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Purple and Black
Story One of the Defenders Series
By: Michelle Penning

Chapter One

Two girls where in their room unpacking their boxes. They just moved to their new house in a new city. They weren't sure if this was going to work.

"I wish mom told us more about this place," said Michelle unpacking one of her boxes.

"I know" replied Danya as she put her stuffed tiger on her bed. Danya and Michelle we're sharing a split room. Danya and Michelle have different bedroom but shared a room that connects to their rooms. It consists of a big screen TV, VCR, video games, desks, computers, a pool table, and a bookshelf consisting of many books. A rec-study type room. They finished setting their bedrooms and are working in their study.

"Hey Mich. Do you like it here?" asked Danya putting a book down and looking at Michelle.

Michelle looked at Danya and smiled. "Sure I love it here!" Michelle was Danya's adopted sister. Her parents were killed a year ago in a car accident. Her other family didn't want her. Michelle's parents were close friends with Danya. In their will it was agreed that Michelle should be placed with Anna and Kyle Madison. So they adopted her. Plus Danya and Michelle we're not only sisters but best friends as well. They had a lot in common. They love to write stories. They both love Biker Mice from Mars. They go on-line and play on the board and chat. They considered each other real sisters not adopted.

"Danya, I couldn't ask for better parents and sister. You made me feel better when my parents died. I never felt at home than I do here" said Michelle putting a book on a shelf.

"Well I'm glad you're happy. I'm happy you're my sister. What do you think living here is going to be like?" asked Danya.

"Hmmm…Don't know. Angel Grove, California a small quiet town. Quiet if you ask me" giggled Michelle.

"At least it has things for us teens to do. A Youth Center, which looks to be interesting, place to go. Then there's a mall. A huge one at that you know we have to hit that. There are the movies, park, beach etc. We won't be board" replied Danya. "The high school is huge."

"I know. I hope I don't get lost. Mom and Dad sent our transcripts to school. I hope we get some classes and lunch together," said Michelle as she finished putting the stuff away.

"I know. Hey mom and dad home yet?" asked Danya.

"Nope, she's still at work. We've finished. Let's go and make for mom and dad" replied Michelle.

Danya nodded and both girls went down to make dinner for their mother and father.

Anna, Kyle, Danya and Michelle were sitting down eating a quiet dinner.

"So how was work?" asked Danya.

"Exhausting but good," said Kyle. "So far it was a quiet night at the hospital." Kyle was a doctor. He got the head doctor position. It was one of the decisions that they moved to Angel Grove.

"What about your mom?" asked Danya.

Exhausting as well" replied Anna. "Being a lawyer does that you know. But I got a case already."

"That's great!!" exclaimed both girls.

"Did you meet any of your co-workers?" asked Michelle.

"In our jobs of course sweetheart" replied Kyle. "I met Donavon Scott. He's a psychiatrist. But he's really nice. He invited the whole entire family over to dinner Friday. I said yes."

"Kyle, I might have to work" replied Anna.

"Anna, it's important! Please!" responded Kyle desperately. "We've just moved here! I want to make a good impression! Besides Donavon has a son of his own. It will help the girls make friends!"

Danya and Michelle saw that their parents were getting into one of their 'famous' arguments. They traded worry looks with each other. They knew they had to stop it before dinner was ruined again. "Mom, Dad, please let's have a quiet dinner."

"Yeah. Danya and I start school tomorrow. We're anxious to start school" replied Michelle. Anna and Kyle stopped their argument. They knew it bothered the girls. So they stopped when the girls asked.

"So you two ready?" asked Kyle.

"Nervous" replied Michelle. "I mean is we hope to have a least a few classes together and lunch."

"Yeah, since it's a new school we have each other. It isn't easy making friends. Especially Michelle she's super shy" teased Danya.

"Ha! Ha!" mocked Michelle. "Very funny. I'm busting a gut."

"Well girls. Better hurry up and finish dinner" smiled Kyle.

"Dad!" both girls explained. "it's too early to go to sleep."

Everyone finished their dinner and went to do their own thing. Soon it was time for Danya and Michelle to go to bed. Michelle was sleeping in Danya's room. They wanted to talk. Kyle told them not to stay up too late.

"Do you think we'll make any friends?" Michelle asked.

"Don't know. I mean we're kind of strange" giggled Danya.

"Kinda? Just admit it. We are strange just because we still watch cartoons. Writing stories about the Biker Mice from Mars, wear purple and black clothing, listen to whatever we want. Don't make us weird. It makes us individuals. People can't see that then they can screw themselves" replied Michelle.

Danya laughed. "Damn straight!! I wonder what the school and the people will be like."

"We'll find out. But you now most schools have their cliques. You know people hang with their own" said Michelle.

"Yeah. We'll hang out together" said Danya.

"Of course. We can write our own stories like we always do" replied Michelle.

"That'll never change" laughed Danya.

"That's for damn sure!" laughed Michelle.

"Girls! Go to sleep! It's midnight!!" hollered their father from outside the door.

"All right" moaned Danya. "Night Dad!"

"Night Dad!" hollered Michelle.

"Night you two" replied Kyle as he left to go to bed.

"Night sis" replied Michelle.

"Night sis" said Danya as she turned off the light and both went to sleep.

Chapter 2

The alarm rang at 6:30 in the morning. Danya and Michelle woke up.

Michelle pulled the covers over her head. "Ugh…. It's too early to get up!"

"I know" moaned Danya. But we don't want to be late.

"Yeah we can" yawn Michelle.

"No arguing with that" yawn Danya as both girls fell asleep.

They were asleep for ten minutes when there was a loud knock at the door.

"Wake up girls! You'll be late for school. Up and at 'em."

"Do we have to mom?" moaned Danya.

"Yes. Now out of bed" replied Anna. "Breakfast is ready."

Both moaned and got out of bed. They put on their robes and came down to breakfast. Kyle looked amused as he saw his daughter's tired faces.

"I see the sleepy heads are awake" laughed Kyle.

"Funny daddy. It's too early for this" yawn Michelle as she and Danya sat and started to eat.

"You girls don't want to be late for school" smiled Anna as she sipped her coffee.

"We know. But why can't school be later in the day" complained Danya.

"Because we're adults and we want you kids to have something to complain about" laughed Kyle.

"Well you adults are doing a good job of if" replied Michelle.

"We know. We do it because we love you" smiled Anna.

"Sure you do" mocked Danya. "Hey Shell. We better hurry."

"Yeah" said Michelle as she downed her milk.

"Don't worry. We'll do the dishes. You girls get ready for school. Ill drop you off" said Kyle.

"Thanks dad" said both girls as they rushed to get ready for school. Kyle and Anna look at each other and then laugh.

Danya and Michelle were in their room finishing getting dressed. Danya wore a purple tee shirt and black jeans and purple sneakers. Michelle wore a white shirt and black jeans and black sneakers.

"Nervous Shell?" asked Danya.

"Only about our schedules. I hope we have some classes and lunch together. If we make friends. We make friends" replied Michelle brushing her hair and then braided it. "I hope there are cute guys."

"Me to. This should be interesting" replied Danya as she brushed her short blonde hair.

"Ready?" asked Michelle picking up her school bag.

"Ready. Let's go and kick some ass" smiled Danya as she grabbed her bag.

Both girls headed downstairs. They kissed their mom good-bye and left for school. As Kyle pulled in the parking lot the girls marveled at the size.

"Oh Mama! Look at the size of the school. It's huge!" replied Danya awed.

"Huge! It's enormous. I hope we don't get lost" replied Michelle shocked.

"Well this is it. You think you two can find the house. Your mom and I don't get off until late" replied Kyle as he stopped the car.

"We'll find our way" said Michelle.

"Yeah, dad can we stop at this Youth Center" replied Danya.

