from our travels to come to Angel Grove but never for that long. Usually we only stopped over when our travel schedule permitted."

"And this is Zhane, my best friend from back home, and Karone, my sister." Andros says. "We stopped by my home for awhile and they decided to come live with me in Angel Grove."

"Well, pleased to meet you." Adelle says. "My name is Adelle and I hope you find living in Angel Grove pleasant."

"Thank you." Karone says. "I'm sure we will."

"So, you must be busy now that you've graduated High School." Adelle says.

"Yes." TJ says. "You could say that. While we've been traveling around, we've been looking at different places, trying to decide what we're going to do with the rest of all lives."

"Yes, we've also been trying to look at some colleges." Cassie says. "We've decided to defer from going to college this year, until we're sure of what we want to do and what college would be the best for us."

"That's good." Adelle says. "Well anyway, I have to get back to work. I'll talk to you later." she says walking away.

"What about you three?" Ashley asks. "What kind of education did you have on KO-35?"

"On KO-35, we had an educational system somewhat comparable to Earth's." Andros says. "Zhane and I graduated from school just before we were chosen to be Power Rangers and as for Karone, she must have learned a lot from her former job."

"Yeah." Karone whispers. "You learn a lot when trying to destroy the universe."

"Listen, what you did wasn't your fault." Andros says. "Anyway this isn't the time to talk about that. We're here to have fun."

Ashley looks up surprised. "Andros, I think that is the first time you ever suggested that someone stops brooding and starts having fun." she says. "Having your sister and best friend back must be changing you more then I thought."

Andros laughs a little. "I think you're right." he says. "So do you like the new carefree me?" he asks.

"Yes." Ashley says. "Although I may have some trouble adjusting to it, I'll love you just the same." Ashley then leans forward and kisses Andros.

Adelle then walks back over and sees Andros and Ashley kissing. As soon as the two break apart, they notice Adelle looking at them. The two then start blushing.

"Well, I see that a lot happened to you over your travels." Adelle says. "Or is your grandmother back in town again?" she jokes.

"Hey, don't bring that up again." Carlos says. "I had enough trouble with Andros the last time."

Ashley then turns to Andros and points her finger at him. "What does he mean by that?"

Andros starts to stammer for an explanation. "Um...well..."

Just then Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus come into the Surf Spot carrying their device they were working on the other day. The three looked really dirty and tired.

"What happened to you two?" Cassie asks.

"The Professor had us using this tracking device to find aliens." Bulk says.

"And?" Carlos asks.

"And we found one." Bulk says. "In the parking lot of the Angel Grove mall."

"Yeah and when the monster grew to giant size, we hid in an abandoned building." Skull says. "Only the monster picked up the building and threw it into the middle of the desert. We spent all night walking back to town."

"Well look on the bright side boys, at least we were able to find some bottled water in that abandoned building." Professor Phenomenus says. "Or else we could have died from dehydration."

"Well that's a comforting thought." Bulk says.

"Ah, you can't find aliens without taking a few risks." Professor Phenomenus says.

"That may be true." Skull says. "But I have a suggestion."

"What is it?" Professor Phenomenus asks.

"The next time we search for aliens, let's monitor the camera feed from the van." Skull says.

"That's a good idea." Professor Phenomenus says. "We'll do that."

"But for now let's eat." Bulk says. "I'm starved from all that exercise."

The three walk off for a table with Adelle following them to take their order.

"Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus." Carlos says. "The three stooges of Angel Grove."

"No." Cassie says. "They're more like Laurel and Hardy working for the Nutty Professor."

"You got that right." Ashley agrees. "But for now let's follow their example and get something to eat."

The seven agreed, walked over to a table, and sat down. As soon as Adelle came over, they all ordered what they wanted. A short time later Adelle came over with their food. As soon as they were done eating, they began to talk.

"So what do you guys want to do today?" TJ asks.

"I don't know." Carlos says. "Anyone have any suggestions?"

"Oh, I have an idea!" Ashley says with enthusiasm. "Everyone come with me."

"But where are we going?" TJ asks.

"It's a surprise." Ashley says. "Just come with me."

Andros gets up to follow Ashley while the others remaining sitting.

"Come on guys, let's go." Andros says.

All the others then get up and follow the two, paying their bill on the way out.


Back on the Dark Fortress, Darkonda was overseeing the reconstruction of the Psycho Rangers.

"How long until the modifications are complete?" Darkonda asks.

"The modifications will be done within the hour." Elgar says. "Karone knows a lot about the Psychos' powers and weaknesses and to fix those problems, the weapons crew have made many modifications on them."

"Such as?" Darkonda asks.

"Well first, we have the reprogramming of their personalities so they will get along and won't question your orders." Elgar says. "That has already been completed and seems to be working well."

"And then we have the armor and power modifications." Elgar says. "With them, the Rangers' weapons will be completely useless against them plus they will now be ten times stronger and faster then the regular Rangers. Their weapons will now be able to penetrate their suits with no trouble."

"And as a special bonus we have the new Purple and Silver Psycho Rangers. They were built using the new modifications built directly into them." Elgar says. "They'll give the Purple and Silver Rangers a run for their money."

"Ah, excellent." Darkonda says. "Those Rangers won't know what hit them."

"Oh and don't forget you still have the plan you were going to use Ecliptor for." Elgar says.

"Ah, yes." Darkonda laughs. "Thank you for reminding me, I will make my preparations and launch my plan first thing tomorrow." he says as he walks away.

Darkonda then stops and looks at Elgar. "Oh and one more thing." he says.

"What is it boss?" Elgar asks.

"As soon as the Psychos are ready, send them to Earth." Darkonda says. "Tell them to injure the Rangers badly but don't kill any of them. I want them to suffer before the end."

"You got it." Elgar says.

"Excellent." Darkonda laughs. "Soon the Rangers will be destroyed. Now to prepare Ecliptor." he says as he continues walking towards his lab.


Back on Earth, the other Rangers saw where Ashley had led them. It was the Angel Grove Carnival.

"Wow." Karone says. "What is that place?" she asks.

"It's the Angel Grove Carnival." Ashley says. "It's a place where people go to have fun."

"It looks interesting." Andros says. "We used to have something similar to this on KO-35."

"Yeah, I remember." Zhane says.

"Well let's go guys." Cassie says. "Nothing can possibly spoil this day."

Just as she finishes speaking, there is a loud explosion and a group of people run in terror away from it.

"Well so much for nothing can possibly spoil this day." Carlos says sarcastically.

"OK." Andros says. "Over there."

All the Rangers follow Andros into a hidden corner of the carnival.

"Let's Rocket!" Andros shouts.

A second later, the seven Rangers stood there in full costume. They quickly rushed out on the scene to see all seven Psycho Rangers attacking the crowd, sending them fleeing in panic.

