Countdown 2000
BY Georgia Peach


October 28 1999

“The ultimate Y2K survival kit! Prepackaged food-“ click. Jennifer changed the station. It was 2 A.M. and the last thing she wanted to hear was another way to survive in the year 2000. That’s all anyone everyone concerned themselves with. Y2K this Y2K that. It was so annoying! Life as she had known it was falling apart. It had been bad in ’98 and it had been worse the past few months. But with only a little over two months left till the new millennium it was getting unbearable.

She rolled her eyes as the station she had on began a full-length infomercial about how the book of Revelation was coming to pass. Another station, about how the beginnings of a major plague were in the works. Next station, another 7.6 earthquake killing roughly 2,000 people, and some guy on saying it was a sign the end of the world was coming. She clicked the TV off. Obviously she wasn’t going to be able to watch TV without being reminded of what might happen in two months.

She got up to head back to bed, maybe she could try and get some sleep. Everyone was preparing for the Y2K and other millennium disasters and yet since this whole chaos had come about she hadn’t had a decent nights sleep. She walked up the stairs only to see the generator her mother had bought several weeks ago. Everywhere she went in the house there was some reminder of Y2K. The basement was stocked with food, water and God only knows what else. Jennifer had helped her mother with all this cause she knew it would comfort her; the thing her mother didn’t know was how it frightened her.

Jennifer believed she had a big plan to fulfil in life; she wanted to live to fulfil that. But, if the world was going to end like everyone said it was she didn’t want to have any part of it. Life just didn’t seem worth living. And school was no help everyone there was panicking. Even some of the Christian kids in her classes were doing bad things, because they thought the world was going to end. They wanted to have fun before it did.

Jennifer walked over to her window and looked out. Boston sure was a busy city. She loved it at night though. With all the lights from different buildings. It was rather pretty. She thought for a moment…what would it be like in 2000?


November 17 1999

Jennifer walked down the long hall of her high school, heading for the door. She walked threw every day like a total zombie. Nothing mattered to her. It was silly really to be so upset about this, but she couldn’t stop it, she felt so hopeless, like everything was over and that there was no point to anything.

Her friend Carolyn brought her out of her daze. “Hi Jen!” She shut her locker and walked over. “How are you doing? It’s been awhile!” Jennifer stared at her as thought she had 5 heads. “What?” Carolyn asked confusion in her voice.

“How can you be so happy and chipper? The world is supposed to end in two months! Don’t you watch TV?” Jennifer exclaimed.

“Are you really worried about that?” Carolyn asked.

“Of course! Haven’t you noticed all the specials and people doing all those things to protect themselves for after 2000? Everyone’s going crazy!” “Isn’t that funny though. In 2000 everything is supposed to go wacko and it’s going wacko before 2000.”

Jennifer paused. That caught her off guard; she had never considered it that way. “Well, either way don’t you think there’s any truth to these things?”

Carolyn shrugged.” There may be there may not be. Only God knows for sure. You just got to prepare yourself and be ready for anything.”

“It’s so hard though!” Jennifer sighed sitting on a bench outside.” What if everything goes haywire like everyone says?”

“What if it does?” Carolyn asked. “What are we supposed to do about it?”

“Well…something!” Jennifer shouted.

“Well I agree with the idea of buying some extra food and batteries and stuff…I mean if I had to go a day without my music I might cause a riot!” She laughed. Jennifer lowered her eyes looking like she was about to cry. “Aw, come-on Jen I was just teasing you! Things are gonna be ok…don’t worry.”

“But I have to worry!” Jennifer jumped off the bench.” Don’t you see? No one ever stops! They never let these things go! They just make it worse and worse! And I can’t talk to my mom about this! She’s the one who made me this upset in the first place with all of her ‘Y2K preparations’! ”

“Jen,” Carolyn began,” do you believe in God?”

“Oh boy here we go again! Well God says this, God says that! Where has God been when I needed him! Where has He been for all those people that are being hurt right now because of the new millennium? Where is He in all His infinite power for them? No where, And that’s where He is for me. Don’t bug me again Carolyn, I don’t need you I don’t need anybody.” With that she was gone.


