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I'll Be There For You
Written By Michelle

Tommy Oliver sat in the hospital in a state of nervousness and shock. He was pale white, his hair was a mess, and he hardly got any sleep. He had never really considered what could be the worse thing that could happen to him. At least, not until he got a call from his girlfriend's parents. The one call that had brought him to his knees, and had taken him from Angel Grove to London two days later. Now here he was, four days later, watching the girl he loved, Katherine Hillard, struggling to breathe. Damn who could be so stupid...So ignorant, so dense. "Kat please..."

Nothing. She was still in a coma. He put his head on the bed and cried. Whoever did this was going to pay. He would make sure of it. He sobbed, looking at her bruised cheek, her chest rising and falling slowly in the ultimate struggle for even one breath. A shiver passed through him. She was in an awful car accident in London. It'd been a car accident here in London that had rendered her in this state, one stupid, reckless driver in charge of a vehicle.

When she had left for London, he had felt so miserable, missing her beyond belief. It was then that Tommy realized how much he loved Katherine, and wanted to share that with her. But, they hadn't had any time to talk; how much he regretted that now. And with her in the hospital now...... he wasn't so sure if he was ever going to be able to tell her.)

Don't say a word, I understand You wanna know, if I'm still your man Girl, can't you tell, by the touch of my hand

Tommy held her hand, a vain attempt to get her to get better. Please... Please get better. I love you so much. I wish I could just hold you and tell you that. You'll never have to doubt that I love you, because it hurts so much to see you in this much pain.

I'm going to please you every way that I can (I'll hold you) Hold you (Love you) Love you I'll never let your love go (Let you go, let you go) (For always) For always I'll stay Just look in my eyes and you know, baby

Tommy felt hot tears running down his face, his body shaking a little at the thought of never telling Katherine how much he wanted to make her happy. Of never feeling how happy he felt when he held her laying back in his arms; hearing her giggling as she would run her smooth hands through his hair. He never had told her how much that turned him on. He loved her so damned much. If he lost her now, he wouldn't know where to go. How would he ever survive? "No....." he whispered, looking down at her, "Kat.... I won't let you go. Never will I let you go. Please come back, because I'm going to stay near you forever. I just wish you could look into my eyes right now. You'd see then how much I need you.

Tommy sighed as he continued to watch the pale body in the body cast. From what her parents told him, Kat was lucky to have survived the crash. Hell anyone would've be lucky to survive a crash like that, Tommy thought sadly to himself. They had been driving along the road when, from out of nowhere, a drunk driver had come speeding towards them. They had been hit head first, with the two girls dying instantly. And Kat, his beautiful Kat, was lying here in the hospital, fighting for her life.)

Tommy's anger grew as he remembered Kat's parents calling him with the news. They had been here visiting their daughter when they had gotten the call from the police. An hour later, Tommy had been notified. The moment he had heard the news, he had taken the nearest object - a water glass - and had thrown it across the room. He couldn't believe that some dumb ass had murdered two girls.... and very seriously injured a third. All because that one man couldn't take a cab. The doctors had told him... if.... if Kat survived.... No.... no.... there can be no 'if'. NO IF! She will survive.... she just has to.... she just has to. His thoughts were in anger, and much in sadness. Her dancing days are over...... Oh no..... She'll be devastated. It'd been her dream.... and some asshole had to kill it. Tommy then realized just what he was thinking and checked himself. He had to stop right now. Kat needed him, and he was going to be there for her.

I'll be there for you Wherever you go, whatever you do Girl, I've got forever inside For all my life I'll be there for you

It was pure, bitter irony that the first time he got to see her in over eight months had been like this. Not with her immobile, stuck in a body cast. Not in some hospital, trying to survive. He felt guilty for not calling as much as he should have. He should have emailed her more, wrote to her more, told her he love her. But, with racing and starting a dojo with Jason, the time had seemed to fly out the window. He should have made her first......... beyond the racing, beyond the dojo. Jason had said he that he would've understood about that, but Tommy had been thinking about the money. The money he had been saving up to build Kat her dream house. All he wanted to do was make her happy. But now, he felt that all he had done was push her away.

