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Secrets and Lies
by : Michelle Penning

Kimberly was a great gymnast. She wanted to be one ever since she could walk. Now she’s living her dream. Training for the Pan Globals. She couldn’t be happier. One thing plagued her mind. It was about how she broke up with Tommy. She loved him but now she cares for him as a friend. It’s been over a year since she sent that letter but she still feels guilty about it. It was the truth. She did meet a great guy. His name was Jake Wilson. She meet him when she got to Florida. He’s also on the team. He’s training on the floor and rings. He’s about 6'2, weighs about 150 lbs, well built, black hair, and blue eyes. He’s as sweet as he can be. She didn’t go out with him right away. She must admit at first he was a total jerk. He would always be flirting with her and saying rude marks that she found annoying. Jake reminded her of Bulk. But during the months of training together she tolerated Jake. He would constantly hit on her and would back off when she told him to. Then one day she found herself flirting back. She didn’t mean to. It just happened. Soon after that she questioned her feelings for Tommy and Jake. She was being unfair to both of them. Tommy was so far away and Jake was right here. She didn’t want to choose. Jake was concerned and he asked her what was wrong. She found herself talking to Jake about Tommy. When he found out that she had a boyfriend he immediately apologized. She told him that’s okay. She didn’t know why but she was attracted to him. Then she found herself writing the letter and breaking up with Tommy. She made her choice. She didn’t want to hurt Tommy but she saw no other way to tell him she fell for someone else. Then she started to go out with Jake. He was wild but fun at the same time. She didn’t know why she was so drawn to him.

Kimberly hated to think what she’s done to Tommy. She has to talk to him. When she finds herself in Angel Grove. She smiled to herself. She just receive the letter from Jason. She missed him so much. Jason wrote to her that he just became a ranger again. He was the gold one. She imagined Jason in black. Stop that Kim thought to herself. But I must admit Jason is cute and seeing him in black spandex just makes me tingle. Stop it. You’re going out with Jake. Sometimes I wish it was Jason. Jason is one of my best friends. Besides it wouldn’t work out. Then he mentions that Billy went to Aquitar. He says that Billy is in love with Cestria. Where in the hell is Aquitar? And Billy’s in love with an alien or a fish. I didn’t know Billy was over his fear of fish. Then Jason went on to describe that Katherine and Tommy are going out together. At least Tommy’s happy thought Kim. That’s all Kimberly wanted for Tommy to be happy. Things have changed. Jason’s the Gold Ranger, Billy’s on Aquitar, Kat and Tommy are going out. Wow. I’ve been gone to long. Pulling from her thoughts she heard a car beep outside her apartment. She grabbed her purse and headed out the door.

After dinner Jake and Kimberly headed back for her place. Jake pulled up in front of the apartment, parked the car and walked Kimberly up to her door.

“I had a great time good looking.” smiled Jake.

“Can you ever use my name?” smiled Kim.

“Can’t help it. But you are good looking.” teased Jake pulling Kim towards him.

“Why did I fall for you in the first place?” moaned Kim.

“Because I’m good looking, funny, smart, and extremely talented.” said Jake.

“Get real. You’re not all that.” laughed Kim.

“Funny. Will you kiss me.” said Jake.

“But of course.” smiled Kim. Kim pulled Jake next to her. Then she kissed him passionately on the lips. Jake responded by kissing her back. The next couple of minutes were intense pleasure for them both. They had to struggle to pull away. Kim got her keys and opened the door. “Why don’t you come in.?”

“You’re asking me to come in.” replied Jake.

“Do you or don’t you?” said Kim.

“I’m coming.” said Jake.

Jake entered the apartment and Kim shut the door. Jake pulled Kim and they started to kiss again. Then Jake picked up Kim and headed for Kim’s bedroom. In the bedroom Jake gently put Kimberly on the bed and shut the door.

“Kim, is this what you want.” asked Jake slightly nervous.

“Yes.” replied Kim. “I want this. I love you Jake. I want to show you how much I love you.”

“I love you to.” said Jake coming next to Kim. Then Jake removed Kim’s clothing and Kimberly did the same. Then they started kissing. One thing lead to another and before Jake entered Kim. Kim reminded him to use a condom. Jake slipped one on and then he entered her. During their lovemaking the condom broke. Luckily for Kim that she was on the pill because she has irregular periods.

The next day Kim woke up in Jake’s arms. She had a wonderful time last night. They made love for over an hour and then some. He felt so good. She was still glowing when he woke up.

“Any regrets.” asked Jake.

“Not a one.” replied Kim with a smile. “How about you?”

“Nope.” smiled Jake. “I love you Kim.”

“I love you to Jake.” said Kim getting up.

“Do you have to get up?” asked Jake.

“Yes I have to. Besides I have to go to practice and so do you.” said Kim putting on her robe.

“Can’t we take the day off and stay in each other’s arms.” begged Jake.

“No.” smiled Kim. “The coach is going to kill us if we skip practice. Jake, I’ve been waiting for this ever since I was young. I’m not going to give it up.”

“I suppose you’re right.” moaned Jake.

“Come on you big lug. We have practice to go to.” said Kim dragging her boyfriend out of bed.

“You’re cruel Kim. You know that.” said Jake getting out of bed.

“I know I am. I’ll make up to you later.” said Kimberly.

“Okay.” jumped Jake.

