Disclaimer: Power Rangers belong to Saban and does NOT belong to me. I wish they did because JASON WOULDN’T have left the show. Anyway Timothy and Kelli Scott and Nicholas and Melanie Oliver belong to me. You can use them if you want. This is the first story of the Reality Series.
Timeline: This story takes place after Good as Gold but caution the ending of Good as Gold will be different in this story. The rangers are still teens and starting their junior year.

The Reality Series
True Brothers
Story One
Written by Michelle Penning

It was a beautiful fall day in Angel Grove. Everything was serene, calm, and peaceful. There were no monsters after Mondo and his family was destroyed. Zedd and Rita was no where to be found and the city could go on peacefully for awhile. Everyone was gearing up for the day getting his or her kids up and ready for the first day of school. The kids groaning and saying “just five more minutes mom” but the mothers having no part of it.

It was the same at the Scott house. Kelli Scott sighed as she looked upstairs to her son’s room. She yelled earlier for him to get out of bed and she knew like most teenage boys slept in . Jason was always so full of energy even when he was little to sleep in but yet he’s a teenager.

{Figures!} thought Kelli. She’s very worried about Jason. Lately he’s been so tired and exhausted. It seems that he doesn’t have the strength to do much anymore and that’s disturbing considering that her son was very energetic. For two months of summer Jason would sleep or withdraw from everything and everyone. Even his martial arts ability has been slacking. He doesn’t put the energy that made him a fifth degree black belt. And when Jason’s martial arts ability starts to drop off that’s a sign of something seriously wrong with her boy. Jason would take long walks during the day and on one would hear from him for days or hours. It depends on the mood Jason’s in. It didn’t help when Emily totally humiliated Jason in front of his friends and family. He never felt so embarrassed . He ran to his room and slammed the door and locked it. He didn’t want to be around anybody. Tommy tried to talk to but came back down the stairs unsuccessful. That sent Jason into a further depression. He hardly talked to anyone and he seemed so moody and upset. Kelli and Tim talked about sending Jason to a psychiatrist but something happened. The last three weeks of summer vacation Jason came out of his shell and started to have fun. No one knew why or how but they were glad Jason stopped being a loner. But still he was exhausted.

Tim and Kelli knew they had to find out why Jason was so tired.

Kelli waited a minute before trying again. She looked at the clock and saw it was seven. Jason had to be at school in fifty-five minutes.



Jason moaned as he heard his mother screamed for him to get up. He pulled the covers over his head and hoped she wouldn’t come in. He was exhausted and wanted to sleep in. The Gold Ranger’s Power almost killed him two months ago but Trey was able to reunite with his other halves and take the power back. Billy and Zordon said it would take time for his body to heal and get back into sync. His strength was returning but as Jason noted it was also leaving as fast as it was coming. Something was happening and he can feel it. It started after trey took back the powers. Jason never told anyone maybe he should have but like Billy said it would take time for his body to heal. Besides he figured it would go away but it didn’t. He’ll have to figure a way to talk to Trey about it.

Jason sighed as he closed his eyes. He was about to fall asleep when the door opened and Jason felt the blanket ripped off his body. He knew what was next. He cringed at the sound of his mother’s loud voice.


“MOM!! Five more minutes please!” begged Jason.


“But I’m tired” whined Jason.

Kelli sighed. Something was wrong and it was time to see a doctor. “I think it’s time we took you to the doctor Jase. You’ve been so tiredly lately and to be honest with you it’s scaring me badly. Well I’ll call Dr. Park and have him take a look at you. Bur for now you have to go to school” she replied stroking her son’s bangs out of his eyes. “You need a haircut or you’ll look like Tommy.”

“Mom, please don’t insult me like that. I know I need a haircut to imply I look like Tommy. What are you trying to do? Emotionally scar me for life” Jason replied sarcastically.

“Smart Ass. If Tommy heard you say that he’ll kick you butt” laughed Kelli.

“Would not” smirk Jason. “I’m just as good as he is. We’re both at the same level. Maybe he faster than me but I’m stronger.”

“That’s true but lately hon, your martial arts have been slacking. Until you get back into shape he’ll kick your butt. I’ve seen it in your sparring with him. You’re making mistakes you shouldn’t have. Tommy sees it to” smiled Kelli. “Come on you have to get to school.”

“Gees thanks mom” moaned Jason. “I’ve been getting the same thing from Tommy.”

Jason slowly got out of bed. He didn’t want to but he did. He wished he had more energy then he’ll be able to enjoy the first day of school.

“Hurry and Dress and I’ll have something ready for you to eat” smiled Kelli as she patted Jason’s arm as she left the room.


Kelli was humming as she finished Jason’s quick breakfast. She looked at the clock and wondered what was keeping him. –He better not have gone back to sleep or I’ll kick his butt- she thought to herself. Kelli was going to shout for Jason to hurry up when Jason appeared right in front of her.

“AHHHHH!!!” screamed Kelli as she almost dropped the bag.

“Got ya mom.” chuckled Jason.

“JASON” roared Kelli as she slugged him in the arm. “DON’T DO THAT!!!”

“Sorry” smiled Jason as he grabbed his breakfast. “See you after school.”

“Wait” said Kelli. She handed Jason twenty dollars for lunch. “Aren’t you going to kiss your mother goodbye?”

“Me forget to kiss you goodbye, surly you jest” replied Jason as he pretended to be shocked.

“My son is such a smart ass. I wondered where he got it from. I’m going to kill Zack and Rocky” moaned Kelli.

“Rocky yes, Zack no. He’s still at the Peace Conference” smiled Jason as he kissed his mom on the check as she rolled her eyes. “Go to school.”

Jason said goodbye and ran all the way to school.


Jason arrived at Angel Grove High at seven-fifty. He ran to the window of the administration building and picked up his schedule. He couldn’t make Round Up because his family was out of town to visit his sick grandmother. So he had to pick it up on the first day of school. He looked at his schedule and thought it was odd.

“Hey bro?” greeted a voice.

Jason looked up and saw his friends Katherine Hillard, Rockwell or Rocky DeSantos, Tanya Sloan, Adam Park, and his best friend and bro, Thomas Oliver.

“Hey guys” greeted Jason back. “I’ve got a question for ya. Does anyone have Family Science for eight period besides me. And since when do we stay an extra hour after school. I know I didn’t pick it or asked for the extra hour after school?”

“It’s not you” moaned Rocky. “They extended school hours because of new graduation requirements and we have to take it in our junior year. We have three new classes we have to take next year.”

“That sucks” moaned Jason.

“I agree with you” sighed Kat.

“You’re kinda late bro” smiled Tommy.

“Sorry. Slept in and my mother dragged my lazy butt out” grinned Jason.

“Served you right’ laughed Adam.

“Don’t remind me. Let’s go I still have to get my books.” said Jason.

