BY Georgia Peach

It was a clear and peaceful afternoon in Angel Grove. It was almost hard to believe that the day before there had been total havoc throughout the city. Mondo had attempted to destroy the earth once more. And once again the power rangers had defeated him, and saved the world from total destruction.

Tommy and Katherine were having a wonderful walk in the park. Savoring up this glorious time, being normal teenagers. But for some odd reason Katherine didn't look like she was enjoying herself.

"Kat, you okay?" Tommy asked. "You've been really quiet today, are you feeling all right."

Katherine tilted her head. She really wasn't feeling well… But she wasn't really sure what was wrong. Her head was pounding severely… And once in a while she felt a little dizzy…Plus when she had woken up that morning, she had looked as white as a ghost.

She had to pile tons of makeup on to cover it up. She wasn't sure whether to tell Tommy or not… He would probably get really worried, and make her get checked out… But in a way she wanted to be checked out…. Something was seriously wrong with her and she wasn't sure what." Not really, Tommy." She began.

Tommy's face turned pale. He stopped and gently took her arm, " What do you mean… What's wrong?"

"I don't know…" She than told him everything. " Ever since we won the battle yesterday, I haven't felt so good…. And I don't know what to do." She slowly touched her forehead, the dizziness becoming worse.

"Katherine, I think we should have Zordon take a look at you… Maybe it's nothing,…but it could be something … Let's just see, okay?" Tommy asked, but was obviously giving a direct order.

"Okay." Katherine said so quietly that Tommy had to strain to hear her. And from there they to teleported to the Power Chamber.


At the Youth Center, Tanya was having a really hard time concentrating. Such a hard time in fact that she didn't hear Adam, come up behind her.

"Boo!" He shouted.

She vaguely jerked, but didn't seem to care." Oh, hi Adam… What's up."

Adam grabbed a chair. " You okay, Tanya? You look a little peaked. "

Tanya shrugged." I don't know, I haven't been feeling to good since yesterday…. I have a headache and get dizzy from time to time…I can barely concentrate… I really don't know what's wrong with me."

"Maybe we should go to Zordon, he might know what to do… Com'on let's head there." He grabbed her arm and let her into corner where they teleported out.


When they arrived in the Power Chamber, Adam and Tanya found Alpha in front of Katherine with some strange device.

Tanya stepped forward, "Kat, are you okay?" She asked, more worried about her friend than herself.

Katherine shrugged," I don't know, Tanya…. Ever since the battle yesterday I haven't been feeling so good."

Tanya looked to Adam, than back to Katherine, " You mean a headache…and dizziness once in a while."

Katherine and Tommy stared at her, " How did you know?" Kat asked.

"I've had the same symptoms, since yesterday afternoon…. It must be connected to something that happened to us yesterday." Tanya suggested.

Billy was standing quietly over by one of the computers. He was reading what was being picked up from, Katherine, and now Tanya." Well there defiantly seems to be some form of connection…. You both have the exact form of bacteria in you blood streams, but I'm not sure what it is… It's not like anything I've ever seen before." He said puzzled.

"Well, now let's think about this for a second… yesterday afternoon we all were fighting Mondo, so there must be some connection to that… But none of us have the same symptoms…" Leeza paused. She had felt a little dizzy earlier. And in fact she had , had a horrible headache earlier also, but she was feeling a little better now. Was it possible whatever was wrong with the others, she had, had and now it was gone? " I did have a headache earlier, but I'm fine now…Could it just be something that will pass?"

"Maybe it affects people differently," Tommy jumped in." Maybe you have more of a resistance to this thing, than Katherine and Tanya."

"Rangers!" Zordon shouted to get their attention. " I think I'm aware of what this is. Alpha contact Rocky, and have him come here…We must see if he has similar symptoms." Zordon ordered.

Alpha did as he was told. " But Zordon, only the girls have this symptoms… Could it just be a virus that spreads throughout girls?" Billy questioned.

Just than Rocky came into the Power Chamber shining it with blue. " What's up guys?" He asked touching his forehead lightly.

"Billy could you please, send the information to me… I should than be able to answer all of you're questions." Zordon said ignoring Rocky's question. Billy pressed a few keys and the information was transferred." Well?" Billy asked impatiently.

"It is a machine virus…. Yesterday when you were fighting the monster and came into contact with it , the virus must of gotten onto you… It usually doesn't have an affect on humans… But because you were in your Zords it hit you… If it goes through another machine, any life form can receive the virus…. It will affect some of you,… some harshly, some lightly…. In fact you can have symptoms, have them disappear and than return again…That is all I know of it, we must learn more in order to help all of you… Billy, look up as much as you can on this virus, Alpha take care of Katherine, and Tanya properly, Leeza you have to go and look over the zords. See if you can find anything abnormal about them."

"Zordon, I could check out the zords, and Leeza could look up the necessary information." Billy seemed to plea.

"No Billy… Leeza is small enough to look into parts of the zord that you can't get to… She should be all right… If she already has the virus in her system , that won't affect her." Zordon said firmly.

Leeza quietly whispered to Billy," Don't worry, I'll be fine… You can't get rid of me that easily." And she headed toward the zord room.

"Com'on Katherine let's get you a bed." Tommy said taking her arm.

She slightly nodded. But as she stood up everything spun… She couldn't get anything into focus… She gripped Tommy's arm tighter, for some kind of balance… But it didn't help… She took two steps and fell… In the distance she could vaguely hear Tommy, shout her name.


They all ran to Katherine's side. She slowly slid too the ground.

"Kat !" Tanya shouted running over to her side.

