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The Dilemma
Part 1
by Michelle Penning

It was a late beautiful day and Rocky was enjoying the harmony with his girlfriend Samantha. They had been seeing each other for four months. They were walking hand in hand like lovers do. There was no Mondo or Zedd and Rita to bother Rocky. It was a perfect day for Rocky. It should have been until Samantha brought up a certain subject that made Rocky uncomfortable.

"Rocky?" asked Samantha.

"Yeah Sam." replied Rocky.

"We've been going out for awhile, right," said Sam.

"Yeah," said Rocky with uncertainty. "Is something wrong?"

"Not really," replied Sam. "I was wondering when are we going to share each other's love. I really do love you. And sharing each other is expressing one's love."

Rocky wasn't shocked. Lately that's all she's talked about is sex. He wasn't ready and she's pushing him. He really does care for her. But he doesn't want to. They only been going out for a couple of months. The relationship wasn't like that yet. "I really do love you Sam, but I'm not ready. Not for that anyway. Please understand."

"I want more than words Rocky," demanded Sam. "I want you. I want to sleep with you."

"But I can't," begged Rocky. "Please don't do this Sam."

"Are you gay or something?" yelled Sam. "Why don't you want to have sex with me?"

"One, I'm not ready!" shouted Rocky losing his temper. "Secondly we don't really know each other that well! Thirdly, we haven't dated really seriously!"

Sam slapped him. Rocky was stunned. He couldn't believe something like sex is tearing them apart. He knew it wasn't love she was after. It was the sex she wanted. He wasn't gay but he wasn't ready.

"I guess you don't love me," sobbed Sam.

"I guess I don't," replied Rocky coldly. "If you truly loved me then you'd respect my wishes and wait until we were ready. But you want it now. I'm not ready and that's the fact. If you can't respect my wishes then we shouldn't be seeing each other at all!"

"Fine!" cried Sam. "It's over! I don't want to see you ever again!"

"That's fine by me!"yelled Rocky.

Sam ran off leaving Rocky heartbroken, in tears, and angry. He'd really care about Sam. He was very upset about his breakup. He got in his car which was nearby and sped off. Not thinking straight Rocky pulled into a bar and went in. He wanted to drown his sorrow. He wanted to forget his pain. He went to the counter, sat down, and ordered a beer. The bar tender placed the glass in front of him. Rocky was surprised he wasn't carded. He learned that it was happy hour and in happy hour the drinks were free.

Four hours later, Rocky came stammering out drunk. He reached for his keys and accidentally dropped them.

"Damn it," slurred Rocky as he reached for his keys. He grabbed them and went into his car. He had a little trouble trying to get his keys into the starter. He sat three for a second. "That Bitch has no right to tell me when I can have sex!"

Becoming more angry Rocky started his car and sped away. Not to far from where Rocky was heading at an extremely high speeds and swerving were Jason and Emily. They decided to go to a dance club. They headed for Jason's jeep which was parked across the street. It was two o'clock in the morning and they were the last couple out.

"Did you have a good time Em?" asked Jason who has his arm around her shoulder.

"I had a blast, babe." smiled Emily who snuggled closer to Jason. "Tonight was a blast. The music, the groups, and the DJ's were totally awesome. I'm glad our parents let us come. I really had fun, Jase."

"Me to," replied Jason. "Can you see their reactions if we snuck out. They would have heart attacks. I had fun to."

They stopped when they reached a crosswalk. Jason pulled Emily in front of him. "Emily, I love you," smiled Jason. "I mean I really love you. No girl has ever made me feel this way like you do. I hope nothing spoils it. I hope it can last."

"I love you to Jason," replied Emily with a smile of her own. "You mean a lot to me. You treated me like an individual. I'll never forget that. "You're the first real boyfriend I've ever had who treats me with respect. I love you for it."

Jason and Emily were in each other's arms kissing a passionate kiss. They were lovers and they enjoyed every minute of it. Little did they know, it would be the last conversation and kiss they will ever have. Not to far from them was Rocky. He was speeding and he was drunk.

* * *
Finally letting go of each other, they held hands and started to cross when the red hand turned green. Up ahead Rocky was speeding towards the unexpected couple. He saw a guy and a girl holding hands never realizing it was one of his best friends. A happy couple he thought with a little hint of disgust. That makes me sick. Little did he realize that he stepped on the gas peddle making the car go even faster.

In the middle of the silent crosswalk Jason and Emily were still holding hands. Then suddenly a bright light shown in their faces. The light of an oncoming car. Jason shouted.

"EMILY LOOK OUT!" screamed Jason. But it was to late. The car struck them both at full speed and with such force that it sent them flying over the car and onto the pavement. The impact knocked both of them into unconsciousness. Also the impact instantly killed one of the teens and seriously injured another.

* * *
Rocky kept driving not even looking back to the accident he caused. He drove home knowing his parents weren't home, parked his car into the garage and stumbled drunk into his room not noticing the blood on his windshield.

* * *
Back at the crosswalk Jason and Emily were sprawled out on the pavement. Both were knocked out. Since it was late at night no one saw the accident and no one came to help. Thirty minutes later the manager came out from the nightclub. He walked a few feet to his car when he saw it. He gasped with shock and horror. Immediately he reached for his car phone and dialed 911. He knew it was two teenagers from his nightclub. The last two couple.

"Hello dispatcher," cried the manager. "There's been an hit and run on the corner of Bellevue and Madison. Right next to Swinger's night club. Yes a teen boy and girl about seventeen years old. That's right. Yes. Okay."

The manager went to see if the couple was hurt. He came to the girl and felt her pulse. He knew that she didn't make it. He came up to the boy and checked for a pulse. It was there and it was weak. He's alive the manager thought. Barely.

The police and an ambulance arrived ten minutes later. The officer who got out was Detective Frank Oliver. When he came up to the teens he got a shocking surprise. He was pale and in shock. He knew who these teens were. He knew the boy was Jason Lee Scott, his son's best friend. Tommy, his son always treated Jason like a brother. They did everything together. He regarded Jason as a son. He also knew Emily who was Jason's girlfriend and a sweet young lady. He went up to her and without touching her he knew that she died instantly on impact.

"Good God!" gasped Dec. Oliver as he watched the paramedics placed a sheet over Emily. He was near Jason as the paramedics placed him on a stretcher. He did not look to good. Dec. Oliver went to the manager and talked to him. From what he found out from the manger wasn't to much. The manger just said was he found the teens sprawled out on the pavement. Dec. Oliver nodded and gave him a card in case he hears anything from anybody as he watched the scene was being cleaned up. He watched the ambulance sped away with Jason and Emily. His next duty was to tell their parents. He sat in his car. Damn. Sarah and Donovan are going to take this hard. But would you blame them. Their son was in a serious accident that almost killed him. Jason didn't look to good. I'm not sure that he'll survive. I hope so. God, please let Jason live. Emily died. Don't let another innocent teenager die. Emily's parents are going to have a stroke when they find out that their daughter died on impact. How's Jason going to take it. He'll be devastated. I know that. I don't want to find out. Then Tommy. My God! Tommy is going to go crazy. I wouldn't blame him. Who's ever done this I swear I'll find him/her and when I do they're going to pay! Better get to the Scott's and then to the Brooke's.

* * *
Detective Frank Oliver drove off as the rest of the officers took care of the accident. He was assign to the case and he was glad. He's going to find the bastard and that son of a bitch is going to pay. He reached the block on which the Scott's lived. His family lived next door to the Scott's. Most of Tommy's friends live on the same block. He was going to pull in the Scott's drive way but stopped as he saw the lights in his home was on. He saw the Scott's, Brooke's, Park's, Hillard's, Cranston's, and Sloan's at his house. Something's up thought Frank. He pulled into his drive way. He got out and slowly walked to the door. The worse part of his job was coming up. He walked through the door and saw the kids and their parents.

"What's going on?" asked Frank. He wondered if they knew.

"Frank!" stated Sarah in a moment of panic. "Jason and Emily hasn't returned yet! We've called everyone to see if they saw Jason and Emily. They didn't. So we decided to meet here and talk to you. But Tressa said you were out on a call. So we waited. It's four o'clock in the morning! We've told them to home by three! They're never late!"

"Please, you have to help us!" pleaded Nancy Brooke.

"We trust Jason," replied Alan Brooke who was concerned. "He always brought Emily home on time. If they're late then they will call. They're both responsible adults. I know you have to wait twenty four hours before filing a missing persons report. Can you help us?"

Frank sighed. He really, really hated this part of the job. He wished he didn't have to tell them what happened. He was broken up about it. But the parents of the victims are going to be torn apart by what he had to say.

Tommy looked at his dad and knew something was wrong. He sensed it when he came in and by the way he hesitated. Something bad happened tonight. Something he and the others aren't going to like. He prepared himself for the worse. He saw the others do the same.

"Dad?" asked Tommy softy. "What's wrong? You're hesitating."

Frank looked at his son and knew that Tommy knew something was wrong. Then he looked at the parents. Then he replied, "You all better sit down."

Kat grabbed Tommy's hand. They all knew it wasn't good. The kids grabbed each other's hand for support. They felt their stomachs turn into knots. They looked at their parents who did the same thing. They knew whenever a cop mentions Îplease sit down' it was not usually good news. They all prepared themselves. But they were caught off guard with what Frank Oliver had to say.

"Damn," breathed Frank. "I hate this part of the job."

"What is it?" asked Donovan as he and the others went tense.

"Let me finish before you react," said Frank. "I'm sorry to report there has been an hit and run on Bellevue and Madison at two o'clock this morning. The accident was reported until thirty minutes later. Two teens were walking in the cross walk when the car came out of nowhere at an alarming speed and hit them head on. The teens hit the windshield and went flying several meters before crashing into the pavement. The couple who were hit were Jason and Emily."

"NO!" whispered Sarah as tears were falling and she desperately clung to her husband. "Not my baby and Emily."

Donovan was to stunned to speak. His son was hit and so was Emily.

Nancy and Alan were pale and speechless. They clung to each other as tears feel from their eyes. They couldn't believe that their beloved daughter and Jason were hit by a car.

"Are you sure it was Jason and Emily?" asked a quiet Richard Park.

"Yes, I saw them myself," replied Frank. "There's more I'm afraid. Nancy and Alan Brooke, I very sorry to report that your daughter Emily Brooke died instantly on impact."

The revelation by Frank Oliver that Emily was killed stunned the whole group who was already stun by the hit and run. It was complete silence as the whole group took time to absorb the shock of Emily's death. Then the silence was broken with Nancy Brooke's outburst.

"Oh God No!" cried Nancy shaking. "Emily can't be dead! Not our baby! Not our little girl!"

"I'm sorry," replied Frank sadly.

"My little girl, my angel, my princess!" sobbed Alan. "She's gone."

"What about Jason?" asked Donovan who was afraid what the answer might be.

"He's alive but barley," said Frank. "He's been taken to Angel Grove Children Valley Hospital. He's in critical condition."

"Oh God!" cried Sarah. "How could anyone be so cruel? Who would hit two innocent teenagers who only wanted to have fun and then leave?"

"I don't know," sobbed Donovan. "But if I find out who did this to my son and killed Emily, I'm going to wring that scrawny neck and then brake his neck!"

"Take it easy, Donovan," said Frank. "I know that you all are very upset and so am I. Personally I would love to do the same thing but it is against the law. You have to do this by the book. But you have the right to be extremely upset."

Sarah went to Nancy and both cried in each others arms about their children.

"I'm so sorry," cried Sarah.

"It wasn't yours or Jason who killed our daughter!" cried Alan. "We don't blame you or Jason. We couldn't. It wouldn't be right. It was the son of a bitch who hit them. It's that asshole that I want brought to justice and then killed for murdering our daughter and seriously injured your son!"

"Have you found the culprit?" asked James Cranston.

"Unfortunately no," replied Frank. "We are still looking as we speak. We're treating this case as an homicide. This case will be followed around the clock. When the accident happened no one saw it. The accident happened around two this morning. No one saw who hit Jason and Emily. There were no witnesses. So when the manager came out of the club at two thirty he saw them lying there and called the police. That is when I was contacted. The only clues we have right now are the tire tracks. You would think that would a great clue. But most of the cars in this city have the same tires. So we have to do more testing on the tires. That could take some time. It's going to take some time before we find the asshole and it's going to be rough on you folks. I'm seeing to this case. I need your patience and cooperation."

"You'll get it," replied Alan Brooke softly.

The rest of the parents nodded. They couldn't say anything else. The thoughts were with Jason and Emily. Through the whole conservation the kids remained silent. There were gasps, muffles, and finally sobs. They were pale, shocked, and angered by what happened.

"Oh God!" cried Kat.

Tommy pale and in shocked drew Kat to his shoulder and finally she cried into it. Tommy did the same thing. They all gathered around each other, hugged and cried.

"We better go to the hospital," whispered Sarah and Donovan.

"We'll come with you," said Alan. "We want to see how Jason is and to look at our daughter."

Let's all go," said Tressa Oliver. "Our place right now is in the hospital."

They all left the Oliver's residence and headed for Angel Grove Children's Valley Hospital. They arrived at the hospital and they headed to the critical ward area. They spoke to the nurse but the nurse told them to wait for Dr. Stone. They sat in the waiting area. What seemed forever was only ten minutes when Dr. Stone came out from one of his patient's room and the nurse told him that the Scott's were here to see him. He took the clip board and walked to the waiting area.

"Mr. and Mrs. Scott?" asked Dr. Stone.

"Dr. Stone," replied Donovan getting up to meet the doctor.

"How's our son?" asked Sarah meeting with Dr. Stone and her husband.

"To be honest with you," said Dr. Stone. "Not good."

"How bad is it?" asked Donovan. "Jason's in critical condition," replied Dr. Stone with a grim face. "Please have a seat."

Jason's parents joined Dr. Stone and sat on the couch. A few minutes has passed before Dr. Stone spoke. Within those minutes there was a heavy silence. Everyone was scared something bad happened to Jason. They feared for the worst.

Finally Dr. Stone spoke up. "I've just examine Jason's x-rays. Your son has a severe concussion, all his ribs were broken, both of his legs were broken and a broken arm. He has severe internal injuries which has caused hemorrhaging. He is still in surgery. There was no damage to his ;spine. With all the damage that was done to him your son is a very lucky young man. Plus, he lost a lot of blood. This is where I'm concerned. He's losing blood faster than we're giving him. We're running out of AB negative blood."

Adam stood up immediately. He has the same blood type as Jason. He could donate if it would save his friend's life. "Dr. Stone, I have the same blood type as Jason. I could donate. I have no diseases or anything."

Dr. Stone stood up immediately and told the nurse to take Adam to the Blood Center, check out the blood, and then get it to surgery as fast as possible. The nurse nodded and took Adam away. They got the blood to the surgeons after they did the check to see if the blood was contaminate. They told Adam to take it easy before going back to the waiting area. Back at the waiting area Dr. Stone was still talking to the Scott's.

"Adam's blood should make things a lot easier. That was our main concern. Jason lost a lot of blood. Now with the extra blood, the operation can go on with ease. Then he will still be in critical care until he comes to." replied Dr. Stone.

"Thank you Dr. Stone," cried Sarah. Even though Dr. Stone words helped it did not comfort her one bit. She was still worried about her son. "Thank you Richard and Eliene. Your son saved our boy."

"Words can't express how we feel," cried Donovan.

"No thanks is needed," replied Eliene softly. "Jason and Adam are best friends. They all are. Adam would give his life for Jason and vice versa. They all would."

They all waited in silence as they waited for the chief surgeon with the news about Jason. The kids were waiting and praying for the safe return of Jason.

"Please," cried Billy. "God, don't let Jason die."

Tanya came an put her arm around Billy and hugged him. She was just as frightened as Billy in losing Jason. Tears started to fall. "He'll make it Billy. Jason's tough. He won't let anything even something like this hold him down. He'll beat it. He just has to."

"I know," cried Billy.

Kat and Tommy came next to Tanya and Billy. They all gathered in a group, hugged each other and cried. Just then Adam appeared. The nurses let him out because they got enough blood out of Adam. They knew that Adam needed to be with his friends. Adam came up to his friends a little light headed. He felt that they were draining the life out of him. He would have given his life if it would save Jason.

"Adam!" replied Kat startled.

The others looked up and rushed to him.

"Adam, you should be resting after donating blood," said Tommy.

"I know," replied Adam. "But I want to be here when we hear the news about Jason. I won't rest until I know."

"We won't rest until they update us on Jason's condition," replied Tanya softly.

"Thank you Adam," said Sarah giving Adam a bear hug. "You saved Jason's life."

"No problem," smiled Adam. "Jason would have done the same thing. Besides, that is what friends are for. I would have given my life for him. He's done so much for us. I would do anything if Jason would live."

"We all would, bro," replied Tommy. "We all would."

They all sat down and waited patiently. Four hours has passed. The night passed on slowly and the group was getting groggy. Finally they fell asleep. It was seven o'clock in the morning and everyone was fast asleep. Last night was painfully hard on all of them. Dr. Stone came in with good news. He was extremely relieved. He looked and saw that everyone was sleeping. They looked exhausted. Would you blame them? He thought. He came back into reality. He came and tapped the Scott's on the shoulders. They woke up instantly. So did the others when they heard the commotion.

"Dr. Stone!" exclaimed Donovan Scott as he jumped up. "Any news about Jason?"

"In fact, yes I do," replied Dr. Stone.

"What is it?" asked Sarah joining her husband and not entirely sure she wanted to hear the news about her son.

"I have good news," replied Dr. Stone. "Jason came out of surgery a couple of minutes ago. He's going to pull through."

Sarah and Donovan cried with relief. They're son was going to live. They thanked God for saving their baby's life. The rest of the group also cried with relief. The rangers let out a loud yes.

"Thank God!" cried Kat.

"He's going to make it!" cried Tanya.

"Yes," moaned Billy.

"He's going to live!" replied Adam relieved.

Tommy remained silent. He cried with relief. His best friend almost died. Jason was in a serious accident. His girlfriend died instantly. Dr. Stone told them that the impact of the car and the pavement broke all her bones in her body. One of the ribs pierced her heart. She didn't have a chance. Her parents went to the morgue to identify the body. When Emily's parents left their parents hugged them and held them for a long time. It was hard on a parent to lose a child and it made their parents realize not to take for granted the lives of their children because their lives could go in a heartbeat. Then a thought occurred to Tommy. How's Jason going to take this? He'll be devastated. No one really thought about it. He had to bring it up.

"Mr. Scott, I hate to bring this up, but what happens when Jason asks for Emily?" asked Tommy.

"Good question, Tommy. Dr. Stone, can we tell Jason the truth about Emily?" asked Donovan.

Dr. Stone thought for a minute. "In my professional opinion I wouldn't tell him just yet. Jason is still in critical condition and we don't need him very upset. He's still recovering from the surgery. I would wait for a couple of weeks or until he's stronger. I'm sorry. Mr. and Mrs. Scott you can see him. He's in room 238. Just keep it down. The rest of you have to wait until Jason is in recovery."

Everyone nodded and the Scott's headed for Jason's room where he slept. The others were in the waiting room. Tommy got up and isolated himself from the others. Now that Jason was safe well in critical condition anyway. Tommy now felt anger rising through his body. He went to the farthest corner and sat down. The rage was taking over. He wanted to hit something. Then he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked up and saw his friends.

"Tommy?" asked Billy. "How are you holding up?"

"Damn it!" growled Tommy. "It's not fair!"

"We know," cried Kat.

"I mean why did this happen?" stated Tommy who was riled up and as the tears started to flow.

Everyone couldn't answer. They didn't know why this happened. They wanted answers as well. The worry was still there but now is replaced with anger and frustration. The anger was flowing through the rest of the rangers.

"We don't know," growled Adam. "Whoever did this? Whoever caused this accident is going to pay!"

"I want to find the asshole who's done this to die!" roared Tommy. "Jason shouldn't have suffered. He didn't do anything wrong. He's going through enough as it is. Struggling to stay alive and now with the death of Emily. It's going to be hard on him. Why him? Jason didn't do anything wrong. Who ever killed Emily and seriously injured Jason is going to get hurt! And I'll hurt him! I'll beat the shit out of him!"

Kat came and drew Tommy close to her. She knows how he's feeling. Not really but close enough. She was just as pissed off. How could anyone be so damn cruel and cold. Tommy and Billy knew Jason longer and was going through hell. But now as Jason who was going through the depths of hell himself. Tears flowed from her eyes. Tommy hugged her and cried. "How could anyone be so damn cruel and cold? How could someone hit two innocent people and left one for dead and killing another one? I don't know. As much as I want the scum dead as much as you do but we can't. Not with being you know," sobbed Kat.

"I know," replied Tommy. "I want to so bad but we have to let the police handle this."

"Can't we help them?" asked Adam.

"Maybe," said Billy. "But right now Jason's going to need us more than ever. He has to deal with what happened to him and the death of Emily."

Tanya started crying. Emily was dead because someone couldn't slow down. "Emily's never going to do anything again! She won't be able to graduate, go to the prom with Jason, do what she wanted, get married or have children! What about her family and Jason's. They have the right for justice! Especially Emily!"

Adam came and comfort her. They all wanted justice. The killer was out there. The police will find him. Then justice can be served. The power rangers would help. But they couldn't because of Zedd or Mondo. The rangers sat on the couch and cried.

* * *
Rocky woke up with a huge splitting headache. He didn't remember much about last night. All he remember was breaking up with Samantha and driving off. He remember going to the bar and ordering a drink. After that it was all a blank. He felt sick. He got up and ran to the bathroom and threw up. He kept throwing up for at least ten minutes. I'm never going to drink again Rocky thought. My head, my poor aching head. He flushed the toilet and went to the sink. He turned the water faucet and splashed water on his face. What happened last night and why can't I remember.

He went down stairs. He still felt the effects of that hangover. Never again will I drink thought Rocky. He went to one of the cabinets and got some aspirin out. He took two tablets and took them with some water. He felt hungry and decided to have a small bowl of cereal. He didn't want to make himself sick. He loved to eat but he still felt a little nauseous. Taking the bowl he went to the living room and watched TV He ate his cereal and was watching cartoons when it was interrupted by a special announcement.

Last night there was an hit and run on Bellevue and Madison. The driver hit two innocent teenagers who was crossing the street at two a.m. We're not allowed to give the names of the two teens who were hit. The teenagers are seventeen years old. They were leaving Swingers Night Club. One teen a young female was killed instantly on impact. The male teen was taken to the hospital in serious condition. If anyone has any information on the driver then please contact the police. Contact Detective Michael Oliver at 564-0099. This is Karen O'Neil, channel five news reporting.

Rocky stopped eating as the reporter mentioned a hit and run. Rocky felt fear going through his body. He didn't know why. He was pale when he heard a female teen about his age was killed and another teen in serious condition. What's going on? thought Rocky. Why is the fear rising through my body? Did I do something wrong? Why can't I remember? Rocky finished his cereal and cleaned his bowl. Then he went upstairs and took a shower. He got dressed and went back downstairs. The hangover was gone. He felt better. Never again will he drink like he did last night. Deciding to meet with his friends, he called Adam. There was no answer. Odd, Adam's home at this time. Maybe's he's at Tommy's. I'll try Tommy. Thought Rocky. He tried Tommy's house no answer. Funny, I'll try Jason. Rocky tried calling Jason. He got no answer from his friends. This is very strange thought Rocky. No one's home. It's only nine a.m. in the morning. We don't meet until the afternoon. What's going on. Their parents aren't even home.

Rocky hung up the phone. Since no one was home, Rocky decided to go practice in the basement. He took the cordless phone with him in case someone calls. To get to the basement he had to go through the garage. He open the door to the garage. He went in and took a look at his car. His eyes opened up real fast as he saw the dents in the hood and blood on the windshield. He dropped the phone immediately and went to his car. The windshield was cracked big time and there was blood splattered. What the hell happened? Thought Rocky. Did I cause that accident? No, I was at the bar. I've couldn't have. I can't remember what happened. Maybe I hit a dog. Yeah I hit the dog. I better clean the blood off and cover the car. I'll tell my dad I hit a post. I'll think of something. Until I remember.

Panicking Rocky picked up the phone and placed it on his dad's workbench. Then he went and got a sponge and wiped the blood off the window. He was frightened about last night. He didn't remember what happened. There was dent's in the car and the window was cracked. Did he cause someone to die and injuring another. Rocky hoped not. Then he picked up a sheet and covered the car up. Then he took the phone and went to the basement and started to pound the punching gag. Fear crawled through his body. Rocky wanted to know why. He pounded the punching bag until he was exhausted.

* * *
Kat was walking to get a soda from the machine when a thought occurred to her. When Jason's parents called her house to ask if they've seen Jason and when her parents woke her up and said Jason was missing and when they've tried everyone and everyone was meeting at the Oliver's. All that was except Rocky. When she asked about rocky her parents said no one could get a hold of him. She tried and there was no answer. Probably to tired. She thought. With everything that happened they've forgot to try Rocky again. He's Jason's friend as well. He has the right to know thought Kat.

Thinking about Rocky, Kat rushed to a pay phone, put a quarter in and dialed his number. The phone rang and rang. Where is he? Thought Kat. The phone rang a couple of times and Kat was about to hang up when she heard a voice.

"Hello," answered Rocky.

"Rocky!" exclaimed Kat.

"Hey Kat," said Rocky softly.

"Rocky, where have you been? We've been trying to contact you last night!" replied Kat.

Suddenly Rocky detected the fear in Kat's voice. Something else happened last night besides the accident. Something bad to his friends. He was afraid to ask.

"What happened?" asked Rocky concerned.

