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Author's Note: This story was sparked from reading and playing a lot of books and games based on Vampires and Werewolves. I've hopefully improved it with mixing the different powers of different Vampire genre's. I apologize for some of the changes but I was not happy with the way some of it came out, so I went back and improved it for me. I took out two characters and replaced them with different ones. So it's now a Power Ranger story with a lot of craziness added in. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Into the Shadows
by: Mandi B. Gordon

Tommy awoke from his dream with a strangled gasp, he sat up in bed and tried to get his breathing under control. The memories of Shana's death were plaguing him again. The flames, the screams, the tears, the ashes and the pain were as fresh in his mind as they were the night she died. Suddenly Tommy felt as if he could not breathe and that he needed air. He soon found himself running through the woods to where he saw Shana's ghost. When he got to the clearing and found nothing there he fell to his knees as he cried out into the night.

"Please make the memories and pain stop!" Tommy sobbed. "Why must you torment me?!" Tommy looked down as the tears fell. "Why?"

"I can make the pain stop." A feminine voice whispered from the darkness.

"Who?" Tommy asked feebly as he looked around in the darkness for the voice. "Who are you?"

"I am a friend." The voice answered sweetly. "I can make the pain stop. I can set you free."

"You can?" Tommy's voice was full or desperation bordering on madness. "How?"

"Come with me young one." A young woman with golden tresses said as she stepped out of the shadows, extending her hand towards Tommy. She smiled as Tommy slowly reached for her pale hand. "I will take the pain away forever. All you have to do is trust me."

"I-I" Tommy stuttered as he looked into her crystal blue eyes and fell into a trance. "I do." Tommy whispered.

"Good." The woman smiled as she led him to a house that was in the middle of the woods.

The woman set Tommy down in a red leather chair and then sat on the couch across from him. She looked Tommy over before she smiled and worked her dark magic.

"Why are you in pain?" The woman asked in a sweet voice.

Tears came to Tommy's eyes as he answered. "My friend died three years ago. I still have dreams about that night and it hurts me. It scares me."

"I understand." The woman answered.

"You do?" Tommy asked as he looked at her.

"Yes. Your friend died... and death scares you." She replied as she took his hands pulling him to his knees and towards her. "The pain will stop once you no longer fear death."

"It will?" Tommy whispered as he moved forward at her mental and physical command.

"Yes it will." The woman answered. "I can make you immortal. You will never fear death again and the pain will stop. Do you want that?"

"Who are you?" Tommy asked as his mind broke from the trance.

"My name is Serena." The woman replied as she ran the back of her hand down his cheek putting him under the trance again. "Do you want Immortality?"

"Yes." Tommy whispered. "I want the pain to stop."

"Closer your eyes then Thomas Oliver and I shall give you freedom from the pain." Serena whispered.

Tommy clothes his eyes as Serena whose true name was Sorsha took his communicator and Zeonizer off. She then kissed him softly on the lips. He smiled at the touch and whispered Kim's name. Sorsha then let her human guise slip away from her revealing lime-green eyes and fangs. She snarled as she sank her teeth into Tommy's neck and drained him to the point of death.

* * *
The moment Tommy felt the sharp pain in his neck his life flashed before him closed eyes. Visions of his friends, enemies, family, and Zords came to him in a torrent of feelings and images. The last image he saw before blackness enclosed him was that of Kim. Her eyes shone with tears as she silently called his name. Then all he could see was darkness.
* * *
Sorsha watched as Tommy's eyes moved rapidly and then slowed as his head moved to the side and his body relaxed. She then bit into her wrist. Sorsha smiled as the blood dripped into Tommy's mouth. At first there was no response from the boy but after a moment Tommy swallowed. The smiled widened when the boy's hands moved up and grabbed her wrist as he started to drink her blood greedily.

"Yes my son." Sorsha whispered. "Drink."

When she started to feel weak Sorsha moved her wrist from Tommy's mouth. Tommy's hand still hung onto her wrist but Sorsha easily removed them. Yes this boy would take to a life of eternal darkness well. She had made sure of that.

