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Passing of Love
by Gael Filson

The brilliant light that washed over the universe did not miss the planet of Inquirius. A woman stood there, and as the power swept over her, a tear fell down her face, masked by the veil that concealed it. Slowly she reached up and dropped it, revealing a visage of heart-stopping loveliness. It would have also been one un-nervingly familiar to all who knew the pirate queen Divatox. The only difference between the two was this face was so plainly that of a woman who had never been evil for so much as a moment in her life.

Dimitria slowly wiped away the tear, letting one finger go across her unmasked face for a moment. It was the custom of Inquirian women to go veiled for almost all of their lives. It was not for any male-dominant cultural reasons, but simple because sorceresses of their race saw so much and knew so much, they wore the veil to represent the line between knowledge and secrecy, the veil that they could pierce at will.

Only in times of greatest joy or greatest sorrow was the veil normally lifted. She knew in her heart that women all over her world would be removing theirs now, as they sensed the power surging throughout creation. For what could be more joyous than the cleansing and saving of the universe?

And what could be more sorrowful than the death of Zordon of Eltar?

"Good-bye, my brother, my love," she whispered softly, lifting her eyes to the golden tinge still visible in the sky. "We will remember you."

Zordon and Dimitria were not brothers and sisters in the Earth sense of the word, as of having been born in the same family. But they were siblings in the sense of power, for both had studied under the same mage-teacher, the great and powerful Elminster, at the same time. When their studies were done, both had pledged that should the other ever require it, they would help in any way they could. Zordon had called in the pledge when he had returned to Eltar and had needed someone to mentor his team of Rangers.

It had been the greatest honor of her life to do that, and she would have even if she hadn't sworn to aid him. Everyone who knew anything about magic or the fight against evil would have given their left arm to mentor a team of Power Rangers, and both their arms for the chance to mentor Zordon's own team. In the eons since their studies had ended, he had become the most famous of all the wizards in the universe.

Being the one who defeated Rita Repulsa did quite a lot for his reputation. Dimitria walked slowly through the forest, thinking as she did. She had been at her post, maintaining the magical defense grid over Inquirus, when the wave had come. Now it was no longer needed. She doubted it ever would be again.

There was much she was going to have to do now. The Space Rangers were going to need advice and help, and she intended to be the one to give it to them. She sensed that her sister had also been saved, and she would have to go to her. But there was one thing she needed to do first, very badly.

Dimitria laid a hand softly on her stomach, sensing the light and life that pulsed within. She did not regret what she and Zordon had done that day; she would never regret it, even though the child that grew would never know a father. You will know of him, however. You will know his greatness.

Slowly she moved towards the grand gathering place, she had to inform her sister sorceresses of her plans: and her pregnancy. This will not be an easy thing for me to do. They will not wish me to leave. No Inquirian woman in living memory had left the planet during their pregnancy. Considering that by Earth standards, pregnancy lasted seven years, that was perfectly logical. However, she had not been on Inquirius when conception had occurred.

She remembered the moments very vividly. It had been just after the transfer of power from Tommy, Adam, Kat, and Tanya to T.J., Carlos, Cassie, and Ashley. The old Rangers had taken the new team up to the Power Chamber to acquaint them with the place, with Alphas 5 and 6 helping out. Dimitria and Zordon had been left alone together, for the first time in several thousands of years.

"You have not changed a bit," Zordon told her quietly, emerging from behind the image he had used for the convenience of his pupils. He had not wanted them to know that he had a body such as theirs now, since Lerigot had released him. It was not that he did not trust them; he simply wanted them to continue thinking that he was what he had been. They were at ease with that, and they were at a crucial enough point in their lives where they needed to be at ease.

She emerged from her own tube. She did not need to dwell in it as he had over the thousands of eons, but did so because it was there she felt the most at ease, and she knew that the Rangers were used to seeing their mentor in one. As with Zordon, she did what she could to ascertain the mental and physical comfort of those she guided.

"You have, however, my heart," she told him, gazing up and down at a body that looked to be no more than twenty years of age, as humans of Earth measured time. Regardless of what age one put to him, he was quite obviously in the prime of his life, and he was what she had not seen him as in over ten thousand years.

He was standing next to her. He was warm and flesh and alive, as she herself was. Her heart skipped several beats, pattering like a schoolgirl's. It had been so long since she had seen him, and she had forgotten what a shock to her senses he was.

Taller than she by a good six inches, with black hair as thick as could be, gently curved eyebrows, the face and body of a god incarnate, clad in the traditional garments of a warrior and mage of Eltar. She wanted him in that moment more than she had ever wanted anyone or anything in her entire life. Every particle of her being yearned for him, in every way that could possibly exist.

"I have missed you," he murmured, slowly walking over to take her into his arms. She thrilled to his touch, feeling her heart and soul come alive at it. "I have missed you every day of my life since we parted last."

"Let us not think of that," she laid a finger on his lips. "We have many other things to think about instead."

Indeed they had, and it was a good thing that Divatox did not attack over the next three days, as that was how long it was before Zordon and Dimitria emerged from their seclusion together. Zordon bade a holographic farewell to the Rangers, then went back to Eltar to pursue his life there. Dimitria remained in the Power Chamber, guiding the new Rangers and fully aware that within her there was something new, something different. Something that had never existed before: a being that was half-Eltarian, half-Inquirian, and all theirs. She had contacted Zordon as soon as she was one hundred percent certain, and had learned at that moment of the contact that Dark Spectre's troops were invading Eltar and that they needed help badly.

She had not hesitated, contacting the Blue Senturion and sending a message out to the Phantom Ranger, wherever he was. She learned later he had received the message, but could not afford to respond to it, lest he be discovered in his own acts of espionage. Dimitria had left Earth shortly thereafter, and now she was preparing to return. Many things needed to be done.

Dimitria. The sorceress paused for a moment, sensing the presence of a spirit. Her eyes widened as the form of Zordon appeared before her. Dimitria, my love. I cannot stay long...

"I know." She murmured the words quietly, staring at him with tears once again welling up in her eyes. "I miss you already. Our child---"

Fear not for them, my sweet angel. She will grow to a fine warrior and a sorceress, just as her mother. I came only to tell you this: I love you and I wish we could have remained together. But since we cannot, knowing that my love goes with you always, and will never pass away from your heart.

The tears fell now, unable to be stopped, and she reached out a hand to him. For one moment he was solid, just long enough for their hands to meet, and then he was a spirit again. "I love you so much, Zordon. I will always love you."

As I will always love you. I must go now. We will meet again, one day. His last words hung in the air for a few moments, then were gone, remaining only in her memory.

With a deep sigh, she smiled, banishing thoughts of sorrow. She knew that Zordon was all right, that he loved her, and she loved him. With shining eyes and a heart full of hope and love, she continued on her journey. Love had not had only changed it's form. Love was what would sustain her in the eons ahead without her soulmate.

Love was worth everything it had cost her.