"Guys? I thought there were only five Psychos." Pink Ranger says.

"They must have built new ones." Purple Ranger says.

"Yeah, Psychos Purple and Silver." Black Ranger says. "Now they're going to be even tougher to defeat."

"Well, that may be true but we'll still send them packing." Blue Ranger says.

"You got that right." Red Ranger says. "Let's get them."

"Right." the other Rangers agree.

All the Rangers then leap into action, each one landing in front of their respective Psycho Ranger.

"Oh look. It's the Power Rangers." Psycho Red says.

"Ha! Those weaklings, they're hardly worth the effort to defeat." Psycho Yellow says.

"That is so true." Psycho Purple says. "But we have our orders, so let's get to it."

"Just remember, the master doesn't want us to kill them yet." Psycho Red says. "So go easy on them."

"Easy?" Red Ranger asks. "When we're through with you, it will be you who will be begging us to go easy on you."

"Oh, how pathetic." Psycho Pink says. "They actually think they can beat us."

"Oh, that is a good laugh." Psycho Silver says. "Well come and get us."

"OK. If you insist." Silver Ranger says.

All the Rangers then leap forward with their weapons. The Rangers hit the Psychos, who make no attempt to move, several times with their weapons at full charge. When they done with their barrage, they see the Psychos still standing there without a scratch on them.

Psycho Red then pretends to yawn. "Was that your best shot?" he asks.

"Well here's just a fraction of what we can do." Psycho Red says.

The Psycho Rangers then leap forward and attack the Rangers. The Rangers try to block their attacks but they are too fast to see. The Psychos unleash a very powerful barrage against the Rangers, which tears through their uniforms. After a couple of seconds, the Psychos break off their attack and teleport away.

The Rangers lay on the ground, with their uniforms ripped in several places. The Rangers then demorph at the same time and they all lay on the ground, panting. The Rangers have sustained several heavy wounds and are bleeding heavily. Fortunately, the Carnival has been completely evacuated and no one was around to see their defeat.

Andros lays on the ground, with little strength left. However he does manage to reach his communicator. "Alpha, we've been hit hard." Andros says weakly. "Teleport everyone to the medical bay and prepare for wounded."

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi." Alpha says. "Right, Andros."


Six hours later, all the Rangers are gathered in the medical bay lying on Bio-beds. Alpha runs over the medical information in the computer.

"Rangers, I have run a scan on all of you and it doesn't look good." Alpha says.

"What is it, Alpha?" Andros asks.

"Well, all of you are fine for now." Alpha says. "You should all make a full recovery in a few day. But this latest battle has caused some of the injuries from her last battle to reopen, just as I feared might happen. In any case, you will have to say in the Medical Bay overnight for monitoring."

"But there's worse news." Alpha says. "The Psycho Rangers are now ten times more powerful than you. They can now penetrate your suits, and your weapons will have no effect on them. Basically your powers are useless against them."

"Oh great." Cassie says.

"Yeah, the Psychos were bad before but now they're invincible." Carlos says.

"I know, we're going to need a miracle to stop them now." Karone says.

"I know but for now we should get some rest." Andros says. "Tomorrow we'll begin a plan on how defeat the Psychos."

"Right." the others agree.


The next morning, all the Rangers along with Alpha are gathered on the bridge of the Megaship. The eight are working hard on coming up with a plan to defeat the Psychos.

"Computations complete." DECA announces. "Result is negative."

"That's the twentieth scenario we've run!" Ashley says. "And all the results have been negative."

"Man, if we don't come up with something quick, the Psychos will defeat us for sure." Carlos says.

"I have an idea." Karone says. "What if we could enhance our Ranger powers to the level the Psychos increased theirs to."

"That might be it." Andros says. "DECA is there any way to increase our Ranger powers by a factor of ten?"

"Working." DECA says.

"I sure hope this works." Zhane says.

"If not, we may be finished." Andros says.

"Don't talk like that." Karone says. "We'll find a way to defeat them."

"Computations complete." DECA says. "According to my scans, Andros' Battlizer has the ability to increase a Ranger's power by ten-fold."

"My battlizer?" Andros asks. "How?"

"Simple, according to scans, Battlizer button #3 will summon a powerful metallic armor that will give a Ranger ten times their normal attack power, defense power, and speed." DECA says. "In addition the Ranger's muscles will grow to ten times their normal size. The Ranger will also gain a special backpack with wings for flight and missiles for fighting enemies, powerful foot accessories for running at super speed, and a special wrist device that enhances one's telekinesis powers. In order for a Ranger to use the wrist device they must be able to practice telekinesis, which leaves the four Earth Rangers out. The Battlized Rangers also possess a stronger version of their own personal weapon."

"Well, that certainly sounds like it will defeat the Psycho Rangers." Andros says.

"Wait a second, you never used that button before because it contained too much power." Ashley says. "Are there any risks involved?"

"According to scans, there is a 40 percent chance of a power overload that could cause physical harm during transformation." DECA says. "However, this is only for the initial transformation. Once the first transformation is complete and if the body accepts the amount of power, the Ranger will be able to call upon this power without any further risk of injury."

"Thanks, DECA." Andros says. "Well, here it goes. Let's Rocket!"

A second later Andros is in his ranger uniform, wearing his Battlizer.

"Andros, wait." Ashley says stepping forward. "It's too dangerous."

"Ashley, being a Power Ranger means taking risks." Red Ranger says. "Besides this may be our only chance at defeating the Psychos. I'm willing to take the risk."

"OK." Ashley says. "I just hope you know what you're doing."

"So do I." Red Ranger says. "Battlized Red Ranger, Power Up!" he shouts as he presses button three on the battlizer.

For a second it appears as if he's in pain, but it quickly passes as his muscles begin to grow and a metallic armor covers his normal uniform. Then a back-pack containing wings and missiles appear on his back. A clear-visor also appears on it, just above his helmet. A pair of high-tech accessories also appears on his boots. When the transformation is complete, all the Rangers stare at him.

"Wow!" Zhane says. "It worked."

"Yeah." Ashley says. "You look great."

"How do you feel?" Karone asks.

"I feel super-charged." Battlized Red says.

"Yeah, now those Psycho Rangers are in for it." Cassie says.

"Um I hate to be the one to bring this up but we still have one small problem." Zhane says. "We only have one battlizer."

"Zhane's right." Battlized Red says. "I may be super-charged but without your own Battlizers, you'll be just as vulnerable to the Psychos as you were yesterday and even with these new powers I can't take on all seven Psychos by myself."

"Rangers, I have an incoming message from the Phantom Ranger." DECA says.

"On-screen." Cassie says.

"Rangers, I am aware of your current situation and have been working on more Battlizers since our encounter on Hercuron." Phantom says. "I have managed to create six others, one specifically designed for each of the other Rangers."