"Just don't be too late getting home" smiled Kyle. "Kiss girls. Have fun."

"Sure dad, thanks" smiled Michelle as she kissed her father and got out.

"Bye dad" replied Danya as she kissed her father goodbye and got out the door.

Michelle and Danya waved to their father goodbye as he drove off. They looked around and hesitated. They took a deep breath and started to walk.

"Where do you suppose the administration office is?" asked Danya.

"Don't know" shrugged Michelle.

"Great. We're gonna be late for class" replied Danya frustrated.

Michelle and Danya looked around. They decided to walk some more. Both were a little shy to ask for help. Both were walking when a student notices that they were new and didn't know where to go. He smiled. He walked up to Michelle and Danya.

"Excuse me, but are you looking for something?" asked a deep voice.

Both girls were startled and jumped. They turn to see a tall, dark brown hair, brown eye boy about their age smiling at them.

"Sorry didn't mean to startle you" said the voice. "My name is Jason. Jason Lee Scott. You must be new."

Michelle stared at him. He was so good-looking and very muscular. His smile entranced her. She shivered at the thoughts racing through her mind. She felt her cheeks becoming hot.

Danya saw her sister and wanted to laugh but didn't. He was cute she admit that. But she wasn't interested. But her sister had a crush on him. Michelle was very shy and wouldn't say a word. "Yeah, my sister and I are new here. We don't know where to go. This school is huge. We'll get lost. My name is Danya Madison and my sister Michelle Madison."

Jason smiled. He looked at Michelle. He thought she was cute. He blushed a little. "Well Angel Grove High is a pretty huge school. Let me show you to the principal's office. It's where new students go."

"You…You don't have to do that" stuttered Michelle.

Jason blushed. "Don't worry about it. I want to help. Besides I like meeting new friends. Ill show you around until you find it comfortable. I hope we can be friends."

"Of course. I would like that very much" Michelle blushed as she was getting over her jitters. Sorry about stuttering. I'm very shy."

"I can be shy at times. But it takes time to get over it" replied Jason blushing. "Let's get you two pretty ladies to the principal's office.

"Let's go" said Danya.

Jason led Michelle and Danya to the principal's office.

"This is Principal Kaplan's office. He's a cool principal. Not like some I know. He's concerned about the student body. He takes time out of his schedule to make sure the students are okay. Just go in. He won't bite. I'll wait here till you get your schedules" replied Jason.

"Thanks Jason. No one takes his or her time to be kind to us. Most people think we're strange" replied Danya looking down.

"I don't think you're strange. I think you're nice. Don't let people like that get to you." Said Jason. "Besides it was my pleasure."

"But no one has been friend friendly and sweet as you Jason" blushed Michelle as Danya led her into the room. She saw Jason blush before the door closed.

As they waited for the principal the girls decide to discuss what had just taken place.

"So Shell, I take it that you like Jason" laughed Danya as she watched her sister blush.

"Yeah I do. He's so dreamy and gorgeous" replied Michelle dreamily. "He's so sweet, nice, sincere, and damn good looking."

Danya whistled and giggle. "You've got it bad. But I don't blame you. He is cute and friendly. And we made a friend."

"We sure did" smiled Michelle. "Angel Grove won't be a bad place to live after all."

"Especially if all the guys were that good looking" giggled Danya.

Michelle laughed. The door opened to reveal a middle-aged man.

"Hello girls. I'm Principal Kaplan. I would like to welcome you two to Angel Grove High. I hope you girls would like it here" said Kaplan as he sat and looked at the girl's files.

"We already like it here Mr. Kaplan. One of your students has been kind enough to show us to your office. He's been really helpful and friendly. Jason Lee Scott his name" replied Michelle.

Danya looked at her sister and knew the thoughts running through her head. She swore to herself that her sister loved to say that name. She giggled a little.

"Jason is a good person. I ran into him on my way here. He told me that he helped you two girls to the office" replied Kaplan. "Looking at your records you two are A students. Hardly in trouble, pretty good behavior. Okay I have you girls fill out some forms and you can bring them back tomorrow. And here are your class schedules. We'll schedules pictures later. This is the third week of the new school year. You'll get a temporary school id until we have your pictures taken" replied Kaplan handing Michelle and Danya the forms and class schedules. "I trust you girls will have a good year at Angel Grove. Is there any questions?"

"No, thank you Mr. Kaplan" said Danya as both stood up and shook Mr. Kaplan's hand. They said goodbye and headed out the door. They saw Jason sitting there waiting for them. They were surprised to say the least.

"Jason, you didn't have to stay" replied Danya.

"That's all right. You're my friends. Friends help friends out. Besides I'm curious to what your schedules are" blushed Jason.

Michelle blushed. She really likes this guy. She hardly knew him but yet there was something about him that was making her fall head over heels for him. It was more than a physical attraction. Something more deep. She couldn't place it. She shrugged off the feeling and looked at her schedule and then at her sister. "Danya?"

Danya studied her sister for a minute. She couldn't read her sister expression. She'll have to ask later. IF she could. Knowing Michelle she wouldn't say anything. "Well I have English first period with Mrs. Applebee, Trig second period with Mr. Wilkins, I have AP Chemistry third period with Mrs. Johnson, Then lunch, AP History with Mrs. Applebee, and Creative Writing with Mrs. Alexandra sixth period" replied Danya. "What about you?"

"Cool. I have first period English with Mrs. Applebee, AP Calculus with Mr. Johnston, third period is AP Chemistry with Mrs. Johnson, Lunch, fifth period AP History with Mrs. Applebee and sixth period Creative Writing with Mrs. Alexandria" said Michelle.

"YES!!" smiled Danya "We're mostly in the same classes."

"I know" grinned Michelle. Then she looked at Jason. "What about you?"

Jason smiled. "I have most of the same classes and lunch. My sixth period is a martial arts class. I have the same math class with you Michelle."

Michelle felt her heart fly. She couldn't believe it. She had the same math class with Jason. "At least I won't be alone."

"Don't worry. Everything is going to be cool. You two won't be alone. I'll show you around. And you'll get to meet some of my friends" replied Jason.

"You sure they would like to meet us?" asked Danya a little nervous.

"My friends would love to meet you. They're cool. They like meeting new people. The only two people you have to worry about are Bulk and Skull. They can be mean and cruel at times. And mostly annoying but that makes them Bulk and Skull. Don't let them get to you. They can be nice at times" said Jason.

"Thanks. Can you show us where our lockers are and where to get our books?" asked Michelle.

"Sure. Follow me" smiled Jason as all three headed out the building.

Jason showed Danya and Michelle where the library was so they can pick up their books and temporary id. Then he showed them to their lockers. Once on the way Michelle dropped a book and Jason picked it up and carried it for her to her locker. She thought it was sweet. She blushed and so did Jason. Danya looked at them and thought that they had it bad for each other. She started to scheme. Michelle and Danya were so comfortable around Jason. He was sweet, funny, and polite. Danya made plans to get them together. They hardly know each other but they had the love bug and Danya is going to do something about it or it'll drive her up the wall. Soon they were at their first period class. They entered the room and Jason led them to the teacher.

"Mrs. Applebee, This is Danya and Michelle Madison. They just moved here. They are very friendly and funny" smiled Jason.

"Hi Michelle and Danya. Welcome to my class. You'll enjoy it here I hope. May I see your class schedules?" asked Mrs. Applebee.

Danya and Michelle handed their schedules to Mrs. Applebee. She smiled as she wrote their names in her book. "I see you both have AP History with me. Ill write your names in the books as well. Go ahead and take your seats."

"Thank you Mrs. Applebee" smiled Danya.