Tommy was about to relax when he clutched his chest and screamed in pain. He curled into a fetal position as tears of physical pain flowed from his eyes. After he convulsed a few times he relaxed and died his mortal death. Sorsha chuckled as she replaced his communicator and Zeonizer on his wrists. Her smile fell when she felt someone teleport in behind her.

"You sure this is what you want Rita?" Sorsha asked as she looked at the witch.

"I am positive." Rita replied. "This child's darkness called to me a long time ago. He longed for release and I have given it to him. He will take to this life well and then he will truly be my greatest warrior."

"And you don't think his love for that mortal girl will effect him?" Sorsha crossed her arms as she looked at the witch pointedly.

"I am sure you can think of something Sorsha. Maybe make her your child." Rita smirked. "Why not make the whole team your children?"

"Because I do not have enough strength for the Power Rangers." Sorsha retorted. "Especially the one called Jason. He's to good."

"Ah well." Rita sighed. "I got Tommy and that is all I care about. I will be back for him in a week. I want him ready by then."

Sorsha nodded as she picked Tommy's body up and flew to his house. She couldn't argue with a witch like Rita. The witch knew how to kill a vampire and she was good at it. Hopefully her new child wouldn't let Rita kill her. She kissed his forehead as she placed his body back in his bed. Sorsha knew that he would wake a changed man. She also knew he would be an eternal boy. After a quick look around Sorsha disappeared into the night.

* * *
Tommy woke up the next night with a pounding headache. His dreams were filled with teeth and pain and he didn't remember coming home last night.

"How did I get here?" Tommy asked himself. "Better yet, why did I leave last night?"

"Tommy?" Mrs. Oliver asked as she walked in. "Are you okay?"

"Oh man." Tommy groaned as he looked at her with bleary eyes. "I don't know. What time is it?"

"Seven o'clock." Mrs. Oliver replied.

"Oh man! I'm going to be late for school!" Tommy said as he jumped out of bed and pulled his shirt on.

"Tommy." Mrs. Oliver sighed. "It's seven in the evening."

"What?!" Tommy asked in shock. "I slept all day?"

"Yes." Mrs. Oliver answered as she looked at her son with concern, "Tommy are you sick?"

"No I'm fine. I just need a shower." Tommy replied. "I'll see you downstairs.

Mrs. Oliver nodded as she left the room. Tommy sighed as he looked into the mirror and saw that he was very pale. He shook his head as he headed to the shower. After a quick shower he got dressed and joined the family for dinner. He stopped short when his whole family stared at him.

"Is something wrong?" Tommy asked.

"I didn't know you had black clothes in your closet." Mrs. Oliver replied. "I thought you just had green, white, and red clothes."

Tommy looked down and saw that he was dressed head to toe in black. He thought it strange for a moment then shrugged.

"I felt like a change." Tommy replied. "I'm going outside I need some fresh air to clear my head."

"What about dinner?" Tommy's sister asked.

"I'm not hungry!" Tommy replied as he left.

The truth was that he was starving but the food at the table didn't look appetizing. Even though it was his favorite meal. Tommy looked up at the moon and smiled. He always loved the night and the moon but tonight he felt more alive then he has ever felt. He thought he could hear the slightest heartbeat in all the noise around him. Tommy also felt that he could fly to the moon and back. He was about to get lost in himself when a voice disturbed his thoughts.

"Hey Tommy." Jason called as he walked up. "Are you okay? I never saw you at school today."

"I slept all day." Tommy replied. "I guess I was sick."

"Well you don't look so good from here." Jason said. "You look awfully pale.

"I just need some food." Tommy replied. "I'm starved."

"I'll take you to the juice bar. The gang is there." Jason chuckled as he draped his arm around Tommy's shoulders. "I'll buy you dinner."

"I-I don't think that's a good idea Jase." Tommy stuttered as he heard Jason's heart beat. "Hey Jase?"