Jennifer ran in her house, up the stairs, slammed her door, and flung herself unto her bed. She was so upset. The last thing she wanted to hear about was God. If God cared why was her life falling apart. Why wasn’t it normal right now? Why was all this stuff happening? It seemed as though the whole world was crashing down unto her shoulders and she just couldn’t take it anymore. It was too much for her to bear; she couldn’t talk to anyone. She had to carry it alone. Why couldn’t she turn to God? Too much in her life. She had been hanging on to Him since she could remember and when all this new millennium stuff started she just slipped away. It didn’t seem possible a God could exist with how horrible the world was, and it was becoming worse with every passing second.

It was getting so hard at school. She couldn’t even concentrate anymore. It was getting harder and harder just to step outside let alone anything else. You just wanted to stay inside with the doors locked and never go out again. If it was this bad now how bad would it be in 2000.

“Jenny? Jenny you home?” Her mother called from downstairs.

Great! Jennifer thought. Just what I need right now. She’s the last person I want to see. “I’m up here!”

“Jenny, is it true you skipping kata this afternoon?” Her mother asked peering into the room.

“I forgot!” Jennifer jumped up from her bed. She really had forgotten. The little chat with Carolyn had made her so upset everything had vanished from her mind. “I’m sorry just slipped my mind.”

“You ok? You seem upset…Jennifer have you been crying? Tell me the truth.”

“Yes I have, and yes I’m upset…I got homework.” Jennifer switched the subject and tried to get up from her bed. Her mother blocked her though.

“Jennifer…we need to talk. Now,” Reluctantly Jennifer sat back down on her bed. Obviously she wasn’t going to be able to get out of this without a long talk. Her mother sighed, gathering the strength she needed.” Jennifer, I don’t know how to reach you anymore…the past few months you’ve-you’ve been so distant from me…was it something I did? I want to understand what you’re going through but I can’t unless you tell me.”

Jennifer stared out her window. She was so close with her mom. How was she supposed to tell her that the way she was acting about the year 2000 was making her so upset? She might offend her. She looked at her mother. She wasn’t about to let this go without a really, really good answer, Oh boy she thought. Finally she spoke.” I’m upset about all this talk about the millennium.”

“Jennifer…I thought I told you we were all prepared for this, we have everything we’re going to need-“

“Mom that’s what I’m talking about!” Jennifer shouted and jumped up from her bed.” Everyone’s saying it’s the end of it all! What’s the point with living if that’s the case? With going on with our lives? It’s over! And you’re just making it worse by the day! All this talk about this and that! It just makes me get more and more upset! I wish you would just shut up!” Jennifer froze. She hadn’t meant to say that. It had just slipped out. Man am I in trouble!

Her mother stared at her. It wasn’t an angry stare, or anything else, just a shocked one. The funny thing was she wasn’t mad at Jennifer; more concerned than anything else. She wouldn’t have said something like that unless she was really upset. Obviously this 2000 thing was bothering her. “I never knew it upset you so, I’m sorry.” her mother rose to leave,” if you need to talk you know where I’ll be.”

Jennifer lay on her bed and started to cry. Everything was falling apart. Nothing made sense anymore. Her life seemed like this spinning whirlwind that she could never stop, or even slow down. Her mother was her best friend. She couldn’t believe she had acted that way! Everything was getting to her. She swore that if she had had a gun she would have used it. After all the world was going to end in two months why not end it a little sooner. She looked out her window as another ambulance ran by. It was getting worse and worse. More and more problems were happening. It looked like the millennium problem had come earlier than expected.


December 2,

Jennifer pulled herself out of bed. It was snowing outside, and she would have to shovel the steps off. Not that she cared .She didn’t even want to get out of bed anymore. But she knew she had too. Since her argument with her mother she had gotten very worried about her. Her mother was close to taking her to a shrink and she knew it. But truly what was the point? Everything was getting worse. She literally just couldn’t get school anymore and didn’t even want to try; so she faked being sick and her mom let her stay home for a few days.

She pulled out some warm clothes and started getting dressed. It was 10:30. Her mom had already left for work. Thank God for that. Last thing she wanted was her mom staring at her and asking if she was ok or if she wanted to talk. She just wanted to be left alone.

She went downstairs and flipped the TV on. She sighed, another Y2K commercial. This was really getting depressing. She flicked to another station. Some expert saying why Y2K won’t be as bad as they say. Click another expert saying why Y2K will lead to the Apocalypse. Click- some Christian preacher saying Jesus was coming on January 1 and that we need to be ready before He sends the fire down. She finally clicked the station one more time. This time she landed on Z TV. Well it was Christian. But usually all they played was music videos. That might not be so bad.