"Zordon, why did she faint?" Rocky asked.

Zordon remained silent for a moment. Almost not wanting to explain." It is a part of the virus' affect on humans, rangers… After the basic symptoms, the person continues to get dizzy…. Eventually fainting… Like Katherine just did… The person will than have periods of semi-consciousness, and unconsciousness…. Eventually slipping into a coma, and then…" Zordon's voice fell silent. Everyone knew the answer to that one.

Tommy sat next to Katherine," Zordon….Is there anything we can do?...Isn't there a cure for this thing?"

Zordon seemed to shake his head inside of his glass tube." Not that I know of…. That is why we must research on it… Until then, get Katherine a bed… Tanya I want you to lie down also… To try and prevent it from getting worse….Now let's get to work. Fretting gets you know where."

They all agreed. Tommy picked Katherine up and placed her on a bed .While Tanya lied down, and tried to think over what was happening. None of it made sense… Had the Machine Empire, purposely done this? Or was it just an accident? Did they have a deadly virus threatening to destroy all of them, and know that they were destroying the rangers with this?.. Probably not… If all their machines were ill, that would mean they were wasting energy by trying to defeat the rangers… So it wouldn't matter who won because the machines would cease to exist anyway.

"You all right , Tanya?" Adam finally spoke breaking into her thoughts. He was so frightened something might happen to her… He hoped she would be okay.

"Yeah, I was just thinking…" She began to explain it all to him… Maybe he could make some sense of it.

"You know, Tanya, you're probably right… The Machine Empire has this virus spreading throughout all their machines, and they don't even know it." Adam lowered his voice and leaned closer to her," And honestly, I hope they never do."

Tanya giggled." I hope they don't either…Has Katherine woken up yet?"

Adam gazed over to Tommy who had his head lowered sitting by a bed. "Tommy, is Kat awake yet?"

Tommy shook his head. A combination of sadness and fright filled his face. "No not yet… She stirred a few times…but noth'n else."

The entire Power Chamber fell silent. Billy gazed up from his computer…" She'll be all right Tommy… Don't lose faith… We've all been through too much together to lose each other this easily…Besides, I think I'm locking on to some kind of cure… I'm not positive…but it might work." He said encouragingly.

"I sure hope your right." Tommy said with more important things on his mind… Deep down inside of his heart he felt as if he loved her… Even though it was teenage love. It was still real to him… He had never told her that, and now…. He may never get the chance… Rocky decided to jump into the conversation. "Let's just hope Billy and Leeza don't come down with this thing…" He rubbed his forehead." We need the two of you to figure all this out…"

Billy just grinned," I'll be fine Rocky…And we all know how strong willed Leeza is…" Everyone broke out laughing, including Tommy." Rocky, I'm actually worried about you… You've been rubbing your head for the past hour…You feeling okay?"

Rocky shrugged. "Not sure… Sometimes I feel fine, and other times… I feel like I might faint… I guess I got this thing too, huh?"

Billy lowered his head. He hated to say it but Rocky had the virus… Secretly he had run a test on all of the rangers to see who had the disease or not… The only ones without it were, himself, Tommy, and Adam… As for if Leeza had the virus or not that was questionable… The test didn't show the zord room… He just prayed that it would come up negative when he did the test on her.

Tommy could always read right threw Billy. Right now he saw the same look of fear appear, that he had… He was worried about Katherine, and Billy was worried about Leeza. " Billy,… Why don't you go check on Leeza… Just to see if she found anything interesting. I'll keep an eye on things here."

Billy looked hesitant. He didn't want anyone to think he was being overprotective of Leeza… She absolutely hated the idea of anyone hovering over her. " I don't think so, Tommy… I'm sure she's fine."

Tommy slowly walked over to Billy. He lowered his voice so that everyone in the Power Chamber would have to strain to hear him…" I know your worried about her… So I want you to go see her… If she thinks your being overprotective, tell her I wanted to see if she had found anything yet… Now go… You'll feel better."

Billy sighed,." Can I keep anything from you Tommy?"

Tommy shook his head," No… Now go!"

Billy slightly shrugged," Okay…Adam, go get Rocky a cot… He should be lying down, so that way he won't faint…. I'll be back in a minute." He said as he quickly exited the room.


Inside of the zord room, Leeza was hidden underneath one of the zords. Billy walked up to the zord and tapped on it.

"Hey, I need this machine for a battle in an hour." He joked, quickly glancing at his watch." How much longer is it going to take?"

Leeza slid herself forward, and stared up at him. "Well actually I'm just about done… I was just reconnecting a wire… That will be a thousand dollars please." She played along with the joke, putting her hand out for the money. " Isn't a thousand dollars kinda steep? My car cost that much and it was new!"

Leeza shrugged." Sorry, it's hard to find parts for these things. Than you have to find someone who knows how to work them, and doesn't blow up his lab, like you did last week." She leaned closer to him." So, pay up."

Billy lowered his eyes, trying not to smile." I don't have that kind of money… Do you think I could work it off?"

Leeza slightly cocked her head. "Depends… How do you plan on what you mean?"

Billy brought his eyes up." Oh…Like this." He bent down slowly and kissed her. She returned it.

When they broke away, she looked at him wide eyed." That will take off…maybe a hundred dollars… Still, have nine hundred more to pay off." She smiled.

Billy returned it." I would love to continue paying them off like that, right now Leeza…. But Katherine fainted, and Rocky's sick too… We need to do something. "

Leeza looked shocked." Katherine fainted?! Did she wake up yet?"

