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Author's Note: I got the idea for this fic after I saw today's episode on Lost Galaxy, "The Power of Pink". I have some ideas for other fics in this series but it would be helpful if I did get some criticism...good or bad. I warn you, I don't remember the dialogue exactly, but I know what happened. Enjoy!!!

Regrets: Part One
By: Lanie Tayler

"Cassie!!!" the pink Galaxy ranger exclaimed as the Psycho ranger continued to attack the pink Lightstar with the Savage Sword. The Psycho was moving with incredible speed which prevented Cassie from defending herself.

The Psycho laughed as her target was weakening rapidly. "The sword gains more power from every blow," she told her as the sword doubled in size in her hands. The pink Psycho could sense the pink Galaxy ranger creeping up on her and moved swiftly to knock her down. The galaxy ranger was not her target, she wanted the Lightstar dead. When she had finished with Kendrix, she continued her attack on Cassie.

Cassie! I have to help her, thought Kendrix as she tried to get to her feet.

The pink Lightstar screamed as she was knocked down. The force was so great that she was immediately demorphed. She groaned as she grabbed her stomach in pain. Cassie watched as her assassin was approaching with the Savage Sword tripled in size. Her eyes widened as the Psycho Ranger's eyes fell to an object a few feet away from where she was lying, it was her morpher.

"I'll finish you off later," the Pink Psycho growled as she moved towards Cassie's transformation device. "Your morpher has much more power."

"No!" Cassie screamed trying to get to the morpher before she did. But the pain was too intense and any movement caused here more pain.

"Don't do it," groaned Kendrix also unable to get to it.

Pink Psycho drew her sword and held it in the air. With one swift movement, she split the morpher in half. Suddenly a power began to fill the Psycho. Cassie moaned in great pain as her powers were being drained by the Pink Psycho Ranger. Finally, Kendrix was able to get to her feet and was able to help her. The next few moments began to blur for the former Pink ranger. Flashes of red smoke and the Psycho ranger turning into her monster form began to fill her head. Cassie doubled-up at the feeling of her powers being ripped away. She had been with them for such a long time, she was beginning to feel empty without them.

"Cassie!!!" she could hear Kendrix yell.

Despite all the pain, she opened her eyes in time to see the pink Galaxy ranger heading for the force of energy now surrounding the Savage Sword and Cassie's morpher. Within an inch of the force field, her friend was blasted with electric energy. "Kendrix don't!" she yelled trying to get her back.

"I have to help you Cassie," she replied not looking back. Holding her Quasar Sabre in front of her, she kept in pursuit of the broken morpher.

"Kendrix! Get outta there!"

The latest pink ranger collapsed onto her knees when she entered the vortex of the field. As she slowly got to her feet, she got ready to destroy the sword. "I have to destroy the Savage and forever!" she said to herself."

"Kendrix!" she screamed as she watched in pain as the energy of the sword exploded. "Kendrix!!!!" Cassie screamed again as her head cleared. Cassandra Chan blinked her eyes several times before she realized that she was in her room. Sweat was dripping down her face as she breathed heavily. She grabbed her head in agony as she began to cry. Kendrix, no! Why did you do it?

A sudden knock came to her door. "Cassie are you okay?" came a panicked voice.

"I'll....I'll be fine TJ," she lied.

"Are you sure?" his voice came again.

"Yes," Cassie snapped as she wiped the tears away. What have I done, she asked herself as she looked in the mirror in her bedroom. If it wasn't for me, Kendrix would still be with all her friends.

Tears flowed freely in streaks down her cheeks. It had been two days since the accident, and she felt worse as the days go by. Stabbing pains in her heart were torturing her every minute and every second. Her mind was filled with regrets on what happened that day. If I could have defended myself better against Psycho Pink....

* * *

"Has anyone seen Cassie this morning?" asked TJ as he approached the table where they ate.

"I haven't seen her since last night, why?"

The blue Lightstar sighed. "I heard her scream last night and I think she had that nightmare again. She said that she was alright, but I just wanted to find out for myself."

"She's probably still in her room," replied Ashley as she took a sip of her orange juice.

TJ took a quick look at the others before he walked to Cassie's room. He took a deep breath as he approached her door once again. Something in him was holding him back from the door. He wanted to see if she was alright, but he was scared himself. Throughout their long friendship, TJ found that he had started to fall for his teammate. But ever since Phantom ranger first came to Earth, he knew she didn't feel the same for him. He wanted so much to tell her, but didn't want to be brokenhearted by her telling him that she doesn't have feelings for him.

Relax Teej, you're only seeing if she's okay. Nothing more, he assured himself as she knocked at her door. "Cassie? Can we talk?" he asked uneasily. "Cassie?"

The blue Lightstar could feel his heart begin to beat in panic. It was unusual for Cassie not to answer. He opened the door to find the room empty. The pink ranger was nowhere in sight. He called her name as he searched her room. Just as he was about to leave, a small pink envelope lying on her dresser had caught his attention.

When he finished reading it, he bolted to the kitchen. "TJ, what's wrong?" asked Carlos.

"Cassie's gone!!!"