"I will be teleporting them directly to your bridge." Phantom says. "They should be arriving shortly."

As he speaks, six Battlizers appear on the control console on the bridge.

"I have also managed to find a way to overcome the risk of the power overload. They are completely safe to use." Phantom Ranger says. "You will also discover a chip with the Battlizers. This is to be installed in Andros' battlizer, similar chips have been placed in each of your Battlizers. This will stabilize the power flow of the Battlizer."

"I must go now." Phantom says. "However, I will be arriving in the terra system in five days. I will speak to you then. Phantom out."

"Well it looks like that problem is taken care of." TJ says.

Just then the alarm goes off.

"Rangers, the Psychos are attacking the Earth." DECA says.

"Well it looks like the new weapons arrived just in time." Zhane says, picking up the battlizers. He hands the microchip to Battlized Red, who promptly installs it into his battlizer and the other battlizers to the rest of the Rangers.

"OK, guys. This is it." Battlized Red says. "Time to see if these new powers really can defeat the Psychos."

"Right." Zhane says. "Let's Rocket!"

A second later, the Rangers are morphed and teleport to Angel Grove. When they arrive, they notice Battlized Red has powered down to the Red Ranger.

"OK, everyone. Listen up." Red Ranger says. "We have the advantage. The Psychos think we are completely helpless against them and have no chance to defeat them. Don't use your battlizer armor until you have too. But activate it at the first sign of attack. Remember what happened last time."

"Right." the other Rangers agreed.

"Rangers, the seven Psychos are attacking different areas of Angel Grove." comes the voice of Alpha-6 over the communicator. "They have all split up, causing trouble all over the place."

"OK, we'll have to split up to stop them." Red Ranger says. "Galaxy Gliders, hang ten." he shouts.

"Everyone go after your corresponding Psycho." Red Ranger says. "Let's go."

With that, all the Rangers were off to face the Psychos.


The Red Ranger flew over the city on his glider until he found the Psycho Red attacking the area outside the Surf Spot. He saw the Psycho Ranger firing energy bursts everywhere, sending civilians running everywhere in panic. He immediately leapt off his glider and landed in front of Psycho Red.

"All right, leave these people alone." Red Ranger orders.

"And what if I don't want to?" Psycho Red asks. "Are you going to try your pathetic attacks on me again?"

"Don't get so cocky, Psycho Red." Red Ranger says. "I'm prepared for you this time."

"Ha, we'll see about that." Psycho Red says. "Last time I went easy on you, this time I'm going make sure you don't get off so easy."

"I don't think so!" Red Ranger says. "Prepare to go down."

"Well get a load of this!" Psycho Red shouts. "Psycho Red sword slice!"

Psycho Red then pulls out his weapon and starts charging it with energy. He then aims it at the Red Ranger. "Good-bye Red Ranger! It's been fun." Psycho Red then prepares to release the energy at the Red Ranger.

"Battlized Red Ranger!" Red Ranger shouts as he presses button three on his battlizer. The Ranger once again goes through the transformation process changing into Battlized Red. Once the process is complete, he uses his flying ability to soar into the air, as Psycho Red's energy bursts land at the spot where Red Ranger was standing.

Psycho Red then turns and looks up at Battlized Red. "Hey, you can't do that!" he shouts.

"Oh, yes I can and that's not all I can do." Battlized Red says. Battlized Red then summons his wrist device and uses it to lift Psycho Red into the air and throw him into the ground really quickly. Battlized Red then summons his Spiral Saber and uses it to fire a blast of red energy at the Psycho Ranger.

The Psycho Ranger then charges the Battlized Red Ranger and tries to hit him with his Psycho Sword. Battlized Red is too swift, however, as he uses his Spiral Saber to block the blow. He then delivers a powerful kick to the Psycho Ranger, causing him to fall into the ground.

Battlized Red then lowers his visor and locks on to the Psycho Red with his guidance system. He then prepares his missiles for fire. "Red Battlizer Missiles Fire!" he shouts causing his four missiles to hit the Psycho Red Ranger.

Psycho Red then gets to his feet, weakly. "This isn't over Red Ranger. I'll be back." he says as he disappears.

"All right!" Battlized Red shouts. "I just hope the others are doing as well as I am."


The Black Ranger lands at the edge of the city where Psycho Black is throwing heavy boulders at the Angel Grove Dam.

"He's trying to destroy the dam!" Black Ranger exclaims. "If he succeeds, the entire city will be flooded!"

"Hey, Psycho Black!" Black Ranger shouts. "Stop throwing those boulders and come over here. Unless your chicken."

"No one calls Psycho Black, chicken, Ranger!" Psycho Black says. "You'll pay dearly for that."

Psycho Black then picks up one of the heaviest boulders he has and picks it up, He then throws it at full speed towards Black Ranger. Black Ranger tries to avoid it but cannot get out of the way in time. The force of the boulder causes the Ranger to fall off the edge of the dam.

As the Black Ranger falls, he manages to hit button #3 on his battlizer causing him to transform into the Black Battlized Ranger. He then flies back up to where Psycho Black is throwing boulders at the dam. He uses his enhanced strength to grab one of the boulders. When Psycho Black sees this, he begins to throw boulder after boulder at the Black Battlized Ranger. Black Battlized sees this and uses his missiles to destroy the boulders before they can reach him.

When Black Battlized reaches the top, he throws the boulder at Psycho Black. The boulder hits dead on, causing the Psycho Black to fall off the cliff. Psycho Black hits the bottom of the dam and explodes in sparks.

"All right!" Black Battlized says. "That's the end of him!"

Before he could finish celebrating, however, a beam of green energy comes out of the sky hitting the spot where Psycho Black was destroyed. A second later, a giant Black Psycho Ranger is in front of the dam. Psycho Black punches the dam, creating a giant hole it and causing all the water to rush out.

"Just great." Black Battlized says, still flying above the dam.


The Blue Ranger arrives in the middle of the warehouse district where Psycho Blue is firing lasers at the warehouses. Fortunately, since the warehouse district is the area most frequently attacked, the area has already been evacuated.

As soon as Psycho Blue sees the Blue Ranger arrive, he immediately charges him with his weapon drawn. The Blue Ranger sees this and barely has enough time to activate his battlizer, causing him to transform into the Battlized Blue Ranger. He quickly draws his Astro Axe and hits Psycho Blue with it. This causes Psycho Blue to fall into a group of boxes.

"You'll pay for that Blue Ranger!" Psycho Blue says as he fires several strong laser beams at the Battlized Blue Ranger.

The lasers hit his armor directly, causing Battlized Blue to fall back him to fall back a bit. Fortunately, his armor protects him from most of the blast and he manages to get up. Psycho Blue then rushes towards forward, pushing Battlized Blue into a warehouse containing gasoline. When the two exit the warehouse, several of the gasoline canisters land next to Psycho Blue.

