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Note: This fic is going to be told in Hailey's view.

Listen to the Wind
By: Lanie Tayler

"Come on Hail, concentrate."

I groaned as Holly helped me on my feet. I'm never going to get the hang of this! "I appreciate the help Holly, but maybe we should give up on this. Let's face it. I'm never going to be as good at martial arts as you and Hannah."

"That's your problem Hail," Holly pointed out. "You don't think you can do this."

"That's because I can't!"

"How's practice going?" asked Hannah as he entered the practice area.

"Horrible,"I moaned.

My two older sisters sighed and watched me, their little sister take off to the bench where out stuff was lying. Hannah grabbed two of the staffs that were leaning against a wall and tossed one to me.

"What's this for?"

She jumped onto a balance beam that was raised higher than usual. "Get up," she commanded.

I shook my head in reply.

"Look Hailey, you use the staff way better than you do any other weapon. And what you need work on is balance, so get on."

Why do I have to do this? I moaned as Holly pushed me in the direction of the balance beam. Slowly I jumped on and got into position.

"Now concentrate on your movements, listen carefully, and always try and anticipate what I'm going to do next, okay?"

"Whatever," I shrugged

Hannah began to practice with me, and in a matter of minutes I was knocked off. "Hail, you're not trying!"

"I don't want to do this! I'm not a fighter!" I snapped as I jumped off. It was useless, I never wanted to be a warrior in the first place. My way of helping in a battle is to heal someone. I threw my staff down and grabbed my stuff.

"Where are you going?" Holly asked me as they watched me leave.

"Home, I got studying to do," I replied in my hurry to get home.

* * *

Hmm, this could be useful, Acelos thought to himself as the hologram in front of him disappeared. "Kavaris!"

"Yes, my king."

He looked to his faithful warrior with confidence of his plan.

"This girl, does she look familiar to you?" he asked calling on the hologram to appear again.

Kavaris nodded. "The girl with the gold power coin."

"It seems that this particular girl is having some... troubles in keeping up with her sisters in martial arts. Her confidence level seems to be at a low level. She would be an easy target, getting the coin should be no problem."

The warrior smiled under his helmet, the plan was quite clear to him. He bowed and teleported out.

* * *

I looked out to the sea, it was beautiful. Unlike the oceans on Crestria, the water was blue instead of clearish-aqua. That was one thing that separated the two worlds. It was almost seven o'clock, the time that I spent practicing my healing arts. Holly and Hannah had their martial arts, I had my white arts. I turned to walk back home when a bunch of fire balls came at me.

"Hello again Hailey."

I tried to see who it was but one of the fire balls hit me on the face and my vison was gone. Luckily it left no scars, but I remembered the voice. "Kavaris."

I could hear him laughing as he came closer to me. He used the blade of his sword to lift the power coin on my chest closer to his view. "I believe this belongs to me," Kavaris snarled as he cut the chain of my necklace. His hand grabbed the remaining chain, making sure not to touch the coin.

"I don't think so!" I exclaimed as I kicked his hand. The golden power coin flew into the air and landed somewhere behind me. I almost got it when I flipped back to get it, but he launched more fireballs at me.

"Forget it Hailey, you can't take me on. You're too weak and pathetic to beat me. Just leave the coin to me and I'll be on my way."

I don't think so. Hannah would have my head if she found out I lost her power coin. I regained my position and I could feel where Kavaris was standing. The coin was back in my position, but I knew he'd come back for it.

For a moment, it felt like he disappeared. I turned around seeing if I could see him, I forgot my vision was gone. Suddenly, I could feel the blade of a sword slash at me.

"Aghhh!" I screamed as I could feel a great pain in my arm. Blood was rushing out the wound that Kavaris left.

"Now, you can make this easier for the both of us Hailey. Just give me the coin!"

* * *

"Like this?" Karone asked as Zhane showed her how to shoot a bow and arrow. A beep from her communicator interrupted her concentration as she released the arrow.