Part 2

The group accompanied Jason to the library where he picked up his books and then to their lockers so they can gather theirs. Then they all headed for their first period English class together. English, History and Family Science were the only class the group had as a whole. They came into class five minutes before the final bell and found seats in the back of the class room.

“I’m glad at least we all have two classes together” said Rocky as he sat in front of Tanya.

“I know it won’t be as bad and I’m glad Mrs. Applebee is our teacher for English and History.” smiled Adam.

“This is going to be an interesting year.” replied Tommy. “I wonder what Family Science is going to be like.”

“It should be interesting to say the least. I might not like having to take it because of graduation requirements but at least we get to know about our heritage and our family trees” answered Jason.

“That’s right” replied Kat. “And we probably get to do projects and class trips. It should be fun.”

“Yeah and don’t forget the teacher is Kyle Ashton. I had him for Genetics last year and he’s really tough. He assigns homework up the wazoo” moaned Tanya.

Just then the bell rang and Mrs. Applebee started class.


Everyone was sitting under the tree eating lunch. Except Jason. He was tired. He hated when his body just wants to sleep. He don’t. He sighed.

He really is going to have to talk to Trey about this.

“Jase, you okay?” asked Tommy who noticed Jason’s exhaustion.

“Fine” replied Jason tiredly. “Just tired.”

“I thought you body….” Rocky turned before he finished his statement to make sure no one was around and he saw it was safe proceeded. “was healed from the Gold Ranger Powers.”

“They are” answered Jason. He didn’t feel like explaining anything to his friends. “I’m just tired is all. Rough night.”

“That’s understandable” said Adam. “Because it was the last night of Summer Vacation. I didn’t get to bed till one o’clock this morning. I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t know if it was from excitement or dread.”

“How bout both” chuckled Tanya. “I was in the same position.”

“Weren’t we all. I bet after we went to bed our parents cheered. I could have sworn I heard my dad let out a whoop of happiness” giggled Kat.

“You know our parents probably went out together and celebrated the return of the school semester” smirked Tommy.

“Can you imagine them jumping up and down excited that we go back to school like children” laughed Rocky.

Everyone laughed at the image that produced in their heads as Rocky mentioned their parents jumping up and down.

Jason opened his eyes and blinked a couple of times. All he saw was white. He started to panic. Maybe he should have told Zordon after all.

Adam saw his friend and stopped laughing. Concerned filled his soft brown eyes as he eyed Jason. “Jase.”

The tone was serious and everyone caught it. They stopped laughing and turned to Jason. He was sitting there breathing hard and sweating a little. Something was wrong with their friend and he wasn’t letting them in on it.

“Bro, what’s wrong?” replied Tommy worried.

Jason managed to regain his sight. He opened his eyes and saw the concerned looks on his friends faces. “Didn’t mean to panic you. I guess I’m still having side effects from the Gold Ranger Powers.”

“Do you need to go to the Power Chamber?” asked Tanya.

“No, I’m going to be fine” responded Jason. “Zordon said it was going to take a while before my body is back in sync. And he also did mention that I might have small side effects. Nothing to major though.”

“Jase’s right” said Kat.

“If you need us then you know where to call” said Tommy.

“Yes sir! Anything you say sir!” replied Jason as she saluted his leader. “Anything else sir!”

Everyone laughed except Tommy who moaned. “Smart Ass.”

“Hey” shrugged Jason. Then he remembered something. How could he forget.

“Hey, you’ll never believe who’s coming back to town.”

“Who?” asked Tanya.

“Zack?” asked Rocky.


“Trini?” asked Tommy.


“Kim?” asked Kat.


“Then who?” all asked.

“Unless” replied Adam as he smiled a bit.

“Yep. Billy’s coming home” smiled Jason.

“No Way” replied Tanya in disbelief.

“I’m not joking” said Jason. “I was talked to him two days ago while you guys and Trey where fighting Zedd and Rita before they did a disappearing act. He’s coming home and he’s going to stay at my house.

He’s dad’s out of town for awhile. Billy’s going to stay. He told me things didn’t work out with him and Cestria. I told Billy at least she didn’t embarrass you in front of your parents and friends like Emily did me.”

“I’m sorry for Billy. I thought it was going to work out between them” said Rocky sadly.

“That’s what we all thought” said Jason. “Until Billy caught Cestria in someone else’s arms.”

“That has to bite” replied Tommy.

“He was really hurt. I talked to him and told him about Emily and me and he thought he had it bad so he told me” grinned Jason.

“You know when he’s suppose to be back?” asked Kat.

“Today” answered Jason.

“Can’t wait to see him. I missed him” smiled Adam.

“We all have” replied Tommy.

The ten minute bell rang and everyone got up and headed for class.

“You going to be okay Jase?” ask Tommy.

“I’ll be fine. Come on. We’re going to be late for Math” said Jason as he and Tommy waved goodbye to their friends and headed for Math.


Meanwhile on Triforia, Prince Trey was going over some documents with his chief of staff Armano.

“My lord, the western city asks you for a favor” said Armano as he looked at the documents and not Trey.

Trey looked in the mirror not paying any attention to Armano. He hasn’t been feeling good lately. And it was starting to show. He saw he was pale, there were dark circles under his eyes, and he was tired. He shouldn’t be but he was.

“My lord” asked Armano. “Are you okay?”

“Hmmm” said Trey tiredly. “Oh… I’m fine.”

“You look ill sire. Should I summon the royal doctor?” asked Armano.

“No. I’ll be fine” smiled Trey. He already knew what was wrong with him.

“Let’s continue this tomorrow. Please send for Talmar the sage.”

“Yes sire” bowed Armano as he left the royal chamber.

Trey walked to the balcony and gazed at the stars. He looked at Earth from a far distant. He knew where it was but looked like a star. “I hope Jason you can hold on longer.”

“You summoned me my prince” asked Talmar.

“Yes I did. Talmar do you notice what is happening to the power?” asked Trey.

“I do sire.”

“Please explain what do I do?” asked Trey. “I cannot give the power to Jason. It will kill him.”

“Sire, things have changed. Jason must have the Gold Ranger Powers or he will die” whispered Talmar as he walked to Trey.

“But why? I don’t want to cause him anymore pain than I already have” replied Trey.

“It will do you both some good. Sire, When young Jason took the powers from you so you can become whole again, the power was changing him. He’s becoming Triforian” responded Talmar.

“But how can that be?” asked Trey. “Am I becoming an earthian?”

“Well the Power is only designed for Triforian people. When Jason an earthian took them to protect them the Power sense he was good and worthy. And that for Jason to continue to use the power as an earthian would surly kill him. The Power knew this. So the Power started to Change Jason into Triforian. His body is becoming more sensitive as we speak. Trey the Power is part of him as he is part of it. If Jason does not receive the Power then both Jason and The Gold Ranger Powers will surly die. And as for you question no you aren’t becoming earthian.