This causes Battlized Blue to get an idea. He fires two of his missiles at the gasoline canisters causing them to explode in a fiery blaze. Psycho Blue is too close to the explosion to escape and is caught in the explosion. It appears that Psycho Blue has been defeated until a ray of green light appears at the spot of his defeat. The Blue Psycho Ranger is then restored to full power and grows to giant size.

"Time for round two, blue pest." Psycho Blue says.

"Oh man, I'm in big trouble!" Battlized Blue says.


Meanwhile, the Yellow Ranger landed at the Angel Grove Mall where Psycho Yellow was firing her laser blasts everywhere, causing frantic shoppers to run everywhere.

"Hold it right there, Psycho Ranger." Yellow Ranger says. "You're going down."

"I don't think so." Psycho Yellow says as she raises her weapon and prepares to fire at the Yellow Ranger.

The Yellow Ranger then raises her arm and prepares to activate her Battlizer. However, before she could activate it, Psycho Yellow leaps into the air and knocks it away from her. This causes, the Yellow Ranger to panic a little.

"Fool, do you think that I'm an idiot?" Psycho Yellow asks. "I've been programmed to be the brains of the group. I scanned that little toy of yours when you first showed up and know it will increase your powers ten-fold."

"But I have no intention of letting you use it, so you can defeat me." Psycho Yellow says. "Now prepare to die."

Psycho Yellow then ran forward and picked up the Yellow Ranger throwing her fifty feet in the direction away from her battlizer. As soon as the Yellow Ranger landed on the ground, she managed to get back up. But Psycho Yellow immediately attacked her again, firing lasers beams from her weapon. The Yellow Ranger tried to dodge them but could not, due to Psycho Yellow's increased speed.

Meanwhile, Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus were watching the Yellow Ranger's battle with the equipment in their van. They notice that the Yellow Ranger is being beaten pretty badly.

"This doesn't look good." Bulk says.

"Yeah, the Yellow Ranger is taking a real beating." Skull says.

"We have to help her." Professor Phenomenus says.

"But what good will we be against that monster?" Skull asks. "If it's beating a Power Ranger, we'll be blown into smithereens."

"Nitwit, haven't you been paying attention?" Bulk asks. "The monster knocked the Ranger's weapon away from her. She said that it would increase the Yellow Ranger's power ten-fold."

"Oh, right." Skull says. "So all we have to do is get the Yellow Ranger's weapon and give it back to her."

"Right." Professor Phenomenus says. "Now get out there Skull."

"Me?" Skull asks. "Why me?"

"Because you're the fastest of the three of us." Professor Phenomenus says. "You'll have the best chance of getting it."

The three then look back to the monitor and see Psycho Yellow deliver several powerful kicks and punches to the Yellow Ranger, who is struggling to defeat the monster.

"Now hurry." Professor Phenomenus says. "And take this smoke bomb to confuse the monster once you have the weapon." he says as he hands Skull the device.

Skull then hurries out of the van and runs to the spot where the Yellow Ranger's weapon dropped. Skull quickly picked it up and ran to the place where the Yellow Ranger and monster were fighting. Skull quickly tosses the smoke bomb in front of Psycho Yellow, causing her to be momentarily confused.

Skull then threw the Ranger's weapon at her. "Catch!" he shouts.

The Yellow Ranger sees Skull and leaps into the air and catches her weapon. She then quickly activates it before Psycho Yellow can regain her senses. This causes her to transform into the Battlized Yellow Ranger.

"Wow!" Skull says. "That's got to be one of the coolest weapons the Rangers ever used."

"Thanks for the help, Skull." Battlized Yellow says. "Now get out of here, I'll take it from here."

"You got it." Skull says as he runs back towards the van.

The smoke from the bomb then dissipates and the Yellow Psycho Ranger grows very angry when she sees that the Yellow Ranger has used the Battlizer.

"That human will pay dearly for this one day." Psycho Yellow vows. "But now to take care of you."

"I don't think so." Battlized Yellow says. "This time it's my turn to take care of you."

Battlized Yellow then fires all of her missiles at the Yellow Psycho Ranger, causing her to fall down in sparks.

"I'll be back." Psycho Yellow says. "And next time you won't be so lucky." she says as she disappears.


The Pink Ranger arrives at the beach where Psycho Pink has caused hundreds of people to flee in terror as she blasted laser beams at the sand, causing the sand to become super-heated. As soon as the Pink Ranger jumps off her glider and lands on the beach, she feels the intense heat through her boots.

"Man, the heat is so intense." Pink Ranger says. "According to my scanner, the sand's heat is 750 degrees."

"I'm glad everyone before the sand heated up to over 110 degrees or else there would be a lot of serious injuries at the hospital." Pink Ranger says. "Oh no! The sand is so hot, it's causing my boots to superheat. It's so bad that the air temperature is starting to rise."

"Cassie, according to my scans, the heat has become so intense that your morphing powers are failing." Alpha says. "The temperature is so intense at your location, that if that happens you'll be killed immediately. I recommend that you activate you battlizer now."

"Right." Pink Ranger says as she activates her battlizer. She then dons her Battlized armor. "Wo, Andros wasn't kidding about the super-charged part. I feel like I'm invincible."

"Pink Ranger, prepare to go down." Psycho Pink says, who's floating on a glider-like device twenty feet above the beach.

Battlized Pink then uses her wings to fly up to her. "I don't think so." she says. "You're the one who's going down."

"I don't think so." Psycho Pink says. Psycho Pink then starts moving very quickly on her glider, firing very powerful laser blasts at Battlized Pink.

Battlized Pink is too fast for the Psycho Ranger, however, as she manages to avoid all the Psycho's blasts. Battlized Pink then goes on the offensive as she flies towards the Psycho's gliders. Battlized Pink then fires a missile at her.

Psycho Pink manages to dodge the first missile and counter with her own laser blast which hits the Battlized Pink Ranger, causing her to fall. Psycho Pink thinks she has won, until Battlized Pink appears behind her and fires another missile.

This time, Psycho Pink is not fast enough to dodge it and the missile hits her glider. This causes the Psycho Pink to fall to the ground and is promptly incinerated by her own hand-work.

"All right!" Battlized Pink says. "I defeated the Pink Psycho Ranger!"

"But I still need to do something about this intense heat." Battlized Pink says. Battlized Pink then pulls out her Satellite Stunner. "If I set this for freeze mode, it may reduce the temperature of the sand and air."

Battlized Pink then flies around the beach, firing her Satellite Stunner at the beach. A minute later, and her computer said the beach area was back within safe temperature limits. Just as she was about to celebrate, a beam of green light appeared out of the sky, causing a giant-sized Pink Psycho Ranger to appear.

"Time for round 2, Pinkie." Psycho Pink says.


