The Prophecy Series is based, inspired, and shamelessly flaunts the 'Silver Flame Series', with permission and consent of its authors, Cynthia and Kahva. We claim no ownership of any characters that Saban has created, nor do we seek to profit from them. We also claim no ownership of any characters from any other stories, Television show or movie mentioned herein. This was done for the sheer pleasure of it!

The Introduction
by: Kahva and Ivy

The beginnings of this story start more than a year ago

Kahva and I have known each other for quite a long time. For years we have batted around dreams and visions and fantasies until I can just about end any sentence she begins. We're such good friends, she even told me about her secret obsession -- The Power Rangers. She showed me TV Guides containing pictures of the Rangers, and even bought me the first movie as a Christmas present. Kahva coached me on the names and Colours of the various generations of Rangers, and was patient with me when I couldn't view more than half an episode at one time. The excitement level, dear ones. I'm not a teenager anymore, and those kids have entirely TOO much energy.

Then one day she made a great discovery. Kahva was surfing the Internet and found someone as obsessed with the original Blue Power Ranger {Billy Cranston} as she was -- Suzanne Harrell. Sensing a kindred spirit, Suzanne invited her to become a member of a fledging group tentatively called 'The Sisterhood', an on-line chatroom used to privately discuss the fan-fics she and her friends were working on. As the bond grew stronger between them, so grew the number of Sisters. At present there are seven members of the Sisterhood --Suzanne, Kahva, Kathy, Liz, Kelley, Jaycynda, and myself-- and the chatroom most often resembles a barroom brawl as ideas and scenes are 'thrashed' out between us.

Into this world of chaos and confusion and Power Rangers I was introduced, through my friendship with Kahva. When she told me about the group, I freely admit I first thought them crazed. . . Adult women writing about the Power Rangers, a kid's show? But I discovered they enjoyed the thrill of simply creating something as much as we did, and I was persuaded to browse through their stories. Reading their fics allowed me to see they were frighteningly sane: Cynthia and Kahva's 'Silver Flame Series'; Elizabeth Wegner's 'Fall of Green Turbo', 'Stealer of Rangers' and 'Immortal Rangers'; Kay Enasni's 'Half-breed'; Elizabeth and Kathy's 'Vampyre Chronicles'; Cynthia and Kay's 'Raging Storm Series'; Kahva's 'Onyx Fire'; and Cynthia and Liz's 'Amber Ranger Tales'. {I really should mention the 'Soap Duds', but that would take awhile to explain, and I can't do it without blushing a little!} They made those kiddy characters into real people, with fears and weaknesses, strengths and incredible courage, and undying loyalty. I was fascinated by the world woven before me, each and every strand of story spun with such tender care and gentle love. I was hooked, with no hope of ever winning free. . .

The first weekend I visited Kahva to take part in the on-line discussion is a memorable one. I participated in an all-night 'thrash' of over eight hours, and when it was over I felt as though someone had sent me through a wringer, both mentally and physically. Brainstorming {a.k.a. thrashing} with the Sister-hood can be very exhausting! I arrived back home somewhere around seven that morning and promptly collapsed into bed. But my ordeal was not yet at an end, it seems. I had what amounted to a nightmare -- I had a Power Rangers dream! I was horrified beyond belief that the 'thrashing' could have reduced me to this! When I revealed it to Kahva the following Monday morning she all but laughed herself silly. Once she was more or less coherent, I related what I could remember of the tale. She wiped tears of mirth from her eyes and promised to tell the rest of the Sisterhood about it as soon as she got home and got on-line. As it turns out, the others were amused by this to no end. I was ordered by Kahva to write it down. So I did as bidden, inserting my own brand of humor by naming it 'Nightmare' to begin with. The title was later changed to the much more appropriate one of 'Prophecy' when it actually became a story.

I'd like for you to understand that I'm not much of a Ranger Fan, not like the others. I'm afraid my only real interest in this world is the character of Tommy Oliver, played by the actor Jason David Frank. He was the first Ranger I ever saw, introduced to me by Kahva happily waving the TV Guide in my face with his picture on the front. She brought it to me to prove the Ranger WERE interesting. I have to admit, one look at that guy and I revised my previously low opinion of the show. If any of the other Rangers looked like HIM, the show can't be all THAT bad! I was working on an independent story called 'Savio' at the time, and made him into a character named Fal'tim de Ov'yar. I wouldn't know of the character Tommy Oliver until some time later.

So I've had a lot of help in tailoring this story into the world the Rangers inhabit. Though not all of the Sisters have contributed scenes, many of their ideas lie hidden between the lines. Those who know the Sisters will recognize these occasional flashes of personality. Thank you, Sisters dear, for being all that you are. I was truly blessed the day you came into my life!

But I'm getting ahead of myself, which isn't all that unusual. Read on, dear ones, of an adventure best described as 'on the other side of reality'. This story embodies the wish of, 'what if this could be real in some place other than this one?' Our journey is always open for any passengers who would like to come along for the ride. And know that when you reach the end of our little adventure that it's not the end at all! It's just another beginning. . .

Oh, one last word to the wise if you'll hear it. . .

We've learned to be VERY careful of what we wish for. Dreams that come true then become reality, and reality has a rather startling way of twisting and turning about. Perhaps YOU will exercise the same caution the next time you decide to wish upon a star? :)

With Love

Ivy Tant,

* * *

Yea verily, I have been asked, nay, I have been commanded to supply a foreword for this mighty tome. . . :)

Now that that is said and done, what can I say about what Ivy had written? She is my best friend and Sister, just as the others of our clan are my Sisters in all but blood. How many people can you tell everything to, ask them anything, and would give one's very life and soul for should it be needed? I dare say, not many fit all of those categories simultaneously, but Ivy and the Sisterhood do. I can't imagine a life without any of them in it. My life would not have been as an adventurous not pleasant one without Ivy in it. So, it follows that she would be drawn into the Ranger world with me in spite of herself.

What follows is the adventure the seven of us took at Ivy's behest. Join us for the ride, and above all, enjoy yourselves. All are welcome to journey with us, you will find friendship here amongst the action.

To quote the White Rabbit, "I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!" Join us in our Wonderland, but above all, be careful what you wish for.

In here, it tends to come true.


Kahva Brittain