“I knew that would work.” sighed Kim.

Three months later changes started to happen to Kim. Lately Kim hasn’t been feeling well. She hasn’t been performing as she should. Coach Schmit asked her if she was okay. Kimberly responded by saying she hasn’t been feeling well. The coach told her to take the day off and get some rest. She came home and wanted nothing but to get into bed. Kim thinks that she may be coming down with the flu. She’s been feeling sick, she has a fever, she lost a little weight, and she has night sweats. She also been feeling so tired. This has been happening for over three months. Kim was feeling a little scared. So she decided it was time to go to the doctor.

She was waiting at Dr. Paine’s office. She saw Jake. She smiled and went to him. “Jake?”

Jake turned and saw Kim. He tried to leave but Kim was already in front of him. “Jake, what’s wrong. Why have you been avoiding me for the past three months? Why did you want to run out on me?”

Jake looked at Kim and was so embarrassed. How could he tell her? He couldn’t. Tears started spilling from his eyes. “I’m sorry Kim.”

“Sorry about what?” asked Kim.

“I have to go.” said Jake flatly. He walked past Kimberly and ran out of the office.

What’s wrong with Jake? thought Kim. She wondered why Jake was acting so weird. She shrugged it off and decided she’ll call him later and ask what’s wrong. But for now she wanted to see the doctor. She went back to her seat and started to flip through the magazine. Some time later the doctor appeared and called Kimberly’s name. Kim got up and went into the office. Kim put on an examination gown and laid on the table as the nurse instructed her to do. Then the nurse left and Dr. Paine came in.

“Hello Kimberly.” smiled Dr. Paine as she was taking Kim’s pulse. “How are you feeling?”

“Hello Dr. Paine.” smiled Kim. “Awful. I feel so sick. I’ve been to tired. I can hardly think straight at times. I constantly have a fever. I sweat at night when it’s not hot. I lost five pounds in the last month. I don’t know what is wrong. “

Dr. Paine stopped for a minute. She knew the signs of HIV. But just because Kim has these signs doesn’t mean she has the virus. “Well you do have a slight fever. Kimberly can I ask you a question.”

“Yes.” said Kim.

“Have you had sex?” asked Dr. Paine. “I know it’s embarrassing but I need an honest answer.”

“Yes, I had sex.” replied Kim confused.

“Who was you’re partner?” asked Dr. Paine.

“Jake Wilson.” replied Kim even more confused.

“Oh dear.” whispered Dr. Paine as she paled.

“What?” asked Kimberly nervously.

“I know what’s wrong.” whispered Dr. Paine. “But before I tell you I need you to do some blood test. I’ll have the techs do this one now. We’ll get the answers in an hour.”

“What’s wrong?” asked Kimberly scared.

“I can’t tell you for sure. Not without the blood test. Come on.” said Dr. Paine helping Kim to her feet. “Follow me.”

Kim followed Dr. Paine to Pathology. She was scared. Mortally frightened. She didn’t like the tone in Dr. Paine’s voice. When she got there Dr. Paine told her to be seated. Then Dr. Paine went to a tech and told him what to do. What to test for. Then Dr. Paine came back to Kim. “Kimberly, the tech is going to take some blood from you. What were doing is we’re going to test for HIV.”

“HIV.” whispered Kim. “Why?”

“Since you had sex it’s a precaution.” replied Dr. Paine.

Kimberly nodded silent with shock. Dr. Paine told her to come back to her office as soon as she was done. Then Dr. Paine left. As the tech was doing his job all Kimberly could think about was what Dr. Paine said. HIV. Oh God. Please don’t let me have it. Please let me come out of this negative. I don’t want to die. Please. Kimberly started to cry. She didn’t know what to do. The tech said he was done and asked if she was fine. Kimberly nodded. The tech told her to go back to Dr. Paine’s office and wait. The results should take about five to ten minutes. Kimberly got up and headed back to Dr. Paine’s office.

Kimberly was waiting silently with Dr. Paine for the results. She was so nervous and scared. What happens if she tested positive? Well she just have to wait until the results come in. She started shaking. Dr. Paine looked at her and came to Kim’s side.

“Kimberly, it’s going to be okay.” said Dr. Paine putting her hand on Kim’s shoulder.

“What happens....” Kim started to say but was cut off as the phone rang. Dr. Paine nodded to Kimberly who nodded back and went to the telephone and answered it.

“Dr. Paine’s office. Dr. Paine speaking. Hello Rob. Yes. Yes. Oh God. Are you sure? Okay. Bring me the results. Uh huh. Thank you.” replied Dr. Paine hanging up. “Kimberly, that was Rob who works in pathology. I’m afraid I have some bad news. The test came back positive. Kimberly, you have HIV.”

Kim sat there pale and in shock. She couldn’t believe it. She has AIDS. But how. Then Kimberly broke down. “No!” she sobbed. “This can’t be happening. I can’t have it. How? How did I receive HIV.”

Dr. Paine felt her heart break. It was hard watching a sixteen year old learning that she was going to die. She came to Kim and placed her into a comforting hug. “It’s going to work out. Kimberly. Remember me asking if you had sex. You said yes. I asked you who you’re partner was. You told me Jake Wilson. I need to ask another question. We’re either of you protected.”

“Yes.” sobbed Kim. “I was on the pill and Jake was wearing a condom.”