"Last night Jason and Emily were walking to Jason's jeep after they came from Swingers. They were crossing the street when a car at enormous speed came at Jason and Emily. The car hit them sending them over the hood and flying several meters before crashing into the pavement. Then the driver left without stopping!" cried Kat.

"Oh God!" gasped Rocky as he paled. He started shaking as the fear started to rise again. There was something he should remember but what. "Ho.... Ho.... How... are they?"

"Are you okay?" asked Kat. She knew it shaken Rocky pretty bad. The news shocked all of them badly. Especially Tommy and Billy. But Rocky seemed worse.

Pulling himself together Rocky proceeded to answer. "I'll be fine. How are they?"

Kat was silent for a moment before she spoke up. Emily's death affected them really bad. Also Jason almost dying. She sighed as she replied, "Emily died on impact. Jason is in serious condition. He sustained a severe condition, all his ribs were broken, both legs are broken, and a broken arm. He had internal injuries and was in surgery. He lost a lot of blood. Adam donated the blood and Jason came through. He's still in critical but Dr. Stone says he'll live. They're waiting for him to wake up. Everyone was worried and still is. I mean why them. They didn't deserve this. I hope the police find the bastard and incarnate the scum. Anyway, please come to the hospital Rocky. I'm sure Jason needs all of us there for him."

"I'll be there as soon as I can," replied Rocky. He was so stunned. The people who was in the hit and run that was on the news were his friends. Jason in critical and Emily's dead. He couldn't believe it. He started to cry.

Kat heard Rocky's tears. She didn't blame him. "We'll be in the waiting room. Jason's in room 238. But only his parents are allowed to see him. Please hurry Rocky."

"I'm out the door," said Rocky as he hung up the phone. He knew he couldn't take his car. So he left and took the bus to the hospital. He had to get there as soon as possible.

* * *
Kat got off the phone and headed back to her friends. They were asleep. Who would blame them? They spent half the night worrying about Jason. Now that the doctor told them he'll live they somehow manage to relax and fall asleep. Exhausted she sat next to her mom and dad. She didn't sleep but she put her head on her father's shoulder. She was waiting for Rocky.

Rocky stepped off the bus and ran the rest of the way to the hospital. He got there in five minutes. He came in and went to the waiting room. There he saw everyone was sleeping. Must of been a rough night he thought. He was breathless and pale. He walked in.

Kat looked up and saw Rocky walked in. She got up and ran up to him. They hugged each other and Kat started crying. Rocky was on the verge of crying himself.

"I'm sorry I couldn't come sooner," whispered Rocky.

"That's okay," cried Kat. "The point now is that you're here. What happened?"

Rocky pulled away and thought for a minute. He couldn't remember what happened last night. What could he tell Kat? "Sorry I didn't answer last night. I wasn't feeling to good. I threw up a bit. I feel better today."

"That's all right. You're here now." said Kat giving Rocky a kiss on the cheek. "We all need each other right now, especially Jason. He's going to go through hell again when he finds out about Emily."

Rocky started shaking. He felt that he's done something wrong. But what? Then the rears came in a flood as the reality of one of his friends is dead and another fighting for his life. He felt light headed and was felt like he was going to collapse. In reality he did collapse. The death of Emily and Jason's near death just over shocked his system. He felt himself falling to the ground.

"Rocky!" shouted Kat rushing to Rocky's side.

The others jumped up instantly when Kat raised her voice and thought that she fainted. They saw Rocky on the floor.

"Rocky!" exclaimed Adam startled.

Tommy and Adam helped Rocky to the couch. The nurse came with some smelling salt and placed it under Rocky's nose. He gota good whiff of it and woke up with a start. The nurse told Rocky to take it easy and rest. Then the nurse left them. Rocky started to sit up.

"Hold it bro," said Tommy. "You heard what the nurse said take it easy."

"I know," said Rocky softy. "But it doesn't matter."

"Hey, how did you find out?" asked Billy. "We'd tried contacting you last night. We've didn't get an answer."

"I'd called him thirty minutes ago," replied Kat. "After all Rocky is Jason's friend as well. He has the right to know."

"What happened to you?" asked Adam concerned. "Why didn't you answer the phone last night?"

"I didn't feel to good. I threw up last night. I took some medicine that put me to sleep. I slept through the night. I guess I didn't hear the phone because I was out of it. I'm sorry," replied Rocky.

"Hey that's okay. You're here now and that's what count," said Tommy.

Everyone took a seat. Rocky put his head in his hand and started crying. It hurt really bad knowing what had happened to his friends. What happened last night was to shocking and to painful.

"It'll be okay in time," said Tanya putting her arm around Rocky's shoulder.

"It's not fair!" sobbed Rocky.

"We know," said Tommy softly.

"The culprit will pay," growled Adam.

Rocky didn't say anything. He continued to cry. The others sat there in silence and the tears started to flow again. Nothing ever hurt this bad. They all gave in to their pain.

* * *
A couple of hours passed. Sarah and Donavon sat next to their son. When they went in to see their son they took a good look and gasp with shock. Jason was asleep in bed. He was bruised all over. His face was also bruised. Most of his body was taped up or in a cast. His head was wrapped in a bandaged. He looked so tired. Sarah and Donavon can see the pain that their son has suffered. They could feel his pain. They don't want to imagine the pain Jason's going to be in when he finds out about Emily. They sighed softly to themselves.

"How's he going to handle this when he come's to," cried Sarah.

"I don't know," said Donavon softly. "Right now he needs us. We have to make it easy for him until he's stronger. Then we'll tell him about Emily. He's going to need us more than ever."

"I know," sighed Sarah as she went to her husband and hugged him. They stayed in each other's arm standing over their son. They continued to watch Jason in silence.

"He's going to be okay isn't he?" asked Sarah.

"Yes he will. In time." replied Donovan.

"If I ever get my hand on that asshole! I'm going to ring his neck, run him over a couple of times to make him know what it's like to feel pain!" roared Sarah.

"Honey calm down," said Donovan trying to soothe his wife.

"I can't," roared Sarah. "Dear, how can you stay calm when our son almost died! Some bastard killed Emily and almost our son! Donovan don't you want answers."

"Yes!" shouted Donovan losing his temper. "I want that bastard to die! I want him to suffer the way Emily and Jason suffered! But we can't go out and look for him and then kill him! We're not that kind of people! No matter how mad we are! We have to let the police handle this, Sarah. I'm angry just as you are. We have to be patient. I don't want to wait but we have to. We have to let the police do their job."

"I know," sobbed Sarah.

Donovan took Sarah in his arms and she cried into his shoulders. All the pain and anger they went through last night and early this morning came back. They both cried into each other. They prayed that everything will be okay. Just then they heard a weak voice.

"Mom, Dad," said Jason very weakly. "What's going on?"

Sarah and Donavon's heart stopped for a second as their son spoke. They let go of each other and turned to their son. There was Jason, his eyes were opened. Fresh tears came in a flood down their eyes as they went to their son.

"Baby!" cried Sarah.

"Mom," said Jason softly. "What happened? Where am I?"

"Hush son," cried Donavon with relief. "Take it easy. You've been in an accident. You're in the hospital. You were badly hurt. You have two broken legs, an broken arm, all your ribs were broken, severe concussion, and severe internal injuries. You've just came back from surgery. You've been out for hours."

Jason was silent for a moment. Everything was so hazy to him. He didn't remember what happened last night. What happened to Emily? He thought. "Dad, what happened to Emily?" he asked softly. He started up but pain shot through his entire body. "Ow!"

"Take it easy, son," said Donavon rushing to his side. "Rest now."

Jason wanted to know about Emily but didn't push any further. He was to tired and weak to do or say anything. He lay back down and nodded.

"Everything's going to be okay," said Sarah holding Jason's hand.

"Emily?" Jason asked weakly. He wanted to know about Emily. "How is she?"

Sarah and Donavon looked at each other with pain in their eyes. They hated to lie to Jason. Until Jason is stronger they couldn't tell him the truth. It'll only hurt Jason even more. In his weaken condition it might even kill him. For now they would have to lie.

"We don't know," said Donavon. "The doctors won't tell us anything." Jason looked as his dad. They seemed to know more about Emily than they were telling him. He wants to know what. "Please tell me the truth."

"Jason, we don't know," sighed Sarah. "Please angel don't push it further. You need some rest. And you need to take it easy."

Something's wrong Jason thought. But he didn't push it further. He was a little annoyed and he was starting to hurt again. He cringed as he felt pain shooting throughout his body.

"Honey," asked Sarah. "You need us to get a doctor."

The pain got worse and tears came in Jason's eyes as he nodded. Donavon left the room as Sarah stayed with her son trying to comfort him.

* * *
The others were sitting quietly waiting for any change in Jason. Their parents were talking to Dr. Stone. They were talking quietly when Donavon Scott came rushing in.

"Dr. Stone!" exclaimed Donavon hysterical.

Everyone jumped when they heard the emergency in Donavon Scott's voice. They knew something was very wrong.

"Mr. Scott, what is it?" asked Dr. Stone concerned. "What's wrong?"

"It's Jason!" exclaimed Donavon. "He woke up a few minutes ago and I told him what happened that he was in an accident and how bad he was. He accepted and then he started up and asked about Emily and we told him we don't know. I hate lying to him. But it was for his own safety. He again asked and again we said we don't know. Then he started to cringe in pain. My wife is with him. Dr. Stone, my son is in pain!"

"Probably because he was annoyed," suggested Dr. Stone softly. "All right. I'll give him some pain killers. Then we'll see how he is. If the x-rays come in and says he's going to be okay then we'll move him into recovery. But we'll keep a close eye on him in case. His friends can visit him later on. Let's go Mr. Scott."

Donavon nodded and he left with Dr. Stone. Everyone was relieved when Donavon told Dr. Stone that Jason is awake. Now that Jason is awake he can get better. It'll be awhile before they'll see him at school. a month in a half in the hospital. At least two weeks before the concussion is gone, three to four weeks for the ribs and arm to heal properly, and at least six to eight weeks for his legs to heal. Then there is the emotional trauma Jason will have to go through. He has to deal what has happen to him and the death of Emily. But Jason doesn't have to go through it alone. He won't go through it alone. His friends and family will all be there all the way. They made that promise from day one.

"He's gonna make it!" cried Tanya with relief.

"Yeah," smiled Billy. "You were right. He's tough. He woke up. That's good. Now Jason has to recover. That'll be hard. It's going to take time."

"But we'll be there for him," said Adam. "That's what friends are for. No matter how long it takes."

"Yeah," said Rocky softly.

"I'm going to call Trini, Zack, and Kimberly," said Tommy. "They have the right to know what happened."

"Do you need some help?" asked Kat.

"It would be appreciated," replied Tommy taking Kat's hand. "Let's go."

Tommy and Kat left the waiting area to call Trini, Zack, and Kimberly to tell them what happened in the last twenty four hours. The others waited for Dr. Stone's approval to see Jason. They want to be in the room to let Jason know that they are with him.

* * *
The nurses went to work. Sarah and Donavon held each other hoping someone would ease their son's pain. They knew not to mention Emily for awhile. They had to wait until Jason's stronger. a couple of minutes have passed and Dr. Stone gave him some pain killers and the pain ceased. Jason was lying down as tears were visible in his eyes. Sarah and Donavon went to Jason as Dr. Stone told Jason to take it easy and then left.

"Take it easy baby," said Sarah taking Jason's hand. "Don't get upset."

"Your mother's right," said Donavon. "Besides the pain, how are you feeling?"

"Awful," moaned Jason. "Dad, how come I can't remember much about last night?"

"For one, you have a severe concussion," said Donavon. "Two, you are probably suffering trauma from the accident. Which in cause is causing temporary amnesia. After the swelling goes down and after a while your memory will come back. For now, don't think about it until you have to."

"Okay dad," replied Jason softly. "Dad, can I see Tommy and the others? They must be very worried. And I want some more company."

"Let me see what I can do," smiled Donavon. "You take it easy in case they have to wait."

"I will dad," replied Jason. "I love you both so much."

"We love you to baby," said Sarah squeezing Jason's hand.

Donavon left Sarah and Jason alone to talk to Dr. Stone about letting Jason's friends in to see Jason.

"I don't know why, but mom, I"m scared," said Jason softly. "I mean really scared."

"We'll be here with you, sweetie," replied Sarah stroking her son's forehead. "We'll protect you and you don't have to be alone."

"Everything's going to be okay, isn't it mom?" asked Jason.

"Eventually, everything's going to work out," said Sarah still stroking Jason's hair. "It's going to take time. You have to be patient. You have to rest and take it easy."

"I know," sighed Jason. "I want to see my friends right now."

"Your dad is working on it," said Sarah. "You need anything."

"Besides more painkillers, how about something to eat," replied Jason. "I'm starving."

"I don't doubt that," smiled Sarah. "I'll go talk to the nurse."

"Bring me something eatable," smirked Jason.

Sarah looked at Jason, smiled, and kissed him on the head. Then she went to talk to a nurse about getting Jason something to eat.

* * *
Donavon went to Dr. Stone's office to see if Dr. Stone would allow Jason's friends to see him. Knowing his son, Jason would keep pushing until he got to see his friends. The more Jason pushed the more agitated he'll become. Then the pain will increase and Jason will suffer. He did not want Jason to suffer like that. He'll do anything to make sure Jason won't suffer. He knocked at the door.

"Come in," said Dr. Stone checking some charts.

"Dr. Stone?" asked Donavon.

"Mr. Scott," said Dr. Stone getting up from his desk. "Is something happening to Jason."

"He's okay for now," said Donavon. "I want to ask a question?"

"Shoot," said Dr. Stone.

"Can Tommy and the others see Jason?" asked Donavon.

"I don't know," replied Dr. Stone. "Jason just came out of surgery. He needs time to recover and rest. I don't want his friends to rile Jason up."

"Jason has plenty of time to recover," replied Donavon. "My son is asking for his friends. If you refuse then my son is going to keep asking and then he'll get annoyed and then he'll be in pain. I want his friends to see my son. Don't Sarah and myself have a say. If my son is going to get better than his friends should be with him! Not stuck in the waiting room going crazy because they can't see their friend! Please, Dr. Stone, let Tommy and the others see my son. Besides Jason's friends won't do anything to rile him up."

Dr. Stone was silent pondering what Donavon Scott told him. He knew Jason is stubborn and if he refuse to let Jason's friends to see him then Jason will keep asking and he doesn't need Jason agitated. He wants to keep Jason calm until his internal injuries and his ribs are healed. Jason's friends could be what Jason needed. So he consented. "Mr. Scott, I'll let the nurses know. I'll let Jason's friends see him. You and your wife are right. Jason needs his friends. And his friends can be what he needs right now."

"Right, and thank you, Dr. Stone," replied Donavon. "Can I let his friends know?"

"Yes, and Mr. Scott," smiled Dr. Stone. "Don't let this be a surprise on Jason. He needs to stay calm."

"I won't," replied Donavon. "I'll tell Jason. He's going to appreciate it. Thank you."

"Go," smiled Dr. Stone. "The sooner you Jason, the sooner he can see his friends."

Donavon nodded and left Dr. Stone's office and went back to Jason's room to let his son know that he could see his friends. When he got there Jason was sitting in bed eating some breakfast. He smiled, "I see nothing has changed your appetite."

"Funny dad," mocked Jason who was feeling a little better after eating something.

"How are you feeling?" asked Donovan.

"Better after getting something to eat," replied Jason. "By the way, how did it go with Dr. Stone?"

"Good," said Donovan. "Dr. Stone is allowing your friends to see you."

"Really," said Jason hopeful.

"Yes," smiled Donovan.

"Can you get my friends now dad?" asked Jason. "I would like to set them."

"All right," laughed Donovan. "I'll get your friends."

"Thanks," smiled Jason.

"What are fathers for," smiled Donovan. "You take it easy with them and don't get riled up."

"I won't dad," replied Jason.

Donovan nodded and headed out the door.

* * * *

Adam, Rocky, Tanya, and Billy were sitting quietly waiting until they were allowed to see Jason. They were talking among themselves.

"I can't believe this is happening," said Rocky still in shock. "Why?"

"We don't know," said Billy quietly.

"I want to find the one who did this," growled Adam.

Rocky was silent. He still didn't remember much about last night. Still he felt guilty for some strange reason. He started to feel a little uncomfortable.

"Hey Roc," said Adam glancing at his best friend and saw that Rocky was distant. "Earth to Roc, Come in Roc."

"Huh," snapped Rocky back into reality. "What's up?"

Billy and Adam laughed. The look on Rocky's face brought Adam and Billy roaring with laughter.

"Hey's what's so funny?" asked Rocky.

"The look on your face," giggled Billy. "You didn't hear what Adam was saying."

"So what were you thinking," said Adam who was trying to stifle a laugh.

"Something about the accident bothers me," said Rocky quietly.

Adam and Billy stopped laughing. They knew the tone in Rocky's voice was serious but yet frightening. They became worried about him. Out of all of the rangers they noticed that Rocky was taking this more emotionally than the rest of them.

"Are you okay?" asked Adam.

"Not really," said Rocky. "The driver of the vehicle, he or she wouldn't hit them unless their judgement was impaired."

"You may be right," said Billy. "Only a person who wasn't sane would speed up and hit two teens. Not sane necessary. Well not sober anyway."

"You mean a drunk driver," stated Adam.

"Exactly," said Rocky. "Wouldn't that change anything?"

"Yes it would," said Billy. "But the driver should have stopped."

"How could the driver stop if he or she was drunk?" asked Rocky. "Maybe, just maybe he or she didn't clearly see them or was to out of it to see Jase and Emily, hit them, and ran off. It could have been an accident. Maybe the driver didn't know."

"That is a possibility," said Billy. "But why are you trying to defend the driver. He killed Emily and seriously injured Jason. He's a murder!"

"I wasn't trying to defend that person!" roared Rocky a little offended. "I was just trying to make sense from both points of view!"

Adam thought Rocky was acting strangely when he was talking about the accident. He knew there was more to this than stating the facts. Adam wondered if Rocky knew more than he was telling. Maybe what Rocky said about not feeling good last night excuse was not the entire truth. Adam wondered but decided not to push. It would sound like Adam was accusing Rocky of the accident. He did not want to lose Rocky as a friend because of suspicion. Besides Adam knew Rocky wouldn't do such a thing.

"Take it easy you two," said Tanya who was silent throughout the conversation. "Billy, Rocky wasn't defending the driver only thinking of the possibility of why the driver did this. It does make sense. Rocky, Billy didn't mean it the way it tended to be. We're all suffering high stress right now. We can't take it out on each other. Jason needs us."

"Sorry, I didn't mean it," said Billy.

"Me to, I"m sorry," said Rocky.

"Okay, since you tow apologized," said Adam. "You two can buy us a soda."

They all laughed in which they needed. Just then Tommy and Kat walked in hand in hand. They smiled as they saw their friends laughing.

"Okay, what's so funny?" asked Tommy smiling.

"Nothing," giggled Tanya.

"So what did Zack, Trini, and Kimberly say," asked Billy.

"Zack and Trini are coming home as soon as I told them what happened. So I'm guessing today and won't be arriving maybe tomorrow evening," replied Tommy. "Kat talked to Kim."

"Kim is on her way," said Kat. "When I told her about the accident and Jason's near death and Emily's death she said she's on the next plane. She'll be here this evening, I think."

"That's good," replied Adam. "Jason needs all his friends right now."

"Yeah and Kat and I finally get to meet Trini and Zack that Jason and the rest of you talked about. I want to see how cute Zack is," said Tanya. "I also get to meet Kimberly as well."

"Uh huh," laughed Billy. "You want to meet Zack so you can jump him."

The rangers laughed as Tanya hit Billy in the arm. Billy pretended to be wounded as Tanya hit him. Then Billy continued to mock and escape Tanya's wrath. Everyone laughed as Tanya got Billy to beg her to stop. Meanwhile Kat go up and went to another section of the waiting room. She didn't want her friends who were having a good time to see how uncomfortable she was. It was hard on her to call Kimberly but to talk to her. She put her head on her hands and wondered what is going to happen between her, Tommy, and Kim. Is Tommy going to dump me for Kim? Is Kim going to break us up so she can have Tommy for herself? Am I a replacement that Tommy replaced after Kim broke up with him. Does Tommy even love me? I love him. I don't want to lose him. But with Kimberly coming back it changes everything. He'll want her instead of me. He loved her first and she is the original pink ranger. She is very beautiful. I don't know what to do? Jason does need her but what does that mean for us. Whatever it is, it's going to be weird. If Tommy wants Kim I'll respect that decision. Hey, I can't hold on to him forever.Besides he is his own man. I don't have a tag saying Kat owns Tommy. What am I to do? Kat thought to herself. Kat didn't feel the tears trickle down her cheeks. She was so lost in thought. She sighed to herself. She didn't even notice that Tommy was watching her.

What's wrong with Kat. Thought Tommy as he was watching her. I know what's wrong. Kim's coming home. It's going to be stranger seeing Kim again. I love her. I'll always love her. But now I love her as a friend. I care for Kat. In more ways than I suppose. How are Kim and I going to get along? With her sending that letter it's going to be hard to deal with it. But we have to reconcile our differences for Jason. We can't let Jase see Kim and I going at each others throats. Tommy continues to watch Kat. I know why she's sad. I have to assure her that I love her. Tommy got up and went to Kat and brushed away her tears.

Kat felt his hands brush her tears away and she looked up. She saw that Tommy was looking down at her with a concern look on his face. She was hopeful. She felt her heart beating faster as he sat next to her.

"Kat, I know what's wrong," said Tommy.

"How do you feel about it?" asked Kat softly.

"Well for one thing I care for you a lot." replied Tommy. "I love Kim and always will. I know that. But now I love her as a friend. It's over between Kim and I. She is my first love. And you never get truly get over your first love. She hurt me when she sent that letter. Then you came into my life. In time you helped me get over Kim and what she's done to me. Then I started to have feelings for you for the longest time. I just didn't want to admit it at first. Then one day it hit me. It hit me hard. I remember the day when we were against one of Mondo's monsters. The drainer. Everything that the drainer touched it lost a lot of energy. We were fighting both the drainer and cogs. Lots of cogs. Thank God Jason was still the Gold ranger. Anyway the battle was evenly fought and suddenly the drainer decided to play hard ball. He went to the nearest ranger which happened to be you and touched you draining most of your energy. The rest of us was to busy fighting the cogs to take notice. Then I heard a scream. When I heard you scream my heart stopped and I was afraid, mortally afraid something bad was happening to you and I didn't want to turn and see what it was. Well it was instinct and I along with the rest of the rangers turned around to see what was happening. The drainer still had you in his clutches draining you. Every nerve in my body began to boil with anger for what he was doing to you. I guess the others realize how pissed off I was. Then the drainer laughed as he dropped you like a sack of potatoes. The other rangers pulled out their Zeo pistols and blasted him drawing the monster away from you. Jason and I rushed up to you. I picked you up and took you to the power chamber. I placed you on the table and kissed you on the forehead. That was then I realized that I was in love with you. It was a strong emotion then. It was hard leaving you there while I had to go back to the battle. Zordon told me he was going to make sure you was all right. I went back. We finished the monster off and teleported back to the chamber. Zordon said most of your energy was drained and it would take about a couple of days before you would be on your feet. Luckily at the time our parents were out of town. You slept for three days non stop. I was scared you weren't going to wake up at all. I came and sat next to you and told you that I loved you for the first time ever since the breakup with Kim. I've never felt so alive again. I never thought I feel that way again. But I do. Thanks to you. I love you so much, Katherine. Don't worry I won't leave you for anything in the world. Did you hear me when you were sleeping."

"Yes, I remember it," replied Kat. "When I was sleeping I heard your voice along with the others. I remember you telling me how you felt. You couldn't see it on my face but inside I was crying. I wanted to say toyou that I love you to. I love you to. Tommy do you mean it?"

"Yes and I'll show you that I mean it," said Tommy as he kissed her passionately. Kat kissed him back. Then they pulled away from each other as they heard laughter coming from their friends. Then Tommy and Kat went back to the others and waited for news that they could see Jason.

Donovan came into the waiting room. He saw the kids waiting for him. He knew the kids wouldn't leave and get some rest until they saw Jason. He smiled and couldn't wait to tell the kids that they can go and see Jason.

"Hey, look," said Billy pointing towards Donovan Scott.

The others turn towards Billy's direction and saw Jason's father heading towards them. Maybe just maybe, Mr. Scott has news about Jason. They started up and went to meet Mr. Scott half way.

"Mr. Scott," said Tommy. "Did you find anything new about Jason?"

"Don't worry kids, Jason is fine for the moment," replied Donovan Scott.

"That's good," said Rocky.

"When can we see him?" questioned Tommy.

"That's what I want to talk to you about. I have some good news. Jason wants to see you really bad. So I went to talk to Dr. Stone. At first, Dr. Stone was going to refuse but I pointed out that if he'd refused than Jason was going to keep on insisting and than he'll get annoyed and then the pain will come back. Dr. Stone thought about it for a minute and then reconsidered and said you can see him. He thinks it would do Jason some good. Frankly so do I," said Donavon Scott.

"We can see him," replied Kat happily.

"Yes, you can," said Donavon. "In fact you guys can go in right now. But try to keep it down. Don't get Jason riled up."

"Thank you, Mr. Scott," said Adam. "This means a lot to us."

"No thanks is needed," replied Donavon smiling. "Go on Jason's waiting."

"Cool, and by the way I called Zack, Trini, and Kim if you don't mind. They're coming back to visit him," replied Tommy.

"Thank you Tommy, it would save me the trouble to call them. Besides, I think it means more coming from you," said Donavon. "Don't keep Jason waiting forever."

The rangers bolted and headed for Jason's room. They couldn't wait to see how Jason was.