Jason showed Michelle and Danya to the seats. Danya sat behind Michelle and Jason sat next to her. Both blushed. Danya smiled. She had to do something or both would blush each time they looked at each other. -They make a cute couple. If both would stop being so damn shy and do something about it. But they hardly know each other. But Romeo and Juliet hardly know each other and they were lovers. Whoops. Better think of someone else. We all knew what happened. Don't want that to happen to Michelle and Jason now would we.- Danya giggled. Michelle and Jason looked at Danya with confused looks. Danya just shrugged. Jason looked and saw Tommy and the others enter the room and took their seats.

"Hey bro. Where have you been? Didn't see ya?" asked Tommy.

"Well I met two lovely ladies and they are really sweet and cool" said Jason.

"Ooooooh look at lover boy. Way to go Jase?" joked Rocky.

"Stuff it Rocky" replied Jason blushing a little.

"Do we get to meet them?" asked Tanya.

"Of course" said Jason pointing to Danya and Michelle. "This is Michelle and Danya Madison. Michelle, Danya these are my friends. The guy with long brown hair and dressed in red is my very best friend and bro is Tommy Oliver he's a martial artist as I am.. My oldest and closet friend and bro and dressed in white is Billy Cranston. I knew him since grade school. Billy is a genius. He's very smart and shy. The smart ass mouth, dressed in blue and has no hair is Rocky DeSantos."

"HEY! I have hair" protested Rocky.

"Very little" joked Jason.

"Humph" replied Rocky pretending to be insulted. "I do admit I am a smart ass."

"So is Michelle" giggled Danya.

"Like I'm the only" replied Michelle rolling her eyes.

Jason laughed as did the others. "Rocky is also a martial artist. The one in green and very quiet and shy is Adam Park. He's also very smart. Just because he's quiet don't mean anything. He's also a martial artist. Don't let his quiet side fool you. When one of his friends is in trouble Adam can be a real tiger. Kidding bro. The lovely ladies over here. Tanya Sloan the one in yellow. She loves to sing. She can fight when she has to. The one in pink who loves to dance and can fight as well is Katherine Hillard."

"Nice to meet you" smiled Tommy and the others.

"Welcome to Angel Grove" said Adam.

"Thanks. And nice to meet you all as well" said Michelle.

Billy looked at Danya and his heart skipped a beat. After Cestria crushed his heart by marrying another behind his back and still continued to date him. He didn't think anyone would make him soar again. But one look at Danya and he felt feelings arise again. Maybe she was the one. She was gorgeous. The blonde hair, her voice, her soft brown eyes. Everything about her entranced him. He blushed.

Danya took one look at Billy and felt her temperature rise. She couldn't believe how handsome he was. Impure thoughts rose through her mind causing her to blush. Now she knew what Michelle went through when she thought of Jason. Billy was everything she wanted. He was shy, friendly, and had the prettiest blue eyes. He was gorgeous. He had a build. He was smart. He was sincere. She was falling deep for him. She never had feelings for anyone this quick before. She looked at his soft eyes and there was something about him she should know. He seemed familiar to her but couldn't place it. Danya heard a giggle and turn and saw her sister watching her with a grin on her face.

"What?" asked Danya looking at her sister.

"Nothing" giggled Michelle. "Just a thought."

"Sure" mocked Danya. "I just wonder it was about."

"If you knew then you…..never mind" laughed Michelle.

"Smart Ass" smirked Danya.

Before Michelle could reply Mrs. Applebee started class.

It was lunchtime Danya and Michelle found out that Tommy, Billy, Adam, Rocky, Jason, Kat, and Tanya had lunch together. So they all sat together under a tree.

"So how do you like Angel Grove" asked Kat.

"I like it so far. We haven't made this many friends" said Michelle biting in her sandwich.

"What do you mean?" asked Adam.

"Well people call us freaks and think we're strange" replied Danya biting a chip.

"You are NOT freaks or strange" replied Billy a little angry. He was surprised when he felt anger. Well he knew what being teased was like. Everyone called him a geek because he was different. He was smart. But calling Danya and Michelle freaks upset him so much. Having a major crush didn't help him. "Billy's right" said Tommy.

"You guys don't really know us. If you did then you would think we are freaks. It doesn't bothered us as much as it use to. We're used to it" shrugged Michelle.

"Listen. Whatever you like or interests are that makes you the individual" said Tommy. "We won't think of you any less. Besides you two are really funny and sweet. I like you for the way you are."

"Tommy's right" said Rocky." Your interests make you, you. It makes you an individual. It makes you happy Any you shouldn't listen to nobody."

"Really?" asked Danya.

"Really!!" said the rest of the group.

"So tell us about yourselves. Michelle, you're Danya's sister but you don't look like each other?' questioned Adam.

"Adam!?" replied Kat stunned.

"It's okay Katherine" said Michelle.

"My friends call me Kat. Katherine sounds to formal" giggled Kat.

"Okay Kat. Well Danya and I are sisters. Well I'm adopted" said Michelle.

"Adopted??" echoed the group.

"Yep" said Danya. "Adopted."

"Well what happened is my parents and Danya's parents were best friends. Danya and I grew up together. So before we became sisters we thought of each other as sisters. Well last year my parents were in a horrible car accident. They were killed instantly" replied Michelle looking at her sandwich.

"Michelle, We're sorry. We've shouldn't have brought it up" said Tanya solemnly.

"That's okay" said Michelle. "It hurts to lose my mom and dad. But I'm happy. Well when my family heart about mom and dad's deaths they just shrugged. They didn't care about them at all. They don't even love me. I never met them. I think it's because mom and dad left me everything. I'm not sure. Dad placed me in Anna and Kyle Madison's care. I love them just as much. So they adopted me after my parents died. I didn't mind. So that's how Danya and I became real sisters."

"I'm glad you're happy" said Jason. "But it bites big time that the rest of your family have no feelings for you."

Michelle shrugged. "I know. But it doesn't bother me. I don't even know them. They can go to hell if they try to come into my life. They had sixteen years to do it. If they try now then they can screw themselves."

"Ouch" replied Rocky. "Don't blame you there."

"So what do you two like?" asked Billy.

Michelle and Danya looked at each other. They weren't too sure if they should tell. They told once and they became the laughing stocks of the whole town. They didn't want that to happen.

"Don't worry. We're not going to laugh. If like whatever you like then it's you. You don't have to be ashamed of it" said Adam.

Michelle nodded to Danya. "Well I like to read whenever I'm in the mood. I love Anne Rice. I like Star Trek, I love all sorts of music except Opera. I like Hanson, Spice Girls, Puff Daddy, Backstreet Boys, Boyz II Men, I love to write. I do write stories" said Michelle.

"Well I love to draw. I love to read, watch TV. I love different kinds of music." Said Danya.

"Most of all we both love to watch cartoons" both girls blushed.

"Well who doesn't" said Rocky. "I still watch them."

"I watch them" said Jason. "I like them. There's nothing wrong with that. It just means we're young at heart."

"You're right" said Danya smiling. "Well Michelle and I love to watch Biker Mice From Mars."

"Danya. We don't love them. We LOVE them. We fantasize about the Biker Mice. We love to watch the cartoons over and over hours on end. We love to write fictions about them. Us and our little sadistic minds" giggled Michelle.

"Oh yeah! Don't forget we have our own made up characters. Let's see. My character is Danya. She's a dark brown mouse who has blonde hair, wings and a tail. She's temperamental, crazy, and wild. Michelle's character is Blaze. She has black hair, blue eyes, and white fur. She has a temper and is a mysticician." Replied Danya.

"Hey, I've seen that show! It rocks!" smiled Kat. "I watched it all the time. I loved the music, animation and Throttle!"

"He's my favorite. Most of my stories are about him. He's gorgeous. Tall, tan, has a dangerous look, charming, has an awesome bike. And a sexy voice" blushed Michelle.