"No… Let me explain." Billy gave a very quick rough draft of what Zordon had told them. " No one else has it, but Katherine, Tanya, or Rocky… I wasn't able to get threw the zord room… I want you to come back in so I can examine you." He quickly changed the subject." Did you find anything in here?"

Leeza shrugged lightly touching her forehead. " Our zords do have this virus… But the good news is, it's already beginning to leave them… No serious damage… I'd say as far as machine's are concerned we have nothing to worry about." She shook her head from side to side trying to clear it.

Panic immediately shot through Billy… He could tell by her face that she had the virus… Why couldn't he have gotten it instead of her? He couldn't lose her, she was everything to him. He just couldn't lose her." You have it don't you?" He asked shakily.

" Tell me the truth."

Leeza slowly gazed up at him, and nodded." My head's killing me… I can barely see straight… " Tears began to form in her eyes." I'm so scared, Billy… What if there's no cure?"

Billy shook his head." Leeza," He said in a comforting voice." I think I already found one… Remember when we were on our quest for the crystals?" She slightly nodded." Well it had all those plants, remember? One of those plants, I'm not sure which one, contains the cure… Someone just has to go back there and find it… Than you'll be fine… Now com'on let's get you a cot so you can rest."

Leeza just nodded. She felt so weak… Her body felt like lead. She couldn't support it anymore… She felt comforted that Billy was there to help her, if she fell he would support her… But somehow his support didn't help either… Her world began to spin, everything moving in a circle, nothing would stay still… She tried to walk, but her body was too weak. One step and her world darkened.


Billy gave a shriek for Leeza's name that could have been heard in Stone Canyon. Both Tommy and Adam jumped and ran into the zord room. They found Billy sitting next to Leeza, trying to awaken her.

"Billy," Tommy walked over to him, and put a comforting hand on his shoulder." She'll be okay… Weren't you the one who told me not to lose faith?…I think you need to stand on that right now."

Adam's eyes had a form of moistness in them." Billy… I know how you feel… Tanya just… went out to o." He struggled to say." And I don't think Rocky will be awake much longer… Everyone's leaving… What if we lose everybody from this thing… We've been through so much over the past few years… What if this thing takes us?… What if …this thing beats us?"

Billy lifted his eyes toward Adam." I don't think it can beat us if we don't let it… I think I know where the cure is…. Where Leeza and I went to get the Peach and Silver crystals."

"The third dimension of earth?" Tommy interrupted surprised.

Billy shook his head yes." Most of the planet has plants… One of those plants is the cure…When I left the Power Chamber , I had the computer run a scan over all of the plants… When it finds the right one it will show up on the computer… Than all we have to do is find it." He finished.

Silence maintained the room for several moments. " How long do you think it will take for the computer to find these plants?" Tommy asked.

Billy shrugged." I really don't know… It could take a few minutes, or a few hours… I just hope we'll find them in time."

"Do you think Zordon, will let us go?" Adam joined into the conversation, feeling a sign of hope.

"Let's go find out." Tommy paused and looked at Billy." Can you carry her, man?…Do you need me to help?"

Billy shook his head." No… I've got her." He slowly slid his arms underneath her and picked her up gently." Adam… Could you go get a cot for her, please." Billy said near tears.

"Sure." Was all Adam could say. He walked to where the cots were. He just couldn't understand it all… He had woken up this morning fine… And now his inter world was falling apart from the seems! Nothing made sense to him… Everything that was important to him was being taken away… All the people he cared about were leaving…He just hoped they could get the cure before it was too late.


When they arrived in the Power Chamber not one word was spoken. Alpha didn't know what to say, he remained silent by the computer. Zordon cast his attention to the four of them. " Adam…"He began slowly." Place the cot over by Katherine." Adam did so." Billy, lay her down."

Billy seemed to hesitate. Afraid of letting her go in any way…But he placed her down, knowing that God would be with them." Zordon." Billy struggled. " I think the cure for this virus is on the third dimension of earth…"

"You are correct Billy…" Zordon broke him off.

"The computer locked on to the plants while you were in the zord room…" Alpha explained." When you and Leeza were there, you entered a cave, correct?"

Billy almost choked. They entered a cave all right. Which almost took both their lives… That was when he changed complete… He realized that there had to be some unknown being out there, with an unknown power… And this power was stronger than anything he had ever experienced. " Yeah we were in a cave." He said blankly.

"Well, just before that cave, or after that cave is the plant…All you have to do is find it, than we'll dilute it into a liquid form and give it to them threw their ivies." Alpha finished.

" But where exactly is the plant located?" Tommy asked. "Just before the opening of the cave is a bush… It could be that… And just after the cave are several bushes… It could be them.. I'm not sure… But it's defiantly one of them." Alpha told them.

"Well…who should go?" Adam asked.

Billy was the first to volunteer. " I think I should, since I've been in this area before."

Zordon nodded his head." Yes, Billy… That would save a lot of time… I want one of you to stay here, so that you can help to take care of the others… Tommy, and Adam, the two of you must decided for yourselves."

"Adam, you go… I want to stay with Katherine… I want to be here when she wakes up. " Tommy's voice sounded as if it were cracking, but he maintained himself.

Adam nodded, sensing his pain." Okay."

"Are you ready to leave rangers? " Alpha asked. "Almost ." Billy slowly walked over to Leeza." Hang in there, Leeza… I'll be back soon."

He then turned, fighting to hold the tears back. He walked up to Tommy. " You take good care of her… Understand?"