You’re feeling the change in Jason and The Power.” Answered Talmar.

“Then I must go to earth and give Jason the Power” said Trey.

“Yes and I will go with you. More will be explained. Jason will become the Gold Guardian.” Said Talmar.


“More will be explained later my prince. Come we must prepare to travel.

Jason and the Power grows weaker” said Talmar.

Trey nodded as both headed to make plans to visit earth once again.

Part 3

Jason was waiting for the rest of his friends at his locker. They were going to his house and meet up with Billy. Their friend left for Aquitar after Billy felt he wasn’t needed anymore. Jason new better. He knew Billy was lying and he felt bad. He and Billy were friends since they were four and knew each other very well. Billy couldn’t lie to Jason as Jason couldn’t lie to Billy. After the others left Jason asked Zordon if he could talk to Billy alone and Zordon and Alpha left Jason alone to talk to his life long friend. He sighed as he remember the conversation between him and Billy.

-“So Billy what’s the real deal?” asked Jason as he crossed his arms.

“Like I said I’m needed here and to heal from my ordeal of growing old before my time. That really worried me and Cestro wanted to do more tests to see if the water really worked and that I don’t have anymore problems” replied Billy as he tried hard not to look at Jason.”

“Bullshit!” answered Jason.

“What do you mean bullshit, Jase?” asked Billy a little stunned at hurt at Jason’s comment.

“Don’t play with me like that Billy? You know what I mean. I know you’re lying. You can fool the others especially Tommy but you can’t fool me! We’ve been friends since we were four years old and I know you better than anyone else. So don’t give me that shit! I know you’re cured for good. Billy, please tell me truth. I’m your friend. Don’t lie to me. I have the right to know the truth even if it hurts” replied Jason a little hurt and stunned that Billy was trying to divert him from the real reason. He sighed and figured why he was leaving. His heart started to hurt. “It has to do with the Gold Ranger Powers and me taking them doesn’t it?”

Billy sighed. “I knew I couldn’t lie to you.”

Jason looked down and felt bad. “I knew it. Deep down I knew. You hate me don’t you?”

Billy was stunned with what Jason said. How could he hate Jason for taking the power. No. He couldn’t and wouldn’t hate his best friend because of some stupid power. No power was worth losing a long time friend. He rather give it up forever than to lose Jason’s friendship. He wasn’t jealous of Jason taking the power. Jason did it to SAVE them and he couldn’t be jealous of that. It wouldn’t be right. All he wanted was to be back on the battle field. But he couldn’t because of the negative protons surrounding his body. “Jase, get it through your thick skull I don’t and will never hate you. I couldn’t. You’re my best friend and brother. But you’re right. This deals with the Gold Ranger Powers but not you taking them. You did the right thing to save them. I’m just hurt because I can’t take them and it feels so unfair! I thought I had my chance to become a ranger again but I can’t. I’m not jealous of you or Tanya. When I gave her my position on the team it was the right thing to do at the time I didn’t mind then I don’t mind now. It’s just that I miss being on the team. I get so frustrated because I CAN’T Fight with you guys!”

“But what you’re doing is just as important as fighting hand to hand combat. Remember when we just became rangers. Zordon told us that the little things are just as important as the big things. Bro, you’re very important to this team. Just because you don’t hold the powers don’t mean you’re not important. You’re a genius, you fix the zords, the Power Chamber when it’s down, us when we’re hurt. Look at the time when I became a golden statue. If it wasn’t for you I’ll still be one. We should give you the real credit for the battles we defeat. You help us when we need you. And I want to thank you for that. You’re a hero just like the rest of us” Jason replied as he looked at his friend.

Billy smiled at that. “Thanks. I need the encouragement.”

“Then why leave?” asked Jason.

“Because I still miss it. I can’t look at you guys fighting and it hurts so much because I can’t be with you” replied Billy as his smile left him.

“Ah, you’re going through the classic Power Syndrome Withdrawal” replied Jason.

“Excuse me.”

“It’s a name Trini, Zack, and myself gave when we left for the Peace Conference. Here are the symptoms. It’s like being addicted on drugs sort of. But it’s more of a natural high. It’s hard to get rid of. You sweat, feel totally pumped up more or less and adrenaline rush and you can’t sleep because of it, can’t sleep, feel jumpy, hyperactive for days or weeks. Then after it dies down you go through depression, you feel tired, withdrawn, weak. You feel the world’s against you, Between both stages you want to fight” Jason said.

Billy looked surprised. That’s exactly what’s he feeling. “Wow! You nailed it. That’s how I feel.”

“I know. I went through it and so did the others when they gave up their powers. Even Tommy when he lost his the first time.” replied Jason.

“And you can understand why I’m leaving?” asked Billy.

“I do. You need some time for yourself. It hurts. I get back and you’re leaving. Doesn’t seem fair to me” whispered Jason.

Billy sighed. “I know bro. You can come to visit when things aren’t too rough with Mondo along with Rita and Zedd out there.”

“You can count on me to be there” smiled Jason.

“I have to go” said Billy.

“Write me?”

“I will. And one more thing.”

“What is it?”

“You’re just as smart as me.”

“I am not!”

“YOU ARE TO JASON LEE SCOTT! Don’t think I don’t know but you are! You have a very high IQ sure. 340 and that’s damn smart! Besides who took his father’s computer apart when we were eight and then put it back together again.”


“Don’t be a smart ass!” Billy laughed. “Your father almost had an heart attack. The look on his face!”

“I thought I was dead.”

“I know. You keep saying please don’t kill me!”

“Funny. But we did fix it and it was better than ever.”

“See. And you’re I’m going to say it but you’re a hacker.”

“So are you.”

“I know. Jase, you don’t give yourself credit for being a genius as me. You’re very intelligent, you make the grades, and you can invent things just as well.”

“I know. It’s just…I don’t want people to find out.”

“And I thought being called a geek is bad. I can understand why you don’t want to find out. But ignore them just like I do. Besides they can’t beat up a fifth degree black belt.”

“I’ll try.”


“I have to go now for sure.”

“ Okay. See ya. Take care.”

“You to.”



Jason watched as Billy faded from the view screen. His smile faded as a feeling of deep sadness and pain entered his heart. He’s going to miss Billy very much. It hurt knowing that he might never come back. It wasn’t going to be the same without him.

“You okay bro?” asked a voice from behind.

Jason turned and saw Tommy standing there looking solemn. Tommy didn’t hear most of the conversation but just enough to know that his best friend is hurting.

“How long have you been standing there?”

“Not long but enough to know that you’re hurting.” responded Tommy as he came and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“I miss him already” sighed Jason.

“We all will” said Tommy softly. “Come on bro. I’ll treat you to a double chocolate milkshake.”