Meanwhile, the Silver Ranger was outside of Angel Grove High School where fleeing students and teachers are being captured in energy fields by Psycho Silver. The Silver Ranger immediately activates his battlizer and leaps into action.

"Psycho Ranger leave these people alone." Battlized Silver says.

"I don't think so, Silver Ranger." Psycho Silver responds. "I'm going to turn them into the mindless slaves of Darkonda but first I'm going to destroy you."

Psycho Silver then rushes toward Battlized Silver in a flash of super speed and cause him to fall to the ground. Battlized Silver then gets back up and starts flying.

"Oh, so you want to take it to the sky?" Psycho Silver asks. "Well try this on for size."

Psycho Silver then picks up a car and throws it at Battlized Silver. The Ranger manages to fly out of the car's path just in time and instead the car lands in the street, putting a big hole in it.

"And I thought these guys were bad before." Battlized Silver says. "Battlizer Missiles, Fire!" he shouts causing four missiles to hit the Silver Psycho Ranger.

Psycho Silver manages to get up, although he is injured from the attack. Psycho Silver then charges the Battlized Silver Ranger and fires laser blasts at him. He suddenly stops and picks up another car and throws it at Battlized Silver. Battlized Silver manages to get out of its' way again.

However, this time the car heads for a group of people who cannot get out of the car's path in time. Battlized Silver quickly summons the telekinesis enhancing device and uses it to suspend the car in mid-air and throw it back at Psycho Silver.

Battlized Silver then summons his Super Silverizer and fires several laser blasts at Psycho Silver. He then converts it to blade mode and energize it with Silver energy. He then hits the Psycho Silver with it, causing him to fall to the ground with smoke coming from his chest.

"I'll be back." he says as he disappears. As he goes, all the people he captured in energy fields are released.

"So much for Psycho Silver." Battlized Silver says.


Meanwhile, the Purple Ranger arrived in the residential area to face the final Psycho Ranger. When she got there, she saw people running in panic in every direction as Psycho Purple was using her staff to destroy things everywhere. She arrived just in time to see Psycho Purple preparing to fire on an innocent family.

The Purple Ranger immediately activated her battlizer and transformed into the Purple Battlized Ranger. She immediately leaps into action and hits Psycho Purple with a powerful kick before she could fire on the family.

"You again?" Psycho Purple asks. "This time I'll destroy you for good."

"I don't think so." Battlized Purple says.

Battlized Purple then summons her telekinesis wrist device and uses it to lift the Purple Psycho in the air. She then lifts off and carries the Psycho Ranger to an area that has already been evacuated. She then releases the Psycho Ranger from fifty feet above the ground.

Psycho Purple then gets up, still recovering from the fall. Before she can do anything else, she is hit by several missiles from Battlized Purple. This causes her to fall to the ground again.

Battlized Purple then summons her Power Staff and lands on the ground. She immediately charges it to full power. "This will teach you to attack defenseless people." she says.

The Ranger then hits Psycho Purple with it, causing her to fall to the ground. Psycho Purple is badly hurt and vanishes without a word. Battlized Purple then put her staff back to wherever it is kept when not in use.

"I wonder how the others are faring." Battlized Purple says. She then listened to her communicator as it went off.

"Guys, this is Andros." comes the voice of the Battlized Red. "I've just forced Psycho Red into retreat. What's your status?" he asks.

"This is Karone." she says as she answers her communicator. "I'm in the residential area. I've managed to defeat the Purple Psycho Ranger and she has retreated."

"This is Zhane at the High School." comes the voice of Battlized Silver. "Psycho Silver has also retreated."

"Ashley here." Battlized Yellow responds. "I had a little trouble with Psycho Yellow but I managed to force her into retreat too."

"This is Cassie." Battlized Pink says. "I'm at the beach. I managed to destroy the Pink Psycho Ranger but Darkonda used the Sattellasers to make her giant size. I need back up."

"This is TJ at the warehouse district." Battlized Blue says. "Psycho Blue has also grown and is causing havoc."

"Guys this is Carlos." Black Battlized says with distress in his voice. "And we have big trouble in more ways then one. Psycho Black has grown and destroyed the Angel Grove dam. The entire city will be flooded unless we do something!"

"Oh man." Battlized Red says. "OK, everyone power down and summon your zords. Carlos, TJ, Cassie, Ashley and I will take care of the dam problem. I'll send the Delta Megazord to hold off Psycho Black. Zhane you'll take the Mega Winger and use it to battle Psycho Blue. Karone you'll use the Astro Megazord to fight Psycho Pink."

"Right." the others agree.

A second later, all the Battlized Rangers have powered down into regular Rangers and are teleporting to the cockpits of their zords.


A couple of seconds later, the five Mega-V ships are at the dam and see the water rushing towards Angel Grove.

"Guys, we have to do something about that water." Red Ranger says from the cockpit of Mega V-1. "TJ and I will use our zords to go up to the top of that mountain and throw those gigantic boulders down to plug up the dam. The rest of you will have to figure a way to stop the water from reaching Angel Grove."

Andros then pilots his zord onto the top of Mega V-3, the two zords then head for the top of the mountain.

"Well, any ideas on how to stop the flow of water from reaching the city?" Black Ranger asks.

"Hold on, I think I may have one." Pink Ranger says. She then presses some buttons in her cockpit bringing up a map of Angel Grove. "Aha!"

"What is it?" Yellow Ranger asks.

"Bring up a map of the area, the water hasn't yet reached quadrant 30, if we can dig a deep enough hole there, we can divert the water away from Angel Grove into the ocean." Pink Ranger says.

"That's an excellent plan." Black Ranger says.

"Yes, but we have to hurry." Yellow Ranger says. "According to my computer the water will reach that area in ten minutes. I've sending you the data I calculated on the dimensions of the ditch."

"Calculations received." Black Ranger says. "Setting a course."

The three ships then race towards the area to dig the ditch. Once there they deploy in positions triangular to one another.

"OK, prepare to fire lasers on my mark." Carlos says. "Remember to pay special attention to the other zords and the dimensions of the ditch. They have to be exact or else this won't work."

"Right." the other two Rangers agree.

"OK, open fire now." the Black Ranger instructs.

While the other Rangers were creating the ditch, TJ and Andros had piloted their zords to the top of the mountain. Once there Andros had begun to grab rocks with Mega V-1. He then threw them down at the dam. After a few minutes of this, the rocks have piled up and have caused the water to stop escaping from the dam.

"Andros, I've ran a scan of the dam." Blue Ranger says. "The boulders aren't stable, the water will break through in about five minutes."

"I've already run the scan." Red Ranger says. "Move us in towards the dam, I'll use my lasers to secure the boulders in place."

"You got it." Blue Ranger says as he flies the two zords toward the dam.