Tommy nodded his head, feeling Billy's pain." I'll take good care of her, don't worry…. I'm sure whoever God is, is watching over us right now… You just have to keep faith in him…right?"

Billy cocked his head. He did have to keep faith… He had to keep faith that God would get them out of this… And that they all would be all right… But for some reason… He couldn't. " I guess."

They could vaguely here a voice in the distance whisper good luck. " Rocky?!" Adam asked surprised.

They all walked up to his bed. " Who else?" He said wearily. He looked very pale, and he was having such trouble keeping his eyes open.

"Get some rest, man… Don't wear yourself out by talking." Tommy warned.

"I'm not." Rocky protested." I just…wanted…to wish you good luck… That's all." He closed his eyes and appeared to fall into a deep, deep sleep.

"We better get going…" Billy stated heading to the middle of the Power Chamber.

Tommy walked over to the console panel with Alpha. Adam Joined Billy in the center.

"Ready? " Tommy asked.

The two looked at each other. " Ready." They both said. And within five seconds the two teleported away with the colors, of green, and silver following them.

"Good luck." Was all Tommy could say, as he returned his attention to the sick rangers.


When Adam and Billy re-materialized on the other side, a wondrous site filled their eyes. One Billy hoped he wouldn't have to see again. They landed by the sea, with a huge rocky, cliff to their right, and a enchanting cave with boulders in front of it, to their left. The cave which he and Leeza had been trapped in, the cliffs that Leeza had fallen off of, and miraculously survived. If God could let them get through those things, He could let them get through this.

Adam was in amazement. He wasn't sure what to say, the site was astonishing. You almost couldn't believe that this was a third dimension of earth!! It looked nothing like earth… Then, again there were no humans living there either. Just plants, no pollution whatsoever.

Billy walked up to Adam and placed a hand on his shoulder. " Adam…we better get going."

Adam jerked a bit. " Yeah… Where should we start?"

Billy frowned." Well, Alpha said that the plants were either in front of the cave, or on the other side… So let's check it out , by the cave." Adam just nodded.

The two headed, in that direction. Billy stared at the boulders . That was why they were trapped inside of the cave. It was literally a miracle that the he and Leeza had gotten

out alive. He continued to stare into that direction, but not for the plants. He heard a familiar sound. The sound of loud squawking birds. He sighed to himself. The tenga's obviously hadn't left since he and Leeza had been there.

Adam stopped. He became alarmed when Billy wasn't by his side. He quickly jogged up to him. " Hey, Billy? You okay?"

Billy shook his head back to reality. " Yeah… I was just remembering when I was here with Leeza." He paused. He had to tell Adam about the tenga's." Adam… When Leeza and I were here… Tenga's came after us… I don't think they left."

Adam's eyes widened. " You mean, there are tenga's somewhere, around here?"

Billy followed the sound. Only to find six tenga's on the top of the cave. " No… I mean there are tenga's up there!" Billy pointed with a screech.

Adam spun around, only to see those six, tenga's jumping off of the cave into the sand. The tenga's gave a sharp glare at each of them. The two could never explain the feeling they felt at that moment.

"Adam… It looks like were not going to be able to get the plants, unless we fight them." Billy cried.

"I'm ready whenever you are." Adam said getting into the morphing position.
Billy nodded." Right… It's morphin time!" Billy shouted.

The two connected there communicators , and within a moment the two were transformed into Zeo ranger IV, and the Silver ranger. The tenga's ran toward the two. The two got into there fighting positions, and attacked. The battle raged, Billy took the first tenga down in a second. The second one came up from behind thinking he could trick him, but Billy was to smart for that. He did a forward flip, turned, grabbed the tenga's wing, and flung him into the hard wall that surrounded the cave. The third tenga was a bit sneakier. He came out of nowhere and jumped on top of Billy , knocking the wind out of him. Billy lay of the ground for a second trying to collect his thoughts. The tenga, thinking Billy was hurt went to punch him. Billy used his strength against him. He grabbed the birds wing, and flung him over. Billy quickly jumped to his feet. He turned to the tenga, and kicked it in the stomach, destroying him.

Adam wasn't having such good luck. The first tenga was easy to trick, he just twisted it's wing, kicked it in the back and knocked it over. The second one came from behind and grabbed Adam tightly. Adam struggled for a few seconds, then brought his leg up and back. He than kicked the tenga hard in the back, practically breaking his joint. The tenga flew forward still holding tightly onto Adam. Adam hit the ground first, then the tenga rolled and let Adam go. With only a second to think, Adam jumped up and punched the tenga in it's stomach, destroying it. The third one ran from the side. Adam jumped up and gave it a split kick. It wobbled over, as Adam went flying. He landed hard on the ground. He tried to clear the fog from his head, and think of a plan. He lay there as the tenga approached him. It bent over him to see if he was still alive. Adam took that moment and kicked it in the chest sending it backwards. He than jumped up and kicked it in the chest again, and again…Until finally, it just gave up and collapsed…defeated.

Billy ran up to Adam." You, okay, man?…For a minute I thought you were really hurt."

Adam smirked within his helmet." That was the point! I wanted that tenga to think I was really hurt, so that way I could trick him, and defeat him… What about you? You okay… And I don't just mean physically… How are you feeling about everything that happened today? " Adam questioned seeing right through his friends cover up.

Billy lowered his head. " I take it, I need to work on my acting?" He said sarcastically.

" Yeah, you do." Adam said de-morphing." Say it Billy, I can take it."

"Oh, Adam!" Billy said with the up most of frustration as he also de-morphed. "I just don't understand this! Why did God have to let us get this virus in the first place! He could have prevented it, right? He's God isn't he?"

