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When Gargoyles Go To A Sci-fi Convention
by Mandi Gordon

Goliath sighed as he folded his wings. David Xanatos told him that the cast of Gargoyles were invited to the Science Fiction convention in Hollywood. Goliath reluctantly agreed after Angela and the Trio begged him to go. Now he was regretting it.

"Lexington where are you going first?" Broadway asked as he looked at the schedule.

"I think I'm going to 'Match the Star Trek Character with the Gargoyle Voice'. I heard that you win a real Phaser." Lexington replied.

"Wonderful." Hudson replied. "I heard that Patrick Stewart was in there yelling at everyone for not giving him a voice."

"Father what are you going to do?" Angela asked.

"I'm not sure yet Angela." Goliath answered. "I heard that the Sheena Easton concert was good."

"The Banshee teamed up with her and they are rocking the place." Elisa said as she walked up. "I could have sworn I saw Bronx on the stage howling."

Brooklyn sighed as he watched his friends talk about the Con. They had a ton of stuff to choose from but none of it he really wanted to do. Brooklyn checked the schedule again. "The Real Number One" with Jonathan Frakes and David Xanatos was starting in about five minutes.

"Goliath!" Demona yelled with delight as she ran up and hugged him hard. "I'm so glad you came! I thought I would have to be here with Macbeth all night."

"Demona?!" Goliath stammered. "What are you doing here?"

"Yeah don't you have to make plans to kill the humans?" Brooklyn asked bitterly.

"What?" Demona asked then looked at Goliath in shock and hurt. "Oh Goliath I hope you don't think that I really want to do that?!"

"Well yes." Goliath replied.

"Goliath. Demona only does it because the writers make her evil. She's really cool." Elisa smiled and gave Demona a friendly punch.

Goliath looked at the other Gargoyles in bewilderment. The whole clan had dumbfounded looks except for Angela. She was laughing.

"Elisa did you get your Xena Warrior princess outfit for the costume contest?" Demona asked.

"Yup." Elisa replied hefting the bag that held the costume up. "And Matt's going as Mulder."

"Great." Demona smiled as she grabbed Elisa's arm and dragged her away. "Come on Macbeth wants us to meet two friends of his. Connor MacLeod and Scotty."

The Gargoyles looked at each other in silence.

"Well I don't know about you guys but I'm going to flirt with Tony Piccolo over by the Seaquest exhibit." Angela smiled as she put a Bajoran Earring on.

"I'm going to see the exhibit on the immortal Scotsman." Hudson sighed. "Care to join me Goliath?"

"Aye." Goliath replied. "I want to see what is so special about this Duncan MacLeod anyway."

"What are you going to do Broadway?" Lexington asked.

"I was thinking about going to the Vampire Detective Seminar hosted by Nick Knight." Broadway replied.

"That's cool." Lex smiled. "I was thinking about meeting Ripley for her demonstration on how to kill Aliens."

Brooklyn smiled as the rest of the clan went on their way. After they left he frowned and started to walk around. He thanked Xanatos for giving him his credit card and bought a Visor like LaForge's, an autographed picture of Hercules, and the script for the upcoming Gargoyles movie. After he ate Brooklyn started to walk to his room when someone slammed into him. Both of them fell to the floor and dropped their stuff.

"Oh I'm sorry." Brooklyn said as he held out a hand to help the other person up. "I wasn't watching where I was going."

"Hey it's okay." An 18 year old woman said. "I'm a major klutz anyway."

"Oh." Brooklyn smiled as he helped her with her things. He noticed that they were all Highlander, Forever Knight, and Gargoyle stuff. "You like this con?"

"Are you kidding?" the woman asked. "I'm loving it. I met the cast of Highlander, Forever Knight, and a few others here."

"That's good." Brooklyn smiled half heatedly.

"I'm Mandi by the way." The woman said. "And you are Brooklyn right?"

"Yeah." Brooklyn smiled. "How did you know?"

"You are my favorite Gargoyle along with Demona." Mandi replied. "I'm a fan fic writer."

"Oh boy." Brooklyn sighed. "Xanatos told us to steer clear of you guys. I hear you are really morbid."

"Oh yeah we can be Morbid but we are also fun." Mandi replied with an evil smile. "Just depends on the show we write about and who we like."

"That cool." Brooklyn chuckled. "So what are you doing?"

"Well I'm gonna put my stuff in my room then get ready for Joe Dawson's concert." Mandi chuckled. "You like blues?"

"Yeah." Brooklyn smiled.

"Great! After the Concert, me and the rest of the Fan Fic writers are going to get together and Pounce on our favorite show." Mandi replied. "Stick with me and we can have some fun."

Brooklyn smiled and linked arms with Mandi as he started asking her about giving him a girlfriend.