"He does have a sexy voice. But it had a cool plot" said Kat.

"It sure does. Danya likes Vinnie. Vinnie is a white mouse. He has a loud mouth, egotistical attitude, likes loud noises. He likes to fight. Always looking for a battle. He likes to kick butt, and most of all he's stuck on himself. Not to mention he thinks he's God's gift to women. In which he isn't" laughed Michelle.

"Sounds like Rocky!" laughed Tanya.

"Ha Ha! Do not!" replied Rocky defending himself.

"Yes you do. I've seen the show. IT was cool" replied Adam. "I loved thee music and the bikes. Modo was a cool character. HE was quiet and gentle. He was strong and nice. Pretty cool character."

"Yeah" said Danya looking down and then blushed. "Shell and I love it."

"A little too much if you ask me" laughed Michelle.

Everyone laughed. Danya and Michelle were having a blast. No one has ever made them feel so welcomed in a new town. Except for these seven people. Danya and Michelle looked at each other and smiled They knew they made long time friends and they liked it. Maybe just maybe something more will happen between Jason, Michelle, and Danya and Billy. But only time will tell.

Everyone continued to eat lunch in silence. Michelle took a notebook out and started to write.

"If I can ask? What are you writing?" asked Kat.

"Nothing much. Well I'm writing what's happened to me today. A journal if you will" smiled Michelle.

"Sorry. I shouldn't have been nosey" blushed Kat.

"Don't worry about it. I'm nosey all the time. I love to gossip. This is the way I see it. Women were born with the shopping instinct, gossip instinct, nosey instinct, and the butt in instinct. IT makes us women. Not all women have them. But nonetheless it makes us female and we should be proud" replied Michelle.

"Right on it sista" laughed Danya. "And NO MALE should tell us differently."

"You go girl" laughed Tanya.

"Not a word Rocky. Not one word" said Billy.

"What!?" said Rocky.

"We know what you wanted to say so keep it to yourself" said Jason.

"I wasn't going to say anything" said Rocky trying to defend himself.

"Sure" smirked Tommy.

"Jeez. Pick on me why don't you" pouted Rocky.

Everyone laughed. "So what do you guys and gals do?" asked Danya.

"Well I dance" said Kat. "I love to dance and write. I teach some students at the Youth Center on Saturdays. I want to dance professionally."

"I love to sing" replied Tanya. "I love to play baseball and sing. I want to make a career out of singing."

"I'm into martial arts" said Adam. "I teach students on my spare time. I'm thinking of becoming a stuntman."

"I'm also into martial arts" said Rocky. "I'm going to open my own school and teach."

"He also eats like a horse" laughed Tanya. "He can pack the food away."

"HEY!" replied Rocky defensively. "I'm a growing boy. Besides after doing a heavy work out and martial arts I have an appetite."

"You eat when you don't even work out" teased Jason. "Face it you love food."

"I agree with you there" smiled Rocky as everyone laughed.

"I love science and math" blushed Billy. "I know what it's like to be picked on. People think I'm a geek."

"You are NOT!!" reprimanded Danya. "Don't let people get to you like that. They're the geeks."

"I know" smiled Billy. "I want to solve the world's problem by becoming a scientist."

"I'm into martial arts" said Tommy. "Been doing martial arts all my life. I've studied a couple of styles Shotokan, American, and Twi Kwan Do. I'm thinking of racing but not very sure. Plus I teach at the Youth Center."

"I'm also in the martial arts. It's my life. It teaches you discipline of mind and body. It's a great workout. I also studied many styles. I'm a fourth degree in each style, Shotokan, American, Twi Kwan Do, Ninjitsu, and Japanese Style. I've just got my second degree in this new style I'm learning called Twi Ki. It's pretty intense" said Jason. "I teach with Tommy. We teach the kids about discipline of mind and body plus it's a great self-confidence builder. We teach them that fighting does not solve anything. And to always try to get out of a fight by words not action if they cannot avoid the conflict. As to career wise. I have no idea."

"Wow!! That's sounds interesting!!" said Michelle amazed. "All of you."

"It sure does" said Danya equally awed.

"What about you two?" asked Adam.

"Well I want to go into forestry. I love nature" smiled Danya. "I love to write but after that not much. Basketball. I love to play Basketball."

Me? Let's see. I'm not very active physically. Don't know how to dance, fight, and sing. I'm not very athletic. I'm more of a indoor person. I do love to swim though" shrugged Michelle. "Career wise I want to teach. Write a book for now."

"We'll get you to be an outdoor person" smiled Jason.

"Uh…" Michelle said nervously. "That's quite all right. I'll leave it to the professionals."

"No can do. When you met us you met us for good. Which means you'll get to be a outdoor person" smirked Rocky.

"Oh boy. I'm in trouble" moaned Michelle.

"Don't worry you'll have lots of fun" smiled Tanya.

"Yeah. Don't let motor mouth get to you" laughed Adam.

"Ha. Ha. Is this pick on Rocky day" protested Rocky.

"Yep. Pick on Rocky day is everyday" giggled Kat as Rocky rolled his eyes and everyone laughed.

"There's something you're good at. Shopping" smiled Danya.

"That's right" said Michelle.

"Cool. Two more shopping partners" smiled Kat.

"Yes!" replied Tanya brightly.

Just then the ten-minute bell rang. The group hurried and finished their lunch, grabbed their books and headed for class.

"Are you two doing anything after school?" asked Jason.

"We're going to the Youth Center" said Michelle. "If we can find it."

"Hey Cool. So are the rest of us. Wanna go with us" replied Tommy.

"Sure!" answered Danya happily.

The rest smiled as they headed for class.

Chapter 3

School had ended as Danya, Michelle and the rangers were heading to the Youth Center. Little did the group know that they were being watched.

Lord Zedd was watching the rangers and two girls planning to get rid of the power rangers. He looked and saw the dark hair and the blonde hair girls. He looked at them closely. He couldn't believe what he sees. Both girls are emitting tremendous amounts of power. He knew what was going on.

"I don't believe it!!!" roared Zedd.

"What don't you believe?" asked Rita watching her husband with curiosity as she looked down at earth. "All I see are those pesky rangers and two girls."

"You don't understand" replied Zedd. "Those two girls are important. Very important. They have something that can put a big dent into our plans."

"That isn't good" replied Rita looking fearful to her husband. "Why are those girls important."

Zedd kept looking at the girls. "Rita, they posses two of the inner crystals. Part of the Zeo Shard."

"WHAT!!!" screeched Rita. "What do you mean they have two crystals!? I thought that there were only five crystals.!!"

"No" said Zedd. "There are ten crystals that form the Zeo shard. The five that you see now . The pink, yellow, blue, green and red. They are the outer crystals and are well known throughout the universe. The other five crystals are called the inner crystals. They aren't well known as the outer crystals. They are the purple black, white, silver and gold. These crystals possess the power. The are the power crystals. The power source of the shard. Once all ten crystals unite then the power will combine making the rangers very powerful. Then no evil can defeat them. They will be hard to stop."

"NO!! WE CANNOT LIET THIS HAPPEN!!!" screamed Rita.

"You're right my dear. We will capture these two girls. For they hold two crystals. Little did they know what they have ultimate power!" laughed Zedd.

"Zedd, if we capture those two brats can we use them to gather the rest of the people who hold the crystals? Then we can control our own Power Rangers!!" laughed Rita.

"Yes!! Perfect my dear. We will have our own rangers. They with the power shall destroy our enemies!!! Then our reign of terror shall begin!!!" laughed Zedd.

"When do we capture these girls?" asked Rita. "Now?"

"No. Soon my dear soon. Patience is the word. Be patient. Time will be on our side" laughed Zedd as his wife joined him in laughter.