Adam slowly sat down next to a rock." Billy, you're asking me? Ever since you came to this place, all you've been talking about, is faith and God!! How should I know! I don't even believe in God…Maybe I do… I don't know what I believe in! You're the one who keeps saying to, keep the faith! Not me!" Adam paused. That was not about to make either one of them feel better. He stood up and walked over to Billy." Everybody, goes through hard times… We all just have to hang on and…well…keep faith! Don't give up."

Billy shook his head. " It's not just now Adam… This isn't the first thing that has happened… You don't want to know some of the things that happened to me, before I ever came to Angel Grove!" He paused, not sure whether to share what he was feeling or not." And I don't have time to tell you… We have to search for the plants to make sure nothing worse happens." He pushed ahead of Adam, and started looking for the plants.

Adam just followed, not sure how to respond. He knew Billy had been through some things before, but he wasn't sure what, and now he almost didn't want to know. Billy pulled out a small device from his pocket and started going over the plants with them.

"What's that?" Adam asked his curiosity perked.
Billy just smiled. " It's a sensory for the plant… When we find it, it will make a loud beeping noise. " Billy continued to go over all the plants in front of the cave… But no beeping noises. Disappointment shown all over Billy's face.

Adam saw it." It's probably on the other side of the cave… We'll just climb around it." Adam stated.

Billy looked at him surprised. " What do you mean by around ? "

Adam turned and pointed to a pathway up the cave to the other side. " Didn't you know that was here? " Adam asked.

Billy shook his head, feeling very embarrassed. " No, I didn't… I guess that tells you, how smart I am…Com'on let's go get that cure." He said as he and Adam went up the hill. Deep within his heart he prayed that God was with them and would protect them no matter what came their way. Yet for the first time he felt uncertain of this.


The two made it past the rugged rocks, to the other side of the cave. There were plants everywhere you look. The question was, "Which one possessed the cure?" Billy went in a clockwise direction trying to find the plant. Adam went in a counterclockwise direction. The two prayed that they would here a loud beeping noise. But by the time the two met in the middle, all they had was pure disappointment.

"Did, you get anything?" Adam asked hesitantly.

Billy shook his head. Fear written across his face." No… I didn't find anything…. There is no cure, Adam…. We checked all the plants… There was nothing! Nothing…" Billy slumped down. He was so confused. They had been through other hard times before… And they had some how pulled through… And they didn't even know God than!!!! Now he believe in and knew God, and all these horrible things were happening! How could God let these things happen! How could He let any bad thing happen? It all made no sense.

"Billy, you okay?" Adam asked concerned. He sat down next to him.

"I don't know, Adam… For some odd reason this feels like the final straw." He sighed.

Adam hesitated, but he felt like he had no choice. " Billy, would you mind telling me some of the things you were beginning to talk about earlier?…About, how you've had a lot of bad things happen?"

Billy lowered his head. " I would love to be able to tell somebody…. Are you sure you want to know ?" Adam nodded. Billy took a deep breath, almost not sure, where and how to begin." Well…You already know that my mom died, when I was nine…. One that you don't know is that….I had a sister…. She was kidnapped, when I was six and she was four… The reason why I got glasses, is because I fell out of a tree, and got a serious concussion…. I almost died from it… Not to mention my grandparents dying, when I was young… In fact that's why we moved to Angel Grove… My sister was kidnapped when we were living in Chicago… My parents couldn't stand it there… Everywhere there was a memory of her… Two months after she was kidnapped, my mom's parents died… So we just moved to get away from it… There years later, my mom would die here…. Less than a year later, my grandmother died… And so many other things I just can't remember, or you already know about… I just can't take it anymore!!.. If I lose Leeza, you will see me committed to a mental institution…. Probably sorry you asked right?"

Adam was in some form of shock. He had no idea what to say. He never knew Billy had been through so many things before… It made sense why he felt like he was going to finally snap . " Billy…you're the one whose been saying to keep the faith…I think it's time you start taking your own advice… It might help you out once in a while… And your not going to lose Leeza… When we were on the top of the cave, I remember seeing some plants… But I didn't think anything of them… Maybe there the cure?" Adam suggested.

"When God closes one door, He opens another." Billy mumbled.

"What?!" Adam asked totally confused.

Billy jerked," Huh,… Never mind, nothing important… You might be right Adam, they could be the cure… Let's go check it out." Billy stood up, and started up the hill. Adam followed close behind.

When the two reached the top they stopped. " Where did you see them, Adam ?" Billy asked feeling a bit more confident.

Adam searched the wide open space. Nothing but rocks, pebbles, and dust. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a small flower like plant." There!" He shouted and ran up to it.

Billy jogged up to him." Adam… It supposed to be a plant? Not a flower." The discouragement returned to his voice.

Adam put his hand on Billy's shoulder. " Well, let's check it out anyway… What could it hurt?"

Billy gave an unsure nod. He slowly removed the small device in his pocket and ran it over the flower. And a surprising thing happened. A noise similar to an alarm clock sounded. Excitement ran threw him. He stooped down and looked and the delicate flower. It almost seemed to tell him it was the right plant. He carefully broke it, and placed it in a bag at his side. There it would remain secure until it could cure their friends.

" I can't believe we found it! I can't believe it was up here!" Adam said excitedly.

Billy turned , with a big smile." I can."

Adam nodded. He was finally beginning to understand what Billy had been saying for the past month or so. He finally understood it all. Everything Billy had been saying about, faith, and God. It all made sense now! Finally he understood! God was there for them, He existed, He cared about what happened to them, and He wanted everyone to realize this. Life was meant to live for Him. To keep faith in Him, and trust Him no matter what.