“You’re on” Jason replied as both teleported out of there.-

Jason sighed as he thought about the conversation that played out between him and Billy. –Good thing you didn’t take the powers bro. They almost killed me and now they’re effecting me again. I don’t know why.-

“Jase?” asked Adam.

“Earth to Jason come in Jason” teased Rocky.

Jason shook his head and saw his friends standing there with wide grins on their faces. He got his books and they started to head to his house.

“What’s going on? And how long were you standing there?” asked an embarrassed Jason.

“For about eight minutes. We tried to get your attention but you kept flying around the moon” laughed Adam.


“You were long gone bro. You really gave the meaning ‘spaced out’” laughed Tommy.

“Stop teasing him. We were all like that one point in our lives” reprimanded Kat.

“Come on Kat. You have to admit it was funny” giggled Tanya.

Kat didn’t say anything as they continued to laugh.

“Laugh it up why don’t you” mocked glared Jason.

They laughed and soon found themselves at Jason’s house with Billy waiting anxiously on the front steps.

“BILLY!!!!” screeched Jason with excitement as he rushed and pulled his friend in a big bear hug. “Man, I missed you terribly.

“Me…Too…..”wheezed Billy trying to breathe. “Jase….air! I….need…air!”

“Whoops” replied Jason as he let go of his best friend. “Sorry.”

Billy was breathing heavily. “You really must’ve missed me for you trying to kill me.”

Jason grinned.

“BILLY!!!” shouted everyone as they enveloped Billy into a big group hug.

“We missed you” smiled Adam.

“Big time” replied Rocky.

“Hey lets go talk inside and Billy can tell us everything” said Tommy as they entered the Scott home.


A couple of hours the group finally settled down explaining everything to when Jason lost the Gold Ranger Powers to Billy breaking up with Cestria.

“It had to be hard catching her like that” whispered Tanya.

“You know I think it was for the best. I mean it hurt and all but our relationship wasn’t working out.”

“We’re just glad you’re home.” smiled Kat.

“Me to. I missed you guys awful. Jase, how come you never told me about losing your power in that way. All you told me was Trey came back and took them. And I thought we were friends” reprimanded Billy.

Jason looked down. There was more. He didn’t want to explain it. “I didn’t want you to worry.”

“What about the conversation in the Power Chamber?” asked Billy a little angry.

“I know but I can’t explain it” whispered Jason. “I’m sorry I knew I should have told you the whole truth. But you couldn’t do anything about it.”

“But I could have been there for you” replied Billy.

Jason got up feeling very tired all of the sudden. He felt very dizzy. He grabbed hold of the chair. He looked and the room was spinning way to fast for him. He was going to be sick.

Billy looked at his friend when he didn’t respond and became very concerned and worried. “Jason? You okay?”

Everyone turned and saw Jason they knew something was wrong.

“Bro?” asked Tommy as he felt his stomach turned to knots. It was happening again when Jason was losing the Gold Ranger Powers. He got up and took a step towards Jason when Jason collapsed to the floor.

"Jason?" replied Kat nervously as she and the rest ran up to their fallen comrade.

"What's wrong with him?" asked Adam.

"I don't know. Billy?" replied Tommy very worried about his bro and best friend.

Billy went up and checked for a pulse. It was there but it was weak. "I don't know what's wrong with him but we better get him to the Power Chamber and fast."

"Right" mumered the rest of the group. Adam, Rocky, and Tommy gently picked their friend up and all teleported to the Power Chamber.


Zordon and Alpha were busy monitoring earth when the group teleported in. Zordon looked at them and was going to say something when he saw Jason unconcious. He became worried. He didn't say anything as the group brought him to a metal table.

"Zordon, what's wrong with Jason?" asked Rocky.

"I do not know" replied the mentor. "But we better start the tests."

Billy, Adam, and Alpha began to scan Jason to find out what is the matter with him.


Meanwhile on a strange pyrimid ship Trey collapsed to the floor.

"MY PRINCE!" exclaimed Talmar worried as he came and helped his friend up.

"Jason" replied Trey weakly.

"I know my prince. We must hurry. His life force is getting weaker if we don't hurry. The change is almost complete. If we don't get the powers to Jason then he will die.

"Put the ship into warp speed. We must hurry if we are to save both Jason and the Gold Power." whispered Trey as Talmar brought him to chair.


On the moon Rita was keeping track of what’s happening on earth. She and Zedd decided not to bother with the rangers for awhile so they can come up with some plans to defeat them. So they kept out of site until now. She also noticed Pyrimidas approaching earth.

“ZEDDIE!!” screeched Rita as she ran towards the throne room.

Zedd moaned at his wife’s loud voice. He loved her but there are times when he can’t stand her especially that high pitched voice every time she gets overly excited. “What” he grumbled.

“I’ve got some news for you. Jason passed out and the rangers took him to the Power Chamber” laughed Rita.

“So what. Jason isn’t a ranger anymore so why bother” replied Zedd looking uninterested.

Rita just glared. Zedd could be so blind at times. “You are an idiot you know that. Something is wrong with Jason. I think it has to do with the Gold Ranger Powers. Besides Trey is coming to earth as well. That in itself is telling you that something is up.”

Zedd digested this information for a couple of minutes. Then an evil smile crept into his face as a planned formed in his mind. “Perfect. I’m sorry I misread you my dear. So Jason is sick from the Gold Ranger Powers and Trey is coming to help. But I have news for you. That will not be the case. We’re going to interrupt their little reunion.”

“YES!!” smiled Rita. “So how are we going to do this?”

“As we speak Zordon should have finished his diagnostic on Jason. Trey should be arriving in two days. This gives us ample time to make our plan. When Trey arrives we attack with full forces. The Power Rangers will come and rescue him. While they’re busy trying to defeat our tengas we go to the Power Chamber and kidnap Jason” chuckled Zedd.

“That’s an excellent plan Zeddie but there’s a tiny flaw in it” replied Rita with a touch of sarcasm in her voice.

“Like what” said an annoyed Zedd.

“Oh just a tiny thing like Jason being in the Power Chamber and us with no access to it” mocked Rita.

Zedd smiled at his wife. He was not stupid. He would not have said that unless he found out a way inside. And after a year of research and study that’s what exactly what he did.

Rita looked at her husband and knew that he knew something. “You found a way inside without sounding the alarm didn’t you?”

“Yes my love I did” laughed Zedd.

“Well tell me!” replied an anxious Rita.

“Calm down” chuckled Zedd. “I understand that we can’t get to The Power Chamber without some power. Whether that be a zeo crystal or power coin but some link to the power. We do have a way inside. I have the green power coin. The Rangers thought it was destroyed along with the coin. But that is not true. I drained the power from the coin and when the coin was disposed of I took it and placed the power back. I did not use the coin because I knew the rangers would try to get the coin back and make Tommy a ranger again. I didn’t want that to happen.” He showed her the green coin and it was glowing a bright green. “Now we have a way in.”