Andros then gets to work using the lasers to fix the dam. Four minutes and thirty seconds later, he is finished.

"OK, Andros." Blue Ranger says. "The dam is now stable. It will hold for at least three days. By that time repair crews will be able to repair it permanently."

Just then they are interrupted by the voice of Carlos. "Guys, we've managed to divert the water into the ocean but Zhane and Karone are in trouble." he says. "We need to form the Mega Voyager and help them with the Psychos."

"Right." Red Ranger replies. "Begin Mega Voyager transformation sequence."


While the other Rangers were working on the dam problem, the Astro and Delta Megazords along with the Mega Winger were in downtown Angel Grove facing the Black, Pink, and Blue Psychos who have regrouped to destroy the city.

"OK, Karone." the Silver Ranger begins. "We need to stop these guys. It won't be easy but we can do it. I'll take Psycho Black, you take Psycho Pink, and the Delta Megazord will take Psycho Blue."

"Right." the Purple Ranger agrees.

The Astro Megazord then goes forward with its' shield and saber drawn. The Megazord immediately hits Psycho Pink with the saber, causing her to fall to the ground. When the Psycho Ranger gets back up she immediately fires a strong laser beam at the Megazord. The Megazord manages to block the laser blast with its' shield. The zord then charges forward with its' blaster in hand. The Megazord then fires its' own laser blasts at Psycho Pink. This causes the Psycho Ranger to fall to the ground, once again.

Meanwhile, the Delta Megazord was facing off against Psycho Blue. It fired round after round of fire from its' hand cannons, giving Psycho Blue no time to counter the offense. Blue Psycho eventually fell to the ground, greatly weakened. He was about to be destroyed, until Black Psycho, who was fighting the Mega Winger, managed to gain the upper hand. He leaped in the air, out of the path of Mega Winger's fire and landed behind the zord. Black Psycho then lifted the zord up in the air and threw it at the Delta Megazord. The two zords then toppled into the Astro Megazord, causing all three to fall to the ground, badly damaged.

"Zhane, power systems are at 20%!" Purple Ranger shouts over the comm-link.

"I know, the Delta Megazord is down too and the Mega Winger is not responding. I'm switching to emergency power." Silver Ranger says.

"Rangers, the auto-repair systems will take a few minutes to get the zords operational." Alpha says from the Megaship bridge.

"That's too much time." Silver Ranger says. "The Psycho Rangers are regrouping and preparing to fire at us again."

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi." Alpha says "I'll alert the other Rangers, hopefully they've already finished work at the dam."

Alpha then presses a few buttons on the communications console, contacting the Rangers. "Rangers, we need your help." Alpha says. "The zords are down and we need a few minutes for repair."

"Don't worry, Alpha." Black Ranger says. "We're on our way."

The Psycho Rangers then joined their hands and combined their energy, preparing to fire on the helpless zords. Just as they were about to fire, the Mega Voyager arrived on the scene and took the blast for the other zords with their shield absorbing most of the blast.

"Status report." Red Ranger says.

"Shields are at 90% and holding." Yellow Ranger says.

"We have full weapons power." Black Ranger announces.

"Good." Red Ranger says. "Cassie, scan for any weaknesses."

"Working on it, Andros." Pink Ranger says as she presses some buttons on the console. "According to my scans, the Psychos are very strong but they're being powered by an outside energy source. Whatever's powering them, loses energy at a very fast rate."

"Can you determine what the power source is?" Blue Ranger asks.

"No but whatever it is, it's losing energy fast." Pink Ranger says. "Today's battle alone has drained 40% of its' power so far."

"We'll discuss this later, if only 40% of its' power has been drained so far, there's nothing we can do today to force the other 60% of its' supply completely." Red Ranger says. "We'll just have to go in and use their energy faster than they can drain it."

"Guys, they're getting ready for another blast." Yellow Ranger says.

"Brace for impact." Red Ranger says.

The blast hits the Mega Voyager directly and very little of it gets absorbed by the shield.

"Main weapon power is off-line." Carlos says. "Switching to back-up."

"Shields down to 50%." Yellow Ranger says.

"Zhane, here." Silver Ranger says. "The Mega Winger is back on-line."

"So is the Astro and Delta Megazords." Purple Ranger says. "However main power is low for both, so I'm forming the Astro-Delta Megazord to pull the zords' power supplies."

"Good idea." Red Ranger says. "We'll hold off the Psychos until you get back."

The Astro and Delta Megazords then lift off and leave the planet to begin the transformation process.

"The Psychos are getting ready to blast us again!" Black Ranger shouts.

"Not if I can help it." Silver Ranger says. "Wing Blaster on-line."

A second later, the blaster appears in his hand. He quickly fires the blaster at full power towards the weakened Blue Psycho. This causes the Blue Psycho to fall to the ground and explode in sparks.

"Yes!" Silver Ranger shouts. "One Psycho down, two to go!"

"Actually there's six to go!" Purple Ranger says, landing in the Astro-Delta Megazord.

"Yes, but right now there's only two we're fighting." Silver Ranger says.

"I know." Purple Ranger says.

"Let's save this for later." Red Ranger says. "Now let's just deal with the two Psychos we have left."

"Right." Purple Ranger says as the Astro-Delta Megazord charges Psycho Pink. The zord delivers two punches and then a kick to the monster, causing her to fall to the ground.

"Time to say good-bye." Purple Ranger says. "Flying Power Punch!" she commands.

A second later, the zord's two fists leaves the zord and hits Psycho Pink causing her to fall to the ground and explode.

"That takes care of Psycho Ranger number 2." Purple Ranger laughs.

"Now it's our turn." Red Ranger says as he summons the Mega Voyager's rocket.

"Initiating Wing Transfer." Silver Ranger says from inside his zord.

The Mega Voyager then takes to the sky and flies towards Psycho Black. Psycho Black fires lasers as the zord approaches him, causing the zord to stray off course a little.

"Shields down to 30%!" Yellow Ranger says.

"Weapons power is holding." Black Ranger says.

"Mega V-3 Missile Mode!" Red Ranger says. "Fire!"

The missile then fires at Black Psycho hitting him dead on. This causes the Black Psycho to explode, joining Pink and Blue in limbo.

The Mega Voyager then lands in the middle of town and is joined by the Mega Winger and Astro-Delta Megazord on each side.

"All right!" Red Ranger shouts. "We did it!"

"Yes, three Psycho Rangers down!" Silver Ranger shouts. "Four more to go!"

"Yeah, but I have a feeling they're going to be tougher to defeat then these three." Purple Ranger says.

"We'll worry about that later." Red Ranger says. "Right now we need to work on repairing the zords."

"Right." Silver Ranger says. "Heading back to base."


Back on the Dark Fortress Bridge, Darkonda is scowling with rage. "Battlized Rangers! As if those Rangers weren't annoying enough with their normal powers!"

