Authors Note: In my other muse fic, Timberwolf aka Timbers, refused to listen. Actually he went on strike. I need to get my fics in before I leave, and I was desperate.

What's In It?
By: Lanie Tayler

"Finally, it came in!" I exclaimed as I entered my room to find a package labeled ‘Fragile' sitting on my computer table. "I can get started with my fics!"

A tiny blue head peeped out from my closet. "What did you get?" Timbers asked curiously.

Carefully, I opened the box and turned it over. Nothing fell out so I shook it a little. Soon enough, three little... creatures popped out. Three? I only asked for one. I picked up a piece of paper that fell out along with the tiny guys. "You must be, Chomper, Jams and LT am I right?"

"Right," replied the yellow, one horned, green haired creature with chopsticks.

"Right," echoed an identical creature with a set of earphones.

"Right," mimicked the last one that had a laptop computer on hand. Which was probably why his name was LT, short for Laptop. That made sense.

"Hold on a minute Lanie," spoke up Timbers. "And who are these...things?"

"My new muses."

I could see his bottom lip start to tremble. "But I thought I was your muse," he whimpered gripping onto his tail.

"You are, but I needed to get started on my fanfics and you went on strike. So I called up the agency and they understood and gave me new ones," I explained to him. "I can't wait until you decide to cooperate Timbers. I have myself on a busy schedule." I turned back to my new partners, "Make yourself at home fellas. I'm going to eat lunch then we'll get started okay?"

"Okay," replied Chomper.

"Okay," echoed Jams.

"Okay," mimicked LT.

"Behave Timbers," I warned him before leaving the room.

* * *

I sat down to a meal of oriental noodles, coke and a piece of cake, when a tiny head peeped up from the edge of my bowl. "Would you like some?" I asked Chomper who's eyes were extremely wide at the sight of food.

"Yes please," he answered in the cutest voice, tiny, but cute. How could I refuse such a cute face? I took his bowl he came with and gave him a few noodles. "Thank you," Chomper replied as he started eating.

Suddenly, a noise came from under the table. A plate, fork, spoon and knife were tossed up and landed properly on the table. To my suspicions, the head of a blue dragon popped up. "Lunch time!"

I looked at the dragon, spoon and fork in hand, tongue hanging and waiting for food. "And what are you waiting for?"

Timbers looked at me strangely. "It's lunch time," he answered pointing to the clock.

"I'm aware of that." His bottom lip began to tremble again. "That's not going to work anymore Timberwolf. You went on strike remember, I don't need to cater to your needs to make you give me ideas anymore. I got three new guys I can count on now."

"But he got food."

"Yes he did, but he asked for it."

After thinking for a moment he got the picture. "Can I have something to eat please?"

* * *

"Alright guys, let's get cracking!" I cheered as I opened a new window on my computer. LT claimed a spot between my arms to get a good look at the screen as I typed. Chomper took place on top of the computer screen, still eating his food. Jams sat on my right shoulder with his headset tossed aside.

"Lanie, he's in my spot," whined Timbers referring to the place Jams had chosen.

"Sorry Timbers, but the spot was free so he took it. Right Jams," I teased.

"Right," Jams answered smiling.

The blue dragon started crying humongous tears in attempt for me to feel sorry for him. When he saw that I didn't care, he jumped off the desktop and sulked all the way to his home in the closet. "Okay guys, how should I start my new series?" "Well how did you plan to make it?" asked LT, probably the most intelligent of the three.

"I thought I would bring in the first set of new rangers to team for the second series. But I wanted to bring back one of the old rangers before the first one was found," I replied. "What about Tommy? He seems to be one of the big favorites... or maybe Billy? What do you guys think?"

"Tommy," responded Chomper.

"Tommy," cheered Jams.

"Tommy," exclaimed LT.

"Alright, Tommy it is. Now how should he be introduced?" I asked.

LT started typing on his computer until he came up to a screen. "According to my database, he left the rangers to pursue his racing career. You should have him register in Silver Knight and meet up with one of your non-cannon rangers so he can fall in love with a stranger."

"If I'll make Tommy in love with someone, it won't be right away. It will be gradual so the readers can relate a little... but which one?"

"Holly," responded Chomper.

"Hannah," replied Jams.

"Hailey," added LT.

Uh-oh, this could be hard. "Well he can't be fall for all three."

"Can I help?" whispered Timbers coming out of the closet.

"I thought you were on strike."

His little head drooped. "I'm sorry, I'll behave."

"Okay, but you have to promise you'll never go on strike again."

"I promise!" he exclaimed.

"Alright," I surrendered. "Come on up."

He quickly ran up the leg of my desk and onto my shoulder. "Excuse me... Jams. Would you be ever so nice as to give me my spot back. Please?" Timbers asked nicely.

"Yep," Jams replied running through my hair and across my back to the opposite shoulder. Timbers lay down on his regular position.

"Now, since you're back. You can help solve this dispute. Who should it be? Holly, Hannah or Hailey?"

"Holly, you already have that she like racing in her bio and that what Tommy's into right? It's only logical that he should run into her on the track."

"Guys, you agree?"

"Agreed," replied Chomper.

"Agreed," cried Jams.

"Agreed," answered LT

Authors Note: Well, I finally got working on my second series thanks to my new muses and a little diciplining work on Timbers. Not to mention I finally updated the Realm and the StoryBook. Anyway, gotta go write some more fics before another muse goes on strike. K'bye!