* * *
They got to Jason's room and stopped. Their hearts pounded hard because they wondered how bad Jason looked. They were excited but they have to calm down. They don't want Jason to get riled up. If that happened then Dr. Stone won't let them see Jason for awhile. They didn't want that to happened. Tommy knocked at the door.

"Come in," said Sarah inside of Jason's room.

The rangers opened the door and walked in. When everybody came in they took a look at Jason and winced as they saw how bad he looked. Tears sprang forth in their eyes. Jason looked at his friends and knew what they were thinking. There was complete silence from all of them. But what was strange to Jason was when Rocky came in he felt chills go up his spine. He got a strange feeling about Rocky. He didn't know why. Jason ignored the feeling and preceded to talk to his friends.

"Just don't stand there, come in and talk to me," replied Jason. "I'll be offended if you didn't."

"Sorry," said Tommy walking to Jason's bedside. He sat on the edge of the bed. "How are you feeling?"

"Besides the pain, places where it itches because of the casts, the headache, not bad. I'm feeling a little better," smiled Jason. "I look awful don't I. Well I feel better than I look."

Everyone managed a weak smile and joined Tommy at Jason's bedside. Kat took his hand and held it in her own. Everyone that is but Rocky. When Rocky entered Jason's room he felt very uncomfortable. He felt like he was suffocating. He didn't know why. He took a seat far away from Jason.

"How long before you'll be out of the hospital?" asked Tanya.

"About a month and a half," replied Jason. "I'm going to be so bored. My writingarm is broken so writing's out. I could barely sit up without pain shooting through my ribs. I hardly can't move my legs. I'm going to be bored to death."

"It could have been worse," replied Sarah to her son. "Consider yourself lucky."

"I know mom," said Jason softly. "I hope you guys come and visit."

"You bet," said Adam. "We'll be here everyday."

"You're going see us everyday until you get sick of us," smiled Billy.

Jason started to laugh. But it was a bad mistake. Jason's laughter turn into a cry of pain as his ribs started to bother him. His friends winced as they saw how bad Jason really is despite his cheerful disposition.

"Sweetie, take it easy," said Sarah gently stroking his hair.

Jason calmed down and the fit passed. He looked at his friends and gave a small smile.

"I'm so sorry," replied Billy sadly. "I didn't mean to cause you pain."

"Don't worry about it," moaned Jason. "Just a little pain. I can't even laugh without being in pain. This sucks."

"I know bro," said Tommy. "But you have to be patient."

"Yeah, Yeah, spare me the patience routine," mocked Jason. "I hear that enough from my parents, nurses, and Dr. Stone."

The others gave a weak laugh and Jason smiled. He was grateful for his friends visit. It was bad enough that he has to be stuck in bed for a month and an half but if his friends couldn't visit it would drive him up the wall.

"I'm glad you still have your sense of humor, Jase." smiled Kat.

"If I didn't then I wouldn't survive my stay in the hospital. Besides it would help me keep my sanity," said Jason.

"What sanity?" teased Billy. "I never knew you were sane, Jase/"

"Ha, Ha," mocked Jason as everyone laughed. "Funny, I forgot to laugh."

"Everyone was talking and having a good time. They were glad that Jason has a sense of humor and was able to take a joke. No one notice Rock was silent and never said a word ever since he and his friends entered Jason's room. Rocky didn't have anything to say. He didn't know why. He couldn't even open his mouth. So he sat there just watching his friends cheer up Jason.

"I hope you didn't min but I called Trini, Zack, and Kim. Actually Kat called Kim," said Tommy. "They're coming home to see you."

"No I don't mind," smiled Jason. "I'm glad you did. I can't wait to see them. I wish it was under better circumstances. So when are they coming home?"

"Trini and Zack said they have things to take care of and will leave today. Maybe tomorrow or the next day," said Tommy.

Kat gave Jason's hand a gentle squeeze. "Kim should get here tonight."

Jason smiled. At least his friends are coming to see him But something was not right to him. It's like everyone is holding back on him. He ignored this feeling for now.

"Mom, can you turn on the television?" asked Jason.

"What, are you bored with us already?" teased Adam.

"Nah., I want to watch my program," smiled Jason.

"Of course," giggled Tanya. "What is your favorite program? Does it deal with martial arts?"

"Not really," replied Jason blushing.

"Because his favorite program is Thundercats," laughed Billy.

"You still watch cartoons," laughed Adam.

"Damn straight," said Jason proudly. "If I remember Billy, you still watch them to."

Everyone laughed. Sarah Scott shook her head as she turned on the television. She turned the station to Cartoon Network where they started showing Thundercats. Ten minutes later the rest of the rangers got into watching the show. All but Rocky who just sat there.

"Hey, this is pretty interesting," smiled Tanya.

"Yeah, I feel young again," mused Adam.

"Told you," said Jason.

The rangers finished watching the program and turned off the T.V. They continued to talk to Jason and ignored Rocky. Rocky didn't mind. He was very uncomfortable. He wanted to leave. He felt he done something wrong. But he was to drunk last night to remember what happened. He continued to watch everyone talking and laughing. He was glad that Jason was okay. He was relieved that Jason had a sense of humor that was helping him get through his dilemma. Rocky sighed silently to himself as he got up. He saw no one was paying attention to him and left the room quietly and headed to the waiting room, found a seat where no one was paying attention, sat down and began to sob uncontrollably for no reason at all.

Back in Jason's room someone did notice Rocky leave and knew that he was upset. Everyone was talking and Jason remained silent as he watched Rocky leave. What's wrong with Rocky? Thought Jason. Something must be bothering him. If I wasn't in this damn bed I would go and find out what's wrong with Rocky. Isn't that what friends do. Jason's expression was solemn and his friends notice how quiet Jason was.

"Jase, are you okay?" asked Tommy. "You're not in any pain are you? You need a doctor."

"Huh, what, oh no," replied Jason. "I'm okay."

"You look a little lost," said Kat.

"I think I am," said Jason.

"Care to explain?" asked Adam feeling lost himself.

"Is something wrong with Rocky?" asked Jason. "He hasn't said a word since you've all came in. I'm starting to feel concern. He's usually not this quiet. Something's bothering him. If I could get out of this bed then I would go talk to him. Unfortunately I can't."

"Jason's right," said Billy. "Rocky's acting very strangely ever since he got here."

"I'll go talk to him," said Adam. "He's my best friend."

They all nodded. Before Adam left Jason spoke up. "Adam, you tell him, I want to speak to him. And I'm not taking no for an answer."

"You've got it," smiled Adam as he left the room in search of his missing friend.

The rest of the rangers went back to talking to Jason.

* * * * Adam went to the waiting area where he thought Rocky would be. He saw Rocky in the far corner crying. Jason's right thought Adam. Something is wrong with Rocky. He's crying.

"Aggh!" screamed a startled Rocky as he jumped up. He collected his senses and saw Adam. "Damn it, don't scare the snot out of me!"

"Sorry," said Adam taking a seat. "Rocky is something wrong?"

"No," said Rocky. "I just needed some time to myself."

"Spill it," demanded Adam. "Something's bothering you. Face it bro, you can't hide it. Everyone noticed. Especially Jason. In fact he saw you leave. He knows something is wrong. He wants to talk to you. He won't take no for an answer."

"I have to don't I," sighed Rocky.

"Damn straight," replied Adam. "For his sake anyway. So what's wrong? Don't say nothing either because it's not true. Roc, I've been your friend since we were four. You can tell me anything.

"That's just it," replied Rocky. "I don't remember. I get the feeling that I've done something wrong."

"Strange," said Adam. "How can you lose a day's worth of memory?"

"I don't know," replied Rocky. "I wasn't feeling well and maybe I hit my head or something."

"That can happen. You probably hit your head to hard. But forget that. Jason needs you. He's worried and some am I. If you need to talk then you can talk to me," said Adam.

"I don't know," replied Rocky.

"Damn it!" growled Adam. "Can you forget your problems? Jason almost died damn you! Is that all you can think about is yourself! I know you're having problems but it can wait!"

"Damn you Adam!" howled Rocky. "I know Jason almost died! That's all I've been thinking about! You know other people have problems as well! Jason's more serious and that's the fact! But I have my problems to! That's never going to change!"

Adam was silent and shocked for the way they yelled at each other. They never yelled at each other like this before. He knew Rocky was right. Other people have problems as well. With all that happened with Jason, it didn't seem as important. "I'm sorry Rocky. I didn't mean to go off like that. I've should have been more of a best friend. Can you forgive me?"

"If you can forgive me," said Rocky. "I'm sorry to. We're all at a high level of stress right now."

Adam smiled and nodded. "Hey we better get back or Jason will think we've ditched him. After visiting hours let's go to the Youth Center. I'll buy you a drink and we can talk then."

"Okay," smiled Rocky.

"One more thing," said Adam. "Talk to Jason will you. Don't keep your mouth shut. All this silence from you is freaking me out."

Rocky laughed and he and Adam headed back to Jason's room. Still Rocky felt weird but he pushed the feeling far from his mind.

* * *
The rangers and Jason was silent. They heard Rocky and Adam screaming at each other. They were quite shocked. They never heard them yell at each other like that.

"Well," said Tanya breaking the silence. "Wonder what that was all about."

"Whatever it was, it must have been pretty big if they were trying to take each others heads off," said Billy.

"I hope they didn't kill each other," commented Kat.

"I've never heard Adam scream like that. He was always the quiet type," said Jason.

"What's even weirder is that Rocky who is usually the loud one was quiet the whole time," replied Tommy.

Everyone stared at each other. Even though Jason was injured he started to snicker. He couldn't help it. The thought of Adam shouting like a madman and Rocky quiet as a mouse was to much. That was to weird even for him. The others had the same thought and started to snicker.

"Take it easy," replied Sarah knowing what was on her son's mind. "Don't burst out laughing."

Jason couldn't help it. He kept snickering. Hearing Adam and Rocky screaming at each other was just to funny. But it was also serious if they were yelling at each other. Jason tried not to laugh to hard. It didn't hurt to bad when he was snickering. Sarah came up to her son and shook her head.

"You're impossible," smiled Sarah taking his hand.

"Can't help it," giggled Jason.

Just then Adam and Rocky opened the door. Jason looked at them. He was going to burst. Tommy looked at Jason and sat that his best friend was going to explode with laughter. It was a funny site to watch Jason trying to kept the laughter in. Tommy burst out laughing. He couldn't help it. The laughter spread thorough out the group. Adam and Rocky wondered why their friends were laughing. Jason tried to keep it in but his efforts failed. He took deep breathes. But in doing so the pain shot through his body. Tears started to form. Then it happened. No longer able to hold the laughter in Jason started to laugh. The pain increased but Jason ignored most of it. This was way to funny.

It was evident that Jason was in pain to everyone. But Jason didn't stop laughing. He couldn't help it. He tried to calm down but it failed. Every time he tried he'd only laugh harder and the pain would increase. Sarah went to him in a panic.

"Honey, you've got to calm down," replied Sarah very concerned.

"Can't help it," whispered Jason in pain.

"Tommy, go get Dr. Stone," replied Sarah.

Tommy and the others stoppled laughing when Jason started to wince in pain. Tommy nodded and started to head out. He bumped into Adam and Rocky was standing in the doorway the whole time confused. When they saw Tommy pale they knew it concerned Jason. Tommy looked at them.

"Jase is in pain," explained Tommy leaving so he can get Dr. Stone.

Rocky and Adam hurried in. They came to Jason's bedside. Rocky took Jason's hand. Jason looked at Rocky and gave a smile. He managed to calm down. The pain ceased. The others were amazed as they saw how quick Jason's fit passed. Just then Tommy and Dr. Stone rushed in. Tommy was shocked as he saw Jason was calm.

"His fit passed as soon as Rocky came in. We're sorry to bug you Dr. Stone." remarked Sarah.

"Don't worry," replied Dr. Stone. He checked Jason and gave him some aspirin. "Take it easy Jason. I know you want to laugh but please take it easy. If you want to get out of here withing twelve weeks you have to rest."

"I will," said Jason. "I'll try anyway."

"We'll see," said Dr. Stone. "You kids have ten minutes left then you'll have to leave. Jason needs his rest."

The rangers sighed and agreed. They didn't want to leave but Jason dose need his rest. They want Jason out of the hospital as soon as possible. Then they can help him with the healing process when Jason finds out about Emily.

"Guys, can you leave early," said Jason. "I want to use what's left to talk to Rocky."

"You sure?" asked Billy.

"I hope you guys don't mind," said Jason.

"We don't," said Kat. "We'll come back tomorrow. You get better."

Kat came up and kissed Jason on the forehead and so did Tanya.

"You take it easy," said Tanya.

"Yeah," said Adam as he came up to Rocky. "You take it easy on Jason."

"I will," whispered Rocky. He felt embarrassed for no apparent reason.

The others said goodbye and left. Jason looked at his mother. Sarah got the hint and left with his friends. She told Jason to take it easy. He agreed. One the door was shut Jason preceded to talk.

"Okay Rocky, spill it," said Jason.

"What do you mean?" asked Rocky hoping Jason would forget the whole idea.

"Come on Roc," stated Jason. "I know something's wrong. You've been quiet since you've got here. That's not your usual style. Besides the others know it to. So what's up?"

"Jase, don't get upset," said Rocky.

"I'm not getting upset," replied Jason. "I'm you're friend. I'm worried. We all are and we are concerned. You have to trust in us to tell. You're not alone and I want to help. Please tell me."

Rocky was silent. He didn't want Jason to get upset. He's been out of surgery for at least eight hours. Jason is getting stronger but not strong enough to handle bad news. He didn't want Jason to suffer. He needed to get something off his chest. He decided to tell Jason. "Jase, if I tell you and I want to talk about it for so long, could you do something?" asked Rocky.

"If you mean no telly anyone then I promise not to tell," said Jason.

"Okay, here goes," started Rocky. "I broke up with Sam."

"Samantha?" asked Jason. "Why? I mean you and Sam where perfect for each other. You've been seeing Sam for four months. What happen anyway?"

I don't know?" replied Rocky. "We had a good relationship and everything."

"So what happened?" pressed Jason. "How did you two brake up?"

"It was over something stupid really." replied Rocky.

"Roc, nothing is stupid when it comes to breaking up with someone you care for." said Jason.

"Well, Sam wanted to," started Rocky remembering how he and Sam broke up Rocky burst into tears.

Jason looked on and saw how Rocky was very upset. From what Tommy and the others told him that Kat had called Rocky about what happened to him. He understood why Rocky didn't answer last night. He was to upset. He felt sorry for him. He hope that this isn't how he and Emily is going to end up. "Hey, I'm sorry. So what did she want?"

Rocky wiped the tears from his eyes and said, "She wanted me to have sex with her. I told her I wasn't ready and we weren't serious enough to do that kind of thing. She kept pushing and finally I snapped and told her it was over!"

Rocky tried to stop shaking but couldn't. Telling Jason about how he and Sam broke up was to embarrassing and painful. But talking about it helped him fell better. Rocky took a seat next to Jason. He felt he couldn't stand much longer.

Jason put his hand on top of Rocky's for support. He wanted to let Rocky know that he was there for him. "Rocky, I'm here for you. I won't tell anyone I promise. That's up to you. But talk to me if you need to. I'm proud of you fro not backing down on how you feel."

"You're proud of me?" quires Rocky. "Why?"

"Because you stood up for your beliefs. You didn't go with the peer pressure. You pushed it down and I'm proud of you for that. It takes courage to say no when it comes to sex. I know I would done the same thing if Emily kept pushing like that and I wasn't ready. Besides there are risks when it comes to sex. I'm not trying to sound like a parent or anything. But I'm really am proud of you. Don't let anyone force you to do anything you're uncomfortable with. And if Sam wanted to have sex with you and you're not ready and you have to keep telling her no, then she doesn't deserve you. You deserve better. Roc, there are plenty of girls out there who want you for you. And one more thing, breaking up with her because she wouldn't take not for an answer is not stupid, it's a damn good one."

"I haven't thought about it like that," said Rocky. "Thanks Jase. I needed that."

"Good," smiled Jason. "Now when you visit me stop being a damn mouse. That's Adam's job.

Rocky laughed. He felt better. Just as Rocky was going to speak Dr. Stone opened the door and peaked in. "I'm sorry Rocky, but your ten minutes are up. I'm afraid you'll have to come back tomorrow. Jason the nurse will come in and give you your medicine. Then you sleep."

"All right," moaned Jason. "See you tomorrow Rocky. Tell the others bye for me."

"I will," said Rocky. "Take it easy Jase. And get some rest. See you."

"I will," smiled Jason. "See you."

Rocky headed out the door and left Jason to get some rest.

* * *
Rocky headed towards the waiting room. Sarah and Donavon saw Rocky and left to go see their son. Rocky came up towards his friends and took a seat next to Billy.

"Hey guys," said Rocky.

"Took you long enough," replied Tanya.

"Sorry," said Rocky.

"So what did Jase want?" asked Kat.

"He just wanted to talk," replied Rocky.

"But what about," nagged Adam.

"Nothing really," said Rocky.

"Come on Rocky," replied Billy. "If it is about nothing then Jason wouldn't ask us to leave. It has to be serious."

"It's between Jason and myself," said Rocky feeling a little bit angry. "Please can we just drop it."

"Tell us when you're ready," said Tommy. "But if you want to talk about then you know where we are."

"Thanks," said Rocky.

The rangers were silent for a minute. They didn't know what to do. The doctor told them to get out so Jason could rest.

"Kat, would you go with me to pick up Kim?" asked Tommy.

"Yes," replied Kat. "She should be here at four p.m."

"We better head out to the airport. It's three thirty now. I'm sure Kim wants to go tot he hospital as soon as she gets here." replied Tommy. "Billy, can you call Zack and Trini to see when they are flying in."

"Affirmative," replied Billy.

"Adam, Tanya, and myself will be at the Youth Center," said Rocky.

"Good. We'll all meet there before coming back to the hospital," said Tommy.

"Right," they all answered.

The rangers got up and they've told their parents they will be back later. They left the hospital and went their separate ways.

* * *
At Billy Cranston's home

Billy picked up the phone and dialed a number. He hoped Trini and Zack picked up the phone.

"Hello," answered a sweet voice.

"Trini!" exclaimed Billy who was happy to hear her voice.

"Billy!" shouted Trini. She motioned to Zack who picked up the other phone in their room.

"Yo Billy!" said a happy, energetic Zack.

"Zack!" said Billy excited. "How are you guys? It's good hearing your voices again."

"Same," said Trini softy. "We're doing fine by the way."

"How's Jase?" asked Zack.

"He'll make it," said Billy. "He's up. He hates being in bed. But he'll survive. Thank God."

"That's good news," replied Trini. "Does he know about Emily?"

"No and that's the worst part of it." said Billy. "He doesn't know. He's weak enough as it is. From the surgery and the accident. If we tell him about Emily, it could kill him. We have to wait until he's stronger. And when he finds out that we know before he does, he's going to hate us."

"Not really," said Zack. "Come on Billy, it's Jason remember. He'll probably be angry for a minute or two but then he'll realize that we didn't tell him because of his own safety."

"I know but I hate lying to him," said Billy.

"We all do," said Trini. "But we're not lying to him exactly. We're just holding the truth from him."

"And what do you call that exactly," teased Zack.

"Okay so it's a white lie, so sue me," replied Trini.

Billy laughed. He missed them terribly. "So when do you two come home."

"That's the good news," said Trini. "I called Mr. and Mrs. Scott. Since Zack's and my parents are out of town for a year we're going to stay with Jason. His parents agreed. Well they've told us that our parents made the arrangements for us to stay at the Scott's if we came home a long time ago. We'll be in Angel Grove tomorrow morning about eight o'clock."

"I'm glad," replied Billy. "Jason needs all of us right now."

"I'm sure Jason isn't the only one who needs all of us together again," said Zack. "So how are you holding up?"

"All right, I suppose," replied Billy. "I'm really upset. Jason doesn't and shouldn't have deserve this and neither does Emily. She should be alive!"

"No one does Billy." said Trini softly. "The only reason why it happens is because of drunk drivers and careless drivers."

"Yeah," replied Billy. "But the anger is still there."

"We know," said Zack. "It won't stop hurting. Jason will go through the hurt when he finds out about Emily."

"I know," said Billy. "I would love to keep talking to you but you have to finish packing. By the way are you upset in leaving. And how did the committee take it."

"No, we're not upset in leaving. We were deciding on coming home anyway. It wasn't the same after Jason left. Besides not when it's an emergency," said Zack. "We told them that we're leaving because we wanted to and because Jason was in an serious accident. They told us all right. They wanted us to update on Jason's condition. Jason was one of the popular delegates. So they've sent our records for school and all that."

"Billy, I hate to hang up but we have a plane to catch," replied Trini. "We've sent most of our stuff today. We'll see you later. Bye."

"See you," said Billy as they said their goodbyes and hung up. Billy grabbed his coat and headed for the Youth Center.

* * *
At the airport Tommy and Kat waited for Kim's plane to come in. They were excited but nervous at the same time. Kat was more nervous than Tommy. Tommy looked at Kat and knew what she was thinking.

"It's going to be okay," replied Tommy. "I bet she's just as nervous if not more as well. Especially with the letter. But we'll get by. I know it."

"I know," said Kat. "But what happens if she wants you back. I'm scared that you would go to her if she asks."

"Kat stop being silly," replied Tommy pulling Kat to him. "I will always love Kimberly. But what we had is over. It was over when she sent that letter. I love you. You mean everything to me. I don't want to lose you. You're not a replacement. You never were. I care for you Kat. But I will love Kim always. She was my first love. I know that won't change. It's different love now. I love her as a friend and as a sister."

Kat hugged and kissed Tommy and he replied with a kiss. "I'm sorry for being jealous. I do love you very much. I do like Kimberly as a friend. I don't want to lose both of you."

"It's all right to be jealous," responded Tommy. "It's a human emotion. We all are human. And you won't lose us because how you feel.

Kat nodded and she and Tommy took a seat. Kim's plane hasn't landed yet. But it was approaching Angel Grove Airport.

"This whole situation is a mess," said Kat sadly. "Emily's dead and Jason's laid up in the hospital. Why! I mean why did this happened? None of this should have happened. It's not right! And it's not fair!"

Tommy pulled her closer into a hug to comfort her. What Kat had said made sense and is the way he felt. In fact it is how all the rangers feel. It wasn't right nor fair! Jason should be with them having fun and enjoying himself. Emily should be here as well not stuck in the morgue. When Jason finds out it's going to be hell.

"I know it's not fair or right," said Tommy stroking Kat's hair. "I can't answer either. You're questions are mine as well. The only person who can answer is the driver. We don't know where the driver is. He or she could be anywhere either in Angel Grove or left the city after that person heard the news report or read the paper. Fortunately if that person has one shred of decency then he or she would turn themselves in. But that's not going to happen. He or she probably got scared and left town. I can't wait until the police finds the scum. Then I'll punch the scum out!"

"If you can get to him." replied Kat. "You're not the only one who wants to strangle the scum. Jason's parents and Emily's parents have first dibs and then Jason. Then what's left of him we get."

Tommy laughed for a minute. Then he stopped. He knew it was rude as well. But the scum does deserve it. He sighed. "I hope everything is going to be all right."

"It will," replied Kat. "I know things aren't going t be the same but everything is going to work out."

They stayed in each other's arms for awhile. Then they heard the announcement that flight 702 from Florida has landed and is deplaning at gate ten.

"Let's go," said Tommy. "It's great to see Kim again."

"Yes it would," replied Kat.

They walked to the right gate and waited. The door opened and the passengers walked out. Tommy and Kat scouted for Kim. Then they heard a voice from behind.

"Tommy! Kat!" screeched Kim as Tommy and Kat turned around. "Kim!" cried Tommy as he ran up and hugged her.

"Ohmigod!" exclaimed Kat who also ran up and gave Kim a hug.

"It's been to long," laughed Kim finally releasing her friends.

"Yes it has," replied Tommy. "I wish this reunion was under better circumstances."

"How is he?" asked Kim as they walked to claim her luggage. Tommy took Kim's carry on's as a good gesture.

"He's going to be fine," said Kat. "He came out of surgery eight hours ago. We've spent most of the day with him."

"Good, he's going to make it," replied Kim.

"Do you regret leaving Florida?" asked Kat.

"No!" replied Kim. "Jason's my friend. He needs us more than ever. Especially when he finds out about Emily. Jase is going to be devastated. When he talks or writes about Emily he absolutely adores her. He loves her more than anything. My heard broke when you told me about the accident. I can't believe it."

They made it to the baggage claiming area and waited for Kim's luggage.

"I know," replied Tommy. "It was hard on all of us. We haven't slept most of the night. We all were so scared Jason was going to die. I don't want to lose my best friend. I can't lose him. I don't know what I do without him."

"Me either," replied Kim. "Jason was there when we needed him. He would put others before himself. He proved it not only as the red ranger but as the gold ranger as well. He risks his life for others. He would go out of his way to cheer us up. That's what makes him Jason. We can't lose him. The world needs people like him."

"He is sweet," said Kat. "He or Emily don't deserve this."

"Jason's going to pull through," replied Kim. "He got through the worst part of the accident. And he'll get through the emotional part of it. We'll help him because that is what friends are for. I've would have been mad if someone didn't call me to tell me about the accident. Jason's been my friend long before you guys came into our lives. Trini, Zack, Billy, and myself known Jason since kindergarten. We have the right to know. I would have died if Jason did die and no one would have told me. I almost had an heart attack when Kat called and told me about it. Did you guys contact Trini and Zack?"

"Yeah," replied Tommy. "Zack said they hd to take care of things then they'll be here in a couple of days. Billy went and called them. He has more details I'm sure. He's going to meet us as at the Youth Center. I hope you don't mind before going to the hospital. So did you tell you're dad that you're coming home."