“Well the condom must have broke during intercourse.” explained Dr. Paine. “Kim. The reason I asked is because Jake Wilson has HIV. He was diagnosed five months ago.” “No way.” whispered Kim in tears. “We had sex three months ago. He never said anything.”

“Oh god.” whispered Dr. Paine. “He never said anything to you.”

“No.” cried Kim. “I didn’t ask him. Not even when we made love.”

“It’s not you’re fault Kim. He’s the one who should have told you. If he didn’t tell you then you can press charges on him for murder.” replied Dr. Paine.

Kim didn’t say a word. She continued to cry. Her life changed. Kimberly knew that she’ll never be the same again. Dr. Paine gave Kim some pamphlets on living with HIV. It wasn’t any comfort to her. Also Dr. Paine told Kim that she’ll need to get insurance. It was costly having an illness. Kim was told that she’ll be set up for doctor appointments. Kim was overwhelmed by everything. How is she going to cope with it? How she’s going to tell her parents that she has HIV? Trying to tell her friends isn’t going to be easy. Her live has been turn upside down. She won’t be able to have any children. She might not get married. She won’t be able to live her dream of competing in the Olympics. They won’t want to risk her or anyone. Her dreams were shattered. Never did she felt so alone as she felt now. She didn’t want to hear anymore she heard enough.

“I’ve got to go.” said Kim sadly.

“All right.” said Dr. Paine feeling sorry. “I’ll set up the appointments and get back to you. By the way I’m sorry.”

“Thanks.” replied Kim sadly. Her eyes were filling up with tears. She got up and left the office. She headed for her car. She got in and sat there. The tears overflowing with grief and anger. Much anger filled her very soul. She can’t wait until she confronts Jake. He destroyed her life, dreams, and hopes. Wiping the tears Kimberly headed home. Once at her apartment, she unlocked her door, went in and headed straight for the bedroom and cried her eyes out. She didn’t stop crying for four hours.

The next morning Kimberly felt drained. She cried for four hours last night. She’s to upset. She still didn’t want to believe that she has HIV. This was a horrible nightmare. Kim thought. I can’t have it. I just can’t! But I can’t ignore it either. The results are positive. Oh god! I’m so scarred! What am I to do? Someone help me. When I get my hands on Jake I’m going to kill him! Why didn’t he tell me? Why! I loved him. He’s wrecked my life. He took my life away from me! I’m going to get him good that’s for damn sure! What am I going to tell my parents. They’ll be devastated. My friends. Oh god! Trini, Zack, Billy, and Jason they’ll be devastated as well. Not to mention Adam, Rocky, Aisha, Katherine. And Tommy. I can’t tell Tommy. He’ll go all sympathy on me. I can’t deal with that. Who can I depend on for the most support? It has to be someone strong. I mean all my friends are great but there is someone who would support me. Someone whose always been there for me. I know. I’ll tell Jason. He’s always been there before we could walk. Him and Billy. Trini and Zack I didn’t meet until the second grade. Jason, he’ll tell Billy. I know that. But Jason is the one I could depend. He was always the leader. Even as an infant. He just has that quality. I can’t explain. He would always held us up. When everything went wrong Jason always held us up. He was there for us when one of us had a problem. He was there for Tommy. I’m going to write to Jason right now.

Kim grabbed a notebook and a pen. She opened the book and started her letter. Soon Kimberly was finished the letter. Kim read the letter once more until she was satisfied with it and then folded the letter and put it into an envelope and sealed it. She wrote Jason’s address on it and then placed the stamp. She placed the envelope on the table and went to get ready. After an hour passed. Kim grabbed the letter along with her gym bag and headed out the door. She stopped at the post office and sent the letter. She then went to practice.

Jason was enjoying a quiet day at home. There was no school and no monsters to bother him. The others went to a movie and asked Jason to join in. But he declined. He wanted to spend the day at home being lazy. Adam made a joke saying that was Rocky’s job. Rocky responded by hitting Adam in the arm. He and the others laughed. He sighed and flipped through the television. He glanced at the clock and knew the mailman had already came by. He went and picked up the mail. He came in and started to sort threw. Let’s see what we have here today. Jason thought. Bills for my parents, junk mail, hey what’s this. It’s a letter from Kim. Cool. Jason put the rest of the letters down and went to the couch and opened the letter. He started to read the letter.


Dear Jason,

Hey, how are you. I’m fine. Well sort of. Before stating my problems tell me how is everything in Angel Grove. It’s been three months since I heard from you. Is everything okay. Are you still the Gold Ranger? How’s Billy and Cestria. Is that right? How is Tommy and Katherine? How are the others? Well I can’t hold it off in any longer. I’m sorry if my hand writing is a little shaky. Jason I’m scared. Very scared. Things have been happening. Things happened in Florida. Everything was going very well until recently. I don’t know what to do. My life has changed and it’s not for the better either. Where am I to begin? This mess has to do with Jake Wilson. It all started about three months ago. Jake and I went on a date. It was a beautiful evening. Then we came to my apartment. He kissed me. Then I invited him in. Then we started kissing again. One thing lead to another. Well. We slept together. I thought that night was the most wonderful night. But it turned out to be a nightmare. Well during the three months things have been happening to me. I started feeling weak. Then I started to have night sweats. I felt sick all the time. I constantly have a fever. I lost weight. At times I could hardly think straight. This was affecting me when I would practice. Most of the time I would end up going home early. At first I thought I was pregnant. I bought a home pregnancy test. I took it and it came out negative. So I set up a doctor’s appointment. Yesterday I went to the doctor. I saw Jake at the office. When he saw me he seemed upset. I tried to talk to him asking why he was avoiding me for the past three months. He said something and then rushed out the door. I thought it was odd. (Continue on back)