It was late afternoon as Michelle and Danya entered their house. Their first day at school was a total blast. They made seven friends. It looked like a beautiful friendship was formed. Going to the Youth Center was so much fun for the girls. The group showed them around and introduced them to Ernie. They got to experience the flavors of the juice bar. Jason and Tommy spurred as the group watched. Their movements and expertise of the martial arts awed Danya and Michelle.

Jason offered to teach Michelle. She did didn't know. Watching them looked hard. She told Jason she'll think about it. Jason said okay and told her that it's not as hard as it looks. It takes practice and patience to learn martial arts.

While Michelle and Jason were talking Danya saw Billy and went to talk to him. She saw he was working on a project and was interested in what he was doing. Billy looked up and smiled at her. He explained in scientific detail what he was doing. He wasn't sure she understood. But when her eyes sparkled and started to reply to what he was doing he was shocked beyond belief. Danya smiled. She wanted to help him. She knew what he was doing and it sounded like fun. Billy asked her if she wanted to come over and help him her heart skipped a beat. She told him that she'll have to ask her father but was pretty sure she'll be able to. Billy understood and to give him a call when she'll be able to come over. She almost fainted when he gave her his number.

The girls put their books down and sighed as they remember their first day at school and at the Youth Center. They couldn't wait to tell their parents what happened. They saw the table was set and smelt something cooking.

"MOM!?" hollered Danya.

"DAD!?" yelled Michelle.

"In the kitchen!!" responded both parents. "We got off early. GO WASH UP!!"

Both girls washed up and soon the family sat down for dinner. They ate for awhile when Kyle spoke up. "So how was school."

"School and after school" replied Michelle dreamily.

"Huh?" asked Kyle completely confused by his daughter's answer.

"We had a great day at school. We met friends and Michelle met a boy" giggled Danya.

"Oh. Do tell" grin Kyle. "And who is this young man and do I have to guard my daughter."

Michelle frowned and looked at her sister and decided to get Danya back. "I wasn't the only one."

Danya squirmed and looked sheepish as Kyle moaned. "Make that daughters."

"Come now Kyle. You know they were going to meet boys. They're beautiful young women" smiled Anna.

"That's what I'm afraid of" replied Kyle.

"To answer your question dad the guy's name is Jason Lee Scott. He's very sweet and friendly. He helped us out when we needed it. He's a martial arts expert. He's very muscular, cute brown eyes and smile. He's very smart. You wouldn't think so when you see him. You would think he's a jock not good at anything but sports. But not Jason he's very smart.

But that's your typical stereotype of jocks. All brawn and no brain but it's not true you know" sighed Michelle dreamily.

"Well she said it all but she forgot to mention that he's very cute" teased Danya.

"I was getting to that" replied Michelle. "Jason is very cute. And SPEAKING of which what about Billy James Cranston?"

Danya blushed as Michelle laughed. Kyle looked at Anna as she shrugged.

"Billy is very nice, very smart, friendly, shy, and very cute. He's a genius dad. He can invent things and I understand him."

"Girls, I'm glad you've met some friends. Are Jason and Billy the only ones that you've met" smiled Anna.

"We've met their friends" smiled Michelle. "There's Tommy Jason Oliver, Katherine Marie Hillard, Adam Steven Park, Tanya Carol Sloan, and Rockwell David DeSantos or Rocky. They are really cool and friendly. I think we've made long time friends. They really care."

"I'm glad you girls made friends. It means you'll spend ore time outside" grinned Kyle.

The family finished dinner and went to do other things.


A couple of days have past since Michelle and Danya went to school for the first time. They've met new friends and were very happy. During the time the rangers and Danya and Michelle got to know each other very well. They spent time at the mall in which the boys couldn't believe how much the girls talked and shopped. Then they went to the Youth Center, beach, and the movies. Kyle and Anna finally got to meet Danya and Michelle's friends and liked them very much. On Friday Kyle and his family went over to the Scott's and Michelle was shocked to learn that her father worked with Jason's father Donavon Scott. So Jason. Danya, and Michelle talked while their families got to know each other. During the conversation Michelle finally agreed to let Jason teach her martial arts. Danya got her father's permission to go over to Billy's to work on a project with him and Jason let her use the phone to call Billy. In which she did and Billy said to come over around noon.


"Zeddie! We've watched the rangers and those girls bond! We need to get them now!!' screeched Rita.

"I agree! It's time to bring them to our side! But we have to make sure they are alone!!!" laughed Zedd. "Goldar! You will grabbed Michelle and then Danya!"

"Yes my Emperor!" smiled Goldar.

"GO!! Make sure they are alone!!" roared Zedd. "We don't need the rangers!"

Goldar grinned and left. Rita and Zedd watched and made preparations for their guests.


It was mid afternoon Saturday. Michelle left the house and was walking to the Youth center. She was a little nervous. Jason was going to teach her martial arts. She didn't know what to expect. She was afraid she'll stink at it. Jason told her that every one was a beginner at one point in time He said that martial arts helps build confidence and self-esteem. Plush it teaches discipline and builds the mind and body.

Michelle smiled. She couldn't wait. IT wasn't only that she'll spend time with Jason but she'll learn to defend herself. She was lost in thought that she didn't see a flash of light.

"You're mine!" laughed a deep voice.

Michelle shook out of her thoughts and looked up. What she saw shocked her? She started to panic and the first thing out of her mouth was a scream. She saw a monster. She couldn't believe it. She thought monsters where a figment of someone's imagination. Panic rose through her body. "Wha…Wha…What do you want?"

"You! My name is Goldar! My Emperor Lord Zedd and Empress Rita Repulsa have plans for you!!!!" laughed Goldar.

Michelle started to back away. Her first thoughts were that she was imaging but pinched herself. This monster was real. She knew this was no dream. "Th…That's Okay. I rather stay here."

With that all said and done Michelle took off. She didn't look back. All she wanted was to get away. She didn't realize her bag fell when she took off.

Goldar laughed and ran after her. He caught up to her in no time. He pulled her hair and Michelle flew backwards.

"AIEEEEEEEE!!!!!" shirked Michelle as flew backwards onto the pavement.

"You're mine and on one's going to help you!!" laughed Goldar as he approached her.

"NO!!!" screamed Michelle as she held her hands across her face.

Suddenly a blast came from Michelle's hand and it hit Goldar sending him flying into a tree. He hit the tree with such force that it not only knocked the wind out of him but cracked the tree as well. Michelle was stunned. She didn't know what just took place or how she did that. Michelle shook it off and seeing her opportunity got up and started to run. She looked back and ran straight into something huge. She fell on her butt. She looked up and screamed. If this Goldar was bad this one was worse.

"So I was right. You do posses the black crystal. You have great power child. Join me and we can rule together. I can make your wildest dreams come true. With your powers and mine combine we will rule the universe!!" laughed the monster

"Who…are…you?" asked Michelle in fear as she saw this monster in red armor.

"I am Lord Zedd! Master of All!!" laughed Zedd.

"Okay. And you want me to help you? Am I right. Most villains usually do this sort of thing. Capture a victim bring them to the side of evil blah blah blah type of deal. Can't you bad guys come up with something new. And to help you , I don't think so. One you're evil and ugly. That's bad enough. I know that you're going to do the double cross thing. Not that I would join you in the first place. Second of all I don't like you! And Last but not least IT'S NOT RIGHT!!! I do have a conscience you know" hollered Michelle.

"INSIGNFICANT CHILD!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHO YOU'RE DEALING WITH!!" roared Zedd as he hit Michelle across the face.

Michelle flew back and fell to the ground. She was in tears and held her face with her hand. She was scared. Zedd grabbed her by the arm. "If you won't join me by will then I'll force you! Goldar let's go!!"