"Yeah Tommy?" Jason asked.

"Do you hear a rhythmic pounding?" Tommy asked as he stared at Jason's neck.

"Nope." Jason replied. "Should I?"

"Look Jase I appreciate this but I need to be alone." Tommy untangled himself from Jason and walked into the woods.

"Okay Tommy if that's what you need." Jason called after him.

Tommy kept walking until he saw a figure in the woods ahead of him. As if something bit him Tommy started running to the figure. He stopped short when he saw her.

"You!?" Tommy gasped as he looked Sorsha over.

"Hello Tommy." Sorsha smiled. "I'm glad you made it. Are you thirsty?"

"I'm starving." Tommy replied. "But regular food doesn't look appetizing to me."

"I know my son." Sorsha chuckled as he joined his side. "I got your meal right here."

Tommy looked shocked at the familiarity Sorsha was using with him and the feeling of knowing her intimately so to speak, but he soon accepted Sorsha's familiarity as she led him to a tree where a young woman was laying on a the ground sleeping soundly. She looked vulnerable in the moonlight and beautiful but she also looked delicious. As Tommy savored her beauty he became aware of her beating heart.

"I can hear her heart." Tommy whispered.

"It beats for you Tommy." Sorsha replied.

"I'm so thirsty." Tommy said as he moved towards the girl.

"Then drink." Sorsha whispered. "Her life is for you to take. Her blood is for you. So you can stay alive."

Tommy leaned over the woman as her heart pounded in his ears. He slowly leaned into her neck and ran his lips over her neck. When he couldn't take the hunger anymore he opened his mouth showing a pair of sharp canine teeth and bit into her neck. The girl moaned at the pain in her neck but stayed asleep. When Tommy felt the warm blood in her mouth he drank it greedily. He moved from the body and wiped his mouth when he drained her completely.

"That tasted wonderful." Tommy whispered almost in lethargy and then it dawned on him what he had just done. "I just killed her!"

"Yes you did." Sorsha replied impassively. "I have given you an endless parade of nights. Mortals are our cattle."

"You made me a vampire?" Tommy looked at Sorsha with mixed emotions. "You are my maker?"

"Yes Thomas." Sorsha smiled at him with a look of possessiveness on her face. "You are my son."

"I-I want to go back." Tommy stuttered his mind reeling. "I can't be this! I can't be a killer!"

"You can and you are." Sorsha replied. "You are mine and I shall never let you go."

Tommy backed away from her only to trip over a tree root. Tommy landed with a thud but didn't feel any pain. He then understood everything. His senses, the hunger, the sleeping through the day, and the feeling of familiarity from the blond woman. He even knew her true name, Sorsha. Tommy sighed as he stood and looked at her.

"What about my friends?" Tommy asked.

"Forget them." Sorsha replied. "They will grow old and die. And if you ever told them they would kill you."

"Great." Tommy sighed. "I can't eve say good-bye?"

"I am staying here for a week." Sorsha sighed. "You have that time to say your good-byes. When I move on you shall come with me."

"Okay." Tommy nodded. "I better get home."

Tommy looked at Sorsha who nodded her approval and then left the clearing. Halfway through the woods Tommy got a crazy idea and headed towards the cliffs. When he got there he looked around to make sure no one was around to see him. After making sure he was alone Tommy took a deep breath and stepped off the cliffs. He didn't fall. Tommy smiled as he hung in the air.

"Well I guess there are some up sides." Tommy chuckled to himself.

Tommy spent a few hours learning about his new abilities. He soon found he was stronger than he used to be, maybe even stronger than when he was a Power Ranger, and that he could fly. His senses were much sharper. He could pick out a rabbit's heartbeat from about fifty yards away and he could see it clearly. Soon he began to hunger again. The thought of what he had to eat to survive sickened him. The thought also enticed him slightly.

He took to the air without the slightest thought and flew over Angel Grove until he landed near the Juice Bar. He made sure to stay out of sight from people as he landed. He then walked into the Juice Bar like a normal kid.

