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by Mandi Gordon

There's no time for us,
There's no place for us,
What is this thing that builds our dreams,
Yet slips away from us.


Demona alighted on the parapet close to where the sleeping gargoyles rested. She walked over and caressed Goliath's stone face lovingly, a tear falling from her eye as she looked at him.

"Soon, my love, you will be out of this stone sleep." Demona whispered. "And the humans will pay for this treachery."

Demona spent the rest of the night with the sleeping gargoyles and then left before the sun rose.

Who wants to live forever,
Who wants to live forever . . . ?
There's no chance for us,
It's all decided for us,
This world has only one sweet moment set aside for us.


Demona ran over to Goliath and wrapped her wings around him. She sighed contentedly as he stroked her hair. She had been alive for a thousand years, and finally she was with her clan and love again. She thought that they finally would see how evil humans were and rebel against them.

"My love. You and I are one." Goliath whispered. "Now and forever."

Forever Demona thought. I will find a way for us to be together forever.

Who wants to live forever,
Who dares to love forever,
When love must die.


Demona watched from a different building as Elisa and Goliath embraced. She cursed the humans for all they had done to her. First they betrayed her clan, turned her love to stone, hunted her for a thousand years, turned her clan against her, stole Goliath's love from her, made a fake Goliath who wanted nothing but to exploit her, and finally stole her daughter from her. She watched the human who took her place in Goliath's eyes and wanted to break every bone in her body.

"Goliath, how dare you love a human who is a descendant of the ones who betrayed us!" Demona growled. "One day she will betray you; then you will have nothing!"

But touch my tears with your lips,
Touch my world with your fingertips,
And we can have forever,
And we can love forever,
Forever is our today,

Demona remembered the times when she was Goliath's Angel of the Night; now she was his worst enemy. She wanted to be with him again and make that vow of forever remain true. But her hatred of humanity was too strong and her pride would never let her admit that she was wrong. Demona sighed and took wing to Nightstone Unlimited. She landed in her office and screamed in pain as the sun rose, turning her into a human. When she fully transformed she started to dress in a Xanatos Enterprise employee suit and put a black wig on. She left her office on the secret elevator and drove to the Eerie building. She got in without a problem and snuck over to the states. She looked at Goliath's stone face and ran her hand down it lovingly. Before she left she set a letter rapped in shiny gold paper near his perch.

"I love you Goliath. I always will." Demona whispered as she left.

Who wants to live forever.
Who wants to live forever,
Forever is our today,

When Goliath and the other gargoyles woke from their stone slumber, a flash of gold caught Goliath's eye. Brooklyn walked over and looked at Goliath as he picked it up.

"What is it?" Brooklyn asked.

"A letter." Goliath replied as he opened it.


You and I are one, now and forever. And I will wait that long if I have to.


Goliath looked at the letter. He then turned his head toward the moon when he heard the faint rustle of wings. Brooklyn looked toward the moon and started to growl.

"Demona!" Brooklyn snarled.

"Let her go, Brooklyn." Goliath sighed. "I do not think she is an enemy tonight."

"How do you know, father?" Angela asked as she walked up to them.

"Because forever is a very long time." Goliath whispered.

Who waits forever anyway?

The End