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Test of Love
Chapter 1
by Michelle Penning

"And the prince kissed the sleeping princess. The princess opened her blue eyes and gazed into the prince's dark brown. She fell in love with him the moment she saw him. The prince helped her up and then married her. In addition, they lived happily ever after. The End" smiled Katherine Hillard as she put the book down.

"I love that story mommy" replied the small child.

Katherine brushed back a lock of dark brown hair out of her daughter's eyes. "In addition, I love telling you that story, Alexis. Now it is time to sleep and no buts about it young lady" Kat said as she pulled the blanket on he two year old. "Good night Miss Oliver."

"Night Mommy. I wove you" yawned Alexis.

Kat smiled lovingly at her young daughter. Alexis reminds Kat of Tommy. -She sure has her father's personality. I know Tommy would've loved being a daddy. If he knew about Alexis.- Kat sighed to herself. She never told Tommy that she was pregnant with his child. At the time she thought it was the right thing to do. They were only sixteen years old when they made love. She did not want to ruin his life with a baby. Besides she did not want to have an abortion if Tommy did not want to be a daddy. Therefore, she left Angel Grove one night and never returned.

"And I love you two my little angel" smiled Kat as she kissed her daughter's forehead. "Sweet dreams." Kat walked up to the door shut the lights out and closed the door. She went to the living room and sat in the small couch. She looked at the picture of her friends that she took with her. She missed them so much. Especially Tommy. She loved him with all her heart and soul. She was eighteen years old and a single mother. Luckily for her that her grandmother helped her out when she was pregnant. Her grandmother helped her get an apartment on the condition that she graduates from school. Her grandmother helped with bills as well. Katherine was not on assistance. She did not want to become dependant on the system. She has a part time job after school and on the weekends. Her grandmother and friends in New York has been a big help.

Just then she heard a window break. The sound came from Alexis's room. Panic filled her soul. She got up and rushed to her daughter's room. She opened the door and went in. "Alexis?"

Kat turned to the bed hoping the child was still there. Her heart tightened as she saw the bed was empty. "ALEXIS KERSTIN OLIVER!!!" was all Kat could scream.

Tears fell from her eyes as she slumped to the ground. Her baby was taken from her. The creation from the love she and Tommy shared was gone. Nevertheless, who would take an innocent child. "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"

"Awe poor little Kat" sneered a voice. "Lose something."

Kat froze with horror. There was no one in the apartment and she knew that voice. She closed her eyes. -Please don't let it be her-

"Open your eyes little Kitty" laughed the voice.

Kat opened her eyes and turned around. She paled even further when she realized who it was. "Rita" whispered Kat. "What do you want!? Give me back my baby!! Why can't you leave me alone!!"

Rita just laughed. "Because my dear Kitty you were mine once!! In addition, your daughter is the product of love between you and Tommy. You both belonged to me and so does your daughter! I brought you two together!! He misses you so much!! He still loves you and when he hears that he has a daughter he won't be too pleased with you!! And you betrayed me like he did! I will have my revenge and I will take it out on your daughter!! I won't give her back!! If you want to see her again than you must return to Angel Grove!!"

Rita gave Kat a cold smile "See you in Angel Grove Kitty." Rita laughed and disappeared leaving a frightened and angry Kat behind. She buried her face in her hands and began to cry.


An hour later Kat gained her composure as she was searching through a trunk. Finally she found a cloth containing a few objects on the bottom. She took the cloth and took a deep breath. She didn't think she'll be seeing these things again. She opened it and revealed a glowing pink crystal, zeonizers, and her communicator.

"It's been two years since I was a ranger. Rita, you forced me back and I'm going to stop you and take back my daughter" replied Kat coldly. "You've gone to far this time."

Kat absorb the crystal into her heart. There was a bright light and she had to close her eyes. A second later the light was gone and Kat opened her eyes. She got up and looked in the mirror. There she was dressed in pink armor. She was ready to defeat all those who would harm innocents. -Zeo Ranger One is back!- Kat thought to herself. Kat demorphed and placed her zeonizers back on her wrists. With a flick of her wrist the zeonizers disappeared and then placed her communicator on. "It's been a long time. However, I'm ready to come home. Hope Zordon and the others can forgive me in time. But I have more important matters to attend to. I hope they don't mind a surprise visitor."

Kat took a deep breath. It's been a long time since she teleported and she didn't know what to expect back home. "It sure beats those eight hour flights." she looked at her communicator and then pressed the buttons. Kat disappeared in a sparks of pink light.

Chapter 2

The Power Chamber was busy crowded with people. There were no monsters but everyone gathered there to talk.

"Jase, Trini, I'm glad you two are rangers again. It was hard to defeat monsters with only four rangers. I know it was two years ago but still I'm glad. I'm gad Zordon found the Black and White Zeo crystals or we would have been screwed" said Tommy thankfully.

"No problem Tommy" replied Trini. "I'm just glad I came home on time to take the White Zeo Powers. Have you heard from Billy?"

"No. He's happy on Aquitar" replied Jason.

"Yeah" replied Tommy sadly. "He's a lucky guy. He found someone who loves him."

"Tommy, Kat loves you to bro" whispered Rocky.

"Are you sure? If you were than Kat wouldn't have disappeared. Not only did she turn her back on the team and on earth but she turned her back on me! She hurt me Rocky! I don't know where she is or even is she's alive! It's killing me not knowing where someone that you love is for TWO whole years! WHY!? Why did she leave!?" sobbed Tommy.

The others glared at Rocky for bringing up Kat. Since her disappearance Tommy became distant. He was depressed most of the time. He was hurting. He didn't want to date anyone. The girl he wanted he couldn't have because she disappeared. It hurt them knowing that Tommy was hurting. This was worse than Kim dumping him with a letter. At least he knew where she was. But Kat. He had no clue. They all wondered why Kat just got up and left without saying a word or not leaving the crystal behind.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to bring her up" replied Rocky softly.

Tommy sighed. "Don't worry about it. I just want to know where she is and why she left. I love her. I really love her."

Alpha watched the scene sadly. He knew Zordon knew why Kat left. What bothered the little robot was why didn't Zordon stop her? Or why didn't he tell Tommy. Sometimes Alpha never understood Zordon or the decisions he made. Just then something caught his sensors. he went to see what was happening. he looked at the scan for teleportations and saw something or someone teleporting to the Power Chamber. "AYI AYI AYI Zordon! Someone's teleporting to the Power Chamber!!"