"I finally understand… Everything you've been saying makes sense now… God allowed us to find this plant… We didn't find it on our own… We found it because of Him… I finally understand it all! And everything you said… I wish I had heard you before."

Billy lowered his eyes." God works in mysterious ways, Adam… It doesn't matter that you didn't listen before… What matters is, your listening now… Here what He's telling you… Let it seep into your soul… The more you listen the more you'll understand… We better be getting this back to the others."

Adam slightly nodded, his mind somewhere else. He took a few steps to the side to let Billy pass. The pathway down was to narrow for two people to go down at the same time. He gazed over the edge to the ground below. There were tons of small rocks and pebbles underneath him. He took one more step to his side, tripped over the pebbles, and slipped over the edge.

Billy turned to see Adam falling down. "Adam! "He screeched. Billy jumped down from the pathway over to were Adam fell. His eyes fell upon an unconscious Adam. He ran over to him. There wasn't any injuries from what he could see. He had a large cut on his forehead, but the cut itself wasn't deep, and it really wasn't bleeding. Outside of that Adam looked okay.

Billy checked his pulse. It was a bit slow, but nothing to worry about. He hoped. Adam's breathing was normal for the time being. He wasn't going into any form of shock so that was good news. All Billy had to do was wait for him to awaken so they could go home. He wasn't about ready to teleport Adam.

Billy sat there. There was an astrained silence in the air at that particular moment. The leaves on the trees, seemed to be commanded silent. He gazed around the solemn area, his mind wondering into deep thought. He began to think back on the past day, even further than that. And he realized something. Through everything he had been through in his life, God had never left him. Through every trail, every disappointment, and every tragedy… God had always been by his side. It had gotten so hard sometimes…But…God had always been right next to him, carrying him, and supporting him. Never leaving him, no matter how tough it had gotten. And God was defiantly by his side at the present moment.

Suddenly, a soft and gentle breeze blew by. It seemed to carry his thoughts to even more memories. This place had something special, that was for sure. First he had realized the truth there… And now Adam had… This place defiantly had something special… He didn't know what, but he knew it was something. Something that couldn't be explained, or understood…But something wonderful.

Adam began to slowly blink his eyes. His head was throbbing, and his back felt like it had been crushed. His eyes finally blurred open. He couldn't get a clear focus, it was all a big blur. Like a camera lens that doesn't want to work. He gave out a soft moan and slowly brought his hand to his forehead.

Billy immediately jumped out of his fantasy world. He crouched down next to Adam. "You okay, buddy?" He whispered.

Adam blinked. Billy's face finally snapping into focus. "Huh?" Adam was out of it. For a few minutes he didn't even remember who he was. He tried to push himself upward. With Billy's much needed assistance, he slowly began to sit up. "Ow… my back!… I feel like I fell off the Empire State Building… How long was I out ?" He questioned, becoming alert.

Billy glanced at his watch. " Around ten minutes… How are you feeling?…Besides your back, does anything else hurt?"

Adam rolled his neck, clenched and unclenched his fists. They all worked fine. " Yeah, I just had to kinda get focused again… That's all… You ready to get started back?"

Billy chuckled. It was nice to be on an adventure like this again." Whenever you're ready, Adam."

"Help me up, and I'm ready now!" Adam stated. Billy stood up, gently grabbed Adam's arm, and helped pull him up.

"You all right?" Billy asked with concern, when Adam took an unsure step back.

Adam shook his head to clear it." Yeah… Just a little dizzy… Let's go home!"

"Yes, sir!" Billy gave a fake salute.

The two got in teleportation positions. Pressed their communicators, and in a flash of mint green, and white silver, the two headed towards home.


When the two landed in the Power Chamber, the sound of voices was omitted. Alpha, Zordon, and Tommy had mysteriously disappeared.. The only sound that could be heard was the sound of heart monitors, and the light sound of everybody breathing.

"Hello? Is there anybody here?" Billy dared to ask.

Tommy came running out of the zord room." Billy! Adam! Oh, thank God!" Tommy said a bit exasperated. "I was beginning to get worried…. Adam, you okay man?"

Adam looked up somewhat startled. " Yeah, I just fell… My head hurts a little."

"Adam, why don't you go and sit down in that chair." Billy slowly led Adam over to the chair, and sat him down." You just rest." Billy ordered.

Tommy grabbed Billy's arm and pulled him over to a console. He lowered his voice." Do you have the plant?" He spoke with authority.

Billy sensed some serious concern, with a touch of fear. " Tommy…what's wrong? Are the others okay?"

Tommy gazed down at his ratty shoes." Tanya and Rocky, are okay so far… Katherine's getting weaker, but she's okay… Leeza…. Leeza's not doing so good… She needs the plant immediately… I don't," Tommy paused beginning to see tears in Billy's eyes… Causing him to develop his own." I don't think she's going to last much longer…"

"And by the time it takes for the plant to get into her blood stream… And take affect." Tears began to stream down his cheeks. He couldn't think… All he new was he might lose her… And that he couldn't. " Here's the plant… Dissolve it." He gazed around the Power Chamber… Someone one was missing." Where's Zordon and Alpha?"

Tommy looked over to Billy while putting the plant into a special machine to dilute it. "As an extra precaution , we put Alpha and Zordon in a special and safe place… That way they wouldn't come down with this thing… It's been pretty quiet the past half hour."

