Author's Note: I haven't been able to write any fics since April and I blame it all on my muse.

Who Invented Muses Anyway?
By: Lanie Tayler

"Timbers, where are you?" I called out. "This is not the time to fool around, where are you!"

Quietly, a tiny blue dragon walked out of my closet half asleep. He looked at me and yawned. "You are very late for school you know."

"I finished school on Monday," I groaned.

"Well excuse me! It would have been nice if someone told me!"

"I gave you a calendar with all my school dates already, what did you do with it?" I asked.

He burped loudly and tiny pieces of paper flew out of his mouth. "I don't know," Timbers said, trying to put on an innocent act. "Let's get cracking!"

Finally! I walked over to my computer and opened my word processing program. "Okay Timbers, how should I start my next series?" I asked my muse. "Timbers?" Frying noises came from the hallway outside my room. I got up and walked into the kitchen to find Timbers with a frying pan, spatula, a package of bacon and three eggs. "What are you doing?!"

"You're right!" Timbers exclaimed. "What's a breakfast without hash browns! Can you get them out of the freezer please?" he asked as he struggled to crack an egg into the frying pan.

"I thought you said, and I quote, let's get cracking!"

He nodded. "Yes I did, cracking these eggs. They're impossible!"

I glared at him. "You're supposed to be helping me write my fanfics! I haven't written anything in more than two months!"

"And it's my fault? You're the one whose all busy with school, so don't blame me."

"I'm fifteen, I need to go to school!" I screamed. Luckily my parents were at work and my brother was off at basketball camp.

"Who said?" he snickered.

"My parents!"

He thought for a minute. "What about those times when you left me alone and went off with what's her face and back to school after you were dismissed?"

"Lindsay's my bestfriend! And I only went to school after hours for basketball practice," I tried to explain to him. All he did was stick his big tongue out at me and continued to fry the eggs.

"Excuses, excuses, I'm not telling you anything until I get my breakfast. And you should eat some to miss skin and bones."

Skin and bones? "Who are you calling skin and bones? In a matter of fact I'm five pounds overweight."

"And you're proud?" he laughed and ducked to dodge my fist.

"If I help you cook breakfast, will you help me start my next series?"

"Yes," Timbers grinned. Something about a grinning dragon wasn't very assuring. I grabbed the spatula from his hand and began to cook the ingredients that Timbers had out.

I carried the plate of food to my room where the computer was waiting. "Alright Timbers," I sighed. "Will you help me now?"

"In time Lanie, in time," he said as he pigged out on the hash browns.

"Timbers!" I yelled. "You said you'd help after I made your breakfast."

"I need time to eat, seesh!" my muse murmured with a mouth full of food. I waited impatiently as he ate his food. In twenty minutes he was finished. "Alrightie, onto the fics!" he cheered.

I looked at the plate lying on the desk top. "I don't think so!"

His red eyes looked at me in confusion. "I thought you wanted to start writing, make up your mind for goodness sake."

"You are going to bring that plate back to the kitchen and clean it. Then we'll start writing."

He pointed a finger to himself. "Me?"

I nodded.

"I can't lift that thing! It's three times bigger than me, why can't you do it?" Timbers asked.

"Because, I finished my breakfast in the kitchen. You wanted to finish it in here, so you go and clean it," I explained sitting back in my chair. He started whimper. "It's not going to work Timberwolf. Now go." I had gotten Timbers during a writing block when I was watching a Timberwolves game. He showed a liking to the team, so I named him Timberwolf despite the fact that he was a dragon.

I turned on the t.v. and waited for Timbers to come back. In a few minutes he stormed into my room and back in my closet. His little paw came out a few seconds later with a piece of paper attached, and stuck it on the closet door.

"On stryke?" He couldn't even spell strike right. "You can't go in strike! I had to cook you breakfast this morning so you better come out right now and help me!"

A tiny voice came from behind the door. "Not until my demands are met."

"Arghhhh!" I screamed.

Author's Note: I don't think it's normal for this to happen is it? Anyway, I really couldn't write for a long time and I finally got started after school ended. Hopefully, I can submit my fics before I go on vacation.