* * *
When he entered his senses were assailed with different sounds, sights, and smells. His friends, the Power Rangers were all sitting at the bar chatting. Tommy watched from the background for a moment before he walked over to them. He noticed that every person's heartbeat was different. One heartbeat in particular was drawing his attention. The heartbeat was fast and strong yet it had a distinction to it like it pounded in two syllable pattern. Tommy's eyes widened when he identified it as Kim's heart. Tommy slowly walked over to his friends. He was scared yet intrigued. Would they sense the difference? Would they know? Kim was the first to see him and smiled as she walked over and hugged him. Tommy was shocked for a moment and then hugged her back as he took in her scent. Kim smelled like pink roses and bubble gum.

"Hey sleepyhead." Kim chuckled. "Missed you today. How you feeling?"

"I'm feeling better." Tommy smiled. "I was just really tired."

"Well we are glad you are up." Jason smiled. "Join us."

Tommy looked at his friends. Tanya, Kat, Adam, Billy, Justin, Rocky, Jason, and Kim all looked at him with concerned looks on their faces. Kim, Jason, and Billy had come back to Angel for the holidays. Tommy knew Kim was back and had tried to stay away from her since she was with another guy. She seemed a little uncomfortable but soon she was her old self around him. Like they were old friends again. Tommy still wasn't sure. Tommy sighed as he turned from them. His eye teeth were starting to itch at the prospect of food so close to him. Before his friends had a chance to protest he had run out the door of the juice bar. Tommy stopped by a tree and panted. His fangs were extended and he knew his eyes had changed. He looked at the moon as he tried to get his hunger under control.

"Tommy?" Kim's voice scared him slightly making him jump. "Tommy... are you okay?"

"Yeah, fine." Tommy panted as he kept his back to her. "Why do you ask?"

"Well you ran out of there like wildfire." Kim replied. "Like you were scared of us or something." She reached out and placed her hand on his shoulder only to have him flinch away from her touch. "Tommy what's wrong? Why are you scared of me?"

"Why?" Was all Tommy said as he clung to the tree. He had to know why she left him.

"Tommy I don't understand." Kim replied the tone of his voice scared her slightly. He almost growled the question.

"Why did you dump me?" Tommy asked. "Why did you send me that letter?"

"Because I found someone else." Kim replied quietly.

"Bull shit." Tommy said bitterly as he pushed away from the tree and started towards the park. He had to get away from her. Away from the allure of her blood. "I believe that as much as you do."

"Okay." Kim said as she followed him. "I did it so I you wouldn't be tied down. When we were together I saw all the other girls eye you. I felt it wasn't fair to keep you tied down when you could have someone better."

"I didn't want someone better Kim." Tommy replied. "I had what I wanted. I loved you. I would have died for you. Just like I would have died for Shana!"

"And now?" Kim asked noting that he said loved and not love.

"Now." Tommy swallowed. "Now it doesn't matter how I feel. I can't be with you."

"The hell you can't!" Kim scowled. "I'm back. Hell you've been avoiding me and the others for so long that you don't even know the half of what is going on in the real world. If you still love me as much as I still love you then we can be together."

"I can't!" Tommy yelled. "If I stay with you I'll kill you!"

"What?" Kim was shocked by his words. Tommy still had his back to her and that was frustrating. "If this is some kind of sick joke I'll clobber you."

"Does this look like a sick joke to you Kim?!" Tommy yelled as he turned towards her.

Kim gasped as she backed away from him in shock. His eyes were a yellow green while fangs were showing in his open mouth as he panted. Her first reaction to the monster before her was to run. Yet something in the back of her mind told her that the monster was not Tommy. Her eyes narrowed as she got into a defensive position.

"Who are you and what did you do with Tommy?!" Kim growled.

"I-I am Tommy." He replied as he stepped closer to her.