"And to make matters worse, three Psycho Rangers have been destroyed!" Darkonda shouts.

Just then the image of Dark Specter appears on screen. The first thing Darkonda notices is his lava is not as bright as it used to.

"Is something wrong my liege?" Darkonda asks. "You look a little drained."

"Yes I'm drained." Dark Specter says. "Someone is draining my powers. Half of them have been drained since yesterday. The perpetrators just stopped a few minutes ago."

"Is there anything I can do?" Darkonda asks.

"Yes, as my most trusted servant, I'm placing you in charge of the investigation." Dark Specter says. "Find out who's draining my power and stop them at once."

"Yes my lord." Darkonda says as he bows. Dark Specter's image then disappears from the screen.

"The Psycho Rangers." Darkonda says. "They're powered by Dark Specter! My enhancements must have caused the power drain to accelerate. It looks like I may be grand monarch sooner then I expected."

Just then Elgar comes bursting onto the bridge, breaking Darkonda out of his thoughts. "Preparations are complete." he says. "We can launch your plan at any time."

"Good, launch it immediately." Darkonda says. "The Rangers are still tired from their previous battle, they won't be expecting another fight so soon."

"You got it boss." Elgar says. "Initiating plan now." he says as he pushes a button on the control console.

"Soon Rangers, you'll be destroyed forever." Darkonda laughs. "Very soon."


At the Surf Spot, all seven teens enter the building. Andros looks a little worried.

"I still think we should be back at the ship." Andros says. "We need to work on repairing the zords."

"Andros don't worry so much." Ashley says. "Alpha and the auto-repair systems can take care of the zords. Right now we need to take a break. I'm completely exhausted from that fight."

"Yeah, Ashley's right." Zhane says. "We need some time to relax."

"Hey guys, what brings you back so soon?" Adelle asks.

"Well, we got caught up in that big monster attack and needed a rest." Carlos answers.

"Yeah that was a big one all right." Adelle says. "One of the biggest we've had in a long time, there were monsters attacking all over Angel Grove."

Just the Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus rush in.

"Hey guys." TJ says. "What have you been up to?"

"We've been out monitoring the monster attack." Bulk says.

"Yes, we ended up outside the Angel Grove Mall and got the entire battle there on tape." Professor Phenomenus says.

"Yeah there was an evil monster there, who was a twisted version of the Yellow Ranger." Bulk says. "And then the Yellow Ranger showed up."

"Yes and then the evil Ranger knocked the Yellow Ranger's weapon away from her and threw her away from it." Professor Phenomenus says.

"Yeah, the monster started to beat the Ranger pretty badly." Bulk begins. "So we went out to retrieve the weapon and provide a distraction."

"We? Don't you mean me"? Skull asks. "I'm the one who went out there?"

"OK, OK." Bulk relents. "Skull was the one who went out there but only because he was the fastest of us. If it was to fight, I would have went. After all I'm the strongest in this group."

"Anyway, after the Yellow Ranger got the weapon back, her armor transformed into a more metallic look." Professor Phenomenus says. "She also gained the power to fly and a backpack with missiles."

Just then a strange beeping noise comes from the Professor's pocket. The Professor pulls out a strange looking device and looks at it. "Boys we have to go." he says. "Twelve alien monsters are attacking the warehouse district."

"But we just got back from a monster attack and I'm hungry." Bulk says. "Can't we eat first?"

"No." Professor Phenomenus says. "Science waits for no man. To the van." he says as he rushes to the exit. Bulk and Skull quickly follow.

All the Rangers except Andros and Ashley watch the three leave, fiddling with some weird high-tech looking device.

Andros noticed that during the story, Ashley turned away. Andros then pulls Ashley over to an isolated corner. "Was their story true?" he asks, looking at her.

"Well...yes." Ashley stammers. "Psycho Yellow managed to figure out what the battlizer was for and knocked it out of my hands before I could use it."

"She then begin to beat me pretty badly when Skull appeared and threw a smoke bomb to distract the monster." Ashley continues. "He then threw me the battlizer, which I managed to activate before she regained her senses.

"This is all my fault." Andros says. "If I had told you to go in battlized, this never would have happened. If those three weren't monitoring the situation, you could have been killed."

"Andros, listen." Ashley says. "This wasn't your fault. Your strategy was correct, there was no way you could have known what was going to happen."

Andros begins to say something but is cut off by his communicator. He quickly answers it and listens to Alpha's frantic voice.

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi." Alpha says. "Rangers there are..."

"...twelve monsters attacking the warehouse district." Ashley interrupts.

"Yes, that's right." Alpha says confused. "How did you know?"

"I'll explain later." Ashley says. "We'll alert the others and get there right away."

"Great!" Andros exclaims. "Now those three have a more accurate alien detection system then we do."

"We'll discuss that later." Ashley says. "Right now we have to go."

The two Rangers quickly rejoin the others.

"What's up guys?" TJ asks.

"Trouble." Andros says. "The Professor's device was right. There are twelve monsters attacking the warehouse district. We have to go."

"Right." TJ says as everyone exits the building.

Adelle then walks out of the kitchen, back to the area where they were standing and scratches her head. "Now where did those seven go?" she asks herself.


A few seconds later, the seven Rangers appeared at the warehouse district to face Darkonda and a squad of ten Quantrons.

"OK, Darkonda." Red Ranger begins. "I don't know what you're game is this time but whatever it is, you won't get away with it."

"Oh, I don't know about that." Darkonda laughs. "Quantrons retreat, I have no further need of you."

The Quantrons comply and disappear in multiple flashes of light. This causes the Rangers to take a step back in confusion.

"Be careful guys." Purple Ranger whispers. "He's up to something."

"Oh you've got that right." Darkonda laughs. "Ecliptor come forward."

Ecliptor then steps forward out of the building he was hiding in. He has his sword raised and is prepared to attack the Rangers.

"OK, Karone, we're going to play a game." Darkonda says as Psycho Silver appears behind the Rangers and encases all of them except the Purple Ranger in energy fields. He then disappears.

"The rules of this game are simple." Darkonda laughs. "You can fight Ecliptor to his death or you can die yourself."

"If you win, you're friends will be freed." Darkonda says. "If you lose or fail to kill Ecliptor within ten minutes, your friends lives will be forfeit."

"Begin." he commands.

Ecliptor then rushes forward and battles the Purple Ranger. He immediately delivers a sword slice to her chest, causing her to fall to the ground in pain.

"No!" Purple Ranger screams. "It's me, Astronema, I mean Karone. You can't do this to me."

Ecliptor seems to respond to her words and stops attacking for a minute. But Darkonda pulls out a control device and turns up the power. Ecliptor then resumes his attack firing laser beams at her.

Meanwhile, the other Rangers are watching in their separate forcefields.