Everyone grew quite when Alpha spoke up. Finally Zordon spoke up. "Alpha, do you know who or what is teleporting to the Power Chamber?"

Chapter 3

Rita watched Katherine teleport out of her apartment and smiled. Soon she'll have her two evil rangers once more. This time they'll serve her willingly. She looked at the frightened Child who was crying in the corner.

"I WANT MY MOMMY!!!!!!" hollered Alexis.

Rita shuddered even her high pitched voice can't match that of a two year old. She sighed and looked through her telescope once more and saw where Kat was headed. She couldn't let that happened. "GOLDAR!!!"

Goldar rushed in at his emperess command. "Yes my queen."

"Watch the brat! I'm going to make sure Kat doesn't make it to the Power Chamber!" hissed Rita.

"YOU Weave my MOMMY AWONE!" cried Alexis as she kicked Goldar in the shin.

Goldar yelped in spite of himself and started to chase the little brat. "YOU LITTLE BRAT!"

Rita sighed the sooner she gets Kat here the better.

Rita went to the balcony and shot the beam the the pink light distrubing the transportation and sending her to the park. "Now for a chat." With that Rita disappered.


"AYI AYI AYI!!!" cried Alpha.

"What is it?" asked Tommy.

"Something or someone distruppted the transportaion and it sent whatever or whoever to the park" answered Alpha.

"Someone must be in trouble" replied Jason.

"Zordon, can we get a lock on it?" asked Adam.

"I'm afraid not but you can look in the veiwing globe" replied Zordon.

The rangers turned their attention to the veiwing globe and saw the teleportation ended and when they saw who it was they were shocked.

Tommy looked and couldn't believe his eyes. He shut them as he felt tears forming. His heart beating faster and a million questions entering his young mind. He was shaking a little from excitement and anger. He opened them again to make sure she was really there and his heart let a yell of yes when it wasn't his imagination. "Kat." he whispered.

"My God" whispered Tanya almost as shaken as Tommy. She lost her best friend two years ago and to see her there in Angel Grove park shook her up pretty bad.

"I thought I was never going to see her again" whispered Tommy barley able to control his emotions.

"Uh guys, Kat's not alone" said Rocky.

They looked again and saw that Rita appeared seconds after Kat did.

"No..." replied Tommy. "It can't be. She can't be working for her."

At the Power Chamber the rangers watched in shock horror as Rita was talking to Kat.

"Not yet my little kitten" chuckled Rita. "I don't want you to spill your guts now."

Kat was distress. Rita had her daughter and she was going to use Alexis to get to her and Tommy. "Please, just give her back" Kat begged.

"I don't think so!" crackled Rita. "Not until you do my bidding unless you really don't care about her!"

"THAT'S NOT TRUE!" cried Kat hysterically. "I love her to give my own life for her!" She then sighed and relented to Rita. "I'll do as you command but don't hurt her.

"That's more like it" grinned Rita. "Now we know the rangers are probably watching. I want you to fight them. Call them out, morph and engage them in battle."

"NO!!" cried Kat in distress.

"I guess I have to resort to pain. I'm sure Alexis is going to love you after I get done with her" sneered Rita.

Kat was stunned and torn. She couldn't use her power for evil purposes and fight against her friends but she couldn't and wouldn't let her baby get hurt. She sighed she knew what she had to do. "I will obey my empress" she sulked unhappily.

"Good" laughed Rita as she disappeared.

Kat fell to the ground as tears of pain and sadness fell from her eyes as she prepared herself as a pawn for that bitch Rita. She straighten herself up and wiped her eyes. She closed her eyes as she called out the Power Rangers. "Rangers, come and face me!!"


The Rangers watched the whole thing and were dumbstruck. They didn't know what to think of the situation.

"Zordon, what are we going to do?" asked Rocky. "We know it's a trap."

"Something's not right. Why would Kat work for Rita?" asked a confused Trini. She gotten to know Kat from the letters that Tommy, Billy, Adam, Rocky and Jason wrote. She also gotten to know Kat before Kat disappeared that fateful night two years ago. She liked her from the start.

"She's obviously being blackmailed" replied Tanya. "We have to help her."

"There's more to this than we thought and I have a feeling it had to do with when she left two years ago" whispered Tommy. He watched the scene played out between Rita and Kat. He felt sick to his stomach as Rita taunted Kat making her beg and causing extreme emotional distress on the young blonde.

The group looked at their leader. When they watched the scene being played out between Rita and Kat they glanced at Tommy. There were mixed emotions on his face. Rage, sadness, happiness, relief and hurt. They felt for him. When he lost Kat it was the hardest emotions that they had ever faced. It hit him hard and he looked so lost and hurt. It was worse than Kim ever done to him was. They tried with all their might to help their leader get over his grief of losing Kat but it didn’t work. They knew he would never get over the woman he truly loves. The only person who could really talk to Tommy was his best friend Jason Scott. Jason understands how Tommy felt and tried his best to help him deal with the pain not trying to help him forget Katherine Hillard because that wouldn’t be fair and Jason knew that Tommy would never forget her. Now Kat was back in their lives and Tommy didn’t know how to comprehend with that fact.

“Bro?” asked Jason as he put his hand on Tommy’s shoulder.

Tommy kept staring at the sad face of the woman he loves. The pain of losing her was tugging at his heart once more. He was shaking visibly. He had a chance to be with her again. He didn’t want to lose her again. If she leaves it would literally kill him. But he had unanswered questions like why did she leave? It was awhile before Tommy spoke. “I have to know. Why did she leave me two years ago? Why did she hurt me” replied Tommy who was struggling with his conflicting emotions of happiness and anger.

“There’s only one way to find out. We have to confront her. Make sure there’s a reason why Kat’s working for Rita” said Trini..

“She doesn’t want to do this and it’s obvious” whispered Adam.

“We all shouldn’t go down there. We know Rita will be watching and as soon as all of us teleports down she’ll launch an all out war attack and we wouldn’t have time to morph” replied Tommy falling into the role of leader.

“Tommy’s right” said Jason. “The rest of us will stay behind while Tommy goes and talks to Kat. He has more reasons than any of us to go down there. Besides he has an opportunity to talk to her and find out why she left.”

The others nodded. “Do you need us to watch your pack or would you like your privacy” suggested Rocky.