"I don't mind going to the Youth Center." replied Kim. "I can't wait to see everyone. My dad is thrilled that I'm coming home. I told him I'll be at the hospital after I've arrived. He sort of figured that I would."

They picked Kim's luggage and headed for Tommy's car. It was a little uncomfortable for all of them. Tommy put Kim's luggage in the trunk and then shut it. Then they piled in. Kat sat in back so Tommy and Kim could talk. She knew they had things to talk about. Especially with the letter. She's going to be uncomfortable when they got to the letter. As they pulled out of the parking lot Kat wished she was somewhere else besides in the car. This is going to be very interesting thought Kat. Tommy decided to break the silence.

"So how is everything in Florida?" asked Tommy.

"Incredible," replied Kim grateful that Tommy broke the uncomfortable silence. "It's awesome there. Besides the many hours of practice it's totally cool. I go to high school there. I've been to Disney World. That place is amazing. It's huge. I like visiting the different countries. I'm going to take Jason when this is all over."

"Great idea," said Tommy. "We'll all help and pitch in and take Jase to Disney World. It will help him cheer up."

They didn't know what to say. The silence again feel upon them. Tommy was on the high way driving towards Angel Grove. They been driving for twenty minutes.

"So, do you, you know?" asked Tommy nervously.

"Have a boyfriend?" replied Kim.

"Something like that," said Tommy softly.

Kat knew they were leading up to the letter. She shifted positions uncomfortably. She remained silent through the whole conversation. They don't need her just right then.

Kim sighed and then replied. "Yes, I have a boyfriend."

Tommy wasn't prepared for it and he knew it. He was shocked beyond comprehension. He knew that she did. But he wondered. "What's his name?"

"Jeremy Davids," replied Kim. "He's a sweet guy. If your wondering yes he's on the gymnastics team. He does the rings. He's good actually he's excellent on them. He has a well built chest, nice butt, strong arms, strong legs, blonde short hair, and beautiful grey eyes. He is very sweet person. He treats me with respect. He shows me a good time. He doesn't pressure me into stuff with what I'm uncomfortable with. In general he's an all around good guy."

Tommy felt uncomfortable when Kim was talking about her boyfriend. He felt a little jealous. He loves Kat. Deep in his heart he loves Kat. He loves Kim to but as a friend. He could admit to himself that it's over. He doesn't mind. But what Tommy did mind is how Kim was making this Jeremy Davids into a great guy while it sounds like he was a monster. "And I'm not."

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Kim getting angry.

"You know what I mean!" replied Tommy equally angry.

"No I don't!" snapped Kim. "What are you talking about!"

"You make your boyfriend sound like a great guy while it sounds like I'm a monster!" yelled Tommy. "I treated you just as good. And if I didn't why didn't you tell me!"

"You are a great guy Tommy!" snapped Kim. "I'm sorry if I made you into a monster! But I couldn't handle the relationship anymore."

"So why didn't you tell me before you've left!" exploded Tommy.

"So it's finally came down to it!" yelled Kim.

"Yes it has!" shouted Tommy. "Damn you Kim! Why did you have to write me? You've could have called! You chickened out so you wrote to me! You left me hanging. I was devastated when you've sent that letter! It took me a long time to get over you! No! Kat didn't hang herself over me after what you did! She tried to cheer me up! Why did you do it? Why!"

All three of them were in tears. They were extremely upset.

"Tommy, you should pull over," replied Kat softly and in tears. "Please."

Tommy pulled over off the highway. He was to upset. He was glad Kat came. If she didn't then he would have gotten in an accident. He didn't want to end up next to Jason or Emily.

They were all silent for awhile. What seemed like forever in the thick, heavy, unbearable silence was only ten minutes. Then Kim started to speak up. "You're right. I was a coward on how I handled the whole thing. I've should have called. The reason why I didn't break up with you before I left is I was confused. I didn't know what I wanted. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you."

"I know," said Tommy finally calming down. "Tell me the reason from you not the letter."

"Fair enough," replied Kim also calming down. "For one, you're not a monster no matter how it sounds. We've been on a roller coaster relationship. It wasn't doing us any good. We're always were yelling at each other or not talking to each other. We were changing and not for the better part of our relationship. At times you were a perfect gentlemen and at other times you were cold and cruel just like the evil green ranger. You wouldn't hurt me! You were moody or snapped at me. Being in Florida I had time to think. At the time I was frightened on how you would react so I made my decision about us and wrote you that letter. It was a cowardly and stupid thing to do. I had to get out. Besides long distances relationships don't always work out. You know it and I know it. We were suffocating each other. Don't tell me you didn't feel it. I'm sorry. I've should have handle the situation differently. I can't say anything else."

Tommy remained silent. Hearing it from Kim it still hurt but it didn't hurt as bad. Besides Kim was right. The last few months of their relationship and themselves were changing. It wasn't good for their relationship. They were always snapping each other's heads off. At least she explain. The healing process started healing long ago but hearing it from Kim has placed it in places. Finally they can close this whole mess. Kim needed to tell him so it could help her out as well. Kat also helped Tommy through that dark time. He finally understood why Kim broke up. If it wasn't her it might have been him. "Did you meet Jeremy before or after you decided?" Tommy didn't mean for it to be so cold but that's how it came out.

Kim was offended but didn't say anything. He did have the right to say that well not in that way anyway. "Before but he wasn't the reason why I broke up with you. Tommy, I was hurt by my decision. It was hard for me to do. I had many sleepless nights after what I've done. He helped me heal a little. Then I started to date him. After months of dating I realized I was in love with Jeremy. This didn't happened right away. I'm sure it happened with you and Kat."

"Yeah, I know," said Tommy. "It took me over six to eight months to ask Kat out. She did help me. She took me skiing and talked. I'm grateful for that. Kim, I'm sorry how I reacted."

"You reacted normally. I know I would have." replied Kim. "I'm sorry to. We're really luck to find two excellent people such as Jeremy and Kat."

"And we love them very much," replied Tommy.

Kat blushed. She hated to be embarrassed by Tommy. She was glad Tommy and Kim were working things out.

"Kim, one thing I wanted you to know is that I love you. I love you as a friend and as a sister. I will always love you," replied Tommy.

"And I will always love you," said Kim. "Just not like that."

Tommy and Kim smiled and hugged each other. Kat was happy. She didn't feel uncomfortable anymore. "We better get going."

Tommy looked behind him and blushed. He forgot Kat was back there. "Babe, I'm sorry. I forgot that you were back there."

"Don't worry about it," said Kat. "You had more important things on your mind. I'm not offended."

"You're to good to me," smiled Tommy as he started the car and drove off.

"Damn straight," replied Kim. "Tommy, you better treat her good or you'll lose her. Then you'll feel sorry. Don't forget to tell her once in a while that you love her. a girl loves when a guy tells her that he loves her. It makes her feel wanted."

"I plan to," smiled Tommy. "I'm not going to let this relationship get away."

They laughed and felt better. Kim had to ask Kat a question.

"You okay with all of this?" asked Kim. "I mean with Tommy and I."

"Yes," said Kat. "You two had things to work out. And probably still do. I was worried that you wanted Tommy back and he would dump me for you. Also I thought you might hate me for getting together with Tommy."

"No, I'm not," replied Kim. "I don't hate you. In fact I'm happy for you. You helped Tommy when he needed it. I'm grateful for that. And I don't hate you."

"Thanks," replied Kat.

"No problem," said Kim. "We better dry our tears before Jason thinks we tried to kill each other."

"Tried," mocked Kat. "I thought you were."

"Ha, Ha," laughed Kim and Tommy. "Funny."

Tommy drove the rest of the way to the Youth Center talking about Jason and the rest of the events.

* * *
At the Youth Center, Tanya was watching Adam and Rocky spar. She noticed the sheer concentration on Rocky. She thought he was still upset about Jason. She didn't know. She was lost in thought that she didn't feel a tap on her shoulder.

"Tanya?" asked Adam.

Tanya jumped when Adam tapped her shoulder and called her name. "Damn it Adam, don't do that!"

"Sorry," said Adam. "But I was tapping your shoulder for the past five minutes. You seemed lost in space."

"Was not." said Tanya defending herself.

"Was to," said Rocky laughing. "You went to Mars and back about five times."

"Really?" asked Tanya.

"Yep," laughed Adam.

Adam and Rocky took a seat next to Tanya. They waited for their friends. Ernie came and took their orders. In a couple of minutes they got their drinks. They were watching all the happenings in the Youth Center. Some people came up and gave them their condolences about Emily and hope Jason would pull through. News spread fast in Angel Grove. Just as Adam was going to lose his temper at someone because one to many people came and asked if Jason was going to die or it should have been Jason instead of Emily. The last remark came from people who was so stupid and ignorant. Billy entered the Youth Center and spotted Adam, Rocky, and Tanya at a table. He quickly joined them.

"Hey guys," stated Billy.

"Hey Billy," said Adam. "Any news from Trini and Zack."

"Yes, but I'm going to wait until Tommy and the others get here," replied Billy.

"Fair enough," replied Tanya.

Billy, Adam, Rocky, and Tanya waited in silence for the rest of their friends. They wanted to get back to the hospital to visit Jason. What seemed like forever was only thirty minutes. They looked at the entrance and spotted Tommy, Kimberly, and Kat walking in. They joined the others at the table.

"Billy, Adam, Rocky!" exclaimed Kim as she hugged her friends. "It's been to long! I've missed you guys so much! How have you've been."

"It's great to see you again, Kim!" replied Billy returning Kim's hug. "I've missed you to. Every things been fine."

"Have a seat," said Adam. "I'm glad you came."

"Yeah," replied Rocky.

"Kim, this is Tanya," said Tommy introducing the two girls. "Tanya replaced Aisha when she decided to stay in Africa. Tanya this is Kim the original pink ranger and my ex-girlfriend."

"Nice to meet you," replied Tanya shaking Kim's hand.

"Likewise," said Kim. "Billy and Jason said some nice things about you."

"I wish we can continue this reunion but we need to discuss Jason," replied Tommy solemnly.

Everyone settled down and waited for Tommy to speak up.

"Okay, since we're all here well most of us anyway we need to find out about Trini and Zack. Billy, what did you find out?" asked Tommy.

"Well, Trini and Zack will be in Angel Grove about eight a.m. Arrangements have been made since they left for the peace conference to stay at Jason's house. They already talked to Mr. and Mrs. Scott. They'll be at the airport to pick them up. Then they'll go straight to the hospital to visit Jason," replied Billy.

"That's good," said Adam. "Did you ask if we could come to the airport?"

"That thought slipped through my mind," said Billy.

"We can asked Mr. and Mrs. Scott at the hospital." replied Kat.

"That's the plan," said Tommy.

"We better get to the hospital before visiting hours are up," said Kim. "I want to see Jason right away."

"Let's go," said Tanya.

The rangers plus Kim and Billy got up from the table and left the Youth Center. They piled in their cars and headed for the hospital.

* * *
Jason was looking out the window. He wished he could remember what happened last night. He kept asking his dad about Emily but Every time his father would side step him. He missed her a lot. He wished Emily was with him right now. His parents were at the cafeteria getting something to eat. He was bored already. He wanted something to do. Just then there was a knock at the door.

"Who is it?" asked Jason.

"Can we come in?" asked the voice.

Jason knew that voice well enough. He couldn't wait to see her. "Come in."

The door opened and in she came along with the rest of them. When she saw Jason she gasped in horror as she saw him bruised and taped up. Her eyes were shining with tears. She gave him her best smile that she could give.

"Hey Kim," smiled Jason. "It's been so long since we've seen each other."

Kimberly gave in to her emotions and she started crying. She went up and gently hugged Jason and cried into his shoulder.

With Jason's good shoulder he held her there stroking her hair assuring her that everything would be all right.

Kim pulled away and looked at Jason with tears streaming down her face. "I. . . .I'm sorry."

"Don't be," replied Jason softly. "I'll be better. Don't you worry. I'm tough."

"I can't help it," cried Kim. "It's been almost two years since we've seen each other and when we do it's not for the better. Why you?"

Jason looked down at his blanket. He couldn't answer her. He didn't know why either.

Tommy put his hand on Kim's shoulder reminding her not to go to far. Especially with Emily. Kim got the hint

"So how are you coping?" asked Kim.

"Not bad," replied Jason. "I just wish someone would tell me about Emily."

All of them were silent. They knew what happened to Emily but they couldn't say anything about it. For the moment anyway. They decided to remain silent.

Jason was studying their reactions. He was hoping something happened when he mentioned Emily. Nothing. Their reactions were normal. He couldn't get anything out of them. He suspected they knew more about Emily but they weren't telling him about it. Why. He sighed to himself. If he asked he wouldn't get a straight answer so he decided to drop it for now. It was getting to depressing for him. It was starting to feel like a hospital to him. So he decided to brightened things up.

"Kim how's Florida?" asked Jason.

Kim went to describe Florida and how she enjoyed it there. Then she and the others went on to talk about things, memories, past, and school until the nurses came and told them that visiting hours were over with. The rangers told Jason that they would be back next day bright and early. They went home, had dinner, and went to bed.

* * *
During the night Rocky couldn't sleep. For some strange reason he was restless. His parents came home in the afternoon and Rocky told them the details about an accident and how Emily was killed and Jason is in the hospital. His parents asked if Jason was going to be okay. His father went in the garage and asked Rocky about his car. Rocky told him he hit a pole. He told his father he was all right. His father told him to be careful next time. It was late and since Rocky couldn't sleep he went downstairs for a glass of milk. It always put him to sleep. He took the glass upstairs, drank it, and climb in bed, and finally drifted off to sleep.

Rocky was sleeping for ten minutes when it happened. He started to remember what happened after be broke up with Sam. He saw that he went into the bar and got his ass drunk. Then he remembered getting into his car and driving off. He started tossing and turning as the memory started coming back to him. Next, he remember speeding and he couldn't take his foot off the gas pedal. He looked up and saw a couple in the crosswalk. He tried to get out of the way, he was going way to fast. But he was impaired by the alcohol and that slowed down his judgement. He hit the couple dead on and the couple hit the windshield and then flew over the hood. Then he drove off. Rocky screamed as he remembered everything. The night before came back to him.

* * *
His parents Jose and Maria DeSantos heard their son screaming and rushed in his room to wake their son.

"Nino! My baby! Please wake up?" urged a worried Maria.

"Wake up my son!" said Jose.

Rocky woke up with an violent start. His body was covered with sweat and he was shaking.

Maria pulled Rocky in a loving embrace, rocking him and brushing his hair back. "Nino, it's okay. Sweetheart, it was only a bad nightmare. Mama and Papa are here. You're safe."

"It's going to be okay, son," replied Jose who sat on the other side of the bed. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"No, papi," replied Rocky softly. "I'll be fine."

"Are you sure?" asked Maria still holding her son.

"Yes mama," said Rocky. "I'm sorry if I scared you."

"Don't worry about it Nino," said Jose. "Just go back to sleep. Do you need us to stay with you?"

"Papi," said Rocky a little embarrassed.

"Jose, our son is older now. I'm sure he's fine," said Maria.

"You are right," said Jose. "Rocky if you need us we'll be in our room."

"I know," said Rocky. "Night momi and papi. I love you."

"We love you to Nino," said Maria as she kissed Rocky on the forehead. Then she and her husband left the room and went back to bed.

Rocky waited until they shut their door and then started to cry. He was the one who caused the accident as the horrible scene played over and over in his mind. He was the one killed Emily. He was the one who sent his best friend to the hospital. Jason almost died because of him. He was the one who is causing all the grief that the Scott's and Brooke's are going through. He was responsible for all of it. To him, it was all his fault. He couldn't cope with how his friends are going to react. He shuddered at the thought. Then the parents are going to hate him for the rest of they're lives. Then he has to deal with prison or the death penalty if he's convicted. Rocky didn't know how to deal with all of this. He broke down and cried for hours before he cried himself to sleep.

* * *
The next day Rocky woke up and not only did he remember but he felt so guilty about what he's done. He sat in bed and looked out the window. How could he face his friends knowing that he caused the accident. He was scared when they find out. He shuddered at the thought at the reactions of the parents but his parents as well. He couldn't cope with that. He knew his parents would be so disappointed in him. He'd dishonored the family name. Honor was a big thing in his family. He knew his parents would disown him. Rocky was so confused. Should he turn himself in or not. He didn't know what to do. One's thing for sure is he won't go near Jason again. He can't pretend everything's fine and look Jason straight in the face. Knowing he's the one who caused the accident. He got out of bed, showered, grab a quick bite, wrote a note to his parents saying he went bike riding and left. He couldn't face his friends even if he wanted to.

* * *
At the Scott's house it was very busy with people. Tommy and the others spoke to the Scott's to see if they can go with them to pick up Trini and Zack. So they came early. The Scott's were already waiting. When the kids arrived at Jason's house, they all piled in the van and took off to the airport.

"I can't wait to see Zack and Trini again," replied Kim. "It's been so long. I missed them so much. We have a lot of catching up to do."

"Neither can I," replied Billy. "I miss them so much. Especially Zack's attitude. He always brightened up your day no matter what kind of mood your in. I love his sense of humor. Then Trini. I miss her most of all. He beautiful black hair, dark eyes, slim body. Then her smile. She always understood me. Her personality I can't describe that. She's very friendly. Kat and Tanya you'll like her."

"I already like her," replied Kat. "She makes you happy. She and Zack sound nice."

"Yeah," smiled Tanya. "Billy, you really like her."

"Like's not even the word," giggled Kim.

"Watch it," sighed Billy a little embarrassed. For the truth of the matter was that he was in love with Trini.

"Kim, lay off," said Tommy. "Billy has every right to keep his feelings to himself. We all know that he's in love with Trini."

Everyone burst out laughing except Billy who looked away through fully embarrassed. He wasn't mad or anything. He knew his friends wouldn't really hurt him. He knew it was all in good fun.

"All right that's enough," said Donavon Scott. "I think Billy has been embarrassed enough."

"Thank you Mr. Scott," sighed Billy with relief.

"No problem," said Mr. Scott. "Besides, we're here."

Everyone looked out and saw that they we're at the airport. Donovan Scott parked the van and everyone got out. The rangers plus Billy and Kim was getting to dash to the gate but Sarah Scott stopped them.

"Kids, wait," laughed Sarah.

The kids stopped and looked in the Scott's direction.

"What is it Mrs. Scott?" asked Kim who was anxious to see Trini and Zack whom she hadn't seen in almost two years.

"I know you're all excited to see Trini and Zack but how are you going to meet them. We haven't even told you yet. If you kept on going you all would be searching every gate." laughed Sarah Scott.

The rangers looked at each other with sheepish grins. They knew Mrs. Scott was right.

"That would be embarrassing," giggled Tanya.

"Yeah," replied Adam. "Could you see us looking at every gate. We'll be here most of the day."

"And Trini and Zack would be at the hospital with Jase." laughed Kim. "We would be here looking for them."

"You kids go ahead," replied Donavon Scott. "We'll catch up. The gate number is 30B."

"Thanks Mr. Scott," shouted Tommy as he and the others rushed off to meet their friends.

"Patience was never their strong point." giggled Sarah.

"In teenagers, patience never dawned on them. Especially our son." laughed Donavon.

"Jason sure is impatient." said Sarah. "Especially when he's laid up. He wants out of bed and onto the practice mat."

"I know," smiled Donavon. "Come on Sarah. The kids will be waiting for us."

* * *
Billy was the first to reach the gate. He scanned the room and couldn't find Trini and Zack. He sighed to himself and didn't notice his friends behind him. He was lost in thought thinking about Trini.

"Billy!" exclaimed Adam.

Billy screamed and jumped at the sound of Adam's voice. He turned and saw his friends laughing.

"Ha, ha, very funny." remarked Billy who was embarrassed by his reaction.

"It. . .It. . . sure was." chocked Tanya who was bursting with laughter.

"The look on your face." crooked Adam. "Oh boy that was a hoot."

"You look like you've seen a ghost." giggled Kat.

"You guys could have warn me." replied Billy.

"And missing seeing you react like that, no way." laughed Kim.

"Stop making fun of Billy." said Tommy trying to hold his laughter.

"Come on, it was really funny," laughed Adam.

"No it wasn't." replied Billy.

"Yes it was!" laughed the rangers.

"Can we stop laughing?" asked Billy who wished they would stop. "We have to find Zack and Trini."

The rangers stopped laughing and knew Billy was right.

"Okay, everyone spread out," ordered Tommy. "Zack and Trini have to be here somewhere."

The group spread out. They searched around the gate area looking for their friends. The door to the gate opened and people were filing out.

Trini and Zack came out of the door and looked for the others.

"Do you think they're waiting for us?" asked Zack.

"Of course," giggled Trini. "Planes never arrive on time."

"But ours did," laughed Zack. "It was a miracle."

"I wonder what Kat and Tanya look like," pondered Trini.

"From what Jason and the others told us, very beautiful and friendly. I can't wait to meet this Tanya. Jason said she was sure cute." said Zack.

"Uh huh," teased Trini. "That's not what Jason said. You're putting words in his mouth. He said she was smart and pretty. Your the one who said she was pretty cute."

"Don't start or I'll rag on you about Billy," teased Zack.

"You wouldn't," said Trini.

"Try me," laughed Zack.

Trini rolled her eyes and looked to she if she could find someone who looked familiar to her. "Come on Zack, we have to find the others."

Trini and Zack gathered their things and started to heard for a clearing. They found a spot and put their things down. Then they scanned the room for their friends.

"Man with the colors their wearing you thought you could spot them." said Zack.

"No kidding," said Trini. "From what Jason told us in his letters is that Tommy is the red ranger, Adam is the green ranger, Rocky is the blue ranger, Tanya is the yellow ranger, and Katherine is the pink ranger. You think you could spot Tommy wearing red."

"Boy, things sure has changed," commented Zack.

"I know," sighed Trini.

Trini and Zack continued to discuss things and scanning for their friends. Not to far behind. In fact behind the pole was seven teens looking for their friends.

"I can't find them anywhere," said Adam. "Everyone filed out. Billy, are you sure that this was their plane."

"Positive," replied Billy. "This is the gate where Mr. and Mrs. Scott told us. I assume that Zack and Trini are looking for us."

"This is a big airport," remarked Kat. "They could be anywhere."

"I know," moaned Tanya. "How are we going to find them."

"Hopefully they haven't skipped the terminal and headed for the baggage area," said Tommy.

"They wouldn't do that Tommy," said Kim. "They know we're looking for them. On the other hand Zack would do that. It is his style. I wonder something. Be right back."

Kim left the others to go check on something. Leaving the others to look for Zack and Trini.

"Wonder where she's heading?" asked Adam.

"I don't know," replied Tommy. "Let's wait till Kim comes back before we go looking for Trini and Zack. We don't need another person lost.

Kim just left the group and turned around the corner. She sort of figured that they might be waiting around the corner. She turned the corner and saw Zack and Trini right there behind the pole. They were right behind them. She nodded her head and went to them. "TRINI! ZACK!"

Trini and Zack recognized that voice and turned in the direction from where it came. Then they saw her.

"KIM!" screeched Trini running up and hugging her best friend. Kim returned the hug with tears in eyes.

"TRINI!" screamed Kim back. "Ohmigod! It's been to long since I saw you. I missed so very much. I'm glad to see you again. Have you've been girl."

"I missed you to," cried Trini who was very happy. "It's been to long. I can't wait to catch up on old times."

"Me either," cried Kim.

"Hey, can I guy get a word in," teased Zack who was also in tears.

"ZACK!" cried Kim as she let Trini go and embraced Zack.. "My god look at you. I missed you so much. How are you."

"I'm fine," laughed Zack who was on a pure high.

"I can't believe it," cried Kim. "We're all back together again. We're have you been. We've been searching for you."

"We came out of the gate and started to search for you," laughed Trini. "Kim, where are the others."

"Come on, I'll take you to them." laughed Kim.

They started forwards and headed behind the pole then Kim pointed in front of them. "They're over there."

"Wait Kim," said Trini. "I want to surprise Billy."

Kim smiled and Trini headed towards Billy's direction. Trini couldn't help it. She broke into a run and then started to yell his name.

"WILLIAM JAMES CRANSTON!" yelled Trini in tears.

Billy was talking to the others when he heard his full name being screamed out. He turned towards the voice and saw her running to him. He couldn't believe it. Almost two years have passed since he saw her. And she looked so different. He was stunned. He broke out of his trance and ran towards Trini.

"TRINI ELIZABETH KWAN!" yelled Billy as he ran up to her and embraced her in the biggest bear hug he could give. Tears stroke down his face as he continue to hug the one he loved. "Oh Trini, I missed you so, so, so, much!"

Billy continued to sob into Trini. She didn't let him go. She missed his voice so bad. She was stunned for the way he looked. She couldn't believe it. They both changed in more ways then one.

"I missed you to," sobbed Trini happily. "Nothing is ever going to break the group up again."

"I know," sobbed Billy.

They pulled away and looked at each other. Then a another voice rang in Billy's ear.

"My god! I can't believe this is Billy. Our Billy! God you've changed bro. The glasses are gone, and your not so skinny anymore I take it," laughed Zack.

Billy recognized Zack's voice. Good ole Zack. He never changes. He turned to face his best friend. And gave Zack a hug. "God, it's been long hasn't it. Almost two years. I missed you Zack."

"Now I know things sure have changed. You actually speak normal now. God. And to think I come back so I could hear that famous Billy talk," smiled Zack.

Billy didn't say a word because he was to happy. Also, he didn't get a chance because Tommy and the others came up to greet Zack and Trini.

"TRINI, ZACK!" hollered Tommy.

Zack and Trini turned and saw Tommy. "TOMMY!" screeched both Trini and Zack.