Billy spun around." Tommy,…how long were we gone? "

Tommy shrugged. "Around two hours… Billy…. Do you think you could help a little… You know how much I love science."

Billy chuckled and walked up to him. Even though he was extremely worried about Leeza, it might be good for him to work on something that would distract him for awhile. He pressed a few buttons on the diluting machine. It began to spin around, slicing the tiny flower to smithereens. Within five seconds it was completely diluted. He took a needle and removed some of the diluted form.

He walked up to Leeza's bedside. He felt like he might faint as his eyes fell upon her unconscious form. She looked as white as a ghost, and the only vague movement you could see was the slow motion of her chest rising up and down. He took the needle and stuck it into her ivy. The diluted cure went slowly down into her blood stream, hopefully healing every sickened part.

Tears welled up in Billy's eyes as Tommy walked up to him. " You okay?" Tommy whispered.

" How long?" Billy asked spinning around." Did Zordon say how long it would take?"

Tommy lowered his head. " He said we'd know two hours, at the most, from when the dosage was given….I already gave Katherine her dose… We better go give it to the others."

Billy didn't want to leave Leeza's side, but he knew that the other's needed his help… And that ultimately it was in God's hands now.

Adam had staggered over to Tanya's side and was sitting there as Billy walked up with her dosage. Billy repeated the same process as before. He bent down slowly and looked Adam in the eyes." How are you feeling?"

Adam shrugged. " Physically… my head hurts pretty bad…. Emotionally… I'm really worried about Tanya… And the others…"

"She'll be okay, Adam…Tanya's gonna be fine."

"You sure?"

"Positive…. Com'on… Let me bandage your cut…" Billy gave his friend an arm up… For the first time he truly envied Adam… The person he cared about would be okay…. But Leeza might not be… He had the oddest feeling that the next two hours, were going to be the longest of his life.


An hour and a half later the effects of the were plants beginning to show. Everyone's vital signs were building…All accept one…. Rocky was already beginning to return to semi-consciousness while, Tanya was becoming aware of the real world again…. While Katherine and Leeza maintained in their meditative state… The only difference between Leeza and Katherine was, that Katherine's vital signs were building, and Leeza's where staying right where they were. The good news was, that they weren't dropping anymore.

Zordon and Alpha still maintained in their hideaway. Even though the cure had been found and almost everyone was getting better, Zordon had given specific instructions not to call them back until it was all over. The question was, "When?"

Billy sat quietly by Leeza's side. To anyone who saw him he looked totally calm. But on the inside, his inter body was racing. Different scenes flashed through his head. Past memories, present memories… And memories that he had hoped to have. He felt angry as he heard Adam whisper to Tanya, and she responded back. Rocky was vaguely conscious, but not up to talking… He still seemed out of it, when Billy had left his side a moment earlier… This was in fact the first time he had been with Leeza since those five seconds when he had given her the cure… It wasn't that he hadn't wanted to be next to her… He had wanted it more than anything… He was just afraid to be next to her… Afraid to see her the way she was at the present moment… Afraid he might never be able to talk to her again… Watch her train at the rink… See her out wit him fixing one of the Zord's…. And just to be in her company… See her soft smile… Her shining green, blue eyes… Her long dirty blond hair, that always had to look perfect… Everything about her just made him feel incredible… He loved her in a way… Maybe not a serious love… But a love of some kind.

Adam ended his conversation with Tanya, to check on Billy. He was worried about him… Billy had been extremely quiet…. To himself… He was afraid of what would happen to Billy… If Leeza didn't make it… He didn't even want to picture what life would be like for Billy… Or any of them for that matter…. Leeza was a very special part of all their lives, now… And without her there… He immediately shook the thought from his mind and proceeded over to Billy.

He gently placed his hand on Billy's shoulder." How are ya doing?"

Billy jumped. He had thought he was all by himself… He froze for a moment… Unsure of what to say… Should he admit that he felt as if he were about to have a complete nervous breakdown? Or should he put on his front and pretend that everything was okay?

_Why bother?_ He thought. _Adam will see through it anyway…. I might as well say the truth._ " Can I be honest Adam…" Adam gave a slow nod." I feel like I'm going to lose my mind, and that…" His voice began to crack. " And… That I… I might lose her…" He turned, to try and hide the tears.

But Adam already saw them…" She'll be okay…You haven't been through all this to have God leave you now…. She'll pull through… You're the one that's always saying Leeza's strong willed… Maybe now its a good thing she's like that."

Billy had to chuckle at that… Leeza sure was stubborn…. No matter what she never gave up until she got what she wanted. She was a special person, and he felt honored to know her." I guess you're right."

Unknown to the rangers, Katherine began to return to consciousness. She felt herself give a silent moan… Too exhausted to be aloud…. She forced her eyelids open… They felt like lead… She glanced around the Power Chamber… A red blur caught her eye…_Tommy!_ She thought… She tried to get that thought into a word." Tommy?" She asked. Her voice was so quiet it was a shock if anyone could hear it.

But Tommy being so in tuned to Katherine, heard her soft cry. He ran from Rocky's side to Katherine's… He stared down at her… Her eyes were open and alert to him. "You okay?" He whispered softly.

She blinked a few times. His concerned face snapped into focus. She smiled weakly. "I feel fine… Just.. A little tired… How's Tanya?"

Tommy just smiled and took hold of her hand." She's fine… I'm just glad you're okay."

Billy took himself away from Leeza's side to make sure of this. He checked her readouts… Everything was fine, and her vital signs were building. "You're going to be all right, Kat…" Tommy gave him a look to make sure he was telling the absolute truth. " Trust me…You're gonna be fine." He stepped away slowly and headed back over to Leeza.