Don't ever doubt, your trust in me I'll give you my heart, so honestly Deep in my soul, baby you'll find the truth I'll never change, girl I promise you

"I'll make it up to you" Tommy whispered as he wiped his eyes. "Just please don't leave me."

He waited for her to open her eyes, and say "Tommy I was only pretending, sorry to scare you. I love you." No such luck. The former Ranger knew this was all too real, and it scared him. He wished, not for the first time, that they were still Rangers. He knew then that Kat would've been up and about in no time with her Ranger healing ability. He sighed, knowing very well that this wasn't the case. This accident had been serious, and Kat's chances for survival were slim. The drunk driver, while in serious condition, would live. He had hit them at speeds that should have killed all three girls, but Kat had been lucky. Lucky? How lucky is being stuck in a body cast, fighting for your life? And not being able to carry on your dream? Tommy shook his head. The fact right now was that Kat was trying to live, and that's all he had to focus on. He wanted to hold her, to tell her that he was there, and he was never going to leave her alone again.

(I'll hold you) hold you baby (Love you) Love you lady I'll never let your love go (Never Let you go, let you go) (For always) for always I'll stay Just look in my eyes and you'll know

Tommy sighed as he stroked Kat's hair, wishing that she wasn't so far gone. "Come back to me. Please, I need you. I know I should have told you this long time ago. I love you. Please don't let it be too late to tell you, to show how much I need you. Kat, I thought I would never find love again. My heart was broken once too often, and the letter that Kim sent, just broke the camel's back. I thought then, that I would never find anyone who cared so much about me like Kim. Who loved me for me? I guess Kim had too much expectations from me. I guess she wanted me to be this mold for her. I couldn't. I would have then, but thinking on it now, I wouldn't have been happy. I love her as a friend and a sister I told her that after that tournament. She agreed. She found someone to make her happy. She wanted me to be happy with you. Kat, when you first appeared, something happened to me that day. I didn't want to admit it then, but I will now. I guess I was falling for you but never realized it. I guess Kim saw, and that later would be a basis for the letter. You did everything to make me happy, to make me feel better after what Kim did. I appreciate that then, and now. You gave more than any other girl ever gave to me. Love and friendship. Please Kat, I can't lose you now. I wouldn't.... couldn't survive without you. I need you more than you ever know" Tommy choked as tears started anew.

I'll be there for you Whenever you go, whatever you do Girl, I've got forever inside For all my life I'll be there for you

He silently watched her heart monitor, and smiled a little as each beat got stronger. He had to keep talking to her, to make her come back to him. "That's it love. Kat, I will never leave you again. I'm sorry for all that time we didn't communicate. I was unfair to you, and I'm very sorry. Never will I do that again, because I want you to be my wife. I want you to spend all eternity with me. I want us to be together."

"Tommy," came a sad voice.

Tommy looked up and smiled slightly. "Hey Mr. Hillard. Kat's heartbeat is stronger."

"I'm glad" He replied softly.

Tommy stared at the middle age man. It looked like he and his wife had talked. Tears were falling down the man's cheek. He felt his stomach tighten faster than anything before. He didn't like the way Katherine's father was talking. "Mr. Hillard is something wrong?"

"Tommy I need to talk to you. It's very important. You're such a big part of our daughter's life, that Anna and I had to include you on this," John Hillard said softly.

"What.....What is it?" Tommy croaked. He became paler and felt sick. He knew this was not good news.

John Hillard pulled up a chair and sat down. "I've been talking to the doctor and he told me some grim news. The chances of Kat waking up are minimal. She was hurt too badly."

"But ,she'll get better" Tommy insisted, panic lacing his voice. "She has to."

"Tommy, we don't know, and well ...... the doctors said it'll be better if we pulled the plug" John replied.

Tommy's eyes widened in fear. He was going to lose the most important person of his life. "NO! YOU CAN'T! YOU CAN'T DO THIS!"