“Brilliant!!” laughed Rita. “Those rangers won’t know what is happening until it is too late. But what are you going to do to Jason.”

“Oh, I had many ideas on how to torture the brat for a year. And I got it” grinned Zedd. “SCORPINA!!!”

Rita was shocked as Scorpina came in the throne room. She thought Zedd banished her.

“Yes my emperor” bowed the Seductive Scorpina.

“I thought you got rid of her” whispered Rita. She was glad Zedd did not because she and Scorpina was close friends.

“No, I know how close you to are. I sent her on a mission” replied Zedd. “Once Jason is in our grasp. Scorpina is going to let’s say have her way with him.”

“You not thinking what I’m think your thinking” replied a shock Rita. They have never resorted to that. Even evil beings have some sense of what’s right and what’s wrong.

“Yes my dear I am. I’m going to destroy that boy’s spirit. Scorpina is going to rape him.” replied Zedd with a coldness in his voice. “Scorpina I want you to sexually torture him. Break his spirit.”

“Yes my lord” replied Scorpina with a lustful glare in her eyes. “It will be my pleasure. I wonder what he looks without any clothing. It should be a pleasant experience for me.”

“But not for him” laughed Zedd.

“Come lets get everything ready” laughed Zedd as he and Scorpina left the room.

Rita stood there in silence. She never liked this method of defeating the rangers. She can’t stand rape or sexual violence towards another. It hit to close to home for her. Many thousands of years ago she was sexually assaulted by Lokar himself when she first became his student. She shuttered at the thought of this happening to Jason. She was confused. Rita left the throne room to think things over.

**** The rangers were waiting impatiently for Zordon, Alpha, and Billy to finish their tests on Jason. They were worried something bad was happening.

“I hate waiting” whispered Rocky as they looked at the blue sky. Billy told them to wait outside while he was performing the tests because they were getting in the way and asking way to many questions.

“It has to be bad” replied Kat softly. “For Billy to rush us out like that.”

“Hey don’t think like that,” said Tommy gently as he put his arms around his girlfriend. “Besides we were getting in the way.” Tommy then sighed. “This is like when he was losing the Gold Ranger Powers in the first place.”

“You don’t think?” asked Adam quietly.

“But how? Zordon said Jase’s body was healed from the power. That it will take time for him to get better” replied a worried Tanya.

“We don’t know for sure but it’s a strong possibility” said Tommy. “What’s taking Billy so long? This is hard on the nerves.”

“We know what you mean” replied Rocky. “I wish he would hurry up.”

“Jason and I have been best friends since I moved here. Well after I was freed from Rita’s spell. It was hard to cope with knowing that you almost killed someone and knowing how much damaged you have caused. Jason did not resent me as the others did at first. They were not so trust worthy of me at the beginning. However, Jason was not like that. He came and helped me cope and made me his friend just like that. He did not hesitate at first. The bond was there after we introduced ourselves properly. Our friendship was rock bound. Nothing was going to break it. Now matter how hard Rita or Zedd tried our friendship was unbreakable. He was there for me when Kim broke up with me. I thought I was going to die of a broken heart. I called Jason the night after I got the letter. He told me it was going to be okay. I asked him how. He said things have a way of working out. He also said that it was not meant to be between Kim and I. He believes in soul mates. He never told anyone but he told me. He said you would know who she is. She will be part of you and will understand you. In addition, she will be there for you in the darkest time of your life. He was right. Kim was not meant for me. I know that now. It hurt but the more I think of it Kim and I really did not have that much in common. Jason also said my soul mate was right under my nose and if I would wake up I would see her. Wanna know something. I found her. She’s right here sitting next to me.” He smiled as he turned to Kat and kissed her softly. “It was Kat all along. I guess Kim saw that when Kat first came into our lives there was something about her I couldn’t resist.” He looked and grinned as he saw her blushing. “It’s true. The first time I saw her my heart skipped a beat. I didn’t know what I was thinking or how could I feel things I wasn’t supposed to because I had a girlfriend. Jason told me that I found my soul mate. Now I’m grateful that Kim did break up with me because I what I have now with Kat I never had with Kim. I love you Kat now and forever” smiled Tommy as he put his head on her shoulder.

“I love you to Tommy” whispered Kat as she stroked his long hair.

“Now it seems I might lose my best friend. I can’t cope with that I won’t. To me he’s my brother” whispered Tommy.

It was Kat’s turn to comfort her beloved. She felt the same way about Tommy when she first came to Angel Grove but said nothing about it until they started dating.

Billy stood there listening to Tommy. He sighed. He’s going to hate to break the bad news to his friends. It was hurting him more than anyone because he and Jason were best friends for the longest time. “I’m finished guys” said Billy in a quiet voice.

The group turns and saw a weary and exhausted Billy behind them. They jumped to their feet and began to ask questions left and right.

“Whoa hold on here” replied Billy backing up a little. “All your questions will be answered when we go back to the Power Chamber.”

“Is it good news or bad” whispered Tanya as they walked back to the Power Chamber.

Billy looked at the group with grim eyes. They saw his eyes and felt their stomachs turn to knots they knew from the look that the news wasn’t good.

“Jason’s awake” was all Billy would tell them as they entered the building.


Zordon looked grim, Alpha made an odd noise that sounded sad and Jason looks distressed the group noted mentally to themselves as they prepared for the worst.

“Zordon what’s the verdict” Tommy said after ten minutes of unbearable silence.

“We’ve just got the results,” said Billy when Zordon couldn’t or wouldn’t speak Billy couldn’t tell. “It’s not goods as you probably guessed.”

“We’ve figured that part when we saw all of you looks,” Rocky said agitated.

“Easy Roc” respond Tommy. He knew how Rocky felt. He hated being kept in the dark. “Let them take their time.”

“But it isn’t fair” protested Rocky. “I don’t like being kept in the dark.”

“The rest of us don’t either but we have to let them tell us” replied Adam.

Then it hit them like nothing ever hit them before.

“I’m dying” whispered Jason.

The tension in the room could be sliced with a blade because it was so thick with shock and silence. Jason was dying. He can’t be dying because Trey took the power back. Jason should have been healed. Jason shouldn’t be dying right now but healed and full of energy. No one said a word. They couldn’t find them.

Finally Billy spoke. “That’s why it took so long we had to be sure.”

Kat couldn’t help herself and started to cry. Tommy pulled her into a hug with tears of his own. “How? I mean how could Jase be dying. I thought after Trey took the power everything was going to be okay.”

“So did we but the scanners show that Jason’s body is changing” replied Zordon after he found his voice.

“Changing how?” asked a tearful Tanya.