They were playing some head-rock band so she went in the kitchen to get some breakfast. Let’s see we have nutritious cereal hot or cold, eggs, slim bacon, or egos. She paused. Egos definitely. I’m not in the mood to eat healthy today. She popped it in the microwave and got her milk. She put the glass on the table. Only one more month of this. Of life as we know it. Possible even of life. What will it be like in 2000? Will the end come? Will Armageddon begin? What will happen? Will humanity continue on it’s progression with technology or will it come to a halt and be thrown back into the old days with horses being the sole transportation? It was just getting to be too much now. Way too much. She startled as the microwave bused. She took the plate and went out into the living room. She wasn’t supposed to eat in there but who cares? The world’s ending, right?

She watched the new video started. Someone singing in concert Great now I got to listen to all the screaming girls! She mused. What was the group’s name? 4HIM? What kind of a name is 4HIM? She listened as the singer started singing.

God only knows how he must have
Out on the mountain where
Abraham knelt
Though deep in his heart I’m sure it
Hurt to obey
Still he offered his son as if to
Say, I’m

Willing to live
Willing to die
Willing to make any sacrifice
I’m willing to go
Willing to stay
Lord, there’s no price too high for
Me to pay
Any struggle that might come my
I’m willing to go threw
Just as long as my heart
As long as my heart knows it’s you.

How many times have you called
For me
When my heart was willing but I
Was so weak
What I would give if I could only
That when I’m tested by fire I’ll
Always be

Willing to live
Willing to die
Willing to make any sacrifice
I’m willing to go
Willing to stay
Lord, there’s no price too high for
Me to pay
Any struggle that might come my
I’m willing to go threw
Just as long as my heart
As long as my heart knows it’s you.

Jennifer grabbed a pen and paper and wrote the name of the song down. Hang on title As song as my heart knows it’s you. And the group is 4HIM. Ok got it. It was a good song. She didn’t usually go for Christian music but there was something about this song that made her stop and think. Think about life. And think about God. She quickly got dressed and went down to the music store.


As soon as she walked into the music store she wished she hadn’t. For who was working at the counter but Carolyn. Great just who I need to see. Miss Mary Poppins. Jennifer headed over to the CDs hoping she’d find the CD and get out of there right away. The only problem was she wasn’t sure which album it was. She had forgotten to grab that along with the song title.

“Hi Jennifer. What are you looking for?” Carolyn asked.

Too late she was found. Control your temper Jenny. Don’t make a scene. “I’m looking for a group named 4HIM. The song is As Long As My Heart Knows It’s You. Do you know what album that is?”

“That’s The Ride. It’s the forth album. Let’s see it’s right. Here, there you go.” Carolyn handed her the album. “Anything else?”

Jennifer paused. Why was Carolyn being so distant? Not that she minded it but still, it wasn’t like her. She must have really offended her with the disagreement the two had had. She had to make a clean break to start over again.” Look Carolyn, I’m sorry about what happen with us awhile ago. I was just really upset. Forgive me?”

“Jennifer, I forgave you a long time ago…I’m not mad, I just wanted to give you some space. We all need it. I’m still around if you ever want to talk.” Carolyn stated.

“Even after all the things I said to you? I haven’t been that nice but you’ve always been to me.” Jennifer countered.

Someone was calling Carolyn up front.” Look I gotta go for a minute. Go over there and listen to number 17, track 6. You’ll understand more. Ok?” Carolyn said already proceeding backwards.

“Ok.” Jennifer called as she walked over to the listening booth. Number 17 number 17…ah there we go. Al Denson…track 6… To Forgive. Jennifer froze. She slowly put the earphones on and listened.