"Tommy, she's suffering. I don't want to, and can't see her like this. She's in so much pain. Look at her face, Thomas. You know, as well as I do, that she's in unbearable pain. Let her go, let her be free" John cried.

Tommy sat there stunned. This man, Kat's strong father was giving up on his daughter. "You can't give up on her! She's strong!"

"I know my daughter is strong, but she can't be strong all the time Tommy. Tommy, would it be fair for her to stay in a coma for days, weeks, months, maybe even years? I don't want to do this, but Tommy, I don't want to see her suffering throughout the years in a coma. I'd rather see her happy, and free, not tied to some machine. That asshole took my daughter, and I can't stand to see her in anymore pain" John looked at his daughter.

Tommy just lost whatever control he had left and cried. He felt John's arms wrapped around him. The former Ranger knew that he needed that comfort, after so many days of being unable to express himself. He just balled in the man's chest. "It's not fair!! It's not fair! Kat did nothing to deserve this!! I don't want to lose her!"

"Neither do I" John replied, tears running down his own face. "I love her so much."

Tommy continued to cry, knowing that John was right. He didn't want to give up on the hope that Kat would miraculously wake up, but for her to suffer like that ......... It wouldn't be fair to her. "Can I spend some time alone?"

John, sensing Tommy's acceptance, nodded. "We'll inform the doctor of our decision." He looked down at his daughter once more, "Katherine, please forgive us."

The older man stepped out, leaving a distraught Tommy kissing his girlfriend's head. "It's not fair Kat! You don't deserve to die! What did I do wrong that you're going to die? Please!" Tommy replied looking at the ceiling praying. "If someone..... anyone can hear me ........ Just answer this one simple prayer........ Let Kat Live."

Tommy closed his eyes, crying on the guardrail as he held Kat's hand. Even when they would sentence her to die, he was going to be there for her. All the way, her hand in his. The very thought of her life being cut short like this disgusted him. But he knew, deep down in his heart, that he wanted her to be pain free. "I love you with all my heart and soul."

For the next hour, he sat beside Kat, reliving some of their fondest memories. The most memorable ones were of the prom, and graduation.

"You looked so gorgeous in that pink dress that I hid in the bathroom with Jason. It wasn't because of you though. It was because I was hard, and frankly, that was embarrassing in a tux." Tommy laughed. He looked at the time. Kat's parents, along with the doctor, were coming in to say their final farewells. Tommy had had time to contact their friends, letting them know their decision, knowing that Andros would have them teleported to the hospital to say goodbye. Tommy had told Kat's parents the truth about their 'alternate life'. They had been shocked at first, but had smiled with pride. Fresh tears started to fall as Tommy kissed Kat's lips for the last time. "Forever Kat. I will love you forever."

Just as he pulled back, he felt something grip his hand. He looked down, and there was her hand gripping his. He was shocked as he looked at her eyes that were opened, tears falling down her beautiful face.

"KAT!" he exclaimed.

She smiled through her respirator, and motioned for him to take it off. Tommy was hesitant, but the look in her eyes told him that she wouldn't need it anymore. She was going to live. His hand shook as he took the device from her mouth.

"Kat.." he whispered as he kissed her on the lips. He almost fainted when she responded to his kiss. Slowly, he pulled away. "I thought I was going to lose you."

"Never" she answered in a small voice. "I love you too much for that."

Nothing and no one can tear us apart (tear us apart) You'll always be here inside of my heart (inside my heart) And just as sure as the stars shine above No matter what happens you can count on my love

He grabbed her hand, and this time the tears were of happiness. "I love you Katherine Hillard."

"And I love you Thomas Oliver" She whispered. "Tommy?"

He looked at her. "Yes love?"

"The answer is yes" she smiled.

Tommy looked confused for a moment before he realized what she meant. Smiling, he kissed her once again. "I won't let you go. I'll always be there for you."

"I know" Kat whispered as the door opened. Turning, she smiled at her parents and the doctor who all looked shocked.

I'll be there for you Wherever you go, whatever you do Girl, I've got forever inside For all of my life I'll be there for you

The End

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