The others stared after him… Their was really nothing they could do… They had done everything they could do to help comfort him… Now all anybody could do, was wait.

He sat down next to her… He dreadfully glanced up at her readouts… He didn't want to know… Part of him wanted to look up and see that she was totally fine… But a part of him dreaded it… He felt like there was nothing anybody could do.

He finally found the courage deep within himself to look up… As his eyes fell upon the readings he felt his heart skip a beat… Her vital signs were climbing!!! She was going to be okay!!! His soul was screaming yes, but on the outside his inter body remained unusually calm…He just remained there… In some distance place staring at her…Almost wishing he could help her return to consciousness… But all he could do was pray, and let her know he was there for her, always.


A half hour passed as Leeza still remained in an unconscious sleep. Billy kept blinking his eyes forcing himself to stay awake… The Power Chamber was extremely quiet…. Rocky, Tanya, and Katherine, had fallen into a save, and comfortable sleep… While Tommy and Adam went to go and get something to eat at the Juice Bar quickly. Plus, Zordon and Alpha were still being kept in their protective spaces.

Billy closed his eyes… He was exhausted… It wasn't that he was physically tired, it was more emotional… The waiting was very draining… Leeza's vital signs had been climbing for the past half hour… It was hard to believe that she hadn't returned to consciousness yet… Unless something else was wrong… Billy's eyes shot open… He looked at her chart… If anything else was wrong, it would show on there… He was positive of that… He gazed down at her and felt his heart soar… Her eyes were vaguely fluttering open…. She was returning to consciousness!

He slowly bent over her." Leeza?" He whispered gently." Leeza, can you hear me?"

Leeza gave off a small cough, that brought movement throughout her body. She slightly moved her legs, and slowly brought her hand to her forehead. She vaguely moved her head from side to side….Than She tried to open her eyes… She felt so stiff… Every part of her body felt like dead wait…even her eyelids… They felt like a pound of iron was on top of them, ceiling them shut… She coughed again…" Billy?" She faintly said.

Billy just smiled. He had missed hearing her voice…" How ya feeling?"

She finally was able to open her eyes… Not that it really mattered considering the fact that she couldn't see anything anyway… All she could make out was a blurred figure in front of her, that had to be Billy…"Can a think about that question, and answer it later?"

She asked in a very weak voice.

Billy just kept that smile on his face," Sure… Why don't you get some sleep… I'll be right here."

Leeza nodded." Okay… I am kinda tired." She was curious as to what had happened and how everybody was, but she was to tired to ask now… She grasped Billy's hand and fell into a save sleep.


Two weeks later, Billy stepped into the ice cold area at the Youth Center. He watched as Leeza completed a triple toe loop/double loop combination, perfectly. Leeza had gotten back on the ice just four days ago, but she looked really strong out on the ice… She looked as if nothing had happened to her. Billy watched as she finished a combination spin with a flourish.

He stood by the entrance to the ice, and applauded. " And the crowd goes wild as, Leeza Anna Romone has captured the Olympic gold medal, at the 2002 Winter Games!!!!"

Leeza stared at him hands on hips. "Oh, aren't you funny today." She skated up to him.

" Just telling the truth… How does it feel to be back on the ice?" He asked.

"Great… Yet exhausting!!! I'm still kinda worn out from the virus."

Billy nodded." Yeah, the others are to… Zordon said it could take up to a month before you all completely recover to your old selves."

Leeza shook her head." Honestly Billy… I don't ever think any of us will be the same again… We all had a bad experience.. That changes people… Physically we'll be the same, but… We've grown as human beings… We can never return to the seventeen year olds we were before this thing happened…. At least I know I can't…" She lowered her head, than quickly changed the subject." Were are the others?"

"Well… Rocky and Adam are sparing… And Tanya's enjoying just watching them… Tommy and Kat went to a movie, I think."

"It looks like things are already changing…" Leeza said.

"Not, everything…." Billy slowly leaned down and kissed her." I still owe you nine hundred dollars, remember?"

Leeza chuckled." Eight hundred now…Did I tell you I changed my new program?"

"Yeah, I remember you mentioning something like that… You changed the music, didn't you?"

"Ysup…You want to see the routine… I must warn you, it's not the best because it's new."

Billy shrugged." Skate away!! I'm gonna go sit in the stands… It's cold down here."

"Okay!" She shouted. She skated up to the music booth and put the tape in. She skated to the center of the rink and got in her opening position.

Billy anxiously awaited in the stands…. You never knew what to expect with Leeza… He had a bizarre feeling though, that the music to this routine would have something to do with what happened two weeks ago…. And he was right too…. He chuckled to himself as she finished the routine… The music was 4him's, " Where There is Faith."


I believe in faithfulness
I believe in giving of myself for someone else
I believe in peace and love
I believe in honesty and trust but it's not enough
For all that I believe may never change the way it is
Unless I believe Jesus lives

Where there is faith
There is a voice calling, keep walking
You're not alone in this world
Where there is faith
There is a peace like a child sleeping
Hope everlasting in He who is able to
Bear ever burden, to heal every hurt in my heart
It is a wonderful, powerful place
Where there is faith

There's a man across the sea
Never heard the sound of freedom ring
Only in his dreams
There's a lady dressed in black
In a motorcade of cadillacs
Daddy's not coming back
Our hearts begin to fall
And our stability grows weak
But Jesus meets our needs if we only believe

A wonderful, powerful place
Where there is faith.