“I would say privacy but with Rita and Zedd watching our every move you guys better watch. I warn you know it might not be pleasant” warn Tommy.

“Don’t worry we’ll have earplugs incase the yelling starts” joked Jason. “But seriously good luck bro.”

“Thanks” said Tommy ignoring Jason’s joke. “I’m going to need it.” That was the last thing he said as he teleport out of the Power Chamber. **** Kat felt butterflies in her stomach. What was she going to say to her friends, to Tommy? Her stomach tighten as she knew Tommy wanted answers. What could she say? -Probably the truth- she thought to herself. -If he found he’s a daddy then he’ll really be hurt.- She didn’t want to put him through anymore pain that she caused. She felt tears starting to form and then fall. She hated herself for causing so much pain. She told him two years ago when they started dating that she would never ever hurt him the way Kimberly did by sending him that awful letter. Kat sighed as she brushed her hair out of her eyes.

“But I hurt Tommy more than Kim” she said out loud to no one in particular. “I promised him and I broke it.”

“Than why did you do it?” asked a baritone whose voice was a mear whisper but familiar.

Kat closed her eyes. She didn’t have to be a genius to figure out who it was. She felt breathing increase as her heart started to beat faster and hard in her chest. She turn away and slowly opened her eyes. She gulped as she saw Tommy standing there in front of her looking more gorgeous than ever. Her eyes sadden when she saw the hurt in his eyes. –I’m such an idiot- she thought to herself. –Why did I let him go?- She knew the answer. She finally had to tell him. For Alexis’s sake and her sanity. It about killed her when she couldn’t bring to tell him that she was pregnant two years ago. This time it will be different. “I….” She started but stop when she didn’t how to begin.

“What did I do?” asked Tommy in a soft whisper as he started to ball rolling. He had to struggle from pulling her to him giving her a hug and then ripping off her close to make love to her. He loved her very much. He about died when he looked into the soft blue eyes and taking in the golden hair, gentle smile and beautiful body in person.

Kat found her courage. She wanted to be in his arms just as bad as he wanted to hold her. To make love to him like he did her two years ago. She ached to have him to love him to hold him. But first things first. “Tommy, it wasn’t you. So don’t ever think it was your fault.”

Tommy expression of love turned into bitterness and anger. “How dare you say that to me now!? I’ve had two years thinking it was MY fault that you left me the way you did!!! So DON’T say that to me!!”

Kat stepped back at his harsh words not surprised by his reaction at all. But he had every right to be angry with her. “It’s true Tommy. It wasn’t you at all. It was me.”

Tommy snorted. “YOU! How in the world can it be you!? After all you’re miss perfect!!”

“I am Not Perfect!!!” cried Kat.

Tommy hated himself for what he was doing. He wanted to hold her and tell her that he still loved her and would wait for all eternity if he had to. But the anger was too strong. “You hurt me so bad Katherine!! You promised me you wouldn’t hurt me like Kim!!! I believed you!! I gave you my heart and soul!! I loved you more than Kimberly!!! What did you do!? You tore my heart and soul to pieces!!”

“Tom…” started an hysterical Kat but was interrupted by Tommy.

“NO!!! You’re going to listen to me!!” he replied angrily. “When you left I did everything I could to find you!! I used the Power Chamber, had my dad use contacts!! Everything to find you!!! That’s how much I loved you!!! But you’ve disappeared!! Why!? I wanted to die but the others were there for me! Another thing you hurt all your friends!! Tanya was devastated!! She’s your best friend!! Your parents were numb with grief They’re only daughter was gone from their lives!! And you left you took the Pink Zeo Crystal! We had trouble with battling Zedd, Rita, and Mondo!! If Trini and Jason hadn’t received the White and Black Zeo Crystals from Zordon we would’ve been killed!! But most of all you all most cost earth it’s freedom!! You are a selfish, insensitive bitch!!” growled Tommy as he fell to his knees exhausted from the venting as tears fell from his eyes in a flood. “WHY!!??”

Katherine was all ready on her knees bawling her eyes out from the tongue lash Tommy given her. She wasn’t shocked by Tommy’s venting she expected it. She never thought about the consequences of her decision all most cost. Earth her freedom. She breathed deeply trying to calm down. “You’re….right…I am a selfish bitch!”

Tommy looked at her through pain filled eyes. He didn’t mean to yell at her like that but once he started he couldn’t stop. He wiped his eyes and found most of his anger left him. He crawled to her and sat next to her. He brushed his hand against her tear stained cheek and felt her shudder he blushed. He made her look at him and said softly, “Please tell me why?”

Kat sniffed and took a deep breath before biting the bullet. “Please let me finish before you reply.” She watched as Tommy nodded. “Remember two years ago after the spring dance?”

Tommy thought for a second and blushed as he remember that fateful night when the two came home from the spring dance. His parents were out of town and Kat’s parents were in Australia visiting sick relatives and they trust Katherine enough to let her stay home by herself. Well they were in his room talking about how fun the dance was and about their friends the next minute ripping each other’s clothes off and making love to each other. He smiled and continued to blush even further. He notice Kat was also a bright red. “That was the night we made love for the first time.”

Kat smiled and blushed. “You do remember. And I thought you were suppose to have a faulty memory.”

“Hey” protested Tommy. “I remember the most unforgettable moments in my life. And that night was the most unforgettable night.”

“It has to be the sex” giggled Kat. “Guys always remember the sex.”

“That’s a very stereo type about males Kat” huffed Tommy pretending to be hurt.

Kat smiled deepened. “Anyway I’ll always remember that night because it changed my life forever.”

Tommy looked at Kat with confusion. “How?” he asked.

“Well a month later I found out I was pregnant” replied Kat as she saw Tommy’s shocked expression.

Tommy felt a bomb hit him hard. It was beginning to make sense to why she left. Pregnant. Kat was pregnant. He was speechless.

Kat took the moment of silence to continue. “I didn’t know at first. I was sick and kept throwing up. I thought I had the flu. Well the next thing I noticed it wasn’t the flu is when I didn’t have my period. And don’t go all gross on me when I mention my period Tommy Oliver.” She smiled to herself as she watched Tommy’s expression of ‘Who Me?’ “Anyway I know my periods were always on time and when I didn’t have it I was scared something was wrong so I went to the doctor for a pregnancy test and asked to have the results it confidential. Well I had a blood test and found out I was pregnant.”