"Guys, try changing into Battlized Rangers." Red Ranger commands. "Maybe that will give us enough power to let us break free."

The other Rangers all nod and try to reach their battlizers. But when they do press button #3, nothing happens.

"No!" Silver Ranger shouts. "The forcefield is preventing the transformation process."

"We'll have to try something else." Yellow Ranger says. "Everyone think."

Back at the battle, the Purple Ranger continues trying to get through to Ecliptor. "Ecliptor, remember you raised me." she pleads. "You said I was like a daughter to you."

Ecliptor once again breaks free of the programming for a second but as Darkonda sees this, he quickly turns up the power on the control device. The Purple Ranger seeing this, gets an idea. She raises her battlizer and presses button #1.

"Flying Power Punch!" she shouts as she jumps towards Ecliptor.

Darkonda watches with interest as she prepares to hit Ecliptor with the power punch. But to his surprise, she lands on Ecliptor's shoulders instead and leaps toward him!

Darkonda tries to move out of the way, but is not fast enough and he is hit by the energized punch. This causes him to drop the control device he was holding.

"Didn't put anything about that in the rules." Purple Ranger says. The Purple Ranger then hits the button on the controller that will release the other Rangers and then turns off the power to the cybernetic control device.

"Ecliptor, are you OK?" Purple Ranger asks as she walks towards him.

"I am fine." Ecliptor answers.

Before anyone can say another word, Darkonda pulls out another weird looking device and aims it at the Purple Ranger. "Sorry my dear, but since you broke the rules, I'm banishing you to a time warp." he laughs.

He then presses a button, causing a weird energy field to come crashing out of the device, heading towards the Purple Rangers. Before anyone can react, Ecliptor pushes the Purple Ranger out of the way and gets caught in the energy field. He then disappears in a flash of colors.

"Ha, so Ecliptor sacrificed himself to save the traitor." Darkonda laughs. "How noble."

"Darkonda, one day I'll make you may for this and all the other suffering you've caused me!" Purple Ranger shouts. "And on that day you will know fear."

"It looks like the Purple Ranger is threatening me." Darkonda laughs. "Well I really must be going now, I think I've caused you enough suffering for one day to treat myself to some time relaxing."

Darkonda then disappears as all the Rangers rejoin the Purple Ranger.

"Karone, are you OK?" Silver Ranger asks.

"No, Ecliptor was my only friend during my time working for evil." Purple Ranger says. "And now he's risked his life to see that I get to safety three times."

"Don't worry, Karone." Red Ranger says. "We'll find some way to get him back, I promise you."

"Well then let's go." Purple Ranger says. "We have work to do."

"Power Rangers!" they all shout as they teleport away.

Meanwhile, Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus' van appears just in time to see the Rangers disappear.

"I think we're too late." Bulk says.

"No, wait!" Professor Phenomenus says. "I'm picking up some interesting readings here."

"What are they?" Skull asks.

"I'm not sure." Professor Phenomenus says. "We need to take them back to the lab for further study." he says as he begins driving his van back to the lab.


Back on the Astro Megaship Bridge, everyone was working hard on trying to locate Ecliptor.

"I think I have something." TJ says.

"What is it?" Karone asks.

"According to these scans, Ecliptor is now stuck in the middle of a time ebb." TJ says. "If we can knock him loose with an energy beam at an exact frequency, we can bring him back to normal time."

"Yeah, but we have to hurry." Carlos says. "If we miscalculate the beam or wait too much longer, Ecliptor will fall into a time warp like the one Zordon was-is trapped in."

"I've always been meaning to ask about that." Ashley says. "What exactly did happen to Zordon?"

"Well originally Zordon was trapped in a time warp by Rita Repulsa, when she managed to surprise him with an underhanded trick like Darkonda did with Ecliptor." Andros says. "Fortunately his assistant Alpha-5, managed to locate the time warp he was in and lock on to his signal with the technology in the Command Center on earth."

"I have another question, I read in the Power Chamber database that Zordon once used his energy to infuse one of the original Ranger's power coins after Rita drained it with a magic spell." Ashley begins. "If Zordon is so powerful, shouldn't he have been able to restore it completely?"

"Normally, yes." Andros says. "But time warps make it more difficult to send energy out than in. That is why so much of Zordon's energy was needed for this, a lot of it was lost traveling back to this dimension. But energy more easily goes in, so the other Rangers were able to use their coins to give Zordon enough energy to survive until he could regain his strength."

"But one more thing, if Zordon was freed from the time warp, why was he still in a glass tube in the records Phantom Ranger sent from Hercuron?" Ashley asks.

"I can answer that." Karone says. "After Dark Specter captured Zordon, he put him in a portable time warp within that tube so he couldn't use his powers. This was the only way Dark Specter could keep him from escaping, but it has greatly slowed the transfer of powers."

"Thank you." Ashley says. "That answers a lot of my questions."

"Calibrations complete." DECA interrupts. "We are ready to fire the energy beam at any time."

"Stations everyone." Andros says. "We only have one shot at this."

All the Rangers then rush to their stations and prepares for firing the beam.

"Everyone ready?" Andros asks. Everyone else gives a quick nod. "Then fire."

A second later an energy beam leaves the Megaship and enters a blue distortion field. Ten seconds later there is a big explosion in the distortion field and the laser cuts off, causing the Megaship to shake.

"What happened?!" Carlos shouts.

"It appears the beam worked." Cassie says. "But Ecliptor didn't land in this time zone, the calculations were slightly off."

"Then where did he land?" Karone asks.

"The question isn't where, it's when." Cassie says. "According to my calculations, he could have landed anywhere in a five earth-year radius."

"Wait, you mean Ecliptor landed anywhere in the known universe between the years 1993-2003?" Zhane asks.

"Basically, yes." Cassie says.

"So he may not have even rematerialized yet." Karone says. "Now what do we do?"

"There's nothing we can do." Andros says. "I'll have DECA try to narrow the time field down, but until then we'll just have to wait until Ecliptor contacts us."

"Don't worry Karone, wherever Ecliptor is, I'm sure he'll be fine." Zhane says.

"Yeah, you're right." Karone says.

"For now, why don't we go back to the Surf Spot." Andros says. "After all this, I could really use a break."

"Sure, let's go." TJ says.

"Last one there's a rotten egg." Cassie laughs, causing the four Earth Rangers to run for the Glider Bay.

Zhane, Karone, and Andros remain in confusion.

"What's a rotten egg?" Karone asks.

"I'm not sure." Andros says. "But judging from their reactions and previous Earth expressions, I think it's meant to start a race to your destination." he says as he follows the others to the Glider Bay.

"Oh." Karone and Zhane say in unison. As soon as they notice, that they're the only two left on the bridge quickly race towards the glider bay.

The End... for now