Tommy pulled Trini into a hug. "Trini, you seemed to get more lovely every day. And you look different."

"You to," giggled Trini. "You're hair is a lot longer and you seemed to getting wider in the chest area."

"Been working out," laughed Tommy. "I missed you so much."

"Same," laughed Trini.

"Okay, stop hogging Tommy," teased Zack. "I want to rag on him next. It's my turn now."

Tommy released Trini and Trini went to greet Adam. Tommy then pulled Zack into a manly embrace.

"I missed that sarcasm, Zack," laughed Tommy. "It's really good to see you."

"You to bro," laughed Zack.

Zack went to meet Adam.

"Hey Adam, you still shy or something," teased Zack.

"Funny Zack," laughed Adam who hugged Zack. "I missed you."

"Me to, I missed you guys so much," laughed Zack. "So where are the two lovely ladies that you guys have been talking about."

"Yes, when do we get to meet Tanya and Katherine," smiled Trini.

Kat and Tanya stayed back and watched their friends reunite with Trini and Zack. They looked on.

"Trini is very beautiful," whispered Kat to Tanya. "The boys haven't done her justice."

"I know," whispered Tanya to Kat. "God Zack, is so very handsome."

"Like him already," giggled Kat.

"Damn straight," laughed Tanya. "He's dreamy, cute, and very funny."

"He does have a sense of humor," replied Kat. "Come on Tanya, Tommy motioned for us to come and meet them."

Tanya and Kat walked over to the group. Then Tommy started the introductions.

"Trini and Zack, I want you to meet Tanya Sloan and Katherine Hillard. Tanya is the yellow zeo ranger, very intelligent, bold, sweet, friendly, and charming. Next Katherine is from Australia so you'll notice her accent, the pink zeo ranger, the most beautiful girl on the planet, charming, friendly, poetic, sweet, very blonde, blue eyes, graceful, a very talented dancer, and my girlfriend whom I love dearly. Kat and Tanya this is Zack, he is friendly, charming, have a sense of humor, free spirt, cool, and he's also a dancer and he's into hip hop kido. Plus, he's smart. Trini over here is graceful, martial artist, sweet, charming, beautiful, intelligent, she used to translate Billy for us, nice, and all around good person," said Tommy.

Zack was taken immediately by both girls beauty. He could understand why Tommy had fallen for Katherine. She was a goddess. And she's into dancing. He thought that was cool. He has to get with her and show her his moves and him her moves. She must be into ballet thought Zack as he scanned Katherine's body which was slender and graceful. Then he looked at Tanya. He was stunned by her beauty. She also was a goddess. The way she smiled just melted Zack's heart. He wanted to make a good impression on her. He hoped that she doesn't have a boyfriend. He couldn't wait to get to know her better. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"You to," replied Tanya blushing a little. She noticed that he was staring at her. She didn't mind.

"How long have you two been living here?" asked Trini shaking both Tanya's and Katherine's hands. "Don't mind Zack. He gets a little absent minded. Especially when it comes to women. So what part of Australia do you come from Katherine."

"About a year," replied Tanya. "I used to live in Africa before I took over from Aisha."

"Took over from Aisha," asked Zack. "What happened?"

"Long story," replied Kat. "I was born in Sidney and grew up there. I've been living in Angel grove for a year and a half. Oh and by the way call me Kat. Sometimes Katherine can sound so formal."

Trini and Zack noticed the Australian accent right away. Trini loved the way Kat talked. She loved the accent. So did Zack. She seemed sweet and nice as Tommy said. So did Tanya. She couldn't wait to get to know the girls better.

"I have one question?" asked Trini. "Do you both love to go shopping?"

"Yes!" both Kat and Tanya answered.

"Perfect," laughed Trini. "Kim, myself, Tanya and you Kat, can go shopping."

"That would be so awesome," replied Kim.

"Oh no," moaned Tommy. "First thing's first. Let's find Mr. and Mrs. Scott. Then go get your luggage. Then we'll go see Jason and we can talk then."

Everyone nodded and searched for Jason's parents. They found them and Trini and Zack greeted and hugged Mr. and Mrs. Scott. They talked for a brief second and then headed for the baggage area. They claimed their bags and Adam joked about how much luggage that both of them had. Everyone laughed and headed for the van. Then they packed everything up, piled in, and headed straight for the hospital.

* * *
Jason was sitting up on the third day. He felt a lot better. But something was bothering him. It wasn't only about Emily. Everyone he knew sidestepped him when it came Emily. Why aren't they telling him, he didn't know. Even Kimberly knew more than he did. Then Rocky. Even though they had a nice little chat yesterday Rocky still seemed upset about something. There was something about the accident Jason should remember. His father said that Michael Oliver is coming to talk to him about the accident. He couldn't say much because he couldn't remember. He looked out of the window and smiled a little. Jason was a little upset. His parents called and said that they wouldn't be coming in until the afternoon. He sighed. His friends didn't come in at all and he was disappointed. He had no one to talk to. He flipped on the television and started to watch it giving him something to do.

The rangers were outside Jason's room getting ready to surprise him.

"Kids, don't get him to riled up," stated Mr. Scott.

"We won't," replied Tommy. "Jase is going to be psyched when he see's Trini and Zack again."

"We are excited to see Jason again," replied Trini. "It's been awhile since we've seen each other. I just wished it was under better circumstances."

"Yeah," sighed Zack. Zack scans the room at the others and notice that one was missing in numbers. In fact that person never meet Trini and himself at the airport. "Hey, has anyone seen Rocky?"

"No," replied Adam. "He never showed up at the Scott's house. I know he was excited in seeing you guys again."

"That's weird," replied Billy. "I know he wanted to go to the airport to pick you guys up. He'd never showed up. Something must be wrong."

"Guys, give me five minutes and I'll go and call his home. Maybe his parents seen him," replied Tommy.

"All right," said Kat.

Tommy left and went to make a call to the DeSantos resident. The rest of the rangers sat down and waited for Tommy to return. So they decided to talk amongst themselves.

Zack looked at Katherine. He knew Tommy and Kat were going out with each other. Jason wrote to him and Trini about it. They knew about the letter and the incident with Rita. They weren't mad at Katherine at all. If they were then they wouldn't be true power rangers at all. He was sort of sore at Kimberly and how she handled the whole situation. But Zack knew Kimberly had her reasons and he shouldn't be mad where it didn't concern him. All he knew was that Kimberly talked to Jason about what she did. They would talk for hours and sometimes at early in the morning. Or Jason would talk to Tommy about it. He had this feeling but couldn't help himself. So he decided to ask.

"So Kat, if you don't mind me asking, how long have you and Tommy been going out?" asked Zack.

"Zack!" replied Trini slugging her friend in the arm. "Don't mind him. He can be to nosey."

"That's okay," replied Kat with a smile. "I don't mind at all. Tommy and I been dating for two months."

"Wow," said Zack. "So is he a great kisser. Kim never told me."

"Boy, you have some nerve," slugged Kim.

"I'm sorry. I'm just curious. Not that I want to know how good Tommy is at kissing. I'm not in that sort of thing. I just want to know. Besides I'm trying to start up conversation. That's all." replied Zack. "I hope you're not offended."

"Kat wouldn't get offended when it comes to Tommy," teased Tanya. "I live with her and all she talks about is Tommy. Her favorite subject is Tommy."

All of them laugh as Kat hit Tanya in the arm. "That's not funny," said Kat blushing. "I must admit though it's true. I can't help it. To answer you're question Zack, yes he's an absolutely the best kisser around. And Tanya keep it up and I reveal you're little secret."

"You wouldn't." gasped Tanya.

"Try me," said Kat.

"You would to," said Tanya. "Some best friend."

Everyone was in a good mood and laughed at the little rift between Tanya and Kat. They were teasing each other and the others realize it. Everyone was talking when Tommy came back. And when he came back he was not in a very good mood.

"Uh Oh," said Billy taking in Tommy's expression. "Tommy's not in a very pleasant mood."

Everyone looked at Tommy and knew what Billy meant. They all looked at each other with a worried look on their faces.

"Something must have happened with Rocky," said Trini.

"Yeah and I'll bet you it isn't good either," replied Adam.

"I feel real sorry for Rocky when Tommy catches up to him." commented Kimberly.

"I hope for Rocky's sake that he doesn't run into Tommy." said Zack.

"Well here he comes. Let's see what's wrong," replied Tanya.

"Hey guys," replied Tommy upset.

"What happened?" asked Kat.

Tommy sat next to Kat. "I can't believe him. I really can't."

"What did Rocky do?" asked a timid Billy who was afraid of Tommy's wrath.

"I called his house and talked to his mother." replied Tommy getting very upset. "You want to know what happened."

"When you put it like that not really," replied Zack getting a little uncomfortable. He hated when Tommy gets in these really dark moods.

"I'll tell you," stated Tommy very irritated.

"We figured," said Adam.

"That jerk didn't come because he went bike riding. His mom said he didn't want to come. I can't believe it. Rocky's being the most selfish, stuck up person around. How can he do that? He knows after we pick you guys up we were heading straight for the hospital to visit Jason. How can Rocky be so damn selfish! Can't he think of others right now. Jason is in the hospital because some asshole was to drunk and couldn't slow down! Jason's expecting all his friends to visit him today! Jase, is going to be so disappointed when Mr. Selfish didn't show up. This pisses me off! How dare he not show up! If not to pick you guys up I can understand that but when it comes to Jason he should be here. How are we going to explain it to Jason? I don't want him upset but yet I don't want to lie to him. I can't lie to him. He'll know when I lie to him. When I find Rocky I'm really going to give him a lecture on loyalty and friendship. Jason was always there for Rocky when Rocky needed a friend. I'm going go down hard on him!" replied Tommy steamed.

The others didn't say anything at all to comfort Tommy. What Tommy said made all of them a little steamed. Rocky went bike riding when he should at least visit Jason for an hour or two. They felt the same way as Tommy was feeling.

"Tommy's right," stated Adam. "Rocky's being to selfish. No matter what problems he's having and I know he's having problems but this takes the cake. I can't believe Rocky would do this."

"Me neither," replied Kat softly. "Guys we can't go see Jason while we're in this state. It won't do him any good."

"Yeah," said Kim. "We have to go in and forget Rocky for awhile. We'll deal with Rocky later."

"Kim's right," said Tommy getting up. He closed his eyes and let the anger wash away. Then he thought about how Jason is going to react when he sees Trini and Zack. That brought the smile back. "Just think on how Jason is going to react when he sees Trini and Zack."

It wasn't hard for the others to picture Jason's reaction and it brought a smile to their faces. They got up and headed for Jason's room.

* * *
Jason turned off the television and picked up a magazine the nurses left for him. He started flipping through when he heard a knock at the door.

"Who is it?" asked Jason.

The door opened and peeked a familiar head. Jason looked at the person and did a double take. Could it be who he thought it was? He was dumbfounded. He couldn't believe it was them. They were still in Switzerland. He knew they would come home to visit him soon but he didn't think it would be this soon. Maybe in a couple of weeks sure but in three days. He was grateful. He missed them so very much.

"Can we come in?" asked a voice.

Jason smiled and knew that this was not a dream. "Sure but don't start telling jokes about how I look. I'll kick your butt if you do, Zack."

The door opened and all his friends came in. Jason's face lit up. He was glad they came to visit him. He was so bored as it was.

Zack snorted as he replied, "Sure you can. Just hop out of bed and kick my butt. How can you kick my butt with two broken legs."

"I have my ways." smiled Jason.

Zack and Trini came up and gently hugged Jason.

"It's really good to see you two again." said Jason. "I missed you so much."

"We could tell." laughed Trini. "The expression on you're face was worth the eighteen hour flight, the jet lag, and the red eyes. I'm glad to see you to. I missed you so much. It was way to quiet without you and Zack teasing each other. It wasn't to quiet but it was quiet enough."

"Yeah, and it wasn't the same without you getting up at five or six in the morning and doing your daily exercises and then your martial arts. God bro, I missed you." said Zack.

"Well you're here now," smiled Jason.

"How are you feeling?" asked Trini.

"Besides the pain and what I can't remember pretty good. All of you are here now and the group has finally come to a complete circle. I'm glad all of you are my friends." said Jason.

"Well almost everybody," mummers Tommy.

Jason looked at Tommy questionably. "What do you mean?"

"Nothing Jase. Don't worry about it. I'm just glad that you're in a good mood." replied Tommy.

Jason knew something was up. He scanned the room and looked at everybody. He noticed that Rocky wasn't here. He felt disappointed. After the lecture he'd given Rocky yesterday Rocky must have been pretty upset. He wasn't here. Jason thought that Rocky was late or maybe Rocky wanted to visit Jason alone later on in the day. After all it was still morning. He wasn't going to get to disappointed if Rocky doesn't show up. He'll just ask why he didn't come. Besides he wanted to catch up with Trini and Zack.

"It feels like the old times." said Jason breaking the silence. "Trini, Zack, Kimberly, Billy and myself are back together again."

Zack brightened up at the statement. "Yeah the original five are back."

"Yeah," said Kim. "Nobody is going to break that up again."

"How did it happened?" asked Billy. "Why did we allow ourselves to break the group up?"

"I don't know," said Trini softly. "But from now on we're not going to let that happen again. That's for damn sure."

"It was destiny." replied Jason.

All of them looked at Jason curiously.

"What do you mean by destiny?" asked Adam.

"Well, we all have our parts to play in this world. It could be for fighting against the likes of Zedd and company, or promoting peace at a conference, or finding ourselves on another planet. Zordon told me once that destiny takes us away from the ones we love for awhile but it makes a full circle and takes us back to ones we love. In some form or another. This what happened with me and the accident. That was destiny. Not a good way to bring it to a complete circle but nonetheless it was and is a way. Maybe our destiny to whole lot of us. Not five who was reunited or the five who is now the power rangers but all ten of us are together. And we're family. We stick together till the end. That is what make friendship so great." replied Jason.

They all pondered what Jason was saying and got the message. They now know they were whole. It wasn't five power rangers fighting for earth but ten. They all smiled at each other.

"I'm glad all five are us together again." stated Kimberly.

"Not five Kim," said Jason. "Ten. Us five started the group. You, me, Billy, Trini, and Zack. Then five more joined our circle making it complete. That is what it's suppose to be. All ten of us are back and we're stronger than ever."

"All ten of us friends forever." said Tommy standing next to his best friends. "Nothing is going to break us up."

All the rangers nodded. They felt the same way. They gathered around Jason and sat on the bed.

"When I said we're all together again I didn't mean it like this." teased Jason. "Just don't tip the bed over and let me fly out the window. I don't want to stay in this hospital any longer than I have to."

"Funny Jason," mocked Tanya. "Real funny."

"Enough of this serious stuff," commented Adam.

"Agreed," all of them.

"So do you find your commendations comfortable?" asked Jason.

"Not a bad place to live," said Zack half serious. "Seriously I like it. It'll be like Geneva."

"Yeah," smiled Trini. "But there's one difference."

"And that is?" asked Kat.

"We're home." said Trini.

"You two have it lucky. Since it's a two story house and there's two bathrooms on the upper floor that won't be a problem. Trini you can have you're bathroom and Zack and I will share one when I get out of here. Sharing a bathroom with Trini in Geneva was the worst experience of my life." replied Jason.

"Funny," said Trini pretending to hit Jason in the shoulder.

"He's not joking." teased Zack. "Trini takes about thirty minutes to take a shower and uses up most of the hot water. Then she dries her hair which takes about twenty minutes. Then she comes out of the bathroom. She's in the bathroom for at least most of the hour. Jase and myself were lucky that we weren't late for the meetings."

"Don't blame me only Zack. Jason doesn't take much time. But you Zack are just as bad as me. I do admit I spend a lot of time in the bathroom. But I have long hair and it takes a while for my hair to dry. And for the shower. The shower heads are one that conserve water by the way. I like for the water to get warm and I stand there. Another reason is that I'm a girl. Girls are supposed to spend most of the time in the bathroom. But Zack you're a guy. What's your excuse Mr. I like to spend an hour in the bathroom." teased Trini.

"It's personal." replied Zack with dignity.

"Uh huh, I'm sure. I just don't want to know what you're doing in there." joked Trini.

Zack had to think on that one for a second and the others laughed as he caught the meaning in Trini's last statement. "Hey. I don't do that. You're disgusting girl. I wonder what's on your mind here."

"None of your business." said Trini.

Jason laughed as painless as he could. How he missed Zack and Trini teasing? He looked at them and knew everything was going to be okay. Zack was going to cheer him up and Trini's warmth and caring personality made it that much better for him. The rest of the others as well. He's glad everyone was here. He couldn't wait till he got out of the hospital.

Tommy was watching Jason. He knew nothing was wrong with his best friend. But he knew that Rocky wasn't there. He's going to come down hard on Rocky when he finds him. He saw the disappointed look on Jason's face. "So how's life in the hospital."

"Boring as hell." moaned Jason. Everyone laughed. "I can't help it. I wake up and there's nothing to do. I'll be in bed for twenty fours a day, seven days a week, for at least six to eight weeks. I'm telling you this sucks."

The good mood was broken. They knew what Jason meant by this. "We know bro." said Tommy softly.

Well as long as you're here, let's play a game of poker." stated Jason.

"Okay, what's the bet?" asked Zack. "Cash, candy, strip, what?"

"And you're talking about me having a dirty mind." teased Trini.

"Money?" asked Jason.

"Sure so you can take it, no way." replied Adam.

"Okay candy it is." said Jason.

We don't have any candy." stated Tanya.

"If you go to my dresser and open the top drawer you'll find a deck of cards and three or four bags of candy. If you're wondering my dad brought it for me. Mom doesn't know or she'll freak." said Jason.

Tommy open the drawer and found what they needed. They pulled up some seats, opened the deck, and bags of candy and started to play poker. The group played for a couple of hours and talked about good times. As soon as Jason was winning the nurse came in and told the others that they would have to leave. Jason needed his rest and then he would have to go for tests. The others cleaned up the mess, took their winnings and told Jason that they would be back tomorrow.

* * *
On their way to the parking lot and out of earshot of Mr. and Mrs. Scott. Tommy began to speak.

"When I catch up to Rocky I'm going to give it to him real good. It's not right what he's done. Did you see the disappointed look on Jason's face. He didn't want us to know. But the look was still there." asked Tommy.

"Yeah. I can't believe he did it. Tommy you're not the only one who wants a piece of Rocky. Jason was disappointed. After all Jason's done for Rocky. Especially being the Gold Ranger. Jason save Rocky's life so many times and how does Rocky repay him. He doesn't show up to visit him. Jason visited him when Rocky was in the hospital." stated Billy.

"Well he's in for a good tongue lashing I guarantee that." said Tommy. "Trini, Zack after you unpack how about meeting us at the Youth Center."

"We'll do." said Zack and Trini as Tommy nodded. "We'll be there at three o'clock."

"Okay." said Tommy.

* * *
A week has passed since the accident. Tommy and the others visit Jason everyday. All except Rocky. He hasn't been seen for a whole week. Rocky would avoid his friends at school. He didn't talk to them in class and had manage to ignore Tommy's harsh glare. He would miss his friends at their lockers on purpose. Luckily there wasn't a monster attack or Rocky would have to confront his friends. Rocky wanted to visit Jason so bad but since he knew it was he that cause the accident he knew he couldn't face Jason at all.

Each passing day Tommy's anger at Rocky grew. He was pissed off that Rocky didn't see Jason at all during the week but Rocky was ignoring him and the others. What's the matter with Rocky? Thought Tommy. Doesn't he care about Jason? It's true that I'm angry with him but he could talk to me. The others were catching Tommy's anger. They all went to Rocky's house one day and his mother said Rocky wasn't home. To them it seemed that Rocky wasn't home lately. The truth of the matter was that Rocky told his mother that his friends want to hurt him so his mother just told the group that he was either busy or not home. When they go to Rocky's house they knew that they wouldn't find him so they tried the Youth Center. No luck. He never been there at all. They were walking to the hospital to visit Jason on Friday.

"Why is Rocky avoiding us?" asked Kat. "It's not like him to avoid us all week."

"I know." said Tanya. "He hasn't being hanging out with us at all. It seems that he doesn't want to be friends with us at all."

"It has to be with what he's doing." stated Adam. "Since he didn't visit Jason the first time that we picked up Trini and Zack Rocky must of felt we'd be really angry at him."

"We are." said Billy. "The first day we can understand but not when it's all week. This is getting out of hand."

"We have to convince Rocky that he's presence should be with Jason. I mean did you see the look on Jason's face when we come in and Rocky wasn't there." exclaimed Trini.

"Jase was so hurt on Monday." stated Tommy angry. "I hate it when he gets that upset. I'm really trying to let this go by. But I can't. The more Rocky is absent to more angry I get."

"We all are." said Zack. "Rocky doesn't realize that he's hurting Jason by not showing up. We have to tell Rocky that Jason is hurting. But how."

"We'll figure out something, Zack." said Tommy. "Let's forget Rocky right now. Let's go and see Jase."

"Right." agreed the rest.

* * *
Jason was finishing his breakfast and asked a nurse if she could go and get a newspaper. His friends well be here in an hour and he wanted something to do. The nurse went and brought back a paper for Jason to look at and then left. Jason started to read the paper. He was scanning the paper looking for something interesting to read. He got to a section where it had the obituaries. He started to flip to the next section when it got his eyes. He stopped and looked more closely at the picture. Then his heart stopped. He turned pale and started shaking. There in the photo was a blonde girl who died last week. The blonde girl was familiar. She was killed instantly on impact in an automobile accident. She never had a chance. She was special to Jason. The girl was Jason's girlfriend. The clipping said that Emily Brooke was killed at two thirty on Monday, October 10, 1997. The car hit her with such force that it broke her body, broke her ribs and one rib pierced her heart never giving her a chance to live, severe internal injuries, broken arm and leg. She is survived by her parents Nancy and Alan Brooke, older brother Steven, and younger sister Tracy, her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. ÎShe loved life' said Nancy Brooke. ÎShe live it to the fullest and with a smile. She loved her boyfriend Jason Lee Scott who is in the hospital and he loved her. She loved hanging with her friends, her brother and sister, and basically her whole family. She'll be missed.' Emily Brooke was sixteen. Funeral for Emily Brooke will be held on Monday October 18, 1997 at Winston Funeral Home on 18th West Street. The time will be 2:00 p.m.-5:00p.m. If you would like to make a donation to the Emily Brooke Memorial Fund please make your checks to Angle Grove Tribune, 1443 Canal Street. Or you could make your donations at Angel Grove High School. Contact Steven Davidson at 734-9980 for more details.

Jason read the article over and over. He was shocked. Their were no words coming out of his mouth. Then the words rang in his head Emily Brooke was killed. He didn't know what to do or act. He just sat there staring at the wall. His heart was wrenched out from him. It was like someone from a higher place was playing with his heart and soul and then stomping on it. The room was a deathly silence. All along his friends and family knew that Emily was dead. They didn't tell him anything. That was the reason why his friends and family was sidestepping him all the time. He felt anger rising through him. Why didn't anyone tell him the truth? Why did they let him hanging to find out like this? The more questions that going through his mind the anger was rising through his body. He head footsteps heading for his room. He put the paper in the shelf and waited in anger silence. He wants to let his friends and family tell him. He finished the last part of the toast and waited.

* * *
Jason's friends and parents reached the door not realizing that Jason was waiting for them and in a very bad mood.

"Hey guys." replied Donavon Scott.

"Hello Mr. Scott." replied Tommy. "How's Jason."

"We don't know." said Sarah Scott. "We just got here. Ready."

"We're ready." smiled Zack.

Sarah Scott opened the door and all of them went in unaware of Jason's mood.

* * *
They came in and saw Jason just staring at them.

"Something wrong, bro." asked Tommy concerned.

"You could say that." said Jason flatly.

"Baby, what's wrong?" asked Sarah coming to her son.

"You tell me." replied Jason.

"What do you mean?" asked Kat. "You kind of look mad."

"Sorry, I'm not myself at the moment." replied Jason coldly.

"Why you being so cold?" asked Donavon.

"What happened to Emily? Why haven't I heard from her?" asked Jason looking at his friends and family hoping that they would tell him the truth.

Not sure how Jason was going to react or how strong he was they decided to lie. "We don't know." replied Adam.

"Don't lie to me." said Jason getting angry.

"Sweetheart, calm down." said Sarah.

"Then tell me the truth." said Jason.

"Like Adam said, we don't know, son." replied Donavon. "No one would tell us anything."

"Sure." mocked Jason. "Just tell me. I can handle it."

"Jason, maybe we should drop the subject." suggested Tommy.

"No! I won't drop the subject. Damn it. Just tell me the truth!" screamed Jason finally losing his patience.

"Jason Lee Scott, calm down." ordered Donavon.

"Then tell me!" snapped Jason.

"We don't know baby, why don't you believe us." cried Sarah.

In a rage Jason flung his tray to the ground startling everyone in the room. Everyone was startled at Jason's reaction and confused why he's acting this way.

"Jase, maybe you should calm down." replied Billy quietly.

"No!" screamed Jason as the tears started to fall. "Why didn't you tell me that Emily died?"

Everyone grew quiet pale at Jason's last statement. How did he know? They all wondered.

"Jason." started Kim.

"Shut up!" snapped Jason. "How dare you keep this from me! You want to know how I found out." Jason opened the desk next to him and grabbed the paper and flung it in his father's direction. "I read her obituary. That's how I found out! Why? Why didn't you tell me? What you did hurt me very much. You should have told me sooner!