Tommy ran his hand through his hair. He was dumbfounded beyond comprehension. He felt bad but excited at the same time. A daddy. He was a daddy. He looked at Kat who looked nervous. He didn’t understand why she left. He would have been behind her one hundred percent. After all the child was created out of love not lust. A father. Would he make a good father? He wanted to be a father to their child. After the words I was pregnant came out of Katherine’s mouth he wanted to be there. There were no conflicting thoughts or emotions. Just pure love he had for Kat and his child. He needed to know why she left. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Kat looked at Tommy “because I didn’t want to ruin your life. I didn’t want you to give up teaching your students, to give up school, mess up your social life. I didn’t want to hold you down with a baby. I didn’t want to feel pressure from you if you didn’t want the baby to have an abortion or put it up for adoption. I wanted this child. Besides with you being the Red Ranger I would only be a thorn and Rita would try to prevent the baby from being born. Most of all I didn’t want you to hate me for the rest of my life.”

“Oh Kat” replied Tommy as he pulled her into his arms. “You should have told me. I want to be a father. I wouldn’t have cared if I didn’t have a social life. I still have could’ve taught my students and take care of our baby. So what if our parents didn’t want us to be parents we would have made it. Love, you wouldn’t have hold me down. I would love being a daddy. I want to teach our child everything and I would be at your side no matter what. And as for being a ranger I wouldn’t let Rita or Zedd near you! I’d kill em’ if they hurt you or the baby! Kat I love you. I don’t want to be apart from you anymore. When you left my world fell apart and I was so depressed. Please don’t leave me I don’t know if I’ll survive!”

“Please don’t You have no idea what it was like to put up with him during his depression” snorted a voice.

Both Tommy and Kat looked up and smiled at the sight of their friends.

“I thought I was the only one whose suppose to be hear” replied Tommy as he ignored the remarked.

“Yeah you were but we couldn’t resist” smiled Tanya.

Tommy got up and helped Kat to her feet. “I’m sorry guys for hurting you the way I did. Especially you Tommy. I love you so much,” cried Kat as she hugged her friends and everyone cried.

They’ve finally pulled apart and wiped their faces. They forgave, cried, and smiled with joy, as the group was finally complete once more. They sat and talked about the events that happened between them.

“Man” whispered Rocky. “Pregnant, unbelievable.”

Kat smiled. “Yes pregnant Rocky. I did have a baby.”

“I bet that was hell and a half” said Adam.

“ADAM!!!” reprimanded Trini as she smacked him upside his head.

“OW!!” Adam cried out. “I didn’t mean that pregnancy was awful. I was talking about the labor part.”

“That I agree” smile Trini as she kissed Adam on the lips.

Kat was wide-eyed in shock. Before she left Adam and Tanya were a couple. Now Adam and Trini were a couple. She glared at Adam. She’ll kick his ass if he hurt Tanya and Trini.

Adam gulped as he saw Kat’s glare and knew never to mess with her when she had that look on her face. He knew what she was thinking. The others laughed as they watched. “Kat’s there’s a logical explanation.”

“It better be good or I’m going to show you what childbirth is like” growled Kat with her Australian accent coming through.

“Ouch” murmured the group.

Adam slightly paled as Tanya smiled. “Don’t worry about it Kat. We broke up mutually. We discovered we had feelings for other people. Adam fell for Trini. I think he liked her form the day he saw her and vice versa.”

Adam and Trini blushed and both nodded but before Tanya could continue Adam interrupted. “And Tanya is in love would you believe it Rocky.”

“HEY!!” protested Rocky as the group laughed.

Kat giggled. “Sorry I just couldn’t picture Tanya with Rocky.”

“HMPH” huffed Rocky. “Why can’t you picture me with Tanya huh Kat?”

“I don’t know” smiled Kat. “I can’t really explain it. Maybe ‘cause your so different from each other.”

Rocky pretended to be hurt as Tanya rubbed his arm. “It’s okay Kat. We’ve just gotten together.” She looked at Kat. She wanted to know about the baby. “So tell us about your baby.”

“Oh in my excitement I forgot to ask is it a boy or girl” asked Tommy anxiously. “What does she/he look like?”

Kat smiled. She’s taken so much pride in her daughter and explaining to Tommy made the pride so much stronger. “Well first of all it’s a girl. Alexis Kerstin Oliver. I wanted her to have your name Tommy. It was only fitting and right. Well she was born on September 15,1996 and she weighed at 6lbs and 7ozs. It wasn’t easy giving birth. She’s a stubborn child like her father. It took at least 15 hours before she decided to come out.” She saw the others wince in sympathy. “I’m going to say this once. I rather fight Rita and Zed to go through that again.”

“Ouch” moaned the group.

“Consider you males lucky that you don’t have something the size of a watermelon coming out from a hole as small as a lemon” replied Kat.

“Oh man” moaned the guys.

“Anyway Lexi has blue eyes, brown hair. She has Tommy’s personality and she’s graceful. Lexi is an angel and very smart for a two year old. You’ll love her.”

“Oh she sounds like a doll” cooed Tanya. “I can’t wait to meet her.”

“I can’t wait for you guys to meet her” smiled Kat.

“Man, I missed out” replied Tommy. “Does she know about me? I know you said she has you eyes and my hair but who does she take after?”

Kat felt more pride for her daughter and then sighed. “I’ve should’ve told you. You deserve to be her father and she has a right to have one. To answer your question. Yes she knows everything about you and she keeps asking me. Mommy, when are we going to see daddy. She never asked me why isn’t daddy here. She just asks when are we going to see daddy. She loves you Tommy. She looks at your picture and says that’s my daddy and I love him.”

“I hope that’s going to change” replied Tommy. “That is if you let me in her life. Do you have a picture of her?”

“I couldn’t deny her, her father Tommy. Now that I know that you want to be her father I couldn’t say no” smiled Kat as she pulled a picture from her purse and handed it to her friends.

“Oh man she’s a cutie” replied Tommy seeing his daughter for the first time.

“She looks like Kat” replied Jason.

“I agree Alexis looks like her mommy” cooed Adam.

“Thank goodness for that” breathed Rocky mischievously.

“Hey!” protested Tommy. “I ‘m not that bad looking! Besides she has some of me.”

“Well who would have thought Tommy would be stuck on himself” giggled Tanya.

“And at least she has Kat’s ears” laughed Trini.