“We don’t know that’s why we’re puzzled. Jason’s body is changing and we need to find out what’s causing this change. Jason’s outward appearance will not change but his chemical structure is becoming more advanced than a human. For example his strength is increasing and his red and white blood cells are doubling. It will be hard for him to catch a cold. However, he’ll still have human blood and will be able to donate. His body is being altered and we have to find a way to stop it or Jason will die” answered Billy grimly.

“Well at least he won’t catch some type of virus or if he did than he’ll be able to get rid of it” Rocky said lightly.

“Hey, Jason is going to be a mutant” grinned Tommy trying to lighten the mood.

“Funny guys. I’ll have strange powers and I’ll come to get my revenge on you” replied Jason smiling.

Everyone grinned. They need to tease each other to let the tension out of their systems.

“Well you could grow fur” smirked Billy.

Jason paled. That’s something he didn’t want. “Great. Now how am I going to get a date when I have fur all over my body.”

“There’s always the zoo” laughed Rocky.

“That’s where you belong” mocked Jason. “And Billy you said my physical form won’t change.”

“Hey I could be wrong” replied Billy. “I’ve tend to be wrong on some occasions.”

“Just pray you’re not wrong on this one” replied Jason grinning.

Everyone felt better and then silence reigned once more.

“Back to business” whispered Kat. “We have to find out what is causing Jason’s body to change.”

“But how? Where do we start looking?” asked Adam who was silent most of the time. “We don’t know if Rita and Zedd or Mondo’s causing this or if it’s still an side effect of the Gold Power.”

“Adam’s right” said Tanya. “Where do we start?”

“Trey” answered Jason softly as he looked down at the floor. “He knew the Gold Ranger Powers were effecting him. He knew since it started two months ago. He was shocked that it was killing him. He didn’t think it was that bad until Billy told him he was dying. He sighed and looked at his friends with a guilty look on his face.

“You knew that the Gold Ranger Powers were effecting you didn’t you?” asked Billy.

“I’ve know for since it started” replied Jason.

“How long was this Jason?” asked Zordon.

“Two months ago” said Jason softly.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” asked a hurtful Tommy. In addition, he was a little angry that his best friend didn’t say anything was wrong that was literally killing him.

“Easy Tommy” said Zordon gently trying to calm the red ranger down. “Jason has his reasons.”

“Sure, I bet. He was going to tell us when he died now didn’t you Jason” growled Tommy.

“That’s not fair Tommy” respond Jason. “I didn’t think anything was seriously wrong. When it started I thought it was still the side effects of the Gold Ranger Powers. Zordon did say I will be weak and exhausted for a while so when it did start I didn’t pay any attention to it. I thought it would go away. I was wrong. It just got worse. I’ve been more tired and exhausted to the point where I didn’t want to get up. My energy is gone. You’ve guys noticed when I spar.”

“You still should have said something earlier. Maybe we’ve could have done something about it” said Tommy as his anger finally left him.

“I doubt it. I still would have been dying,” said Jason. “Trey, we need to contact Trey. He’ll know what to do.”

“Bro, I’m sorry I came on hard like that. It’s just you’re my best friend and you’re like a brother to me. I can’t lose you” replied Tommy.

“Forget it. You had the right. I should have said something but I didn’t. Let’s get in contact with Trey. There’s still hope yet,” said Jason as he hopped off the bed. “Don’t look at me like that I’m going to help out and I’m not going to sit on my butt.”

“We were going to say anything” smiled Tanya.

“Yeah right” replied Jason sarcastically. “Let’s get to work.”

**** Two days have passed since Trey talked to the rangers. He told them he was already on his way to earth. They were surprised but Trey said he would explain every thing when he gets there. He also told Jason to take it easy and the others grinned when Jason snorted in protest.

He sat in his chair weaker than ever. He felt Jason’s life force leaving him. He had to get the power to Jason before Jason, The Gold Powers and himself die.

“My lord?” asked Talmar worried.

“I should have never given Jason the Power” whispered Trey.

“Then the power would have been lost” replied Talmar.

Trey grew angry. He rather lose the power than lose a friend. “Better to lose the Power than a LIFE!”

Talmar was shocked by Trey’s outburst but understood Trey’s feelings. “You know that is not what Jason would have wanted. You know him better than I. What would Jason have said when you said that?”

Trey’s anger soften. He knew what Jason would have told him. “He said I was being emotional and that The Power was important to help the galaxy and if he had to do this again he would have. His heart is made of gold.”

“Exactly. That is why the Power Chose Jason.”

“I know.”

“We should be landing in a few minutes. Shall we contact the earth Rangers?” asked Talmar.

“Yes” was all Trey said as they landed on earth.


Zedd and Rita watched as Trey landed on earth.

“Now is time to invoke our plan” laughed Zedd.

“The rangers will be very surprised” giggled Rita. “Don’t forget Billy will be there.”

“I won’t” grinned Zedd. “GOLDAR!!! RITO!!! GET IN HERE!!!”

Both Lackeys came running in at their emperor’s command and bowed.

“Yes ED” replied Rito.

“THAT’S ZEDD YOU IDIOT!! I can’t see how you and Rita are related” moaned Zedd. Then he got serious. “Trey of Triforia has landed. Take the whole squadron of tengas and attack him. Continue to fight even when the rangers show up to help. I’ll grab Jason and then you can come back.”

“We obey my lord” bowed Goldar as he and Rito disappeared.

Zedd grabbed the coin and made a disappearing act.


Trey was about to contact the rangers when the ship’s alarm went off alerting him to danger. He and Talmar wen to the screen and saw hordes of tengas surrounding the ship.

“We’re under attack!!” replied Talmar.

“This is what we don’t need tengas to slow us down. That’s going to make the transfer of the Gold Power to Jason a little longer” replied Trey. “I have to go.”

“I understand. Be care” said Talmar.

“I will” smiled Trey. “GOLD RANGER POWER!”

Trey transformed to the Gold Ranger and went outside to fight the tengas.

After a while Trey knew he was going to need help. He prayed the rangers will arrive soon.


Back at the Power Chamber everyone was waiting for Trey to contact them when the alarm when off.

“What is it?” asked Jason as they looked into the viewing globe.

“Trey is being attack by hordes of tengas” replied Zordon. “Look.”

The viewing globe showed the rangers that Hundreds maybe thousands of tengas were attacking the gold ranger.

“Awe Man, for a while I thought we were going to have peace. Now Rita and Zedd are ruining it” moaned Rocky.

“Trey’s in trouble. He can’t handle all of them. We have to help him.” said Adam.

“Wonder why Chrome Dome decided to make an reappearance. Hasn’t he learned anything” said Tanya.

“You know how villains are” said Jason. “Can’t learn a thing.”

“We have to help him” said Tommy. “IT’S MORPHIN TIME!!”