Well I have never been the kind
To let too many get behind
The wall that I have built around my heart
And now I find myself afraid
And feeling like I’ve been betrayed
By one that I have trusted from the start
But friends are only human and at times
They’re gonna fall
But when it hurts the most is when they
Need you most of all

To forgive
Is to reach out to your brother
As one friend to another
No matter what the cost
To forgive
Is to leave the past behind you
And pray tomorrow finds you
Stronger for the journey
As everyday we’re learning
To forgive

It was another place and time
When I had failed a friend of mine
And there was no one else to take the
But when he could have turned away
Somehow he found the strength to stay
His love for me was stronger than the pain
In light of all his mercy it’s much easier to
That even from the cross the Lord was calling
You and me

To forgive
Is to reach out to your brother
As one friend to another
No matter what the cost
To forgive
Is to leave the past behind you
And pray tomorrow finds you
Stronger for the journey
As everyday we’re learning
To forgive

A tear rolled down her cheek as the song ended. Did some people actually think that way? Did some people have so much love and kindness in their hearts that things like this were really nothing? She wished she could be like this. She wished she could forgive someone, and love someone with no real reason for it other that to share God’s love. Did God really exist? She thought of trips to Mt. Wachusett. The sun slowly setting in pinks, purples, yellows and oranges, whipped across the sky and blended in a perfect harmony that had to be divine. How could such a beautiful thing take place without a God of love forming it?

And yet how could there be so much suffering and pain in a world formed by a God of love? How could wars, school shootings, and even the upcoming millennium hype exist with a God of love in control of it all? It just didn’t make any sense. In one way she couldn’t deny God, and in another she couldn’t believe Him either.

“You ok Jennifer?” Carolyn asked.

“Yeah I’m fine…the uh, the lyrics were really good.” Jennifer was trying to sustain conversation.

“I’m glad you liked them. You want to get the 4HIM CD?”

“Yeah I do.” She walked up to the counter. Carolyn started to ring it up.” Umm Carolyn. Think maybe we could get together and talk sometime? I really have some stuff I need to talk about and I have this odd feeling you know the answers to them.” She asked shyly.

“I don’t have all the answers Jennifer. I know God does though.” She handed her the bag.” I have tomorrow off. How about we head to the Coffee House down the street they have music and food and stuff like that.”

“Sounds good to me.” Jennifer agreed.

“So see you tomorrow let’s say around one?” Carolyn suggested.

“One’s fine see you then!” Jennifer called out as she left the store.


At one o’clock Jennifer walked into the small café. It had soft velvet chairs, gentle lighting and easy listening music. All and all a very calm atmosphere, unlike the one outside. Jennifer saw Carolyn sitting in the corner reading a book. Suddenly Jennifer hesitated. Maybe this was a big mistake. Maybe she should just leave. She paused in the middle of the room wondering what to do, just as she was about to make a run for it Carolyn looked up.

“Hey! I was beginning to think you weren’t going to show. “ Carolyn said cheerfully. Then she noted Jennifer’s hesitation.” Come sit down here.” she gestured to the chair next to her.” It won’t bite.”

Jennifer smiled and sat down. She put her bag and jacket to the side of the chair.” Sorry I’m a little late.”

“Actually I’m a little early. Figured I’d catch up on some reading. Do you want anything?”

“No, I’m not really hungry. Look, um let me get right to the problem. I really need someone to talk too. This new millennium stuff is getting worse and worse. And Y2K isn’t the only thing everyone’s going haywire about, now it’s about comets, plagues, and religious happens and so many other things I can’t keep tract. I-I just don’t know what to do anymore. My mom and I have been distant for awhile. I just can’t talk to her, and everything else is totally crazy I need someone to turn too. Someone to trust.” She paused.” A little over a month ago you were willing to talk to me and I wasn’t. Would you mind talking to me know?”

Carolyn bit her lip.” About God?”

Jennifer nodded slowly.” Yeah, about God. Is there hope right now or is it all hopeless?”

“Jennifer, there’s always a small flame of hope even in the darkest and fiercest of storms. You just have to cling to that…that’s what I’m doing right now. You want the truth? Yeah I’m scared about all this new millennium talk. Who wouldn’t be? Plus many Christians aren’t helping with all that end of the world stuff either, which I’m sure you’ve heard. Who could help but get frightened, and want to give up hope. But that’s why we need to cling to that hope, so that we’ll be able to make it through. Do you understand at all?”

“A little bit. It’s just so hard though. I feel so alone.” Jennifer sighed.

“But you aren’t alone Jen, you never were and you never will be. God is with you no matter what happens. Just trust Him.”

“But I can’t! I used to believe in God but He abandoned me. You don’t know the things that have happened in my life. I trusted God and He let me down. How could I trust Him with this?” Jennifer struggled not to cry. She never realized how much stemmed from this new millennium thing. It wasn’t just Y2k or the new millennium. It was the fear of being abandoned and left alone again, that’s what she couldn’t take, that’s what she couldn’t handle. So many things had happened that she had shut herself off from the rest of the world, now she felt like she was all alone and had to battle this great enemy.