Tommy glared at his friends as they laughed. It felt good to finally be complete. He looked at Kat. He heard enough about Alexis and he wanted to meet his daughter. “So when can I meet her.”

Kat paled dramatically. She forgot that Rita had her baby and she had to fight her friends. She didn’t want to but if she didn’t than Alexis would be harmed.

“Baby” said Tommy concerned as he took in her worried features. He pulled her closer. “Kat, talk to us. What’s gotten you so upset? Did I say something wrong?”

“NO!” cried Kat in a panic. She had to tell the truth. For Alexis’s sake. “Tommy I’m here for a reason! I’m working for Rita.”

“We know that but why?” asked Tanya.

“Talk to us maybe we could help” said Adam.

“She has Alexis! She took her just after I put Alexis to bed. If I don’t do as she says she’ll harm our baby!!” cried Kat hysterically.

“Damn!!” breathed Jason. The mood from the group darkens considerably as the life of an innocent child was in danger.

Tommy’s mood darkens to a dangerous state. He just learned he’s a father and that Rita has his child and hurt the woman he loves was a big mistake. He’s going to rip Rita into pieces! He felt his blood boil and his emotions reigned high. “She’s dead meat!!” he growled in a low and dangerous voice. “I’m going to kill her!!”

“TOMMY!!” echoed the group in horror. They knew he could do it while he’s in this state.

“Come on!” he replied angrily. “You would say the same thing if you knew if she had your child. That bitch has my daughter!! What do you want me to say, everything’s okay! She’s interfered with Kat’s and my life once too often!!” growled Tommy hysterically. He never felt so much hatred before in his life not even when he was the green ranger.

“But we can’t kill her” replied Tanya softly. “As much as we hate her we never resorted to actually killing her. Plus, we’re bound by the Power Promise to Zordon. We’re rangers and if we kill her we’re just as bad as she is.”

“Tell me where in the Power Promise does it say we can’t kill her!!” questioned Tommy. “No wonder we don’t get anywhere! We let them get away! Maybe it’s time for a change! Maybe we should go after them for once!!!”

“That’s breaking the rules bro,” said Jason. “We promised Zordon to keep our identities a secret, NEVER escalate a battle unless we’re forced to, and never use the power for personal gain. Tommy, we can’t use our powers and going after them would consider escalating a battle. Bro, Zordon wants us to think rationally about this types of situations. We have to think about the victims and how to reach them. We can’t lose our cool.”

“But she has Alexis” protested Tommy. “She’s gone too far! Rita has placed noon rangers in danger and small children. But never a two year old!!”

“Tommy, I have every reason as well to see her dead but I rather see her in some prison rotting” replied Kat. “Think Tommy you and I were evil once. We wanted to kill, to hurt, and to destroy everything and everyone we loved. We almost did and it haunted us after we were free from the evil spell. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to go through that again. Besides what kind of example do you want to set for Alexis.” She looked at Tommy with pleading eyes. “My view of the world has changed dramatically after Alexis was born. I brought a new life into the world and I can’t take it. No matter how vile and sinister it is.”

Tommy took a few deep breaths and finally managed to bring his emotions under control. He looked at Kat and saw how much she’s changed. She was more mature and he saw that she grew up. She’s still the loving, gentle, and kind person she always was but she grew up. She had to for the baby. He sighed. “I know….it’s hard because Rita, has done so many evil things. She’s disrupted our lives too many times. Look what she did to our daughter.”

Kat stiffened at the thought of Rita hurting her little girl. She started to cry. She didn’t know what to do. “I have to fight you” she sobbed quietly. “Or Rita hurts her.”

Tommy brushed the tears from her eyes and softly kissed her on the lips. He felt his angry boil to the surface once again as he felt Katherine’s helplessness. It was hard for him to push the anger down but he managed. “We’ll help you anyway we can.”

“You’ve got that right” said Rocky angrily. He couldn’t believe Rita could stoop so low. Then again it was Rita after all. “Well help you find a way to get Alexis back.”

“We’re behind you all the way” encouraged Adam.

“We’re a team and we stick together” said Jason.

“We’ll get her back unharmed” promised Trini.

Kat pulled away from Tommy and was grateful for the comfort. She missed being in his arms. She wiped her eyes and sniffed. “I’ve couldn’t ask for more understanding, compassionate, loving friends but what are we going to do?”

“I can answer that!!” hissed a cold voice.

The group looked up and saw Rita standing there with a cold smirk on her face.

Tommy and the others stood up and he growled with supreme rage “You bitch!!!”

“Awe is little Tommy mad” sneered Rita. “Too bad.” Then she looked at Katherine with angry eyes. “I’ve told you not to tell but you just don’t care for your daughter’s well being.”

“That’s not true!!” hissed Tanya. “She loves her daughter enough to tell us!!”

“I guess I’m going to have to resort to violence” sneered Rita.

“NOOOOOO!!!!” screamed Kat.

Tommy’s eyes were so full of hate and anger that he leapt at Rita to take a swing at her but Jason caught his best friend. “Bro, calm down. I want to hit her to and she’s no lady so I can do it but think about Alexis.”

“I AM!!” growled Tommy. “Let me at her!! I’m going to kill her!!”

“Tommy no please!!” begged Kat. “It’s not right! No matter who it is! Killing her won’t solve anything! It won’t bring back our child!”

Rita laughed. She enjoyed seeing Tommy reverts back to the old green ranger. “She’s right without me you won’t ever see your daughter. I’m so happy that my old green ranger still exists.”

Tommy froze immediately after Rita made that comment. After Jason freed him from Rita three years ago he swore he’ll never lose it like that again. He realized she was right when he lost his temper. He forced it down. He didn’t want to be that evil ranger again. Not with a child’s life on the line. “No Rita. I will never be that evil again. Never” he said in a soft voice.

“Let Alexis go please!!” begged Kat. “Take me but let her go!!”

“KAT NO!!” replied Tommy instantly. He turns to her. “I lost you once and it nearly killed me. If I lose you again it will kill me!!”

Tears glistened Kat’s eyes as she knew how much he truly loved her. “I have to love.” She came to him and placed her hand on his cheek and smiled. “Our daughter depends on it! I lived my life to it’s fullest. I’m grateful that I got to know my friends and shared our love that it created our daughter. My life is over and Alexis’s life is just beginning. If she can’t have two parents then I want to you to raise her right.”