"Bull's eye," her companion cheered at her accuracy.

She placed the bow and arrow on the rack and got out of plain view. "Karone here."

"Your needed at the beach," came the princess' voice.

"We're on our way."

"No!" exclaimed Emiline. "You must go alone Karone."

"Alright," Karone replied. She looked to meet Zhane's concerned face. "I'll be okay, don't worry."

He shrugged. "Just be careful," he asked.

"I will," she smiled. "Amethyst Wind, power up!"

* * *

I screamed out in pain as Kavaris kicked me in the stomach causing me to fall. "You can stop all this, just give me the coin."

"What do you want with it anyway? You can't use it."

"I can't, but his highness King Acelos can," the warrior growled holding the point of his sword to my throat.

King Acelos! He's here! With all my might I held onto is sword and knocked him down with a leg sweep. "No way is Acelos getting these coins!" I had to fight him, there was no choice. Even though is was apparent that the odds of wining weren't on my side, I had to try.


"I can't do this Erika," a twelve year old girl exclaimed giving up on herself.

"Yes you can," encouraged her cousin. "Here, put this on."

"A blindfold?" she asked taking the cloth from Erika's hand. "If I use this you'll kick my butt even more."

"Just put it on!" Erika watched as she put the blindfold on, then lifted her staff to her chest. "Now you can't see what I'm going to do right?"

"How am I supposed to fight with this on?"

"I was getting to that," replied the cousin. "As I move, it should feel like the air is getting smaller or that the space between us is disappearing."

The older girl took off the blindfold in annoyance. "Erika, it's going to be impossible for me to...."

Erika began tapping her foot on the ground. Her patience was running thin and she was determined to help her. Sensing her anger, the other girl replace the blindfold. "Okay, this is what my daddy called ‘Listening to the Wind'. To win a fight where your sight fails you, you carefully concentrate on the change of the position of air around you. When you feel that the opponent is coming towards you, you'll be able to sense their movements without needing to see. Now you try," Erika explained.

"Okay," the girl whispered as she felt her cousin coming towards her. Surprisingly, she was able to dodge her cousin's attacks and threw in a few hits herself.

"See it worked," the girl's cousin exclaimed. "Just remember to use that technique when you battle and you'll be fine."

.....End of Flashback

"Listen to the Wind," I whispered to myself. "Remember what Erika said."

"I have no time for this! It's time to end this now," Kavaris yelled charging at me.

As I felt the air changing, I flipped over the attacking enemy. "I don't think so Kavaris," I replied kicking his sword away to make it a fair fight. Suddenly my vision started to come back very slowly.

"So, you wanna fight? Alright," Kavaris shrugged. He knew that I wasn't good at fighting, and so did I. I surprised him by using a whirlwind kick, leaving a bruise on his right arm. "You'll pay for that!" he swore.

"I don't think so!"

"Wha....Arghhh!" Kavaris screamed as one of the rangers blasted him with their guns.

I ran to her when I saw that Kavaris was down. "Thanks."

"No problem," she answered. "Use these," the ranger instructed me as she ran off to keep Kavaris preoccupied.

I looked at the two objects, they looked exactly like the ones that Holly had except that the base of them were purple. "Amethyst Wind ranger one, power up!" I called. I was surrounded by a cyclone almost immediately, but when it cleared, my appearance had changed. The suit that Holly used the other day was on me too, but the red was of course changed to purple.

A scream came from the other ranger who's suit wasn't black, but all over purple. She helped me so it's my turn to help her.

"Wind ranger one, whirlwind attack!" I announced as a gigantic tornado like thing, hit Kavaris directly on target.

He screamed in pain as he teleported back to King Acelos' base. The purple ranger demorphed and so did I. "I'm Karone, welcome to the team."

"Thanks, I'm Hailey," I introduced myself. "What do we do now?"

Karone smiled at me. "Relax."