“Jennifer that’s a question you have to ask yourself. I can’t make you believe in or trust God, but I can tell you the truth. And that is that He’s there for you. He always has been and always will be and no matter what happens when the clock flips over He’ll still be there. Whether we go on with our lives or the world does come to an end. I trust Him and I trust He will get me through the hard days and nights. It’s up to you whether or not to grab the lifeline He’s given you or to reject it. The choice is yours.”

Jennifer slowly leaned back in her chair. She remained frozen in that moment for a long time, and it was a moment that she never ever forget. She tried to remember when she used to trust God. How her life was like, was it any different than now? Yes and no. No in the fact that everything was going wrong and she felt screwed up. Yes in the fact, that with trusting God, she somehow felt safe. Not that nothing would come her way but safe that she knew He’d be there no matter what. She realized at that moment that trusting God wasn’t about anything ever happening to you. It was about having a knowing that He’d always be with you through those struggles, through the hard times.

“Why should God,” she began after a long pause,” care about me, when all I do is worry and complain? I mean I know He loves us, but why still love us even if we can’t be bothered?”

“Because He’s God. He cares about us no matter what we do, and wants to help us and be there for us no matter what. We just need to realize these things… I’m scared of what the future may hold, but I trust that God will see me through it. And even if some bad things happen I know it will be used for His glory, and to reach people for him. Understand?”

“I guess I do…sometimes it’s just so hard I never know who to believe, or who to trust. There’s so many theories, so many people, what makes them qualified or right in what they’re saying?”

“I think you just need to stop listening to them and listen to God. What He tells you is all you need. But you have to really listen to be sure it’s Him talking to you, and not just you imagining it. Just trust His truth. I guarantee you no matter what happens it will guide you.”

Jennifer was silent for a moment. Finally she drew the words together that her heart had wanted to say for a long time. “I guess God has always been there. Softly speaking the words I needed but I was too frightened to hear those words and claim them. I just hope from this moment forward that I can heed those words and understand them and to accept them for the truth that they are. Funny to hear me say something like that huh?” Carolyn shook her head.” Well I got to head home. See you this week?” Jennifer asked getting her jacket.

“Sure I’ll call you tomorrow. See you Jennifer.”

“See ya.” Jennifer called leaving the store. She was still frightened about the upcoming millennium, but somehow she knew she would be ok. She realized that in this age where we trust advanced technology and science to save us from the end, it was in fact causing those problems. So in fact we would have to turn back to the very Being we had turned away from. She now knew that faith wasn’t knowing everything, or not being afraid; faith was trusting in what you can’t see, and knowing that everything would work out for the best.


The remaining few weeks of December flew by with the usual Christmas buzz. Christmas time seemed to lessen the Y2K hype. But as soon as Christmas was over it all started up again. You could tell people were starting to get frantic; half of the store shelves were empty due to last minute shoppers. It was like before a hurricane hits, everyone runs out to buy the essentials.

Despite all the chaos and the ever-increasing end of the world programs, Jennifer actually had a wonderful Christmas vacation. She spent a lot of time with Carolyn, and her mom. Learning how to get close with God. Finding herself still at peace even among the craziness. Not that she didn’t have moments lying in her bed at night letting the darkness of the room pour in. Wondering what would happen in a few days.

The thirty-first finally came. The date was set, within twenty-four hours the world would know if Y2K would bring the disaster predicted. The day flew by rather peacefully aside from the people on the street screaming to repent.

Jennifer found herself partially scared about tonight, and yet looking forward to it. With all the fear the New Millennium was bringing she had forgotten the good it was bringing too. Think about it. This was a new millennium. A New beginning. How many people actually lived to see a new century, and the ending of 1,000 years? All the history, and memories, all the things learned and mistakes repeated. Would the next 1,000 years be the same? Or could we start and change things for the better? Would we turn back to God and stay close to Him? Or would we walk away and repeat mistakes made since Adam and Eve. A new era was about to begin; the world just had to decide what kind of an era they wanted.

Jennifer spent most of the day with her mom, making last minute preparations and just having girl talk, and fun. She also went to the mall with Carolyn for a few hours. Things were pretty normal; still she couldn’t help but wonder what the future held.