Rita was laughing. She was enjoying the emotional trauma that went on between the two. She had them right for the pickings. Her evil grin grew wider as she ignited her new plan. “Oh how sweet and noble” she replied sarcastically. “I’ll make you a deal. Actually you have no choice.” She brought a picture of Alexis on the screen. The little girl was in a maze like dimension and she was sitting in the center maze with razor sharp objects surrounding her.

Kat was horrified beyond belief as she watched helplessly as her little girl was crying for her. “You monster.”

Tommy closed his eyes trying to hide his anger. Seeing his daughter scared and alone made him shake with extreme anger. It took all his efforts to speak in a calm voice. “What do you want?”

“That’s easy” boasted Rita. “I want my evil rangers!! You two belong t me!! I chose both of you to do my bidding. If you want your child back all you have to do is both of you enter my Maze of Doom and find your way to you daughter. If you survive the traps and make it to the center then you can take her and leave. But if you fail you belong to me!!”

“You’ve got it” both replied without much thought.

The rest of the rangers wanted to argue that it was a trap but held back. They knew an innocent life was at stake. Plus they knew nothing would deter Kat and Tommy from rescuing their daughter.

Rita opened a portal. “You cannot help rangers and you both cannot use your powers!!”

“That’s not fair!!” protested Trini.

“Since when do I play fair” cackled the old witch.

Jason came to Tommy while the others were arguing with Rita. Jason smiled as he silently communicated with Zordon. He knew Zordon was watching. He asked him if there were anyway they could keep track of the pair and to get them to safety once they got Alexis. Zordon had Alpha teleport three tiny telporter chips that Alpha Five and Jason was working on. Thank goodness they’d finished and tested the chips out.

He placed an arm on Tommy’s shoulder. “You can do it bro. Don’t forget we’re with you” Then he gave Tommy a high five and slipped the small chips in his hand. “Remember great things come in small packages.”

“Huh?” asked Tommy. Sometimes Jason could babble just as bad as Billy. He was about to ask what he meant when he saw the look on Jason’s face and felt something metal in his hands. He knew what they were and smiled. “You’ve got it bro. Come on Kat let’s bring Alexis home.”

“Right” said Kat as she took Tommy’s hand and entered the portal. It shut behind them leaving the pair trapped and their friends helpless to help.

“We’ve should’ve done something!” panicked Tanya as they watched their friends and Rita disappear.

“We know it’s a trap! We’ve should’ve stopped that witch!!” growled Rocky.

“We couldn’t. Rita has that little girl and she would have hurt her to get to Kat and Tommy” replied Adam.

“We know Rita wants revenge on the both of them for betraying her” smiled Trini.

“I just can’t stand here not knowing what’s happening to them!!” replied Rocky frustrated. “We know that if Tommy and Kat succeed in getting Alexis back Rita’s not going to release them!!”

“Don’t worry Rocko. They’ll be all right” said Jason with a look on his face.

“How can you say that!?” exploded Rocky. “Tommy’s your best friend!!”

Jason put a hand on Rocky’s shoulder. “I know he’s my best friend. You have to trust them. Don’t worry we’re with him all the way. Let’s get back to the Power Chamber.”

The others looked at Jason at first but caught the hidden message in his eyes and knew what had happen. They smiled as they teleported to the Power Chamber to track their friend’s progress.

**** Tommy and Kat appeared at the entrance of the maze. He looked at Kat and saw pale and frightened mother. He squeezed her hand to reassure her everything’s going to work out.

“I’m scared” whispered Kat.

“So am I but don’t worry we’ll get out of here, Jase made sure of that” replied Tommy.

“You better get going or she dies!” laughed a voice.

“Not a chance!” growled Tommy.

Tommy and Kat entered the maze as the door shut behind them. They turned and watched helplessly as they became trapped in a maze of hell.

“Oh God!” whispered Kat. “I knew she wouldn’t let us go. Deep down inside I hoped she would keep her word. I was stupid to think that.”

“No you’re not stupid love. Don’t ever think that. Kat, you’re very compassionate and trusting person. You put yourself before others. You wanted to see if Rita would actually show some compassion. But she didn’t” smiled Tommy as they headed down the dim lighted corridor. “I love you for that you know.”

Kat smiled. “And I love you to. I just wish I knew then what I know now and have the courage to tell you. Maybe this wouldn’t have happened.”

“I wish you did to but we can’t change that” answered Tommy. “And we don’t know if it wouldn’t have happen. It probably could. Our parents wouldn’t be able to watch Alexis all the time. Rita would’ve had her chance. Worst of all Rita might have taken Alexis when she was an infant. But we can’t go on what ifs or I should have done this or that because if we did then we wouldn’t be happy. Don’t worry it’s going to work out you just have to believe that.”

“I do” replied Kat. She thought to what Tommy had said earlier. Jase was going to make sure they got out. But how? “Wait a minute how is Jason going to help us?” she asked in confusion.

“Well when we get Alexis back we’ll teleport” said Tommy grinning.

“But how Rita would stop us the instant we use our communicator” replied Kat.

“Not if we had these” said Tommy as he showed her the tiny teleporter chips. “We place these on our bodies when we’re ready and the Power Chamber will take care of the rest. Neat little devices really. Jason is a Billy to.”

They laughed for a second. “You know Jason is going to hurt you for that” giggled Kat. “How on earth did you discover that Jason was gifted?”

“You mean a prodigy. It’s a long story remember when Billy left for Aquitar” said Tommy. He saw a cliff and grabbed Kat’s arm before she could fall.

“Thank you” replied Kat. “I remember.”

“Well every time we got into battle our Zords would be damaged not to serious but there were times they would become extremely damaged. Well we always thought Alpha and Adam would fix them. But Adam was with us most of the time and Alpha couldn’t have done the job by himself and Jason was always late. We never put two and two together. He was the one who fixed the Zords. Well to make this story short after you left we came in to see if we could use the computers to track you down. Alpha said that there was a computer malfunction and “we” were working on it. We were confused until Jason was under the console when he asked for a laser ratchet. We had no idea what he was talking about. He came out when Alpha didn’t hand him the tool and he saw us looking at him and he sighed as he knew he was caught so he and Alpha explained everything. We just told him he should have told us in the first place. But you know how stubborn Jason is. They just finished the teleporter chips.” He placed them in a safe place.

Kat looked relieved. “I’m glad Jason and Alpha thought of these are they safe?”