Jason burst out in tears. Losing Emily hurt him very much. The rage, anger, and bitterness erupted and now in it's place was sadness, deep sorrow that is buried in his heart. He sat there letting the tears come. He missed not seeing Emily after the accident and wondered why she hasn't seen him or anyone letting him see her. Now he knew why. She was dead. She has been dead for a week now. He couldn't cope with the loss. He was so hurt and so much in pain. The anger was there. He knew that everyone knew that Emily was dead. "How long have you known."

Ever since the revelation of Jason knowing about Emily's death everyone was in shock and in tears. They knew this day would come and they would have eventually told him when he was stronger. But this was worse. Jason shouldn't have found out this way. Not like this. This was much worse and Jason's anger would be intense. No one wanted to say but it had to be said. Tommy looked up and decided to tell his best friend.

"Jason before you go on a rampage let us say this. The only reason why we didn't tell you is because you were still weak and was in danger of having a fatal stroke or heart attack. Your system was in major shock and any more bad news could have overloaded your system. We only did it to protect you." said Tommy softly. Tommy looked at the Scotts and they nodded and gave a look of saying we would tell. But Tommy gave a look saying he wanted to be the one. So the Scotts didn't say anything and Tommy went on. "We knew Emily died ever since my dad came home on the night of the accident and told us that she died instantly. Jason, she never had a chance. We wanted to wait until you were stronger and that your body won't go into shock."

Jason sat there. He was silent. The tears kept coming and he was silent. He was thinking what Tommy had said to him. He knew what Tommy said made sense. They would intentionally keep Emily's death a secret from him. Unless it would seriously harm his health. Even though they keep it a secret to protect him it still hurt and he was still angry. "I understand what you did but it still hurts and I'm still angry."

Sarah came and sat on Jason's bed. She gently pulled her son close wanting to protect him from further pain. It pained her seeing her son going through the emotional trauma of Emily's death. She hated seeing Jason hurting this bad. Jason relaxed in his mothers embrace and gave in to his emotions. He started crying again. "I know baby. Let it all out. I know you're still angry with us. We understand how betrayed you must feel. But sweetheart we did it out of love."

"I know." muffled Jason who was crying in his mother's shoulder.

"Baby, it's going to get better in time. You have your father and myself plus you have your friends who love you very much. Just promise you won't close up." said Sarah softly and in a mother like tone.

"I want to go to the funeral." sobbed Jason. "I want to be there when they bury her."

Sarah and Donavon wasn't expecting this. They were expecting something entirely different.

"Jason, this is the truth, I'm not sure Dr. Stone would let you go. You still have serious injuries. In fact I know he won't let you go. The Brookes can't wait until you're out of the hospital to have the funeral. They want to but they just can't." replied Donavon.

"I want to go to the funeral." said Jason stubbornly.

"Honey, please don't push the issue. You know if there was someway we would let you go and if Dr. Stone gave his okay we won't consent to it. Your still in intensive care." said Sarah. "You can go to her grave after you get out."

"No!" shouted Jason. "I want to go to the funeral now! It won't be the same. I want to go to the services to hear everyone speak about Emily. I want to see with my own eyes as they lay the coffin in the earth. I want to say goodbye on the day of her burial. Please, this means so much to me."

"I'm sorry Jason." replied Donavon. "I don't want to hurt you like this son. But I can't allow it. In fact I won't allow it. I'm putting my foot down. You're not going and that's the final word. I won't hear anymore pleas from you. The answer will always be no."

Jason looked at his father. He couldn't believe his father is saying no. He knew his father meant every word. It hurt him so much when his father said no. It felt like an arrow piercing his heart. Then anger replaced shock. He hated his father for not letting him go. The anger started to rise.

"Get out." replied Jason coldly.

"Jason?" asked a confused Zack. "You don't mean that."

"Yes I do." replied Jason coldly. "All of you get out. I don't want you hear."

"Jason, now don't be so damn stubborn. I mean what I said. I'm sticking with my answer." replied Donavon.

"I know you do. And I hate you for it." replied Jason.

"Jason Lee Scott, don't be so damn cold." replied Donavon getting angry.

"Get out!" replied Jason equally angry. "Just get out of my sight."

"Now for crying out loud Jason. . ." started Donavon but stopped when Sarah spoke up.

"Donavon, please stop it." said Sarah. "Jason's been through enough as it is. If Jason wants us to go then we have to respect his wishes"

"But." started Donavon.

"No buts." replied Sarah. "Leave him alone. Come on kids let's go."

Everyone nodded and started to pile out the door. Everyone left except Tommy who was looking at his best friend with concern.

"Jase, do you want us to come back later." asked Tommy.

"Not today, Tommy." said Jason. "I need time to think."

"I know, call me later." replied Tommy.

Jason looked up as the tears started to fall and nodded. Jason knew he needed to talk to Tommy. But now isn't a good time.

Tommy got the look and the nod then preceded to leave never taking his eyes off his best friend. He saw Jason lay back down and heard him started to cry again. He shut the door and stood there. It hurthim so much seeing Jason like this. It really did.

* * *
The next day the group minus Sarah and Donavon Scott headed towards Jason's room. Jason called earlier saying that he wanted to see them. They were anxious. They weren't to surprise on how Jason reacted yesterday. They wished they could and should have told Jason the truth. But Jason would still react the same way he did yesterday but would you blame him. Jason lost someone he loved dearly and the grief and anger just got out of hand.

The group arrived at Jason's room and knocked. They were relieved to hear Jason say come in. They opened the door and found Jason writing something.

"Jason, may I ask, what are you writing?" asked Kat.

"A poem to Emily." replied Jason sadly.

"Can we hear what you wrote?" asked Tanya.

"Yes. That's the reason why I asked you guys to come. That and I wanted to say I'm sorry." said Jason.

"You should apologize for the way you felt. If it happened to me I would reacted the same way." commented Zack.

"I still feel like a jerk." said Jason.

"Forget it." replied Tommy. "Jase, let's hear your poem."

"Okay here goes." said Jason. "The title is called goodbye."

Why did it happen?
Why did you leave?
You promised you'll always be there for me

I see your sweet smile
Smiling down on me
I see your blue eyes
Shining the bluest I'd ever seen
I see you're blonde hair
As yellow as the golden sun.

Why did it happen?
Why did you leave?
You promised you'll always be there for me

I know how you are
I know the way you loved life
I know how you would treat people with love, kindness, and respect
I know the way you loved to laugh at everything
I know that you lived life to its fullest.

Why did it happen?
Why did you leave?
You promised you'll always be there for me

I love the way you made me feel
I love the way you touched my soul
I love the way your touch made me shiver
I love the way you would embrace I love the way you would kiss me.

Why did it happen?
Why did you leave?
You promised you'll always be there for me

I'll always remember the love we shared
I'll always remember the kisses and hugs we'd give
I'll always remember the way we looked at each other
I'll always remember that I'll always love you.

We never thought we be apart
We always dreamt of being together forever
Now in the prime of our love Someone took you from me.

Now that your gone
Life isn't the same
How will I get through my pain.

Even though you're gone
Our love will still go on
Wherever you are you'll be waiting for me
Someday we will meet again for eternity.

Why did it happen?
Why did you leave?
You promised you'll always be there for me

I never got a chance to say goodbye
I want you to know that I'll love you always
So now's my chance and I want to say
Goodbye my love
Until we meet again
Goodbye my love, Goodbye.

No one said a word. No one dared to. The emotions of Jason's poem touched them all. They were in tears thinking to themselves how one person could rip Jason's and Emily's life apart. They knew Jason and Emily were in love but this poem suggested that Jason and Emily were soul mates destined to be together. But now that isn't the case. They have to help Jason deal with Emily's death. They fear on how Jason would react if he ever saw Emily's murderer.

Part 2

"Jase," asked Tommy quietly. "I don't know what to say. I can't. Except that I'm sorry for not telling you sooner."

"Tommy, I spent the night and day not only crying but thinking about yesterday. I reacted strongly and it wasn't your fault. You guys only did it to protect me. I wasn't strong enough and you guys did the right thing. I wasn't really mad at you I was just mad. I'm the one who should apologize."

"Jason, you reacted the way someone should react when someone they love dies." replied Kat. "The poem is the nicest way to remember Emily."

"It touched my soul." said Kimberly quietly. "I didn't know you could write like that."

Everyone laughed for a minute including Jason. "Thanks for being my friends. I don't know I would go on if it wasn't for you. Besides I enjoy writing. I never told anyone because I'm sensitive when it comes to my work. When I write it helps me clear my head when I'm feeling down or in a bad mood. I don't always do martial arts to calm myself down when I'm upset. I do other things to."

"So what are you going to do with the poem?" asked Tanya.

"Tanya, Jason did it to help him and to remember Emily." replied Adam.

"That's okay Adam. I'd already called The Brookes and since I can't go to the funeral on Monday I'm going to have Mrs. Brooke read it and an remembrance essay at the memorial and funeral service. That way I could be there in spirt." said Jason sadly. "The Brookes came and picked the poem and essay up already. I just had a copy of the poem."

"Good thinking Jase." replied Billy. "How you coping?"

"I don't know." said Jason sadly. "I'm hurting. I know that. But it won't stop. I have this pain in my heart and I can't stand it. I feel dull inside like all my emotions are gone. I don't like this feeling. I feel sad. I don't want to feel like this. When will the pain go away."

They were all torn by Jason's words. They didn't know how to comfort him. Jason was going through grief, anger, sadness all rolled into one. They never experienced losing a girlfriend or boyfriend like this. They weren't sure if breaking up counts. They had to say something to bring Jason out of his depression.

"You know Jason, I'm not sure this counts but it's close. I know how you're feeling. I know the pain of losing someone you love, the grief, anger, and sadness. I know how dull you're feeling. It's probably not the same but in some sense it is." replied Tommy. "When Kimberly broke up with me I thought I lost the world. I felt like everyone was against me at the time. I kept thinking why did she do it. The pain hit me so bad. I thought I'd never get over her. I was angry with her for hurting me. I felt nothing at all. I felt this dullness in me that I couldn't explain then and now. I'm sure you can't either. I know you're not thinking it now but don't. I thought it was all my fault. I thought I did something wrong to lose Kimberly. But I didn't. And it's not your fault either. You couldn't done nothing to prevent something that horrible. But the pain got easier in time. I had my friends to help me through the second most darkest time in my life. You know the first. Especially you Jason. When I called you on the phone and told you what happen. You know what you did. You took about a month off from the Conference and came back to help me deal with the pain. You did that for me and that helped most of all. To know that you all cared for me like that. You told me that it will get better in time and it has. Jase, you told me that I'll find someone who love me just as much as Kimberly did and I'll love her back. You're right. I found Kat. Jason I know it's not right to say this at this time but it has to be said. In time you'll find someone to love again. It takes time. Do you understand what I'm saying."

Jason listened to what Tommy said to him. He thought about his words and knew it made sense. Life does go on after death. He'll find someone later in life. He felt guilty for thinking these thoughts but it's true. Tommy's words did comfort him but the pain was still there. He was glad he had the best friends in the entire world. Jason spoke up softly and sobbing a little. "I know Tommy. I know what you mean. But it hurts. The pain is there."

"I know bro. I know. You're going to have to take it step by step and day by day. But we'll be here for you. To help you like you helped me. All the way." replied Tommy sitting next to Jason.

"All the way." replied Kimberly as she was a little embarrassed. But she and Tommy worked things out in the jeep. They were friends and will always be friends to the end.

"Friends Jason. To the very end." replied Trini stepping behind Tommy.

"Friends forever." replied Adam as he and the others did the same.

Jason looked at his friends and smiled. He knew that they would help him find the courage to get through his darkest time. The group stayed for several hours until the nurse told them to get out. They said their goodbyes and left. They had things to do. Hopefully one of them dealt with Rocky.

* * * *

Jason spent most of the day in and out of sleep. The nurses gave him some type of drug that will help him get better. But the only side effect was that it made Jason drowsy. He woke up one point and looked around groggy and was starting to drift off to sleep again when he heard the door open and someone came in. He looked at the door trying to adjust his eyes to see who it was. But the person seeing that Jason was going back to sleep started to walk back out.

"Don't leave." muttered Jason groggily. "I'm awake."

"Doesn't look like it to me." said a voice.

Jason recognized the voice. He could believe it. He thought that she was still in Africa. "Aisha."

"It's me." replied Aisha softly. She came and peered down at Jason. She winced at the sight of him. Rocky told her it was bad. But she didn't think it would be this bad. She took a seat and grabbed his good hand. "Oh my god! I can't believe it. Rocky was right."

Jason was confused. Did she say Rocky? "Aisha, did you say Rocky. And by the way not to offend you or anything but how did you know?"

"I'm not offended." replied Aisha with a smile. "I know the others was busy worrying about you. I figured they would contact me sooner or later. It was more on the later part."

Jason smiled. He was glad she was back. Now everyone was truly here. Every single power ranger was home. "I hope you didn't mind coming back to visit me on my account."

"Don't be silly Jason. I wanted to because you're my friend. You would have done the same for me or anyone else no matter where they are. That makes you, you. Don't ever change that." replied Aisha.

"Do the others know you're back? And what about Rocky." asked Jason trying to sit up but didn't succeed.

"Take it easy. It's only been a week as far as Rocky told me. No the others don't know. I'm staying at the hotel until I tell the others. But how I found out was sort of strange. Jason, has Rocky visited you at all?" asked Aisha.

"Well for a day or two. But after that. I haven't seen him at all. I'm confused. Rocky's upset about something. What I sort of know but I can't say. I promised him. I want to see him. The others are extremely pissed off at him. They don't think I notice how mad they are. Yeah right. You could feel their anger. I'm hurt I admit that. But I'm not angry. I just want him to talk to me. What is wrong with him? Did he tell you?" replied Jason.

"No. But he told me what happened. All of it. Well most of it anyway. He told me about the break up and telling you about it. He was upset when he told me. But he called on Thursday night. That's when he told me about him and Samantha. Then he told me the details of the accident and what happened to Emily and how seriously injured you are. If you're wondering the village I stayed in may be primitive but they do have telephones and a general store but that's all. The rest is primitive. Anyway he also told me that he hasn't visit you and I asked him why. But he wouldn't say. But I know that he doesn't want a run in with Tommy and the others just yet. This is scaring me about Rocky. He knows something and he won't talk to me. I'm confused as you are. Well after he told me I knew it was time to come home. So I booked the flight after I got off the phone and got here as soon as possible. In that case I just arrived today. So that's how I know and why I'm here. I'm sorry to bother you. I sort of snuck in."

"That's okay. I don't mind the company. So have you contacted him before you came to the hospital." asked Jason.

"I tried but his mother said he was out. We have to find out what is wrong with Rocky." replied Aisha.

"I know." said Jason. "Can you stay?"

"Yeah. I'll stay until I get caught." giggled Aisha. "By the way. I'm not going back to Africa. I'm home to stay. Will you tell me everything about you coming home."

"Yeah." replied Jason. "Welcome home.

Jason and Aisha talked for awhile not knowing to them that somebody else was coming to see Jason as well.

* * * *

Rocky knew that the others weren't in Jason's room. He'd been watching them from a safe distance to make sure. He wanted to see Jason so bad. Even though he knew he was the one that caused the accident. He had to see Jason just to see how he is. He stayed in his spot thinking of ways to go and see Jason. He spent most of the day there. He was so lucky that Zedd or Mondo hasn't sent a monster or their lackeys to mess things up. That way he could avoid Tommy just a little longer. He knew he couldn't avoid Tommy forever. He knew that he was making this a lot messier when he does confront Tommy. He'll worry about that later. He went in the hospital and looking around to make sure that the nurses wasn't watching he walked to Jason's room. He stopped outside getting ready to come in when he heard Jason talking to someone. Rocky's heart skipped a beat. He sure hoped it wasn't Tommy. But Tommy would bring the others with him unless Tommy wanted to talk to Jason alone. Rocky was having second thoughts and was going to turn back when he accidentally sneezed. He knew that Jason and whoever was in there heard him to.

* * * *

Jason and Aisha was talking when they heard someone sneezed. They both held their breathes hoping it wasn't one of the nurses. But let their breathes out when the nurse didn't open the door. They knew it was someone else. Aisha got up and went to the door and opened the door. Just then Rocky who was leaning on the door flew in and fall to the floor.

Aisha saw Rocky on the floor and helped him to his feet. Rocky brushed himself off and nervously looked at the person who helped him up. He blinked once and then twice to make sure it was her. Then a smile formed on Rocky's face as he knew it was his best friend.

"Aisha." said Rocky embracing her in a bear hug. "It's been too long and I'm glad you're home."

"Me to." replied Aisha happily as she returned the hug. "I'm glad you called me and told me everything. I missed you and Adam and the others so much. Especially Kat. I can't wait to talked to her."

Jason looked on and smiled as he saw his friends catching up on old times then spoke up. "Well isn't anyone going to talk to me or do I have to take a nap."

Aisha and Rocky looked at Jason and Aisha smiled as she went back to her chair. Rocky on the other hand couldn't move. He was stuck to the floor. His feet felt like glue. They wouldn't move. Besides all the guilt just rushed through him when he saw Jason. Jason lying in that hospital bed is all my fault. I'm the one who put him there. I'm the one who killed Emily. What am I going to do when he finds out? Rocky thought. His face was filled with sadness.

Jason looked at Rocky the same time Aisha did. They glanced at each other with worried looks on their faces. They knew something was up. And they both knew Rocky was nervous. They saw that he couldn't move, his face was pale, and he was starting to sweat. Jason nodded to Aisha who then went up to Rocky.

"Rocky." replied Aisha. "Are you okay?"

Rocky tried to reply but was still frozen. As Jason watched he knew why Rocky was frozen. It was because Rocky hadn't visited him all week. Jason gave him a warm smile and then replied. "Rocky, it's okay. I know why you can't move. It's because you haven't seen me. That's it isn't it. Don't worry about it. I'm not mad. I just want to know why. Yes, I'm hurt that you never showed up especially since you made that promise to me to visit me after we had that little talk. Never mind. Your hear now and that counts."

"You're not mad." whispered Rocky.

"Speak up Roc. I don't think Jason heard you from way over hear." teased Aisha.

Jason smile. He heard Rocky. Aisha was trying to make Rocky more comfortable and relax more. "Of course I'm not mad. Get over here before I push my bed over there."

"Now how would you do that with two broken legs." smiled Rocky as he felt more comfortable and less tense.

"Now that's the Rocky we know and love." teased Aisha pulling a chair for Rocky.

"Thanks." replied Rocky taking a seat. "I'm glad you're home Aisha. Is it for good? You never told me on the phone."

"Yes. I'm home for good." said Aisha.

"Rocky. Can you answer my question for me?" asked Jason.

Rocky looked at Jason and felt the guilt but he ignored it as he tried to gather courage to answer the question that he knew that Jason would ask. "Shoot."

"How come you never came by to visit?" asked Jason.

Rocky was silent for a minute. How was he going to explain to Jason that he couldn't because he knew that he was the one who put him here? He didn't want to lie to Jason either but he had no choice. Then he replied, "I've been busy signing students to my new martial arts class. I'm sorry."

Jason and Aisha looked at each other and knew that Rocky was lying. They decided to believe him for now. Whatever Rocky's reasons was they decided not to push the issue. They were going to wait for Rocky to tell them.

"Don't worry about it." replied Jason. "You know, Tommy's really not happy about it. He and the others don't think I don't notice. But I do. You have to face them Rocky. If you don't. Then there's going to be a big, ugly, yelling match between all of you. I don't want that to happen."

"Yeah Rocky. I haven't seen Tommy yet. But from the way Jason's talk about the situation the farther you stay away from them the uglier things are going to get."

"I know. But I'm scared. I'm scared of Tommy when he gets in these moods. I knew the first time I didn't show up he's going to be upset. But soon I found it was easier not confronting him at all. Now I'm stuck. I don't know what to do." replied Rocky softly.

"For one, everything's going to be all right." said Jason. "I'm going to help. You have to think of a better excuse than that because Aisha and myself didn't believe that signing new students routine. It's not going to work. You don't have to tell him the truth. Yet. Whatever your reasons are for not explaining why you haven't shown yourself I'm not mad. I just wanted to know. But all I care about right now is that you're here and finding a smooth way to patch things up. Well if you want to get this over with it's going to have to be here. Tommy won't do major ranting and ravings when I'm laid up. So that's a plus on your side. But then again. Tommy was extremely angry. Well think of a good excuse. I don't want anymore bloodshed spilt."

"What do you mean by not wanting anymore bloodshed spilt.?" asked Rocky.

"I know about Emily." replied Jason softly as tears started filling his eyes again.

"You mean they told you." replied Rocky shocked.

"No. I found out by accident." said Jason brushing away his tears. "I wanted to read something. So the nurse brought me a newspaper and I was skimming through. Then I saw the picture of Emily. I was shocked. I read the article about the death and everything. I can't believe it. The others came by yesterday and I confronted them about it. They tried to deny it but I told them I knew and I read it in the papers. Well as you can imagine I did some of my ranting of my own. I was upset. They told me the reasons why they never told me. I told them to get out. Then I started to think things over and what they did made sense and I wasn't angry at them anymore. I was just upset over losing Emily. I asked if I could go to the funeral. They said no. For my own sake. It's not fair. But I know they're only doing it for my safety. The others came by earlier today and we worked things out."

"Oh god, I'm so sorry Jason!" cried Rocky when he realized how upset Jason was about the death of Emily and knowing it was his fault. All his fault.

Jason and Aisha looked at Rocky funny. They wondered what he meant by that. They knew it wasn't Rocky's fault. They were concerned that something was up with Rocky.

"Rocky, it wasn't your fault." said Aisha softly. "You weren't behind the wheel. You didn't kill Emily. Don't blame yourself."

Rocky looked up at his friends and thought. If you guys only knew the truth. Why can't I just come out and say it. "I'm still sorry."

"We know." replied Jason. "I just wish Emily was here right now. I miss her so bad. What am I going to do?"

"We'll be here for you Jase." replied Aisha. "We'll be here."

"Including me." said Rocky softy. "I was to selfish. I won't do it again. This time I swear."

"I know." said Jason. "Thanks guys. Let's talk about something else."

Rocky and Aisha nodded and all three started to talk about things ahead for all of them.

* * * *

Tommy and the others were at the Youth Center talking about things especially Rocky and Jason.

"What are we going to do?" asked Tanya. "Jason is very depressed about Emily.">BR>
"I know. Jason's going to be depressed for awhile and we need to find someway to cheer him up." replied Billy.

"Hey, how about going back to the hospital and visiting him." replied Zack.

"That's a good idea, Zack." replied Tommy. "Besides, I left my coat in his room. Let's go."

The rangers plus Billy, Zack, Trini, and Kimberly left the Youth Center and headed to the hospital unknowing to them that Rocky was there.

* * * *

The group was in front of Jason's room when they heard voices coming from Jason's room.

"Do you hear voices or is it just me?" asked Kat.

"It's not you that's for sure." replied Kimberly.

"Someone is in the room with Jason." replied Adam.

"There's more than one." stated Billy.

"Relax, it could be his mom and dad." replied Tommy. "Let's go."

"Right." said the rest of the group.

Tommy opened the door and they entered.

* * * *

The door opened and Rocky and Aisha turned around. Then Rocky's smile faded as quickly as he saw who it was. Aisha looked at Rocky and knew what he was thinking. She turned and looked at Jason who looked like someone who was about to hear a tongue lashing.

Tommy looked straight at Rocky. His smile disappeared when he saw Rocky sitting and talking to Jason. Then he turned to the group and saw that they were staring at him with the same expression. Anger. Tommy wanted to know why Rocky was here now when he should have been here all week. Why did Rocky decided to show up now? Tommy wanted answers and he wanted them now.

Jason saw the anger on Tommy and the other's faces. He knew it was going to get ugly in here. He knew Tommy wanted answers from Rocky and he wanted them fast. He looked at Rocky who just looks like he wanted to hide real bad. Jason looked from the group to Rocky. He didn't want a huge fight on his hands. So he decided he was going to help Rocky out. "Hi guys."

"Hi Jason." murmured Tommy. "Rocky, we need to talk."

"Wait Rocky." started Jason. "Look Tommy don't start. I know that you're mad at Rocky for not coming this week. But he has his reasons. What matters now is that Rocky is making it up. He's here. And that is what should matter."

Ignoring Jason. Tommy couldn't help it. He was beyond reasoning with. He kept staring at Rocky with the anger building. "Rocky where the hell have you been!"

"Tommy." pleaded Rocky softy.

Tommy and the others came in the room shut the door. Tommy went to where Rocky was used to sit and now is standing and is facing Rocky face to face.

"Rocky we're going to settle this right now!" exclaimed Tommy rather loudly.

"Tommy, if you let me explain." Rocky started to say but was cut off when Tommy put his hand on Rocky's shoulder and pushed him to his seat.

"Not just yet! You're going to hear from me first. I have a lot to say. It would have been better if we're alone but since this is the only time we'll probably see other I'm going to have a little chat. First of all, how dare you! I mean how dare you do what you did! Why! Why did you do it! Jason was counting on you to be there for him! But you weren't! The first day I could understand. But not when it's all week. Where the hell were you! Where were you when Jason needed you when he found out about Emily! Huh! Care to explain! Just sit there and shut the hell up I'm not done yet! When we came in the first day when Trini and Zack came home Jason knew that you weren't there! He was disappointed! He was hurt! Where were you! I'll tell you where. You were off on you bike having a good time doing god knows what! You left Jason wondering where were you! He was always there for you when you needed him! When you were having trouble in school, Jason was there to bail you out. He took the rap for you when you fell asleep in class! He spent an hour in detention for you! When you were in trouble in times of battle Jason was there to help you! How do you repay him! You bail out on him when he needed you! That really, really pisses me off! Damn you Rocky! And what hurts the most is that you didn't trust us to come to us and tell us why you didn't see him! Why!" hollered Tommy.