That night at 11:15 she sat by the window and started writing in her diary. It was a tradition of sorts for her to write in her diary before the New Year; but this year was much different. Outside her window the city of Boston shined. She could almost see the crowds of people ready for the countdown to 2000. She stared at the blank paper in front of her wondering how she could some up her last thoughts of this millennium.

Dear diary,

I just realized why do people call it that. Why do they address a book like it’s a person? Why do I write in it like someone’s reading it? Who knows maybe, if the world’s still here, a thousand years from now someone will read this and know my feelings and what we went through at this time.

They always say that when you live in the city you can’t see the stars. I don’t agree, there are lights on everywhere outside, but when I look at the sky it’s still dark and I can see the stars as if there wasn’t alight around for miles. It’s mysterious tonight. Not a frightening or a spooky mysterious, more like an intriguing type of thing. It feels like something’s in the air, almost as if the whole universe knows it’s about to turn 2000. It seems like everything’s effected by it. Even the birds were quiet today. It’s almost as if the whole world is holding its breath waiting to see what will happen in half an hour. Half an hour. It’s so hard to believe, in half an hour all the worrying and stress, and sleepless nights will be over and the world will know whether it was a waste of time to worry about Y2K or not. There are still the other things to be afraid of, comets, plagues, the Second Coming, the realigning of the earth’s axis, and so many other things I can’t remember. No wonder the world feels hopeless.

But somehow in the past few weeks I found a small flame of hope. Now it’s a burning fire. I believe we will go on, no matter happens in the coming days. I realized something last week. We had a two-hour blackout. It was really funny, people that we see everyday who won’t have anything to do with us were suddenly coming out of the house and talking to my mom and me. Isn’t it funny that it takes a tragedy for people to come together? I mean, I know bad things go on all the time but it seems that whenever a tragedy hits people seem to come together a bit. Maybe Y2K wouldn’t be such a bad thing. In the sense that people would come together, be kind to one another, and maybe even return to God.

Fifteen minutes to go. It’s so hard to believe that we are entering into another millennium. A hundred years from now kids in school will be studying about this. Scary thought! It’s funny these are my last thoughts of this millennium, and I have no clue what to say. It feels like no words will be sufficient enough to what I’m feeling.

I’ve bought about 10 diaries, I told my mom I want to document everything that happens this upcoming year. Even if nothing serious does take place it’s a good thing to have these years written out for future generations to be able to read. And if something bad does happen one day everyone will know what I thought, and that you can have hope and faith no matter how bad it is.

Well I honestly can’t think of what to say right now. I better get downstairs and spend some time with my mom. I’m not sure what the future holds, but I know this much. I know God is in control and I know He cares about me and will be there for me no matter what happens.

Jennifer marked the page and shut her diary. She sat in silence in her room for about a minute, but to her it seemed like forever. She listened to the sounds of the City Street, the lights flashing everywhere and the constant noise. Then she gazed up above all the buildings and her sight seemed to be endless. She swore she could see into space and was able to absorb all the beauty and silence amidst it all. The world was a beautiful place.

She headed downstairs and plopped on the couch next to her mom. The Christmas tree was shinning in the corner, along with the candles lit up around the living room. Times Square was on the TV. Everyone was parting and stating their New Year’s resolution. And of course their were a few people in the background shouting about Y2K and someone else shouting that the end of the world would take place when the clock struck 2000. Jennifer just sighed and snuggled up next to her mom. It was amazing the older she got the more she needed her mom. She never really realized how close she was to her mom until she stopped talking to her for those weeks. She told her mom everything, it was one of those things where they could read each other.

Five minutes to go. It was so hard for her to believe five minutes. That was it. She found herself wandering again. Wondering what her future held. She began to wonder if she had been silly all these months worrying so about 2000. No she hadn’t, with everything that was going on around her she had had good reason to be frightened. Sometimes our minds run ahead of us and we lose track of where we’re going. But if we trust God He will always lead us back to where we need to be.

One minute. She found herself snuggling closer to her mom. 50 seconds, everything was about to happen, a change for the world, a new beginning. 30 seconds, or the beginning of the end. 20 seconds, she wasn’t sure what was about to happen, but she trusted God and new that no matter what happened she’d be willing, as long as she knew it was Him. 10 seconds, 9, 8, 7,6,5,4,3,2,1…?