“Perfectly safe we tried them out and no glitches whatsoever.” Answered Tommy.

They remained silent as they walked through corridors. They occasionally ran into traps but managed to get through. Tommy and Kat hat do to fight putties, tengas, and Zedd’s version of cogs. It was a grueling, exhausted journey for the pair but they finally found their way to the center of the maze.

Tommy felt Kat’s hand around his arm tightened. He looked at her. “Kat what is it?”

“TOMMY LOOK!!” There’s Alexis” replied an anxious Kat pointing to the center. He turned and saw his daughter curled in a ball fast asleep. He saw that she had her thumb in her mouth and heard her sniffles.

“How are we going to get to her? There’s no bridge to her and it’s a long way down” replied Kat worriedly.

“Hmm” replied Tommy as he looked for a way to get across.

Kat walked to the edge as Tommy was looking for a way to get across. She wasn’t paying attention when she was pushed of the edge.

“AHHHHH!!!!” she shrieked as she fell into the crevice.

“KAT!!!!” screamed Tommy as he saw Goldar push her over the edge. “YOU ASSHOLE!!”

He rushed at Goldar delivering a roundhouse kick to Goldar’s head. Goldar was stunned for a minute but went after Tommy with full force. Tommy fought off Goldar trying to get to Kat. Her screams were only a minute as it was cut off abruptly as she hit some type of ledge hard.

Alexis woke up when she heard a scream. She opened her eyes and crawled to the sound. She looked over at the ledge and saw her mommy was out cold. She panicked. “MOMMY!!!” she cried.

There was no answer from Katherine. Alexis started to cry. She wanted her mother to wake up. “MOMMY WAKEY!!!!”

Tommy froze when he heard Alexis screaming. He looked at Goldar and delivered a roundhouse kick to the monster’s head knocking him out cold. He turned to and saw Alexis at the edge. She could fall any minute. She didn’t have the conception of danger. “ALEXIS!!!”

The child looked up at the deep voice that called her name. She was confused. The guy looked like her father. The one who her mother told her about. She started to cry. “Daddy!?”

“Yes princess!! Stay away from the ledge!!” replied a frantic Tommy falling into father mode.

“But Mommy!!” whined Alexis. “She’s Not wake!!”

“I know Daddy is going to help Mommy and then we’re coming to get you.” Replied Tommy trying to comfort the scared child.

“Kay” replied the tiny voice as she did as her father told

“Damn” Tommy breathed to himself. “I wasn’t that good when I was two. Kat has the right touch.”

Tommy ran to the edge and peered over. He saw Kat was unconscious. He managed to climb down and gently turn Kat over. He saw that her head was bleeding. He had to wake her up. He gently shook her. “Kat?” asked Tommy. “Kat wake up!”

Kat moaned a little and opened her eyes. She winced from the pain that was coming from her head. “My head hurts” she replied. “What happened?”

“Goldar pushed you” he replied. “You hit the small cliff pretty hard. You okay?”

“Think so” replied Kat as Tommy helped her up. She walked for a minute. “Think I might have a concussion though. Otherwise I’m fine.”

“We’ll have Alpha check it out when we get back to the Power Chamber” answered Tommy. “We have to get to Alexis.”

“Just before I went out I saw a small bridge leading across. Right there” pointed Kat.

Tommy saw and both made their way across. They looked up and started to climb.

“You first. I want to keep an eye on you” replied Tommy.

“Sure you want to look at my” started Kat.

“KAT!!” blushed Tommy.


“Nevermind. Climb” said Tommy.

It only took five minutes for them to climb up. They pulled themselves up and looked around.

“MOMMY!!!” cried the child.

Kat turned and saw her child running to her. “ALEXIS!!!” she screamed as she ran ignoring the pain in her head and scooped the child and hugged her tight. “OH MY BABY GIRL!!!!!”

“MOMMY I MISS YOU!!!” wailed the child.

“I missed my little one” cried Kat as tears came in abundant. She put the child down and wiped the tears out of the blue eyes and brushed the dark brown hair out of the child’s face. “Are you okay?”

“ I’m fine momma” said the child as she hugged her mother. “I’m scared. Wanna go home.”

“OF course we’ll go home and no one is going to hurt you again” replied Kat as she comforts her baby.

Tommy walked up to mother and daughter not knowing what to say or do. Kat looked up and smiled as she gave a look that says come here. He kneeled down.

“Alexis” said Kat as the child pulled away from her mother. “I want you to meet your father. Alexis this is you daddy Tommy. Tommy, Alexis.”

Tommy looked at the child for a minute as tears fell from his eyes. He saw the most beautiful creature standing in front of him besides Kat looking at him. It was only a painful minute before the child came crying into his arms.

“DADDY!!!!” cried Alexis as she put her face into his shoulder.

“Oh my little princess” whispered Tommy as he hugged Alexis and rocked her. He didn’t want to let her go.

“Don’t leave” whispered the child. “Don’t go away.”

“I won’t leave you ever” he promised. “I’m here to stay.”

“He sure is” smiled Kat as she looked at her family through tear stained eyes.

Tommy and Alexis looked at Kat and all three of them came into a big hug as all three cried. They were finally reunited.

“How touching?” sneered a voice.

They pulled away to see Zedd and Rita standing there.

“We’ve won Rita, let us go!” replied Kat angrily.

“You know I don’t keep my word” laughed the voice.

Alexis looked at the bad guys and stared them down. “My daddy’s here and he won’t let you near us. He’s going to kick your butt!!” she huffed as she placed her arms on her hips and looked at them.

Tommy managed to get the teleporter chips on all three of them. “Yeah!” as he stood in front of her.

“You are ours now” laughed Zedd. “And we’ll be able to do whatever we want to you!!”

“That’s where you’re wrong” laughed Tommy as the teleportation took affect and all three were teleported out of there.


Kat, Tommy and Alexis appeared in the Power Chamber. They blinked once as their vision focused and at once their friends surrounded them.

“Thank goodness you’re all right!” breathed Tanya with relief.

“Bro, thanks for inventing those teleporter chips. If you didn’t then we would’ve been in big trouble” replied Tommy as he high-five his best friend.

“You’re most welcome” smiled Jason. “If you guys hadn’t encouraged me to continue to use my gift then you’re right. We’ve would’ve been in trouble.

“Smart ass” mummer Rocky as the group laughed.