Well I just shrugged. So the doctor came in and started to examine me. She asked a few questions and then I answered them. She seemed to pale for a minute after I described my symptoms. Then she asked a few personal questions. I’m thinking what does this have to do with what I’m feeling. So she ordered a blood test for me. I became frightened. I didn’t like the tone in her voice at all. Well they set me up for the blood test and Dr. Paine. That’s the doctor’s name. Came and told me that they were going to test for. (Kim starts sobbing) Sorry about that Jase. I can’t handle it. They. . . .They. . .They were going to test for HIV. I became pale at that moment. I asked why and they told me because I had sex. They took the blood and had it analyze it very quickly. Well I came back and waited. I hated waiting that long. Well Dr. Paine got the call she needed. Jason. Kim starts shaking and tears fall on the paper. Sorry about the wet spots and my shaky writing. Jason, the doctor told me that I have HIV. Jason I have AIDS. I’m going to die! I don’t want to die! Not like this. What am I going to do? I don’t know how to cope. When my coach finds out she’s going to throw me off the team. My life in Florida is over. There’s something else. Dr. Paine asked me who my partner was. I told her it was Jake Wilson. She paled. She told me that Jake has HIV. I’m like WHAT! What do you mean he has HIV? She said he was diagnosed five months ago. Which means he had it two months before we had sex. Something must have happened that night Jake and I had sex. The condom probably broke. He never told me anything. If he told me that he had HIV I would never have slept with him. Now it’s to late. How could he do that to me? (Continue on second page)

Why didn’t he tell me? He screwed my life. I’m so angry at him. I feel so alone right now Jase. I need you so bad. How am I going to tell my parents? I don’t know what to do. Jase, when you get this letter please call me. I need to talk to you. I have to go now. I have to get ready to tell my coach what happened. See you later.

Lots of Love and Kisses


Jason went pale immediately after Kim said she had HIV. He was shocked. He continued to read the letter over and over until he was positive that she meant every word. He believed her at first. But the shock just over came him. He couldn’t believe it. He didn’t want to believe it. How could this be? But he believed her. He had to for Kim. It was a good thing he sat down or he would have collapsed. He felt weak all of a sudden. He felt sick to his stomach for what that asshole did to her. He read the part in which Kim described what Jake did to her. He became angry. Very angry. He wanted to hurt that bastard. Oh god! Why did you do this? Why did you allow Kim to get HIV. She’s a sweet girl. She doesn’t deserve this. Not at all. I can’t believe it. Kim has AIDS. It’s not fair! It just isn’t! Thought Jason angrily. Tears started to flow down his checks. He couldn’t comprehend the hell Kim’s going through. I have to call her. I’m going to. She needs me right now. She must be so scared. She’s not alone. Not now. Not ever. I’m going to be there for her. Pulling from his thoughts Jason managed to find strength and got up. He walked to the phone and dialed Kimberly’s number. Hopefully she’s home. Thought Jason. Jason had to wait for three rings when the phone was picked up.

“Hello?” asked a sad voice.

“Kimberly?” replied Jason.

Kimberly brightened up when she heard Jason on the line. “Jason. Is it really you.”

“Yeah.” said Jason.

“You got my letter than.” replied Kim.

“Just got it today.” said Jason.

“It would take three days. I figured that.” said Kim. “You read the letter.”

“Yeah.” replied Jason softly. “So how are you?”

“Not so good.” cried Kim. “I’m scared Jason. I’m going to die. It’s final. I didn’t want to die like this! Not at all! What am I going to do?”

“For one, you can count on me.” replied Jason. “Did you call you’re parents yet?”

“Yeah.” said Kim. “Mom and Dad are pretty freaked out about it. But after they calm down they lectured me on safe sex. They said I’ve shouldn’t have had sex in the first place. And if I did then I should have used a condom. I told them that we were protected but the condom must have broke during intercourse. I started crying to them. Then they told me everything’s going to be alright. Dad wants me to come home. I don’t want to go to Paris and live with my mother. I feel isolated as it is. I told mom if I’m coming home than I’m going back to Angel Grove. She understood. I haven’t told my coach yet. I’m going to. But it’s hard, Jason. I lived all my life for this moment and now it’s gone. It’s over. My life long dreams of winning the gold in the Olympics is ruined. (Kim starts to sob) Jason what am I to do? I need you so bad. I’m so scared.”

Jason felt his tears trickle down his cheeks. He felt numb inside when he heard Kimberly crying. He didn’t want to hear her cry. He didn’t want her to be scared. He wanted her to depend on him for support. “I’m hear for you Kimberly. You’re not alone. You were never alone. I was there for you ever since we were infants and I’ll always be there for you no matter what. I’m sticking towards you for better or worse. You’re my friend and that’s never going to change.”