Goldar got up. Michelle struggled to get away. "NO!! HELP!!! PLEASE!!!"

Zedd placed his hand over Michelle's mouth. "Ill take her to the Dimension of Despair. Grab the other girl! AND DON'T FAIL ME!!"

"Yes my Emperor!" bowed Goldar as he disappeared.

"Soon this world will be mine!!" laughed Zedd as he disappeared with his prisoner.

Zedd appeared in a dark dimension and threw Michelle on the floor.

"Soon you and your sister will be the first to conquer this world for your Emperor!!" laughed Zedd

Michelle crawled to the corner and curled into a ball. She saw this Zedd as a monster. But she doesn't want to find out what he's capable of. She shivered at the thought. She became frightened for her sister. "Oh Danya be careful."


Danya was walking to Billy's house to work on a project. She stopped. Something was wrong. She knew it. She felt that her sister was in trouble. Terrible trouble. She had to tell Billy. She doesn't know why but she had this connection to her sister and vice versa. She started to run to Billy's.

Panic ran through her body as she ran. She knew her sister was in trouble and was very frighten. She had to help Michelle she just had to. She was looking when she ran into something big and strong. She fell on her behind. She looked up and screamed.

"You can scream all you want but it will do you no good!!" chuckled the monster.

"Who are you?" replied Danya scared.

"I am Goldar!! And I was sent to bring you back to my Emperor Lord Zedd!!! Soon you will join your sister!!" laughed Goldar.

"No….NO!!" cried Danya. "Michelle! Where is she!? And bring her back!!"

"Foolish child. DO you think I will obey to your commands!!" chuckled Goldar. "You will join your sister!!"

Goldar approached Danya. She didn't know what to do. This creep had her sister. She had to help her. But how? She can go with him but that will do both of them no good. If both of them we're trapped then no one will know where they were. She had to get help. For some strange reason she'll go to Billy and the others. But how can they help? Maybe they know someone who can. She'll go for help. For now this monster had the upper hand.

"This was easier than grabbing your sister. What a bit she is?" taunted Goldar.

That did it. No one calls her sister a bitch! No One! Danya was very angry. She felt power rising thought her body. She looked at Goldar with hatred in her heart. She felt something take over her body. As Goldar approached she felt a grin come over her face. Goldar bent down and grabbed her arm. A surge of electricity came out of Danya's hand and into Goldar's body.

Goldar flew back of the shock. Danya looked and was breathing heavily. She looked at Goldar. She didn't know what she did or how she did it. "Don't you ever call my sister a bitch! You ass hole!"

"Ah such spirit! How I love your spirit!! You and your sister will make an excellent addition to my empire!" laughed the voice.

Danya turned and saw another monster behind her dressed in some kind of red armor. -This must be Zedd- thought Danya. "Let me guess you're Zedd. And if you are then where is my sister!!"

"You will know when you join her!!" laughed Zedd.

"NOT!!" roared Danya. "Not with scum who's uglier than hell!!"

"Don't mess with me child!! Just because you and your sister have power don't mean you can defeat me!! I can easily destroy you!!" roared Zedd. "Goldar, grab her!!"

Goldar came up and grabbed Danya from behind. She screamed and tried to struggle but it was no use. Goldar was too powerful.

"LET ME GO!!!" screamed Danya. "HELP!!"

"NO one is going to help you" laughed Zedd. "You're mine!!"

"NO!!!!" screamed Danya as she vanished with Zedd and Goldar.

Little did Zedd know that Danya was only a couple house down from Billy. He heard her scream. He rushed out to help her. He saw Zedd and tired to get to them. But when he approached Zedd, Goldar, and Danya vanished.

"No….." whispered Billy. He had to help Danya. He had to get help. He looked at his communicator and then pushed the button. Billy vanished in a flash of white light.


Zedd appeared in a dimension with Goldar. "Deposit her here. Let her keep her sister company."

Goldar roughly threw Danya to the floor and disappeared. She cursed and sat there for a minute. She had to know where Michelle was. "Michelle?"

Michelle lifted her head to the sound of her name being mentioned. She recognized the voice. "Danya?"

Danya turned and saw Michelle sitting in the corner. Danya came and sat next to her. She saw the black eye. "Sis? What happened? Where did you get that?"

"From that hideous creature Zedd. He hit me when he practically demanded me to join him and I refused" whispered Michelle. "Danya, I'm scared. What are we going to do?"

"I'm scared to sis" replied Danya. "I don't know. I don't know."

Michelle and Danya sat side by side contemplating the horrible fate that awaits them.

Chapter 4

Billy arrived at the Power Chamber thoroughly upset. "Zordon, we have trouble!!"

"I know Billy. Alpha, contact the other rangers at once!" said Zordon.

"Right away Zordon!!" replied Alpha Five as he pushed the button.

**** Tommy and the others were at the Youth Center. Tommy looked at his best friend. He had a grin on his face.

"What are you grinning about?" asked Kat.

"Jason" chuckled Tommy.

"Tommy!?" replied Tanya in shock. "Jason looks worried."

"Well Michelle is late" replied Kat. "She should have been here an hour ago. No wonder Jason's worried."

"I know. I'm a little concerned myself. But if you notice I think Jason likes Michelle a lot!!" grinned Tommy.

"And Michelle likes Jason" smiled Kat.

"No way" replied Rocky stunned.

"Yep" said Tanya. "It's in the eyes. Plus a girl knows these things. Kat and I saw it in Michelle's eyes. Plus the way she looks at him she blushes and smiles. She watches him in awe when he works out with you guys and I don't think it has nothing to do with how good he is either."

Kat giggled. "You have to admit Tanya he has a good body. No wonder Michelle watches him. But you're right she definitely has the hots for him. And I say Jason has the hots for her as well. The way he watches her at lunch and during class."

Tanya laughed. "Umm hmm Jason has a nice body all right. I wouldn't mind going gaga over a body like that."

"WILL YOU TWO STOP!" replied Adam dumbfounded with the way they were talking about Jason. "Jase, is our friend."

"We know" said Kat. "But we can talk about him like that as well. Besides it's a compliment. We always talk about you guys like that."

"Yep" smiled Tanya. "It's called girl talk. But your right Kat, Jason blushes when she talks to him. You guys don't pick up on these things like girls do. The same with Kat and Tommy."

"TANYA!!" replied both Kat and Tommy blushing.

"She's right. But you two are going out" laughed Adam.

"You know Danya and Billy are the same way" said Kat looking back at Jason. "They like each other as much as Michelle and Jason."

"Yeah" said Tanya. "You know it's a good thing Michelle and Danya came along. Jason and Billy need them. I mean look how Emily and Cestria treated them. Like dirt."

"Yeah" said Rocky. "You know all four of them would make a cute couple."

"Well Rocky! Aren't we sensitive" teased Kat.

"Hey! I watch soaps sue me" shrugged Rocky. "It's not easy living in a household with three older sisters and a younger brother you know. Besides if Michelle and Danya are causing a reaction in Jason and Billy will good for them."

Before a reply could be made Jason Scott came over and sat down. Concerned filled his face. "Hey guys."

"You look bummed bro. What's up?" asked Tommy.

"Michelle's late" answered Jason.

"She'll turn up. Maybe she had to do something before she came here" replied Adam.

"Maybe" said Jason. But deep down he didn't believe it.

Just then Tommy's communicator beeped. Everyone looked around as Tommy answered it. "What's up Zordon?""

"Telaport to the Power Chamber immediately. We have an emergency" replied Zordon.

"We're on our way" answered Tommy as he turned off the communicator. "Let's go!"

The group got up and found an isolated area. They looked around saw it was clear and teleport in a flash of color light.


The group appeared in the Power Chamber.

"What's up Zordon?" asked Kat.