"You want to know why!" shouted Rocky finally getting angry himself. "You want to know why!"

"Yes, we all want to know why!" yelled Tommy.

"I'll tell you why damn it!" hollered Rocky. "For one, you would react like you are now Tommy! You lose you're temper pretty easily. It's hard talking to you when in that kind of mood! You make everyone afraid of you when you get in this fucking mood! No one can tell you their feelings because their afraid that you're going to bite their heads off! Especially me! I know what I did was wrong! I'm sorry for what I did! I regret what I did. I was stupid! Is that what you want to hear, our fearless leader! Because that's what I'm am stupid! I made a freaking mistake! It seems that no one in this group can make a mistake in front of you because you're going to chew us out! You know what Tommy, just because you're our leader doesn't make you our boss! We're all human and we all make mistakes! But to you we can't make mistakes, we have to be perfect! We're not perfect Tommy! We're not you! And you want to know something, you're not perfect either Tommy! You're just as human as we are! You make mistakes to! So before you go and judge me, maybe you should think on that! I came here today to make up for my mistake! I came here for Jason! And to tell you the truth, I don't know why I didn't come to visit Jason. I told them that I was signing students for my class but that's a lie. I can't lie now. I don't know why! Okay! I don't know why I did it but I did it and I'm sorry I did it! It seems I'm paying for it now!"

By the time Rocky was finishing telling off Tommy, the others looked into their hearts and felt their anger melt. In their anger they forgot to take in that everyone make mistakes. Now they realize it and their sorry for it.

Jason looked on and started to speak in a soft voice. "If certain people are finished yelling at each other, I think it's time for you guys to talk things through. Tommy, Rocky made a mistake. If you can't see past that then I don't know what. Rocky is making up for what he did. Isn't that enough. Forget that he went bike riding when he should have been here or hiding from you guys. Rocky is here and that should only matter."

Tommy felt his own anger melt. It made sense. "Rocky, I'm sorry. I kept on thinking what you did to Jason. It hurt me to see Jason hurt like this. He needs us all right now. I just wanted all of us to be here for him. Rocky, you're not stupid. So don't ever say that your stupid because you're not stupid. You're right. I'm not perfect and neither is anyone else. Jason's right. You made a mistake. Everyone else makes mistakes including me. We're all human. You know what. It takes a lot a courage to admit when someone makes a mistake. Besides you're making it up by just being here. That is all that really matters. I'm sorry if I came down on you like that. I just wanted to protect Jason. And whatever reasons you have for not showing up it doesn't matter as long as you show up. Are we still friends?"

"I'm sorry to Tommy." replied Rocky. "I know that you were thinking of Jason. I'm glad that you're not going to beat me up. I hope we're still friends. Are we okay on this?

Everyone laughed. Tommy looked at Rocky and just shook his head. "Yes, Rocky I'm okay on this and we're still friends. After all isn't this what friends are for. No matter if I still was mad at you Rocky, you're my friend. And that is what you'll always be is my friend."

Rocky and Tommy shook hands. Everyone was glad the shouting was over.

"It's about damn time!" said Aisha impatiently. "I didn't think anyone was going to notice me."

The group turned and saw Aisha standing there with her foot tapping.

"Aisha!" shouted Kat who rushed up and gave her best friend a hug.

"Kat!" screamed Aisha. "I missed you so much!"

"Me to!" cried Kat.

"Let us have a turn will you." insisted Adam.

"Adam, good lord, look at you. It's been to long and you've gotten quite handsome." giggled Aisha as she let Kat go and gave Adam the best bear hug a girl can give.

"You know how to embarrass me." blushed Adam.

"I know." laughed Aisha releasing Adam.

"You better not forget me girl." laughed Kimberly.

"Kim!" screeched Aisha as she and Kim hugged.

Aisha next hugged Tanya, Trini, Zack, and Billy. She was so excited to see them again. She couldn't believe this was really happening. She found her family again. You say you can never go home again but that's a fib. To Aisha you can go home again. She pulled away from Billy. She looked and saw Tommy. She then went and pulled Tommy into a hug.

"It's good to see you Tommy." smiled Aisha.

"You to. It's been to long." smiled Tommy.

"Yeah. It's a good thing for us that you didn't beat Rocky's brain in." teased Aisha.

"Funny." moaned Tommy.

Everyone was talking to Aisha. They were having a good time. Jason watched the whole reunion felt left out. "Hey. Remember me. The one in the hospital bed. This is a hospital and you're suppose to visit the sick or the injured. Besides I feel left out."

Everyone turned to Jason and blushed.

"Sorry Jase." laughed Zack.

"No problem as long as you remember me." laughed Jason.

"So how are you?" asked Tanya.

"Besides two people deciding whether they should beat the crap out of each other I'm feeling fine. I'm glad you all decided to work things out. I was going out of my mind thinking of ways to lie to you, Tommy." said Jason.

"Really." replied Tommy with an amused look. "I know when you're lying Jase."

Jason just looked at him. "I'm glad everyone's here. No one's missing are they."

"I don't think so." said Tommy. He looked at Aisha. "By the way Aisha, how did you know?"

"You can thank Rocky." smiled Aisha.

"Rocky" the others echoed.

"Yes me." said Rocky proudly. "I told her a couple of days ago. I thought she had the right to know."

"I do. So Rocky called me and told me what happened. So after I got off the phone with him I booked the next flight to Angel Grove. I just got here today. I'm staying in an hotel. I checked in and then came straight to the hospital."

"Well you're going to check you're self out of that hospital and coming home." said Kat. "I won't take no for an answer. You're my best friend. We have a lot of catching up to do."

"We sure do." smile Aisha.

"Thanks Rocky. I would have forgotten to even tell Aisha." admitted Tommy.

"You would." teased Aisha.

"Funny Aisha. Anyway at least one of us had sense to tell her." stated Tommy.

"You would have gotten to her eventually." replied Rocky.

"Sure he would." teased Aisha.

"Will you stop picking on me." complained Tommy.

"No, I won't stop picking on you." teased Aisha.

"Your impossible." moaned Tommy.

"Aisha, are you staying in Angel Grove or are you going back to Africa?" asked Zack.

"I'm staying." replied Aisha. "I've missed Angel Grove and you guys so much. I don't want to leave again. I'm back and I'm back for good."

"I'm glad you're staying Aisha. If you left again I would miss you all over." smiled Kat.

"Me to Kat. Me to." smiled Aisha.

Everyone laughed and they continued to talk about the past, the present, and what happened with the accident. Jason read his poem to Rocky and Aisha and both agreed it was very good. Then the nurses came in and found eleven people in Jason's room who shouldn't be there and kicked them out. Jason bid his friends goodbye and would talked to them tomorrow. They agreed and left.

* * * *

A full month has passed since the accident. During the month Jason received cards and flowers saying their condolences about Emily and hoping that he'll get well soon. He was so touched by people's outreach to a stranger. He was getting stronger day by day. His friends including Rocky have been a big help. Even though everything worked for the best between Tommy and Rocky there was something strange still going on. Rocky has been acting very strangely during the month. He would crack some jokes or laugh but still Rocky would be quiet or he would stare and say nothing at all. Jason and the others have been increasingly worried about Rocky. It seemed to Jason that Rocky was more depressed about something than Jason after losing Emily. It was hard for Jason not being able to go to the funeral. But the others told him of the service and how his poem and eulogy touched everyone. Jason was still in pain in losing Emily. But he knew in time it would get better. If Jason and the others didn't do anything soon Rocky might do something drastic.

Last week the doctors came in and took Jason to x-rays to see how his bones are doing. The concussion ended two weeks ago, the ribs were fully healed. Now all that was left was his arm and legs. The x-rays came back and Jason was relieved that the casts were coming off. He was going to save them because all his friends had a wonderful time signing them and teasing Jason about it. Then the doctors had Jason go through some therapy to stimulate his legs. It was semi painful but Jason saw the therapy through with the support of his friends and family. Soon the month was over and Jason was released from the hospital.

The trip home for Jason was an excited one. He would be in his own home and in his own bed. Then he could do whatever he mostly wanted. He couldn't wait to start sparing with Tommy, Adam, and Rocky to get back into shape. He couldn't wait to start eating regular food with his friends. To Jason the hospital food was a joke. Then he had to go back to school. He didn't mind because he'll be doing something instead of lying around in that damn hospital bed. When Jason got home his friends threw him a huge welcome home party. When he came in everyone came and hugged him welcoming him back to the outside world. He and his friends ate pizza, talked, and Jason opened the gifts everyone bought him. The party lasted until midnight when everyone left except the former and new rangers who were spending the night. They stayed up until three in the morning when Jason found himself the first one to fall asleep. The others soon fallowed in Jason's footsteps.

It's been three weeks since Jason left the hospital. During the three weeks Jason went and placed flowers on Emily's grave. He prayed that she's happy in a better place. He stands there for awhile just looking down on her. Sometimes Jason wished it was him that died and not her. He would read his poem to Emily and talk about current events. He mostly go alone but the others would wait for him at the gate to make sure everything is fine. Jason was grateful for his friends. He felt that he had the best friends in the world.

One day Jason was in the youth center with his friends enjoying one of Ernie's special drinks talking about the days events. Rocky wasn't there because he had a good excuse. He had a doctor's appointment. This was an excellent opportunity to talk about Rocky's situation.

"Well Jase, you're getting back into shape." teased Kimberly.

"Funny Kim." teased Jason. "I can kick Tommy's butt again."

"Once or twice." laughed Tommy. "You still need to work on your power bro."

"Don't remind me. I hope I don't lose it." said Jason.

"You won't lose your knowledge or power of martial arts." replied Adam. "It's going to take time to gain the skill back. That's all."

"I know." said Jason thoughtfully.

"Jase, is something wrong." asked Tanya looking at Jason's expression. He seemed lost in thought.

Jason snapped back into reality and looked at Tanya. "Huh, oh I'm fine. I was just thinking."

"About Emily." asked Trini.

"Not this time." replied Jason. "It's about Rocky. Haven't you guys notice how weird Rocky's getting lately."

"Jason's right." said Billy. "Something's wrong with Rocky. It seems that Rocky is hiding something. Something big. He doesn't talk anymore. He doesn't' have much of a sense of humor anymore. His mom said his grades are dropping. He's depressed. He's worse than Jason."

"Hey." said Jason. "I have the right to be depressed."

"We know." said Kat. "But as long as you don't let the depression get in the way of your life."

"I know. But back to my earlier question. What are we going to do about Rocky? We have to help him but how." asked Jason.

"You know what I think." replied Adam.

"Tell us." said Aisha.

"Think about it for a minute. Rocky's behavior changed when the accident occurred about a month and a half ago. Something about the accident is bothering Rocky. What I don't know. But I have a bad feeling about something I can't explain." replied Adam.

"Adam's right. Rocky changed after the accident. It seems that he knows something." said Tommy.

"You don't think he would, you know." started Kimberly quietly.

"No. I don't think Rocky would do something that stupid." replied Tommy. "Jase, you talked to Rocky remember."

Jason had to think about for a minute then it hit him. "I remember now. I should have realized it sooner. I know why Rocky's acting like this. I talked to Rocky on the first day. I remember it now. I sort of promised him I wouldn't tell."

"Jase, don't forget secrets are good to a point. But if Rocky's in trouble and if it has to deal with the secret then you should tell so we can help him." said Billy.

"You're right Billy. Well Rocky came in and was silent for a minute. Then I got him talking and he said that he and Samantha broke up because she wanted him to sleep with her. He was very upset about it. He loved Sam the same way I loved Emily. Rocky thinks that Samantha wasn't really interested in the relationship. He thinks that she was after his body. I told him that he did the right thing and shouldn't be pressured into sex. I think his break up with Sam caused this change in Rocky." said Jason softly.

"It makes sense." said Adam. "Rocky really cared about Sam. That may be one of the reasons he stayed away for that one week. That and seeing Sam with someone else. I knew something was going on between them when I saw Sam with Jacob."

"I can't believe it." whispered Kat. "Rocky loves her. And she pressured him for sex and he wasn't ready. That slut."

"Kat." whispered Trini.

"Well she is." insisted Kat. "What are we going to do about Rocky."

"Hey Rocky's my best friend. Let me go talk to him. Don't worry Jason I'll tell Rocky that you only told because you care about him." replied Adam.

"Right. You tell us if he says anything." replied Tommy. "We have to help him."

"Right." said the others.

"Look it's getting late. Let's call it for a day. Besides mom wants Trini, Zack, and myself home by six for dinner and looking at the watch it's five thirty." said Jason. "We have to go."

"Okay, see you three tomorrow." replied Tommy as he watched Trini, Zack, and Jason leave the Youth Center. "Let's all call it a day. I'm tired."

"All right." said the others. The rest of the rangers left the Youth Center. Tommy and Billy walked Kat, Tanya, Aisha, and Kimberly home. Adam headed straight for Rocky's house to talk to him.

* * * *

Adam came up to Rocky's door and knocked. It was six fifteen and Rocky's parents would be home. As expected Maria DeSantos came and answer the door.

"Hello Adam." smiled Maria DeSantos. "How are you today?"

"Fine Mrs. DeSantos. Is Rocky home?" asked Adam.

"Yes he is." replied Maria DeSantos. "He's in the basement working out. Should I call him for you."

"No, I'll go down there and surprise him." said Adam.

"All right. Come in and you know the way." smiled Maria DeSantos.

"Thank you." replied Adam entering the DeSantos household. He went through the kitchen and opened the door to the garage. He went through the door and shut it behind him. He was about to go to the basement when he saw it. Rocky's car which had been covered up by a white sheet was unrevealed. The sheet fell off on its own. Rocky's car was dented on the front part, the windshield was majorly cracked, and the top of the car dented. Adam walked around the car pale as he saw each and every dent. He came to one side and bent down. He saw a couple of drops which look like blood. He took a closer look and saw it was blood. Then he came up and examined the windshield and saw a red stain in one of the cracks. You didn't have to be a genius to figure it was blood. What the hell happened. Thought Adam. When did Rocky get in a car accident. Then as Adam pondered on the thought it hit him. It hit him hard. "Oh my god!" whispered Adam. "No. It can't be. Rocky can't be the one. He can't be the one who did it." Adam knew it was Rocky. He didn't want to admit it was true. But he knew it was. The wreck looked like it happened a month and a half ago. The blood was dry and cracked. Besides there were hardly any accidents in Angel Grove. And that in itself proved that Rocky was the one who caused the accident in which it killed Emily Brooke and seriously injuring Jason.

Adam was in shocked as he looked at the wreck. He couldn't believe his best friend did this. So that's why Rocky was avoiding Jason all week. Thought Adam. Rocky remembered the accident at some point. I remember in the hospital that Rocky was acting strangely. We had a talk and he stated that he couldn't remember things. What's going on? How did Rocky cause this accident? And why didn't he tell anyone? Adam was confused. He knows Rocky was the driver but what is he to do. Should Adam go and tell Detective Oliver that Rocky was the one? Or should he keep it a secret? If he tells then he'll betray Rocky's trust and friendship. Adam didn't want that to happen. They'd been friends since they were kids. But if Adam kept it a secret things would keep getting worse. When Jason finds out that Rocky was the one who killed Emily then there's hell to pay. But what about Emily's family? Don't they deserve Justice and peace for their daughter. One thing's for sure. Adam has to do the right thing. Adam was pondering these questions when a door behind him opened.

* * * *

Rocky opened the door. He was exhausted from a hard work out. He wanted to take a hot bath to soak his aching body. He walked through the door and stopped. His heart was pounding hard in his chest. His body started trembling with fear. He started to sweat. His eyes were wide as he saw Adam starring at his wrecked car. Rocky knew that Adam knew it was him. Rocky started to moan wondering how much Adam knew and how long was he there.

Adam heard Rocky moan and turned around. He saw Rocky shaken, pale, and frightened. Seeing Rocky like this confirms his suspicions. He hated seeing his best friend like this.

"Rocky?" asked Adam softly.

"Adam how much do you know." whispered Rocky.

"Enough to know that you were the one who caused the accident." replied Adam. "Want to talk about it?"

Rocky succumbed to his fears. And after a month and a half of the guilt, shame, and fear that he carried on his shoulders, Rocky started to cry. He couldn't help it.

Adam was concerned for his friend. He knew that Rocky carried the guilt for so long that he couldn't comprehend the hell Rocky is going through. He came to his friend put an arm around Rocky's shoulder and helped him to a nearby bench and sat next to his friend. "Rocky, it would help you feel better if you talk to me. I'm here for you."

"Why aren't you screaming at me?" sobbed Rocky.

"Because you're my friend." replied Adam. "I'm mad that's true but I'm not going to yell at you. There's not point to it. You need someone on you're side. Besides, I can't imagine the hell you're going through. Please tell me what happened. I know you didn't do this on purpose. After which we'll figure what to do next."

"I don't want you involved Adam." said Rocky wiping his tears.

"It's too late for that." replied Adam quietly. "I want to help. But I can't unless you tell me what happened."

Rocky nodded and preceded to tell Adam what happened. "Well it all started a month and a half ago. Sam and I were walking in the park. We started talking and she mentioned sex and I didn't want to. So we started fighting and I broke up with her. Then I went to a bar and had a couple of beers. Then sometime later I came out, went in my car and drove off. I came to an intersection and I tried to slow down when I saw two couple crossing the street. But I couldn't and I hit two people. I didn't know who they were. I...I didn't stop. I kept on going. I was so scared. My judgement was all missed up. I should have stopped and waited for the police. I drove home and went to sleep. The excuse I made in the hospital was a lie. I wasn't sick. I had a major hangover but I wasn't sick. I don't know why I did it. I don't know what to do. I'm so scared. I'm sorry. I'm truly sorry. I didn't want this to happen."

Rocky started crying again. Adam felt so bad for his friend. He wanted to help Rocky. And he was going to help Rocky even though Rocky could go to jail. Adam put a hand on Rocky's shoulder. He was going to be there for Rocky from there on. Like he always does. "Rocky, I'm going to be there for you all the way. No matter what's going to happen. Rocky, you're going to have to confess."

"I can't!" sobbed Rocky. "I'm. . .I'm scared."

"I know." replied Adam quietly. "But don't you think Jason has the right to know. What about Emily's family. They lost their daughter because of you're stupidity. Rocky you shouldn't have drunk in the first place. You should have told me or someone of your problems. You don't use the bottle to escape you're problems.. That's what idiots do. You have to tell and face you're punishment. Besides keeping this to yourself it's only going to drive you up the wall and eat away at you. Telling someone what you did well help you feel better."

"You're not the one who's going through this." replied Rocky firmly. "I know what I did was stupid. I'll always live with what I've done. I'm scared to go to prison."

"I know that I'm not the one going through it. And I know that you're scared. But you have to think about Jason and Emily. You can't be selfish, Roc. Besides you're a power ranger and you have to do the right thing." replied Adam.

"I know but I don't think I can do it." said Rocky softly.

"Well Rocky, you're putting me in a bad spot. If you don't tell Detective Oliver then I'll have to." sighed Adam.

"You wouldn't do that to m!." pleaded Rocky. "I thought you're my friend!"

"I am you're friend. That' s why I'm doing this. To help you." replied Adam. "I tell you what. I'm going to give you and ultimatum. You have a week to tell Detective Oliver what happened. Rocky it was an accident. You didn't mean to kill Emily and hurt Jason. Everyone's gonna be mad at you that's for sure. But when everyone cools down and see that you didn't meant to cause the accident they'll forgive you at some point in time. If you don't tell then I'm going to and that's going to make the situation even worse. It's up to you to make things right. You're choice. I will count the number of days before you're deadline."

Rocky thinks about it and see's Adam's view on the situation. "I'll think about it. Adam can you stay awhile."

"Sure." replied Adam.

"One question?" asked Rocky.

"Shoot." said Adam.

"What are you doing here?" asked Rocky.

"Well everyone was talking about you, Roc. Everyone's concerned about the way you've been acting. So Jason told us the reason why you were acting so strange. Don't be mad at him, he was only concerned about you." replied Adam.

"I know." said Rocky. "I'm not mad either."

"Let's go to your room and talk." said Adam.

Rocky nodded and both headed for Rocky's room to talk things through.

* * * *

It was late at night and Jason was tossing in his sleep. Jason was dreaming about the accident. The last couple of nights Jason would dream about the accident picking up pieces of what happened. He would wake up screaming when the car would hit them. He asked his father what was happening to him. His father said that the memory of the accident was slowly coming back to him. Maybe when Jason remembers all of the details of the accident then an arrest could be made. Tonight was no different from the last two. He and Emily came out of the night club and was walking towards his jeep. They stopped and exchanged a few words, kiss and then headed for his vehicle. Then out of nowhere a car came rushing down the street towards them. Jason screamed for Emily to look out. As the car came closer Jason thought he saw the driver. As he was trying to see the driver closely Jason suddenly woke up without making a positive id. He could have screamed in frustration. He was covered in a thin layer of sweat wondering if he would ever remember. He sat in bed for a few minutes thinking about the dream He got out of bed and went to his bathroom, splashed some water on his face, then climbed back into bed. He sighed, lie back down, shut his eyes, and went back to sleep.

* * * *

The next day slowly passed. Everyone was at the Youth Center. They were talking about the day's events. Everyone but three people. Jason sat there looking into his soda, Adam was looking at Rocky and then would look away, Rocky was squirming uncomfortable in his chair and slowly slipping his soda. He hardly ate any food that was on his plate. Aisha was watching all three of them and was extremely worried.

"Are you three all right?" asked Aisha. "You three look bummed out."

Jason, Adam, and rocky looked at Aisha and gave her a small smile. Then Jason spoke up. "We're okay."

"Yeah right." replied Aisha. "Jason, you look like you didn't get enough sleep. Adam you look you've swallowed a canary or something. Rocky, you look like something's really is bothering you. I know something's wrong when you don't touch you're food."

"Something's defiantly wrong if Rocky isn't eating anything." teased Kimberly.

"Okay what's wrong." replied Tommy ignoring Kim. "Spill it."

"I had the dream again.' replied Jason. "Just as I see the driver I wake up. I didn't see that person clearly."

"It's okay Jase." replied Billy. "You'll remember in time."

"Adam what about you?" asked Tanya.

Adam looked at Rocky and watched Rocky squirm a little. "Nothing. I'm just a little tired and I have things on my mind."

"Okay. What about you Rocky?" asked Zack.

"Just thinking about things." replied Rocky.

Tommy looked at them and then shrugged. He knew something was wrong but he waited for them to tell him. He glanced at his watch and saw how late it was getting. "Hey guys it's getting late. We better go."

Everyone nodded and got up and said their goodbyes. Adam left with Rocky and they headed for Adam's house.

"Adam, you could have said something." said Rocky softly.

"I know." replied Adam.

"Why didn't you?" asked Rocky.

"Like I said before Rocky. It's up to you. I'm leaving the decision to you." replied Adam. "So have you made you're decision."

"No, not really. Well sort of. I don't know." said Rocky.

"Don't forget our deal." replied Adam as they approach his home. "See you tomorrow."

"I won't." replied Rocky. "See you."

Adam and Rocky said their goodbyes and Rocky left for his home.

* * * *

Jason ate dinner and headed for bed. During the night the dream came back. Jason was again forced to watch the accident in which Emily was killed. Jason thought this dream was going to be same. But he was wrong. He watched as he and Emily started to cross the crosswalk. Then he saw the car coming towards them. As the car hit Jason, Jason got a good look at the driver. He saw the driver was Rocky. Jason was shocked. One of his best friends cause the accident. He woke up screaming.

"NOOOOO!" screamed Jason as he shot up.

Sarah and Donavon heard their son's screams and rushed in. They rushed to his side.

"Baby, are you okay." asked Sarah.

"Mom, hold me." whispered Jason as tears fell from his eyes.

Sarah gathered Jason in her arms and gently rocked him.

"Son, what was the dream about?" asked Donavon.

Wiping his tears, Jason replied with a small lie, "It was about Emily. I keep dreaming that the car hitting her over and over."

"Oh sweetheart." replied Sarah sadly. "Everything's going to be okay. Give it time. I know it's hard to lose someone you love. But in time the pain will be less and you'll find someone to love again."

"Jason as long as you remember the love you and Emily shared and the good times you had then Emily isn't really gone. She'll be in you're heart forever." said Donavon.

"Thanks dad." replied Jason with a small smile.

"Think you can sleep." asked Sarah.

"Yeah." replied Jason.

"Okay, night sweetie." said Sarah kissing Jason's forehead.

"Night son." said Donavon.

"Night mom and dad." said Jason.

Sarah and Donavon left Jason and headed towards their room. Jason watched them go. He then got out of bed and walked towards his window. He looked out as tears came from his eyes. He couldn't believe Rocky was the one who hit them.

"No" whispered Jason. "Not Rocky. Why did it have to be him?"

Jason looked out of the window at the black sky. He kept thinking about the accident, Rocky, and Rocky's behavior. It made sense. The way Rocky's been acting and know Jason knows why. The more Jason thought about it the more Jason became hurt and angry. He wanted to know why. Why did Rocky do it? He's going to find out. He's going to confront Rocky soon. Jason filled with determination went back to sleep.

* * * *

The next two days passed slowly. During the two days when everyone would meet Jason kept giving Rocky dirty looks. Rocky was confused to as why Jason was giving him dirty looks. On the third day which happens to be Thursday a day before Rocky's deadline Rocky was walking on the beach thinking about what to do.

Jason was trying to find Rocky to confront him about the accident. He spotted Rocky on the beach. Jason saw Rocky sitting on the sand with his arms in his hands. Jason didn't pity Rocky right now. Full of anger Jason went down and stood behind Rocky.

"Rocky." replied Jason.

Rocky was startled by Jason's voice. He got up and turned to face Jason. "Jason?"