Trini looked at the little girl who looked at the group with interested eyes. “Um Kat could you introduce us to this adorable little girl?”

Kat looked at her daughter and smiled. “Guys, this is my two year old daughter Alexis Kerstin Oliver.” Then she picked up her child and kissed her on the check. “Sweetie these are mummy’s friends.”

“Hi” replied Alexis brightly.

“Awe” replied the group as they melted at the child’s smile and sparkle in her blue eyes.

“Isn’t she the most beautiful thing you ever saw” smiled Tommy as he kissed his daughter.

“Hey!” protested Kat.

“Besides Kat” replied Tommy instantly as Kat gave him an evil glare.

Alexis giggled. “Mommy mad at daddy.”

“She took to you fast” commented Adam.

“She knew who her father was” explained Kat. “I always told her about you guys especially Tommy. I showed her the picture of her Tommy and said Alexis this is your daddy. One day we’ll meet him again. She’s an extrodionary child. She told me that she loves her daddy.”

“She’s also a cutie” smiled Rocky as the child giggled again.

“She’s definitely like her mother” laughed Tanya.

“Hey!” replied Tommy.

“Trust me guys once you get to know her you’ll see she’s more like her father than she is with me. Especially when she throws her tantrums” smiled Kat.

The group once laughed.

“Mommy who are them?” Alexis asked pointing to Kat’s friends. Kat never told Alexis their names.

“Oh, I’m sorry honey. The one in yellow is Tanya Slogan and she’s your godmother” replied Kat.

“Damn, she’s old” joked Rocky. Tanya glared at Rocky and punched him in the arm. “Ow! It was a joke!!”

“Some joke” huffed Tanya.

“Anyway, she will be at your Christening. The one in Black is Jason Lee Scott you’re godfather.” Said Kat and giggled as Jason just gave Rocky a dirty look. “The one in Green is Adam Park, the one in white is Trini Kwan, and the one in blue who thinks he’s a comedian is Rocky DeSantos.”

“Hello” smiled Alexis.

“She’s very outgoing” replied Trini.

“I could go on and on about my little girl but I think it’s time for a nap” she replied as she hung on to Alexis who was trying to break away when her mother mentioned the word ‘nap’.

“NO!” protested the child. “No naps. Pwease mommy no naps.”

“You know you have to have a nap young lady” reprimanded Kat. “Or you’ll be cranky. I don’t want to have a cranky two year old when she gets to meet her grandparents.”

“But…” whined Alexis.

“You’re mother is right. You have to have a nap” smiled Tommy as he took Alexis from Kat and placed her in a bed by the bioscan.

“Awe Man” huffed the little girl as the group broke out into laughter.

“Thank you guys for bringing my daughter home” smiled Kat as she looked at her friends.

“Next time Kat, tell us” smiled Rocky.

“Oh I will” giggled Kat. “Trust me I will.”

**** It’s been two months since Alexis’s rescue from Rita and Zedd. Since then, Kat and Tommy took her to see her grandparents. Kat was nervous but Tommy told her to relax and tell them the truth. At first, Kat and Tommy’s parents were mad but their anger left once they met Alexis.

Tommy and Kat got an three-bedroom apartment and with the help of Zordon moved in as quickly as possible. Kat left school in New York and told her grandmother thank you for the great help she’s been. She told her that she’s going home where she belonged. Her grandmother told her that it was about time and come back for visits. Now Kat was back home and she was happy. As for being a Power Ranger, it was easy for her once she was called into action that Zordon teleported Alexis to the Power Chamber to safety.

Kat and Tommy had Alexis’s Christening as Jason and Tanya was now officially Alexis’s godparents. They laughed as they watched the child play with other children and saw how happy the child truly was. Moreover, they were amazed that Alexis suffered no nightmares from the hell that she’s been throughout. Then again, Alexis was a remarkable child.

Kat and Tommy thanked the stars that they were together again. This time however, they were joined with a child who was created out of the love that they once had and still have. Silently they thanked Rita who brought them together although her intentions were evil. Still if it wasn’t for Rita they probably wouldn’t know the true joy they experienced from day to day not only being in love with each other but with their daughter.

One day the rangers and their parents were at a park having a picnic and having fun. Kat and Tommy decided to take a stroll by themselves. Alexis wanted to go but Tommy and Kat gave a look to their friends that they wanted to be by themselves for a while and the group promised Alexis that she could go for a walk with her mother and father later. They decided to take her to playground so she could play.

Tommy and Kat walked and found Lover’s Pointe bluff and stopped at the edge.

“I can’t believe how happy I am” smiled Kat as she snuggled into Tommy’s arms.

“Same here love. It’s been a blessing to have you and Alexis back” smiled Tommy. “Thank you for letting me be in her life.”

“Tommy, you’ve proved to me two months ago how much you loved me and you risked your own life to save her. Look at how much has changed. You’re a wonderful father, Alexis loves you like crazy, and you’re a wonderful boyfriend. I couldn’t ask for more” smiled Kat.

Tommy pulled away from Kat. She looked confused at first. He turned her so that she was facing him. He kissed her first and then got on one knee. Kat was surprised and felt her stomach turn to knots as she knew what was coming next. She started shaking.

Tommy smiled he was nervous to. “Kat, these two months have been so wonderful. I have you back and I can’t let you go. I don’t want the joy and happiness that I have to go away. Lover’s Pointe was the first place we kissed and made official our relationship. I want to take one more step further. Katherine Hillard, I love you with all my heart and soul. Nothing can ever change that. I lost you once and I don’t want to lose you again. You gave our daughter my last name. In fairness, I want you to have that last name as well. Kat, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?” he asked as he pulled a diamond ring out of the box he had in his hand.

Tears were falling from Kat’s eyes as the question she been dying to her forever was finally asked. “Tommy, I love you to. I don’t want anything else but you and Alexis. I know we’re young but I know we can make it. I don’t want to lose you either. Yes, Tommy Oliver I will marry you.”

Tommy slipped the ring on her finger and it shined a brilliant glow as it showed how much these two people love each other. He got up, pulled her into a hug, and kissed her.

“Love you Kat” kissed Tommy.

“Love you to Tommy” replied Kat as she kissed him back.

They finally pulled apart and slowly headed back to their friends and family. They had been through so much within two years. They had to go through a test. A test to see if Love could bring them together once more as it done in the past. They passed the Test of Love and was looking forward to a long life of joy, happiness and a life with many children.