"Rangers, we have some disturbing news" replied Zordon grimly.

"Wait a minute. Zordon you said we" said Tommy confused.

"Go ahead Billy" replied Zordon.

"Guys. Zedd kidnaped Danya. She screamed and I rushed outside and saw Zedd take her and by the time I got there to help her they've vanished. That monster has Danya!!" replied Billy angrily.

"But why does Zedd want with Danya?" asked Adam.

"Oh no!" whispered Jason as he realized the same thing must have happen to Michelle. He hoped it wasn't but deep down he knew she was taken to. "Michelle. Zordon, what about Michelle?"

"I'm sorry Jason. She to was kidnapped by Zedd" replied Zordon.

"Damn! We have to get them back!!" replied an anxious Billy. "We can't leave them in the hands of that creep!"

'I conquer Billy. We have to rescue Danya and Michelle. They are very important. Zedd knows that Michelle and Danya posses two of the Zeo crystals" said Zordon.

"WHAT!!!" echoed all the rangers.

"Two more crystals?" asked Adam in shocked.

"I thought there was only five" said Billy.

"No. They are ten. But I cannot explain right now. We must get Michelle and Danya back! If Zedd is allowed to control them then all is lost!!" replied Zordon.

"Right. Getting the girls are important!!" said Jason.

"What can we do?" asked Kat.

"Alpha, locate where the girls are. I can open a gateway for a short period of time. But only two may go through" answered Zordon. "But you must choose who shall go."

"Right Zordon" replied the little robot as he started the search.

"Tommy, Billy and I should go" said Jason.

"Jase, it could be dangerous. And the both of you don't have the protection of the powers as we do. Two of us should go" responded Tommy.

"We don't want you two to get hurt" said Tanya.

"We appreciate your concern Tommy. But Jase is right. You guys are needed here in case Zedd attacks" replied Billy.

"I hate to say it but they're right Tommy" said Rocky. "We're needed here. And if old metal head knows that two of the Zeo rangers went looking for Danya and Michelle then he'll take advantage and attack the city."

"And don't forget that Zedd will know that we're coming if any two of you with the Zeo crystals are coming" replied Jason.

"All right. I concede. But I don't like it. You go in, find them, and then come out. Got it?" ordered Tommy.

"YES SIR!!" replied Billy and Jason as they grinned and saluted their leader. "Anything you say sir!"

"Smart Asses" smirked Tommy. "Just be careful."

"We will bro" said Jason. "Zordon, have you located them?"

"Alpha?" asked Zordon.

"I have the location. It's….Ayi! Ayi! Ayi! It's the Dimension of Despair!! It's filled with traps. Jason, Billy once trapped there's no way out!!" replied an anxious Alpha.

"We're willing to risk it" replied Billy determined to find the two missing girls.

"It is very dangerous. Once there you will lose all contact with the Power Chamber" said Zordon grimly.

"We'll risk it. Especially if Michelle and Danya posses two of the Zeo crystal" replied Jason.

"All right. You have tow hours to find them and bring them back. If you don't come back within the two hours the portal closes and all four of you will be at Zedd's mercy" said Zordon.

"We understand" said both Jason and Billy.

"Good Luck guys" said Kat. "Be careful."

"We will. Don't worry. We'll bring them back" said Jason.

"Alpha, open the gateway" ordered Zordon.

Alpha pushed the button and a portal appeared.

"Good Luck and may both of you be careful" replied Zordon.

Jason and Billy nodded and both ran into the portal.


Jason and Billy appeared in a damp foggy place

"My God! No wonder this place is called the Dimension of Despair" said Billy disgusted.

"Gross I know. I hope Danya and Michelle are okay. But we don't have time. Keep you're eyes open but be careful" replied Jason.

"You'll never change Jase" grinned Billy. "Always the take charge guy. But I'll be careful."

"Hey. I grew up like that so sue me" smiled Jason. " Let's go."

Both boys started walking looking for Danya and Michelle.

"MICHELLE!!! DANYA!!!" both boys shouted.

There was no answer. They kept going. An hour later they stopped for a rest. They faced bugs, quicksand, and vines that came alive.

"Boy, it's going to be tough but we'll do it. How long do we have left?" breathed Billy trying to catch his breath.

"An hour. We don't have much time left" replied Jason.

"Let's go" said Billy as both started to walk. They were walking for a few minutes. "Hey Jase, I know now isn't the right time to bring this up but…well…I want to say is….I know…I met Danya for a week and if I talk to Tommy he'll say something like it's only a crush"

"But you're in love with her" interrupted Jason as he kept an eye out for trouble.

"Huh? Yeah. Michelle right?" asked Billy.

"Right. I mean she makes me feel different inside. I never had deep feelings about any girl. Even Emily never made me feel like I do when I'm around Michelle. It's love at first sight" said Jason softly.

"I know that feeling" said Billy. "I thought it was with Cestria but I was wrong. When I'm with Danya the feeling was so strong I can't believe it. Danya is sweet, funny, and a caring person. Almost in a way she's like Trini but different. I mean Trini can go so far in what I know and say but Danya she knows exactly what I'm doing and saying and she can explain it before I can get it out of my mouth. Jason, what are we going to do. We can't ask them out just like that."

"Yes we can" said Jason. "If they care for us as much as we do them then they'll say yes. We've gotten to know they're parents. The only problem is do we have the courage to ask them? Hey, let's call for them again?"

"You're right on the courage part" smiled Billy. "Okay let's shout for them."

"MICHELLE!! DANYA!!" both screamed.


Danya and Michelle were huddling together. It had gotten cold. They were just falling asleep when they heard two voices calling them. Family voices at that. They woke up instantly.

"Shell, do you here?" asked Danya hopefully.

"Yeah, I do. Somebody's here to help us" replied Michelle happily.

"It sounds like Billy and Jason. "But how?" asked Danya confused.

"Who cares as long as they found us. Now we can get out of this hell hole!" answered Michelle.

"You're right. Let's answer them" replied Danya.

Michelle nodded and both girls started to answer the call. "OVER HERE!! WE'RE OVER HERE!!! HELP US PLEASE!!! JASON, BILLY HELP!!"


Jason and Billy stopped as they heard the girls scream.

"We've found them!!" cried Billy with relief.

"We only have thirty minutes left! Come on!" replied Jason as he took off running. Soon Billy took off as well.

"MICHELLE!! DANYA!! KEEP YELLING!!" hollered Billy.

"WE'RE OVER HERE!!" screamed Danya.


"ARE YOU HURT!?" asked Jason.

"NO!! WANT US TO MEET UP WITH YOU!!" yelled Danya.

"STAY RIGHT THERE!!" answered Billy.

"OKAY!!" yelled both girls.

The boys put their gears into overdrive and began to run faster. Soon they ran into a room and saw the girls. The girls looked up and cried with relief. Danya and Michelle got up and ran to the guys and hugged them.

"JASON!!" cried Michelle sobbing into his shoulder.

"Shush, I got you now" whispered Jason as he tried to calm Michelle down.

"BILLY!!" cried Danya hugging him tight.

"It's okay" soothed Billy. "Everything is going to be okay."

"But how?" asked Danya.

"We'll explain later. But right now we have to get out of here and we have ten minutes to do it" replied Jason as he took Michelle's hand as Billy took Danya's. "Now RUN!!"

All four ran out of the room. They were running when a group of tengas and Goldar appeared.

"Damn! That's all we need!" breathed Jason.


"That's what you think monkey boy!!" roared Jason. "Mess with Michelle and Danya and you mess with us!! Ready Billy!"

"Ready Jase!!" replied Billy as he poised himself for a fight.

The boys sprang into action as they started to kick butt. The girls stayed back in fear and awe as they watch the fight take place.