The rangers morphed and teleported to Angel Grove Mountains where Trey landed and started to fight the tengas.

“Looks like you need some help!” cried The Red Ranger.

“Thank you Rangers of earth. I do need the help” smiled The Gold Ranger.

“Man, Zedd and Rita sent a lot of tengas” grunted The Blue Ranger.

“They’re up to something if they sent this many tengas plus Goldar and Rita” remarked the Pink Ranger.

“How is Jason?” asked The Gold Ranger.

“Getting weaker” replied the Yellow Ranger.

“Than it’s imperative that I get to him fast” replied The Gold Ranger.

“You know what’s wrong?” asked The Green Ranger.

“Uh guys now is not the time to play twenty questions. We have more important matters to deal with” reminded the Blue ranger.

“Right. Kat, Tanya, you take the left flank. Rocky, Adam you take the right and Trey and I will go straight in” ordered Tommy.

“Right echoed the group as they started to attack the tengas.

Part 4


At the Power Chamber Jason, Billy, Alpha, and Zordon were watching the battle unaware that someone has entered the building.

“Zordon, they’re going to need help” replied a worried Jason.

“They’ll be overpowered if they don’t receive help,” added Billy.

“We have to help them. I may be dying and weak but I have fight left in me and I’m willing to die to help our friends” said Jason with a determine look on his face.

“Same here” added Billy quickly.

“How touching” sneered a cold voice from behind.

“AYI AYI AYI!!!” screeched a frantic Alpha.

Billy and Jason turned around and couldn’t believe their eyes. There standing in front of them not to mention the Power Chamber was none other than Lord Zedd. It sent shivers up their spines.

“Zedd you aren’t suppose to be here” replied Zordon.

“How did you get in here?” whispered Billy. “There’s no way for you to get in here at all.”

“That’s where you’re wrong” laughed Zedd. Then he proceeded to gloat. “I have a way to get in here.”

“You can’t unless you have…” started Jason.

“But I can” interrupted Zedd. “You see you fools I have the green power coin.”

“Impossible” replied Zordon. “You destroyed the coin yourself.”

“Indeed I did but you failed to realize that I would never destroy the coin unless I found a way to preserve the power and I have. I drained the coin and when you got rid of the coin I brought it back and put the power back into the coin. I was saving the coin for later use but when I heard what was happening I had to come and give my condolences” chuckled Zedd. “And if you don’t believe me well here’s proof.” Zedd brought out the green power coin and revealed a bright glowing green coin to the stun occupants of the room.

“My god” whispered Jason.

“It can’t be” replied Billy in an equally soft voice. He turned to Zordon and saw the shock on his face that he hadn’t seen before. “Zordon is it the green power coin.”

“Yes it is” answered Zordon.

“Then we have to get it back” replied Jason.

“Oh do please try” mocked Zedd with laughter. “I’m so sure two ex power brats is going to stop the all mighty Lord Zedd. You know since I’m here I might as well trash this place.”

“I don’t think so” replied both boys as they took defensive positions.

“You won’t trash this place!” growled Jason.

“Don’t worry as tempting as it is I’m not interested in trashing this place” smiled Zedd. “It’s you Jason.”

“Great” moaned Jason.

“I won’t allow you to harm either Billy or Jason” replied Zordon angrily. “You may have gotten in the Power Chamber but I won’t allow you to leave.”

“Lame Zordon. Really Lame” chuckled Zedd. “After all these thousands of years you still can’t do anything yourself now can you.”

Before Zedd could say anything callous he found himself on the floor looking up into angry eyes that belong to Jason.

“You can kill me, torture me or whatever but you CAN’T say anything rude to Zordon” growled Jason. “I still can fight and I’ll fight you with all that I got to get you out of the Power Chamber.”

“That was unexpected” mumbled Zedd as he got on his feet. “All right you want to fight let’s see how you handle this!!”

Zedd smiled as he raised his staff and out exploded multiple beams hitting everything in its path. Consoles, computers, machinery erupted in explosion. The boys had to duck so the fragments of metal wouldn’t hit them. They looked on in horror as the last thing they saw explode was Zordon’s tube along with Zordon.

“NO!!” cried Billy and Jason.

Before they can defend what’s left of the Power Chamber two beams hit them in the chest sending them to the floor unconscious.

“Pathetic fools” laughed Zedd as he scooped Jason up and disappeared.


Author’s note: The next scene might be a little suggestive and offensive. If you find it offensive please skip to the next part. Just to warn you my mind is becoming sadistic. Help! Someone send in the rangers! Zedd has taken over this author’s mind! Well I warned ya. Happy Reading ?

Zedd appeared in a room he set up for his diabolical plan. It was a dark room where there was a metal table with straps and the lighting was dim. He placed Jason on the table and strapped him tight making sure he can’t escape. He smiled darkly as Scorpina entered the room dressed seductively. He should have thought of this sooner.

“I’m ready my lord” smiled Scorpina. She wanted to do this to Jason for a very long time. When she first saw him she thought he was very cute and she admired his body then and now she couldn’t wait sink her teeth into him.

“Good” replied Zedd. He grabbed some water and poured it over Jason’s face. “I want him to be awake when you humiliate him.”

Scorpina grinned as she roamed Jason’s body with her eyes she couldn’t wait to try him out to see how his equipment works.

Jason woke when the water hit his face and he sputtered and choked in surprised. “Wha…”

“Well it’s nice to see you again” purred Scorpina as she peered over him.

“Scorpina” replied Jason. “What are you doing here? I thought Zedd banished you.”

“He did but then he had a change of heart” cooed Scorpina as she gently stroked his face.

Jason was aware that Scorpina was stroking his face his stomach began to turn into knots. He tried to struggle. He turned and saw Zedd standing there watching him panic. He became pale as he realized what was going to happen.

Zedd grinned in amusement as his plan was working. The panic expression on Jason made it all worth the wait. “I’ll leave you two alone to ‘discuss’ things.”

Zedd laughed as he left Scorpina alone with Jason.

“Please don’t” whispered Jason as he continued to struggle.

“Don’t struggle. It won’t help matters” replied Scorpina as she got up and sat on top of Jason. “Relax and enjoy. I’m going to make a real man out of you.”

“NO!” replied Jason angrily. “I won’t let you do this to me.”

“You have no choice” grinned Scorpina as she brought her hand and roamed Jason’s body squeezing and relishing on how well built Jason’s chest, arms and legs felt. So strong, so muscular. Her heart beat faster as her hand came to a certain area on Jason’s body and started to stroke so gently at first. She looked at Jason to see if she got a reaction out of him and smiled when she heard him moan. “You like that.”