Kimberly heard Jason’s voice. Never once had she heard or seen him cry. Not even when they were growing up. Jason was a good kid. She never seen him in trouble. Not with his parents anyway. But she knew he was crying. She can hear it in his voice. She was shocked. “Thanks Jason. I needed that. I need all the support I can get.”

Jason wiped his tears. He didn’t care. He knew that she needed to hear him cry to help her feel better. “You’ll have all the support you need. So have you talked to Jake yet?”

“No.” replied Kim also wiping her eyes. “I see him at practice but he ignores me. I can’t face him, Jason. Not now.”

“I know.”said Jason. “Do you want me to come to Florida?”

“I can’t ask that of you Jason.” said Kim. “I’m going to tell my coach what’s going on. I’ll probably going to get thrown off the team. “

”I have two weeks off from school. It’s sort of a vacation for us. The school got over thrown by rats. Thanks to Bulk and Skull.” said Jason.

Kim laughed. She needed to. “It’s just like Bulk and Skull to do that, huh.”

Jason smiled. He’s glad that Kim laughed. “You know them. At least some things don’t change. By the way did you know that they’re detectives now.”

“No way.” said Kim shocked. “Bulk and Skull. Angel Grove’s most clumsiest people detectives.”

“Yep.” said Jason. “That’s what I said when Tommy told me.”

“So what else has been happening?” asked Kim.

“Let’s see. I told you Billy was on Aquitar right?” asked Jason.

“Of course. You also said that you’re the Gold Ranger.” replied Kim. “Are you still the gold ranger.”

“Yes.” said Jason. “I’m still the Gold Ranger. I’m telling you Kim these new enemies are tough. You don’t know do you.”

“Well ever since I sent the letter to Tommy, no one’s kept in touch. Except you, Trini, and Zack. I haven’t heard from Billy.” said Kim.

“Okay. There’s a new team called Zeo.” said Jason. He started to go on but Kim interrupted.

“Jase, you told me that.” laughed Kim. “You just didn’t say who the enemy was.”

“So I did.” smiled Jason. “Well, there’s a new enemy called the Machine Empire. Deadly force. They’re made of metal. They have new version of putty called cogs. They’re led by King Mondo followed by his wife Queen Machina, and Price Sprocket. They’re tough to defeat. But with the Zeo powers, the rangers are kicking butt. By the way Zedd and Rita are back. Why didn’t you tell me that they got married? When Tommy told me, I almost hurled. That’s not a pleasant picture to picture. If you know what I mean.”

“Stop it.” teased Kim. “I don’t want an dirty image of them. Thank you very much. I wanted you to be surprised.”

“Funny.” mocked Jason.

“These new enemies sound tough. So how’s everyone?” asked Kim.

“Well Tanya and Adam are going out. It’s about time if you ask me. You know Adam. Too shy to talk to girls.” replied Jason.

“Sounds like a certain person I’m talking to right now.” giggled Kim.

“Ha. Ha.” replied Jason. “I’m not that shy.”

“You are to.” said Kim. “You couldn’t ask Cindy Johnston out because you were shy. She liked you.”

“I couldn’t help it. She was to cute.” said Jason.

“See, you’re just as shy and sensitive as Adam. But you don’t show it like Adam does. So how about you and Emily. The last time you wrote to me you said that you and Emily were going out.” asked Kim.

Jason paused for a minute. “Emily broke up with me.”

“Jason, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to touch on a sensitive subject.” said Kim.

“That’s okay.” said Jason. “I guess it was for the better. She dumped me because she found someone better. You know Kim it seems like I can’t find a girl who wants to stay with me long enough. Sometimes I get envious of Adam and Tanya, and Kat and Tommy. They make it so easy.”

“Jason, you’ll find someone.” said Kim. “Well Emily doesn’t know what’s she’s missing. You’re a sweet, shy, sensitive, caring, you would do anything for you’re friends, and you’ll risk you’re own life for them. If she can’t see that then she doesn’t deserve you.”

“Thanks Kim. You seem to brighten my day every time we talk.” smiled Jason blushing a little.

Kim blushed on the other end. “It’s odd. I’m giving you advice instead of seeking it.”

“I’m sorry.” said Jason. “I should be more sensitive to you’re problems.”

“Don’t worry about it Jase. I’m glad we could talk about things instead of my illness. You are a true friend. I’m glad I picked the right one to talk to. I know the others would understand. But I knew I chose well. So tell me what else is happening in Angel Grove. What about Tommy and Kat?” asked Kimberly.

“They’re happy.” said Jason. “Are you okay with this?”

“Of course.” replied Kim. “I want Tommy to be happy. Jason, has he talk to you about what happened.”

“Yeah.” said Jason softly. “He wants to know why you did it. He was hurt. He talked to me in Geneva. It took him a long time to get over you. He loves you. But he loves you as a friend.”

“I know.” sighed Kim. “I love him to. But I love him as a friend. You never truly get over you’re first love. I hope we can remain friends.”

“I’m sure that’s going to happen if you talk to him.” said Jason. “I know I’m the second one besides you’re parents to find out. Are you going to talk to the others about it?”

“I can’t!” breathed Kim. “Tommy’s going to go all soft on me. I don’t want him to break up with Kat so he can comfort me. In fact I don’t want pity at all. I know I’m going to tell Tommy. But I need time.”

“I know. Kim, don’t take to long. You know how Tommy is. “ replied Jason.