Goldar smiled as he prepared to rid himself of his long time enemy. He was behind Jason getting ready to stab him.

Michelle saw this and became mortified. "JASON BEHIND YOU!!"

Jason heard Michelle and backed kick Goldar causing him to fall to the ground. He looked at his watch and saw they had two minutes left. The portal was close by.

"LET"S GO JASE!!" hollered Billy.

"RUN!!" ordered Jason. "DON'T LOOK BACK!!"

All four started to run dodging obstacles in their way. They saw the portal starting to close. With a burst of speed all four ran into the portal as it closed behind them. They made it with minutes to spare.

Chapter Five

The rangers looked on in suspense as Zordon informed them that the portal just closed.

"Please" whispered Kat.

Just then the portal opened as all in the chamber drew their breath in waiting. Just then four figures ran out of the portal and stopped to catch their breath. The rangers breathed a sigh of relief.

"Take your time why don't you" grinned Tommy as he saw that Jason and Billy were successful in bringing Danya and Michelle home.

"Sorry. Ran into trouble" breathed Jason.

"Danya, Michelle? Are you two okay?" asked Tanya.

"Just confused, cold, and aching is all" replied Danya.

"I only have a black eye. But it's nothing. That creep Zedd hit me. The jerk" said Michelle a little steamed.

"But you are okay right" asked Jason looking over Michelle to make sure there wasn't any other injury.

"I'm fine" shrugged Michelle.

"Welcome Michelle and Danya Madison to the Power Chamber" boomed a powerful voice.

Michelle and Danya turned around to see who just spoke and finally saw a face in some strange looking tube. They weren't surprised though. After all they saw two monsters.

"Woah!!" whispered Danya.

"Cool!!" replied Michelle. "At least it's a friendly face."

"I am Zordon an interdimensional being. My home is Eltare. I came to this planet because it is being threaten over by intergalactic villains such as Lord Zedd as you both have seen" said Zordon.

"Bummer" said Danya. "But why are we here? And why are Jason and the others here?"

"They are the Power Rangers. They fight against the likes of Zedd. But they only fight when they are forced to. They posses what is called the Zeo crystals. You both posses two of the five Zeo Crystals." Said Zordon.

"Oh" said Michelle, "Cool. Let, me guess the color of they're wearing are the color of the uniforms. Wait a minute!! What do you mean us!?"

"Yeah Zordon! Please explain?" asked Adam.

"I will start from the very beginning. Then you will know how Danya and Michelle posses the crystals. Four hundred thousand years ago the Zeo crystals was whole. It was the Zeo Shard.. They Zeo shard was guarded by five guardians. For two thousand years the five guardians have used the shard to fight against evil. The Zeo Shard possessed great amount of power. And if any being posses the shard posses the universe. Zedd realized this and power is what he seeks so one day Zedd wanted the crystal from himself and tried to take it. The five guardians defeated him. Zedd kept trying to capture the shard but was thwarted every time by the guardians. The guardians knew that Zedd or any villains will not stop until the shard was in their hands. The shard was only used for good. And in the wrong hands there was no telling what would happen. So the guardians decided to split the shard and dispense it throughout the universe making it harder for the villains to gather the shard and try to make it whole again. They gathered the power from within and split the crystal into ten fragments or crystals. They sent five to earth and hid it in the vicinity of earth. The five they sent are the outer crystals or the protector crystals. They are the pink, yellow, green, blue, and red. These crystals are well know for many have tried to get them but failed. Only ones with the purest heart can weld the crystal.

The other crystals the black, purple, white, silver and gold are the power crystals or inner crystals. Those crystals are the source of the shard's power. The guardians felt these crystals were too powerful to hid in the universe so they absorbed the crystals for future generations. Their descendants will carry on their ancestor's duty and guard the shard for all time. Danya and Michelle are two of the descendants of the guardians. Zedd must of realized this and tried to take them and control them. Each crystal has meaning and fits with each personality. Katherine, your pink Zeo crystal means strength. You have shown physical and emotional strength when it was needed. Tanya, the yellow Zeo crystal means benevolent. This means friendliness and kindness. You have proven this by being there when your friends needed you the most. Rocky, the blue Zeo crystal means loyalty. You have stayed by your friend's side no matter what like true friends are.

Adam, the green Zeo crystal means wisdom. You are wise and shown in time of need. Tommy, the red Zeo crystal means order. As leader you have kept the peace between the rangers and you are a great leader. Now for the inner crystals. Danya, your Zeo crystal is purple or essence. You are concerned for others and a free spirit individual. Michelle, your Zeo crystal is black or empathy. This crystal deals with emotion. You are a sensitive person and concern about others. The other three crystals are white in which it deals with the mind, silver is the soul crystal, and gold is the heart of the crystal itself. Now the silver and gold crystals are unique for the guardians of these crystals are twins and the descendants are twins and can only be held by twins for heart and soul are alike in many ways. Rangers the inner crystals are power in which the holders have power and will be developed in time.

Michelle and Danya have already demonstrated their powers. Be warned for Zedd will try to capture the new guardians and hold the power for himself. Also, there is a price for holding the crystal whole. The five new guardians are destined to defend for all time for their fate has all ready been determined. But when the other three guardians come into play then you five have a choice. For when the crystal is whole there will be ten defenders of the universe to defend her in all time. Yes, you five have the choice of becoming immortal" said Zordon.

"Woah! Talk about deep" said Rocky stunned.

"The rangers will grow" replied Tanya amazed.

"I don't know what to think" said Michelle. "But I believe him."

"Me too" said Danya.

"Danya, Michelle? Will you join us?" asked Tommy. "We can use the help?"

"Sure! I mean this is our destiny after all" replied Michelle.

"Of course. It's going to be interesting. Besides who would have thought of defending the universe would happen. Besides it's like we have nothing better to do" smiled Danya.

"Spoken as true rangers. Welcome to the team Danya and Michelle Madison. You must follow three basic rules. But in your case you will not lose the protection of the powers. One, never escalate a battle unless you were forced to. Two, never use the power for personal gain. Three, always keep your identity a secret" smiled Zordon as he looked at two new rangers.

Everyone cheered and hugged the two newest members of the team.

"I'm glad you're power rangers" smiled Billy but in his heart he wanted to be part of it to. He knew Jason did as well. "I'll make you two communicators and zeonizers. The zeonizers will help to morph and control the process better."

"One question Zordon. How do we use the crystals?" asked Michelle.

Zordon smiled. "Billy, will make you zeonizers like he said. They will help you to morph and control the flow as you do morph. Michelle, you will repeat Zeo Ranger VI-Black and you will morph. Danya, you will say Zeo Ranger VII-Purple and you will morph. To activate the crystal close your eyes and concentrate."

Danya and Michelle closed their eyes and concentrate. They found it easy and felt the power to start to flow threw their veins. They opened their eyes and looked at each other. They were in uniform.

"Cool uniforms" replied Danya.

"Not to tight. And the helmets are conformable" smiled Michelle.

"Looking sharp" grinned Rocky.

Michelle and Danya unbuckled their helmets and took them off. "This is totally cool."

"Now, we have two out of the five guardians. Three more to go. Now only time will tell when the other three will be revealed" smiled Jason.

"We'll be there when it happens. And unfortunately so will Zedd. We have to keep an eye out for them" replied Tommy.

"Right" said the group.

"We will unite with all then of us and earth and the universe will have their protectors" said Adam.

Everyone nodded and showed Michelle and Danya around the Power Chamber. Only time will tell when the next Zeo Ranger will be revealed. But the question is who?

THE END……????

Note: Who is the next Zeo Ranger? And why is everyone surprised when the ranger is revealed and can the seven rangers save this new ranger from Zedd. Find out in the next installment of White Surprise!!!