Jason could have kicked himself for moaning. But her hand stroking him felt so good. He knew it was wrong but he couldn’t help it. That part of the body was very sensitive. He had to escape before things went to far. He looked around and saw there was nothing there to help him break lose. Zedd thought of everything. He closed his eyes he knew he was going to be violated. He realized that Zedd sent the tengas there to distract the rangers and Trey. He tried to struggle again but being exhausted and weak didn’t help matters. He felt his heart beat faster and he gave a little yelp when Scorpina groped him hard.

“My, my aren’t we sensitive in that area” grinned Scorpina. “I’m going to enjoy this so much. I wanted to for the longest time. And please relax. It will be over.”

“Don’t” begged Jason. “Please don’t do this to me.”

“Why ever not” grinned Scorpina. “It’s not like you have a girlfriend at this time anyway. Besides you’re going to get some rather I’m going to give it to you. Whether you like it or not and I know I’m going to make your first time worthwhile.”

Jason was speechless. He didn’t know what to say. He was going to be raped. But he was going to go down that easily. “I’ll fight you.”

“Go ahead and try. But it won’t work. See this syringe” smiled Scorpina as she continues to grope Jason and grinned at his reaction every time she did. She looked in his eyes and saw fear when she brought it to his attention. “I would like you to fight but Zedd gave me my orders as you probably figured out by now to sexually torture you. And I’m going to do it. This syringe is filled with a relaxant. It’ll make your body so relax that you can’t fight back but yet you’ll be able to feel everything I do to you.”

“No” whispered Jason.

“And the Power Rangers won’t be able to help you” laughed Scorpina as she injected it in Jason’s arm despite him struggling and then started to undress him.

“Don’t” pleaded Jason as he knew it was useless.

She finally finished undressing Jason and she admired his body. Jason felt humiliated and used. He also felt her admiring his body. He cringed at her voice. “Well now I’m very surprised. You’re a big boy Jason. A very big boy. This is going to be most entertaining” she replied as she ran her hands over Jason’s groin and then groped him. “Very entertaining.”

Jason shuddered as Scorpina began the ultimate torture.


The rangers and Trey were fighting and knew they won’t be able to hold on longer.

“How long have we been at it?” replied an exhausted Yellow Ranger.

“An hour and a half” replied the Pink Ranger. “Tommy, I can’t hold on any longer. My body is too tired.”

“Try to hang on a little longer, love” replied The Red Ranger trying to hold off four tengas.

“Tommy, we can’t hold on any longer” replied the Green Ranger. “Trey?”

“I must agree our bodies are weakening as we continue to fight” replied The Gold Ranger. “We must go and tend to Jason. It is the most imperative.”

Before the Red Ranger could agree the tengas just disappeared.

“What the hell?” swore the Blue Ranger.

“I don’t get it” replied The Yellow Ranger. “Just when they were getting the upper hand they vanish. What gives?”

Tommy thought for a minute and then paled under his helmet. “It’s was a distraction!”

“WHAT!!” echoed the rest.

Trey also paled fearing for the worst. “The Red Ranger is right. Lord Zedd wanted something else and sent the tengas to distract me. He must know of Jason’s condition and if I’m right.”

“Then Jason is in trouble” whispered The Pink Ranger.

“But how. Jase, is in the Power Chamber. He’s safe” replied The Blue Ranger.

“Rangers do not under estimate the forces of evil” said a voice as the Rangers turned to see an older Triforian. “They have their ways to get in to the most secretive of places.”

“Who are you?” asked The Red Ranger.

“Rangers I want you to meet Talmar. He’s a Wise Sage of Triforia and my friend. He knows of Jason’s condition.”

“What’s going on?” asked The Blue Ranger.

“ROC! Manners” said The Yellow Ranger as she slugged the Blue Ranger.

“Sorry” mummer Rocky. “I just want to help Jason.”

“We all do” said The Red Ranger. “It’s nice to meet you. I’m Tommy.”

“I know of your identities” smiled Talmar. “But we need to get to your base to see what has happened. I will explain everything. I will say this if we don’t get to Jason and transfer the Gold Ranger Powers to him then he, Trey, and the Gold Powers will die.”

The Rangers were confuse but worry overcame confusion. They nodded as they gathered around the Gold Ranger and Talmar and teleported to the Power Chamber.


“Oh my god” whispered Tanya as she and the others teleported in the Power Chamber to discover it was destroyed.

“What happened?” replied Kat as they looked at the extensive damage.

“Zedd” replied a weak voice.

The group turned and saw Billy slowly getting to his feet. Adam ran and helped his friend. “Easy Billy.”

“Can you tell us what happened?” asked Tommy. “Where’s Jason?”

“One question at a time” replied Billy as he winced in pain. Adam helped him to the medical station and helped him up. “Zedd has Jason.”

The others went paled at the statement. They were confused. How can Zedd come into the Power Chamber without any powers.

“How?” asked Rocky.

Billy was silent for a minute and shook his head trying to get situated then he continued. “We were watching the battle and Jason and I wanted to go and help you but we were stopped when we heard a cold voice. We turned around and saw Zedd standing behind us. Saying we were shocked would be an under statement. More like dumbfounded. Anyway we question him on how he could get here. You know how Zedd is he likes to brag. Before you raise questions for what I’m going to say please remain silent until I’m finished. It will answer your questions without interrupting. Okay Zedd went on to say he had a way to get in. But we told him he couldn’t without having any type of power. But he interrupted us saying he had the green power coin. He said he didn’t destroy the coin but drain the power and when the coin was disposed of he reinstated the power into the coin. He didn’t want to use the coin till later but he knew of Jason’s condition and decided to use it now. And what’s left of the computer system I did check out his story. It’s true. That’s the reason he came in withouth the alarms detecting his pressence. was because the green coin is back to it’s original state. Well we went on to say we were going to stop him from trashing the Power Chamber. He didn’t want to at the time. He wanted something else. He wanted Jason. He started to destroy the Power Chamber before we could have stopped him. We watched helplessly as he destroyed Zordon’s tube. Then he shot two beams at us and we went down hard. He took Jason and left. We have to rescue Jason.”

The room was silent as it took a couple of minutes to digest the story. They couldn’t believe the green power coin was back in business. Kat looked at Tommy and even still morph she could guess his reaction was painful by the way his shoulders were.

“We have to get Jason back” replied Tommy softly. He couldn’t believe it. All this time the power was still intact. But he’ll deal with it later. Right now his best friend needs help.

“Right” replied Rocky. “But how and what about the Power Chamber.”

“Rangers, The Gold Power will take me to Jason. I can’t explain it but I think Talmar can. I will bring Jason back. Stay here and get the Power Chamber operational again. Talmar will help you.” Replied Trey.

“But” protested Tommy.

“Please I must go now. Do not worry Red Ranger. I will bring him back” replied Trey as he teleported out of the Power Chamber.

“Be careful” everyone replied as they started to work on cleaning things up.

To be continued