“I know. Jason, promise me one thing.” asked Kim.

“What is it?” asked Jason.

“Promise me that you won’t tell anyone in Angel Grove.” replied Kim. “I don’t want them to find out. I need to adjust first.”

“Kim.” started Jason.

“Please!” begged Kim as she interrupted Jason.

“I won’t.” said Jason. “But on one condition.”

“What’s that?” asked Kim.

“That I can tell Billy.” replied Jason. “Before you interrupt listen to what I have to say.” “Go on.” said Kim.

“Billy has been our friend since we were babies. All three of us grew up together before Trini and Zack came into our lives. He has the right to know. At least let me tell Billy.” replied Jason. “If you want I’ll tell Billy not to work to hard in finding a cure. You know he’s going to try.”

“I know.”whispered Kim. “You’re right. It wouldn’t be fair on Billy or the rest of our friends. Just tell Billy and that’s all. Promise.”

“I promise.” said Jason. “I won’t even tell Zordon or Alpha. You know you’re going to get chewed out by everyone when they find out.”

“I know.” said Kim.

“Can you see Zordon and Alpha chewing you out for not telling them.” laughed Jason.

Kim giggled. “Not really. It’s not like Zordon to chew us out. He never did that to us. It would be funny. And Alpha. That’s a picture right there.”

“I know.” laughed Jason.

“Jason, I have to go now. Thank you for cheering me up. I needed to laugh. Thank you for being my friend.” said Kim.

“No problem. That’s what friends are for.” said Jason. “I wish I could be there when you tell you’re coach. What are you going to do?”

“I thought about it. I made my decision. I don’t want to be thrown off the team. But I’m going to resign my position.” replied Kim.

“Is that what you want.” asked Jason.

“Yeah. I want to do it with dignity. Besides, I’m going to tell coach about Jake. That way he’s going to get thrown off the team. I know it’s not right but if I can’t live my dream why should Jake. He did this to me. I want him to suffer the way he’s making me suffer. That’s revenge for me. I know it’s not healthy but that’s the way I feel.” replied Kim.

“I know.” said Jason. He was frightened by the way Kim sounded but she has every single right to be mad. “One more thing Kim. I love you and I’ll be there for you.”

“I know.” smiled Kim. “I love you to. Bye.”

“Bye.” said Jason as both of them hung up. Jason stood there silently trying to figure this out. He was glad he talked to Kim. She made him promise not to tell anyone. What is he to do? He wants to tell his friends but he can’t. How is he going to go through this? Well he can’t worry about it now. He has to be there for Kim. They spend over an hour on the phone. His dad isn’t going to be happy when he receives the phone bill. But Jason knew that this wasn’t going to be the only phone call from Kim. He knew there will be others. He’ll pay for it. He doesn’t care. Right now the only thing he cares about is Kim. Jason was thinking on ways to help Kim. He knew one way was just to be there for her. He was thinking on some ways when his communicator went off. Oh boy. Just what I need right now. Jason thought.

Jason tapped his communicator. “Jason here. What’s up?”

“Jason teleport to the power chamber. We have an emergency. The others are here. “ replied Zordon.

“On my way.” said Jason as he turned off the communicator. He would have like to splash some water on his face but he didn’t have time. He pushed a button on the communicator and was teleported out in a gold flash.

Jason arrived in the power chamber in a flash of gold light. When he focused his eyes he saw his friends.

“Hey guys.” said Jason heading towards his friends. “What’s up.”

“Mondo.” replied Adam. Adam took a look at Jason. “Jase, is everything ok.”

“What do you mean?” asked Jason. “I’m fine.”

“Your eyes.” replied Adam. “It looks like you were crying. Is everything okay.”

Jason then realized what Adam meant. “I’m okay.”

The others noticing Adam and Jason’s conversation and looking at Jason themselves knew why Adam said something.

“Are you sure bro?” asked Tommy.

“I’m fine.” said Jason for the third time.

“Then why does it look like you were crying?” asked Tanya.

Because I found out that Kim has HIV thought Jason. He felt the tears starting to form again. He tried to hold them back. But it was useless. All he could think about was Kimberly. He didn’t want this to happen to his oldest friend. Someone whom he likes very much. He was lost in thought that he didn’t notice that the tears were falling or that his friends were there.

“Jase?” asked Tommy in concerned. He put his hand on Jason’s shoulder. “You’re not fine. Something is wrong. We’re you’re friends. Please trust in us to tell.”

Jason pulled back from his thoughts of Kim. He wiped the tears from his eyes. How is he going to explain why he was crying? He couldn’t tell them yet. “Let’s deal with Mondo.”

“Jason.” started Adam.

“Jason’s right.” said Zordon. “You can deal with this later. Mondo is attacking the park. He sent down a monster. You must deal with him.”

“Right.” said Tommy never taking his eyes away from Jason. Something was wrong with his best friend. He had to worry about that later. “It’s morphin time.!”

“Zeo Ranger I-Pink!” cried Kat.

“Zeo Ranger II-Yellow!” exclaimed Tanya.

“Zeo Ranger III-Blue!” replied Rocky.

“Zeo Ranger IV-Green!” stated Adam.

“Zeo Ranger V-Red!” shouted Tommy.

“Gold Ranger Power!” roared Jason.