Without saying a word Jason punched Rocky hard in the face. Rocky felt Jason's blow and fell backwards on his butt. Rocky was stunned by what has happened. "Jason, why did you do that?"

"Don't say a word!" growled Jason. "Why did you do it Rocky? Why?"

"Do what?" whispered Rocky.

Jason grabbed Rocky by the shirt pulling him up on his feet and pushing him into the tree. "Don't play innocent with me, you bastard! How dare you do what you did! I want to know why! Damn it Rocky Why?!"

"If you tell me then I can tell you why?" replied Rocky getting angry himself.

"Damn you!" growled Jason. ‘Why did you hit Emily and me? I remember the accident! I saw the driver of the car! It was you Rocky! You did it! You've killed Emily!"

Rocky was pale as Jason revealed that he knew that he was the one who killed Emily. Rocky started to shake as the tears fell form his eyes. Rocky fell to his knees sobbing uncontrollably.

Jason felt a little of his anger met as he realized the hell Rocky was going through. "Come on Rocky, get up. We're going to have a little chat. Then we're going to my house and you'll going to tell Mr. Oliver what happened?"

Jason grabbed Rocky by the collar and dragged him towards his house listening to Rocky as he explained what happened that night.

* * * *

The Scott's had their friends over for dinner. They specially invited the Brooke's over for dinner. It's been ten weeks since their daughter died and they hardly went out anymore. Sarah thought having them over for dinner would help them overcome their pain. They were having a quiet dinner when the door flew opened and Jason came in dragging Rocky behind him.

Everyone just started as Jason came up to the table with Rocky tumbling along. Donavon decided to speak up. "Jason are you and Rocky deciding to play a new game."

"Not really." replied Jason.

"Then why are you dragging Rocky like he was a doll." replied Donavon.

"Because Rocky has something to get off his chest. Isn't that right Rocky." said Jason looking at Rocky.

Adam looked at Rocky and then at Jason. He saw Jason and knew Jason remembered the accident. He must of confronted Rocky because Rocky had beginning look of a black eye. Jason must have hit him. Thought Adam. Things are going to get ugly.

Rocky looked at everyone. Then he looked at the Brookes. He saw their pain. He felt so guilty. The guilt gotten to Rocky and he couldn't stand it anymore. He decided to tell the truth. He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked to see Jason looking at him.

"Go ahead." replied Jason. He knew how hard this must be for Rocky.

"Mr. Oliver I have a confession to make." replied Rocky shaking.

"Rocky, you're shaking." said Mr. Oliver. "What is it?"

Taking a deep breath Rocky started to tell the truth. "Mr. Oliver I'm the one who ran Emily and Jason down that night. I just broke up with Sam dn then I went to a bar to drink my problems away. Then I got into my car and sped off. I came to an intersection. I couldn't think straight and I kept on going. I saw two people in the crosswalk. I tried to slow down but it was to late. I hit them and then I left. I came home and parked my car. I didn't mean to. It was an accident! I swear!"

Rocky heard the forks dropping to the plates. He looked around and saw tears coming from everybody. Especially he saw the Brookes wide eyed and in tears.

Everyone was stunned by Rocky's confession. No one wanted to believe Rocky. They didn't want it to be true. Then Mr. Oliver spoke up. "Rocky, that's a very serious confession. Are you sure?"

"Yes." replied Rocky. "I'm the one who caused the accident."

"Rocky please tell me you're only joking." said Jose DeSantos softly. "It's not true. My son couldn't have done this."

"Please papa don't. I'm not lying." said Rocky quietly. "Remember me telling you what happened to my car. Well I couldn't remember because I had a side effect of the beer. It took a couple of days before I did remember. I didn't hit a pole. I hit Emily and Jason. I'm not joking papa. It's true."

"No." whispered Maria. "Oh baby."

"I'm sorry. I really am." sobbed Rocky.

"Why didn't you say anything?" asked Detective Oliver sadly.

"I was scared." replied Rocky looking down. Before he did he glanced at Tommy's direction. He saw Tommy angry. But never did he seen Tommy so pissed off before. He was scared. He was afraid of what Tommy was going to do or say.

Tommy was shocked at Rocky's revelations. He couldn't believe the confession. He sat there in a terrible silence. Anger was filling through his body. All he could see was Jason laid up in the hospital for eight weeks and Emily being put in the ground. He's never been this angry before.

"Are you positive?" asked Detective Oliver. "I don't want to arrest an innocent person."

"He's telling the truth." replied Jason. He hated to do it but the truth had to come out. "I was having dreams about the accident. I finally remembered what happened. Everyone happened but as we crossed the street the car came at us. When the car hit us I took a good look at the driver. It was Rocky."

"God no!" cried Nancy Brooke. "Oh Rocky no!"

Rocky continued to look down as the tears fell. He didn't know what to say. He couldn't. It would be very cruel of him to say he was sorry. So he looked down.

"If Jason's telling the truth and Rocky's confessing to this crime than I have no choice." said Frank Oliver sadly. He hated this part of the job.

Before Rocky or Mr. Oliver could reply Tommy got up from the table and with rage in his eyes punched Rocky in the stomach. Billy and Zack got up to restrain their angry leader.

"You son of a bitch!" growled Tommy. "How dare you! You have the gall to say you're sorry! Damn you Rocky! You hit Jason and Emily. You've killed Emily right away. She never had a chance. You put Jason in the hospital for eight weeks! You've kept it a secret! No wonder you've stayed away from Jason for a week! Because you knew what happened! Damn it! Didn't you trust us to tell us!"

"Thomas Steven Oliver!" roared Mr. Oliver. "Stop it right now! I know you're angry with him but just stop it! Calm down right now! We're going to straighten this out. Rocky, can you take us and show us the car."

"Yes." gasped Rocky as he got up from the ground. He was still winded from the punch Tommy gave him. "I'll take you to the garage."

"I'll call for a warrant. I can get it real fast. Jason you come to. I need you to id the vehicle. Maria and Jose I need you're permission to enter you're home. The rest of you stay here. I'll call you." said Detective Frank Oliver softly.

"Of course." whispered Sarah Scott in shocked.

"You have our permission." replied Jose DeSantos shocked.

"Let's go boys." replied Detective Oliver.

Rocky and Jason nodded and followed Detective Frank Oliver out of the house.

* * * *

Everyone sat there in silence. They didn't know what to think. Silence reigned for twenty minutes before Alan spoke up. "I better take Nancy home. Things are going to get worse. Nancy and I need to talk about what has happened. Maria, Jose, I'm sure things are going to work out. Come Nancy. Goodnight." said Alan Brooke.

"Thanks." said Maria.

"Bye." said Sarah showing the Brooke's to the door. She came back. "Zack, Trini, can you take the others to your room. Us parents need to talk."

"Well do." said Zack mentioning to the others.

The group got up and headed for Zack's room. Leaving the parents to talk things through.

* * * *

When everyone piled in Zack's room, Zack shut the door and locked it. Then they preceded to talk about what happened.

"This is a big mess." said Billy softly.

"I can't believe it." sobbed Kim.

Trini put her arm around Kim. "Everything's gonna work out. I know it."

Kat started to cry. This situation was tearing everyone apart. Tommy came and sat next to her and put his arm around her. "Sorry I blew up back there."

"It's okay." whispered Kat. "You had every right to blow up at Rocky."

"I can't believe it." said Tanya. "What's going to happen?"

"I don't know." replied Tommy.

"It's going to get a lot uglier." said Zack quietly.

"Can we forgive Rocky." asked Aisha. "I mean it was an accident."

"No!" said Tommy firmly. "What Rocky did was wrong? He should have trusted us to tell us."

"He was scared." replied Aisha. If it was you who caused the accident. Then you would be scared to. Rocky needs some support. I'm going to support Rocky. It was an accident. He didn't mean to."

"Aisha's right." said Adam.

"You knew didn't you." replied Billy looking at Adam.

"Yes. I saw the car a couple of days ago. I talked to Rocky and he confessed to me. I gave him an ultimatum. To confess within a week or I'll confess for him. I guess Jason got to him first. Tommy, Rocky's going through hell for what he's done. He's going to live with it for the rest of his life. That's punishment enough." said Adam.

"That's not good enough." growled Tommy. "No matter what he's done. I can't forgive him."

"Me neither." replied Kim.

The others followed in Tommy's example. Aisha and Adam looked at each other. They don't know what to do.

* * * *

Detective Oliver pulled up at the DeSantos resident after he got the warrant. He felt bad for Rocky. The poor kid. Thought Frank. I hope it's not true. He got out and the boys followed. "Okay Rocky. Let's get this over with. Show me the car."

Rocky nodded. "Follow me. I'll just open the garage door for you."

Rocky led Frank Oliver and Jason to the garage door. He opened the garage door. Frank Oliver looked in as Rocky turned on the light. Both Jason and Frank Oliver paled as they saw Rocky's car.

"Oh god!" whispered Frank. "It's true."

Rocky sat on the bench and cried. Jason looked at the car as he saw the dents and the drops of blood. Then he looked at Rocky. It's true Jason was mad but after what Tommy did to him and what is going to happen he felt his anger start to melt. Jason was confused.

"Jason, is this the vehicle that hit you?" asked Frank Oliver.

"Yes." replied Jason sadly.

"Okay. Rocky, I hate to do this but it has to be done." said Frank Oliver solemnly.

"I understand." whispered Rocky.

"Rockwell Timothy DeSantos I'm placing you under arrest for the murder of Emily Brooke, attempted murder of Jason Scott, driving under the influence, hit and run, and leaving the accident scene. Please stand up and turn around." replied Frank Oliver feeling sick to his stomach.

Rocky did as he was told as he was handcuffed by Frank Oliver. "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say and do can be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. I f you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed for you. Do you understand each of the rights that I just stated?"

"Yes I do." answered Rocky quietly.

"Let's go." said Frank Oliver. "I'll call headquarters to pick up you're vehicle. Come on Jason. I have to get you home.

Jason nodded as he watched the whole scene. He was frightened for Rocky. As they shut the garage door Jason asked Mr. Oliver a question. "Mr. Oliver will Rocky be safe. He won't be locked up with some of the criminals."

Mr. Oliver looked at Jason and saw the concern. "No Jason. I won't let that happen to Rocky. Besides, Rocky is a minor. I'm going to place him in a holding cell away from the criminals. Nothing's going to happen to him I promise."

"Thanks." replied Jason relieved.

Frank Oliver led Rocky to his car and placed him in the back seat. Then Jason got in and they were off. Jason was feeling sick to his stomach. He didn't want to see Rocky in prison. No matter what he did. Frank Oliver dropped Jason off and then preceded to Angel Grove's 3rd precinct to file charges.

* * * *

Jason stood there as Frank Oliver drove off with a scared Rocky. Then he went inside his house. When he came in he found everyone in the living room waiting. His friends where there. He saw the look on Tommy and the others. He knew they wouldn't forgive Rocky so easily. He shut the door as he came in.

"Jason?" asked Sarah Scott getting up from her recliner. "What happened?"

"It's true." whispered Jason. "There were dents and everything. There were drops of blood on the car. There were some blood in the cracks on the windshield. Then Mr. Oliver asked me if this was the car and I told him that it was."

"What happened to Rocky?" asked Jose DeSantos feeling sick.

Tears were streaming down Jason's face. "Mr. Oliver charged and arrested Rocky. They're at the station right now."

"We've got to go." sobbed Maria.

"Right." said Jose. "We have to see our son."

Sarah and Donavon said nothing as they handed the DeSantos their coats and they left to see Rocky. Once they left Donavon went to his son. "Jason, what was Rocky charged with.?"

"Rocky's been charged with murder, attempted murder, driving under the influence, hit and run, and leaving the scene. Dad, it was awful seeing Mr. Oliver turn Rocky around, read him his rights, and then handcuff Rocky!" sobbed Jason.

"I know." whispered Donavon.

Then Jason heard the remark. "Good." said Tressa Oliver.

"Tressa." said Sarah. "That's not a nice thing to say."

"I can't help it." said Tressa vehemently. "Rocky hit them! He was drunk! He should have know better. You don't use the bottle as an escape route! Sarah and Donavon you should be pissed off. Can you shrug it off like that? What about Jason? Rocky almost killed you're son! He killed Emily! What about the Brooke's? They finally can have justice! Their daughter's killer is in jail!"

"We know." stated Donavon. ‘Rocky is only a kid. Rocky made a mistake. If it was another teenager it might be the same but different. He didn't mean to. On the other hand if it was an adult it's another matter. Rocky's going to live with this for the rest of his life."

"Mom's right." said Tommy angry. "Rocky committed a crime. Rocky has to pay like the rest of the criminals."

"Tommy, Rocky didn't mean to?" replied Adam quietly.

"Makes no difference. A crime is a crime not matter what age." replied James Cranston. "I hope Rocky rots in jail.'

"Me too!" replied most of the parents and friends with the exception of Jason, his parents, Adam and his parents and Aisha.

Jason had enough of it. He ran from the living room and head straight for the basement. He needed time to think.

"Let him be Sarah." replied Donavon. Jason needs to be by himself right now."

"You're right. It's getting late. I think everyone should leave." replied Sarah.

Everyone nodded and left. Sarah and Donavon held each other while silently praying that everything's going to work out.

* * * *

It's been three weeks since the arrest. It was made public that an arrest has been made in the accident in which Emily Brooke was killed and Jason Scott was injured. The public also knew of the driver. It was made known that Rocky DeSantos, a sixteen year old was driving under the influence and caused the accident. Bail was set for one hundred thousand dollars in which the DeSantos could not afford. Neither could they afford an attorney for their son. One was appointed for Rocky by the public. Maria and Jose had a long talk with their son. They were disappointed for what Rocky's done but they were behind him and loved him no matter what. Trial was set for three p.m. Monday.

The public in Angel Grove had no sympathy for Rocky. They harassed his family saying that their son was a murderer. Things between the rangers and Rocky except for Adam and Aisha got worse. They wanted nothing to do with Rocky. They weren't going to testify on Rocky's behalf. They were still angry. Their parents were even worse. The Brookes didn't know what to do. They wanted justice that's true but if it costs a sixteen year old life in prison then it wasn't worth it.

Jason was on the beach thinking things out. He was mad at Rocky for what he's done. But with everything that is happening he wasn't so sure anymore. He thought that what Rocky did was wrong. That's true but Rocky is his friend. And these days the only friends Rocky has was Adam and Aisha. Rocky made a mistake and he's learning from it. Rocky's going to live with what he's done. Jason already forgive him that night. But it took a little longer to get through the anger. Jason decided that he's going to stick up for Rocky. Because Rocky was his friend, and everyone else is treating him like crap. Rocky needs all the friends he could get. He got up. He's going to help Rocky. And he's going do it at the trial. Speaking of his friends Jason doesn't hate them. They have a right to be angry. He's going to have to convince them in time to forgive Rocky. But it's going to take time. He saw Adam and Aisha and went up to them telling them his plan. Besides, Jason knew one person who would forgive Rocky. That person was Emily.

* * * *

It was Monday. The day of the trail. It was the People Vs. Rocky DeSantos and the trial was being televised. It trial went on for at least three hours. Rocky was on the stand and the prosecutor was taking him apart.

Jason was sitting next to Adam and Aisha. He already told his parents his decision and they were behind him one hundred percent.

"It doesn't look good for Rocky." whispered Jason.

"Yeah. The prosecutor is ripping Rocky to shreds." replied Adam.

"The prosecutor is seeking ten to fifteen years for Rocky." said Aisha.

"There has to be some other punishment than a prison sentence." said Adam. Rocky is only a minor. This is an adult punishment. I can't bear the thought of Rocky in prison having god knows what done to him."

"Think of the emotional scars Rocky's going to have if he goes to prison." replied Aisha in tears.

"This trial is turning into a media circus." said Jason. "It ends now!"

"What are you going to do?" asked Adam.

"This." replied Jason. Jason stood up. "May I interrupt the court for a minute you're honor."

The court and the media quickly turned to Jason. Tommy wondered what is going on with his best friend. Everyone was thinking the same thing.

"Young man, I don't think that this is the time or place." replied Judge Turner.

"As the matter of fact, you're honor I think it is." replied Jason. "My name is Jason Lee Scott. I'm one of the victims that the defendant hit."

"Of course." replied Judge Turner. "You may proceed."

"Thank you." said Jason approaching the front of the courtroom. "I have an request to ask the court."

"What is it?" asked Judge Turner.

"I want the charges of Rockwell Timothy DeSantos dropped." replied Jason.

"What?" asked the judge in shocked.

The whole courtroom was in an uproar. The prosecutors were objecting, people were whispering,. The media was focusing on Jason. Adam and Aisha were wide eyed with shock. Along with everybody else. Rocky was pale and just stared at Jason. Then the judge pounded his gavel.

"Order! Order! This court will come to order!" demanded Judge Turner. When the courtroom came to order the judge then went on. "Jason, that cannot happen. I'm sorry."

"Please hear me out!" begged Jason.

"All right." said Judge Turner. "I don't know if it's going to make any difference but proceed."

"Thank you." replied Jason. "I"ll get to the point. When I found out that Rocky was the driver I was mad like everyone else. I wanted justice like the rest of you. But I found myself forgiving Rocky. You see Rocky is one of my best friends. Then and Now. He's a great person if you get to know him. He's funny, sweet, charming, caring, sensitive person I know. He loves to help kids. He would teach kids martial arts. He gives his time to charity. In other words Rocky is a great person. He's fun to be around with. What I'm getting at is Rocky wouldn't do anything to hurt anybody. Not on purpose. Rocky was drunk. He made a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes but people can learn from them. Rocky made a serious mistake that cost Emily her life. He didn't do it intentionally. It was an accident. Rocky is learning from his mistake. I know a crime is a crime and he should be punished. I agree with that. But sending a sixteen year old to prison for ten to fifteen years is harsh. You giving an adult punishment. That's not right. It could scar him for the rest of his life. Rocky's being punished as we speak. He has to live with the knowledge that it was him who caused Emily to day. He has to live with that for the rest of his life, day by day, hour by hour, and minute by minute. If that's not punishment enough then I don't know what is. He's going through hell. Besides, this is Rocky's first offense and punishing him like this isn't right. Instead why don't you revoke his license, send him to AA meetings, therapy, and community service. Rocky regrets what he's done. I think we should forgive him. I know I have. I know of someone who would forgive him as well. That's Emily. She's a forgiving person no matter how serious the offense is. And I know in my heart that she already forgave Rocky. Don't send him to prison. I beg of you. Thank you for listening to me."

Everyone in the courtroom was moved by Jason's speech all except Tommy and the rangers. They felt that they were betrayed by Rocky. Jason sat back down as he saw the tears in his eyes but everyone else as well. Adam and Aisha gave Jason a warm hug as well as his parents. They told him that they were so proud of him that he could find the courage to forgive. Then another surprising move came. It was from Emily's family.

"You're honor." said Alan Brooke. "What Jason said makes sense. It was going through our minds as well. We think what would we do if Emily was in Rocky's place. Emily would forgive Rocky. He may killed our daughter but it was an accident. He didn't mean it. He's going to live with the guilt for the rest of his life. That's justice for us. If Jason can forgive Rocky than so do we. We are dropping the charges on Rocky."

The courtroom went into a total uproar. It took ten minutes for the judge to get complete order of his courtroom. Then the court settled down. "Are you sure about this?"

"Positive." replied Nancy. "We forgive Rocky. As long as you give Rocky the conditions set by Jason."

"Granted. Rocky please take your seat and remain standing." ordered Judge Turner. Rocky did as he was told. "Rockwell Timothy DeSantos the court is dropping all charges brought upon you. But on these terms. You're license will be revoke. You will not be issued a new license for four years. You must attend AA meetings for one year, attend therapy for one year, and perform at least one hundred and fifty hours of community service. Have you learned your lesson Rocky? Do you accept my terms?"

"Yes you're honor. I learned my lesson. I want to apologize for my actions. I'm really sorry for what I've done. I didn't meant to cause the accident." replied Rocky.

"Very good. Court is adjourned. Please rise." said Judge Turner pounding the gavel to dismiss the court. He got up and left. Once he left Rocky's parents went to their son and hugged him.

"Rocky." cried Maria.

"Mama." sobbed Rocky hugging his parents. Then he let go and went to the Brookes. "Mr. and Mrs. Brooke I'm really sorry. I know that won't help Emily but I'm sorry and thank you."

"It helps Rocky." sobbed Nancy. "We know it was an accident Rocky. If you have a problem. Talk to us. We don't hate you."

"No." smiled Alan. "Angry yes. Hate no. The person have to thank is Jason."

Rocky went to Jason and hugged him. "Thank you Jason. I don't know how to repay you. I owe you my freedom. I don't deserve you as a friend."

"Stop that." smiled Jason. "You're my friend no matter what. We stick to together. I can't shrug you off because you did something stupid. Friends stick together till the very end. That's what friends are for. But you will come with me to visit Emily."

"Yes he will." replied Jose DeSantos. "Thank you Jason. Rocky you're grounded for four months. But you can hang out with you're friends for at least three hours a day then you'll have to come home and do chores."

"Okay papa." said Rocky knowing he was going to be grounded anyway. "I will go with you. It is the least I can do. Thank you for sticking up for me. Adam, Jason, and Aisha. You don't know how much this means to me."

"Yes we do." replied Aisha. "Like Jason said. That's what friends are for. But if you have a problem you talk to us."

"Yeah." said Adam hugging his friends.

"I'm going to get hassled everywhere I go." said Rocky quietly.

"No you won't" replied Jason firmly. "Because if they do then they have to answer to me."

"And me." said Adam.

"And me." said Aisha.

"Come on kids let's go home." smiled Sarah.

They started to leave when Tommy and the others came up.

"Mom, we'll catch up with you." said Jason.

"Okay, we'll be outside the building." replied Sarah as she and the rest of the parents walked off.

"Jason why did you stick up for Rocky?" asked Tommy.

"The same reason I'll stick up for you if you were in Rocky's place. Because Rocky's my friend. If you don't know why then you better find out what friendship means." replied Jason.

"But." started Tommy but Jason cut him off.

"No buts Tommy. Friends do whatever they can for friends. Friends stick up for friends. Friends help friends in need." replied Jason. "Friends also find it in their hearts to forgive. You all need to look deep within you and find that forgiveness. I forgive Rocky. He made a mistake. It's that simple. But you guys need time away from Rocky to find the peace and to figure what you want. When you do, you'll know where to find us."

With that said Adam, Jason, Aisha, and Rocky left the courtroom.

* * * *

A week has passed since the trial. It was all in the papers. People thought about Jason's speech on forgiveness and making mistakes. They forgave Rocky at some point in time. A few people harassed Rocky but it was stopped quickly by Jason, Adam, and Aisha. The Scott's, DeSantos's, Park's, Brooke's, and Aisha become closer than ever. The friendship between Jason, Adam, Rocky, and Aisha became stronger than ever. Their bond could not be broken. The rangers haven't been around Jason, Adam, and Aisha as long as Rocky was around them. The anger was still to great. As promised Rocky and Jason goes and visits Emily and brings her flowers and they talk to her. Adam and Aisha accompany them as well.

One day Jason, Rocky, Adam, and Aisha sat on the beach talking amongst themselves. Suddenly Tommy and the others showed up.

"We need to talk." said Tommy.

Jason and the others got to their feet. "Go on."

"We all are still angry. We need more time. The point is we can't have Rocky on the team while we're still angry. Not right now. We've talked it over with Zordon and he agrees that it is for the best. We should stay away from Rocky or we'll end up hurting each other. Rocky we want you to give up you're Zeo Crystal." replied Tommy.

Jason started to say that this was unfair but Rocky stopped him. "I know. I've talked to Zordon already. He said I could chose my replacement. I've already made my choice."

Rocky came to Jason. "Jason, I want you to take my zeo crystal. You deserve it. You've stood up for me when no one else would. You've defended me like a true power ranger that you are. You were there for me. Most of all you're my friend. You deserve the Zeo Ranger III crystal most of all. Please do this for me. And I'm sure. Adam and Aisha agreed with me when I talked to them about it."

"I'll do it but only until Tommy and the others forgive you." replied Jason.

"Alright. What do you think Tommy?" asked Rocky.

"I couldn't pick anyone else to assume the role." agreed Tommy.

"Here's goes. I call on the power of the Zeo Ranger III blue." called Rocky. His crystal appeared and floated over to Jason and enveloped Jason in a blue light. Jason felt the power rushing through him. When he looked down he was in Zeo Ranger III's uniform.

"Looking sharp bro." smiled Tommy.

"Yeah." smiled Adam. "Wondered what you look like in blue."

Jason demorphed and everyone smiled. Tommy nodded and the rest of the group left. Rocky handed Jason his communicator. Jason, Adam, Rocky, and Aisha sat back down.

"Do you think Tommy and the others would forgive me?" asked Rocky.

"Of course." smiled Jason. "He agreed with you and that's a sign that in time everything will turn out for the best."

"Just give it time." said Adam. "Tommy and the others have to work through the anger like the rest of us did. We were angry but we saw past that. Tommy and the others will do the same."

"You think so." asked Rocky. "Things won' t ever be the same again."

"No it won't. But as long as we remember what friendship means than we'll make it. Just give it time." said Aisha.

"Come on it's getting late." replied Jason.

Rocky smiled. It was great having friends like Adam, Jason, and Aisha. He hoped Tommy and the others would forgive him in time. For now Rocky has to go to therapy, AA meetings, among other things. He knows that Jason and the others will be there for him. He also knew that Tommy and the rest of the rangers will be there for him. All Rocky has to do is to give Tommy and the others their space. Like Jason, Adam, and Aisha said only time will tell. They all got up and headed for home as the sun started to set.

The End