"Sure and I'm Rita." Kim responded with a punch to the head. "Where is Tom-"

Kim was cut short when Tommy grabbed her hand in his. He was never that fast or strong before. And it scared her. Her mind told her not be scared it wasn't Tommy. Yet her heart told her it was. She struggled when the monster had gathered him in her arms.

* * *
Tommy looked at the struggling Kim in his arms with mixed emotions. She thought he was one of Zedd's monsters. And she had attacked him. To both their shock he had caught her hand. Tommy pleaded with his soul for Kim to stop struggling. She wouldn't stop unless he let her go. Tommy looked into Kim's eyes as a tendril of thought unconsciously reached into her and captured her heart and mind.

"Please stop struggling." Tommy whispered hopefully.

To his amazement Kim immediately stopped fighting him and looked into his eyes obediently. Tommy noticed that her heart was sounding in his ears a little slower as if he was controlling it. He slowly let her go and she stood there like a statue.

"Kim can you hear me?" Tommy's voice was almost a panic. Was there a spell on her?

"Yes." Kim slurred as if in a trance.

"Are you okay? Did I hurt you? Let me see your hand." Tommy said concerned.

Kim gave Tommy her hand the second after he told her to. As he looked at her hand it dawned on him that she was in a trance and he had put here there. Her hand was fine so he let it go just to see her keep it there waiting for his command.

"Kim go back to the juice bar." Tommy said. "If the others ask if you found me, you didn't see me. And you are to forget ever seeing me like this. Got it?"

"I understand." Kim replied as she turned and walked back to the juice bar.

Tommy sighed in relief as he watched her leave. "I can hypnotize people... cool."

He was about to fly home when the hunger hit him again. "Oh no... not now." Tommy groaned as he looked around. He needed food and he needed it fast. Luck was either with him or deserted him completely because a woman happened upon him. Tommy recognized her as one of the girls that fawned over him when Kim had left the Rangers. Tommy shook his head forcing his features back to normal before he approached her.

"Karen?" Tommy walked over to her and gave his most charming smile. "How have you been? It's been a while."

"Tommy!" Karen's face lighted up when she saw him. "I'm doing good... how about you?"

"I'm okay." Tommy's senses were going into over drive as his hunger overwhelmed him. "Would you like to take a walk with me?"

"Oh Tommy." Karen smiled. "I would love to."

Tommy offered her his hand which she took without a second thought and started to lead her deeper into the park. They chatted for a while talking about different things. Tommy noticed her beauty for the first time and imagined how her lips would feel against his. The thought of tasting her lips made him tingle all over. Finally the hunger gnawed at him for long enough and he turned to look at Karen.

"You know you look beautiful." Tommy moved a strand of hair from her face. "The moonlight just augments that beauty."

"Tommy..." Karen blushed. "You don't know how long I've wanted to be with you."

Tommy smiled as his hand slowly moved down her face and rested on her neck. She leaned into his touch as he moved closer to kiss her. Tommy's new predatory mind told him that he should give her what she wants and enjoy himself. This was her last night on earth after all. Karen sighed in pleasure as his lips touched hers. Without warning the beast within him took charge. He pressed her body against him as he kissed her ferociously. Karen responded by matching his ferocity with passion. After a few minutes of passionate and kissing and groping Tommy broke away and leaned his face against hers. His eyes were glowing and his teeth were fully extended. Karen panted as she ran her hands down his chest. Tommy responded to the physical stimulation by planting a line of kisses from her cheek to her neck. Finally when the hunger was screaming for him to take her he reared his head back and sank his teeth into her jugular. Tommy shook his head slightly to make the wound bigger. The blood flowed down his throat giving him the nourishment he needed. Along with the blood he got her memories. He could see her life flash before his eyes, her holidays, her first day at school, seeing the new boy, falling for him, and then there was nothing. Tommy pulled away from her and let her body drop to the ground. He turned from her as he wiped his mouth clean and headed home. It would be sunrise soon and he was tired. As Tommy took to the air the moon shined down on the water. It seemed to be promising him that this was only the beginning.

The End....?