The six people transformed into the power ranger. They vanished in six colored lights. They got to the park and started to fight the cogs. The cogs disappeared when things were getting tough. Then the monster attacked the rangers. The power rangers were getting the upper hand when Mondo decided it was to interfere. He sent Klank down to make his monster grow. The monster grew. The rangers called on their zords and defeated the monster. After they finished with the monster they headed back to the power chamber.

When they rematerialized Zordon congratulated them on their victory.

“Congratulations rangers on well job done.” said Zordon.

“That monster was tough.” replied Kat. “If it wasn’t for Jason and pyrimdas things would have gotten real ugly.”

“Yeah.” said Rocky. He turned to find Jason and to congratulate him. He saw Jason was sitting far away from them at a console just staring into space. “Uh guys. Now that we’re finished with the monster. We have a another slight problem on our hands.”

“What do you mean Rocky?” asked Tanya.

“Take a look over there.” replied Rocky pointing towards Jason. The others followed Rocky’s finger and saw Jason just sitting and staring.

“Something is defiantly wrong with him.” stated Tommy. “Let’s go. “

The rangers headed toward Jason. They sat next to him. “Jason.” said Adam. “Hey bro. What’s wrong?”

Jason sighed. He wasn’t really in the mood to talk right now. All he wanted to do was to just think so he kept his mouth shout.

“Jason, talk to us.” said Kat. “We’re starting to get worried.”

“I don’t want to talk.” said Jason flatly.

“Come on Jase. We’re you’re friends.” said Tanya.

“I know. But I just want to think things through right now.” said Jason.

“What happened at home?” asked Tommy. “Something must have gotten you pretty upset.” “Please, just leave me alone.” said Jason as he buried his head in his arms.

Tommy was very worried. This wasn’t Jason at all. Jason never acted like this unless something really is bothering him. The last time Jason acted like this is when Emily broke up with him. Tommy wished he could have slapped her. But being the gentleman that he is he didn’t. But Kat slapped the snot out of her for what she did to Jason. Kat said that she was a girl. Tommy still couldn’t believe Kat did it. Right in front of Youth Center. She really brought Emily down. He didn’t know that Kat can have quite a little temper. Or sprit as she calls it. He and the others especially Jason just stared at her. Kat said she doesn’t like anyone hurting her friends. He knew what that’s like. He can’t stand it either. When he got home that night he laughed his head off. Thinking about when Kat’s hand came into contact with Emily’s face. Emily’s head rocked back as you heard this hard slap. Adam called Tommy and asked him if he laughed when he got home. Tommy admitted that he did. So did Adam. But Emily didn’t show her face in the Youth Center or around school for awhile. “Jase, is this about Emily.”

Jason lifted his head and looked at Tommy. He could lie and said it was. But Tommy and the others would know the truth. “No. It isn’t. I can’t explain it right now. I’m just in one of those moods. That’s all. “

Tommy looked at the others not to say anything right now. So they remained silent. They just wanted to be there for Jason right now. It was quiet for about five minutes when Rocky snickered. He couldn’t help it. When Tommy mentioned about Emily. Rocky pictured Kat’s hand coming across Emily’s face.

Adam looked at his friend shocked. Rocky’s laughing. That wasn’t very nice of him. So he hit Rocky in the arm.

“Hey.” complained Rocky rubbing his arm. “That hurt.”

“You shouldn’t have been laughing.” corrected Adam.

“I wasn’t laughing at Jason. Trust me I wasn’t. I couldn’t do that. Laughing at Jason right now is just plain cold. If you must know I was laughing because I pictured Kat’s hand flying across Emily’s face.”

Rocky bursted out laughing again. He really couldn’t help it. It was to funny. The others just smiled. Kat blushed with embarrassment. “Well she shouldn’t have done what she did. She deserved t o get smacked.”

“Kat.” said Tanya. “Come on. You know she did.” replied Kat. “I’m sorry for what I did. But she did deserve it.”

The laughter just caught on. First it was Rocky, then it was Kat. Jason looked at his friends. At the time he was shocked for what Kat’s done. But now thinking about it. Jason smiled. Then he caught the giggling bug. He started to laugh as well. His friends turn to see Jason laughing.

“It’s about damn time you cheered up.” said Adam trying his best to hold it in.

“Give it up. You’re not going to hold it in boy.” laughed Jason. “I needed that.”

Adam released his laughter. He couldn’t hold it in anymore. Than Tommy joined in and finally Tanya.

“You must admit. Watching Kat lose her temper was a funny site.” laughed Tommy.

“Hey. It wasn’t a temper. Exactly. It was my strong sprit being released. That’s all.” laughed Kat.

“Call what you want. I call it losing you’re temper.” roared Rocky. “Did you hear the loud smack that seemed to echo.”

“I think all of Angel Grove heard it.” laughed Jason. “Man. I expected someone else to yell at Emily besides me. I thought Tommy. But not from you Kat.”

“Well you’re my friend. Jason. No one deserves to be treated like that.” said Kat as she finally stopped laughing. “I can’t stand to see my friends hurt.”

Everyone stopped laughing. Jason agreed. “I know. Neither can I. Thanks guys. Thank you for being my friends.”

“Hey, we’re friends.” said Tommy. “Do you want to go to the Youth Center?”

“Okay.” said Jason. He thought for a second and then Billy popped into his mind. “I have to do something first.”

“What’s that?” asked Tanya.

“Make a long distance call.” replied Jason getting up.

“Where are you going?” asked Tommy as he and the others got up.

“You’ll see.” replied Jason. He walked up to Zordon. “Zordon, can you set up a link between earth and Aquitar. I would like to talk to Billy.”

“Of course, Jason. Alpha, set up the link between Earth and Aquitar.” said Zordon.

“Right away, Zordon.” said Alpha. “The link has been set. Jason look at the monitor at you’re left. There’s a transmission coming through.”

“Thanks Alpha.” replied Jason. He continue to watch the monitor until Billy’s face appeared.

“Hello.” said Billy.

“Billy!” replied Jason.

“Jase.” replied Billy happily.

“It’s me, bro.” said Jason. “Hey. How are you?”

“I doing fine.” smiled Billy.

“Billy!” replied Adam.

“Adam. Guys. Hey.” smiled Billy. “I missed all of you.”

“We do to.” smiled Tommy. “How’s everything on Aquitar?”

“Okay, I guess.” said Billy.

“You guess.” said Jason. “I know that tone. What’s wrong?”

“Cestria and I seemed to grow apart. We’ve been fighting lately. I don’t know what’s wrong.” said Billy sadly.

“We feel for you.” said Rocky.

“Billy, can I ask you a question?” asked Jason.

“Shoot. Jase, you can ask me anything.” said Billy. Billy looked at Jason and caught the glance in Jason eyes. He knew something was wrong and Jason wanted to talk to him privately.

“When are you coming home?”asked Jason.

“Jason. Billy’s happy on Aquitar.” said Tommy. “Don’t force him to come home when he’s not ready.”

“Tommy, it’s okay.” said Billy a little angry. “To tell you the truth. Cestria and I broke up. We didn’t get along. I’m not staying here. I’m coming home. I was planning on telling you guys later. All my stuff has been sent home. I was going to teleport and surprise you guys today.”

“You’re coming home to stay.” asked Adam happily.

“Yes. I’ll be home in a minute. We better break off contact.” said Billy.

“All right. See you in a few.” said Tommy.

They broke off contact. They were waiting for Billy to come back home. Two minutes later a flash of white light appeared in the power chamber.

“Welcome home Billy.” replied Zordon happily.

“Thanks Zordon.” said Billy.

The rangers gathered around Billy and gave him a bear hug. Billy looked at Jason who stayed in the background. He got Jason’s message. Billy was going to stop by Jason’s later to talk to him. One on one.

It was a long day for Jason. He came home. His mom was home. She was in the kitchen cooking dinner. He suddenly remember the letter. He left it on the counter. He hoped his mother didn’t read it.

“Mom.” called Jason.

“Jason, you don’t have to shout. I’m in the kitchen.” replied Sarah Scott.

Jason came in the kitchen to see his mother at work. “Do you need some help?”

“Thank you for asking. The potatoes need some peeling and washing. Then you can peel the carrots for the salad.” smiled Sarah.

“Okay.” said Jason going to work.

“Honey, is there something you want to talk about.” asked Sarah.

“Mom. Did you read the letter Kim wrote to me?” asked Jason looking at his mother.

Sarah turned and faced Jason. “No. I didn’t. I took a look and when I saw you’re name on it I just folded it up and placed it back into the envelope.”

“Okay.” smiled Jason going back to work.

“How is Kim?” asked Sarah.

“She’s fine.” said Jason. “Mom, can Billy come over and spend the night.”

“He’s home.” asked Sarah.

“Yeah. He came home today.” replied Jason. “So can he.”

“Well I think Billy wants to catch up with his dad. But if Billy wants to. Then’s it’s fine by me.” replied Sarah.

“Thanks mom.” said Jason leaving the kitchen.

“Jason aren’t you going to finish peeling the potatoes and carrots.” Sarah yelled to her son.

“I’ll finish them later.” replied Jason picking up the phone and dialing a number.

“Sure you will.” said Sarah rolling her eyes and going back to work.

“Come on Billy. Answer.” said Jason.

“Hello.” said Billy. “This is the Cranston residence, Billy speaking.”

“Billy.” said Jason.

“Hey Jase.” replied Billy. “Jase, did you want to talk to me. I saw the look in the power chamber.”

“Yeah. I wanted to talk to you alone. Say have you caught up with you father yet.” asked Jason.

“Yeah. He’s going to take me out to dinner.” replied Billy. “Why?”

“I was wondering if you can come over for dinner and stay the night. I know this is important for you. But I really need to talk to you.” said Jason. “Alone.”

Billy got the tone. “Hold on. Let me ask my dad.”

“Okay.” said Jason.

Billy put the phone on the counter and went to ask his dad. Jason could hear the sounds of talking. A minute later Billy came back on.

“Dad, said it was okay. He told me to have fun. We could go out another night. Besides his work called and he has to take the night shift tonight.” replied Billy.

“That’s great. How soon can you come over?”asked Jason.

“Give me about twenty minutes. I have to pack some clothes. What about the others?” asked Billy.

“As much as I would love to have them. It’s just you and me tonight.” replied Jason.

“Okay.” said Billy. “I’ll be over soon.”

“See you.” said Jason.

Both Jason and Billy hung up. Jason took the letter to his room. He sat there thinking how is he going to tell Billy the bad news.

To be continued...